Secret Character in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Confirmed

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According to the production notes on the Wrath of the Titans website:

“[Liam] Neeson next appears in Peter Berg’s actioner ‘Battleship,’ and he also will be seen in Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated action thriller ‘The Dark Knight Rises.'”

Oopsy? Did Warner Bros. just inadvertently let the Ra’s al Ghul cat out of the bag?

Liam Neeson, as you’ll recall, played the main villain Ra’s al Ghul in Nolan’s first Batman outing, aptly entitled Batman Begins. In it, Ghul was seemingly killed in a train explosion as a result of Batman’s machinations. There was a whole brouhaha on the Internet as to whether or not the Caped Crusader — the man who refuses to kill anybody, even that deranged Joker fellow — was responsible for Ghul’s death after he (perhaps incorrectly) uttered the line, “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you.”

Since The Dark Knight Rises was announced, there has been rampant speculation that Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Shadows will play a major role in the film. Questions have arisen far and wide:

  • Has the League of Shadows placed Gotham City under siege?
  •  Is Bane the new head honcho commanding said league?
  •  Is he working in cahoots with Marion Cotillard’s character, Miranda Tate, who may or may not be Talia al Ghul, Ra’s daughter?  (After all, we’ve seen Cotillard in pictures looking mighty commanding on top of one of Bane’s Tumblers, and 13-year-old actress Joey King has said she plays a “young Talia al Ghul” in the upcoming film.)
Miranda Tate in Dark Knight Rises Secret Character in The Dark Knight Rises Confirmed

Perhaps she's just standing on top of it for fun

Furthermore, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Ra’s al Ghul appearing in TDKR. While Warner Bros. officially announced a year ago that Josh Pence would be playing the young Rha’s  — assumedly in a flashback – there were also reports tying Liam Neeson to the set, and Neeson himself seemed to admit as much back in January.

This latest slip on the part of Warner Bors. is the first official confirmation that Neeson is in the film, though it’s still unclear whether or not his character is alive and well.

So which is it, Screen Ranters? Do you think Liam Neeson will be appearing in The Dark Knight Rises via flashback, or do you think that the Lazarus Pit from the comic books is going to be making an appearance? Frankly, I wouldn’t put anything past Christopher Nolan at this point – not even magical pits of green resurrection juice.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

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Source: Wrath of the Titans Production Notes [via Bleeding Cool]

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  1. At least we can be assured this 3rd installment of the Batman franchise will knock the already Bastardized Superman re-boots dick in the dirt!

    • @ Chad

      Got that right. Atleast Nolan started the Batman reboot with villains we didn’t see on film yet to begin with. We know the origin,basics who he is, where he came from etc. To me all the info makes Snyder’s film a rehash of the first two Superman films & Smallville mixed all together into one film. And they say they wanna power him down alittle? Should i be worried about all thats been said & revealed about the film so far?Hmmmm.

      • Well its a reboot and they wanna keep his origin tied into Kryptonian heritage. Zod is a perfect choice for it.

        Superman needed to be depowered. Like the Hulk, his strength has become more ridiculous with each confrontation. If he can pick up an entire Island who is really gonna fight and have a problem with.

        • @ Ignur Rant

          They could of gone through the whole origin/Krytonian the next time they decided to reboot the Superman franchise again.

          Superman needed to be depowered? More like he needed some larger than life threats & heavy hitter villains we have yet seen besides Zod. When he picked up the island in Superman Returns, didn’t look he was doin it with ease when Kryptonite was embeded within the island itself. Not to mention how they made it look like it was difficult for Superman to bring up the half-sunk yaht outta the ocean.

          • Yeah, I disagree that Superman needs to be depowered. He wasn’t even all that powerful in Superman Returns, and that movie was no masterpiece. Frankly, the movies where he was super super super super powered were the first two Superman films, and they were the best/most well received of the bunch, so I’m not sure how depowering him is going to help with the quality of the story.

            All-Star Superman, which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest Superman stories of all time, proved that an invincible Superman tale can still be interesting, emotional, even heart-wrenching.

  2. Not to burst anyones bubble or anything, but i knew about this months ago, check imdb Neeson has been credited as ra’s on there since production began :)

    • Not to burst your bubble or anything, but no he hasn’t. And even if he were, IMDB is not a reliable source for that kind of thing.

      • He actually did confirm months ago he was in the film.

        • No, he said he was on the set. He didn’t say he was in the film.

          Having said that, I didn’t say, “No, he hasn’t confirmed he was in the film,” I said, “No, he hasn’t been credited as Ra’s on IMDB since production began on Dark Knight Rises,” per Bart Allen’s comment.

          • Ooooooh, look at all the nerd rage.

            • Funny coming from a guy calling himself “Guyver”…

              • Fail to see how it is funny. What’s funny is how people can argue about whether or not Neeson has confirmed that he’ll be in the film, each person arguing that he/she is right, as if that’ll make any difference in the movie itself. Hence, the nerd rage.

                • Haha…first of all, what rage? I defy you to point out any rage.

                  Secondly, I don’t think anyone was arguing about whether Neeson confirmed he was in the film because he/she thought it would make a difference in said film. For example, I was only defending the article’s existence as its author after Bart Allen implied this was known since production began. The back and forth between Ignur Rant and I was over a miscommunication, I believe. He thought I said one thing, I was saying something else, and I could’ve been clearer on that. Thirdly, the only one who seems to have any rage at all is you, Guyver. (“Fail to see how it is funny.” *Mope, mope, stomp, stomp.*)

                  • Yup, dictating an entire paragraph to prove your point. Rage rage rage.

                    • You only proved that you are obsessed with being right.

                    • Haha, well, I do attempt to be right as often as possible. You got me, Guyver! Not all of us can be as wrong as you, as often as you.

  3. Just a theory but while ‘not saving’ him results in the same conclusion as killing him, there is a difference. It may only be minor but it is different and in reference to his theory and the fact that he has saved Ras once before.

    While he could’ve ‘not saved’ the joker, the second film is about the battle over not only Gotham’s but Batman’d soul. And saving the joker is the gesture of this.

    That is my take on it.

    • @ DK

      First time Bruce saved Ra’s,he was under the impression his name was Henry Decard & not the REAL Ra’s Al Ghoul. Also leaving Ra’s imposter for dead in the house as it burned. Even Ra’s noted that to Bruce at his party.

      Imo if Batman honored his code deeply, he would of gotton Ra’s off the train. But it’s a movie.

    • What is the difference, though, when Batman is the cause of his death?

  4. Yeah thats a good point.

    But regardless of who Bruce thought he was, he saved the person who free’d him and taught him. And then finding out his real identity and purpose later.

  5. Watch Bane turn out to be Ra’s years later, lol. I’d actually be okay with that.

    • @ SeriousFumbles

      Lol. Theres a episode of Batman Beyond where Ra’s inhabited Talia’s body. I forget the line of dialoge between them but Bruce insulted him when he realized that whole time he thought it was Talia, said that he kissed a guy then Ra’s hit him then Bruce said & you still hit like a girl,lol.

  6. Looking back at this post 4 months later, I’m impressed with how spot on your predictions were. Well done, sir.