‘Dark Knight Rises’ NYC Shoot Won’t Occupy Wall Street

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Batman Dark Knight Rises NYC Dark Knight Rises NYC Shoot Wont Occupy Wall Street

Things have been really quiet where The Dark Knight Rises is concerned, ever since Nolan’s finale to the Batman trilogy stopped shooting on location in Pittsburgh, PA.

Of course that’s all going to change VERY soon, as Nolan and his production team will set up shop in streets of New York City for a two-week shoot. However, the dedicated protesters of Occupy Wall Street will NOT be getting their five minutes of fame in TDKR.

EW has learned that despite all the rumors that Nolan could potentially use the OWS protests as a backdrop for scenes of Gotham City in the midst of chaos, this will in fact not be the case. The many leaked set photos and videos from Dark Knight Rises have painted a story where Gotham finds itself under the assault of Tom Hardy’s Bane and his minions, with the good citizens clamoring in the streets in protest of the crime and corruption that has seized their city. Naturally, scenes of the mob crowding the streets would be well represented by the Wall Street protests (and would’ve been a delicious slice of irony, to boot).

But again, this is not the case.

On the plus side: fans who loved all the TDKR spoilers that leaked from the open sets should strap in and get ready for more of the same when shooting begins on the NYC streets; if you are one of those people who were mad about so much of the film being spoiled so early on… You might want to avoid movie sites (that aren’t Screen Rant) for the next couple of weeks.

The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: EW

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  1. Whew! Thank goodness!

    And queue Blue..

    • You know Nautius, the only reason I bothered commenting is because some of the comments were presumptuous to the protestors and of the movement itself. Like yours. “queue Blue….” so, it’s a bad thing that someone is actually telling people to go inform themselves first and THEN decide their opinion? Congrats. I’m not going to bother bringing up the whole issue again because you are obviously fixed on your point of view and refuse to change it.

    • OH NO, YOU’VE UPSET BLUE AGAIN, WHY NAUTIUS, WHY??????????????????????????????

  2. I guess the cost of CGI’ing the OWS people to resemble ordinary citizens is too expensive.

    • Regardless of whether or not this was meant to be a joke, it’s not funny. And very inaccurate. Please refrain from making assumptions about these people whom you don’t know in the future.

      • Yea exactly, only weird people would actually be mad the banks and big businesses who caused the economic crash were given money from ordinary citizens (who cant really afford it) only for the CEO’s to not get punished but to get huge bonuses once again. They should be ‘ordinary’ citizens and sit in front of the TV drinking Pepsi.

        • This. Let’s just complain about people trying to make a difference in our screwed up world instead of actually doing something ourselves! *sarcasm*

        • Lets see, I think it was a dysfunctional 2 party political Establishment which gave the banks & others our hard earned tax dollars from these bail out slush funds they arranged & oversaw. And ironic too how these same evil banks are still donating campaign cash to these same politicians persecuting them. Go figure…

      • Woot, it’s Blue to the rescue from the evil known only as People-Who-Are-Not-Completely-and-Utterly-In-Love-With-the-Occupy-Wall-Street-Movement. Yes, that is one word, what??? 😀

        • Ken J, there’s no need to be a troll. Enough is enough. Since you didn’t read any of my comments from last time, instead just attacked me with your assumptions, you clearly didn’t see that I said I don’t care if people agree with the OWS movement. What I do care about, is people making ignorant assumptions about the people and/or the movement itself. The fact that you consistently refuse to acknowledge this, and instead making personal attacks at me over and over again (which is supposedly punishable on this site, but I’ve yet to see anything done about it), just shows how irrational you are acting, both towards me and your narrow minded view on OWS.

      • Well from what I’ve seen so far Blue, several have expressed hateful anti-Jewish rhetoric, they’re like locusts leaving filth & property damage in their wake, they incite civil unrest. What else? Oh yeah, there’s reported allegations of rape having been committed. Then there was the young kid who died from a drug overdose in an area residents backyard. And how many hundreds have been arrested now so far? Yeah, like we didn’t see this train wreck coming. And lets not forget how so many have indicated in interviews at not being sure what exactly they’re wanting. Then there was the guy who QUIT his job to go hang out with these morons. Organizers to the rescue tho’, as in recent days these uhh, “protesters” have become a chorus line of deranged liberal sound bites & vacant talking points. All I need to know from what I’ve seen myself of this collection of Government dependents is that they’re doing a bang up job being someones “useful idiots”!

