Joseph Gordon-Levitt Discusses ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Ending, Potential Sequel

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JGL 2 Joseph Gordon Levitt Discusses The Dark Knight Rises Ending, Potential Sequel

[WARNING: This story contains spoilers for the ending of The Dark Knight Rises.]

In case you haven’t heard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt – who will, to a certain generation, forever be remembered as that kid from Disney’s Angels in the Outfield – is on his way to becoming one of Hollywood’s most in-demand leading men. This summer’s The Dark Knight Rises, however, marks the most high-profile role of his career thus far.

By the film’s end, his role as Gotham City cop John Blake is revealed to be Christopher Nolan’s version of Robin (as was rumored beforehand). Having faked his death, Bruce Wayne bequeaths the coordinates of the Bat Cave to Blake, who is literally rising in the film’s final shot (hence the Dark Knight rises). Therefore, all signs indicate – in Nolan’s take on the Batman mythology, at least – that Blake is the heir apparent to Batman’s role as Gotham’s protector.

Making an appearance on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the star addressed rumors that he might reprise his role in a potential sequel. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t think [the ending of 'The Dark Knight Rises'] is necessarily a set-up. I think it is the great ending for that trilogy. Even if you go back to ‘Batman Begins,’ he’s talking about how Batman is more than a man, it’s a symbol, and a hero can be anybody and we all have heroes inside of us.”

Gordon-Levitt also recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he had “no idea” where the Batman franchise would go from this point but revealed that his criteria for choosing future projects would remain unchanged.

“I always choose scripts the same way. If it’s a great script and a great filmmaker, then I’m interested.”

The above comments may not be definitive regarding the star’s future involvement in the Batman series, but Gordon-Levitt does indicate that he would entertain the possibility of donning the cape and cowl if Warner Bros. manages to secure a filmmaker of Christopher Nolan’s caliber to continue the story from The Dark Knight Rises.

There’s little doubt that the actor – who has turned in memorable performances in films like Brick, (500) Days of Summer, Inception and 50/50 – is up to the task of carrying a Batman film. Gordon-Levitt’s star is continually on the rise, with both Premium Rush and Looper due for release within the next few weeks. It seems inevitable that some studio will hand him the lead in his own franchise. After all, Jeremy Renner currently has high-profile roles in three.

JGL Joseph Gordon Levitt Discusses The Dark Knight Rises Ending, Potential Sequel

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

The question remains – what does Warner Bros. have in mind for their DC universe? With recent rumors that Ben Affleck is in talks to helm Justice Leauge, the studio is clearly keen on competing with Marvel’s movie universe (which just secured Joss Whedon to a three-year contract), and Batman is a critical part of that (along with Man of Steel’s Superman). Given the way Nolan ended his trilogy, the studio could either reboot the Batman franchise or find someone to move ahead with Nolan’s vision. In any either case, they need to decide sooner rather than later if Justice League is to move forward. Keeping Gordon-Levitt onboard may be a wise move, considering the phenomenal success of Nolan’s trilogy, but attracting the talent involved could be tricky. Plus, there’s the question of whether or not audiences would ultimately want to see a Justice League film without Bruce Wayne.

Do you think Warner Bros. should try to keep the continuity of Nolan’s Batman films in play (with Blake in the Batsuit), or is it time to bring another filmmaker’s vision of Gotham City to life and re-introduce Bruce Wayne? Let us know in the comments.

Premium Rush hits theaters August 24th, 2012, followed by Looper on September 28th.


Sources: Jimmy Kimmel Live & The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. This trilogy was the best batman trilogy every. I think they should keep what they have going and bring back bane just like in the animation series. Or the joker or both. And how can yu have another batman movie without the original batman. Bring robin in as Batman & Robin! And there is your money maker!! :-)

    • same here!!

    • same here

  2. I think they should go off of Nolan’s Batman becouse it opens up for something like Batman beyond were levitt is in the suit but Bale is in his ear as Bruce. And secondly if they really want to beat the avengers out why waste their time on rebooting Batman when Nolan is on the right track with Batman. Yeah I think they made this Superman movie to late but now its like Clark can know the retired and new batmen. Did I hate seeing bruce retire? f yeah but it happens and maybe Levitt can play a darker Batman, one with morals but not afraid to brake them. So all off you out there who want a reboot just give my thought a try first.

  3. Levitt as batwing would be cool, with Bale giving him advice as Bruce Wayne. So it could be a reboot or continuation. Affleck playing batman in the justice League movies sucks. He doesn’t fit the super hero role. Marvel is sitting back laughing at D.C. Horrible choice.

