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Warner Bros. has lifted the review embargo for The Dark Knight Rises, opening the floodgates for critics from around the movie blogosphere to weigh in with their thoughts about Christopher Nolan’s climactic chapter to his grisly Caped Crusader trilogy. The film is as critic-proof as they come, yet the question lingers: Is it the crown jewel in a popular blockbuster franchise, which has been lauded as much for technical achievements as for storytelling merits (Toy Story 3)? Or does it buckle under the weight of bloated expectations, as has happened with many a trilogy finale in the past (The Godfather: Part III, Spider-Man 3)?

Scroll on down to read some SPOILER-FREE samples culled from some the first Dark Knight Rises reviews to hit the Web, and see what you think. Check in later this week for Screen Rant‘s official review of the film.

[NOTE: Do NOT post any Dark Knight Rises SPOILERS in the comments section, be they real or fake. If you do, your comment will be deleted.]

From Variety:

Few blockbusters have borne so heavy a burden of audience expectation as Christopher Nolan’s final Batman caper, and the filmmaker steps up to the occasion with a cataclysmic vision of Gotham City under siege in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Running an exhilarating, exhausting 164 minutes, Nolan’s trilogy-capping epic sends Batman to a literal pit of despair, restoring him to the core of a legend that questions, and powerfully affirms, the need for heroism in a fallen world. If it never quite matches the brilliance of 2008’s “The Dark Knight,” this hugely ambitious action-drama nonetheless retains the moral urgency and serious-minded pulp instincts that have made the Warners franchise a beacon of integrity in an increasingly comicbook-driven Hollywood universe.

From THR:

The real world threats of terrorism, political anarchy and economic instability make deep incursions into the cinematic comic book domain in The Dark Knight Rises. Big-time Hollywood filmmaking at its most massively accomplished, this last installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy makes everything in the rival Marvel universe look thoroughly silly and childish. Entirely enveloping and at times unnerving in a relevant way one would never have imagined, as a cohesive whole this ranks as the best of Nolan’s trio, even if it lacks — how could it not? — an element as unique as Heath Ledger’s immortal turn in The Dark Knight. It’s a blockbuster by any standard.

From IGN:

The film has several exciting action set-pieces, many of which utilize the aerial vehicle The Bat, but none of which provoke the kind of jaw-dropping reaction that the truck flip did in The Dark Knight. Still, there are enough brawls, chases, and stuff going boom to satisfy hungry action fans. The battle in the streets pitting Bane’s army against Batman and the GCPD is quite a sight to behold in IMAX. Speaking of which, far more of this film was shot in IMAX than The Dark Knight, but the transitions here between full screen IMAX and the almost “letterbox” effect of regular film can be jarring. That said, IMAX really is the best way to watch this movie. The aforementioned gripes aside, director Christopher Nolan and his team have delivered the grandest, most emotional and superheroic chapter in their Batman saga. The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting emotional and narrative conclusion to this particular interpretation of the enduring story of Bruce Wayne the man and Batman the legend.

From Coming Soon:

Rather than drawing from the comics, Nolan instills real world issues into his Gotham City with a conflict that forays into corporal punishment, the stock exchange and ideas for sustainable energy–all things we might regularly read about in the papers, which either will make the situations more relatable or will have you rolling your eyes at having politics mixed in with your entertainment. Making a story that revolves around the distinction between Gotham’s haves and have nots—something that’s permeating many works of fiction right now–may seem fairly hypocritical for a filmmaker who is probably living as comfortably as Bruce Wayne by now. Fortunately, many of these issues are at least partially forgotten once Bane finally emerges in the Gotham daylight and we see the scope of his master plan to terrorize Gotham City. [Nolan] also figures out a convincing way to wrap everything up in a nice bow, making one feel like he’s created a bonafide Batman story in three movies that can stand up on its own merits completely separate from the comics or any previous incarnations.

dark knight rises reviews Dark Knight Rises Reviews & Critics TV Spots

From Hit Fix:

