‘Dark Knight Rises’ Rumored Star Confirms Their Involvement

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The Dark Knight Rises Bane Triumphant Header Dark Knight Rises Rumored Star Confirms Their Involvement

It’s long been presumed that the League of Shadows, as it was portrayed in Batman Begins, would be returning in some form in co-writer/director Christopher Nolan’s final installment in his Caped Crusader saga, The Dark Knight Rises.

Rumors about how the dangerous organization will fit into the plot of the film have long been circulating, as has more solid, but still unconfirmed word about younger stars such as Josh Pence and Joey King portraying youthful versions of characters such as LoS head Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter, Talia.

Today, we have some additional fuel to add to that particular fire, in the form of confirmation from a longtime rumored Dark Knight Rises player that they are involved with the film – in some form, at least.

Chances are good that those reading this article already have a pretty good idea of who we’re talking about. However, if you’re attempting to avoid knowing anything too concrete about The Dark Knight Rises in advance, STOP READING NOW.



liam neeson batman begins Dark Knight Rises Rumored Star Confirms Their Involvement

Yes, as has long been unofficially reported to be the case, Liam Neeson is in fact involved with The Dark Knight Rises. However, judging by what he recently told ShowbizSpy, the elder version of Ra’s won’t be appearing too long in the actual film (if at all):

“I can tell you nothing about ‘Dark Knight Rises’, seriously. I was on set for maybe an hour-and-a-half and the director didn’t tell me anything of what it’s about. So, I’m being very honest when I say I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

Obviously, it would be strange for Neeson to simply show up on the Dark Knight Rises set and NOT have actually filmed a short scene (or two) that flashes back to a time when the League of Shadows mastermind was still breathing, ie. either prior to and/or during the early portions of Batman Begins. So, all in all, it’s probably safe to say: Neeson’s deadly alter ego will actually pop up in the new film, at some point.

Now, the question is: how will the elder Ra’s fit into the mystery narrative of Dark Knight Rises? Could it be that he was responsible for either training and/or recruiting Bane (Tom Hardy) for a last-ditch effort to topple Gotham City – or will he merely show up during flashbacks to Bruce Wayne’s (Christian Bale) time training with the LoS?

All shall be revealed at last when The Dark Knight Rises hits U.S. theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: ShowbizSpy

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  1. Considering he was spotted on set, this is hardly a surprise. Although Neeson’s mere presence elevates any movie instantly.

    • Agreed!

      • Indeed.

        • indubitably

          • Quite

            • absolutely postively

            • Definitely

            • Irrevocably.

              • Unquestionably

                • Bull’s Eye !

                  • Looks solid to me

                    • boosh

                    • unquestionably.

                    • Bulls-eye!!

  2. This is great news :) I think perhaps, it would be very awesome if Rhas was responsible for the making of Bane.

    • He is responsible. That’s why there is young Bane and Talia as children and another actor playing Ra’s. And what look to be Lazurus Pits.

    • Affirmative

  3. Well that sounds epic indeed. :)

    • agreed!!

  4. A Lazarus Pit would be too much to hope for…right? Just a final scene at the end of the movie where Talia enters a chamber and finds Ra’s emerging unscathed and ready for havoc. *fade to black* :)

    • Well they were filming some kind of pit, there are pictures of it with green scree. I imagine it will be retooled for some more realistic purpose. Neeson did a few hours shooting. It will be flashback for Bane, Bruce or Talia.

  5. Nice to know he was on set. It will be cool to see how this ties into the final cut.

  6. Uff!, this is great! :D I can’t wait for the dkr. The only problem I got with this movie is cat woman. Why the he’ll she’s in it!? She seems so out of place. Nolan better prove me wrong about the cat. Any ways, Nelson is in it. I’m for sure going to see this… 3x lol.

    • @ Elvin:

      I doubt Nolan would put Catwoman in the film without having her serve good purpose

  7. Remember how much of a media blackout TDK was? How everyone went crazy for that first shot of the Joker beyond frosted glass. The plot was a mystery until you sat down at the cinema.

    So what has gone so horribly wrong this time? All those set videos and leaked pictures. It really dies feel like you know the plot already. People think Nolan is going to pull a huge rabbit out of his hat and reveal huge twists. But what if the plot is exactly what you already know and suspect?

    • I think people will still be happy. If the plot is exactly what we know and suspect then that’s probably a good thing considering everything we know and suspect has come with a mostly positive reaction and high interest. The only ones who will know the twists and turns of the film (assuming all will be revealed before TDKR hits theaters) are the ones who continued reading despite the “SPOILERS AHEAD” warnings. So they (or we) have no one but themselves to blame for reading too far into the movie.

    • I think if Nolan’s movies have shown anything, it’s that “what you think you know” and “what is actually going on” are two different things.

      • I’ve never found that with his movies. I usually grasp what’s going on.

      • Whether we know what is going on or not; it’s safe to say audiences will enjoy experiencing the film.

        • I know there is a lot more chess pieces on the board with this one. Will truly be interesting when it all comes together.

          I need to buy a Tumbler.

          • They’re 1.7 million bucks so if you got the cash, more power to ya

            • Thank you sir. Since a Tumbler cost only $250,000 to make, i’ll use the remaining 1.45 million to modestly furnish a cave for extracurricular activities.