        • I am so, so, so, so, BEYOND tired of people looking at a select group of people and thinking that’s everyone in the group. Jewish hate? From who? And why bother bringing it up? There is absolutely no sign that the hate exists beyond those people. Comparing them to locusts? Way to demonize these people. Incite civil unrest? Are you kidding me? Very few of the protestors have been violent in any way. The police continue to oppress these people, and you’re saying that the protestors are the ones causing the civil unrest? WHAT ALLEGATIONS OF RAPE? What kid who died? What interviews have you seen with these people? The interviews the mass media has shown you, trying to spin the issue? Where they interview a lot of people and pick out the craziest and dumbest?

          Dear lord, you are so beyond ignorant about what is really happening here. Hundreds have been arrested mostly because of THE POLICE OPPRESSING THESE PEOPLE. Did you read about what happened on the Brooklyn Bridge? Or the two girls who were pepper sprayed? Or the man of color who had nothing to do with the protests but whom was arrested randomly just to prove a point? What about Zucotti Park? Occupy Boston? Heck, what about Occupy Oakland, where the police attacked the protestors with rubber bullets, tear gas, and flash grenades? Have you even bothered to find out anything about these people beyond what the news is feeding you?

          THE ONE GUY WHO QUIT HIS JOB? Key phrase, “one guy”. The. One. Guy. Clearly, a lot of these people must have quit well paying jobs to come out to these “pointless protests”. Many of the people who quit their jobs didn’t even have well paying jobs in the first place, they probably were barely surviving, if surviving at all. These morons? These are people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Many of them are people whom were once well to do people, perhaps like you, whom had one financial disaster happen to them (medical situation, often times) who were plummeted below the poverty level. Are you even listening to yourself? Government dependents? What the f*ck is your problem? These people aren’t asking for handouts!

          All you need to know? Maybe because you’re only looking for “what you need to know”, and that’s the reason why you are so completely ignorant on this issue. You need to do more. You need to actually make an effort to find out for yourself rather than listening to sound bites. Are there some protestors who are ignorant about some of the stuff they protest? Yeah, absolutely. Are there some people who are part of a “chorus line”? Yeah, sure. There are always going to be some bad apples in any group of people.

          What I find absolutely astounding about the continuing stream of stupidity I see coming out of these comments is that they are UNINFORMED ASSUMPTIONS. Over and over again. Sir, these protests are not “a chorus line of deranged liberal sound bites & vacant talking points”. That’s exactly what you are. Part of the chorus. Part of the chorus of people who don’t know anything about these people or the protest, so instead you just mouth off anything bad you’ve ever heard about them, when in reality, you are extremely narrow minded and have absolutely no idea what’s going on.

          • You sound EXACTLY like the “intellectuals” in the sociology classes I took in College.

            • What’s that supposed to mean?

              I don’t care if people support OWS or not. What I care about is people sticking with ignorant assumptions.

              • you and the rest of the protesters need to get a job

                • You don’t know anything about me, AAA, who I am, what my job is, where I’ve come from, my political views (mostly), or anything. Just as I don’t know anything about you. Let’s not resort to insulting each other based off of assumptions. Especially since those assumptions are very likely misinformed views on OWS and the people in it.

                • EXACTLY! Instead of thinking everyone else owes them a living! They owe themselves! If they can’t manage to manage their own lives then that’s just too bad!

                  • “EXACTLY!”? Who said I don’t have a job? So no, not exactly. More personal insuults.

                    Secondly, you are so lucky that you don’t have to live like a lot of people in this movement. You have no idea what it’s like, and you probably never will. Enjoy your privilege.

                    • Yah man, living with your parents can be so tough. That’s why I moved out, duh.

                    • I don’t live with my parents, Ken J. More insults.

                    • Actually, wasn’t referring to you… Reread what you wrote, then read what I wrote. It makes more sense that way, I think… *scratches head*

                    • Ah, my mistake. I read that differently, with the no job thing, of course.

            • Yah man, Blue doesn’t care at all, it’s not like he’s in every article mentioning this group and will defend them if your comment is anything less than “I love OWS and want to have sex with all of them.” Yah, he couldn’t care less, I mean, you act like he shows that he cares by responding everytime or something. Come on now, I don’t think there is anyone in here that cares less about this topic than Blue does, please…

              • Ken J, you’re being very obnoxious. It’s really tiring reading your comments recently because all they’re doing is making some kind of attack at me.

