Rumor Patrol: Another Character Returns for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

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dark knight rises nokia trailer Rumor Patrol: Another Character Returns for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Anyone who has seen a Christopher Nolan film knows to expect the unexpected. From Inception to The Dark Knight, twists and turns have become par for the course with each of his films, but now it seems that one of the mysteries surrounding The Dark Knight Rises may be solved.

It goes without saying that the following story contains SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises – so, if you’re trying to remain unspoiled, look away now!

Earlier this month, Cillian Murphy refused to address rumors that he would reprise his role as Scarecrow in The Dark Knight Rises.

However, now Hey U Guys has received a press release that indicates Murphy will, in fact, factor into the action-heavy plot of the final chapter of Nolan’s Batman saga.

The release aims to inform the media of the film’s European premiere and mentions that the following cast members are scheduled to attend the premiere:

Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Liam Neeson, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine.

Neeson’s attendance isn’t much of a surprise, considering what we’ve already heard regarding how his character factors into the film. However, at this point, there’s no telling if the release includes Murphy in the cast list simply because of his past involvement in the series or if he will indeed appear in The Dark Knight Rises. Murphy has long mentioned that he would return to the role, if asked, so the real question is whether or not Nolan felt this third film had a role for Scarecrow.

Some fans have speculated that Bane’s mask may somehow be tied to the fear-inducing toxin that Scarecrow used in Batman Begins, and others think that the character will again wander the streets of Gotham in the midst of Bane’s attacks on the city. There’s a lot about this film we still don’t know – so there are any number of explanations for how Scarecrow could conceivably be involved.

Scarecrow in batman 3 Rumor Patrol: Another Character Returns for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’?

Murphy’s reappearance could be looked at as repetitive, but it does make sense from a narrative standpoint. At this point, The Joker is the only previously introduced villain who has been confirmed to not feature into the plot, and Nolan has been making every attempt to tie narrative threads in his trilogy together with this last film. A Scarecrow appearance would only serve to perpetuate that goal.

The way things are going, fans will likely only know the truth for sure when the film is finally released.

The Dark Knight Rises, of course, hits theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: HeyUGuys

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  1. 3 weeks from now I’ll have finally seen this!
    And then I’ll be back the next day. ;)
    Can’t wait!!!

  2. IMAX tickets- check!

  3. People say that Nolan would not return to direct a 4th Batman film, and to do so would only serve to harm his trilogy, and lead into an episodic formula of churning out villians for Batman to battle and excuses for this and that to happen…etc. -Basically just going down the toilet with a part 4. Well to that mentality I say this: Batman has been churning out stories since 1939, and he is arguably more popular than EVER. A 4th movie could potentially coincide with the 75th anniversary of the character. Yeah? Big deal? Indeed. Batman has been formulaically successful at episodically churning out villians for almost three quarters of a century. If you don’t want to do it, I can understand that. Burning out on the character is one thing… If you aren’t feeling up to the challenge, I understand. But Mr. Nolan, please, don’t blame Batman for your lack of inspiration and ideas for a worthy 4th film.

    • Well said. I get what Nolan is saying but Eddie my friend u hit the nail on the head

    • This is the dumbest thing I’ve read so far today. Nolan not up to the challenge are you kidding? Look what he did after Dark Knight, why not allow him to do other projects and see what he may able to do? He suprised the hell outta us with Inception. He’s a young director, I’m sure he wants to direct many other movies instead of just Batman.

      • Your absolutely right Nolan has other projects in mind that’s one of the reasons why he`s done with Batman but still wants to be involve in DC films which is fine with me. I`m up for any of his films like them so far. This happens all the time, think back on other franchises after working as Directors in a successful franchise piggy banks gets full they eventually become Producers.

    • You can’t seriously believe that the reason that Nolan isn’t going to do a 4th film is because he isn’t up for the challenge. I’m not a Nolan fanboy but there is enough evidence to prove that he can do pretty much any movie he sets his mind to. Also, when did he ever say that Batman has lack of stories and that’s why he isn’t doing another movie.

    • Eddie…

      Ummm, no.

