Actor on Set Provides Major ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Spoiler

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The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler Actor on Set Provides Major The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler

Of all the many major comic book movies in production and coming out throughout the year, there’s no arguing the Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. are the most successful at keeping their projects secretive. From casting, to storylines, The Dark Knight Rises has endured so much speculation and so little of it has been confirmed.

Thanks to a very intriguing report from set of The Dark Knight Rises, a seemingly important scene was shot featuring an actor that reveals more about the plot of Batman 3, and the Nolan Batman trilogy as a whole.

The following report comes from our pal Drew McWeeny at HitFix who has learned through sources on set that a certain actor was on set yesterday to shoot a scene which directly ties The Dark Knight Rises in with Batman Begins











You’ve been warned. The report reveals that Liam Neeson shot scenes for The Dark Knight Rises in London yesterday. This very well may be a very small role for the Irish actor as McWeeny points out that today he was in New York.

So, Ra’s Al Ghul in his Batman Begins form will be in the film. As we all know, the character seemingly died at the end of Nolan’s first Bat-flick so it’s more likely that Neeson is shooting an extra flashback sequence that takes place closer in the timeline to where Bruce Wayne becomes The Dark Knight. Or, Nolan is introducing sci-fi elements into the “Nolanverse” and those set photos of a Lazarus Pit in India has much deeper implications.

We previously reported that Josh Pence had signed on the project to play the younger Ra’s Al Ghul in flashbacks, so if that remains true, it’s certain that Christopher Nolan will in fact, be going full circle with The Dark Knight Rises to tie it into the events of Batman Begins and complete the trilogy’s story arc.

Could it be that the younger Ra’s Al Ghul (Pence) discovers the Lazarus Pits like in the comics via flashbacks and later he (Liam Neeson) is healed in the pits? Perhaps the train wreck in Batman Begins didn’t finish the villain off (he’ not easy to kill in the books) and his daughter, Talia al Ghul (possibly Marion Cotillard’s secret character) takes him there to resurrect him. It’s also intriguing that Bane (Tom Hardy) also has history with the Lazarus Pits as well, since he attempted to destroy the pits around the world. It’s all starting to tie together. Let the theories and speculation roll in…

Excited to see Ra’s Al Ghul back in action?

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

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Source: HitFix

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  1. A guess at what could happen…..
    Bruce meets Miranda Tate, who is actually Tali under an alias, and they work together.
    While working with Bruce, Talia finds out that he is Batman.
    She hires Bane to hunt Batman, and Batman goes through a battle with Bane, as well as the cops who believe Batman is a murderer.
    Bruce meets Selina Kyle, a secretary at Wayne Enterprises, and the two begin to date.
    One night, Batman meets Catwoman, and the two realize that they have similar problems, though she is a burglar. Batman tells Catwoman that he did not kill anyone, but doesn’t tell her who realy did. Catwoman begins to think that Batman may not be such a terrible person, that the media makes him out to be.
    Later, Bane breaks Batman’s back. At the end of that battle, Talia comes to Batman, and says “That’s for my father, the man you killed… Ra’s al Ghul.”. Quickly, before Talia can shoot him dead, Catwoman arrives, and takes Batman away from them, while dodging the villains and cops.
    For a while, Bruce cannot fight crime, but allows Catwoman to know who he is, and Lucius Fox meets her as well.
    Catwoman goes after Talia and Bane, and hears them discussing a Lazarus Pit, and that it can heal wounded people. She hears the pit’s location, and plans to heal Bruce in the pit.
    Lucius lends Catwoman a Batcopter, and she flies Bruce to the pit, and heals him.
    While at the pit, Ra’s al Ghul appears, and it is revealed that he also once trained Catwoman. He tries to convince her to join him, but she and Bruce battle him.
    During the battle, Talia arrives, and Talia is amazed that her father is alive. Ra’s says he came back to life through the Lazarus Pit (After he had crashed in the train, one of his ninjas had brought him to the mountains, an healed him). Then, Ra’s takes Catwoman captive, and tells Bruce that Bane is releasing Arkham Asylum inmates to kill the innocent Gotham citizens. Catwoman tells Bruce to go to Gotham, and that she will escape on her own.
    In Gotham, Batman faces Bane, while the cops deal with the inmates. In the battle with Bane, people realize that Batman isn’t so evil as everyone had said, and begin to have a change of heart toward the dark knight. Commisioner Gordon shoots Bane, killing him. Some cops arrest Batman for the murders they think he commited.
    A trial is scheduled for Batman, and while he waits in a prison cell, he believes that Catwoman is dead, since she had not come back.
    At the trial, the mayor prepares to unmask Batman, but Catwoman appears, and distracts them all while Batman runs away.
    Bruce comes to Alfred, and asks what should he do to protect his identity, because if the public knew he was Batman, Wayne Enterprises, the company his parents had devoted their lives to, would be no more.
    He comes to a conclusion; Bruce would fake his death, and have Lucius take over the company. He asks Selina how he could do this, and, Selina suggests that she will be the one to “kill” Bruce, as Catwoman, even if it meant her going to prison, she loved him enough to do the right thing for Gotham.
    So, the media believes that Catwoman killed Bruce Wayne, and the cops arrest her.
    Alfred holds a fake funeral for him, and though Bruce is “dead”, he secretly lives in the Batcave, and still comes out at night as Batman, forever living as his true self, instead of wearing the “mask” that Bruce Wayne was.
    And as for Ra’s and Talia… let’s just say a cat got their tongues.

    • Damn I thought that I was thinking this all through, but that’s all some pretty original stuff. Although I think Nolan will incorporate some of the elements you speak of, I hope Liam Neeson isn’t still alive. That would be too much healing for one flick to handle realistically, unless Nolan can pull it off, which he can. I really liked the idea of a Batcopter, haven’t seen anything that flies yet so that would be great to add one more vehicle into the fold, esp. since a Chopper commands less expertise than a Batwing or Batplane, and it can land very easily unlike a plane. I want to see Catwoman help, but I feel like she’ll still be a bad guy in the end somehow. I also believe Bruce will def. be healed in the pits and choose to train overseas because no one would think to search for him there and he can regain his strength in peace. He looks pretty jacked in the trailer doing pushups, so I think Batman is gonna come back full-force.

    • I really hope catwoman becomes a good guy. It makes the most sense, and batman could use the help.

    • hey.. nice thought.. i totally agree, it makes perfect sense. I cant wait for this movie!

  2. If it’s tying Bane and the league of shadows together perhaps the green stuff in the pit has something to do with Banes venom, like with the blue flowers in the first film.

    Or it’s just a green screen of some kind.

  3. This isn’t the Lazarus Pit. It’s the entrance to Bane’s crazy underground prison.

  4. The Catwoman Riddler is really smart… nice thought!!!

  5. No, not excited about Ra’s being back and because why couldn’t they use a Mongolian or at least, Mongolian looking actor to play Ra’s? He is after all, Mongolian, not Scottish! Of course the majority of people will say it doesn’t matter, Im going to guess white people, but it does. I can’t believe we still tolerate “Blackface” tactics when it comes to movies. That being said, yes, this movie is going to be forever epic.

  6. That’s all pretty cool speculating, but remember the teaser posters and trailer: “The legend ends…” So obviously this is the final movie where a character (Batman) gets killed off either literally (Though dying as a hero) or through some kind of fashion as “finally realizing he cannot save the world and gives up”. Think people think!

  7. You don’t know how true you’re predictions turned out to be :p I just watched the film

  8. You were right about major spoilers. The Talia reveal is an important plot twist. Seems like you were looking into a crystal ball.