Secret Character in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Confirmed

Published 3 years ago by , Updated September 18th, 2012 at 8:53 am,

Dark Knight Rises Character Revealed Secret Character in The Dark Knight Rises Confirmed

With all the recent talk of The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man – by way of trailers, images, interviews, and the like – it’s hard not to wonder why we’ve seen so little of The Dark Knight Rises in that regard.

Well, today we have confirmation (of a sort) directly from Warner Bros. that a familiar character will indeed be making an appearance in Christopher Nolan’s forthcoming Batman finale.


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  1. Flashback…. If he had survived, why wait so long to appear again? Wouldn’t it take some of the meaning out of the first movie? And if he was alive and well, then that would be a lot potential villians in Bane, Talia, Catwoman AND Ra’s

    • @ Michael

      Ras ain’t one to rush things over. He carefully plots & excutes his plans throughly than most of Batman’s villains aside of the Joker.

      • Yeah and also this movie brings the trilogy in a circle. Closing out the story. There will be a lot of elements from the first and it’s not going to demean the original at all.

      • agreed

    • I don’t think he would bring in the resurrection juice. It does not mesh well with the “realism” the films have tried to portray thus far. Although Batman isn’t all that real but they are trying to make it appear as if this stuff could exist today.

    • Dude, the Batman villains are not for Batman to fight with, but to show and prove certain ideals and morals, all twisted and braking a certain limit. So there could never be too much Batman villains, because according to the whole idea of the movie and the comic books (some of them at least) Batman is a villian himself. It shows that every body is mad or sane; good or evil from somebody’s point of view. And I expect both the pit and the flashback because I am sure that whatever it is, it is going to fit perfectly in the picture so far.

    • also we don’t really know if catwoman is a villian. Im not saying she is a good guy, just maybe not bad

    • Also, being Ra’s time isn’t really a scarce commodity for him. Plus I don’t think it takes a lot of the meaning out of the first one – as pointed out by Ben – the major character development was Batman refusing to save him rather than simply the consequence of that as Ra’s being dead. Because the consequence of this decision for Bruce making that of all decision remains.

  2. I agree, flashback. I am thinking that with the young Ras and Talia, that maybe Ras wanted a son to take up his mantle as leader of the league of shadows. Therefore not being a great father to his daughter who only wanted his approval etc. I don’t know just a theory.

    • @ DK

      Or Maybe he was hoping Bruce would be that son-in-law, hoping Bruce will be worthy to marrying his daughter Talia and carry on his legacy w/ her.

  3. Gotta be a flashback, I don’t see the Lazarus pit existing in Nolan’s universe.

    • Agreed…

      Bane was training under him and during the movie he is explaining to Batman that he was a father figure to him and thats when it shows the flashbacks.

      Fingers crossed… :D

  4. Err… I was under the impression that he would be in TDKR from the start: he even admitted he was on the set for crying out loud (granted, he never said that he was IN the movie, only that he was on the set – but nevertheless, it’s a little too convincing that he just popped round for a visit ;))

    ANYWAY… flashback definitely (something with Talia). If not a flashback, then it’s got to be something to do with the Lazarus pit, without a doubt.

    • But just to make it clear: My first guess would be that he’s in a flashback…

    • I knew I had read it somewhere that he admitted to being on set. I think he said he just didn’t know to what extent his character would play in the film. But anyway I’m pretty sure I read the same thing somewhere.

  5. I just hope Miranda Tate really turns out to be Talia Al Ghoul. Why have another Rachel Dawes-like character otherwise?

    • The girl cast as young Talia definitely looks like Marion Cotillard, so I would have to sat it’s pretty much a no brainer.

      Unless it’s a ruse. Maybe Nolan could be pulling the wool over our eyes again though, lol ==> It would be pretty crazy if Selina Kyle turned out to be Talia. Bet nobody would see that coming.

      Would take some stones on Nolan’s part to mess with the mythology like that though, which would make me doubtful.

      But then again…

  6. Is it possible that Ras somehow survived the train wreck with major, but not deadly injuries, and is just now back to strength, or escaped after Batman but before the crash? I really can’t see Nolan going the Lazarus Pit route.

    • If he did survive I bet he is all scarred and burnt.

