Casting News Sparks More ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Secret Villain Rumors

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dark knight rises sequels Casting News Sparks More Dark Knight Rises Secret Villain Rumors

While Chris Nolan and Co. may have known for certain who the primary villain in Dark Knight Rises was years ago, everyone else only found out at the beginning of 2011. Heck, even after Tom Hardy was officially confirmed to portray Bane in the film, rumors continued to circulate that someone like Dr. Hugo Strange (in some capacity) would also face off against the Caped Crusader in Nolan’s trilogy finale!

There is one well-known Batman antagonist who has long been rumored to appear in the movie; however, to further discuss that subject – and, to address a recent story that seemingly confirms the character’s involvement in Dark Knight Rises’ plot – we’ll have to venture into some potential spoiler territory. You’ve been warned…






The Batman villain (or, rather, villainess) in question is, of course, Talia al Ghul. Dark Knight Rises‘ starlet Marion Cotillard’s evasive comments about her role in the film only heightened suspicions that she is secretly portraying the daughter of League of Shadows mastermind, Ra’s al Ghul; amateur footage of the film’s production also revealed Cotillard on set, dressed in a militaristic outfit and climbing into (Bane’s?) camouflage Tumbler. As far as some fans are concerned, that’s more than enough to suggest that Cotillard is indeed playing Talia.

Add one more piece of “evidence” to the pile, in the form of a Surry Comet article about eight-year-old Sutton actress Leilah De Meza being offered the part of “young Talia al Ghul” in Dark Knight Rises. According to her mother, Meza ended up taking a pass on that Dark Knight Rises role, seeing as the young girl would’ve had to shave her head for the part – something her parent felt “could have affected Leilah’s confidence and general social welfare.”

Talia al Ghul Dark Knight Rises Casting News Sparks More Dark Knight Rises Secret Villain Rumors
Will a grown-up Talia appear in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

If we assume that at least a young Talia is slated to show up in The Dark Knight Rises, then she will almost certainly appear via the flashback scenes to a young Ra’s al Ghul (Josh Pence). There’s already rampant speculation going around that Joey King may be the underage actress who actually portrays the shaven-headed Talia in said sequences – some of which were hinted at in a now-defunct Dark Knight Rises prologue description.

That said: at this point, it would be more shocking to learn that Cotillard isn’t portraying the adult Talia al Ghul – who has ties to both Bane and the League of Shadows. That’s no guarantee that the character won’t be featured solely as an adolescent in flashbacks (assuming she does show up, at all) but, still…

All shall be revealed when The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

Source: The Surrey Comet (via i09)

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  1. My mind always says… Must not read Dark Knight Rises spoiler… but I always end up clicking and reading. :)

    • How could you?! You know that juicy tidbits will always be in these points!

      And, BTW, could you tell them to stop forcing me to open these threads? Putting the words “Dark Knight” in the title is like waving a hunk of sugar in front of a horse. :-D

    • haha same dont wanna know the spoilers but i keep clicking on em anyway =D

    • I’m just waiting for a rumor about a potential spoiler to be leaked.

      • Then maybe you should watch that horrible quality video (that´s not even a video) of that prologue…

  2. Thats not a spoiler in my book. Also, this is gonna have so many characters in it, I hope Nolan isnt trying to cram as much into this film to give it that OMG! look at everything going on here effect. Like Batman and Robin did. What ever the case is, I will see the film. Form my own opinions. Which is what everyone should do. Nolan knows what hes doing, I think it will be good.

  3. I still hope that maybe at the end Gordon goes up to Batman at night on top of the building with the bat light and tells him they got this riddle in the mail or something.

    While Bane looks amazing, I would have loved to see Nolans take on the Riddler.

    • Just think of a watered down version of The Joker. I’m glad he didn’t use The Riddler. You can’t follow-up The Joker with a watered down version of the character.

      • If the Riddler is portrayed as a genius madman (and not like a goofy idiot like in Batman Forever), it could work.

      • You clearly know nothing of The Riddler, if that is your argument against having him in the movie.

        • Actually, those are CHRISTOPHER NOLAN’S words for not using the character.

          • I would like to see that quote for myself, if it is true than Nolan either doesn’t know much of or doesn’t like the Riddler.

        • Actually I agree with Ghost. As much as Riddler is different much is the same between The Joker. Another mental challenge would be too similiar to TDK and most likely w/o the emmotional/personal investment that the joker can bring. A physical antagonist is a great way to test batman.

          • I agree with that, the way I read what Ghost had said, it seemed as if he was trolling. Ghost, I am sorry if I came off a bit hostile, just a lot of people with negativity towards certain movies on ScreenRant as of late.

            It still would have been great to have David Tennant as The Riddler :D.

            • Np dude. I do agree that Tennant would have been epic as The Riddler.

              • I enjoyed your discussion! I love when intelligent people can discuss a film without acting like babies about it.

                I have high hopes for this film.

                • Your RedWoo? Like RedFoo from LMFAO? Cool. And cool emblem.

      • i think its a matter of who plays the riddler… at one point i though that Levitt was going to play it,and i though it was a nice choice of actor since he is not jim carey (not that i dont like jim carey, i dont like his version of the riddler) and you have to remember that nobody knew that heath ledgers Joker was gonna be as good as it was since we all had jack nicholson’s version fresh in our memories, and his version was good! so, i think that as i said, it is a matter of who portraits it.

