‘Dark Knight Rises’ MTV Awards Trailer; New TV Spots & Run Time Revealed

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Batman Versus Bane Dark Knight Rises Dark Knight Rises MTV Awards Trailer; New TV Spots & Run Time Revealed

Video removed per studio request (but there are still two new TV clips below)

The MTV Movie Awards may not always reward the most deserving of films – for example, Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 took home “Best Movie” last night – but we can thank them for the nearly two minutes’ worth of new footage from The Dark Knight Rises.

The above trailer paints the clearest picture yet as to why Bane (Tom Hardy) is a man who needs to be feared, and not just because Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) keeps saying so.

Indeed, one of the most intriguing things about this trailer is the way in which Bane has been presented as a truly fearsome antagonist the likes of which Batman has never previously dealt with. This is a man who, in some ways, is better than the Batman. He’s stronger, possibly a better fighter, and he has a mercenary army at his beck and call. Batman has…Alfred?

Now, I loved The Avengers as much as the next person, but one thing this film seems to have that the Marvel team-up did not is a villain who poses a serious threat to our beloved hero. After all, Loki and his chitauri couldn’t possibly kill off any of the main Avengers — there’s just too much money riding on the multitude of sequels.

Bane, on the other hand, could very well put Batman in the morgue by the end of The Dark Knight Rises. This is A) a Christopher Nolan film and B) the final entry in his Bat-trilogy. And since Nolan has creative carte blanche, anything could happen to the Caped Crusader — even the unthinkable.

Other things of interest from the trailer:

  • Catwoman tells John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) that she’s on the run, presumably from Bane, which begs the question — do the two have a history together? Or is she referring to someone else entirely?
  • Bane and his mercenaries seem to have cut off every exit from Gotham City — its bridges have been bombed and its tunnels blocked from ground-to-ceiling with cars.
  • Catwoman and Batman work well together, as the former (Catwoman) leads one of Bane’s mercenaries into the trap of the latter (Batman).
  • Also, didn’t the mercenary seem to recognize Catwoman as an ally? And if not, why didn’t he just shoot the strange cat-masked lady forthwith?

In addition to the trailer, we have two new TV spots that are much less tonally dire. In fact, these clips seem to be playing up the more “fun” and “lighthearted” elements of The Dark Knight Rises, as they showcase Batman’s new toys (his strange “gun” and the Batwing) and Batman and Catwoman’s playful relationship.

Check them out below:

Lastly, AMC Theaters announced that, like the Marvel movie marathon prior to the release of The Avengers, they’l be hosting a Batman marathon — including Batman Begins and The Dark Knight — prior to the release of The Dark Knight Rises. Tickets for this marathon go on sale June 11th at 12pm EST, if you’d like to take part.

Perhaps more interesting, however, is that AMC lists the running time for TDKR as 2 hours and 45 minutes. That’s about twelve minutes more than The Dark Knight, for anyone who’s wondering.

UPDATE: Check out another fan poster for The Dark Knight Rises, courtesy of Movie Web:


Batman Catwoman Dark Knight Rises International Poster 280x170 Dark Knight Rises MTV Awards Trailer; New TV Spots & Run Time Revealed

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.

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Source: Coming Soon, AMC Theaters [via Collider]

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  1. This is going to be amazing,wow,I’m blown away


    Gosling could take down Bane.

    • side-side-note: I’m starting to think that you are indeed Gosling himself, or, you want to have his manchild, one of the two

  3. “its a nolan film” ffs, its all you ever read about the tdkr, every article has it and it like big deal, he made it but there are more than just him that makes this movie what it is.

    • Yeah the fans. We were waiting for for decades for a gritty, realistic Batman and finally got him and look at the sales numbers for Warner Brothers!

      • I think he was referring to the studios, the producers, the other writers, the actors, cinematographers, editors, etc. (not the fans)
        You know… other people that also deserve some credit.

        Still, what ‘COREY_1993′ should note is that all those people and their hard work would have been redundant if not for Nolan being a terrific director.