                I comment on certain comments because they insult the people in the movement based on nothing. If someone said they don’t support OWS or the people in it because of some plausible reason, I wouldn’t care. But what seems to be happening over and over again is people making assumptions (in this case, negative) about all of them.

                In case you haven’t actually noticed, I’ve never said that I support OWS myself. In some ways I like what they’re doing, as I’ve said, but I’ve never said that I fully support them (and I don’t). Let’s just stop making assumptions, period.

          • lol! Don’t like my opinion there OWS mongrel wannabe? Tough Sh*t!

            • *sigh* Personal insults. I don’t care if you like OWS or not. But if you’re going to dislike them, actually know what you’re talking about. I’ve said that before. Same thing if you like them, you need to be informed and not stay stuff like this. I’m tired of ignorant comments.

              • But you can call people stupid & ignorant tho’ right? Yup, you’re a liberal. lol

                • Your comments I can, yes. I never said “you are a stupid and ignorant person”, because I don’t know you as a person, and I’m not claiming to. But what you wrote before is ignorant.

                • Oh, and I’m not a liberal. More assumptions.

                  I’d just like to clarify; dislike or like OWS all you want (as long as you’re informed), but don’t resort to judging the people who are in or support the movement. That’s all.

    • well played vanguard. who wants to see young people in ridiculously expensive aeropostle and abercrombie t-shirts protesting capitalism.

      • Um, except that’s definitely not what’s happening with these protests. There are some people like that, but there are people from a wide variety of different backgrounds, economic situations, lifelong experience, etc. Don’t make ignorant assumptions about these people or the protest.

        • BlueHeroBH,

          You really seem like a reasonable guy – I’m curious what your reaction will be if this movement turns into a mob across the country and we possibly see a repeat of the London riots here in the U.S. Indications are that’s the direction that they are headed as a group.

          Yet people continue to hold this group up as a paragon of virtue and vilified Tea Party rallies, which were ALL orderly, legal, made up of working class people who cleaned up after their rallies were over.


          • Well I don’t know if I would say they’re headed in that direction. The protests are very committed to remaining peaceful (despite some people acting differently here and there). If there is some kind of violent breakout at any of the protests, it will very likely be because of police oppression. I mean, the protests in London were vilified because of the horrible things that were done, but it also sort of swept aside (at least in the media coverage I’ve seen, which painted the event as just a bunch of young people doing terrible things for no reason) what the people were “protesting over”, that being economic inequality. Did you hear about what happened at Occupy Oakland two days ago? Police attacked the protestors with rubber bullets, flash grenades, and tear gas, arresting over 70 people. But I hope that people will manage to remain peaceful. I don’t want to see the issues this group brings up tossed aside.

            People? What people? That’s a major generalization. There’s absolutely some positive coverage that’s come out lately about OWS, but a lot of people (just look at the comments here and on the other article) don’t think they’re virtuous at all. As far as the tea party comparison goes, well, that sort of dips into political views, and let’s not open that can of worms lol. One of the biggest differences between OWS and the Tea Party is that the Tea Party had corporate backing while OWS does not (and refuses to).

            Not to make this discussion any more convoluted (since this is a movie news site), I just felt the need to add to what you said.

            • I’m not trying to jump in the middle, but the OWS are getting lots of big-time donations and visits from major rich people, like Moore, Sarandon, Baldwin, etc. They also get tons of free gourmet-style food, though the cooks are getting tired of it, according to a news story, and are serving only brown rice. Something about not being appreciated (18 hour non-stop days), plus the “professional homeless” or whatever they’re calling it, are showing up and mooching.

              • Oh no it’s okay, I welcome input on the issue.

                Well okay… why bring up the moochers? *sigh* If you bring that up, people are just going to jump in with their narrow minded attitude and think, “Oh well they must all be moochers!”. Yeah, OWS has some support, sure, but not like the Tea Party does. When the democrats offered to support OWS, they said now. When Pepsi did the same thing, they said no. They only take what they need in order to keep protesting, and protesting well. That being, food, because most people can’t afford it themselves, and other supplies they might need (they have a medical center, perhaps the wifi for the live streaming is costing a lot, etc., it’s actually pretty interesting to see). Who’s tired of it? I haven’t seen that article. I’m sure that it’s tiring since there are so many people, but they’re supporting a well intentioned cause.