      Nolan has stated very logically (and been reasonably backed up by both his own directorial history AND those who work with and for him) that he strives to maintain integrity in his films. He refuses to use 3D, even though it is the IN thing currently. He stops at a trilogy because he wants to give his version of the Batman story a distinct beginning, middle, and ending.

      So many people (including fanboys) have said they wished their beloved superhero/SF/horror/western/etc. franchise would continue only as long as is favorable and necessary, thus not leaving a sour flavor on the tongues of the various fans. So many franchises have failed in this regard. Some failures have happened because the given franchise simply outlasted its time or its welcome (“Highlander”, “The Crow”); sometimes, the franchise failed because the continuation(s) proved to be vastly inferior (“Star Wars”) to the originals. There are, of course those franchises that DO succeed over MANY films and many actors (“Star Trek”, “James Bond”, “Doctor Who” on TV), but these have had to rely on narrative/plot/character/universe TRICKS…or simply have become so known for their peculiar changeovers that people gradually (and fortunately) found these continuations almost…comfortable, thus allowable.

      Batman, in the ’90s, tried to switch actors but failed miserably (yes, there were OTHER problems, of course, but…). The Nolan trilogy by remaining a trilogy with a secured cast (Rachel Dawes aside) stands an excellent chance of maintaining its integrity AND believeability as a universe.

      The ONE thing about which you were correct is that Batman stories have been around for a very long time and WILL be around for a long time to come. They will just be around told by OTHER directors with other ideas and different interpretations of the basic, iconic mythos.

      This is NOT a difficult concept…

      • lol you said nolan refuses to shoot in 3D because you’re implying its somehow beneath him or its just the current fad AS IF he wasn’t the FIRST person to jump onboard the even stupider train known as IMAX. (LIE)MAX is a joke. but the way ridley used 3D in prometheus, man THAT was brilliant. I’m sure james cameron called ridley to ask how his 3D looked so damn beautiful.

        • LOL…ballsack, you’re so cute.

          I did not imply anything. I’ve quite enjoyed 3D films (when done well, of course). I said nothing about it being a fad (OTHERS on this site HAVE said that, but I believe that it’s here to stay…in some form or other). Nolan, on the other hand, has said that he does not like the way films look and feel when made in 3D. As for IMAX, I suppose you’re welcome to your opinion, but the sheer, overwhelming numbers of people who have seen and enjoyed films in that format (including me) would tend to discredit that opinion…just a tad bit.

          BTW, WHY do you dislike IMAX? If you are going to criticize, back it up. You didn’t just say that to sound rebelliously different and…cool, right?

          Oh, and yes, the 3D in “Prometheus” and “Avatar” and “Hugo” (which, btw, looked great in 2D too) and a number of other films did indeed look excellent. You REALLY are going to want to look up the definition of “imply” the next time you tell someone about an implication they NEVER made…

          Just sayin’…you know, for your serious consideration. ;)

          • IMAX is just as much as a gimmick as 3D. Watching a movie on a bigger screen is just as pointless as having the images pop out at you.

            • Ghost…

              Ultimately, that is true. Neither is necessary for viewers to thoroughly a given film. In fact, now that we have the basics of filmmaking so well established, there really is NOT an upcoming technology that will be the end-all-be-all of the movie-watching experience. Holographic imagery with accompanying immersive sound, for example, will be grand fun, I’m sure, but not absolutely needed or always even particularly effective. Direct absorption/first-hand experience of the movie world through a cybernetic implant/plug-in component will be undoubtedly cool, but will all people want to go through that effort (and expense) for the experience? Hell, no.

              Many people, including Nolan, find IMAX to be a worthwhile cinematic advancement (even Nolan, however, admits that for more intimate moments, it is NOT as good). Many do not. Many people think 3D done right is fantastic. Many do not. For my part, I enjoy films in all 3 presentation formats (sometimes, even combined as in IMAX 3D), as long as I am enjoying the film ITSELF, first and foremost.

              Nolan made this particular trilogy, so his preferences came into play. The next Batman director might, indeed, choose to go a completely different way. I’m fine with that, again, as long as the film is enjoyable. The Nolan Batman films have been and have been beautifully constructed, great films, as well, IMO (obviously anticipating that TDKR will continue that pattern).

