‘The Dark Knight Rises’ IMAX Prologue: Bane Makes A Grand Entrance

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dark knight rises bane deta 570x271 The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Prologue: Bane Makes A Grand Entrance

Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan hosted an early screening of the 6+ minutes of footage from The Dark Knight Rises that will screen in front of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocal in select IMAX theaters yesterday evening in Los Angeles. Nolan introduced the footage, which consisted of the introductory prologue  followed by a series of shots from later portions of the film.

The director expressed a desire to invite people back into the experience of the grandeur of cinema, something he feels has been “chipped away” in many respects. Nolan hopes that audiences who see the IMAX  footage will conclude that it is worth their while to return to experience the film in its entirety on the expansive screens when The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20th, 2012.

A similar campaign was launched in 2007 when an extended sequence from The Dark Knight screened at the head of I Am Legend in select IMAX theaters. Nolan speaks passionately about the format which he calls far and away “the best imagining format” adding that “nothing else can touch it.” A large portion of the film was shot natively on IMAX cameras and the frame is utilized beautifully in the prologue we were shown. Another element that Nolan and Batman fans alike will be thrilled to see is the stunning use of practical effects as opposed to CGI.

The director once again shows incredible innovation and vision with an introduction to Bane that legitimately earns the (oft overused) descriptor: epic. The bulk (no pun intended) of the opening focuses on Bane – his depictions of the antagonists in this series have been among the most memorable and fascinating contributions that Nolan has made to the Batman universe. Aside from a slight audio issue (it is a bit of a challenge to make out the dialogue with the obstruction of the mask) that will likely be adjusted by the time of the film’s release, Bane is by all indications a villain worthy of the final installation of this franchise. Tom Hardy is able to electrify a frame with his very presence, his every movement fills the viewer with tension and a chilling sense that no one (not even him) knows what he may do next.

He is simply terrifying to watch.

The Dark Knight Rises Poster Bane Triumphant 570x842 The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Prologue: Bane Makes A Grand Entrance

The new poster for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

The prologue makes use of planes in a way that film lovers will likely be talking about for years to come. It has elements of a heist/spy thriller (as only Nolan would interpret) mirrors the Joker’s robbery scene in The Dark Knight in a thought provoking way and is reminiscent of the ambition of the Joseph Gordon Levitt hallway scene in Inception. Nolan seems to want to play with the idea of masks in these films, hidden aspects of the psyche that apply to both his characters and all of us universally. As the Joker’s mercurial chaos and anarchy came forward in his introduction in The Dark Knight, Bane’s strength of will is present in the opening of The Dark Knight Rises. The footage also revealed a key plot point that ties into “Operation Early Bird” the viral campaign that launches today.

We will not go into too much detail here – mainly because we in truth believe that you should take the opportunity to see the footage for yourself if you can make it to one of the participating IMAX theaters beginning December 16th. We will say that there is plenty to chew on for both cinephiles and Batman comic fans. There does seem to be a reference to one of the more beloved comics – a shot at the conclusion of the footage that will excite the imaginations of those who are anxious to see where the director is willing to take these characters with the climax of one of the most popular and influential franchises of our time.

No one can argue that Nolan’s Batman trilogy hasn’t been a game changer, and that his brand of hybrid popcorn/arthouse  filmmaking has altered the scope of how we envision the business of blockbusters. We are certain that the IMAX footage will inspire a wealth of debate and speculation online in terms of plot particulars in The Dark Knight Rises. But one thing that should not be lost is the simple appreciation for what this Nolan has been able to accomplish and bring to the world both in terms of the depth of the characters and the craftsmanship of the filmmaking. The director likely understands fans desires to “read ahead” as it were. He offers Batman fans a treat with these screenings, an appetizer for what is to come, though he did laughingly warn the audience that he had “barely started to edit the rest of the film” and in full awareness of the nature of the crowd before him added, “so don’t ask me what happens at the end or anything like that.”

We will all likely continue to speculate on said ending right up to the moment that the lights dim in the theater in July of 2012, but I for one, am genuinely looking forward to the surprise.

Christopher Nolan directs a cast that includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata and Nestor Carbonell.


The Dark Knight Rises will be released in U.S. theaters on July 20th, 2012.

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  1. I’m getting giddy. Giggity.