The technical side of things is sharper than ever before, and if this really is the last film that Wally Pfister shoots, he’s going out in style.  Even more of this film was shot with IMAX cameras than “The Dark Knight,” and it makes for some breathtaking visual moments that match the emotional impact of the film’s operatic final act.  Hans Zimmer’s work here is brutal, percussive, borderline crazy.  It feels like things are starting to shake to pieces, like the entire world is about to implode.  I found the final movement of the film, a good thirty minutes or so, almost unbearably emotional, and I think it may be the best stretch in any of the films.  There are some logic issues I have with parts of the film, and we’ll get into those in the “Second Look,” but there is a clean, uncompromised emotional arc that steamrolls those problems for me, and I think the film more than fulfills the promise made by the first two films. [“The Dark Knight Rises”] confirms that these films have always had an endgame in mind, and it has been a remarkable ride, one I would not want to follow.  Whoever Warner Bros hires to reboot the “Batman” films a few years from now, I wish you luck.  The bar is as high as it could possibly be.

From The Playlist:

In a season filled with big movies that somehow ask even bigger questions, “The Dark Knight Rises” feels like the superego to its competition’s id. An action opus that manages at to be both viscerally and intellectually engaging, Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated third Batman film comes full circle, examining both the Dark Knight and the society that produced him without sacrificing any of the sweeping thrills for which the series is known. A literate, thoughtful and invigorating finale, “The Dark Knight Rises” delivers everything audiences ask for and then some, albeit in fewer of the ways that they might expect. If, as Badass Digest argues, “The Avengers” “defeated irony and cynicism,” then “The Dark Knight Rises” feels like the rock-bottom, lowest-point examination of ourselves which provides the substance to make Joss Whedon’s optimistic vision endure. Because Nolan’s film is a reminder that superheroes aren’t merely a frivolous distraction, or even a wish-fulfillment fantasy, but an embodiment of our best selves – or at least what we want our best selves to be. A cinematic, cultural and personal triumph, “The Dark Knight Rises” is emotionally inspiring, aesthetically significant and critically important for America itself – as a mirror of both sober reflection and resilient hope.

batman vs bane1 Dark Knight Rises Reviews & Critics TV Spots

Here’s a breakdown of the initial critical reaction to Dark Knight Rises:

  • Nolan’s final Batman film captures the current cultural zeitgeist by touching on timely social issues. That aspect of TDKR could be regarded as preachy by some, insightful by others, depending on their own perspective.
  • The IMAX footage is magnificent and demands to be seen in that format. The mixture of regular and IMAX material in TDKR can be shaky at times, but it’s nonetheless an important step forward for the use of said technology as a cinematic storytelling tool.
  • TDKR does offer a satisfying sense of closure to Nolan’s interpretation of the Bruce Wayne story. Many moviegoers are going to walk away feeling not only emotionally-satisfied, but also that they’ve just seen the best installment in Nolan’s Batman trilogy (though, obviously, there’ll be disagreement on that point).

Click on the links to any of the aforementioned online publications, to read their full Dark Knight Rises review. Most of them also include insight on where new additions Bane (Tom Hardy) and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) rank, in terms of staples from the Batman comics who’ve been brought to life in Nolan’s Dark Knight saga.

The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros.

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  1. Marvel vs DC doesn’t matter. They both have their strong and weak points. Marvel has put alot of emphasis on their feature films in recent years and for the most part had a string of entertaining if not good films. They picked the good writers and directors for the most part. DC on the other hand, with the exception of Nolan’s Batman trilogy hasn’t put as must emphasis on it or had the success. Superman 2 was the last one I can remember enjoying.
    In animated films DC has done as well, if not better, in most cases than Marvel. The story lines for the Justice League for example are top notch. It just depends on where they’re looking to put their money.
    Comparing who’s got the best superheros is a waste of energy.