              Oh, and to respond to your comment about the pointlessness of IMAX: Its fans perceive it as having a more epic (literally AND figuratively) scale, thus bringing more immersion, of a sort, to the movie. If you do not agree, that’s perfectly fine, of course. Many people perceive 3D as putting the viewer more effectively into the action (by definition). Again, not everyone agrees with this format’s reason existence.

              • Sigh…

                My second sentence above should, of course, include the word ENJOY.

              • Arrrgh! My final sentence should include FOR between “reason” and “existence”.

                Double sigh…

                • LOL Archaeon… you’re so cute.

                  • It comes naturally… ;)

                    • haha

        • Name ONE movie that was shot *awesomely* in 3D. No, Avatar does not count, because the colours were dark as hell even in that movie.

          • Actually, “Avatar” DOES count, because the colors and textures were quite vibrant and convincing. Above, I also mentioned “Prometheus” and “Hugo”. They were also very effectively presented in 3D.

            Maybe, you were accidentally wearing your sunglasses instead of your regular glasses…?

            • lol, good one Archaeon.

              I don’t agree about Prometheus though: The 3d was useless for the most part IMO.
              Still, there are plenty good movies that make use of 3D and do actually enhance the experience. Sadly, it is mainly used as a gimmick (just like IMAX has been used as a gimmick), but it looks like things are getting a bit better in terms of quality…

              • Upon considering it further, I realized that I agree with you about “Prometheus” for the most part…Its use of 3D was not particularly stunning. It wasn’t a POOR use; it just wasn’t an INTERESTING use either.

          • TRON: LEGACY

        • Personally I don’t care for 3-D or Imax. Both of them give me a headache and 3-D hurts my eyes as well.

    • He planned this as a trilogy from the start. He has been very clear about that. It’s not for lack of inspiration or imagination. Da Vinci never made another Mona Lisa painting not for lack of inspiration, it’s only because he doesn’t need to. Chis Nolan doesn’t need to do 4 Batman movies, everything good comes in 3s, which is why as good as the ending for TDK is he didn’t stop there at 2, he wanted a TRILOGY. How is that so hard to understand?

      • No, Christopher Nolan has not planned this trilogy all along. He has in fact stated that he made Batman Begins as a stand alone film, and only began to consider a sequel after enormous interest in seeing what happens next. The Joker in the epilogue was used as a suggestion of where the story might go from there, and was in no way a deliberate teaser.

        • Plus you gotta remember, Heath signed on to make TWO movies as The Joker so I imagine that Nolan talks about a trilogy from the start and maybe he really did and wasn’t sure if Begins would make any money to do it but Heath’s death changed things.

          Otherwise, he’d probably have been back in this one and the series could carry on.

    • Totally agree man. I know Christopher he won’t do another, but his younger brother and he have written the last couple of movies and if the rumor mill is true Nolan’s Brother would direct the 4th film. I just think what happened to Heath took an extreme toll on Christopher. I thought they were getting to Bane eventually not so soon, I thought maybe 1 more after this one. I would have loved to have seen maybe a Penguin or Riddler encounter. Depp could play either role. Also, pre-production rumor was they were going that route of Riddler and were considering Leo for that role. I read the Bane Series and the Azriel Series. Now, that whole series was done by legendary visionary Frank Miller. I would like to see them take the Azriel route in a way but not really. Who knows, I have seen and heard of YET another reboot of the Batman saga, but can’t imagine after the performance of the late Heath Ledger of who would do a better job?/ Seriously, no one comes to mind for me. During the Mtv movie Awards Bale did say that if the younger Nolan came with a script for a 4th film he would do it no questions. If it does get rebooted, like Spiderman has which I think is going to be a huge bust for me, because I thought Tobey was awesome for the role. So, that is my thoughts and I hope you like them. Peace out man

      • WHEN did Bale say he would a fourth “no questions” if Jonah came up with a script? Were we watching the same MTV Awards (terrible and an extreme waste of time though the show was)?

    • Nolan is up for anything. I respect the idea that he wants it to be a trilogy. He gave a very nice point to that. If we’re looking into Batman’s 75th year, then Warner Bros. has a perfectly good excuse to reboot the franchise. I’m all for a reboot as long as it’s good.