  2. So this a description of something without actually describing it?

    And how many people are actually going to get to see this footage in a cinema? There aren’t IMAX’s in every city, I’ll get to see it because I live in London but most people wont. If it is a case that no website is allowed to post a detailed desciption, then thats fine, but “legitimately believe that you should take the opportunity to see the footage for yourself” is rubbish.

    • It’ll be on Youtube within moments of people watching it. They’ll probably be posting it while they get bored of Mission Impossible.

      • Of course it will. And I want to see it as much as the next person. Can’t deny that. But it’s still just a 6 minute clip of a movie.

        • Why do you complain in almost every DKR thread? I just assume that you may not like Nolan, his version of Batman, etc. Just curious.

          • Was beginning to wonder the same thing.

            • Sambo!! My man!!! … and agreed, the Dr. is always so negative.

        • It’s not mandatory to be excited about this, Drsambeckett. But a lot of people are.

        • @DrSamBeckett
          I see you on here a lot, and you seem very intelligent and I respect everyones opinion but I have to say you are always a Debbie Downer! Lol!

    • Im pretty sure the article title doesn’t have the word “description” in it.
      “And how many people are actually get to see this footage in a cinema?” Everyone who buys a ticket in the summer of 2012?

    • You complain way to much Dr Sam. Nothing personal. It just seems like a waste of time.

      • +1

      • “It just seems like a waste of time.”

        So was your post. Nothing personal.

        See I can do that too – insult someone and then try to negate it by throwing a couple “apologetic” words in.
        THis is a message board, if he wants to bash Nolan and Bats he can, just like you can love it.

        • INK,

          The point is that it’s tiresome. Basically the same thing on every single Batman movie related post.


      • Drsam is a a friend of mine but it does bug the crap out of me how much he hates on Nolan all the time. Despite that calling a waste of time is hilarious. It’s not more of a waste of time to complain like he does than it is for you to tell him he is wasting his time. Expressing his opinion is no more a waste of time than you expressing yours.

    • “So this a description of something without actually describing it?”

      Yes, it’s Bruce Lee style, like the “art of fighting without fighting.”

  3. GAH I hope we get a trailer today… if not then We must wait till wednesday!

  4. i NEED to see this footage. looks like i’m driving 20 miles to see MI4

    • As Ghost has already stated, it will be on YouTube within minutes.

      • Yes, and I’m sure that watching a handheld camcorder-shot version of the footage will be JUST like watching it on an IMAX screen.



        • I live 10 hours away from an IMAX in Australia, and my youtube shortcut keeps staring at me.

          Don’t want to ruin it though…

          Will the prologue be officially released online the near-ish future?

          • Sambo,

            I can say with 99% certainty that it will not be released online. Although I believe a trailer might drop today.


            • Thanks Vic, a trailer would definitely tide me over. Fingers crossed.

              Thanks for the heads up.

              • A new trailer? For Dark Knight Rises?? Sign me up!

        • No but the point of the trailer is an advert for the movie as a whole. Who cares if it is shaky cam at this point or not eventually it will be seen, right now some just want to know what the trailer is about.

          • Sorry PROLOGUE.


          • That’s not an official poster – it’s fan-made.


        • Idk why but that was hilarious Vic lmao

        • …you go vic…lol!

  5. yea im not gonna get to see there are a bunch of imax theatres in my city but the only one thats playing it is an hour away which blows.

  6. He said it took place in an airplane, just pointing that out with one of the rumors that was posted on ScreenRant. Sounds like Batman gets his back snapped right away too from “There does seem to be a reference to one of the more beloved comics – a shot at the conclusion of the footage that will excite the imaginations of those who are anxious to see where the director is willing to take these characters with the climax of one of the most popular and influential franchises of our time.”

    I’m excited, Ghost Protocol has a great rating right now and this. I’ll dish out the money for an Imax screening.

    • The rumor you are referring to is where Batman is broken by Bane after crashing the batpod, taking place directly following the incidents at the end of TDK isn’t it? The plane rumor was a different one though, I think, and from memory did not include any back snapping. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

      • I’m just guessing as to what they said in the quote, i could be way off but that is just my interpretation of what was said.

        • Just from info i have had read, could be the plane one but with Batman trying to stop Bane and Bane breaks Batman’s back right away, then 8 years later….

