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Warner Bros. has lifted the review embargo for The Dark Knight Rises, opening the floodgates for critics from around the movie blogosphere to weigh in with their thoughts about Christopher Nolan’s climactic chapter to his grisly Caped Crusader trilogy. The film is as critic-proof as they come, yet the question lingers: Is it the crown jewel in a popular blockbuster franchise, which has been lauded as much for technical achievements as for storytelling merits (Toy Story 3)? Or does it buckle under the weight of bloated expectations, as has happened with many a trilogy finale in the past (The Godfather: Part III, Spider-Man 3)?

Scroll on down to read some SPOILER-FREE samples culled from some the first Dark Knight Rises reviews to hit the Web, and see what you think. Check in later this week for Screen Rant‘s official review of the film.

[NOTE: Do NOT post any Dark Knight Rises SPOILERS in the comments section, be they real or fake. If you do, your comment will be deleted.]

From Variety:

Few blockbusters have borne so heavy a burden of audience expectation as Christopher Nolan’s final Batman caper, and the filmmaker steps up to the occasion with a cataclysmic vision of Gotham City under siege in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Running an exhilarating, exhausting 164 minutes, Nolan’s trilogy-capping epic sends Batman to a literal pit of despair, restoring him to the core of a legend that questions, and powerfully affirms, the need for heroism in a fallen world. If it never quite matches the brilliance of 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” this hugely ambitious action-drama nonetheless retains the moral urgency and serious-minded pulp instincts that have made the Warners franchise a beacon of integrity in an increasingly comicbook-driven Hollywood universe.

From THR:

The real world threats of terrorism, political anarchy and economic instability make deep incursions into the cinematic comic book domain in The Dark Knight Rises. Big-time Hollywood filmmaking at its most massively accomplished, this last installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy makes everything in the rival Marvel universe look thoroughly silly and childish. Entirely enveloping and at times unnerving in a relevant way one would never have imagined, as a cohesive whole this ranks as the best of Nolan’s trio, even if it lacks — how could it not? — an element as unique as Heath Ledger’s immortal turn in The Dark Knight. It’s a blockbuster by any standard.

From IGN:

The film has several exciting action set-pieces, many of which utilize the aerial vehicle The Bat, but none of which provoke the kind of jaw-dropping reaction that the truck flip did in The Dark Knight. Still, there are enough brawls, chases, and stuff going boom to satisfy hungry action fans. The battle in the streets pitting Bane’s army against Batman and the GCPD is quite a sight to behold in IMAX. Speaking of which, far more of this film was shot in IMAX than The Dark Knight, but the transitions here between full screen IMAX and the almost “letterbox” effect of regular film can be jarring. That said, IMAX really is the best way to watch this movie. The aforementioned gripes aside, director Christopher Nolan and his team have delivered the grandest, most emotional and superheroic chapter in their Batman saga. The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting emotional and narrative conclusion to this particular interpretation of the enduring story of Bruce Wayne the man and Batman the legend.

From Coming Soon:

Rather than drawing from the comics, Nolan instills real world issues into his Gotham City with a conflict that forays into corporal punishment, the stock exchange and ideas for sustainable energy–all things we might regularly read about in the papers, which either will make the situations more relatable or will have you rolling your eyes at having politics mixed in with your entertainment. Making a story that revolves around the distinction between Gotham’s haves and have nots—something that’s permeating many works of fiction right now–may seem fairly hypocritical for a filmmaker who is probably living as comfortably as Bruce Wayne by now. Fortunately, many of these issues are at least partially forgotten once Bane finally emerges in the Gotham daylight and we see the scope of his master plan to terrorize Gotham City. [Nolan] also figures out a convincing way to wrap everything up in a nice bow, making one feel like he’s created a bonafide Batman story in three movies that can stand up on its own merits completely separate from the comics or any previous incarnations.

dark knight rises reviews Dark Knight Rises Reviews & Critics TV Spots

From Hit Fix:

The technical side of things is sharper than ever before, and if this really is the last film that Wally Pfister shoots, he’s going out in style.  Even more of this film was shot with IMAX cameras than “The Dark Knight,” and it makes for some breathtaking visual moments that match the emotional impact of the film’s operatic final act.  Hans Zimmer’s work here is brutal, percussive, borderline crazy.  It feels like things are starting to shake to pieces, like the entire world is about to implode.  I found the final movement of the film, a good thirty minutes or so, almost unbearably emotional, and I think it may be the best stretch in any of the films.  There are some logic issues I have with parts of the film, and we’ll get into those in the “Second Look,” but there is a clean, uncompromised emotional arc that steamrolls those problems for me, and I think the film more than fulfills the promise made by the first two films. [“The Dark Knight Rises”] confirms that these films have always had an endgame in mind, and it has been a remarkable ride, one I would not want to follow.  Whoever Warner Bros hires to reboot the “Batman” films a few years from now, I wish you luck.  The bar is as high as it could possibly be.