        • what makes me worried now when Nolan is gone what will happen to WB/DC. it seems like WB/DC cant do good comic book movies without Nolan not apart of it. Green Lantern failed for them, they cant even get a Wonder Woman movie made, the Lobo movie seems like a failer already. the only movie i cant wait for next year from WB/DC is the new Superman reboot.

          • But in the same way that they found success in Nolan they could very do the same again and who knows, he could end up in a consulting role for their other heroes thats granted he would be willing to.

            I feel GL’s demise was mostly because of the producers. If Legendary Pictures does all of DC’s other movies it should be fine. All I can say is comic-con or sometime later on this year we’ll hear if they have anything coming our way after MOS.

            • i did not understand why Legendary Pictures was not involved in Green Lantern at all. Green Lantern needs to get reboot no matter what.

              • I agree that Legendary Pictures should be involved and produce the DC movies. Warner Bros. needs to step up their game, GL was a mess because the director brought the spiderman cliche in it. GL should have been a badass pilot with no priority issues. Plus I think it’s about time the Man of steel and the Dark knight to team up and then make the other superheroes supporting cast, not yet JL but 1 or 2 other heroes would give them sort of an exposure.

                Wonder Woman’s origins needs to be like Clash of the titans, in terms of background, not the acting and plot. She is the DC hero I feel the most necessary outside Superman and Batman to start the Justice League plan.

                • i agree Wonder Woman origins needs to be like Clash of the titans.

                  i hate WB wasting their money on the cr*ppy remake of Clash of the titans. i mean Wonder Woman has alot of Greek Mythology they can use to make a movie.

                  • why woud you want wonder woman movie anyway? she is just lame charachter… insted it woud be much better if we can get flash movie (without ryan ryenolds) or green lantern movie (without ryan reynolds) or green arow movie (without ryan reynolds)

                    • how Wonder Woman lame. shes a fricking warrior plus she would kill a person hows that lame. Wonder Woman is more important to make on film the rules always has been Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

                    • Disagree. Wonder Woman is a great character. It’s just the recent comics where she’s become a bit of a… “mewling quim” as Loki would put it 😉

          • I share your concern (“what will DC do without Nolan?”), but if you look back at the late 80s and the 90s, DC did just fine by releasing a bunch of iconic and classic Batman movies and Superman movies without the help of Nolan.

            My main concern however, is that DC can’t get their other properties like Green Lantern (failed movie) and Wonder Woman (failed tv show) to take off. Their only successful franchises seem to be the Bat and the Man of Steel… if they ever plan on doing a JL movie, they need the guarantee that those other untested/failed characters can hold their own in live action form.

            So what I’m saying is that I have no doubt we’ll continue to get quality Batman and Superman movies after Nolan moves on, but as for the others… all bets are still out IMO.

            • I think when it comes to the other heroes they play things close to the chest. Instead of always looking for the next big up and coming indie director they should hire experienced directors suited to each hero. Just an example J.J Abrams- Green Lantern would’ve been awesome.

              • sorry but u are kind of wrong. Green Lantern was directed by experienced director Martin Campbell u know the same guy who rebooted James Bond twice lol.

                • I said suited to each hero but i should’ve been more specific, GL is sci-fi so they really should have tapped someone who has dabbled in sci-fi before.

                  • I did say choose directors “suited” to each hero.

                    WW- something similar to greek mythology films mixed with modern sensibilities.

                    GL- space opera

                    Flash- fun family movie in the vein of spiderman but here choreography and visuals would be of most importance.

              • @ Merciful Rao

                I wouldn’t be so sure of that as i agree with mace. Green Lantern had a good director but the film was rushed by the studio. And Joss Whedon proposed more than one script to WB for a WonderWoman film which they debunked & then he pretty much said the heck with it. We might of got great WonderWoman film outta him since he made The Avengers a great film. Imo,WB/DC are stubborn or not very open-minded on things regarding CBM films. Maybe both as like his fanbase, they see Nolan as their only choice of makin DC CBM.

            • sorry but we still had bad Batman movie how can u forget Batman and Robin. Tim Burton Batman movies was only the best. WB/DC need a new team to handle comic book movies the right way. thats why i believe Legendary Pictures should take control of their projects

              • @ Mace

                Don’t take this the wrong way bud, but Batman & Robin was years ago. I doubt Joel Schumacher will direct another CBM again. People need forget his failure,aswell Warner Bros. idea to makin the Batman films campy. I doubt they will go in that direction again. I hope not anyways.