          • I have no doubt that Bane will bring the Bat a world of pain, and tear him down, thats a given the way I see it. But whether we actually get spine snapped over femur is still just as questionable, bat mask torn up or not.

            I would be more inclined to say that if Batman is missing his mask, and Bane has it, then Batman’s identity has probably been revealed/discovered by Bane as per the comics.

            Part of me wants that back breaking scene in the movie. Another part makes we wonder if Nolan will consider it pandering, and have the Bat broken over a more metaphorical knee instead.

            • Well, metaphoric would be neat. Either way I’m sure the whole film will be great, haven’t seen a Nolan film yet I didn’t like.

              • Yep, I love all Nolan’s films and his entire approach film making. Fingers crossed for that scene! If anyone can do it justice it’ll be this guy.

    • The reference to one of the most beloved comics is a shot at the end of the prolouge where you see Bane staring at a broken piece of Batmans’ cowl in his hand! Just that image is exciting! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Its not going to be epic, that’s a very over used word! Its going to be LEGENDARY!

  7. Did anyone else notice that Liam Neeson makes a return? Obviously as Ra’s Al Ghul…which would make sense if they actually get into the whole lazarus pit and everything. Excuse me if I sound like an uninformed noob but it’s the first time I’ve heard.

    • Neeson has denied any involvement. He was spotted on set though, and has admitted to visiting.

      I’d guess that if we do see him at all, it will probably just be in a brief flashback or something, even just re-used footage from Batman Begins perhaps.

      But who knows?

      • Then I’m thinking like Jackman did in x-men first class, you know, denies involvement then shows up in it. Could be the League of Shadows finds his body (in a flashback) and takes it to the lazerious pits. Thus we get some younger guy playing his character.

        • Why is it that in the recent cartoons, the Ra’s in Ra’s Al Ghul is pronounced like “Raiche” (think along the lines of French pronunciation) while in Nolan’s movies it’s pronounced like “Roz”?

  8. There’s not one close to me at all, Inswear Ohio doesn’t get anything good. We have 1 IMAX and it’s not going to be shown there. Hopefully it’ll be online eventually.

  9. So dissapointed. Screenrant is oneof my absolute favorite sites and i was definitely clicking on this expecting a nice detailed description for those of us who may not have the money, time or desire to go see Mission Impossible 4 on an IMAX screen. I dont even know where an IMAX theater is. Im not sure why you guys couldnt have put up a description with Spoiler Warnings like always.

    • Scarecrow,

      While Roth did say she didn’t want to spoil it – the fact is that the studio absolutely forbade any outlets that were invited to post a detailed, blow by blow description of the footage.


      • Ah, nvm then, i was unaware that you guys werent allowed. Again tho dont take my bitchin as a personal attack or complaint, i love this site for so many reasons beyond the information and i was just in Batfanboy mode.

    • Sorry dude, we had various phone calls yesterday with the studio. We cannot go into detail.

    • “Tom Hardy is able to electrify a frame with his very presence,
      his every movement fills the viewer with tension and a chilling
      sense that no one (not even him) knows what he may do next.

      He is simply terrifying to watch.”

      That impression from Roth was all I needed to hear.

      • Thanks Robert! I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it — I love how Tom Hardy scares me!


    • Fixed: As I was searching…

  10. Is it just me or is anyone else sick of seeing that one image of Bane posted everywhere on this site?

    • Pictures of bane have been released???? Ha jk obviously; and yea but im sure the newcomers of the site are attracted to it

      • Pharoah,

        Yes, exactly. The vast majority of visitors to the site every day are arriving for the first time.

        But maybe I’ll change the graphic. :)


  11. Wow. Some people are crazy. It said right in the description that it wasn’t an in-depth look at the footage.

    Anyway, from how this sounds and the responses that I have been reading on the internet – people are kind of mixed I think. I’ve heard disappointment about Bane’s voice, but everyone said the same thing about it hopefully being fixed by the release date.

  12. i’m leaving on a vacation for a month, i will be back near an imax theater around january 9th. Does anyone know if this is a one week event or as long as MI3 is in imax theaters, the prologue will be showing?

  13. The viral website seems to point out coordinates of certain IMAX theaters. At least, it applies to the ones in Boston

  14. I hope the poster doesn’t say Michael CLaine . Like this one shows.

  15. I’d be curious to know how Nolan feels the
    experience of the grandeur of cinema has
    been “chipped away” in many respects.