    • I think Nolan’s decision not to continue with Batman is his ego, not that he can’t accept a challenge or just wants to close a “planned” trilogy…more on that in a minute…but the fact he is one of the biggest directors and he knows it. I personally am a long time Batman film fan and I thought that Batman Begins was terrible. I could go on and on about the poor execution and turning Bruce Wayne into a “ninja”, the bad casting with the exception of Michael Caine who lands Alfred perfectly, and making the Scarecrow seem as harmless as his cartoon counterpart. Honestly after watching the first I thought that was it and did not expect to see another and I’m not convinced at all for second that Nolan had intended to do a trilogy based on Batman Begins mythos.

      Honestly how many times can you watch Batman Begins compared to Tim Burton’s first Batman….no contest…to this day Burton’s Batman is far superior to Begins in every way and you can sit through it over and over again and enjoy everything about it.

      Then a few years later we get The Dark Knight, and none can argue this without Ledger’s performance as Joker would have been just as bad as Begins. Now Nolan did the right thing and focused heavily on the Joker character as opposed to Batman because even he knows that Christian Bale can put you to sleep. Then we get the death of Heath Ledger and holy crap I have never seen a more effective marketing tool for a movie…and you really cant argue that. The Dark Knight was vastly superior to its previous attempt and did bring back some of our expectations but still failed in its usual categories, casting, rushed plot, and a “sissy” Batman….lets face it we have watched Nolan’s Batman get his ass handed to him so many times it makes you wonder why Bale didn’t want Robin because he sure could have used the help. Then there was the biggest upset..the death of Two Face…I mean really we have only seen the character for 20 mins and then you kill him? Ohh and lets not forget the Scarecrows cameo and how well that worked, if I were Murphy I would not be returning because that is just crap!

      And now comes The Dark Night Rises and in my opinion the worst title that suggests its pure poetic irony because isn’t this the last Batman? So why rises why not falls? Here we get Nolan’s ego again saying hes created a masterpiece and no one can touch it because he is ending it. Well there’s the door Nolan and take your super ninja sissy Batman with you. Now I will admit this movie does look like it will match The Dark Knight prowess, whether that’s a good thing is up to you guys, but it looks like we get the same formula…a smart villain, a Batman who again gets his ass kicked and numerous plots to tie up lose ends and introduce new characters oh boy. Nolan you really can make amazing sets and sequences but please leave story structure alone when it comes to super heroes we don’t want to see our favorites brought up with a terrible back story, become ninjas only to get the crap beat out of them and insult with our favorite bad guys having no point at all….and really Bane and Catwomen…come on out of all those characters these two?

      Well we know a reboot is most likely coming so good riddins Nolan stick to Inception sequels where that crap works. And knowing this, we can expect to see a Justice League movie around 2020-2025?

      • Gibson…

        Well, you ARE entitled to your opinion. My opinion strongly disagrees with practically every point you made. I simply think you are way off base, but I suppose that is just how it will have to be…

        My question to you is: WHY even comment on this thread? You did not contribute to the discussion. You hated the first film. You disliked the second film. Clearly, you doubt you’re going to enjoyed this third film.

        Again, I ask: WHY ARE YOU HERE?

        • Archaeon….

          You have me all wrong….I am a fan of Batman and I’m forced to deal with what our culture gives us. My point really was to convey that Nolan’s ego was the reason the series is ending not because he wants closure or can’t handle a challenge. Nolan is great at what he does just not introducing a super hero to his fans.

          I have much hope for The Dark Knight Rises, I hope it corrects mistakes of the past and gives his trilogy an ending it deserves, I was just elaborating why I think the previous movies failed and that Nolan’s ego is to blame not his capabilities. His Batman could have been great, I just feel he missed the mark…just like others have: Returns, Forever, and Batman & Robin. Every previous film had its potential but we cant control what we are given so we deal with it.

