New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Plot Synopsis Revealed by Official Merchandise

Published 3 years ago by , Updated June 26th, 2014 at 10:20 am,

The Dark Knight Rises Plot Details Revealed by Film Cell Plaque New Dark Knight Rises Plot Synopsis Revealed by Official Merchandise

Chris Nolan is probably loving The Avengers right about now. Ever since The Avengers full trailer premiered, that comic book movie has been the center of fans (often overzealous) attention. This has allowed those involved with The Dark Knight Rises to enjoy a little extra breathing room during post-production, while the comic book movie spotlight is shined elsewhere.

Today brings our first new TDKR tidbit in a few months, as a few more details of the film’s plot (which we already had a vague idea about) are coming to light.

As usual, it is the studio’s shift into the merchandising phase of their marketing campaign that has provided insight into the movie itself. Usually the culprits are toys (action figures, collectibles, etc…) – this time, however, it is a piece of art that is the source of the info.

Daily Blam picked up on an officially licensed TDKR merchandise, which contains a brief synopsis of the film in its product details. Read on for what that synopsis had to say about Dark Knight Rises – WARNING!!! VERY MILD SPOILERS !!!: 




“When Commissioner Gordon stumbles upon a plot to destroy the city from within, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as the Batman. Waiting for him is the mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batmans legacy piece by piece.”


Granted, that is not an epic or perception-shattering summary – but it does string together several rumors and mysterious images previously seen circulating the Net – not to mention, the vague hints provided by the Dark Knight Rises trailer. It seems as though Dark Knight Rises will combine elements of the classic Batman “Knightfall” storyline (Bane’s plot to ‘break the Bat’) with elements of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” storyline (Batman coming out of retirement to stop a terrorist threat) into one pulse-pounding final act to Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Sounds good to us.

The Dark Knight rises will be in 2D and IMAX theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Daily Blam

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  1. Gordon is a fugitive?

    Seriously tho. Exciting stuff.

  2. Hm… Not really anything new IMO. It’s basically what I was expecting.

  3. Interesting,but not really saying anything new.

  4. i dont even see where the “mild spoiler” comes into play. this is all stuff in the trailer. still wanting to see this move though

    • I think the only thing that can be considered to be a “spoiler” is the poster of Gordon that says “Fugitive”… other than that, I agree, nothing new, but I’m still psyched for the movie.

  5. i´ve heard from a good source. spoiler allert! n m that bane is obsessed by batman,and that he was a role model for him ,that´s it.

    • That’s always been a pretty well known fact about Bane.

  6. Hmm. Gordon as a fugitive. Interesting. Maybe Bane discovers the coverup by Batman and Gordon at the end of TDK and reveals it to the public, thus “tearing apart Batman’s legacy.”

    Also, the bit about destroying the city from within sounds interesting. Sounds a lot like the league of shadows from BB.


    • League of Shadows? I thought I heard that Bane was working for them? If I did hear this and didnt just imagine it, then that would be super sweet.

    • And that would make sense if he discovers that cover up, due to the picture that Bane is holding

      • Very true. And about league of shadows, I know there have been rumors, but don’t know if it was confirmed. Not so up to date on all of the TDKR news. Anybody know details?

        • @Ezra
          Would you like news or spoilers.

        • You didn’t miss anything that you havent already read above. The whole thing about League Of Shadows is still speculation at this point, I have yet to see any pictures of ninja’s running around, and in the prologue it looks as if Bane has his own cult they’re unmasked and holding machine guns in the trailer so they don’t seem to have anything to do with League of Shadows in my opinion

          • @justin: thanks, that what I thought.
            @ignur rant: I’d rather not be spoiled, but I’ve been spending a ton of time here and on batman-news so I don’t know how well that’s gonna work out.
            @ el princerino: I’m not so familiar with the comics (please don’t stone me), just a fan of the movies. But I am aware of the basic premise of knightfall thanks to this website and wikipedia. :) And correct me if I’m wrong but Nolan hasn’t been so exact to the comic books anyways so even if it does take elements of knightfall, the details might be different.