  4. I am so looking forward to watching this when it releases, the ultimate showdown between Batman & Bane is gonna be EPIC!!!!!

    • Agreed…masterfully epic

    • That would be sweet if JGL took over the series as Nightwing.

      • I think his definetly more then a cop,Nolan’s up to something.

        • Dudes that is what i what I had speculated that JGL could be a mix between Robin and Nightwing incarnation. If so you will hear grown men squealing like preteens at a Bieber concert.

    • I heard a rumor that JGL’s character is supposed to be the son of one of the Head’s of the Falcone or Maroni Families.

      • I read long ago about JGL portraying Alberto Falcone I guess they change their mind, but who knows we got to wait and see

    • Haven’t heard of it but sounds interesting

  5. I had not heard about JGL picking up where Rises leaves off. That would be interesting. Their gonna have to make his character really engaging and likable if they hope to have any chance of him sustaining another film or a series for that matter. This movie is gonna have to be 4 hours long to fit everything into it. I’m okay with that. What about you guys?

    • I agree with you the movie will have to be at the least over 2 hrs, but even when films are 2 to 3 hrs long if the story is so good and well paced that those 2 or 3hrs go by so fast that makes it seem like you haven’t been sitting in the theater what seems like forever then the director has done his job and has brought another great film that we will all want to add to our collection.

    • LOL…I`ll stay for 5 hours, been waiting for this movie ever since the ending of the Dark Knight besides im paying my money and obsessed about this film

      • The Dark Knight was close to 3hrs and I didn’t notice. As with all of Nolan’s films, I just don’t want them to end. If TDKR is the master epic I’m expecting, I’m going to be in tears when the credits role; knowing its the last time Nolan & crew will be at the helm.

  6. I find very funny that nobody really talks about catwoman’s involvement in the story. could it be the not so good looking catwoman’s pics or the fact that Anne Hathaway is the one playing it? i may only be speaking for myself here when i say i still cant see her as catwoman, but it is very interesting that Bane’s story is so heavy on this film that no one stops for a moment and think, with all known about the story and film by now, catwoman, necessary for the story? does the character have any weight?
    just saying, interesting thing to think about don’t you think?

    • I think the film would be good without catwoman but its not like nolan would include her for no reason so im sure she’ll serve purpose and bring something to the table

      • Falcone’s Daughter…?

        • TDK left Bruce without a love interest and that’s a must in any film. Making TDKR take place eight years later allows Bruce to not be in mourning the whole time. Selena Kyle’s “purpose” is to connect to female audiences. What her role in Nolan’s Batman universe is yet to be seen, but no matter what it is, he could’ve cast someone better that Hathaway!!! C’mon!

  7. The cat woman story has been done, what more can you do with it, Banes new, hes the focus for a reason. Hes an engaging character, played by a good actor. Theres excitement there for it. I cant wait.

  8. well this should keep us guessing for the rest of the winter. Is Bane Talia’s top soldier? The league of shadows next bid to destroy Gotham and is Catwoman Batman’s ace in the hole??

    • Nice callback to TDK when Joker says Two-Face is his ace in the hole!

  9. I definitely think that Catwoman will take over for Batman when he is defeated by Bane at some point of the movie. As a Burglar, she will look like a villain but along the way’ Batman will come face to face with The Cat and they will have no choice but to work together…
    With so many Characters in the movie, The Bat will need some help. let us pretend Marion is Talia who is helped by Bane. It only make sense that Batman will need help. Especially with his old age now…
    As for JGL, I am still puzzled. Personally, I think that with Gordon at the hospital, someone in the Police force should be on Batman side. I don`t know if he will betray him, but Batman needs someone in the police force. Unless Jgl is Gordon`s son who 8 yrs later grew up to become a cop…
    I am definitely speculating about JGL but i just wanted to add my two cents lol :)
    On July 20 2012, MAY THE BAT RISES!!! :)

  10. Here’s a question for everyone. If the League of Shadows is an ecoterrorist organization. Wouldn’t Poison Ivy be a better choice for them to employ rather than Bane.

    • Here’s another question, if Talia al Ghul and the League are employing Bane, won’t he just use them for his own personal gain? Bane pretty much strong-arms everyone into following his lead. My guess would be that Talia works for Bane.

      • I would imagine Bane is the new leader of the League of Shadows if Ra’s Al Ghul is confirmed dead, which I assume he is.

        • Ra’s Al Ghul is never “dead” he is only temporarily not alive!

  11. I think JGL will take up where Gordon leaves off, makes sense that they would need someone on the police force that can help Batman, I like what someone said, maybe JGL character is Gordons son, It is 8 years later, the time line adds up.

  12. It’s already confirmed Talia WON’T be in this movie. Why are people so anxious to see other villains jammed into this film. This isn’t Spider-man 3. More actors are in this film aren’t going to mean more villains. No one seems excited over Bane and Catwoman!

    • And where exactly is your evidence that she won’t be in this film? If it’s alright for us to know?

  13. I careless about Talia ! …BANE and the CAT its well known villains that we all want to see

  14. I looked up “What will be the villains in The Dark Knight Rises” and It gives me a million word articals on the movie. I realy don’t want to read ALL of that. Just tell me the villains! I think there is Bane and Catwoman. Is there more?