          That still doesn’t take away my enjoyment to see Batman on the big screen, I like many others are just waiting for that film that nails all our expectations. Now everyone can comment on what they like and what they don’t and Nolan’s did bring some great aspects to Batman, the breathtaking visuals, a brilliant Joker, and cool gadgets…however it felt like I was watching a cop dressed like a bat who was too vulnerable to his surroundings. Who wants to watch the hero fail? Now the darker tone is great I’m not arguing that but the delivery of the characters could be improved with the cast it has and Nolan needs to realize this is not “his” character and some of us did not agree with his vision and know we are forced to be introduced to a remake or reboot just like Spiderman.

          • Its a more cerebal batman. Any longstading fan of Batman would appreciate a more paychological look at one of the craziest superheroes.

            It seems you have a very specific view of what batman is. Unfortunately there are multiple versions of batman that have developed over the years. Nolan has taken Batman Year One tone and applied it to the entire universe while incoporating famous comicbook arcs.

            • Good post =]

          • Dr. Gibson…

            Fair enough.

            Thank you for your reasonable, calm response. I admit I still disagree with you, but I do understand your perspective a lot better. I, too, am hoping for a wonderful film, come July 20th.

            I guess we’ll simply have to wait until then to see if you are pleasantly surprised and if I am rewarded for my hopeful anticipation.


  4. Makes me wonder how Heath would have been used.

  5. Couldn’t care less. His character seems to be a little redundant in Nolan’s universe. In “Batman Begins” he was a simple pawn of a larger evil, and he was too stupid to realize it. In “The Dark Knight” he was a petty drug dealer who thought doing a drug deal in the middle of an empty parking lot at night wouldn’t look suspicious; why didn’t he just invite the Russian over for a cup of joe instead? I can’t really see the point in including him in this film, other than for continuity reasons, why keep this useless character around?

  6. Im disappointed they arent goning to address Joker at all, the best line of Dark Knight which also summed up Joker and Bats relationship perfectly was “I think you and I are destined to do this forever”; I really wanted some indication that this actually has come to pass or will in the future, since the endless cycle is imperative to their dynamic. To have that line, so indicative of things to come, only to find out that Joker really has just been rotting in Arkham the whole time and will never get out, or worse he died in confinement, would be the worst cop-out ever that Nolan could do, and I will feel cheated because Dark Knight will lose so much meaning for me… But, just my opinion, and I’m not gonna start hating the man or anything, just be disappointed in him for awhile

    • I agree with you on this to a point. The only thing that could make this ok in my book to have Joker’s name and existence be such a taboo in Gotham’s history that people do not even want to acknowledge it. In a way, if they acknowledge anything having to do with Harvey Dent, they are acknowledging the Joker, albeit in an indirect way. And of coure, the line “…you and I are destined to do this forever,” could be taken symbolically, meaning that Batman (or any crimefighter) is destined to be locked in a perpetual struggle with chaos. Or maybe they will directly reference the Joker and they’re just trying to surprise us.

  7. Im disappointed they arent goning to address Joker at all, the best line of Dark Knight which also summed up Joker and Bats relationship perfectly was “I think you and I are destined to do this forever”; I really wanted some indication that this actually has come to pass or will in the future, since the endless cycle is imperative to their dynamic. To have that line, so indicative of things to come, only to find out that Joker really has just been rotting in Arkham the whole time and will never get out, or worse he died in confinement, would be the worst cop-out ever that Nolan could do, and I will feel cheated because Dark Knight will lose so much meaning for me… I’ll get over it, but I’ll be disappointed with Nolan for awhile

  8. Im disappointed they arent going to address Joker at all, the best line of Dark Knight which also summed up Joker and Bats relationship perfectly was “I think you and I are destined to do this forever”; I really wanted some indication that this actually has come to pass or will in the future, since the endless cycle is imperative to their dynamic. To have that line, so indicative of things to come, only to find out that Joker really has just been rotting in Arkham the whole time and will never get out, or worse he died in confinement, would be the worst cop out ever that Nolan could do, and I will feel cheated because Dark Knight will lose so much meaning for me… I’ll get over it, but I’ll be disappointed with Nolan for awhile

    • we get the point
      but it’s not Nolan’s fault Ledger died. And mentioning Joker without having him in it would be a wrong move. Unless someone else was cast, but we know that no one can live up to Ledger’s performance. TDK wasn’t all about the Joker dynamic, by the way. It was also about a good man’s (Two Face) descent to evil, and the repercussions of Batman taking the blame for his actions. So not all of TDK’s meaning will be lost.
      I am not trying to bash you, just saying that there’s not much they could have done with Joker without Ledger IMO. I’m sure that Joker was going to be in it if he lived.