From The Playlist:

In a season filled with big movies that somehow ask even bigger questions, “The Dark Knight Rises” feels like the superego to its competition’s id. An action opus that manages at to be both viscerally and intellectually engaging, Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated third Batman film comes full circle, examining both the Dark Knight and the society that produced him without sacrificing any of the sweeping thrills for which the series is known. A literate, thoughtful and invigorating finale, “The Dark Knight Rises” delivers everything audiences ask for and then some, albeit in fewer of the ways that they might expect. If, as Badass Digest argues, “The Avengers” “defeated irony and cynicism,” then “The Dark Knight Rises” feels like the rock-bottom, lowest-point examination of ourselves which provides the substance to make Joss Whedon’s optimistic vision endure. Because Nolan’s film is a reminder that superheroes aren’t merely a frivolous distraction, or even a wish-fulfillment fantasy, but an embodiment of our best selves – or at least what we want our best selves to be. A cinematic, cultural and personal triumph, “The Dark Knight Rises” is emotionally inspiring, aesthetically significant and critically important for America itself – as a mirror of both sober reflection and resilient hope.

batman vs bane1 Dark Knight Rises Reviews & Critics TV Spots

Here’s a breakdown of the initial critical reaction to Dark Knight Rises:

  • Nolan’s final Batman film captures the current cultural zeitgeist by touching on timely social issues. That aspect of TDKR could be regarded as preachy by some, insightful by others, depending on their own perspective.
  • The IMAX footage is magnificent and demands to be seen in that format. The mixture of regular and IMAX material in TDKR can be shaky at times, but it’s nonetheless an important step forward for the use of said technology as a cinematic storytelling tool.
  • TDKR does offer a satisfying sense of closure to Nolan’s interpretation of the Bruce Wayne story. Many moviegoers are going to walk away feeling not only emotionally-satisfied, but also that they’ve just seen the best installment in Nolan’s Batman trilogy (though, obviously, there’ll be disagreement on that point).

Click on the links to any of the aforementioned online publications, to read their full Dark Knight Rises review. Most of them also include insight on where new additions Bane (Tom Hardy) and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) rank, in terms of staples from the Batman comics who’ve been brought to life in Nolan’s Dark Knight saga.

The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Am i the only spaz who clicked on the link as soon as i saw the words “The Dark Knight Rises” and “review” together with a quickly crushed feeling of gittyness? *lol* i need to remember to slow down and READ the whole tagline

  2. I’ll read the full reviews later, but from these snippets, it seems TDKR has a REAL chance to be a bonafide, fantastic HIT, both critically AND financially…YAAAAAAAAAY!

    I had no doubts, but it’s nice to hear OTHERS confirming it. 😉

  3. My brother saw the movie last night in VT. I guess it was a special screening since Patrick Leahy, a VT senator, is a big Batman fan and was in TDK and TDKR. He was telling me there was a whole speech and important people there. Crazy kid spent $100 for his TDKR ticket.

    Without spoiling it to me, all he said was “It was EPIC!” and that Joseph Gordon Levitt was great in it. Also, that Bane wasn’t as interesting a villain as Joker and the movie is “on par” with TDK.

  4. After July 20th there will be no doubt that Nolan is the best Director in Hollywood. The man hasn’t made a bad movie yet!!!! Truely remarkable career so far

    • [comment removed for being crude – moderator]

      • I sense a hater… but I will say that the “good” and “bad” perception of a movie is subject to opinion.

      • Yeah a movie franchise that is set to gross over billions of dollars, be critically acclaimed, have an Oscar winning performance, also maybe the first CBM to be nominated for best pic at the Academy is clearly overrated

        Idk whats worse your vulgar comment or you actually believing it to be true

      • Al,

        I agree with you 100%. Nolan’s movies are not perfect. And neither is his version of Batman. But I do hope the movie does well. The more success all comic book movies have, the more we’ll see of them.

    • THE best? I really wish people would stop making such final, definitive and incorrect statements. It’s all a matter of subjectivity.