  2. Please don’t feed the Marvel vs. DC troll. Any comic fan wants all the movies being made to be a success. The more money they make the more will be made.

  3. Please don’t feed the Marvel vs. DC trolls. Any comic fan wants all the movies being made to be a success. The more money they make the more will be made.

  4. These reviews aren’t surprising in the least and I’m sure TDKR will finish with the same 90+ RT approval rating the other two did. The only thing that does surprise me however is one rotten egg has already given it a bad review.

  5. Yes from what I’ve read from the reviews, the verdict is very positive. Though it must be said that some reviews do point out that they felt the strain of the movie’s running time. I have to admit I’m even concerned at the 164 mins and I’m usually a massive fan of epic storytelling.

    Some reviews get too caught up in Nolan worship, without pointing out the best aspects of the films. Whilst other critics need a crash course lesson in why a ‘spoiler free’ review means. I’ve noticed that no one has yet said that it’s as good or indeed superior to The Dark Knight, which could prove crucial when considering the almost orgasmic expectations set for this film.

    What is disappointing is the flak that a negative or less than 100% approving review gets. There’s no written legislation stating that TDKR is exclusive from having any flaws whatsoever. Just because someone points these flaws out doesn’t make them a hater or more a supporter of cartoonish, campy comic book movies made by Marvel. Amazingly there seems some sort of blacklash towards The Avengers from critics supporting TDKR. I believe this viewpoint wont be shared by the public masses who still rated Avengers as a superb, entertaining comic book movie, no matter how great TDKR.

    Anyways I’ll be seeing it on Friday and will not be afraid , to highlight any flaws that I see in the film. I do know at the the most it wont go anywhere near to match The Return of The King as the most epic trilogy conclusion ever. That I can be very sure of.

  6. The only thing I care about the 162 running time thing is that I’m going to have to be sure to go to the bathroom before the movie if I don’t want to miss a scene or two. I had to hold it in for the last 20 minutes of Amazing Spider-Man and man did I have to go.

    • I hear ya Phil. I’m hanging with some buddies before the film and having some beers. Gotta make sure I empty the bladder before a nearly 3 hour film!!

    • That’s my concern as well…

  7. The IGN review’s last statement pretty much gives it away. just as l suspected.

    seems this movie will be super awesome

  8. DC have the best villains, marvel seems to be more fun where DC is serious. Both good, I really don’t understand why some people can’t enjoy both?!? I for one would love to see batman, superman and wonder woman team with captain America, hulk, ironman, wolverine and spiderman to take on lex luthor, joker, dr doom, magneto, darkseid, venom & red skull. That would be a crazy movie.

    • BATMAN has the best villains while the rest of the DC villains suck. Marvel has so many they don’t know what to do with. However I don’t want to feed into the DC vs. Marvel thing so…….

  9. When I saw TDK my wife was 8 mo. pregnant. The fire alarm went off about 30 min into the movie. They made everyone leave the building and weren’t planning on letting people back in. My 8 mo. pregnant wife went berserk forced her way in and started slamming on the desk demanding her money back. All the crowd started backing her up so the girl let us go and everyone basically charged back into the theater.

    Turned out it was just popcorn burning.

  10. the ign review is bs b/c he doesn’t go into detail about anything beyond what we have seen in trailers. it was a dead give away when he said that no scene is as epic as the truck flip in TDK, blatantly telling readers that he hasn’t seen the movie and is just bullsh***ing for the page views on their piss poor site.

    • Dude… no… just, NO.
      Read what Sandy wrote: “Scroll on down to read some SPOILER-FREE samples culled from some the first Dark Knight Rises reviews to hit the Web”

      These excerpts from the reviews don’t “go into detail” because they don’t want to spoil anything!
      Most reviewers and review sites get to see movies early so that they can write up their reviews for when the film comes out.
      You don’t honestly think that a site like IGN would just write some fake, BS review just to tease people would you?