      I am betting a flash back, Bane was training under him and when hes telling Batman this, flashbacks reveal ras was more of a father to him then a teacher (saved his life with the gas that lets him feel nothing because of the fire he was in as a kid)

      Dont remember where I read that last bit, but I think it was here on SR.

  7. I say why not both,flashbacks and the lazarus pit,it would make everybody happy.

  8. Wasn’t a surprise to me at all. I knew about this for a while. Having Clark Kent as a surprise cameo would have been a nice touch since Chris Nolan is overseeing the Man of Steel project

    • That would be awesome, but inconsistenet with the reality based world Nolan has created with this trilogy. That is also why I doubt the inclusion of the Lazarus Pit.

      • Hasn’t the lazuras pit (or something that looks a lot like it) already been confirmed by this website several months back?

  9. I believe that he is the force behind it all. He survived the train wreck, most likely jumping off in the last second and has been plotting to finish his cleansing of Gotham for years now. He found a general that was ruthless and fearsome in Bane and he trained him. No Lazarus pits, at least not the magical ones from the comic book, maybe more of a “spa”. A Place where Rha’s went to get better. So basically the majority of the movie we think that Bane is the main villain, that he is the mastermind, but it eventually comes out that Rha’s is behind it all. I imagine that Miranda(Talia) will be the one to spill the beans about her dad.

  10. If the plot is going to somehow mirror the “Nightfall” story line, I would love to see Joseph Gordon Levit take up the banner of Azreal. Perhapse Nolan changed the name of the character from Jean Paul Valley to John Blake to throw the public off the scent. Anyone heard anything about a possible Robin story arc?

    • Christian Bale only agreed to be Batman as long as there was NO Robin. Christopher Nolan agreed that Robin does not fit into his Gotham.

      • Well, Nolan said that he would never have Bane in his Batman movies… skip ahead a few years and look who’s on the poster ;)
        Also, since he said that a while back, Arkham City’s version of Robin came around, and everyone loved it. He was an older, grittier and more realistic version of Robin (not the little kid in tights).
        I’m positive Robin won’t be in TDKR, but all I’m saying is that it could have worked and would have been pretty cool…

        • The closest thing folks will get to Robin is in the ‘R’ seen in the trailer and/or film.

  11. This isn’t that big of news. It isn’t even much of a spoiler. Now, if we found out that Kirigi is among the LoS that might be news, or Anarky appears in the crowd, that might be news.

    Liam Neeson appearing as Ras isn’t – unless it isn’t a flashback. As to the Lazarus Pits or lack of them — there *is* one thing some folks are forgetting.

    This is the last Batfilm under Nolan. He intends to wrap up the trilogy. So, let’s say, in the third act of the film, The Laz pits are acceptable because even though these films have a “grounding” – for the grand finale you could jump a little sand shark so to speak, couldn’t you?

    I’m not saying that’s the case. I’m just putting it out there.

  12. yeah, yeah, yeah. Is Two-Face coming back or not?

      • Geez man, calm down… ;)
        It think the reason he’s asking is because both Dent and Bats fell of the same building.
        And Batman stood up within minutes. Sure, he had the armor that helped cushion the fall, but if Bats was able to get up that quickly, then it couldn’t possibly have killed Dent.

        • I just got done explaining to someone this exact same thing, and he had the same argument you just presented, both fell off the same building.

          My rebuttal is, “would you kill batman off before the trilogy ended?”

        • Batman had the armor, is trained in martial arts, works out, and wasn’t burnt halfway to a crisp. I could see how he survived and Dent didn’t.

          • You’re probably right…
            I was just thinking out loud.

        • Maybe he landed on Dent, used him as a cushion.

          • Accidently, of course, because he didn’t want to kill anybody ;)

            • Haha! Comment of the day! ;)

      • Before launching an attack check if you are wearing your retard hat- if you are then have a double think.

        • Everyone keeps asking the same question at least once when there is Batman news, the answer keeps being the same, no two face, no dent.

          If you dont like what Im saying, then stop lending out your retard hat to people that keep asking the same thing over and over hoping that by magic the answer will change if they ask the question enough times.

