‘Dark Knight Rises’ Officially Lands A PG-13 Rating

Published 3 years ago by , Updated April 9th, 2012 at 5:44 pm,

dark knight rises trailer1 Dark Knight Rises Officially Lands A PG 13 Rating

Out of all the questions concerning Christopher Nolan’s concluding chapter to his Batman movie trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, that of its rating was always one of the least interesting. It’s always been a forgone conclusion that the flick would be classified as a PG-13 affair – like its predecessors and a good chunk of Nolan’s filmography before it.

Well, as it turns out… that’s exactly the case.

Multiple sources (including Collider) are now confirming that the MPAA has branded Dark Knight Rises with a PG-13 Rating, citing “intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language” as the basis. That puts the film on a par with both The Dark Knight and Batman Begins, as both were likewise classified PG-13 in part for having “intense” action/combat sequences.

It’s the “sensuality” mentioned in the MPAA’s decree for Dark Knight Rises that’s worth actually noting, as sexual content in Nolan’s previous directorial work has tended to be either tame or non-existent. Considering that the film features classic Batman femme fatale Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), there’s long been the expectation that Nolan would have to up the amount of sensual content and atmosphere – if only to do that character justice on the big screen. Of course, that’s the same expectation which has prompted lots of jokes about the Caped Crusader’s “rise” being directly related to Miss Kyle. Moving on…

As mentioned before, there’s little additional reason to go on about the Dark Knight Rises‘ rating. The movie was never going to feature, say, Bane (Tom Hardy) causing a lot of bloody carnage or Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) fully getting his freak on with Selina Kyle – if only because Nolan’s not the sort of filmmaker who would include such explicit material, without good reason. That’s to say nothing of the more box office-friendly nature of the PG-13 Rating, of course.

The Dark Knight Rises hits regular and IMAX theaters in the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.


Source: Collider

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  1. My dark knight definitely “rised” catching a glimpse of Hathaway in the mask with cat ears

    • Oops, “rose”

    • She still looks silly to me.

    • HAH! He’s talkin’ about his pecker!

  2. [LINK REMOVED] Give here a look

    • I’m pretty sure I already asked you NOT to use discussion threads to promote your work.

      If not: consider this your warning before your comments start end up being moderated – or, worse, you end up being banned from commenting. Seriously.

      • Layin down the Law!

  3. Also, if “language” is actually listed in a PG-13 rating, there’s almost certainly an f-bomb or three. I can’t wait for the angry mobs of parents complaining that they can’t take their kids to “that Batman movie”.

    • I doubt it just because Nolan hasnt used the F-bomb in the other Batman movies. There is really no point to f-bombs in these movies.

      • @ Alpine

        F-bombs? I don’t recall any f-bombs being said in any of the Bat-films which i know ive seen plenty of times each.

    • Only one “F-bomb” allowed in a PG-13 movie.

      • Not true. The American President had, I think, 3 F-bombs and it was PG-13.

    • “we got you you son of a b**ch”. That’s the only one i remember from TDK. Probably similar in DKR?

    • The way they order things, it says “some sensuality and language” which means there is SOME language. They pretty consistently call the f-bomb STRONG language in their ratings, so my guess would be maybe a couple of “sh**s” or some other relatively bad language, but almost definitely no f-bomb.

  4. She still comes off looking goofy. I can’t take get serious as the Feline lady.

    • I’ll admit, when I saw “get” in your sentence, I looked at my keyboard to see how close h is to g and r is to t. :)

      But, I agree with you.

      Late last year or earlier this year, I had been hoping that Marion Cotillard would be cast as Catwoman. There also are at least a few other actresses who could have been better (including Eva Green and possibly even Selma Blair).

      But at the very least, Cotillard is in it.

      • “I’ll admit, when I saw “get” in your sentence, I looked at my keyboard to see how close h is to g and r is to t.”

        That’s gold mate :) made me spill coffee all over my keyboard. On ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ though, I’m really looking forward to it. I’m probably in the very small minority, but I still think ‘Batman Begins’ is a better Batman film than ‘The Dark Knight’ so for me the third instalment could go one of two ways.

        When ‘The Dark Knight’ first came out, I’m not going to lie, I hated it. I felt that Chris had pretty much raped Batman and taken and s*** all over what he did with the character in ‘Batman Begins’. Regardless, I brought the film on Blu-ray and went into it with a different thinking angle (a crime, drama film that features larger than life characters) and now it’s one of my “Top 10″ films of all time. It just goes to show that “perception is the mother of deception” – Serj Tankian

  5. I wonder if it was a clear PG13 rating, or if MPAA had to discuss the films contend and negotiate a PG13 rating. Any actions scenes make them second guess whether its PG13 appropriate or not?