    I could fashion a long list myself including
    trends purporting to enhance it like 3D.

    IMAX may well be the only positive
    development in theaters for me.

  16. This article did exactly what it was intended to do (for both studio and screenrant).

    So now we wait, all ramped up and refreshing the site hoping for more info and a sneak peek.


  17. So Nolan thinks a bigger screen isn’t a gimmick as much as 3D, talk about pompous.

    • +5 on that comment.

      • -5 for grading on a point scale

        • If I were grading on a point scale it definitely would be a 9.8.

    • You don’t even know the guy fairly pathetic for you to insult him simply because he has a preference for something and not something else.

  18. Is that an official poster or fanmade? Just wondering why Liam Neeson is credited on it…

  19. Is that an official poster or fanmade? Just wondering why Liam Neeson is credited on it

  20. fan made

  21. That’s all very well trying to get people to watch IMAX movies, but IMAX just isn’t practical! In the UK there are no IMAX multiplexes. They are too few and far between, not to mention expensive.

    We had one IMAX cinema in Bristol and it only lasted 3-4 years. It only had one screen and all they showed was underwater and nature films/documentaries. Sometimes they had a movie playing, but more often than not they were converted and not filmed in IMAX. I saw Transformers in IMAX in Birmingham and there really wasn’t any point. They don’t film enough fims in IMAX to warrant it.

    I hate to say it but Film is on it’s way out. Digital is the future of moviemaking. It’s soooo much more practical.

  22. I’m curious about what people are predicting as far as Batman’s whereabouts/story arc for the 8 year interim.

    Retirement for 8 years perhaps? Or maybe locking up criminals for most of that time and still on the job when we pick things up with him 8 years later?


    WB logo

    Ice. Cold. Crystalized imagery and a very familiar logo of a Bat.

    Jim Gordon at Harvey Dents funeral gives a eulogy, a few words about inspiring others…
    CUT—An unnamed mountainous region.
    A jeep rides along the landscape. Hooded men in the back of a jeep are driven to a small plane… the jeep is met by an armed CIA agent who takes into custody a political VIP, who is traveling with these hooded men… or is he??


    The CIA learns that one of the hooded men is BANE?!

    The hooded men, along with the political VIP are loaded onto the plane.

    The plane takes to the air as the CIA interrogates those taken on board. One of the hooded men is dangled outside the plane and questioned. threatened and when the CIA agent doesn’t get what he wants, he fires his weapon (next to the hooded man’s ear, he is not killed)
    and then begins to question the other hooded man…


    That hooded man is unmasked and revealed to be… Bane!
    CIA : Was it your plan all along to be captured?
    Suddenly, a much larger plane overtakes the smaller plane occupied by CIA , Bane and hostages. Operatives from the larger plane descend onto the smaller one–
    Bane in all his Ventilator glory is revealed….
    CIA : If I take this off, will you die?
    BANE: No. But I will be in a lot of pain.
    Operatives from the larger plane fire upon the interior of the plane interrupting the interrogation.


    The larger plane has ahold of the smaller one as it pulls it by wires throwing all the passengers downward in a disorienting fashion.
    After quickly overtaking the plane, Bane’s operatives bring in a man with inside a body bag. This man is dead or looks barely alive. Bane then takes the VIP political prisoner and inserts a tube and transfers blood from the body bag man. (It’s confusing as to why this is important.)
    AND THEN… in a scene that no words will be able to do justice, a hole is cut from the smaller plane and a wire takes Bane and the VIP politico through the rear of the plane as the smaller plane is ripped apart and is destroyed while members of Bane’s team sacrifice their lives going down with the small plane. (Again, it should be stressed, this description pales to what you will actually see, it’s a true spectacle.)


    The chant can be heard at the end… Deh-Shay! Bah-Sah-Ra!
    The scene is followed by a montage that includes many images we’ve seen, the most striking includes the Bat-copter chasing down fatigued Batmobiles down the streets of Gotham, and a final shocking image of Bane tossing away a shattered and torn Batman mask into rubble… The only complaint about the 7 minute prologue was echoed by all in attendace: Bane’s dialog is very difficult to understand. Imagine Darth Vader with a very thick accent. Hopefully this will be fixed in the final film. Overall this opening scene is confusing, epic, and will leave audiences speechless. All in a good way.

    • WOW4SURE – spot on!