‘Dark Knight Rises’: Official Batman & Bane Images; Liam Neeson Comments

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The semi-continuous stream of paparazzi pictures and amateur videos from the set of The Dark Knight Rises has finally run dry, now that principal photography on the ultra-anticipated threequel is (seemingly) complete.

Despite the plethora of (non-official) behind-the-scenes material released for the film, it is pretty much anyone’s guess as to how the various pieces and puzzles glimpsed so far – including massive street battles, mystery devices, sexy cat burglars, and new Bat-technology – are actually going to fit together in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy concluder.

Moviegoers will get to see several minutes’ worth of actual footage from Dark Knight Rises when the film’s prologue screens in front of 70 mm IMAX prints of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol this winter. However, in the meantime, there are some new official images from the movie available, to help quench the thirst of Bat-fan(atic)s.

A second official image of Tom Hardy in his Bane getup is featured on one of two new Empire Magazine covers – along with a new official look at Christian Bale’s Batman, wielding an unusual piece of advanced weaponry, in his respective magazine cover. What exactly it is (a laser gun? the latest in retail scanning equipment?) is a matter up for speculation (for now).

Check out both of those Dark Knight Rises magazine covers below:

One thing to note: both this new magazine cover and the previous official image of Hardy as Bane draw attention to his unsightly pallid skin tone and body acne. Assuming that was in fact intentional, this could be an indicator that the character is meant to be (as has long been theorized) an easily-recognized heavy steroid user, in place of the venom-fueled villain from the comics.

It’s certainly possible that Bane will be supplied strength-enhancing chemicals via his mask – or, alternatively, his mask could merely be a means to cover up some nasty facial wounds (something that might partly explain the rumors about the antagonist having a garbled and messed-up voice).

That’s all pure speculation, of course, but one thing is certain: Bane will definitely look like a “realistic” monster of a criminal, in The Dark Knight Rises. Hardy should have no problem playing the part too, based on his previous physically-threatening turns in films like Bronson and Warrior.


Liam Neeson in The Dark Knight Rises?

liam neeson batman begins Dark Knight Rises: Official Batman & Bane Images; Liam Neeson Comments

Rumors have long been circulating that Liam Neeson would (in some capacity) reprise his turn as Ra’s al Ghul from Batman Begins in The Dark Knight Rises - all the more so after Josh Pence signed on for the latter film. So, what does the actor have to say on the matter?

Not-so-shockingly, in a recent interview with MTV, Neeson claimed to not have “a f—ing clue” what Dark Knight Rises is about, but that he’s “eager to see this one… [Christopher] Nolan’s made wonderful films, very rich, dark and complex, especially ['The Dark Knight']…”

Even if we assume that Neeson is being largely honest here, that doesn’t rule out a brief appearance by the man who trained Bale’s Caped Crusader – and whose League of Shadows seems all the more likely to be behind Bane’s reign of terror against Gotham City in the film. Previous (unofficial) reports indicate that is in fact the case.

All the same, perhaps Neeson’s (seemingly, unpracticed) denial will finally lay to rest any still-persisting theories about Ra’s playing an important role after he is resurrected via the Lazarus Pit in The Dark Knight Rises. That idea was never really considered credible, but it didn’t prevent certain fans, eager to see Neeson return in full, from being hopeful all the same…

The Dark Knight Rises will arrive in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Empire, MTV

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  1. I think he’s in it, filmed his part but was kept in the dark about the plot and anything outside his role.

  2. The Lazarus Pits don’t even exist in Nolan’s Bat continuity, so I don’t even know why that’s even an option.

    • Neither was Bane or Catwoman till this film, what’s your point?

      • i believe he means that the Lazarus Pits wont work in Nolan realisitic world

        • It might, the Microwave emitter worked without killing humans. (Unless it created focused microwaves that sent a resonance which vibrated steel to extremely high temperatures, therefore not affecting humans)

          • Hardly the same ballpark. The microwave emitter was a stupid doomsday device that was not well thought out.

            Resurrecting a dead person with the Lazarus Pit is magic, witchcraft or other tomfoolery. Even if they tried to explain it logically, it would be way too large of a gap from the realism of the previous films. Making an error in researching a device and it’s effects is not the same as purposely stretching or even breaking the rules. It isn’t going to happen.

        • In the first film, only Batman and a corrupt psychologist with a hallucinogenic gas was the unreal element. In the second, we add a homicidal clown and a DA driven to madness when half his face is burned and scarred, creating a duality in his mind. These films look to be becoming closer and closer to what the comics are really like.

          Who’s to say that these three films, as a whole, are not also the story of Gotham City? And through these films, while The Dark Knight “Rises,” Gotham becomes home to some of the most fantastical characters in the world: a behemoth of a man who resembles a crocodile, a man who needs sub-zero temperatures to live, a woman who is one with the plants, a failed actor who has turned to living clay, and so on.

          These three films, as a whole, are really one long origin story for Batman – from his inception to his “rise” – these films are the story of a person who becomes more than man (Batman Begins) and devotes himself to an ideal (The Dark Knight) and now becomes a legend (The Dark Knight Rises).