                • i know Batman and Robin was years ago. but @The Avenger pointed out WB released good Batman and Superman movies in the 80s-90s. and Batman and Robin was released in the 90s and it sucked.

                  we cant forget his failer cause Batman and Robin is still consider as the worst comic book movie.

                  • Batman and Robin may be the worst Batman live action film, but I believe The 2 Ghostrider films, Steel, Tank Girl, Elektra, were much, MUCH worse comic book superhero films.

                    Schumacher did take influence from some Batman comic book stories. What I think ruined it are the casting, the Acting, and the pointless scenes that seem unnecessary.

                    Oh and the outrageous COSTUMES.

                    • @ a

                      I agree that Batman & Robin might be the worst live-action Batman film but as i stated ive seen worse ones. Steel,Supergirl,Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer. Worse one to date ive seen was Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengence which i only saw once & only once as i will not be buying on dvd. That film makes me wanna say Batman & Robin deserved 4 stars.

                      At that time of the film’s making, i thought the cast was ok, except for Clooney as Batman. But it was the poorly done script with bad lines that everyone in the film got aswell i thought the film could of used a better plot. It really ticked me off how Schumacher treated Bane as not only as mindless brute but as Ivy’s lapdog. Arnold could of been good as Mr. Freeze if given a good script with good lines with the rest of the cast which they needed. As for costumes, they needed some work,especially Batman & Robin’s of-course.

                  • BUT, there have been a lot more -good- Batman and Superman movies than there have been -bad- ones…

                    • Yup, and there have been a LOT more worse comic book movies than Batman and Robin.

                  • @ mace

                    Most people have forgottin this but i haven’t, Warner Bros. themselves wanted to take the franchise into the more “Family-Friendly” direction. That’s why Keaton refused to reprise the role & why Burton stepped down as director among other reasons. Schumacher did want they wanted starting with Batman Forever which was darker but still WB pushed for the 4th film to be lighter for more profits, you know that kind of thing. Imo, Batman & Robin isn’t the worst CBM, but is among some of the worst made. Ive seen worse ones than Batman & Robin. I couldn’t even finish watching Elektra for starters.

          • @ Mace

            WB/DC made great CBM before Nolan came along. Frankly, i don’t want every hero to be done like Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Green Lantern failed because WB/DC rushed that off as to please people who been whining about the character to be brought to the big screen. As for Lobo, i don’t have me hopes on that as Jonah Hex & The Losers failed. Probly because mainstream audiences may not of familiar with the characters from the comics. Im not really excited about the Superman reboot for my own reasons. Why WB/DC can’t come up with ideas for films to other popular DC heroes is beyond me.

            • I’d say they just need to take their time and plan things out more thoroughly and let Legendary produce their comicbook tentpoles…seriously.

    • Well that’s not entirely undeserved, seeing as Nolan seems to be involved in the creative process of the film beyond just directing the scenes – the music, the stunts, the cinematography.

      But I agree with you that credit is totally in order for the rest of the crew. I mean, Nolan’s got the ideas but without Wally Pfister, or Chris Corbould who knows how different his work could be.

  4. Great stuff. Can’s wait for this. Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway are welcome additions to this Batman saga, I love both of their performances of the little I’ve seen. Great work from Chris Nolan and co.

  5. I’m loving this

  6. @Ben Moore

    the Bane’s mercenaries aint that actor Warren Brown who star with Idris Elba in BBC hit series “Luther”

  7. 2hr45min? Yeah… I have one problem with that: number one 😉

    All bladder jokes aside though, in my opinion TDK started to drag a bit during the third act and that movie wasn’t as long as this one is rumored/(now confirmed?) to be…
    I’ll definitely be there on opening night, no doubt, but knowing Nolan’s movies and his style, a movie with this run-time be too long for some of the more regular movie goers…

    Still, if they have an intermission then everything will be a-okay, I think.

