‘Dark Knight Rises’ In New York; The Battle For Gotham City

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While the Occupy Wall Street protestors are not being featured in The Dark Knight Rises after all, the latest photos and videos from the New York set of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy finale reveal that there will still be plenty of angry civilians and police officials clashing in the streets of Gotham City.

Today’s roundup of Dark Knight Rises set material includes images and videos that offer an early look at a (possibly, climactic) street battle that occurs between Bane’s forces, the Gotham City Police, and the Caped Crusader himself.

For those who are worried about spoiling themselves for The Dark Knight Rises (even more than they already have…): there’s nothing on display here that hasn’t either been unveiled or partially hinted at before. All the same, here are some of the highlights of today’s photo gallery:

  • Tom Hardy in his full Bane regalia, including his militaristic armor and leathery winter coat
  • Christian Bale in his (now, trademark) Batman outfit
  • An early peek at Matthew Modine‘s character, “Nixon”
  • “Bane’s Army” clashing with Gotham city authorities
  • Bane and Batman trading blows amidst the ensuing chaos

Check out those pics and more in the gallery below:

Next – for those who want an early “in-motion” sneak peek at the grand-scale Dark Knight Rises action set piece teased above, which also includes three (count ‘em, three) camouflage Tumblers tearing up the pavement, have a look at the videos (via “deannabreglia” and “Eidolon Pictures“) below:

Many fans still have mixed feelings about the overabundance of amateur Dark Knight Rises production images and videos that have popped up online. While, at first glance, it may seem like the film’s been entirely spoiled by this point, it ought to be pointed out that literally none of this behind-the-scenes material has been shown in context.

To use a fitting analogy: assuming that you already know every one of the Dark Knight Rises‘ secrets – or what the quality of the final product is going to be – is kind of like assuming you know exactly how a cake will look and taste, simply because you’ve been shown a good chunk of the raw ingredients.

One thing that is apparent, though: Nolan is raising the “epic” bar something high with his third Batman movie. Between this new practically-produced action sequence with hundreds of screaming extras charging one another down, multiple shootouts between the police and Bane’s mercenaries, and further evidence that masses of Gotham civilians will be taken hostage throughout the film… The Dark Knight Rises is clearly going to offer moviegoers an insane amount of bang for their buck.


The Dark Knight Rises will hit theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

Fans can get an early look at the film’s prologue in the IMAX format when Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens in theaters this winter.

Source: gettyimages, NY Daily News

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  1. i dont usually like batman, but this looks like an epic finally to the trilogy

  2. Im the boss

    • lol

    • That was great!

  3. The action does indeed look to be extremely amped up in the trilogy finale, and I cannot wait to see see the finished product! Yeah, I am looking forward to “The Avengers”…and even “The Amazing Spider-Man”…but “The Dark Knight Rises” is definitely the film I am MOST anticipating in 2012.

    • My list is pretty much the same.
      1- THe Dark Knight Rises
      2- The Avengers
      3- The Amazing Spiderman
      That’s my top 3 for the summer. Come winter my list consists of only The Hobbit.

  4. I’m very excited for TDKR (my second most anticipated movie of 2012).
    The Gotham City battle is going to be epic.

    • Don’t you get tired of commenting the same thing?

      • Don’t you get tired of asking people senseless questions with the main purpose of starting a fight? ;)

        I haven’t really expressed how much I’m looking forward to TDKR (IMO)… I’ve mostly been going on about how much The Avengers is going to rock — but now that there isn’t a lot of new news about that movie, I’m showing a bit more interest in my second most anticipated film.

        P.S. Shouldn’t you comment be directed at all the guys who continuously say “In Nolan I trust”; “All hail Nolan”; etc.? — Because they say stuff like that a LOT more than me saying I’m excited for the movie…

        • @ TheAvenger

          I know i get sick of that & could say what’s all on my mind but i refuse to start a fight & probly get myself banned from here.

        • Isn´t he the guy who actually worships Nolan? Just don´t feed the troll…

      • Nope. He doesn’t.

  5. Wow! That would be an impressive scene even in a non-CGI type of world.

    Holy Sartorians! That’s a different Batman suit!