          • I agree with you about the whole trilogy being an origin for batman’s life, which explains the lack of rachel in the comics, (sortof, you get my drift), and thats why both Scarecrow and Joker were left alive. But I think your theory that Nolan is attempting to portray a rise of fantasy is ridiculous. I for one think that Batman, Joker, and Two-Face were portrayed within the boundaries of reality. The only real flaw being the fact that Harvey’s face was perfectly split down the middle. Scarecrow was really close to being real too. Further evidence proving this is Catwoman being a pseudo spy, and Bane being a straight-up terrorist. This is definately NOT an intro to something Joel Schumacher would make: A fantastical unreal Batman.

            • It’s no intro to a Schumacher film, no. But that in no way means that Nolan can’t introduce somewhat more fantastic elements in a serious and “realistic” fashion. For example, what if the lazarus pit isn’t so much a magic rebirth puddle as a sort of nutrient bath that can help a person heal from serious burns over the course of a few years?

              • Are you saying then Ra,s did survive and made it to the pit?

            • Very well said.

      • There is a clip from the teaser of Batman climbing out of a well. Maybe thats it. And btw, who says it’s defiantly a pit? It could be a CGI building for all we know.

    • I don’t know man. Even in the world we live in there are bodies of water that a lot of people believe to have “healing powers”. I’m sure you’ve heard of the fountain of youth and there are “healing wells” in Meixco and France so it may not be as far fetched as you’d think.

    • there is already pics of the lazarus pit leaked so i guess u would be wrong…sorry :)

  3. I thought, way back, that there were fans who saw him on set or something, indicating Neeson would be back but Nolan was just keeping it quiet. And I’m pretty sure I read that article here. Guess it was just from the rumor bin.

    • You’re correct, actually, there was a previous (unofficial, of course) report about Neeson being back for The Dark Knight Rises.

      I’ve gone ahead and linked to that.

  4. The magazine covers are awesome, I hope Nesson makes a cameo apperance maybe.

    Still I really hope The Dark Knight Rises turns out to be a great end to an amazing trilogy.

    I think it wouldn’t be great as The Dark Knight because Ledger’s performace as The Joker made that movie powerful and amazing.

    I hope I am proven wrong.

    • Neeson is returning as older Ra’s. This was officially confirmed a month ago. check his imdb page or wikipedia. anyways, idk if he’ll return in a flashback, or return to life, but the latter is unlikely.

  5. There’s plenty of ways to surpass the Dark Knight, or at least improve on it. Like getting an actual good female supporting character, which we might get with Hathaway’s Catwoman. Hathaway will be the scene stealer of this film IMO.

    Can’t wait for this film’s trailer!

  6. Batman holding some sort of goofy sharper image massage device?

    Not as cool as Expendables poster

  7. Hathaway is the only part of this movie that looks disappointing so far.

    • You suck. She rocks. I bet you thought Heath Ledger was a pretty boy too. You’ll be eating your words in July when Nolan shows you why he picked her.

    • Amen brother Ann Hathaway sucks with all the talent thats out there Chris Nolan picks her?

    • hey hey shes an awesome actress it only makes the film better

  8. There is no way ra’s al ghul died in batman begins anyways. Batman smashed out a window so he(ra’s) could escape. ra’s is also a ninja in the film. I say this because pod all this talk about lazarus pits being too unrealistic for the film. Can’t wait to see his return.

  9. There is no way ra’s al ghul died in batman begins anyways. Batman smashed out a window so he(ra’s) could escape. I say this because pod all this talk about lazarus pits being too unrealistic for the film. Can’t wait to see his return.

    • The character is in a rail car that crashes and explodes. He closes his eyes in anticipation of dying. Where and when AND how is he able to get out?

      The only possibility is resurection and I highly doubt it.

    • Batman didn’t break out that window so Ra’s could escape. He broke it out so there would be a big flow/gust of wind to push him out the back of the train car.

    • I don’t know man, even in the real world we l ive in there are bodies of water that people believe to have special healing powers. I’m sure you’ve heard of the fountain of youth, there’s also one in france and one in mexico so the lazarus pits may not be as far fetched as you’d think. but I highly doubt Ra’s al ghul survived that train wreck, the ending of BB w ould have been for nothing if he survived and I really don’t see the point in bringing him back if Bane is the main villain? he’s dead, you could see it in his eyes right before the crash that he was accepting his fate.

      • or woody harrelson.

        • whoops
          wrong thing lol

  10. I hope bane isnt some guy who just carried away with the steroids cause that would just be disapointing to see batman a martial arts master get worked over by a guy on a simple roid rage

  11. I dont really see ant ‘body acne’ on banes back in the promo image, i dont think its a concious look they are trying to attain but just tom hardys actual skin, i think this is just a case of reading way to much into something. but what i have noticed is on the back of his head and spine he appears to have a scar that i think runs down his back which would indicate some sort of experimentation on him (just like in the comics)

    • Look at his right shoulder. Its faded, they left it on the cover but faded it. Great catch. That is a realistic reason for increased strength.