  6. You’re allowed on F-bomb in a PG-13 film, in any context. Weather or not Nolan utilizes that, who knows, and honestly is it really a shocker that this film is PG-13, I mean come on there is know way Warner Bros. would’ve allowed this to be R and diminish the gross by 40-50%. The only thing I’m waiting for is the announcement that they’re moving up two days to July 18.

    • You can use two and context does matter. You can’t use the F-word in a sexual manner or it gets an automatic R. The social network had two uses and a middle finger.

  7. “rise” lol


  9. I’m not suprised by the PG-13, but I am certainly glad. Nolan has always been a classy filmmaker.

    What I wonder though, is why those of the fanboy persuasion continually demand that comic book/action movies get a hard-R rating.


    Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, (and most likely) The Dark Knight Rises. There are three examples of non-R rated movies that are better treatments of their subject matter than any of the unecessary glut of R-rated crapfests that exist.

    • Valed points, but did you see Watchmen? it had an R rating and it kicked ass!

      • Actually, more like it sucked ass and is barely watchable. Also did pretty bad at the box office considering it’s budget and the hype. Terrible film.

    • It’s not just “those of the fanboy persuasion.”

      An R-rated movie doesn’t automatically mean the movie will be a “crapfest.”

      A movie can get an R for simply having foul language, or more blunt and honest topics.

      “Drive” is no “crapfest,” and if it was whittled down and edited to be a PG-13 movie, it would have not only been a weaker movie, it would have defied the filmmaker’s vision.

      If made as a PG-13 movie, it would have been more like a “Fast and Furious” movie. Originally, it was going to be made in that vein.

      Thank goodness it wasn’t.

      Sure, there are some schlocky movies that are full of gratuitous nudity, violence and foul language, but I don’t think that Nolan’s Batman movies would have done so.

      A movie can be R-rated and classy. It seems as if you’re saying the two cannot co-exist.

  10. Here in SA, TDK got a 16 age restriction…
    BB was still PG-13, but because of the (arguably) disturbing images of the Joker and Two-Face, they upped TDK’s restriction.

    Anyway, don’t really care what the age rating is… as long as it’s an awesome BATMAN movie.

  11. This is news? Must have been a slow weekend. ‘Breaking News, Air is nice to breathe’ (Someone has a case of the Mondays)

  12. I think it’s time for a new trailer. The first trailer was okay, but it did have an “unfinished” feel to it. The CGI football field looked fake, maybe it’ll be better with sound.

    • I think people say that because noones actually ever seen a football field implode, so naturally people would say its fake. Most people don’t even know what it looks like under a football field

  13. I agree with some of the previous posts, we need a new trailer.

  14. We will probably get a new trailer by the end of the first week of May at the latest.


    • That simply won’t do, Vic! Make it more Batman!

    • If you’re tired of reading posts and debating with yourself, then I have a simple solution: stop doing it ;)
      I don’t know about you, but for me, the anticipation and build up can sometimes be just as good as getting to see the final product. Being able to make up theories, speculate, debate and talk about the movie with fellow movie lovers is awesome – in my opinion of course.

      Moving on… the reason we haven’t seen much of Hathaway’s Catwoman is, I think, because she won’t play THAT big a part (it is supposed to be a BATMAN movie after all). And if you look at the latest cast sheet, you’ll realize there’s gonna be quite a lot of characters in this movie (more than most people are expecting anyway), so looking at it like that, I think we won’t be seeing -too- much of Catwoman in TDKR.
      (I could be wrong of course… only time will tell)

  15. Do you know what is weird? “Dark Knight Rises” will be the first Batman movie in which I will not see in the theater. Even though the movie looks pretty neat, the vibe I am getting from everything is the feeling of mediocrity. Everyone is switching gears again; thus, the dark, gritty, and realistic movies are loosing steam.

    “Dark Knight Rises” will be a good movie, but it will not be the greatest in the series. It may even fall behind “Batman Begins”. It feels too much like James Bond and not enough like Batman.

    • not so sure this time around mate – i think TDKR will be a bit different, just as the other two are different from each other. BB was noir of sorts, TDK was the dark gritty realistic one. I think TDKR will be Kubrickian. imo. i think there will be a sense of mysticism again, albeit still grounded – Kubrickian

      “confound audience expectations by establishing radically different moods from one film to the next”

    • Batman Begins was better than TDK, IMO. Definitely more re-watchable. I saw TDK in the theater, bought the Blu-Ray when it came out and have yet to watch it again. I have watch BB a few times, though. I will probably watch both films again before I go to see TDKR in the theater, though.