  6. Version 2.1

    • Ain’t nobody gonna steal it, either!

      Besides the obvious differences on the outside, it’s bulkier. Has the Bat powered up to face his chemically enhanced foe? Does he need it just to get around now?

      It’s kind of cool – IMO, we’re being shown the “making of” parts waaaay before the home versions come out. And it really doesn’t give much away.

      Speaking of that, if TDKR came out tomorrow, that would be just fine with me. And I am totally looking forward to the trilogy when that comes out.

  7. Wish I had a Time Machine
    I believe only in Nolan

  8. Yes, this movie is gonna destroy next year. I can’t wait to rub it in the faces of all the morons who doubted it before it even got off the ground. By then They’ll have changed their tune and blended in with the other ‘Nolan-ites’, lol.

  9. I wonder if the new suit will act as a body brace while his back heals.

    • No.

  10. Despite all of these leaked set photos and videos, we still have no idea what the plot of this movie will be, other than what can be guessed at from the teaser trailer. Thus, Dark Knight Rises remains unspoiled for me.

    • Don’t read Knightfall then!

  11. Awesome.

  12. I think I just got a semi. Looks quite impressive. I still want a better bat suit but oh well.

    • I like the suit. I’m just not too keen on the leg design.

  13. Is this movie out yet? Taking too long!!

  14. TDKR is still the 2nd movie of 2012 im lookin forward to. I hate to say it but Nolan’s version of Bane doesn’t do anything for me really. He doesn’t look all that buff in prevous pictures & looks around the same height as Batman. But i hope Hardy pulls off Bane well despite everything else.

    As for pictures of chaos in Gotham, I hope it’s all worth it. Id prefer Batman makin a comeback for round 2 w/ Bane & whoever he takes on. And then have all of Gotham be behind Batman. I kinda find it silly for Bane to have a army behind him aswell as cops, swat,etc behind Batman. Like i said, i hope theres good reason for all that.

  15. Did anyone else notice the guy in the hood standing behind Bane? I wonder if he’d part of the league of shadows?

    • I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s a jedi. I noticed him too, he seems out of place but you’re probably right with the League of Shadows guess.

  16. Rubber muscle suit looks too rubbery

  17. Wow, a director that tries to use practical effects?!? Nolan definitely knows how to put extras to work. That first video is awesome! Next Summer’s movie line-up is so kick-ass.

  18. And doesn’t it seem like they just add a little piece of armor here and there every time there’s a new bat-suit? I really liked the one in the last movie, Bale’s movements were a little more fluid and it shot really well. This one looks like too many random layers and pieces of armor. The Batman suit in “Batman” with Keaton is my personal favorite, I prefer the simple design. In comics, my favorite is David Mazzucchelli’s design in Year One.

    • The suit Bale has here is the same suit from The Dark Knight. Nolan made it known he had no intention of changing after the Dark Knight, otherwise, it would be like copying the previous shumacher films. Also, there is no reason to change it.

      Anyways, that the same suit, it just looks alot different when it brightly lit.

      • I was hoping he would do another suit to accommodate his recovery…and this suit just looks too busy. Bats is known for constantly improving and tweaking his designs, the psuedo geek in me wanted a new mobile and sleeker outfit.

        • @ Agent 0

          Imo, id like to see a Batman franchise where Batman wears the same costume in all the films intead of changing costumes in every sequel. I realize they wanna make money w/ selling toy merchandise etc. It would be somthing to do diffently for the franchise.

          • Yes Wally yes. Agreed, agreed, agreed. Big time. I dont understand the need to change the suit every movie. In the first franchise, by the time they got to the end of Batman and Robin, the suit were beyond ridiculous. (besides the movie sucking crotchrot)

            • @ happyman

              Ugh. To this day, i didn’t get why Batman,Robin,Batgirl changed costumes when they went to confront Freeze & Bane for the last time. Like at the end of Batman Forever, Batman’s costume didn’t have the nipples but Robin’s did still.

              • When the Riddler blew up the Bat-Cave, all of the suits were destroyed except for this prototype. So that makes sense. Kinda.