  11. All The Avengers characters were silly n tried too hard to make people laugh. The fight between them (thor vs hulk and arguements between stark and ctn america)was really childish I thought. there was no story either. Well there was but, actually there wasn’t, All it was things blowing up. It was aimed towards teens that’s why it was a massive box office success not because it was great. twilight and transformers ring a bell anyone? Btw I’m just an average movie goer n I haven’t read any of the comics, so I don’t care about dc vs marvel arguments n do on

    • thank you you for expressing that you dont know what youre talking about. thats why its best to keep quiet.

      • just because i havent read the comics doesnt mean i dont know what im talking about. im talking about the actual movie( The Avengers)itself. Get it? and that’s what i thought of it. it’s my opinion and i’m entitled to it.

        i thought it was silly and i think i had some good reasons, yes have the right to disagree with me but you dont have the right to tell me to keep quiet.

        • yeah,yeah, i hear ya youre right you are entitled to your opinion. maybe if you took the time to read the some of the comics. it wouldn’t be so bad. me myself i couldnt write a opinion about a movie based on comic books without knowing about the characters myself. thats why i took the time to read Batman “Knightfall” story to have an good opinion about the new batman movie(i dont even read batman comics). get it?

          • So what ur saying, all those millions of moviegoers that haven’t read the DC or Marvel comics can’t write their opinion about these super hero movies or is it just you? its fair enough if you dont want to, but i do to be honest and i think i’m not the only one.

            Don’t get me wrong, i’m pretty sure some of thses comics are great i just never had the time to read it

            • listen, this can go round and round forever. thats not what im sayin, you sayin that it was silly i take it you as you didnt understand what going on in the movie. im speaking for me only not the masses. thats just what i do. im pretty sure we all have different taste in what we like in a movie. thats what make us unique. all i’m saying take the time to read a couple of them that’s all. reading is fundamental. but anyway, how can you talk about avengers when they’re not even the topic of discussion?

                • Word!

                  • @Ignur Rant: Agreed. I haven’t read one Spider-Man, Batman or Avengers or any other Super Hero comic, but I love the films.

                    If I need to know historical info, I come here and ask you guys!!! 😉

                    Yes, John, you are certainly entitled to your opinions, but when you come on SR expressing them, whether popular or contrarian, you have to expect the rebuttals…

                    @Filmiholic: Avengers characters being silly and tried too hard for laughs? Huh? The movie was just things blowing up?? Did you see the film?? And the target audience was certainly not teeny-bopper. I’m a middle-aged female and I was there at midnight opening, and I wasn’t alone! Far, far from it. There were 30 yr old+ people in full character costume! I really don’t believe you saw the movie and just trying to create drama.

                • ^ That is very true…

  12. All The Avengers characters were silly n tried too hard to make people laugh. The fight between them (thor vs hulk and arguements between stark and ctn america)was really childish I thought. there was no story either. Well there was but, actually there wasn’t, All it was things blowing up. It was aimed towards teens that’s why it was a massive box office success not because it was great. twilight and transformers ring a bell anyone? Btw I’m just an average movie goer n I haven’t read any of the comics, so I don’t care about dc vs marvel arguments n do on

  13. wow. sounds great.

    is it just me or does IGN ALWAYS give BIAS reviews and scores? Especially on their game reviews. my jaw didn’t drop when the “truck flipped”.

    my jaw dropped when harvey dent died
    or when batman reveals his identity to rachel.

    anyway, taking away the “critics” im sure this movie will be everything it claims to be, which is EPIC.

  14. Two reasons why this movie may not top the Avengers
    1. No 3-D
    2. Avengers fanboys won’t want to see it or may give it bad reviews.

    My opinion though

    • Every Avenger fan is going to see batman regardless of the DC vs Marvel flame wars on every forum. Same as every batman fanboy went to see the Avengers. Stop trolling.