    • Sorry, before I wrote this I JUST explained this to someone, but he kept saying two face was…

      Very annoyed and took it out of you, my bad, I shouldn’t have done that, sorry.

  13. Not even surprised

  14. Guess I’m in the minority here but I say he is the one behind it all still. The door was left open in Batman Begins by not showing his death and having Batman utter the, “I don’t have to save you” line. He could easily have managed to jump out a window at the last second and have the League of Shadows come collect him. They then deliver his broken body to the Lazarus Pit to be healed (and where Batman himself will probably be healed after Bane breaks his back).

    If pumping yourself with toxic juice can make you grow to Hulk size, then why would a secret pool with healing properties (it doesn’t have to go so far as bringing the dead back or even restoring youth) be out of the question? Both are equally preposterous in the “real” world so I’m not seeing the problem some of you are having.

    • Remember there is no juice that amps Bane to Hulk size. He inhales a concoction, most likely made by Johnathan Crane, and it makes it where he can not feel pain. but I agree totally that Rha’s is behind it all. Hell he was probably behind the rise of The Joker as well.

      • I had forgotten the chemical delivery system was via the silly Mortal Kombat mask but was completely unaware he was not going to grow in size. And the only thing is does is numb him you say? Well that makes him completely lame in my book and really decreases what little interest I had in the character.

        Based on that, the lazarus pit might well be a bit beyond the scope of this franchise’s “gritty realism”. The small supernatural elements interjected in the Batman series were what always kept it interesting, at least for me.

        On the flip side, one has to wonder exactly what that pool shaped green-screen pit we saw at the beginning of all this was if not a lazarus pit.

        • Did people really think we’d be seeing Bane hulk out in this film? Hell, I buy the Lazarus pit more than I do Bane morphing into a giant muscle man.

          • I never really expected him to morph out into a hulking brute or anything. The way his body is supposed to react to the venom serum is that he has a unique reaction to it (like an allergic reaction) I was at least hoping for him to be on some kind of fast working steroid that make his muscles swell similar to somebody -who is allergic to bees- getting stung by a bee and swelling up.

            Instead, we get a mash up of Jason Bourne and Darkman. He has the mind and skills, plus the lack of pain sensory.

            It’s really an annoyingly stupid interpretation of the character.
            (I am probably biased because Bane is one of my favorite DC characters of all time)

            I wanted a 6′something strongman, but instead we get some 5’10″ guy who isn’t any more “super” than Darkman or Kick-Ass

            Big thanks to Christopher Nolan for screwing this up.

            • Hahaha, what?

              Frankly, the fast-acting steroids are the least interesting part of the character in the comic books. He’s most interesting as a brilliant tactician who also happens to be really strong. That’s what Nolan’s focusing on, and I heartily agree with his decision.

              • By the whole “swelling” thing, I just meant that he wouldn’t hulk out. It could have been only a small size change at a realistic growth speed. And I have always loved Bane’s intelligence and tactics. They were key in his victory over the Bat. I guess I am just tired of everybody trying to change this character for their own benefit. First there was the stupid grunting brute in the batman and robin flick. And now we have a German mercenary that can’t feel pain. What is wrong with the small boy forced to unfairly live out his father’s life sentence in a prison where he eventually proclaims himself king. A man addicted to a powerful steroid with a need to prove himself to be better than those around him.
                I don’t know about you but he had enough backstory and depth to him. Nothing needed to be changed.

                • While I agree that Bane was a waste of space in Batman and Robin, had that movie been amazing in every other regard, his being a brute wouldn’t have mattered one iota.

                  Nolan changed Ra’s al Ghul, as well, in a variety of ways. It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that he would change Bane to fit the world that he’s creating.

                  Frankly, I think he’s changed few significant things about the guy — aside from his originally being from South America.

            • If you get anyone who is voer 6’4 then we are going to get an extremely poor actor. Ill take good acting over massive sized anyday

              • The great thing about a character that wears a mask is that a big guy can play the part, and a real actor can voice it over.

                • I mean, the point is moot. He’s not a giant man. If this ruins your ability to enjoy TDKR — several months ahead of its release — then so be it.