                But it’s not like the Tea Party because that stuff is pretty much just support and necessities they need for the protest (and if you look on the different websites, you can see some of the other goals they have). There’s nothing binding, no corporate corruption going on here. Though it seems like people are trying to manipulate them. OWS was started for the people, by the people.

                • AFL-CIO said they’ll pay legal fees. Does that count as corporate sponsorship?

                  • I guess it would depend on what goal is being pursued. Like I said, OWS does have certain goals in mind you can check out for yourself, and the movement itself is growing and evolving, and soon I imagine they’ll start trying to make a substantial difference, rather than just awareness/spreading the word. I don’t think, at least for the time being, that the movement will be manipulated or corrupted in any way. And it must be okay since OWS rejected people sponsoring them but are okay with the “legal fees”. But I’m not sure, I’ll have to check that out.

                    • I’ve read and read, and looked around, and I can’t exactly see what OWS wants, short of total Communism. They don’t have much of a message, and they’re trying to run it as a commune, with consensus, but it’s already starting to see cracks in that. These aren’t isolated incidents.

                      Btw, please explain the strike on Nov. 3? Strike from what? Protesting? Even this professor on Twitter (Philosophy, pro-OWS) is admitting the strike is counter-productive, even though I have no clue what they’re striking against.

                    • *sigh* When did anyone ever say they want “total communism”? If you’re just saying that as an expression, please don’t, it will just cause confusion.

                      They don’t have much of a message? What do you mean? The cause has issues, but it started out as a campaign to make people more aware. If you go on the official site you can see what some of their goals are. And of course, you can also talk to people in OWS themselves (the more articulate ones) about it, or go on blogs and discuss it. I didn’t mean to turn this comment section political, I was just calling out people for making assumptions and sticking to them.

                      Nov. 3? Hm… is that the day that “Anonymous” has vowed to shut down the Fox news website? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t say the strike is counter productive at all. It’s getting people talking about the issues, right?

                      By the way, I appreciate your attitude regarding the discussion. It’s nice to see people be more open minded.

                    • What they’re talking about, how they’re running the camps (is that a good word for it) is basically the principles of communism. Remember, I took a few sociology classes, and it’s all about communism, right down to the communist manifesto.

                      I look at everything objectively, then make my own opinions. I keep most to myself, because my mother taught me to be nice. My opinion on OWS is that it’s a lot of recycling of things from the 60s.

                      And, this isn’t an insult, but if I saw someone raging at OWS and saying corporations were evil, then try and get a job at my place, I’d probably not hire them. Because at any given time they could leave and go protest. If they’re willing to go and sit around and not look for a job, I can’t imagine they’d be hard workers. Plus, saying bad things about anything isn’t good to get hired. I sat in on an interview, and the person started trashing our competition, and we realized they’d do the same thing to us. We nicely passed on them.

                    • Can you be more clear on the principles part? It’s good that you’re trying to stay objective.

                      Well yeah, it sounds like that guy is a bit ignorant on the issue, to say the least. Or at least he’s not expressing his view very well.

              • The cooks are getting tired of it because of homeless people & ex-cons sneaking in passing themselves off as OWS demonstrators! Read that on Drudge. WOW! These OWS social “Digressives” expect the rest of us to “redistribute” our wealth to support them & yet they can’t share food they’re not even paying for with homeless people?? Whose territory they’re occupying to begin with!! The hypocritical absurdities of liberalism never ceases to amuse me!

                • So where did you read this? When did OWS in general (not just a handful of people) say anything about other people supporting them? So wait, homeless people are sneaking in to get food, but they’re actually not? Your comment isn’t clear. And who’s refusing to give food to homeless people? The businesses or OWS?

            • BlueHeroBH,

              “what the people were “protesting over”, that being economic inequality.”

              I realize that you are the type of person who wants to look for the best in people, but I say that is utter crap, sorry. That’s like saying the Rodney King looting was over “racial inequality.” It wasn’t. It (and London) was about getting as much free stuff as possible that doesn’t belong to you, from the worst of humanity.

              And honestly (I say this respectfully) just as you accuse others of not seeing the big picture, I believe you are refusing to see some aspects of this – I really do.