      Now I will agree he is ONE of the best, just not THE best 😉

      • How can he be incorrect if its all a matter subjectivity?

  5. so ready for this!

  6. “Big-time Hollywood filmmaking at its most massively accomplished, this last installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy makes everything in the rival Marvel universe look thoroughly silly and childish.”

    I have been saying this for years. When you compare Nolan’s previous Batman movies(and TDKR, not yet personally confirmed, but I have full faith) to anything Marvel does, Marvel always comes out looking corny and made for children. Yes, I know, there will be people that claim they are two completely different styles ad shouldn’t be compared. But, we all know that the comaparisons will always be made when it comes to DC vs. Marvel. IMO, Marvel just doesn’t have the source material to compete with the likes of Bats and Superman or even the JL. They will always be second banana when it comes to mature, gritty stoy telling and overall character developement.

    You may begin flaming now.

    • I’m not going to flame you. I agree with you too a certain extent. Marvel (with exception of The good spiderman) isn’t trying to be gritty. They’re making fun movies. As much as I love the Nolan films, I can’t help but feel depressed when I watch his films. I sob like a mad woman every time Rachel dies in TDK. Also the only good superhero series DC/WB has is Batman. Marvel has their style and Dc has theirs. I want to see how DC/WB makes it without Nolan. He is what makes the movies great. Without him they always suck. (see Superman Returns, Batman and Robin and Green lantern)

      • lol I let out a single pump fist everytime Racheal dies. Just one.

        • ^^ this – lol

    • Can’t we have BOTH? I like gritty, mature story telling and character development but I ALSO like humor and lightness and less dire threats. There’s a place and a need for both. If all the comic world had to offer was dark grittiness we’d be bored. And then we’d have arguments comparing the degrees darkity darkness and gritty grittiness!

      Both. We needs them. Yes.

      • Here Here!!

      • This. Thank you.

      • All other comments can be deleted now.
        Great post Sarah.

      • Yep. No need to start tossing around who is better than whom.

        Plus if we are talking about DC and Marvel as comicbook companies in general and not just the movies they have made, BOTH have their dark and gritty characters and BOTH have their more comedic types (If you want extensive lists we can provide them if need be).

        So saying that one is better than the other is almost nonsensical.

      • or awesome comment. (Squint.)

        Nah, awesome comment.

    • You’re going overboard. Nolan’s Batman movies have little to do with DC’s source material. Plus, none of Marvel Studios’s movies, so far, have had a character that is dark and gritty like Batman. Batman has zero powers…no superhuman ability. So, naturally, the Avengers characters are far different than Batman and the styles are completely not the same. Nolan is a great director, but nothing on his resume gives confidence that he’d be successful at directing a real “superhero” movie. There’s no way he could direct Avengers without making it creepy, slow and dark. Marvel has far more interesting characters and with great origins. DC characters are for kids aside from Batman. Superman has historically been a goody-two-shoes character which is why they brought in Zach Snyder to make it more modern and appealing…you know, like Marvel Studios’ movies.

      • Snyder was brought into MOS for his visual flair because Spupes is a different kind of character than Batman. But, they also kept the Nolans and Goyer involved so the movie had serious story cred, and to keep Snyder grounded so as to NOT tread into Marvel type teritory.

      • You are absolutely wrong in regards to his movies having little to do with DC source material. The end of Batman Begins is almost exactly the same as the last pages of Batman Year One almost word for word. Thats just one of many.

  7. This is fantastic. The “jist” that I’m getting from these reviews is that it’s even better than TDK! – And that’s just truly AWESOME news!
    Can’t wait till Sunday!

    On another note, screw you THR. Marvel’s movies aren’t silly and childish! 😉 :(

    • Exhibit A: The way the main villian, Loki, gets it from the Hulk at the end of The Avengers.

      That could have been the end of a Pixar movie.

      • I’m not getting into this “who’s better” argument. Sorry.

        I love both franchises for what they are and what they strive for. Nolan strives to bring realism and serious issues into his movies (for the most part) and Marvel strives to provide quality, fun entertainment (for the most part) IMO.
        Just because their movies are more “fun” and “lighthearted” does not make them childish and just because Nolan’s movies are more “serious” and “dark” doesn’t make them boring.

        So again, sorry but I won’t partake any further in ANOTHER one of these pointless arguments.