    • Agreed!

    • Agree!!!!!

  4. Yes keep the plan like the young detective become robin it’s would be a great movie

  5. Defo keep robin he’s sumthing new to look forward to , the guys perfect for the role,
    Dnt let the audience down.

  6. I didn’t like the Batsuit or any of Batman’s vehicles in the new movie. In fact I much preferred how the Batman Forever suits and vehicles looked. Plus that Gotham scenery to me looked cooler and also the real Robin is Dick Grayson not someone who’s first name is Robin. And a true Justice League movie has to have Bruce Wayne as Batman because that is the only Batman to be in the Justice League.

    I liked the Dark Knight movie with Heath Ledger as the Joker but that was the only Nolan Batman movie I really liked.

  7. They should keep bruce wayne the same and for the new films they should introduce “Robin” as the ORIGINAL comics were written.

  8. I think Warner Bros. should go with making a sequel. Scarface should be in it but the main villian should be the Red Hood A.K.A. Robin and Batman will have to fight Robin. It should have a very similar plot to the animated movie Batman: Under the Redhood. As for the Joker they are plenty of people who look like Heath Ledger even though he is dead.If he is up to it Joseph Gordon-Levitt should do the role as the Joker. PLEASE WARNER BROS. DO NOT DO A REBOOT!! The Dark Knight’s box office was $1,004,558,444 and The Dark Knight Rises box office was $1,084,439,099 and so many people love The Dark Knight series including myself. So Warner Bros. could you please make a sequel? If so thanks so much!

  9. Well, I’m late and as you all know…they are abandoning the Nolan Batman continuity and using (what is confusing and hurting cinematic continuity) the reboot…albeit all too soon after the trilogy.

    Be afraid for Superman/Batman.
    Be very afraid.

  10. I don’t think anyone has lived up to Micheal Keaton. He played the best batman ever. But it would be cool to see a sequel of some kind with Robin putting on the suit.

  11. I agree with the first commenter. Keep the Dark Knight Batman vision and build the Justice League universe from that. Rebooting is pointless, the fans obviously LOVE what the Marvel franchise is doing, and that franchise is rebooting nothing. They are telling a continuing story over many movies with the same characters, and everyone is absolutely loving how detailed and in depth the story is getting because of this approach.

    Honestly, we all love these characters. The richness of developing the same (successful) vision over multiple movies is what they deserve. If WB continues to reboot their characters they will be sticking with a not as successful business model that will ultimately let the fans (and WB) down.

    Heck, Marvel even is tying in television shows! There’s no end in sight to using this approach. Nolan’s Man of Steel universe SHOULD be tied in with the DK trilogy, as the trilogy was so successful. After the Man of Steel sequel, bring in the other Justice League characters with their own separate movie(s) and start doing Justice League movies similar to Marvel’s Avengers movies. This is what I as a fan want, and from Marvel’s success I think many other people would agree with this vision.

    • Agreed! As for future sequels with The Joker he could be played by Joseph Gordon- Levitt who looks pretty similar to Heath Ledger. They should also do sequels having similar stories to some of the animated movies such as Batman Under the Red Hood etc.

  12. What would be great is if Christopher Nolan revisited this franchise 10 years from now to direct a new film even if it is a one-off sequel.
    Since the ending of TDKR Joseph Gordon Levitt will have been Gotham’s Protector and Christian Bale would feature as an older, wiser Batman however he would play more of a mentor to Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character. Maybe make a cameo appearance.
    The Riddler would be a great villain for this. The Riddler could be a really young male that both Christian Bale and Joseph’s characters have to compete with.
    10 years from now Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon Levitt will have aged and it would be great if Christopher Nolan came back to make at least one more Dark Knight film featuring The Riddler.
    Christian Bale has always said he would return if Christopher Nolan came back and if the script was good.
    Fingers crossed. Can you imagine in 10 years time we heard that Christopher Nolan was going to make a new dark knight film featuring Christian Bale and Joseph Gordon Levitt and that the new villain would be The Riddler?

    • Totally agree with this. I think Levitt shouldn’t be just another Batman though. That has potential to get super complicated in terms of everyone else perceiving the events in Gotham and it just seems a little unnecessary to be restricted that way. However we don’t know what was in the cave that Bruce left Robin at the end of the movie so I think it would be interesting if he became his own symbol, Nightwing maybe that could be really cool.