      • He wasnt trollin

    • Sorry, but my opinions are:

      1. TDKR may top Avengers because it is better or
      2. Avengers won’t be topped because TDKR is not as entertaining or
      3. Both movies will be as entertaining but on different levels

    • … wouldn’t “Nolan fanboys” have done the same thing with The Avengers though?
      I don’t think your second point is really valid, but yeah, 3D definitely plays a part here. TDKR is also a lot longer so unfortunately I don’t think it’ll have as many showings per day per theater.

      That said, Box Office results isn’t a measure of quality… AT ALL.
      Even if TDKR bombs at the boxoffice (which I’m sure it won’t), chances are, I’ll still love the film if it ends up being as good as I’m thinking it will be…

  15. Oh boy! TDKR is at 84% on RT, with 6 bad reviews. “Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!”. :-)

    I’m sure it will go back up into the 90’s before all reviews are tallied. I was just a bit shocked to see 6 bad reviews.

  16. I wouldn’t suggest anyone read Knightfall befor going to see this movie. I read it almost 20 years ago, and though the main elements of the story are still fresh in my mind, I wouldn’t want to compare it page for page to Nolan’s movie. Why? Because you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. It took three graphic novels/comics to do the complete Knightfall series, and do it quite well. You know what I mean…. the fight and fall, the recovery, who steps in to fill the void and the return. I don’t know if Nolan can do it justice in one last movie. It would take 3. But whatever the case, I still wouldn’t read Knightfall before seeing the movie. Read it afterwards. That makes about as much sense as reading a Stephen King novel before the movie. You’re bound to be disappointed…..

    • yeah, i know you mean. but like i said before i never read batman comics before the “knightfall” graphic novels i didn’t even know those stories were that old. i haven’t read any comics over 12 years. i just wanted to get an idea what the movie is about. i was lucky enough to find the graphic novels at work it took me a week to read them. i’m not expecting anything just like to expect anything in the last one which turned out to be a great movie. so no, i wont be disappointed. i hope robin is not in this one. i trust nolan to do this movie justice. i get it, books are better than movies.

  17. I’m a little shocked……with 46 critic reviews already posted on RT, the approval rating has dropped to 87% with 40 positive and 6 negative.

    TDK did end up with 18 negative so it can still go back up but I didn’t expect that many negatives so soon.

    • Al,

      Prepare yourself. A storm is coming…. lol All the Nolanites will be looking for you. I thought Nolan put too much in with TDK, but whatever. LOTR rings ran about the same time, but when I saw it in the theatre, the runtime really didn’t bother me. I can’t believe they put Bane with Ras. Didn’t see that coming at all… Thanks for the heads up.

      • Trust me…there’s more in the movie and they even pull an obi wan kenobi wis RAS AL GUL. You’ll see what I mean. I don’t understand why they always have to link the villian with the hero. Tim Burton did this same atrocisty with Jack napier killing bruce’s parents in the original.
        Like I said, It’s a proper sendoff for the cape crusader, but I guess after The Dark Knight…I was expecting better.
        Yes, the Dark Knight had a lot of characters, but Nolan juggled them a lot better than he does here. trust me, the action is really good…and I will probably go see it on the IMAX screen, but seriously my main gripe with the movie is the runtime…which I don’t have a problem with, if the movie can keep you engaged. A couple of times, I wondered off especially after having to keep adjusting my buttocks in the seat.
        If you are a popcorn lover, I suggest you don’t eat any. I saw quite a few people, mainly women, making a b line for the restroom. lol. I held mine, but best be sure, when the movie was over, there was a long line to the rest room. lol.

  18. Wow! Those extraordinary reviews have got me whipped up for a great IMAX viewing this Friday here in Mumbai. Believe me, there’s a lot of …I mean…. A WHOLE LOT of buzz going on for this release this Friday. And most guys are up for a run to the theaters for the advanced booking.