        • Marvels Studios movies post IM2 are clearly aimed at a younger audience. That is fact, not an insult. But just because a movie targets a younger generation, doesn’t mean they cant be enjoyed by all. i.e. Toy Story Trilogy, Incredibles, Lion King, etc.

          • I wouldn’t really constrict it that much by saying “younger audience”… it’s definitely a “wider audience”.
            They also targeted female viewers a lot more than most action movies as well (big part has to do with the cast obviously: RDJ, Hemsworth, etc.) and you wouldn’t believe it, but at my third viewing of The Avengers, about 3 quarters of the theater was booked up by a group of senior citizens (they made one hell of a noise when Hulk smashed Loki ;))

            • I would say both franchises are great. Marvel does aim towards a wider audience while DC aims to the fanboys and males more. Both are good at what they do. I am not going to argue about the DC versus Marvel because they both produce some epic stuff

            • I wouldn’t really constrict it that much by saying “younger audience”… it’s definitely a “wider audience”.

              Same thing. If you already have adults interested, there is only one other demo to go for(you are right about women being interested for the beefcake and not because they are comic fans though). In doing so, you must lighten the material. It then becomes watered down for the masses.
              I perfer comic book movies that are aimed at comic book fans, not everyone. Everyone can still enjoy these movies, but you stay true to the audience that got you to the point where a studio is willing to throw hundreds of millions of dollars at the source material. You respect your fans that have been with you since their childhood.
              Marvel might make more money by taking their approach, but DC gets the respect of the true comic fans who would love these movies no matter how much box office they garnered.

              • Agreed but it also has a lot to do with the director too. Nolan has a very different view than say Wheldon. Biggest example is Green Lantern with Martin Campbell. The movie felt childish at times and it was made to appeal a wide audience. Would it have been different with Nolan at the helm? Would it have taken a more “realistic” approach? Who knows. To me it’s more about the director/producer than the actual DC/Marvel brand.

                • I would have to agree with you on GL. That movie was watered down for the masses and it suffered for it. I still enjoyed it, but being a GL comics fan, I know that movie could have been so much more if they had remained close to the source material. Here’s hoping they get it right with GL2.

              • And what? Marvel and co. isn’t respecting and staying true to the source material and their fans with their movies? – not the best of argument dude. Most comic book fans would disagree with you there…
                Nolan has done a great job at capturing the darkness and grittiness of the Batman world (i.e. the essence of the Batman world) IMO, and Whedon, Favs, etc have done a great job at capturing the essence of their characters too (who are more absurd and comical in most of their stories).

                I honestly can’t understand why you’re trying to say “DC is truer to their fans than Marvel” – sorry, but that’s nonsense. You might think so, but the mass amounts of comic book fans (like the ones who were at comic con cheering at clapping when the sequels were announced) surely don’t agree.

                It’s not a difficult concept to grasp: these characters are all very different, hence the fact that the films all have different tones and themes…

                • *Edit: cheering AND clapping

                  • Ok, seriously dude. I agree with you on TDK being epic and all, but Your arguments aren’t really VALID, for the fact that DC has only 1 Great superhero going for them: BATMAN! Can you think of ANY other DC movie that’s been succesful since the 80s Superman?? Nope! Green Lantern Sucked, Superman Returns sucked.. Wonder Woman was gonna suck so bad they cancelled it. And Man of Steel is questionable, especially for the fact that WB is gonna try to start this Lame Justice League movie, and it won’t be another 3-4 years before other DC Hero movies come out. You can’t say a company is better than Marvel just because the Dark Knight is great, which it is. Marvel has produced TONS of successful superhero movies. From X-Men, to Spider-Man (Raimi and the new version for Avengers 2), Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, and Etc.! The only movie they had that failed was the Fantastic Four, and Daredevil. So dont come here saying that DC has more gritty and realistic superheros.. are you kidding me?! Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman are realistic and gritty? with the exception of Batman, DC has the Corniest and silliest heroes, while Marvel’s heroes are more relatable with the world. Mainly because they’re not perfect and have flaws, and are not these clean cut, underwear superheros like DC. There was a time when Batman used to be “Gay and Lame” before, remember? Don’t let these Nolan movies cloud the fact that after he’s gone, WB/DC is gonna struggle finding their own voice in the midst of all these Marvel movies. I still consider The Dark Knight as the best superhero movies I’ve seen. But Marvel is the Best CBM franchise. period.