            • He hasn’t followed any specicfic storylines, but he does use a lot of elements from the books, like the backstory of the cave, traveling around the world training. In the second one, when jokers tells different stories about his scars, just the overall take on the character, very close to the books.

        • Bane does have a connection to Rhas al Ghul in the comics, so it’s possible, depending where they go with the story. This sounds pretty much like the Knightfall story line with catwoman thrown in.

          • Bane was kicked out of the League Of Shadows. And Catwoman is his partner.

  7. So catwomen is on banes side? Or r they both just bad?

    • They’re partners.

    • the connection between cat. and bat is a love/hate situation. she was never really on bats side.

      • In the movie, Bane will have been kicked out of the League Of Shadows. And Catwoman will be Bane’s crime partner.

  8. Nvm read that wrong haha

  9. Call this heresy, but this Batman movie is probably as stupid and poorly-put together as the previous ones. And that goes for the Superman franchise, too!

    • Id like to hear you explain how the dark knight was stupid and poorly put together. Just out of curiousity

    • Yes. I call that heresy.

    • Both of the previous Batman films were great. I agree, however, that the trailer for this looked weak. Especially after the fantastic Joker/Batman trailers for the Dark Knight. This lacks that epic face-off feel.

      • I think that when we look at the trailers in hindsight we’ll appreciate them more. They probably hint at a picture so big that it’s going to take at least one more trailer to clarify. The thing is, when I saw the TDK trailers, I wasn’t all that blown away. I was excited for the movie but the trailer didn’t affect me anymore than the most recent TDKR trailer did. Then the movie came out and the trailers impacted me so much more afterwards. What I do see here though is a huge build up in tension, as well as a heavy emphasis on atmosphere.

        As crazy as it sounds to say, the stakes have clearly been raised, and the promise of witnessing how it all gets resolved makes the trailer for me. I just think that the foreshadowing in the trailer will be more greatly appreciated after the movie comes out and people have seen it, which is silly because the purpose of trailers is to be effective at getting people excited before seeing the movie. but that’s just the way it has been for me, & I suspect I’m not alone on this issue.

  10. I have been wrong numerous times on how a film may do or be…however, I do not have a good feel about this one. Besides the fact Bane is shorter than Batman.

  11. July is so far far away…

    • Scratch that I`m waiting for the 3rd trailer

  12. Where this film cell can be bought?

  13. OMGosh, someone else is trying to destroy Gotham, again. These bad guys must not got anything else better to do.

  14. The rent and mortgage is more expensive in Metropolis, there’s less crime but the gov. tax is higher there although there are more jobs. Gotham has a higher unemployment rate but Gotham does have some awesome pizza and cheese steak…..Eh, damnit, I can’t afford to move to Metropolis.

  15. I wasn’t impressed by the first trailer for this does anybody know when the second one is gonna be released?

    • Well, there’s been two trailers: a teaser and an official trailer. But as far as a third goes, I heard rumor there’ll be another attached to Dark Shadows. Not sure how credible that info is though.

      • Third trailers for summer blockbusters released in July typically(always) come out in may. So expect the final epic trailer to be released sometime in May not sooner.

        As far as the spoiler is concerned I’ve heard from a source that the plot was inspired heavily by “the tale of two cities,” as well as three batman story lines which are… knight fall, no mans land and the dark knight returns.

        If you haven’t seen a tale of two cities i suggest youtube it. You can watch the film there. There is defiantly similarities to that movie visible in the trailers as well.

  16. I think Liam Neeson, with his stature, appeared more menacing in the first Batman than the character of Bane does in this one…

    • I think Bane looks pretty menacing when we see him ascending the steps at the end of the second trailer.

      I can see this sequence playing out with bane working his way through the crowd snapping people in half and when he comes face to face with Batman he turns the switch on the back of his helmet giving him a boost of extra juice.

  17. The new Bane pic says “I have your back” which seems to hint at Bane breaking Batman’s back, just as he does in the book. At first it was hinted Batman would be injured in some way…will he also use Venom to face Bane? A costume designer alluded to a new Bat costume directly tied to events in the film as well.