          • Well I didn’t expect comicbook proportions but yeah, I was expecting some sort of increased size. Something that made him a formidable physical presence but still within the realm of realism (kind of like steroids kicked into overdrive, with “roid rage” and all that). Considering the wearing of the mask, it would have been extremely easy to use a musclebound actor for the fight scenes with some voice overs.

            If we can have a guy with half a face walking around, this should be in the same realm of feasibility.

            • Its not the point. Watch bronson and see how tom hardy carrys himself on screen its terrifing and overly intriguing.

        • I think that the pit seen is in fact the lazarus pit but a scaled down version. Most likely it some sort of “Rejuvenating bath” like epsom salt on crack that helps to promote healing by submersing the body in the liquid. Maybe it is an all natural homeopathic healing water developed by the League of Shadows to help heal their assassins quicker to keep them out on missions.
          On the subject of BANE, imagine if someone with a diabolical mind, a ruthless blood thirsty killer was unable to feel pain of any kind. He gets punched by Batman and it doesn’t affect him! He could train his body past the point of regular exhaustion because he couldn’t feel when his body had enough.
          I think I put WAY too much thought into this…

          • The thing is that not being able to feel pain isn’t that huge of an advantage (and can actually be a detriment). Sure it may be a stumbling block for Batman initially but with a bit of impromptu thinking he would be easy to deal with. Especially with Batman’s bag of tricks, training and experience.

            If that’s all Bane is bringing to the table though I would have a hard time believing he could take Batman out.

    • That would be awesome…
      (Still kinda mad that Bane won’t “grow to Hulk size” in the movie – that would have been epic)

  15. Since Liam’s voice was used in the trailer I think he may secretly have a role bigger than a flashback in the film then many may think. I dont thinkthey would have two major flashbacks in the film with Josh Pence already havibg a major one playin a young Ra’s Al Ghul in a TDKR.

  16. This is not a spoiler… a spoiler would be Ras as the main antagonist.

    • Listen, I’m as lax on spoilers as anyone, but if you were avoiding spoilers entirely, you would have no idea Ra’s al Ghul was involved in this film. Sorry, but yes, it’s a spoiler.

      • I agree Ben, it’s definitely considered as a spoiler.

  17. Can somebody tell me if Batman will die in this movie???? Seems like it!

  18. The more I think about it I think it will be a flashback.
    Ra’s being dead as a result of Batman provides the motivation for Talia al Ghul (I can’t imagine Tate being anyone besides her) to align with Bane to “break the bat”.

  19. Something this thread made me ponder …

    So let me get this straight … it’s OK for batman to just LET Ra’s die … a man who saved him, trained him and became a sort of father figure to him. But the maniacal, psychotic Joker who just loves to kill, cause destruction and general mayhem, he saves from falling off the roof of the building? Yeah rrriiiiiigggggghhhhttttttt …

    • Ra’s destroyed the train tracks, so basically he killed himself (or not), As for the joker, Batman doesn’t kill people, and if you noticed, Joker fell over because of him.

      • Batman could’ve saved Ras but didn’t. But he choose to save Joker. Whether he fell over Batman is irrelevant to me. Ras fell down because of batman as well.

        • And also Ras didn’t destroy the train tracks, Gordon did using the Batpod.

          • @Ink – It’s simple logic. Witnesses. Nobody saw him leave Ras on the train, but there was plenty of attention drawn to the Joker in that building. ;)

      • Yeah, Batman orchestrated the destruction of the train tracks.

    • I’m a huge Batman fan… but I agree, that is kinda inconsistent IMO.
      In the movies he also drives over countless cars and launches explosions from his Tumbler (for all we know, there were innocent people in those cars he destroyed).

      • Stop one man from killing the city and harm a few civillians or don’t. Batman says he won’t kill anyone but when the chance comes he had to make a choice. It was much easier of a choice to let joker survive a situation in which he had total control. The Ra’s situation was much harder for me to save. Maybe batman knew ra’s the lazarus pits who knows. Either way this news about liam being in the movie isn’t suprising. Its still awesome!