    • *Edit: “MIGHT be too long for some…”

      • TDK didn’t drag at all. Sorry

        • IN MY OPINION, the third act’s pacing was a little off (i.e. it started to “drag” a bit) – that’s just the way I see it.

          • I agree with you completely. I am a huge Nolan fan but the tower scene when he’s going after Joker in my opinion should have been cut down a bit. We didnt need all that “battle to the top to get to the boss fight” sequence. It could have occurred but cut it down a bit. I thought the movie was a masterpiece and I still do, but his third acts a are bit draggy at times.

      • @ The Avenger

        I didn’t see TDK as many times in the theater as i did Batman Begins. The more i watched TDK, more it seemed to drag. With TDKR’s running time, i hope it will be better than TDK. For a film like The Avengers, that film had to be over 2 hours long for sure. Usually i like solo CBM to be no more than 2 hours, maybe alittle over depending on the what film it would be. I guess it depends what/if they base the film on certian comics/graphic novels aswell.

  8. The final few seconds when Bane was catching Batman’s fist, you could feel the intensity and the emotions running through him. It’s amazing what Tom Hardy can convey from just his eyes

    • That alone just sold the character more than other clip we have seen thus far :)

      • Look at the size of Bane’s back……good god lol

  9. Bane will cripple batman into a wheel chair and thus starts BATMAN BEYOND!

    • No

    • sound alright. terry cant be a teen though.

  10. any one can piece together bits of ‘action’ and add fancy music to make something look good, it’s the final product i’m more interested in and i think you sacks of trash fans should stop sucking nolan off for a while and think about what you saw rather then just assume ‘it’s gonna be epic’ b/c of the music and constant ‘action’.

    i admit that these 3 previews did slightly interest me in the movie but my previous statements still stand and he has to prove to me – a cynical prick that he can film a decent action movie with proper choreography and a story that fits the character, i dont want a 2 hour drama piece that consists of a renown detective and martial artist, i want an epic finale with good/steady action, straight forward plot presentation and good pacing. so far none of this overrated egotists movies have done so.

    also did i hear bale with a normal voice when in the bat suit b/c if so then that alone would probably have me watching this within the 1st week of release (otherwise it’s gonna be a cheap movie night viewing).

  11. *renown detective and martial artist dancing around talking to everyone on set without really doing anything to progress the narrative or show that he is said character.

    • I think Chris Nolan’ll live with the fact that you’re not gonna go for the movie on opening night and I’m sure he’ll have sleepless nights just worrying about how he’ll impress this trash-talking “cynical prick”. The fans, doesn’t matter if they’re Nolanites, Batman fanatics or just the standard casual movie-goer will come out in droves for this one.

  12. “Now, I loved The Avengers as much as the next person, but one thing this film seems to have that the Marvel team-up did not….”

    WOW! A Screent Rant article that for once brings up The Avengers w/out making it sound as if it’s the greatest thing since sex. No hyperbole. Thank you, Ben Moore! You didn’t drink The Avengers “kool aid.”

    No doubt The Avengers was the summer event movie of this year. But so was Avatar in 2009/2010 and TDK in 2008. At the time, both those movies were the rage. But time passes and now there are just as many critics as there are supporters of those flicks. Exhibit A: Avatar.

    Now the jury is still out with TDKR. Will Nolan’s film turn out to be The Event Movie of this year? I don’t think it will. But I don’t care. And I don’t think Nolan cares. 

    Nolan has always made cerebral, edgy and thought provoking films. Since the very beginning with “Following.” I highly doubt his signature style of film making will be different with TDKR. 

    I do, however, believe that Warner Brothers stipulated that Cat Woman and devices/machines such as “The Bat” be in the movie. If WB didn’t get their Riddler they got Cat Woman and The Bat and who else knows what else in TDKR. 

  13. I also like the scene where Hathaway is sitting in a very cat like manner (at least to me) saying “don’t be shy”.

  14. Possible Best soundtrack of the year winner.

    • maybe, i wouldn’t count the hobbit out, lord of the rings score was amazing, and they have the same guy doing the music for the hobbit

      • Definitely. TDKR & The Hobbit will most likely have the best original soundtracks

        • Hans Zimmer always accounts for about 25% of my motivation for seeing Nolan films.