      • I agree with you that it would be hard to cast the joker,or even rival Heath ledger’s performance.I do have two suggestions though,those being Daniel Day Lewis(granted age may be a factor)and Matthew McConaughey.Realizing the latter has not been in many serious roles,i might be going on image more than substance,but given a shot who knows.I have to admit i had my doubts, with Heath Ledger and Micheal Keaton(1989),but was blown away by both their performances.Anyway July 20TH can’t come soon enough.

        • It’s funny how people said that same thing when Nicholson was cast in the role in 89. The Majority of people complained when Ledger got the role, but now everyone says noone can give a better performance. I wonder what people will say when the next guy is cast….

          • Myself,i felt Jack Nicholson was the perfect choice for the Joker.As far as the casting for the role of Joker who is no longer as far as this trilogy is concerned,i don’t see their being a great debate about it in the near future.

          • Who knows, but you do you see doing it?? If I can name maybe one or 2 it Would be Depp, but they need a counter actor for Bale someone who he has immense chemistry with. I like Nicholson’s version, because it’s Jack Nicholson!! Heath Ledger I was so skeptical about but he talk to Jack and then to Mark Hamill to get a true perspective of who this man was internally, was he really that evil. That role killed Heath Ledger, sorry to say that, but it is true, he went and free based crack cocaine because of it. It is hard to truly think who can do the role, who is good enough talent wise and can maintain the psychosis and insanity that role demands. It truly changes actors when they play a role like that. Like coincidence, Gary Oldman, Commissioner Gordon, after Oldman played Dracula he changed as an actor his depth and range went to another level of acting. The only one person who may pull it off is Joaquin Phoenix, wish River was still Alive because maybe he would have done it. Joaquin, is so good and is actually nut-so already.

        • Daniel Day-Lewis and MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY???? That was intended as a joke right?

          • Nope

    • sigh, I hate it when it does that. Half the time I try to post something, it tells me the first couple times that the comment fails to post, and then it ends up that it gets posted 3 times. But anyways, I understand why they’re not going to do, and I didn’t say the movie would lose ALL meaning, just a lot of the meaning that I personally got out of it as a fan of the Joker and that really struck a cord with me. Also didn’tention that Tru should recast the role, though I do believe there are a few actors that could be awesome in the role (Michael C. Hall for the reboot!); more, I think an acknowledgement similar to what they did at the end of Batman Begins with the Joker Playing card, maybe even bring the movies even more full circle by having a parallel scene at the end of Rises we’re we find out Joker broke out of Arkham. I think people, Nolan included, have associated Ledger with the Joker almost too much, to the extent they think if they do anything with the character or recast that they are disrespecting his memory. I loved his performance, my favorite version of the Joker, but the character is larger than Heath, it can and must live on without him.

      • *didnt mean that they should recast the role

      • Agree

        • Thing is, Joker’s line about “doing this forever” was a nod towards the fact that Joker and Batman have been archenemies since the very beginning, that Joker is the main constant in Batman’s life out of all of his rogues gallery.

          If they’re bringing back Scarecrow to tie up loose ends, I wanna know…..will we see Zsasz return too? After all, Batman saved Rachel and Joffrey Baratheon from him in Begins, right?

          • Well yes and no, he tried to save Rachael, Joker just did what Razel-Ghul couldn’t do the first time. The whole Joker story I think had nothing to do with what is going on. Nolan does that in all of his movies, he throws monkey wrenches into everything look at what he did in Memento and Inception. Um, hello, what the hell just happened?? That is who Nolan is and that is why he is so good at what he does. Loose ends maybe, was Bane part of this whole thing to begin with?/ Was Razel-Ghul just a minion of Bane as was Neeson’s character. The Joker is Batman in every way. He is the Yang of Batman’s Yin. I really do believe Joker is the part of Batman that he was heading to be. I know that may not make any sense, but think about that. I love how Batman is a pawn in this whole scheme of these movies. He is trying to help the city but he leaves massive wakes of destruction in his path. People get hurt or they die in the process. When Rachael died, what Batman thought was her turned out wrong. And in the end Harvey and Rachael played the price for believing in an ordinary man who feels like he can bring justice to an already ravaged city. All Batman is doing is destroying it further by what he is doing and how he is doing it. It’s power, wealth and eventually greed and ego. And when you have reached that level you want it more and more that there really is no other way to feed the urge but become the very thing that Batman is fighting to protect in the first place

