New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Poster Features Gotham in Flames

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dark knight rises movie poster New Dark Knight Rises Poster Features Gotham in Flames

Let’s face it: awareness for The Dark Knight Rises is widespread enough that Warner Bros. does not need to match Marvel’s marketing frenzy for The Avengers – or Sony’s ongoing public and viral campaign for Amazing Spider-Man.

Most moviegoers have already made up their minds as to whether or not they want (or, rather, intend) to see writer/director Christopher Nolan’s conclusion to his cinematic Batman trilogy; they just need to know the “when.”

That established pool of demand has allowed Warner Bros. to ease back on the furious “underground” (re: viral) marketing blitz it employed while cranking up the anticipation factor for The Dark Knight. Conversely, it has also allowed for a more unconventional approach to how the film’s trailers are designed, within the context of what has become standard for most blockbusters nowadays. Hence, we have been treated to previews that vary in style from a vague announcement trailer – to a final theatrical promo, structured as a cinematic crescendo.

Obviously, the effectiveness of said theatrical promos have varied – with the initial Dark Knight Rises teaser being the weakest, the final trailer best capturing the gravity and magnitude of Nolan’s film (while still being elusive about its content). The same could be said for the movie’s posters, including the latest one-sheet, which can be viewed below:


dark knight rises poster 280x170 New Dark Knight Rises Poster Features Gotham in Flames

Although the latest Dark Knight Rises poster is decent, the second one-sheet teasing Bane’s triumph over the Caped Crusader remains the best (in this writer’s opinion, of course). That poster juxtaposed the image of a “broken” hero, as represented by his shattered mask, against a dark, gloomy rainy backdrop. In contrast, the third poster takes an opposite approach, teasing the subsequent rebirth of Batman (Bruce Wayne) – like a phoenix from the flames – even as the city of Gotham begins to burn and crumble around him.

Or maybe the artist behind this new one-sheet figured the original Dark Knight Rises teaser poster would look cooler with some fire and a giant Batman thrown in (your call).

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard. It is of course directed by Christopher Nolan, working from a script he co-wrote with Jonathan Nolan (based on a screen story co-conceived by David S. Goyer).

Look for The Dark Knight Rises to arrive in regular and IMAX theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.


Source: Facebook

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  1. Honestly, it looks fan made and completely unoriginal.

    But it doesnt take away the excitement I have for this movie.

    • Agree 100%

    • Correct.

  2. If you look at all three posters in a row, side-by-side, it appears as if it is symbolizing a Phoenix; hence the title “A Fire Will Rise.”

  3. I do not like this poster at all. Looks like a cheap photoshop job. I expected a lot more.

  4. Really everyone should have expected a poster like this… all 3 movies have one similar in some way. Doesn’t matter cause the 2nd poster is the best I’ve seen all year

    • I thought the same thing. It’s marketing.

  5. His demeanor actually jives with the whole “rise” theme centered on TDKR.

    Reminds me of the BB poster with him in the sky crossed with the TDK poster with the exploding building above.

  6. Looks like the effect from the Dark Knight imposed onto the background of the new poster. Oh, and TDKR better step up it’s game. From what I can tell on the Youtube comments, the main audience for it are fourteen-year-olds who thought TDK was great cinema even due to the plot-holes. And there’s no way I’m bringing my buddies to a theater full of kids throwing popcorn at each other.

    • “Youtube comments”
      Well, that pretty much voids your entire argument ;)

    • Seriously? You can’t judge a movie’s projected audience based on youtube comments.

  7. Wow okay.

    You guys are making me feel guilty for liking the poster.


    • hahah Im a huge TDK fan but iM nay impressed with this poster. I find fan made poster of movies to better than studio productions. Few ever cause me to be in awe.

      The last ones i remmeber really liking was a retro Captain America and The Broken Batman mask of last year.

  8. I disagree. I believe TDKR is aimed towards older audience n more mature thanThe avengers audience bcoz the theater was full of kid when I went to watch the avengers. And that’s at the end if the movie I realized y it was full of kids.

    • Well I guess I’m a 38yr old kid then.

      • I’m a 41 year old Kid! Woot! :)

    • Yes, only kids went to see the Avengers, millions upon millions of them. No Adults, no paying parents, just kids since there can’t possibly be an adult who would want go see a superhero extravaganza.