    • yea the score keeps evolving wonder if it will sound even better in the final film.

  15. Awesome.

    The new trailer is the best one so far.

    I hope this movie turns out to be great.

  16. MTV trailer – everything was epic! until bane spoke…. and i started laughing uncontrollably because he sounds so stupid. apart from that it was pure awesomeness

  17. I’m not a big fan of the MTV movie awards. Some of those actors must cringe having to attend them. I realize that it’s geared to teenagers and such but it just reflects whats wrong with it’s current generation…

  18. At freaking last. Something that will finally build hype, the past promos were just beyond mediocre.

    Not a fan of Nolan per say but I think it’s quite ridiculous how some of these people say he is overhyped. He is one of the few consistent directors in hollywood and tries to bring as much substance he can in each of his movies, even at the price of some of the source material’s fans getting angry.

    And all these comparisons/competition with The Avengers is completely off base. Sure the avengers was fun but take away the comedy an you’d basically strip off its mass appeal. TDKR is most likely built for the same audience but surely not for the same mindset.

    Oh and I’d take overrated and egoist over overrated and uninspired any day.

    • “Sure the avengers was fun but take away the comedy an you’d basically strip off its mass appeal”

      Now that’s uninspired.

      • Did i lie though?

        Imagine it’s massive action scenes/character inter-actions without the banter, then you’d have a plot that is formulaic, Coulson dying, nonthreatening villain, and a made for sequels ending.

      • Did i lie though?

        It would be out of character though but..

        Imagine it’s massive action scenes/character inter-actions without the banter, then you’d have a plot that is formulaic, Coulson dying, nonthreatening villain, and a made for sequels ending.

        • Sorry but that’s a straw man argument you are building there. You can’t just strip out an integral element of the show and then state that without it it would have basically failed. That would be like saying…..”You know if we remove all the dark and gritty elements from TDKR it won’t be nearly as entertaining” ummmmmm, no kidding?

          Why do people STILL insist on belittling what The Avengers accomplished? It was a huge hit, virtually EVERYONE at least enjoyed it so please stop because it’s making you sound trollish at this point.

          So when TDKR is a critical hit but fails to take in the numbers Avengers did will you do some spiteful, comparative post about how TDKR was better in every single way?

          • Yes I agree that The Avengers and TDK would not be the same without those elements in their films. But I think he is trying to point out that The Avengers owe its success to comedy(and good looking actors). And it is true that the other elements of the film(plot, character) are just decent. Nothing wrong with a film that is successful because it is funny just like there is nothing wrong with a film that is successful because of explosions and mindless actions(like transformer 3). I agree that those are the core elements of the film and if you watch the film for that, you will enjoy it. Just that some people value some elements more than others.

            If that’s the case, how do we know a movie is a good movie? When those elements of a film is valued differently by different people we will have different ratings for a movie. Are we just gonna take box office numbers? Are we gonna follow what the first critics of the movie say? Are movies that are successful in their core element like a scary movie successful in scaring the viewers a good movie if the plot is just decent?

        • Take your Avengers vs. TDK/TDKR crap somewhere else. Either it is a Marvelite or a Nolanite, every god damned time.

  19. Wow they even recycled upside-down Batman.
    No doubts about Hardy.
    Like Hathaway but still too low-key.
    Hope they don’t make it too political.
    Action should be good.

  20. I do hope Batman dies in the end. I think that’s what makes his character on a philosophical level so intriguing because he’s form of justice and peace can only truly come if he gives up his life to make it happen. Kierkegaard called his type a knight of infinite resignation so it makes me wonder if his death will take place seeing how Nolan likes to get a little philosophical in his movies.

    To me it would be a perfect ending to this universe.

    • And then he magically lives again to form the Justice League. hehe

      • Lazarus pit right?

    • Completely agree.
      I can’t imagine a better way to end the trilogy than having Nolan kill off the protagonist. From the beginning of the Batman, to the very end…
      It just seems fitting IMO and I think it would truly be the first time anyone ever did something like that.