      • @ The Avenger

        I agree. Even in Batman Returns when Batman had no control over the Batmobile, he was trashing it inside trying to find the control device. Even the Batmobile itself rolled cars over, not shoot them up even when Penguin had control over it. Not to mention the Batpod shooting through glass. In Batman Begins i didn’t get why Batman felt he had to get cops off him by droping little mines. Even Alfred noticed that, all for one life that was Rachel’s. As for Ras being left on the train, that imo would go against Batman’s code. If Batman really believed in his code & stood by it, it would of got Ras off that train with him. Even Batman in Batman:TAS has stood by his code & saved Ras to bring him to justice. Unfortunate for Batman, Talia put a gun to his head so Ras could go free w/ her.

    • I had no problem with the whole “don’t have to save you”/won’t let the Joker drop to his death SEEMING contradiction because I did not see it as such…I thought about it when I was watching TDK and viewed the apparent dichotomy in this way: Bruce starts out on his quest for justice and ends up confronting his mentor who had constantly reminded him that mercy cannot be given and consequences must be experienced. So early in his career, Batman decides that Ras has been given the opportunity to have an object lesson in his own teachings…a “practice-what-you-preach” kind of thing. You’ll recall that the film shows Ras’s reaction (somewhat to his credit, it’s an accepting one) as the end approaches, NOT Batman’s. Also, remember that the original portrayal of Batman was of a colder, more violent character.

      Back to the movie present, by the time Batman confronts Joker in their climactic battle, he has “seen what [he] would have to become” to absolutely defeat Joker’s chaotic evil. His experiences over the past year or so (and his previous worldwide training regimen) AND his particular experiences with the Joker have tempered his sense of absolutism; thus, he chooses to ACTIVELY save Joker for the justice system instead of PASSIVELY letting him die as he did for Ras. He has evolved as a force for good. I had no problem with this.

      Now, as for the ’89 “Batman”, remember that Bruce has already been active for about three years and determined his attitudes and methods. In “Batman Returns”, however, Batman gleefully allows (in fact, I believe he PUTS it there!) a Red Triangle clown to suffer a minor explosion in somewhat…delicate…area on his person. He SMIRKS. Does that sound like forward movement (lest anybody get the wrong idea, I loved both films, but given the topic, it IS something to consider…).

      • Oops…that last thing should be a question, not merely a statement.

      • Archaeon, I like you, but I disagree with you so hard. The contradiction isn’t just with Batman killing Ra’s al Ghul and saving the Joker — it’s with what Batman says all throughout the first film and what he does at the end. You’re giving the film too much credit. David Goyer wrote a scene at the end that sounded cool and it contradicted the character he had created at the beginning of the film. That’s all there is to it. He truly didn’t see Batman’s destruction of the train/not saving Ra’s as killing the guy, even though it obviously is. We’re supposed to believe that Batman is not responsible for that man’s death. Batman himself believes it. It’s just sloppy writing.

        Where in the two films does it indicate that Batman doesn’t kill the Joker because he’s grown as a character? The idea we’re presented with is that Batman’s grown colder, more willing to use unethical means of protecting his city. When he saves the Joker, we’re supposed to say to ourselves, “Phew! I thought he was finally going to give in and kill that man, even though he swore he’d never do that way back in the beginning of Batman Begins.”

        As for Burton’s Batman — the guy is a killer. He kills the Joker’s henchman left and right and then the Joker. In Returns, he kills everybody he can lay his hands on. And there’s nothing wrong with that, because that’s the character they’ve created for those films. There’s no point where he swears never to kill anyone and then is all like, “I don’t have to kill you, Joker, but I don’t have to save you even though I’m the one who made it so you fell off the helicopter in the first place, LOL!”

        • Ben…

          I respect your different take and understand why so many people agree. I simply do not. I have stated my reasoning and remain confident in it. I am okay with us continuing to hold opposite opinions on this particular issue.

          BTW…Sorry for such a delayed response; your comment did not appear in my eyes-mail notifications, so I did not know you had responded to me.

          • eyes-mail should be e-mail…damned predictive text :p

  20. It’s been forever since I saw Begins, I forgot that little detail. I guess Nolan just has a twisted sense of right and wrong, or the joker just got under Batman’s skin.

    • I agree, I think it has more to do with circumstance. Batman trying to define himself still. Bruce knowing that even from prison Ra’s will be able to continue his orchestrations through the LOS, that he and Gotham will never be safe. A problem with a tricky solution to find. So Batman takes advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself to sever the head of the snake.