  12. Batman now has a Nerf gun!

    • FUN FACT: Murphy confirmed by a crew member on set, and he will be returning as Crane, AS SCARECROW, who Bane has appointed judge of gotham once he takes over the city.
      Interesting news, no?

  13. I think Batmans gun could be some kind of crowd control weapon like police use. It may emit a sonic sound or repel/disperse crowds. He may use it during the crowded battle scenes? I cant wait!!!

    • OR, it’s just a really big flashlight ;)
      -I’m joking of course…

  14. bottomless pit, can’t kill bane, so he gets dropped in a pit. like in silent rage

    • Interesting thought…

  15. You are aware that the lazarus pit does in fact exist in nolans batman movies. in fact it is in this very one. The lazarus pit in india

    • Three words: YOU ARE WRONG.
      Three more words: CHECK YOUR FACTS.

      • Three words:NO, HE’S RIGHT.

    • I think it starts off with Batman running away from the cops after he has just defeated a villain maybe penguin or something? I always wanted Nolan to put Penguin in one of these movies, and I always thought it would be tight if they made him kinda like al pachino in Scarface, that would be sick!

      • Hey good call Hal……..I read an interview that Chris Nolan did right after Dark Knight came out and he said that he had given the idea of bringing in the PENGUIN alot of thought and even had an actor in mind Bob Hoskins that would have been awesome right?

        • hell yeah man, I never had an actor in mind but he would actually be perfect. Bob hobkins is very versatile.

  16. “What else would that pit with the CGI bright green cover be?”

    You could speculate forever on that Joseph. It could be an underlying shot for when Bane gets dropped in the pit. It could be a setup for a final attack on the league of shadows home base. On and on we could go. Just no hard facts in print yet you know…

    • True true we could go back and forth till it comes out.

  17. I’m just going to comment on what I see.

    And what I see, I’m not crazy about. Bane just doesn’t do it for me in this magazine cover. It looks like some silly Halloween cheap Mortal Kombat knock-off mask some tough guy put on thinking he would look badass in it.

    Granted, in real life, most comic book villains would likely look pretty silly too. So I guess there’s that Nolan-esque “realism” at play again.

  18. I think the prologue will start with a young Ras maybe and maybe him saving a young Bane and training him also like he did Bruce?
    Ras must have somthing to do with Bane?
    It will end with maybe the images of Bane climbinmg out of the darkness (The well) and then as TDK show lots of clips of the TDKR?
    Or a Catwoman prologue?
    Its prob set about 3-6 months later?

  19. 2 reasons why I can’t conceive Neeson returning for TDKR: When he died in BB, he was on board the train at the front, where it received the most damage in the crash. Therefore, I don’t see anyone recovering Raz’s body, which would give at-least some credibility to the Lazarus pit. But, at the same time, the Lazarus pit is not something I see fitting into Nolan’s universe with any kind of explanation that makes it fit. I do like the idea of the league of shadows playing a part in the story. It would be an interesting first encounter for Batman and Bane. Some sorta warehouse scene which involves a short dialogue between Batman and Bane before several ninjas come out of the shadows(of course Batman knew they were there already, he’s Batman), and a fight ensues. After dispatching said ninjas, Batman turns his attention to Bane; thinking of him as being only some muscle bound thug wearing a creepy mask. After a short scuffle which involves Batman delivering several punches and kicks to Bane, whom then throws Batman into some shelves after not being affected by the flurry, Batman realizes there’s something more to this Brute. Their fight could then be interrupted by the cops or something along those lines. Queue epic chase scene.

    • I think it was confirmed that he shot at least one day. It will be a flashback scene

  20. Then at the football game Bane also says”this is the instrument of your liberation” and one of his goons brings forword a hostage but didnt tell the crowd who it is………a few of the Steelers are in it too. …almost all the vids and pics i’ve seen take place during the day and it’s always snowing……..I wish there was a different villain or another villain besides Bane……..

  21. there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the lazarus pits. saying that since they cannot be explained so they shouldn’t be used is foolish. the use of lazarus pits is one of the main factors in making ra’s al ghul a worthy foe for batman. erasing that part of his character would be like saying that if they used poison ivy that they would have to logically explain how she controls plants. part of the appeal of batman is that he is a normal man overcoming seemingly supernatural foes.

  22. done rule out the lazarus pits just because they arent realistic, that would be foolish of you. you know what else isnt realistic? a large machine that vaporizes surrounding water using sound (or whatever), or a powder that when exposed causes hallucinations of your greatest fears, or having lenses in a mask that create sonar imaging using nearby cell phones. Nolans not against using the fantastical, i mean, look at his other films too, a dream machine used in inception, and a cloning machine in the prestige, it just needs to be used in a practical way and have some sort of plausability and not derail the story but enrich it.

  23. Liam neeson is in the movie as they tell the early years as banes trainer. They have a younger version of raul al gul when they show him and his daughter

  24. The budget spent on or the believability of the technology used in a movie is never the ‘make-or-break’ factor for the movie. It’s all about how less campy, less hypocrite and more believable the characters of the movie and the interactions between them are written. And that’s where Nolan did a great job according to me in most of his movies. Compare that to the camp of the pre-Nolan Bat-movies. You get the difference.