  13. I enjoy watch tdkr ending. Chris nolan should continue the batman journey. All actors remains the same. But this time should more deep impact actions and more serious deal. Batman needs robin and catwoman as sidekick.we should change our mentality. We dont have to follow the comics history. Anyway its a movie. Everybody cant wait wat is going to happen next? This time two face (harvey den) revenge batman

  14. N the movie they ask wat the r is in your name it robin he is robin he will take over as robin then somein bad happin that he can’t Handel by him self Brue did not die come on then the day mic duo is born but Brue is not yet bale as batman awsome but we all no Ben is bat man n the new one comein out so he may be batman n the next. One but hope bale is bat man if they go fwd

  15. Well i think you should keept some of the facts from the comics like blakes name should of been dick greyson and he was a cop blah blah blah, then everything else would of been cool, because dick greyson does become batman at some point, but i do like the suit and technology involved, alfred should of looked younger in the flash backs, maybe a reboot, but i think theres should be a movie where they introduce wonder woman when super man thinks she is from his planet but really is from the amazons since batman, superman, and wonder woman are the first justice league members

  16. I think they should continue nolans series have a batman and robin and then maybe have a batman and knightwing (not George coloneys batman tho)

  17. i think its time to bring another filmmakers vision of Gotham City to life and re introduce bruce wayne. if that doesnt happen i dont think a lot of people are going to watch that movie. the reason i think that is because i know people who know people and so on that like Bruce Wayne/Batman and they always tell me/them “imagine a movie comes out in that doesnt have batman in. the would be terrible” also “if someone else plays Batman than Christian Bale no one would want to watch it because thats how good Bale is” they are all real quotes from family and friends.
    thank you

  18. The trilogy was amazing I think a new trilogy but robin?

  19. Un ist da ver gelburst wurstlat ghana heist inha bier yama y unferstein gueist und baverst veinbertein guiest freuienda und peferstein hauffner guies und heiberliek hauffner

  20. yes continue it with christian bale and levvit, as the duo. It would be a great and highly profitable way to continue the franchise. i mean all the movie franchises are milking their movies to as many as possible. AS a fan, i say that i would enjoy another movie and im sure other would too. Warnerbros. would def make money, so why not.

    • Agree.

  21. I think they should keep Bruce Wayne in it and have him mentor Blake into either robin or more preferably night wing

  22. if they do make justice league movie Christian Bale has to be in it just plan and simple

  23. I think that the writers comparison(for lack of a better word) of the title The Dark Knight Rises, means that Bruce Wayne “escapes” the PIT and comes back stronger and more determined. After an 8 year absence in his mansion, he feels he has to come back as batman. This is primarily because of the introduction of Selina Kyle/catwoman seeming getting into Wayne manor. She was part of the whole process to get Batman/Wayne out of the city. The writer thinks that the title is significant to the fact that John Blake goes into the bat cave and rises on the platform.
    I to think that there should be another movie in the series after The Dark Knight Rises. There are too many loose ends at the end of the movie. I know that Christopher Nolan does have some mysteries in his films to leave fans guessing, but I still feel like another movie should be made.
    These reasons can be criticized and opinionated, but here it is.

    The autopilot of the bat was fixed by Wayne.
    Alfred saw Wayne and Kyle on his yearly vacation. The same vacation spot that he told Wayne about in the bat cave earlier in the film.
    Blake was given access to the bat cave by Wayne. It seems to me that it is to carry on the symbol in some capacity.
    I am sure there are more reasons to have a 4th installment of the film that follows the Nolan trilogy.
    The only reason I can think of that would make it a long shot for another movie, is that Wayne reveals to Gordon who the batman really is.

    Again this is just my opinion. I anticipate a lot of haters, as that is life and how people think and act. But please understand that this is just my opinion.

  24. It’s called the dark knight rises because he “rises” from the pit, not because JGL is rising at the end of the movie

  25. Just Make A Dark Knight Again But With A Different Title And Make “Robin”Be His Sidekick Just Like The Old Times.. Bring Bruce Wayne Back And Start The Movie Off As Him Jumping Out Before The Bomb Exploded .. Then Carry On Bringing Back The Joker And bane and then trying to destroy Gotham and batman and robin saving the city

  26. Why not have a batman and robin ??

  27. They need to bring back the joker or bane or both because they didn’t show either one of them dying in the two movies, and it would go great if they teamed up against batman and robin. It would be an even match, two on two. And the movie ended with too much suspense and too many questions to stop there. A new dark knight movie as batman and robin has my vote.