  9. Scarecrow: further proof that this is part of the Nolan Batman series.

  10. This movie cant come faster !!!!

  11. stop getting so worked up, SR. its gonna be a cameo like tdk, probably sometime during the mass arkham breakout.

  12. nolan just wants to discover other projects in the movie world , he never blamed the batman film series or anything like that, as someone said nolan is still a young director with lots of potential, he doesn’t want to end up like steven spielberg and george lucas making films of indiana jones, star wars, jaws, and jurassic park forever, so nows a good time for him to move on and see what other projects are just dying for him to direct

    • Are we going to complain when the guy who cures Cancer fails to cure anything else much? Tards.

      • Definitely a comparable accomplishment.

    • When you’re that rich, I don’t think you care how bad you get. lol.

      • They care how old they get, and how weak. Then they overcompensate, and ruin awesome stuff.
        It’s an old story.

  13. Just imagine what this movie would have been like if Ledger was still alive. It would have been somewhat irreverent at this point to have replaced him for a small role so to just leave it as an unknown is best I think.

  14. “The Joker is the only previously introduced villain who has been confirmed to not feature into the plot”

    Does this mean Two-face will also return? Or will he simply be mentioned. I figured he died from the fall in the end of TDK. Or is this old news and am I bringing up old discussions.

    • Last time I brought up the possibility of Two Face being alive and appearing in TDKR, about 10 Nolanites jumped on me “telling” me why/how Two Face got killed but why/how Batman was just able to stand up and run away…

      So yeah, it is an old discussion ;)

    • Nick W. (and The Avenger)…

      BY “feature into the plot”,I can easily see Bane simply revealing to the masses the truth about Harvey Dent’s fall and final hours, thus making his character important to the story of TDKR without the actor ever once appearing in the role in anything other than flashbacks. No one knows for sure, of course, until July 19th/20th. This explanation WOULD make that statement above true, however, WITHOUT Two-Face actually appearing in the film…

      • Wow, more mambo jumbo with the guy who slams everyone, the second movie had nothing to do with what is going on with the plot you infantile Noob!!

        • Dee…

          I’m not sure of the reason for your hostility. I was not insulting, judging, or (in ANY way) talking down to or negatively about Nick or Avenger…something I’m sure they understood. I just gave a possible solution (my perspective and one of MANY potential responses anybody might provide) to a question/situation/earlier point of contention they brought up. HOW is that slamming?

          As for mumbo-jumbo, I couldn’t have been clearer. Did YOU not understand what I wrote?

          I guarantee you I am NOT infantile; nor am I a Noob. I can back up anything I say on these threads (on those occasions when I HAVE been either proven wrong or been presented an acceptable alternate…or simply been called out for my behavior, I have owned up to it and even apologized, if necessary). I have been commenting on this site for quite awhile. Whether a lot of the commenters LIKE me is another issue, but they do KNOW me.

          Anything else?

          Oh, btw, HUH? “[T]he second movie had nothing to do with…the plot”.

          WHAT does THAT mean?

          • I figured Two-face was dead. But like Avenger said, we’re not sure until 20th of juli. And Archaeon, I understood what you meant. However, if Two-face is actually dead, who knows!? We’ll see! I can’t wait:D:D

  15. Wouldn’t it be interesting to discover that Batman was having some sort of mental breakdown, that everything which has occurred since Batman Begins is actually a delusional, psychotic break from reality onset by the Scarecrow? That Bruce Wayne is actually locked up in Arkham, suffering from hallucinations..? I could see Nolan successfully pulling this off…


    • tho it sounds kinda cool i geuss id feel like i just got slapped in the face lol knowing two of my favorite movies are hallucinations lol

    • You just basically described ‘Shutter Island’.
      I agree with Trey, it would be kinda cool in some ways, but mostly it’ll just feel like a slap in the face…

    • @Crom.