                    • I would have to disagree that Marvel only has Batman. The original Superman flicks were groundbreaking for the time, and still hold up IMO. Blade, while not officially in the DCU is still a DC franchise, and is fantastic. Watchmen was awesomesauce! GL wasn’t great, but it was good. I think going for the wider audience like Marvel movies was it’s downfall.
                      As far as the shred universe concept, DC is just getting started. Marvel has a head start, but I think once DC really gets into it, they are gonna do it right from here on out. They learned their lessons from Nolan’s Batman as is evident with everything we are hearing from MOS. DC has much more built in recognition with their characters than Marvel had when they started phase 1, and I think if they really start to take these franchises seriously(which it seems like they are doing) they are gonna knock it out of the park.

                    • @Richard Jason Timothy Wayne
                      Pretty sure Blade is a Marvel Comics character 😉

                      But I do agree with you. DC has plenty of successful franchises besides Nolan’s Batman: Burton’s Batman, the original Superman movies, not to mention all the ones people always forget (RED, The Losers, Watchmen, etc.).

                      There really is no use trying to compare their success, because the fact of the matter is (whether guys like ‘gamerguyd’ will believe it or not), both companies have done some pretty awesome stuff.

                • You are correct, some of Marvels characters are on the silly side when it comes to spouting off non sequiters and one liners, and they have stayed true to that aspect. But they refuse to get into the darker themes that these characters do have in their cannon. Tony Stark’s alcoholism, Cap’s unbending morals and how that affects his personal relationships(beyond IM just thinking he’s a dork), etc.
                  I agree that the characters are different. I’m just saying that Marvel chooses to go with the mass appeal and forgo getting into the true essence of their characters in an attempt to keep their movies more family friendly. They could make them much more mature. The stories are there, waiting to be brought to the big screen.

                  • They COULD do the more mature and darker stories, but 1. DC’s already got that covered (and as Sarah brilliantly explained it in her comment, we need both types of movies) and 2. they prefer to make the more family friendly – the thing is, the fans don’t mind this (whereas your comment makes it seem like Marvel is bastardizing their characters – they’re not doing that. They’re just going with the more lighthearted stories instead) – that’s not leaving the “true essence of their characters” out of it, it’s just doing other stories and character arcs.

                    I’m not so sure I want to see a wife beating superhero when I go to the cinema (Ant-Man). Or Bruce Banner going insane and sabotaging his personal life because of his alternate personality (Hulk).
                    When IM2 “dabbled” with the alcoholism story arc, people rebelled and said Stark was a jerk in that movie, so from what has been said, the evidence shows that people don’t like a Tony Stark that drinks heavily, parties THAT hard and does extremely reckless things.
                    As for “Cap’s unbending morals and how that affects his personal relationships”, I can only say we’ll have to wait for Cap 2 before we can judge that…

                    I have to give you credit though… I wasn’t going to engage in an argument like this, but you got me to respond… twice 😉

                    • I really don’t see it as an argument, but more of a discussion. I think we both have made some good points and both seen a little common ground with the other. I enjoy these discussions and don’t get in them to be adverserial, but just to pass some time and to talk with like minded folks about things I think we both love. There is always room for a lil DC V Marvel IMO. I truely hope there are no hard feelings and thank you for the rational and interesting chat. I look forward to talking again in the future.

                    • @All the Robins
                      I have agreed with you in the past (especially about Batman) so there’s no hard feelings at all man.

                      The only reason I keep referencing this as an argument is because I’m tired of all the Marvel Vs DC stuff going on, but seeing as how civil you’ve been, I guess it was more of a discussion than an argument…

          • Marvel’s movies are NOT aimed at a younger audience. Just because Nolan’s Batman movies are dark doesn’t make them any more adult than The Avengers. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight are great, no doubt about it, but both of them put together aren’t HALF as fun as The Avengers was. Marvel’s aim is not to create gritty crime drama’s because that’s not what the source material is about.

            • I like both brands. I think anytime you can get a comic book movie is a win in my book rather than a movie like, say, The Artist or The Black Swan. Yes, they are good cinematic movies but I want something that takes you away for that time you are watching the movie. Comic book movies do just that so IMO even though some movies on both parts may be dull and childish it still gets the job done by providing entertainment and establishing some marketing to people to maybe go check out those comics to see what happens or to gain knowledge. End result is a win for both parties and us as fans

            • Point well said

      • We have a saying here in Germany, which is: “never compare apples with pears”.

        Marvel and DC(C. Nolan) have made completely different kinds of movies.
        Marvel makes funny and lighthearted movies, DC makes dark and serious ones, both are cool and entertaining IMO.