      So to be crystal clear:

      Avengers = for kids

      TDKR = strictly for us “adults”

    • [facepalm]

    • no milan i get what your saying and these people do to they just choose to ignore the fact that it is a kid friendly family movie. Nobody is going to bring their 5 yr old to TDKR…The avengers? I’d say that would be my favorite movie if i was 5. Not saying it wasnt a good movie (it was pretty good) but it was intentionally made and marketed a certain way so it was kid friendly. If you are 41 and are obsessed with the avengers and have seen it 5 times you prob dont want to admit that is wasn’t designed for adults because you enjoy it so much….not insulting anyone, do whatever makes you happy but dont act like there are no little kids sitting two rows over wearing the same shirt as you, and are holding the same toys you are.

      • They also choose to ignore the fact that Milan was responding to jambalaya above…conveniently.

      • Hate to burst your bubble, but I know about 12 little kids (my friends’ younger siblings and my family members) between the ages of 7 and 13 who loved BB & TDK, and I know for a fact that they’ll all be seeing TDKR as soon as it comes out…

        You say you’re “not insulting anyone”, but if you read back the rest of that sentence you wrote, I think you’ll find that you were in fact insulting everyone who enjoyed The Avengers – at least, that’s how it comes across.

        Why can’t we all just acknowledge both movies and support both franchises? The Avengers isn’t a “kiddy movie”, it’s a movie suited for people of all ages, and Batman isn’t an “all serious film meant to entertain and stimulate the minds of adults and mature viewers only”, it’s still an action movie and it’s still a movie based on a comic book character.

        Both movies are VERY, VERY different, but let’s at least TRY to refrain from insulting the one for being different than the other, because last I checked, being different wasn’t a bad thing – as a species, most of us should have evolved enough to understand that by now.

        But hey… these are just the words from some “kid” who liked The Avengers… enjoy your day.

        • Well said Avenger.

    • Whoa. Lets not get it twisted. Avengers was indeed aimed toward a much younger audience. That doesnt mean you cant be 43 and enjoy your childhood characters on the big screen. Nor does it mean a younger viewer cant enjoy the more adult themes that come with TDK.

      But to say The Avengers was not aimed toward kids….? hahaha stop it your making me laugh.

  9. “A Fire Will Rise” ascribes a meaning to
    The Dark Knight Rises title that at least is
    something more than he will rise out of bed
    The poster’s weakness lies in the movie’s title.

    • And be sure to try Dark Knight Rise ‘n Shine biscuits at Hardees.

      • Thanks for making my morning, Nostelg-O. Very funny.

  10. The poster seems off to me but I am exited for the movie either way. I hope the Dark Knight Rises truly rise over its promotion and offer a a great film and satisfying conclusion for this commentator’s favorite superhero films.

    Okay I don’t where to put this but will screenrant report anything on the Young Justice show? The show has truly evolved over time offering an interesting story arch of various characters and their development. Although little kids may like it, its has proved itself in league with the DCAU in an entertaining and surprisingly mature story lines and commentary.

  11. Anyone else think that this is just the TDK poster with Batman Begins coloring?

    • That is something that I thought too. That is one thing I like about the poster actually. I think it was nice touch

    • Yah, that’s my first impression, Begins colors, TDK batman, Rises theme background. Pretty cool. I don’t understand why people b**** about posters, it’s not worse than the Iron Man centred Avengers poster or the amateur X-men First Class poster.

      If they next poster is Catwoman without the cowl, holding a gun and not showing a nude Anne Hathaway then people will probably b**** about it too.

  12. After a few “viewings” of the poster, I’m beginning to like it. Of course, my only concern is the Batman placed in the center (seems a bit off to me). But I really do like this color. The orange is different from the black and white promotional material, which stands out the most! I’m sure as July 20th comes closer, they’ll have a better one!

    • Guys relax its fake take a look at the dark knight pic with batman standing on top of the cop car this pic is photoshopped

      • Um, Cody, that poster comes from the official Dark Knight Rises Facebook page and was posted by them, not a “fan” of the page. Check our source link.


      • Seriously Sherlock, that’s a completely different picture

  13. This poster looks really fake. That is some REALLY bad photoshop lol

  14. does not matter what warner brothers does to promote this movie or not. the avengers has already cast a BIG shadow on darknight and spiderman with its incredible success. 2008′s tdk did not sustain the audience like this years avengers. the question is when will avengers pass the darknight? pretty stinking soon to the chagrin of nolan followers….

    • you can’t compare the dark knight and the avengers, they are two different movie for God sake .

      • the avengers has thor captain america, hulk, black widow , hawkeye and ironmane, you can’t expect the spiderman or batman, to beat it.

    • Its world wide gross already did dude.

    • Actually, it did quite well maintaining its momentum throughout its run. Your comment makes me think you are an Avengers fanboy…

  15. Just as bad or worse than the Avengers.

  16. I’m telling you… This is gonna be the greatest superhero comeback movie of alltime.

    I think we all know how most trailers are presented by now. They never show the second half of the movie with the small amount of footage they reveal. It’s always the first 20-30 mins or so, mixed and matched to create there own storyline, that usually does not correspond with the events of the film anyways. And I don’t want to think about it too much. That being what I think might happen in The Dark Knight Rises. I’d rather go in there Blank, if you know what I mean.