      Whereas the Joker is deliberately testing the limits of everyone’s systems of control, to show them how fractured their sense of right and wrong is starting to become, like how The Watchmen approaches the ideas of vigilante justice. Which means he is putting Batman’s creed under the microscope, goading him into revenge while mocking the delicate moral line he treads.

      His memories of allowing Ras to die would be directly motivating Batman in dealing with the Joker. Bruce told Ra’s that his creed was unacceptable. And now the Joker is attempting to make Bruce confront the truth of his own hypocrisy. To test Bruce’s ability to hold on to his ideals when pushed way passed the edge of reason.

      Super villains are the overlooked heroes in some skewered sense. They ensure that with all their power, superheroes remain uncorrupted, lest they become super villains themselves and turn on us all (if they were real, of course!).

  21. Already knew this, dang i was hopeing for the Riddler.

      • The riddler isn’t being done because he is similar to the joker in the way he acts and does his business. Bane is a physical opponent

        • David Tennant would have been an awesome Riddler for Nolan’s Batman movies :(

        • But we already seen ras in these movies too…

          Just saying Ild rather see a guy with OCD (with riddles) over a guy who we saw before (ras al ghul)

          And Riddler is similar to Joker? I dont think so, Riddler had a point to what he was doing, proving he’s smarter, finding out who batman is, but Joker did it only for chaos.

          Agree to disagree I guess.

          • I agree with you.
            IMO, Riddler and Joker do have a lot in common, but they have a lot more/bigger differences than similarities:
            Like you said, Joker’s only interested in the chaos – he doesn’t care who Batman is, and he doesn’t want him dead.
            The Riddler is completely different. He plans all his moves to perfection and of course… he wants the Bat to DIE.

          • @ big baby jesus

            In the earlier comics since his comic debut, Riddler was simliar to The Joker. Only leaving riddles for Batman. Even Bruce Timm & Co wanted their Riddler from Batman:TAS to distance itself from that version aswell Frank Gorshin’s portrayl of the character.

            • Still would rather have Riddler (a new version, like the video I posted) then the same guy from the first movie (that is unless its a flash back)

              In the next movie If nolan doesn’t direct someone else can) have the riddler suffer from split personalities.
              Penguin is an arms dealer and because its raining a lot in gotham (I would imagine it does) guns built in umbrellas to kill the mayor or whatever.
              Mr Freeze is just an ordinary guy who has a sick wife and was fired from his work so he builds a protective suit and a gun that lets him shoot out liquid nitrogen.
              Black Mask is the same as the comics, hires Deadshot.
              Killer Croc is some guy suffering from an illness (its a real illness BTW) and is a cannibal.
              Clayface is a master of disguise, not a monster.
              Onomatopoeia would be creepy if done right.

              Put two of these guys in one movie, maybe mr freeze gets his stuff from penguin?

              We already seen ras al ghul before, why not let one of these guys I mentioned above shine?

              • I’m pretty sure they’re planning to reboot Batman (again) after Nolan finishes up his trilogy :(
                I read about it a while back… wasn’t just some rumor either, apparently, it came from WB themselves (like I said, it was a while back, so I MIGHT be wrong on this one)

                • I think that I read it before, but when I read it I was under the impression that it wasnt a reboot, just a different director, I could also be wrong.

  22. Prolly a flashback of Ra’s Al Gule but hopefully its not Robin!! lol

  23. maybe he appears in Bruce Wayne’s dreams..

  24. Its Ras al Ghul??? not suprise at all

  25. I’m disappointed in the marketing for this new movie. From the beginning they put too much emphasis on Bane breaking Batman. They pretty much laid it out: Batman is going to nearly or actually die. As soon as they emphasized that every Batman fan should have known Ras would be back, Talia would be introduced, Bane would kill Batman and Talia would save Batman in the Lazarus Pits. I figured that out from the initial crappy trailer where Bane is standing over a broken Batman. I am just so disappointed. I wish they wouldn’t have tried to play up so much intrigue with Batman’s demise.

    • This movie hasn’t done much marketing period. And there is tons of surpised and tricks that we don’t know about.