        What if Marvel would do also dark and gritty movies, right, everyone would complain that they only copy the Batman-franchise, and it would be lame and boring to see the same kind of movies again and again.

        Batman is a dark and serious charakter but the most Marvel-charakters I know, are not so much. We all know what happened when a comic-charakter as Batman was moved out of his comic-context (Batman & Robin, the old series).
        It would be strange to put Thor, Ironman etc. in such a dead serious movie like TDK or TDKR.

        So let us all be friends and happy that our favourite comic-charakters are so successfull and let there be more of good, different and versatile movies.

        • I would love to see a more serious Iron Man movie. Tony Stark carries around some real demons that have yet to be even remotely addressed in the franchise. I think delving into his psyche and character flaws would be a welcome change, and would make a great movie.

  8. ” Because Nolan’s film is a reminder that superheroes aren’t merely a frivolous distraction, or even a wish-fulfillment fantasy, but an embodiment of our best selves – or at least what we want our best selves to be”

    **Drops mic**

    • That quote by Todd Gilchrist should be ready ammunition fired at
      every film snob who looks down upon these films and comic books.

  9. “…this last installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy makes everything in the rival Marvel universe look thoroughly silly and childish.”

    These words from THR perfectly convey what I’ve always said about Marvel character based movies: ” silly and childish.”

    I received a lot of flack when I posted my own review of The Avengers but THR backs up what I had written. 

    Green Lantern aside, Warner Brothers and DC have given us not only an EPIC Batman trilogy that is not only filled with awesome action scenes with wit and bravado, but also films that have thought provoking themes and big ideas that keep audiences THINKING long after we leave the theater. Unlike the Avengers, which is a lot of fun to watch for a couple of hours but really doesn’t give the audience much to “think about.” 

    The conclusion of this Batman trilogy is not the end of these DC films that explore intellectual themes  but merely the beginning. The focus will now be on Man Of Steel and it’s own successive franchise. 

    That said, I cannot wait till this coming Friday to see TDKR!

    • Your name tells me all I need to know on where you stand on this “discussion”.

      It’s all been said before, but when I watch a CBM I want to be entertained. You can call me childish or silly, which is in effect what you did since I enjoy Marvel’s movies, but they entertain me. Batman entertains me as well, but I find repeat viewings TDK tedious.

      But since THR is apparently the defacto voice of opinion I guess I am wrong.

      • Dagnabit! Why do I have to agree with you again??!! 😀

      • I agree INK. I have watched TDK only once since I saw it in the theater. While a great movie, it isn’t as rewatchable as the Marvel films are. The Marvel films are FUN movies to watch, a way to escape the tediousness of every day life. TDK just serves to remind me of that tediousness.

        • Suppose im different lol. I watch mindless action movies to fall asleep. 10 minutes after Scar Jo’s appearance in IM2, im ZZZZZZing heavy.

          I can watch more cerebral movies all the time. Godfather I & II, Heat, TDK, BB, The Departed & Unforgiveable are watched often on my playstation. IM is the only Marvel Studios movie I watch repeatedly. All the other put me to sleep lol

    • someones *subjective* review and *opinion* only backs up your opinion. which is subjective, so I am unsure why you are bumping your chest as if you have been validated in something even remotely resembling a fact.

      And as a FYI – Batman has been my fave character since I was young. I’m a marvel guy, but I loved BB and TDK.

      Like the avenger, these arguments are asinine. Like what you like, hate what you hate.

      All that being said, I’ll be there at 630am on Friday to watch this movies and I can’t wait.

      • *Like the avenger said*

        Sorry Avenger, I was saying you were asinine. lol

    • no no no, you can’t lump ALL of the marvel movies into a single group and label it and then selectively choose which DC movies you want to include. That’s a bias and unfair comparison. So you have to take the good with the bad and that means you HAVE to include Green Lantern into your little comparison which kind of makes it fall apart 😉

  10. Yikes. Double Yieks! Let me unsubscribe the weeks old milk(s) come here and do what they do best.

    • Why can there not be a debate about the two major comics company’s movie franchises? I thought that was what sites like these are about? It seems very natural to compare DC to Marvel. It has been an ongoing discussion for decades that can now be opened to the cinematic universe.