    • ‘This is gonna be the greatest superhero comeback movie of alltime.’

      Doubt that, but who knows anything is possible, heh heh :D

    • What do you mean by “greatest superhero comeback movie”?
      I thought BB/TDK and Iron Man were pretty much the “comeback movies” that re-ignited the CBM franchise. From that point on, we’ve had comic book movies every year…

      You can’t really call something a “comeback” if it never went away… ;)

      • I assume he’s referring to the story in which the superhero makes a comeback, not a comeback for superhero movies in general. I could be wrong.

  17. What is this? They took Batman from The Dark Knight’s poster and copy/paste it onto the first poster for TDKR. This is not inspired at all, this is lazy

  18. I really like the effect the buildings create. But yes, the first poster was the best.

  19. That’s horrid. The first teaser poster was far more effective, to say it looks fan made is a disservice to some of the fantastic fan made posters we have seen recently.
    This was knocked up on Photoshop in 2 minutes.

  20. Anyone else miss when poster used to be painted, by actual artists, not a dullard with zero imagination and some Photoshop software?

    Those were the days.

    • Dr Sam…thought you would like this

      • Yup. That’s the stuff. Some of those aren’t that old, the likes of the prequel Trilogy and Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, regardless of the films eventual quality, the proper artwork was a stroke of genius and made them feel more real and connected.

        But it is something you just don’t see anymore, and I find that sad. A movie poster can be a piece of art. But there hasn’t been anything like that for a long, long time.

        • I don’t love this poster, but I can see how it works effectively. It puts Batman front and center in imagery evocative of previous movies and campaigns.

          It simply accomplishes a lot for relatively little investment compared to a painted or illustrated poster.

          Not saying I like it. I remember standing in front of poster for ESB, or Raiders of the lost Ark, practically studying all of the details and trying to imagine the story. I guess now they just hope people will look up from their smart phone for a second.

          NYT had an article within the last year or so about Bollywood poster artists losing their livelihood because of photoshop. It’s sad.

          the final Avengers poster looked like bad photo-shop too, with no consistent sense of scale. That movie isn’t having any box office problems.

          • Yeah I get that it has no impact on box office, and The Avengers posters were actually far worse than any of TDKR’s promotional stuff so far, I just miss seeing actual art.

    • So I’m not the only one after all! :)

  21. So…. they took the coloring from the BB poster, took the Batman pose from the DK poster and used the backdrop of the city/tall buildngs from the first DKR poster?
    I can’t decide whether they were being lazy, or creatively “fusing” all the posters together to symbolize the franchise coming to a completion…
    Nah, they were probably just being lazy ;)

    Still, IMO it’s isn’t a bad poster, but it’s not really that good either – “meh” would be a good word to describe what I’m feeling…

    • Exactly. Luckily posters mean very little in movie quality, obviously. I mean Ghost Riders Spirit of Vengeance had some of the coolest posters EVER and that movie … well … we all know what it did.

  22. I have to be honset that this poster isn’t good and I agree with the article that the poster with Bane walking away in the rain from Batman’s broken mask is awesome and way better than this one.

  23. ehh…. this movie is shaping up to be a borefest, my excitement for this film has faded :/

  24. Lol, looks like a very good fan made poster. But I like it. I got goosebumps watching the 3rd trailer, couldn’t be more excited. The most exciting thing about it is I think when it’s all said and done, we’ll have a fantastic Batman trilogy on our hands.

    • Yes…exactly.

  25. lazy poster is lazy.
    Still. Super excited about seeing the film.

  26. Wow.. It’s a movie poster people.. And judging by the ridiculous comments above, it’s pretty effective because and has done what it’s supposed to do..

    It’s got people talking..

    Hulk Smash.

    • I don’t see any ridiculous comments. Just opinions on a website about movies.

      • Which, come to think of it….

    • @Enormous Green Rage Ego

      Sorry to insult your intelligence by posting on a movie poster.

      • Haha.. My bad, I just reread what I posted and it was a bit much.. My apologies as I didn’t mean to come off so angry..

  27. Looks sickk cant wait

  28. want to see how easy it is to make this poster

    • That’s pretty scary. But it’s kind of the point of this poster. It’s only reinforcing other images and campaigns.

  29. I miss the posters of the old days. Drew Struzan is my favorite. I loved his art work on Indiana Jones, Star Wars, early Harry potter, etc, etc…

    This does seem less impressive!!