              If hundreds of protesters are running all over the streets impeding traffic (and probably scaring people through sheer numbers) and they’re squatting on private property and refuse to leave (like they’d have a right to camp out in my home’s back yard for a month and I’d have no say about it), the police will (and should) take action. I’m not saying the action they DID take is valid – but when you are vastly outnumbered by a group of hostile (yes, hostile) people who are on the verge of turning into a mob you are not going to ask them politely to leave or move.

              This is going to get ugly, and it will have nothing to do with any “righteous” cause. ANY time I see a “protest” of any sort devolve into looting, all bets are off as far as I’m concerned. There are people in the movement planning to escalate this – you just wait and see.

              I’d be happy to be completely wrong, BTW.


              • I would, too, Vic, but if history is any indication (re: G8 Summit riots in Seattle, etc.), it’s not gonna end well. Do you think Gore will chastise the OWS-ers if they start setting cars on fire, releasing toxic fumes into our atmosphere?

              • Well I hope you understand that I definitely was not saying that the issues are similar at all. I can see why you think I’m not seeing the bigger picture, but that’s not true. I didn’t mean to understate the horrible things that happened in London, because obviously the whole event was a disaster, I was just talking about the few similarities they share. If you want to get technical about it, they are of course very different in some ways, there’s no doubt about that.

                I didn’t say that the London protests were entirely about economic inequality, or that that’s even where it sprang from, I’m just saying that that’s what it was about, for some people. Some of the unrest came from that. Running all over the streets? There was a march a few weeks ago, I don’t believe that the protestors have caused any major inconvenience like that since then.

                Are you referring to Zucotti Park? Because the park itself is privately owned, but from what I read, it’s mandated for the public or something? If that’s true, in this circumstance, they shouldn’t ask them to leave at all. They have the right to assemble peacefully. The police said that they were going to move the protestors from the park for public health reasons. After that, the protestors came up with a system to keep the park clean but still operate there. And as far as the other methods they use, well, those of course are horrible and unjustifiable.

            • Yah, those evil police, it must be them causing them to be violent, not the other way around where they respond to them being violent or anything. I mean, cops are not real people, they are actually manufactured by “The Man” in a big factory so they just blindly oppress everyone at the will of “The Man.” I mean, psh, some people think cops are people like you and I who have a family at home and got the job as a cop to protect and serve the people in their community and to earn a living, a pension, and good healthcare insurance. And some others are so crazy, they think cops actually risk their lives dealing with the scum of society to “help” us. We all know they are just mindless drones 100% in compliance with the conspiracy by “The Man” who is busy keeping people down. “The Man” just points his finger and says “oppress those people!” and the cops’ eyes light up red and they go “yes… sir…” as they robotically go and oppress people randomly. That’s what they do, they don’t have a conscious or morals… Down with the cops. Boo pigs…


              • Because I totally said all of that.

                I’m not saying all cops are evil, or that they’re mindless machines or anything, not at all. Obviously, they’re people just doing their job. You’re putting words in my mouth in an obnoxious attempt to vilify me. Again.

                But when it comes to OWS, and the other occupy movements, often times the police have went way, way over board in how they deal with these people. By orders or not. Trivializing the things they’ve done to degrade me isn’t changing that.

  3. How disappointing. After all the hype ( Screen Rant included ) that was generated , for it all to ” not ” happen.

    Clearly, Chris Nolan wants to make sure he doesn’t confront OWS.

    He met his match.

    • Really? We “hyped” it? I thought we just passed along a story from the LA Times.

      And as to your conclusion. PLEASE.


  4. There is a “Dark Knight” god!

  5. This belongs in the next Captain America movie. Just as Marvel used to do in their comics back in the 60’s and 70’s.

  6. It wasnt needed.
    Wise move.

  7. Radiohead was “confirmed” to play a free show for the protestors, and everyone believed it. It was a hoax, and the band and their management had to say it was never confirmed, real or thought about. Then someone admitted they lied to get people to go to the protests.

    Methinks it’s the same thing here. Lots of lying.

    • No…. those people can’t lie… never… impossible…

      Or for those of us who are old enough:


  8. It would have been kind of cool, but like others have said, it’s not needed. Especially if organizing the protestors will just hurt shooting.

    • ps-Thanks for keeping this civil. It could have devolved into ugliness, but everyone is staying cordial. Makes it easier to post and not dodge nuclear bombs, lol.

      • Yeah, haha. Absolutely.

  9. Hang on, fiming the OWS protestors would have been extremely unethical.

    What if some people didn’t want to be on film? WB would have had a disastrous number of lawsuits on their hands!!