      IMO(if that’s allowed), Marvel has chosen to go for the biggest bucks and the widest audience by making their movies family friendly. That turns me off as a movie goer, and especially as a comic nerd. There are grittier, adult stories that Marvel could be telling(XMFC for example[Sony seems like they are starting to get it]), but they chose not to because they believe there is more money to be made catering to kids. DC knows they have a dedicated fan base that has grown with them, and has chosen to gear their movies toward folks who have grown along with the characters and by doing so, bringing new fans into the mix without disrespecting and clowning the source material. I perfer DC(obvious). I don’t hate Marvel movies, but they will never be as enjoyable or thought provoking as DC.
      There is room for this discussion if it isn’t automatically shut down by the regulars who seem to think there should be no debate at all about movies and source material that folks are passioante about. Yes, we can all enjoy our own thing, but why not share our thoughts and differences on the subjects in a rational and adult way? Why shut down discussion?

      • Because the debate has been debated for years. We’ve read and heard it all already.

        • So don’t participate. But, there is no reason to automatically shut down and decry anyone who still wants to have the discussion just because you don’t.

          • No doubt. Batman aside, DC sucks.

            • Really?. Have seen the young justice show, DC doesn’t suck, is just that many of their good superheroes are underground that’s all. Marvel however markets most of their heroes and gives them even popularity. I would blame dc comic’s failure of its fan that would let things go and fighting for a character to remain the same, making it hard for Dc to take any big steps. On the other hand, marvel fans are willing to accept me ideas and so on.

              • sorry i meant wouldn’t or would

            • Dc has the best animated shows…”Superman/Doomsday , Under the red hood, Superman vs the Elite, Green Lantern…”

            • Facepalm*

              • This was to all those DC vs Marvel BS Im seeing in the comments, geez.

            • Nope…simply not true.

          • lol i was talking about spoilers. I could careless about your trivial arguments lol.

  11. It looks like it has good reviews so far, but I’m still gonna wait. Nothing is set in stone yet. I’m really pumped for this movie and really want it to do good, but I have to remain objective.

    Marvel Movies and DC Movies are both what they are. We need to stop trying to convince others that one set is better than the other. It will go on forever. It’s pointless. Who cares?

  12. Not even funny. I like this trilogy of films, but I wouldn’t go mad if someone spoiled it for me. Posting spoilers though isn’t remotely funny. Its not annoying for me in this scenario, but posting spoilers is just called being a d***. Simple.

    If all of what you posted is true, get out more. Get some friends. Get a girlfriend. Get a life. Getting your kicks out of upsetting others is incredibly sad.

    • I’ve deleted the offending comment and a couple of ones in response, since they would be out of context now.

      I’m also going to add a NO SPOILERS ALLOWED warning to the article.

      • thanks

  13. On the phone with a friend of mine. Saw a special showing of TDKR over the weekened. Says there are a lot of BS rumors going around on the internet and talk shows. BTW He loved the movie. That is all.

  14. I have been reading online over the weekend and I would say the majority of the sites/blogs have all said the same thing as far as this film is Nolan’s best work. Bane isn’t the standout villian that Ledger’s Joker was but he brings a different kind of villian to the movie. People’s issue with Bale’s voice as Batman was greatly improved. The visuals of the movie is top of the line and shouldn’t disappoint people who see the movie on an IMAX(keyword). Hathaway as Catwomen brings the character to life and puts any doubt as her being casted for the role to bed. The almost 3 hour movie keeps you on your heels from beginning to end. Finally this is the biggest thing out there, “If this does not break the mold and win Best Picture, no comic book movie ever will. “

  15. Question for everyone regarding IMAX viewing. I’m aware that most “IMAX” theaters aren’t truly IMAX due to the smaller screen sizes and because of this I’ve avoided most IMAX films, don’t see the point in paying extra for something I’m not getting. Since it sounds like a lot of TDKR is filmed in IMAX does it really make a difference seeing it on a non-IMAX screen and is that difference worth the added ticket price? Thanks in advance for any input.

    • Our theater by our house was recently coverted to an IMAX. Looks like one of the guys that work there said that a lot of theaters are going through the same thing to get prepared for the tech of the Hobbit movie.(?) I saw ASM on this IMAX screen and one non IMAX. I could notice a huge difference with how “crisp” things looked. With TDKR being filmed with IMAX cameras I wouldn’t know how it would look like on regular but I would say if you want to truley enjoy it might as well dish out for going to the IMAX.