      Strangely, if Batman doesn’t die in TDKR, I might just be a little disappointed actually… :(

      • I think I would be too. Character wise and story wise it just needs to happen to conclude this universe.

      • but we kind of already know he will survive based on Bale’s open ended comment about possibly reprising the role if Nolan had a great idea. Considering this Nolan-verse supposedly “realistic”, you can’t just do some silly time jump voodoo to spirit him back to life to a 4th installment.

        • I know what Bale said, but I still don’t believe it (you can call me ignorant if you want ;), but that’s my stance on the subject).

          Why would the trailers say “The Legend Ends” if it doesn’t end?
          And that ending that Nolan has had in his mind since 2008: what else could it be except for Batman dying?

          I just can’t picture it being anything else… even though by brain says it can, my heart says it can’t.

          • That’s not ignorant (because you are WELL informed), just a bit of wishful thinking on your part.

            I don’t think Nolan means it literally, as in outright killing the Bat but more figuratively. He will have his body broken by Bane and will be brought back with the Lazarus pool but will finally realize his body can’t take it anymore and retire. This is where I believe Levitt enters the picture and Wayne Enterprises could then back him as a new crime fighter.

            I also think that killing the Bat would be just too final and end up being anti-climactic if that is what indeed happens. Doing so would pretty much fly in the face of everything Batman was fighting against (good triumphs over evil and the people NEED a hero to rally to). So allowing the bad guy to basically win in the end would prove all Batman’s work was ultimately futile.

            • Batman’s fighting for a promise that he made to the spirits of his family, that a child would never have to bury his parents due to a violent crime again. That’s what he fights for so if he dies it doesn’t go against that promise or allows evil to beat good. If Batman dies fighting Bane and Bane goes down too then good has won.

              For the type of justice Batman is fighting for is a justice that requires his life and the sacrifice of his life for the greater good and his work is not ultimately futile because someone will carry it on. Hence why we always have a Batman or in need of a Batman but it doesn’t mean it will always be Bruce Wayne as Batman.

              So maybe what we should say that we hope Bruce Wayne is killed off.

    • No way. An iconic scene like that, pitting Batman and Bane face-to-face, literally, each of them giving all they’ve got. I don’t see how that can be anyone BUT the batman we’ve come to know and love, not another man in his suit.

    • Updated. Thanks.

  21. Did anyone else notice the Lazarus pool?

    • That was the refurbished Batcave

  22. Darn you WB!!!
    Now I have to tape a re-run of the MTV Awards to see it. Boooo!!!
    2:45 run time sounds about right. Nolan isn’t known for 90 minute films and let’s be honest if this was 2 hours or less people would freak. Including me.

      • Thanks Ignur,
        I actually taped a re-run of the awards last night and I just fast forward to the Batman part.
        I liked how they did a little recap and brought the actors and Nolan out. It seemed like Bale got a bit teary eyed when talking about Ledger so that was a nice little moment.
        The footage was a great mix of what we’ve already seen with a few elements of new stuff. I thought it did a great job of making Bane look like a serious villain to be reckoned with.
        I can’t wait to see how this all ends. It’s killing me that we still have to wait over a month. I’ve already taken that Friday off from work and debating wether or not to see it twice on that opening day because I know I’ll be so pumped and excited that I may have moments pass over me during that 1st viewing…

        • Yea man. I like the scale of this movie. I havent felt anything this big since those wideshots from Lord of the Rings.

  23. I recorded the MTV awards to skip all of the fan voted awards and watch the trailers and this section. It was very touching to see bale tear up after watching a montoge of the dark knight and batman begins because of his friend heath ledger. Also it was fun watching joseph gordan levitt act like such a batman fanboy he was in awe of being on stage with gary oldman. Either way the clip was fantastic it showcased Tom Hardy and made him terrifying! expetially when he catching batmans fist so much rage and intensity.

  24. I don’t know what it is but I think Levitt would make a good Nightwing.

  25. Awesome.

    Honestly, do we really have to have some long ass debate about TDKR vs Avengers? Guess what? No one is right. Everyone has their own preferences!!!

    What ever.

  26. WOW. Words cannot express how excited for this film I am. July 20th cannot come soon enough!!!