                • @ Scapegoat

                  I guess i forgot about the line Batman asked Dick who’s his tailor when he appeared in his Robin costume & Alfred said he took the liberies of doin so. I get that part for that movie but still didn’t why all 3 heroes changed costumes for the climax in Batman & Robin.

                  My guess was anti-freezing costumes? Still, Batman’s was like the prototype while Robin’s would still have the stupid nipples. You know?

          • I feel you on that, I just don’t like this jigsaw that was created for TDK, I would much rather the Batman Begins suit through this trilogy. And as far as I am concerned, Batman and Robin never existed. A travsety of justice.

            • @ Agent 0

              Imo, i thought costume design was little too much in TDK. Just think if Nygma worked at Wayne Enterprises & reconized not just the Tumbler’s design but Batman’s armor aswell.

              I too would rather have Batman Begins suit through the trilogy. As for Batman & Robin, i only have the dvd since i have previous three films.

    • @ KGB

      Id like to say i too liked The Batman costume w/Keaton is my favorite. I think it’s because after first seeing Batman in the comics & of-course Burton’s films, it was the yellow emblem & yellow belt that made it look good besides being all black. And in Burton’s films Batman covered the yellow belt w/ the cape so you never what was he gonna pull from outta there. Samething with Batman:TAS only i noticed Batman’s cape covered both the emblem & belt.

      I liked Batman’s costume in Batman Begins more than i did in TDK & TDKR. One thing is because on the costume was i couldn’t notice the Bat-emblem very well because of the costume’s design. That’s just me.

  19. It kind of looks like they’re recreating that fight on the steps of city hall from some of the photos.

    So can anyone tell me why they’re filming in New York City now when they could have filmed their before Pittsburgh or even before they went to L.A.? It just doesn’t seem very economical to go film on one coast then fly all the way back to the other coast to wrap filming.

    • Maybe NY has more of the “Gothic” architecture that Gotham really needs!?

      • @ motoko

        Aslong as Nolan keeps the Statue of Liberty outta his version of Gotham unlike what was seen in Schumacher’s Batman Forever.

        • I cant remember that but was it IN Gotham? Or on the outskirts of Gotham?

          • @ Aknot

            Probly outskirts of Gotham. But imo shouldn’t of been in the film at all.

  20. Ok the first photo is pretty menacing… except for that one guy smiling….

    I kind of chuckled thinking Photo Bomb. And the one with Bane holding Batmans cape as they walk down the isle..err steps….as the man in yellow is still beating the snot out of someone….

    Nothing about the movie just commenting on the pics…

  21. this movie is gonna be an epic fail.

    nolan doesnt even know how to shoot good action scenes. u can never see whats going on.

    • Sure buddy,he only made a billion dollars on TDK. Same thing people were saying about bay and Transformers 3. and Boom,billion dollars.

      • @Bruce Wayne
        The amount of money a movie makes isn’t really a good indication of how “good” the actual movie is…
        Take TF2 for example: it made a butt load of cash, but most people (including myself) thought it was a terrible movie.

        How would you possibly know this movie is going to fail? — Can you see the future? If so, please tell me how The Avengers will play out ;)
        Anyway… please don’t criticize a movie that hasn’t even finished filming.

        • Amen

  22. So… Batman vs Bane and an army of homeless guys with guns? :P

  23. Wow who knew its that easy to stop a riot in an instant with an air horn. Sweet im going to try it next time I drive past an elementary school.

  24. its almost as if they are trying to cover up Tom hardy’s muscles with that big coat to make him look a little smaller, so when he venom’s up and take out his coat, we’ll see his buffness (ala tdkr teaser and the first promo pic)

  25. for me it goes
    1. the dark knight rises AND the avengers
    2. the hobbit
    3. the amazing spider man

  26. I can honestly say im only thinking about this movie everyday. Im counting the days till the 6 minute trailer on the opening day of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Im just dying to see how it looks

  27. the most Anticipated film …..INDEED!

  28. I thought it was a pretty good movie but it had nothing on the Dark Knight, To me The Dark Knight was the best of the three. The Joker Character was so on point, no one could do it like Heath Ledger did Joker

  29. Just needed to express Now i’m thrilled I came in your website