  16. Would some compare The Godfather with The Hangover? We all knew this film would be epic but why do we always have to compare a serious movie (TDKR) with a movie meant to be fun (Avengers). Like others have said, Avengers was meant for a much wider audience, and that’s why it made so much money; TDKR was meant for a audience who want a serious take on Batman, and it to will make serious money. I say this is a great time we are living in where 2 studios (DC/WB and Marvel/Disney) can give us fantastic entertainment from both sides of the spectrum.

    I don’t have mt tickets yet, but I will try to get them for this weekend. I know, that may be an impossible task but hey, I’m a man of faith. 😛

    • I got mine today for IMAX show on friday – easy enough if you want to go to the 630am showing. :)

    • Dude, it’s scary how similar we think some times. LOL.

      I love both of Nolan’s Batman films (as well as Burton’s) and I will be seeing TDKR on Friday afternoon in IMAX, but I absolutely had one of the best times watching a movie in the theater with The Avengers since I saw the first Jurassic Park film 20 years ago. No reason in the world why someone can’t enjoy both franchises. The people that are arguing ad nauseum about which franchise is better is missing out on great films.

      • Oh Lord! Now Andy S. is agreeing with me?! The world is truly ending! 😀

  17. Taking the husband out for this on Saturday but I’m going to be honest, I’m bringing my knitting. Just because when Nolan goes for the dirty emotional punch I will cry into lovely, warm, soft alpaca, instead of salty crumpled paper napkins.

    Plus, when things get tense I knit so dang fast…

    • You are a good woman. I wear a size XL if your knitting really kicks in. :)

    • Crying?! You’ve got to be kidding! Dude, man up!!

      Oh, wait…. :-)

  18. When someone says the emotional arc steamrolls his issues with the film’s logic, I think it’s time to stop reading reviews, at least for a month, and let the fans get everything out of their systems. This movie is not likely to be forgotten, and any flaws it has will become apparent over time, when the raving has died down.
    Disclaimer made, my own gut feeling is this will be visually excellent, maybe dreary and plodding, action-packed, and not as good as TDK, since Nolan is probably pushing the envelope as much as he can with “political” issues to make this movie special. It will be a good 2:45, but beyond that, I can’t say.

  19. I’m still impressed that Katie Holmes passed on the TDK so as to end up in a masterpiece like “Jack And Jill”. Brilliant!

  20. EXCELSIOR!…Oh wait. That’s that other guy’s saying. Oh well. Nuff said. OK. I give up. My brain is on overload with excitement!

  21. I can’t wait, wish I could find a freaking IMAX ticket for this weekend. I refuse to see it non-IMAX!
    I read some pretty profound words in this comment thread, leave it to Nolan/Batman to start another Marvel/DC war of words, LMAO!

  22. I’ll wait for Armond White’s review before I decide to go see it. *tries to hold laughter in*

  23. When will you(screenrant) post your review?

  24. This is great…and since I have always noticed that for the films for which you have a gut feeling for the good, and if critics tend to say that they are ‘good to great’ (there hasnt been anyone saying bad about TDKR **YET** ), I feel it would actually be fantastic !!
    On an another note, any guesses what the final tomatometer would be for TDKR ? Me saying 90-95%…

  25. Belgium has no imax.
    I’m sad.

    • You’re not alone mate, neither does South-Africa :(
      There’s at least two 3D screens in every theater, but they don’t have one freakin’ IMAX screen in the entire country! – It’s messed up.

      • No IMAX here in Pakistan either, lousey 3D ones, glad its not 3D in a sense.

  26. I was peeing my pants about this film before I saw any trailers or reviews. Now I’ll be having hard sleeps for the next week waiting for it. :-)

  27. Please don’t feed the Marvel vs. DC troll.
    Any comic fan wants all the movies being made to be a success. The more money they make the more will be made.

  28. yes , marvel movies are silly and childish for all those who are trying hard to prove how good those marvel movies are looking funny and light humurous, its not about funny or gitty and dark or humurous , it is about enduring feel, long last effect and harsh realities of the world we are in, by all means as they say ” form is temporary, class is permanent”, we have to choose what we want temporary humor or grity class, nomatter how much avengers earn it would always be a temporary form not classy enduring experience that would be cherished for a lifetime(and please I dont want humorous light hearted take on comic book movies, I had enough of those and sick of listening same arguments again and again)

    • I nearly passed out trying to read your sentence without taking a breath.

      • careful about criticizing someone elses type “style”. you might get the opinion monkeys climbing all over you 😉

    • Is that why I saw Avengers 6 times and TDK only once? :-)

      • BAZINGA!!

    • Someone needs a hug