    But…also on a negative note…watch how the haters and naysayers on this site, will still choose to ignore those reviews and how they will try their best to ignore the realism of Nolan in terms of really fleshy characters and their “true-to-the-comics” realistic interactions, the great cast and acting, the visual effects, the technological achievements, BUT…will say that TDKR was not a good movie or at least far from a perfect movie it pretends(?) to be just because …The Bat (that flying machine) was ridiculous and it doesn’t exist and it will NOT exist (??!!) and so there goes Nolan’s realism into the drains.

    • Amol,

      You were on a roll until your 2nd paragraph. What difference does it make if someone doesn’t like a movie as much as you? I loved Watchmen. You wanna talk about fleshing out some characters. Watchman did that. But it didn’t do very well at the box-office. And God forbid, some folks just didnt’ dig it. It kinda annoyed me that they didn’t see what I saw. But it didn’t make me go online to suggest they might be the Spawn of Satan or something. Chill out and hope the movie is as good as everyone says it is, well mostly everyone.

      • Joseph

        No, I will not go to the extremes of labeling the haters as ‘Spawn Of Satan’ or anything like that because that’s none of my business if they don’t like Nolan’s Bat because I know that NOT ALL will ALWAYS agree with my opinions. BUT… what amazed me throughout the last four years since 2008 is the extraordinary ability of these haters to ignore the 90% goodness/strength that is central/critical to the multiple layers of the theme of ‘The Dark Knight’ and just concentrate on the 10% weakness related to the peripheral technical trifle issues and use it as a launchpad to say that Nolan’s Bat is just mediocre pretender and nothing else.

        BTW, I liked ‘Watchmen(2009)’ too.

        • So if I don’t like, say The Godfather, which has a 100% rating on RT, I’m just ignoring all the critics, or is it just I didn’t like the film? I’m hoping TDKR is better than TDK because I can’t watch TDK a second time because it gets boring. Unfortunately, reading some reviews (1 from a poster here) TDKR may suffer the same fate.

          • Kahless

            I agree on that. If you don’t like the Godfather series, you just don’t like it. and it has nothing to do with the critics. But then when asked for a reason for not liking it, I expect a very simple answer from you: “That’s because I…do NOT like it.” and NOT something like: “The reason I didn’t like it was JUST because of that particular scene where the Godfather has his goons put an ugly bloody horse-head on that ugly bed of that ugly gangster.”…which then would be minor, trifle, peripheral, technical issue.

            In the same way, I don’t expect Bat-fans to NOT like Nolan’s Batman JUST because he had that unrealistic Bat-wing flying in ‘Rises’. Because then I would like them to comment on the central themes of the movie such as the cast, the script, the dialogues, acting and the visual effects ALSO, which for me have blown away any other non-Nolan Batman movie in sight.

            BTW, I too do NOT like gangster movies because the creators just sensationalize and glorify a gangster’s life which is pointless anyway and most importantly is BORING for the lack of any point of impact that also possesses any type of intelligence anywhere in the gangster’s life. Sheer brutality and ruthlessness of a gangster is not enough to keep me engaged in a gangster movie. It’s boring and pointless because there is simply NO way, I’m not going to sympathize with any gangster any way. The ONLY exception to my preference (or non-preference) is Scorsese’s Casino (1995) which displayed in an interesting, brilliant, engaging and intelligent way of how a casino functions.

            • OOPS!

              It should be…

              “…there is simply NO way I’m going to sympathize with any gangster any way.”

        • Amol,

          Nolan did a lot for Batman. No question. He made the whole world take notice that a comic book character can deliver a mother load at the box office profits and make a serious story too. But I wouldn’t put myself in the Nolan camp. I respect what he did for the franchise, for comic book movies in general, but the movies have always left me a bit wanting. While you credit Nolan’s realistic approach to the character, it doesn’t sit well with me. Do I prefer Schumacher’s zany neon Batman style? Not at all. But Nolan has taken the umph out of the character for me.