              • Cursed article lied to me! Well, even so, thats a whole lot of cash to be spending on a car. Especially withought weapons, armor, and jet engine. The shell of the car isn’t even metal. Its hardened plastic. A majority of the price would lie in its 350CID Chevy V8 engine and in its four 44″ super swamper tires. What I see as being its most interesting feature is that its a hybrid lol It has a switch change it from its chevy engine to an eletric motor for stealth. So whenever I drive my prius, I just imagine I’m driving a small tumbler :)

  8. I’m actually looking forward to the HoBBiT MOST of all this year..

    Avengers, TDKR, and saving the best for the last part of the year in the HoBBiT

    • TDKR is my most anticipated movie, has been since it was announced. The Hobbit and Prometheus are tied for 2nd.

      Back to the subject, I thought there was an article some time back indicating that Liam Neeson had a part in the TDKR, not sure though. I may be thinking of a young Ra’s Al Ghul being confirmed.

      • Yeah, it’s long been reported (but technically unofficial) that Josh Pence is playing a young Ra’s in DKR.

        Similarly, there were previous reports about Neeson being seen on the DKR set, but this is the first “official” confirmation that he was there.

        • Thank you for the clarification.

    • Well said Tcupp13, well said.

    • when the lazarous pit rumor first surfaced people asked if it was a possibility…generally speaking people dismissed it due to its supernatural nature because there has not been any evidence that nolan is going to add any elements of superhuman powers into the series. is it a possibility? sure. however i dont see it (but im not making the movie)…however there has been technology that pushes the limits of “real” in the first two movies. So that’s an option too i guess

    • I don’t see how he plays a part inn the plot given that Neeson was only there for a few hours. The League of Shadows clearly play a huge part, it is very much a sequel to the mythology of Batman Begins. And if it hits the same tone then it will be a winner.

      • Since Nolan&Co used Liam in the teaser voiceover and Nolan has a habit of giving every “piece” in the story a purpose, im starting to think Ra’s plays a much larger part (more so plot than screentime) than most of us think.

  9. He will be in a flashback, or else if hes not in the movie, then its an awkward moment for the cast and crew.

  10. This is gonna be epic!!

  11. Bane was kicked out of the League Of Shadows.


      Where did you hear that?

      • Mitt Romney said it during the debate last night.

        Nice feathers, Cochise.

        • Aaahh thank you. The Warriors are always ready to come out plaaay eeehhh aaay.

          • Nice. And you’re welcome for the spoiler. :)

      • Doubtful according to leaked photos.

  12. And I thought it was going to be Adam West playing Bruce a 100 years from now. :-D

    • ROFLMAO now THAT would be the price of admission 2x over just to see that!

  13. I think something to note is the period of time when Ras vanished for a large portion of the film then showed up when there was a mere 40 minutes left or so. What was he doing in that time period? Could he have found Bane and trained him as a back-up just in case Bruce failed him completely?

  14. Things Ra’s taught me.

    1) always mind your surroundings
    2) when cold, rub your chest and your body will do the rest
    3) Training is nothing, but WILL is everything
    4) Invisibility is amtter of patience and agility
    5) Death does not wait for you to be ready! Death is not considerate or fair.
    6) Theatricality and deception are powerful agents
    7) If death by train derailment is imminent, close your eyes and meditate

  15. Well ya it’s pretty obvious he will appear in a flashback but the question is what will he be doing. Take it from someone who knows you can get a lot done with being on set for almost two hours.

  16. sickkk ra’s is back =D

  17. Hmmm. This is more like “substitute” news.

    • Really, confirming a rumor is “substitute” news?

      I learn something new every day…


        • In Vic’s defense, I was being pretty low down sarcastic that day.

          • happyman,

            No worries. :)


            • Vic, if I thought you were reading commentary this late, I’d have made more of a formal, sincere apology, instead of just an admission of guilt. But thanks dude, have a great weekend.

                • :) :) Now I’m on my guard.

  18. it’s going to be a flashback/dream/nightmare sequence of a lesson bruce learned to overcome pain.

  19. I too think Neeson will be in flashback scenes, he was not on the set long enough to have any major role in the film. Either way, glad to see they added another great actor to the cast. Everyone needs to accept one fact, batman and bane will fight and batman will lose. If you have read the comics, you will know what I’m referencing to.

  20. I am unbelievably pumped for this movie!!! I can’t even begin to explain the excitement.

  21. Neeson was a big part of the reason that I prefer BB to TDK.

  22. The DKR is going to end with Neeson coming out of the pit and punching everyone in the face (see: every liam neeson movie that has come out in the past couple years)

    • LOL nice one Matt C

  23. I think Bane and Talia will be bonded in childhood somehow, mirroring Bruce’s relationship with Rachel.

  24. “Obviously, it would be strange for Neeson to simply show up on the Dark Knight Rises set and NOT have actually filmed a short scene (or two) that flashes back to a time when the League of Shadows mastermind was still breathing”

    I don’t think it would be strange for a friend to visit the set of another friend’s gigantic multi-million dollar production for a ganders. Only thing confirmed here is Neeson visited set. Period.

    • Since Neeson said ” I was only on set for…” He most certainly filmed something. An actor does not refer to visiting a set as being “on set” this means they were in fact on the set and filming.

  25. I like how the pit everyone has seen is automatically a lazarus pit and isnt anything to do with the prison or scene were people absailin down the side of it.