    This would never have happened.

    • I think that’s why Nolan decided not to do it. It would have been too complicated and take too long for the shoot schedule to arrange all of that, and even if it would have saved money (maybe, they would use extras now, if there’s even need for a protest in the movie), it would delay the shoot, and maybe worse.

      • I still think someone made it up, like the fake Radiohead show a few weeks back. All a hoax to try and get people to show up.

        • Well who made it up? lol. And if it was someone in OWS, at least it was well intentioned? *shrugs* I mean, what’s EW source for this? *shrugs*

          • You keep saying “well intentioned.” I don’t believe in good intentions, because they tend to bite people on the arse. Example: years ago, some dude I worked for (who is today totally pro-OWS) said he wasn’t eating because he had no money. Someone gave him $5, I bought him ramen. I felt good about that, until another co-worker and her buddy laughed at me. He’s broke because he spends all his money at the strip club.

            I told that story to a close friend, and she said my intentions were good, but I countered with, “right, and they pave the road to hell.” We basically gave this guy money and food so he could continue blowing his cash on lap dances and never learn a lesson. It was HIS fault he was broke and couldn’t eat, not mine or anyone else’s. It wasn’t up to us to feed him, or the government, etc. He was 45 or so at the time and still needed to grow up.

            Good intentions don’t change the world, self responsibility does.

            • So what’s the point of sharing that story? I’ve said this before; yes, there are people in OWS who are like that, absolutely. But not the majority. And we can’t say the whole group is like that, because it’s not. These people aren’t asking for anyone to take care of them. They are NOT asking for handouts. Many of these people come from situations where working hard at the jobs they have (if they can even find one) is not enough, or barely enough to survive. We can’t keep comparing the whole group to a bunch of moochers. And the movement isn’t all about good intentions, obviously that’s not going to change the world, I didn’t say that.

              • It’s my example of good intentions, even if they fail. I hate when someone says, “Well, their intentions were good,” even if it ended up screwing things up. Why do it in the first place?

                My ignorant assumptions? My friend, I probably understand your politics more than you do, and that’s not being arrogant. At some point, you’ll reach an age and income level where your taxes will go up. You won’t be wealthy, but you’ll get a raise and make less money. You’ll stop thinking, “Wow the government is gonna do great with my money,” and instead think of the DMV and the long lines at the post office while 3 out of the 4 postal workers are taking mandatory breaks. All the government waste. You’ll think about how it’s YOUR money going to pay for able-bodied people to stay unemployed. You’ll start to figure out ways to legally write things off on your taxes so you can get something back, so you can take your family out, or just get by. WithOUT the help of the government. You’ll also learn that hard work and self-responsibility actually works.

                Now, speaking of work, I gotta get back to it. Again, thanks for staying cordial and not flaming everyone. Remember, everyone has an opinion and they’re like… well, yadda yadda.

                • You’ll have to forgive me sir, I didn’t mean to call your opinions ignorant assumptions, I just meant the ignorant assumptions of people in general. Like I said, I appreciate your attitude towards this whole thing.

                  Well, aside from what you said about me there, it doesn’t work for everyone. A lot of people barely survive, if they can survive at all, but I understand what you’re saying.

            • Anything the OWS people do are “well intentioned” duh… They are capable of doing no wrong…

              • I never said that these people can do no wrong. They’ve obviously done wrong, and I’ve admitted this time and time again, but we can’t judge a whole movement based on some bad things here and there. You aren’t listening at all. Surprise.

  10. Nolan and crew are so clever ; can you see how they are creating a huge buzz for TDKR its like they don’t even want the buzz to stop.
    and im enjoy reading your foolish comments , all of it!

    • Foolish comments?

  11. oops i meant i enjoy

  12. It might be time to close the comments on this post. It’s fairly civil but it’s just going in circles and no one is going to convince anyone on the opposite side of anything.


    • As I see it, no one is trying to convince anyone to support or be against OWS. It’s a matter of being informed and not making assumptions (in this case, negative) about people.

      • Regardless of WHAT the two sides are trying to convince each other, it’s still pointless. I could let this run for another week and 500 comments and the same arguments would still be being made by the same people on both sides. People who disagree with you are making assumptions to the negative, and you are making assumptions to the positive. The truth lies somewhere towards the middle, a bit to one side or the other.