      • I think TDK was a better movie, but BB is DEFINITELY more “re-watchable”.
        I’ve watched BB again a few weeks ago and it was still just as good as the first viewing IMO, but now (after my third viewing of TDK), every time I watch it, I just nitpicking at all the small continuity problems and minor annoyances – I can’t enjoy the movie anymore…

  16. I would’ve liked to hear they had to negotiate over some of the more violent scenes. I want to see Bane pushing the boundaries of the PG-13 rating with such a profound level of ass-beating. That’s ground Nolan hasn’t really tread, epic hand-to-hand combat. People have complained about his style of shooting fight sequences and hopefully he’ll master it in this movie because it’s extremely important. Bane is a tremendously physical character and I hope they capture him properly.
    I don’t think Anne Hathaway is perfectly cast, but I think she’s sexy and she’s a good actress. I love Catwoman and I’m totally glad to see her on the big screen again in a more realistic setting. So far I’m not crazy about the choices they’ve made. I would’ve liked to see her in the Darwyn Cook outfit which is far superior to what they have on set, but I appreciate the theatricality of it. The point is, I think Hathaway can handle being Catwoman,
    I’m more concerned about whether or not Nolan will handle her right. She’s gotta be sexy, she’s gotta be a formidable adversary to Batman on a physical, mental and sexual level and I’m thinking Nolan might just not even bother to try getting her right and completely neglect the character instead. I loved BB, TDK surpassed all of my expectations. In my opinion TDK was the best movie Batman fans could ask for because Nolan understood those characters perfectly. What’s really bothering me is that in Begins and Dark Knight Nolan gave us a Batman who was still young, still learning, still essentially an amateur. That’s my one complaint about TDK, Batman wasn’t at his peak, in his prime. I thought that’s what he was delivering us with this third one but instead we get an old man Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement? I mean, come on.
    This will all be continued on page 2.

  17. I want a trailer so I can have a better perspective on how this movie is going to be, what I’ve seen just doesn’t look all that great. I want to be proven wrong, I love both of the other two, but so far…
    and catwoman’s costume looks stupid. Really, because six inch heels really work well for acrobatics and stealth. It looks like a leather fetish version of the costume from the 60′s Tv catwoman. Her look in the books is realistic and functional, they should’ve just copied it directly. It still would have fit with the established look and tone of the previous films. And what’s up with Bane’s mask. It is supposed to be a wrestliñg mask, not a Hannibal Lecter mask.

  18. It’s the rating we deserve, but not the one we need right now…or something.

    • ^Comment of the day right there! :D

  19. Lucky for Nolan that the studio isn’t promoting this film or any of his past films w/ McDonalds with Happy Meal toys as they did with Batman Returns,lol. Parents should of said,” Hold the Batman toy please”. I remember i got the stupid Catwoman car,lol. Till this day i still got my Robin mug from McDonalds when Batman Forever came out & never drank out of it neither.

  20. The sad fact is, based on what I have see of the movie so far-if I was not such a huge Batman fan- I would simply not go see the movie. Let’s review

    Bad Catwoman Costume

    weird bane (not to mention the terrible bane from B&R that a lot of people still remember.)

    and a weak trailer.

    Don’t get me wrong I still plan on seeing the movie (the mid-night showing), but besides the fact that it is a Batman movie the movie dose not seem to have much to offer.

    • I agree with you, Lex. Although I will also see it in the theater, I think this has the potential to be the worst of the bunch. My main problem with it is the inclusion of Catwoman, who I always thought was a campy character, and as you said, her costume doesn’t help.

    • @ Lex Luthor

      I agree with ya aswell. Not only do i don’t like the Catwoman costume, but i prefer not to see the character again in this franchise. I know she isn’t as well-known to people but Lady Shiva is who id prefer in the film as a female villain or just have Talia.

      Bane i can agree on in TDKR. It was bad enough to what they did to him in B&R since he’s my 2nd favorite villain of Batman’s. I can only hope Hardy’s performance makes up for Bane’s appearance which i understand is for realistic purposes.

      Trailer didn’t get my all hyped up for the film like The Avengers did.

      But like the others before it, it’s a Batman film so of-course im gonna see it. It’s just not knowing what to expect as i do hope Nolan brings the trilogy full circle with the film.

      • Lex, Jeff and Wally have addressed some of my own mixed feelings about this movie.

    • You don’t know half the characters? Which ones?

    • @ yvonne

      JGL’s character is made for the film as Miranda Tate aswell Rachel Dawes in the previous two films. Sometimes if characters are popular enough they can come from tv/films & onto comic book pages. A example would be Harley Quinn when she debuted in Batman:TAS & became quite popular amongst fans that it wasn’t long till she was in the comics. You could look online & go over the villains in Batman’s rogues gallery over the years. Id say pretty much all the most popular ones made appearances on film whether great or not depending on everyone’s opinion. Still theres a good number of villains of Batman’s not yet seen on film. Closet would be Batman:TAS thru JLU series to see those kind of villains you’ll most likely not see on film. Not just from Batman’s list but other heroes aswell.

  21. Batman 4 Guy Pearce as the Riddler