Fan-Made ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Opening Credits: Bane’s Master Plan

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Dark Knight Rises Opening Credit Sequence 570x319 Fan Made Dark Knight Rises Opening Credits: Banes Master Plan

Chris Nolan’s Batman movies have always inspired a huge amount of fan art - whether it be posters or images or mashup videos, and The Dark Knight Rises has been no exception.

However, it’s rare that we see a fan-made Bat-vid that uses original footage – as opposed to, say, a mashup of clips from the films. Today we happen to have one of those rare birds, in the form of an opening credit sequence that can probably best be described as the Batman version of those iconic opening credits from David Fincher’s Se7en.

Have a look at The Dark Knight Rises opening credit sequence, as envisioned by “Dogan Can Gundogdu”:



Certain film editing pros (and would-be pros) may disagree, but in our opinion it is hard to say that this is not some quality work. At the core of that montage are some Saul Bass stylishings – what with the string of imagery directly relating to Bane’s (Tom Hardy) terrorist plot against Gotham City. However, as mentioned above, there is that dark and gritty tinge to the footage that recalls the aforementioned opening credits from Se7en, in which a serial killer does some scrap-booking in preparation for his grand design of murder and madness.

Whereever Mr. Dogan might’ve been borrowing from, the end product is uniquely his own; and, if Chris Nolan ever bothered with opening credits in his films, we’d say that this would be one approach worth serious consideration for the theatrical cut.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Vimeo user Dogan Can Gundogdu

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  1. That was awesome!!!

    • EXACTLY !! !! !! KUDOS

    • No, not really. This article’s description of the fan-made trailer as being “great” is overstated. Although proficient, it was a singular concept, done over and over again throughout the trailer. A bore, really.

      • You took the words right outta my mouth/keyboard! Exactly my thoughts, very repetitive.

  2. visually creepy…. this intro could totally work… especially if the joker’s the main villain… could possibly work for the riddler as well but it would definitely have to be a grittier more sinister version of a dark knight story (“the killing joke” in my opinion)…nonetheless kudos great work.

  3. That was really good! The music didn’t captivate me but everything else was pretty cool.

  4. Dang it I can’t view it on the computer here at work. Gonna have to wait til after midnight to watch it. Ugh

  5. That was fantastically cool. It had the creep-factor, the modern noir feel, and the hyperkinetic intensity that make Batman such an amazing character.


  6. it’s pretty awesome, though some of the type is honestly too hard to read and its not on the screen long enough to read it (although who reads opening credits anyways right?)

  7. But hasn’t Christopher Nolan not bothered with opening credits lately?

    • That’s one of the reasons why it’s so good.

      Great stuff.

      • Motoko, clarify: This fan opening is good, or Nolan’s lack of opening credits is good?

        Personally I like how Nolan dives right into the action. I suspect the next Star Trek film is going to follow suit.

        • Since Nolan probably won’t do an opening or credits montage, it’s cool to see someone else do one. It’s just a different take on how another director might have approached things. Some of the processes looked quite interesting. And it looks like most of it was done “in camera” possibly because of speed or lack of the right software.

          It was kinda a “Sweded” version, but done seriously and not for laughs.

  8. Kinda made me think the riddler was watching everything and putting puzzles together, man i would love to see a realistic version of the riddler.anyways good job.

  9. I wuda loved to see the Riddler too, or even Black Mask, done right. The fan made montage was friggin’ great!

    • Riddler (IMO) would have multiple personalities and be a master manipulator, Black mask would hire penguin (who is a weapons dealer) umbrellas in the rain could assassinate the mayor or something. Mr Freeze could be just a regular guy with a protective suit and weapons that shoot liquid nitrogen.

      Hopefully Nolan decides that he’s gonna make another movie, HOPEFULLY black mask and penguin…

  10. The entire time I was watching that I was thinking “Se7en” but you beat me to it. I liked it, it was dark and creepy, although it would make more sense if it were Mr Freeze as the bad guy due to the ice. Not by any means a bad thing, just something worth pondering about.

    • Yeah, I found the ice motif be curious as well, thought at first it was glass, either way curious… Overall, very cool though, very atmospheric

  11. That intro was the bomb it was really cool great work.

  12. Creative…but it really doesn’t work as titles.
    The eye jumps all over the place and doesn’t allow the viewer to “settle in” before the movie.
    If THESE were the titles I think I’d walk out before the movie started.

  13. It was really cool, but got pretty redundant after a while; simple music change would fix that. Really awesome images. SE7EN is my favorite opening and this was a great homage.

    Someone needs to hire this guy!

  14. wow these credits alone are better than some movies i have seen

  15. Not bad.Not bad at all except the end noise reminds me of Darth Vader.

  16. Awesome, one of the best fan-made opening credits, the guy who made the video is a amazing editor.

    A great future ahead of him.

  17. Bada$$. Enough said.

  18. What a piece of crap! How can anyone think this is good?! The cinematography value is beyond abysmal. This guy is in contention for worst film-maker.

    Next time, I’ll have to watch the video before I comment. :-D

  19. People thought this was good? As a standalone video it was decent, but when you consider someone made this for a Christopher Nolan film, it’s utterly terrible. Nolan doesn’t use title sequences, and he certainly wouldn’t use something like this. Who wakes up one morning and says, “hey, I’m going to make a fake title sequence for a Christopher Nolan movie, but in the style of David Fincher movie, basically copying the sequence from Se7en and not using any Nolan elements?” Not even the music. He could have at least used a Hans Zimmer track, seeing as it’s defined the current Batman series.

  20. nolan film OR not its still a cool style/intro on how to start the next chapter/story in the series or franchise, maybe not by C.N. himself, but a director or writer who wants to take the series to that next level (remember the first 4). so even if a fourth one or “reboot”(since those are popular nowadays) is to made, new director or not, new writers or not, i for one would like to an intro like this. it just has to be a very sinister, grittier type of story. more along the lines of a graphic novel type “the killing joke” “Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth”. if done right.

    • **typo** “to be made”

  21. Nicely Done! This would be great in depicting a Horror/Thriller film.
    But, you are aware that most of the Batman films (especially the Chris Nolan ones) has an introduction with stars names in the opening. Still an awesome video.

  22. ummmm I didn’t really like it. It wasn’t bad but it’s not something that would make me go watch the movie. If that was playing on my tv at home and I was walking through it wouldn’t be something that would catch my attention. it was nice though.

  23. Dark Knight Rises Seven opening