    • Thank goodness that you know the whole movie. Now, I can skip it and enjoy a real film…I don’t suppose a new “Austin Powers” classic-to-be is opening at that same time???

      Do you always just assume you have all the answers? How are you so sure that what you’ve just complained about will come to pass? Don’t you think, perhaps, that Nolan, Bale, et al, might have surprises you HAVEN’T considered…hmmm, maybe? Wait, and see…

  26. Awe man, Why did I read. Too many spoilers is ruining the entire movie for me. I’m gonna ignore the rest of the rumors and leaks until the movie is released. Not long now.

    -Who am I kidding, I’m gonna be all over the next trailer.

    • Josh Pence (as young Ras) will probably have scenes with young Talia imo.

      Meaning that Liam Neeson will be portraying the older version of Ras as he did in BB, a return from the grave perhaps, or indeed a flashback.

      I think if it’s a flashback, it’s probably to Bruce Wayne’s time training with the LOS, and not much earlier. Some important exposition the audience needs to make the trilogy cohesive perhaps? A line or two that would have belonged in BB had Nolan known that he was crafting a trilogy at the time, i’d wager.

      Or possibly…

      Bane may have attempted to rescue Ra’s from the burning train wreck, thus scorching his lungs or something. And Ra’s passes on to him a final dying wish. After 8 years of healing and preparation, Bane arrives to begin his assault on the bat, and to fulfill Ra’s wish for the demise of Gotham.

  27. I don’t know if this has been mentioned anywhere before, but will the Joker be mentioned? And was he an agent of the League of Shadows, since all of this seems to be coming full circle?

  28. Batman doesn’t kill – not because he has some moral obligation or aversion to it – but because doing so could make him cross the line from hero to villian (see The Dark Knight). He has often said that he feels killing Joker or other villians might be the only way to save Gotham. He’s also (in some story arcs) killed Joker outright. In any event, his attitude in Batman Begins is spot on – he won’t directly cause another person’s death, but he won’t go out of his way to save someone that’s deserving of death either.

    It seems a lot of people on this discussion – and indeed the original article – have a lot of misconceptions about who Batman is and what he as a person represents. He’s not Superman a.k.a. Super-Boy Scout folks. He is called the DARK Knight for a reason.

    • YES! Thank you.

    • Well put. 10 points for Slytherin!!

    • Haha, no. No. Sorry, E, but no.

      First of all, you’re talking about “Batman” as if there’s just one version of him. There are billions of versions of him. Some in continuity, some not. In some of those, he kills. The original Batman killed. He literally threw a guy in a pit of acid and laughed about it.

      But what I was talking about was Batman Begins, which gave us a character who repeatedly stated that he wouldn’t kill. Regardless of why he doesn’t, he doesn’t. That’s just a fact.

      You said: “He won’t directly cause another person’s death, but he won’t go out of his way to save someone that’s deserving of death either.”


      HE DIRECTLY CAUSED RA’S AL GHUL’S DEATH. Now, I really enjoyed Batman Begins, but if you don’t think he directly caused that train to crash, and thus directly caused Ra’s al Ghul’s death, then you’re the one with the misconception. I don’t even have a problem with Batman killing onscreen, or in whatever story he’s in if it’s been established that that’s how he does things, but Batman Begins established the complete opposite of that before it proceeded to contradict itself.

      “He’s also (in some story arcs) killed Joker outright.”

      Go on. What story arcs has Batman killed the Joker in? And by that I mean, what in-continuity story arcs has Batman killed the Joker in?

      And lastly:

      “Batman doesn’t kill – not because he has some moral obligation or aversion to it”

      Again, you’re referring to Batman like there’s just one version. There’s not. Having said that, the mainstream in-continuity comic book Batman–and all the animated Batmans–have all had a moral aversion to killing. Prior to Infinite Crisis, Wonder Woman killed Max Lord to stop him from mindcontrolling Superman, who was beating her mercilesly. Batman was incredibly angry with her and didn’t forgive her for a very long time. Hell, Green Lantern was possessed by an evil space bug, who then forced him to kill people, and it took years for Batman to forgive him.

    • Batman has killed in the comics before.