          1. Batman doesn’t need a Q (James Bond). He is the Q. He is a genius. When I think of Bruce Wayne, I think of Tony Stark minus the one-liners. He doesn’t get his suit from Lucius Fox. He makes his own suit. He doesn’t get his Batmobile from Lucius Fox. He makes his own, or pieces it together on his own. At least with Burton’s Batman, they actually showed Keaten poppin’ the hood open to fix what the Penguin had done to the Batmobile. And while that doesn’t confirm Burton’s Batman made his own Batmobile, it does give you the impression. When Nolan’s Batman reworked the sonar to look at the whole city, totally BATMAN. But the rest? Just can’t say I dig it.

          2. At age 8, when his parents were gunned down, Bruce Wayne was on a mission. He didn’t know he was going to become a caped-crusader, but he did everything he could do to prepare for a One-Man war on crime. He didn’t drop out of school. He didn’t run off to the Orient to find himself. He studied and trained and when he did finally leave home, he was still on that mission. If there was anyone that really went through what Bruce Wayne had gone through, they would’ve done a lot more than drop out of school. They probably would’ve dropped out of life altogether.

          Now Amoul, you might think these points are minor. But for me it all ties into the mystique of Batman. It’s like seeing behind the curtain and discovering the Wizard of Oz is not as Bad Ass as everyone believes. I just think in Nolan’s noble attempt to make a hero that could live in our world, he lost something of the character along the way.

          • Joseph

            I understand what you are trying to say but think of it: one has only 24 hours in a day. Are they going to cover ALL FOUR: 1. an obsessive aim to end all crime in Gotham, 2. to complete education extensively and then immerse into research , 3. control the Wayne enterprises OR … 4. to get some rest appropriately to rejuvenate himself for a clear head and fresh body next day ??? I think Nolan’s Batman had to sacrifice one of the first three and he sacrificed the ‘research’ part although NOT completely. So for Burton’s Batman repairing his own Batmobile, many aspects of the Batman could be brought forward that haven’t been touched by Burton but were by Nolan…but that would be a long, long list.

            And from what I get from Batman Begins (2005), I do believe Nolan’s Bruce did complete his education before leaving home for experiencing crime/criminals and leaving for Orient. That’s the reason why when he returns to Gotham, Earle asks him at which level would Bruce like to start in the company because he is capable of doing so at any level due to his completed education. It’s a different point that Bruce modestly agrees to start from the root level.

            • Amol,

              Actually, Bruce was still in Princeton on the day of Chill’s hearing, and had NOT completed his education. The night after the hearing, after Bruce meets with Falcone, he runs away and gets on the ship going wherever. Then he’s away for 7 years. At least, that’s the impression I got from Batman Begins. So according to that, he didn’t complete his education. Earle offered him the job because he’s a Wayne, plain and sample.

              • Ezra,

                I thought he’d already dropped out of college. He came home during the day and Alfred was talking to him about the upcoming trial. And he let it slip that he was no longer at Princeton. Then he meets up with Rachel at the court, where Chill is killed. I might be mistaken. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen the 1st movie.

                • Yeah, i think we’re on the same page here. At the day of the trial, he told Alfred that he’s not going back to Princeton, and then he left the country that night.

  19. its ok folks…Marvel wins regardless…Bale will be a Marvelite soon enough..

    • …and what brought on this brilliant (ahem) observation?

  20. I can’t believe it; I was actually able to buy tickets for the IMAX showing on Saturday! I was really surprised it wasn’t sold out.

    Hey INK, didn’t you say you lived near Gaithersburg, MD.?

  21. IMAX bookings started here in Mumbai on Wednesday (yesterday) but only after 6.00 pm. How foolish was I that it did not book tickets on my phone! By the time I came home from office to book my tickets online on Wednesday it was 6:35 pm and guess what ? The earliest that I could get my hands on were the tickets for Tuesday morning show ! So within about 35 minutes, I missed the whole weekend…plus Monday ! I guess I will now have to practice abstinence from till Tuesday morning and stay away from Newspaper reviews, TV channels and blogs basically anything where the Dark Knight could be present…except the dependable Screenrant of course!