      Check this out. Batman Complex Teaser “Is it all a dream?”

      Batman Complex Theatrical trailer

      • Thats a really good mashup!

    • Dude you are on to something read my posts man you and I are getting somewhere with this!! ME LIKEY!!

  16. They can still do Joker. Some how. You’ll see.

    • Love the the positive thinking,but in the end, i think wishful thinking.

  17. I always thought that Joseph Gordan Levitt had an uncanny likeness for Heath Ledger and could easily have taken over the joker role, when he was cast in TDKR I was like hmmm but he has turned out to be a cop, however his role in the story is still a bit of a mystery, sooooo can’t wait for this to come out, Spiderman next week then Batman two weeks later, what a month!!

  18. t

  19. I guess Murphy will show up long enough for the Scarecrow to get killed, maybe in a montage, so the trilogy can close without any loose ends. Bane will probably be made to do it to establish his character as a petty tyrant above the other types of scum.
    As for Joker appearing in this movie, Dent’s change to Two-Face was supposed to happen entirely in the third film. That’s why the ending of TDK feels forced and superfluous.

  20. …is one of those people who will not take on a project if he is not certain he can make it his vision.

    Kudos to him.

    HOWEVER…, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to start a NEW trilogy even if he passed on the next two to a director he trusted or something. Unless, of course, Bruce Wayne really DOES die.

    I just hope they don’t screw up the Justice League.

  21. As I read through this article and posts I was wondering to myself how or if they would address the absence of the Joker. There’s No actor alive who could follow Heath Ledger’s performance and it would be an insult to his memory to attempt it. But…what if they used the Joker in a Hannibal Lecter kind of way? What if they used a voice actor to play the voice of the Joker from the dark pits of Arkham Asylum? He could be a profiler for Bane and at the same time give his usual taunts to Batman and shore up some of the loose ends left by Ledgers death. Just a thought.

    • How many times is this going to get posted?

    • Nolan said he won’t be addressing the Joker at all. Not a mention, not a reference…

    • So basically they’d put Joker in Calendar Man’s role from The Long Halloween, giving advice from his cell Lecter style?

    • Depp or Phoenix could. Or maybe even Ryan Gosling, he is bonkers man! I can see all three of them. Maybe that guy from the AMC series the Killing could do it, he is so so great in that series!

  22. I’m gonna have a heart attack from NOT SURPRISE!!!

  23. im guessing nolan is just trying not to push his luck by leaving it at a trilogy there has been plenty of movie franchises that its done more harm then good to make 4th 5th etc. and he doesnt want that to happen to him. but if he did decide to keep goin i would love to see his version of the riddler, hatter, ventriloquist, freeze, and ivy

  24. I can totally see Bane killing Scarecrow.

  25. Robert, you may want to alter the pop-up text that appears on the picture of Batman driving the Bat-pod. Someone might complain of being spoiled, although clicking the link pretty much commits the reader.

  26. REALLY!? This is a spoiler? COME ON! I can’t get that lost time back!

    • No need to be a jerk. I wanted to make sure nobody whined about it since it was before the “look away now!” statement. I don’t think it is a spoiler, but there is always someone that comes and says it is.

  27. Does anyone else have a fiancee/girlfriend/significant other who get upset when you look at TDKR-related stuff? Everytime I show my fiancee a new TV spot, trailer, or article, she gets frustrated and tells me that I’m ruining the movie for both of us.

  28. Dark knight was the best superhero movie ever made glad nolan didnt find a joker in batman3 because sometimes the same villain gets watered down after so many movies and batman villains all had different personalities and thats what makes nolan so good at directing becausehe knows what route to go

  29. Rumor I heard is that Scarecrow will be the judge at a kangaroo court trying Gordon and the police. They are found guilty and are sentenced to DEATH BY EXILE and are forced to walk across the frozen Gotham River which apparently cracks and dowses them.

    • That’s what I heard as well.

    • epic =o