‘Dark Knight Rises’ MTV Trailer, Catwoman TV Spot & John Blake Backstory

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Warner Bros. has officially released the Dark Knight Rises MTV trailer that aired during the channel’s Movie Awards ceremony (very briefly available online a month ago); although, it no longer holds a candle to the TDKR trailers and TV spots released since, in terms of spectacle and unrelenting velocity at which the edited footage flies. The MTV preview does, however, tease an intriguing exchange between Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) and Gotham cop John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).

We’ve also rounded up the latest Dark Knight Rises TV spot and viral marketing material. Both shed some additional light about Kyle and Blake – including how, exactly, Catwoman comes into possession of her very own Batpod (revealed first by the initial image of Hathaway in her Catwoman costume) – and just what sort of officer Mr. Blake is.


This new Dark Knight Rises TV spot highlights the uneasy alliance struck between Batman (Christian Bale) and Catwoman in Chris Nolan’s film. Bruce Wayne’s vigilante identity is something between a heavy burden and unhealthy obsession, whereas Selina Kyle’s costumed alter ego allows her to exude confidence and strength; neither one seems to be fully in their element without some form of disguise, even one as simple as Selina’s masked ball outfit. The latter ultimately seeks to serve her own interests, which appear to align with either Bane (Tom Hardy) or Batman, at different times throughout TDKR.

That’s all to say: the relationship between those two has been a cornerstone of the Batman franchise in all previous iterations (comic books, animated TV shows, movies), and it looks as though Nolan will do it justice in his trilogy finale.

dark knight rises batman catwoman Dark Knight Rises MTV Trailer, Catwoman TV Spot & John Blake Backstory

Bruce and Selina in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Moving on – more TDKR viral material has emerged at DEWGothamCity.com, including a performance review for John Blake. For those who have trouble reading the hand-scribbled assessment of Blake’s overall quality as a police officer, we’ve included a transcript of the statement (after the link to said report):


dark knight rises john blake review 280x170 Dark Knight Rises MTV Trailer, Catwoman TV Spot & John Blake Backstory

Officer Blake shows great dedication and tenacity. He made an impact in his assigned beat by building effective associations within the local community. High marks for skills and conduct. Needs minor improvement in his relationships with fellow officers. His thoroughness tends to make his judgmental of colleagues’ performances and lead him to question authority. Officer Blake has made a request to be transferred to Narrows division. Given his success in his previous detail, transfer should be granted. Need more officers like him.


dark knight rises john blake Dark Knight Rises MTV Trailer, Catwoman TV Spot & John Blake Backstory

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake

Blake clearly plays an important role in TDKR‘s plot machinations, judging by his prevalence throughout the film’s regular and viral marketing campaigns. There’s a good deal of question about what part he’ll play in Nolan’s efforts to bring his grisly Batman trilogy full-circle. Will Blake inherit Jim Gordon’s (Gary Oldman) mantle as the heart and soul of the Gotham police force? Could frequent fan speculation be correct, in that he’ll assume the identity of the Dark Knight at some point in the film? Are both possible? It’s safe to say: the answers are being saved for the actual movie (fortunately).

Lastly: additional viral material for TDKR features excerpts from a series of email exchanges between employees of The Gotham Observer. Covered topics include the latest in a string of burglaries (Catwoman’s doing, no doubt) and references to Wayne Enterprises board member John Daggett. Diligent fans will recall that he was mentioned as a note of concern in an earlier piece of viral marketing (a letter from Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) to Bruce Wayne):


dark knight rises viral emails 280x170 Dark Knight Rises MTV Trailer, Catwoman TV Spot & John Blake Backstory

Clearly, Daggett is not to be trusted, as suggested by TDKR viral material, and even his surname – which is a callback to a villain from the Batman: The Animated Series cartoon of the ’90s. The question is: does Daggett have direct ties with Bane, and is using the terrorist (and his mercenary army) to seize power?

… Or could this still be misdirection, meant to distract from the real culprit: Wayne Enterprises newcomer – and Bruce Wayne love interest – Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), a character who could well have ties to the League of Shadows and/or Bane (despite Cotillard’s claims to the contrary)?

All shall be revealed in full when The Dark Knight Rises in (regular and IMAX) U.S. theaters on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Xfinity, CBM

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  1. “Boy you are in for a show tonight son”

    Yes, yes we are Mr Nolan. 17 days to go.

    • This is the best part of the trailer because it confirms that they’re melding Knightfall with The Dark Knight Returns to make this film. Batman’s follow-up fight with Bane will be like the fight with the mutant leader…

      • Yeah, it’s a line from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Nolan’s killing two birds with one stone with just one sentence, offering us plot hints and subtly addressing the fans :)

  2. Just doesn’t grab me like the last one
    Something about Bane taking Batman but not finishing him when he can just stinks. Like something from the 60′s Batman show

    • Are you serious? Something from the 60′s? Thats just hilarious. Did you ever read the comics? Like, Knightfall?

    • Bane wants Batman to be punished. Death isn’t a severe enough punishment in Bane’s mind lmao.

      • Just my opinion, but that wasn’t really a lmao moment.

        • how about a “rolls eyes” moment?

        • Ok? Surrreee.

  3. John Blake just seems like a bland character. But its JGL !!! Theres gotta b more to it

  4. WTF Screenrant…


  5. I would never have guessed Catwoman would be a part of Nolan’s Batman universe.
    Nor would I have thought it to be a good idea but Ann is working her charms on me.

    • My apologies Anne for the misspelling of your name.
      My mother spells it the same way. I have no excuse.

  6. I have a feeling there is great deal that we’re going to find out when we finally see the movie, that has yet to be revealed in ANY way – and we’re all going to be surprised, and we’ll all love it!

    • thats the best frigging comment ive read in weeks. . thank you

  7. Had a thought. What if Nolan&Co anticipated the Marion is Talia assumptions because of the similiar plot in Batman Begins and Marion is a red herring with another actress playing Talia. You feel that? You just been mind @&$!ed! lol

    • Possibly but the biggest evidence we’ve had for the past year is that a child actress playing a young Talia in the flashback scene that also features Neeson’s only appearance in the movie (that we know of) bears a striking resemblance (as in, could actually be a younger version of) Marion Cotillard.

      • Said it before, and I doubt it, but…

        i often ponder whether Selina Kyle could turn out to be Talia.

  8. This looks great! The only thing I’m not liking is Batman’s voice. But that’s not really gonna bother me when I watch it.

    • My brother doesn’t like Bale’s Batman for that very reason but what kind of voice would others use if they went around as a costumed vigilante and didn’t have a technological way of changing their voice so that no one would recognise them?

      • It’s just the fact that Bale can’t seem to do the “Batman Whisper”. He sort of forces out a hoarse voice instead. They could have got Bale to maybe do a softer voice in post and altered the levels, that is common practice with some characters or when a set is too noisy to pick up good sound. It sounds like they have already altered Bane’s.

        • Batman whisper? I remember back in an old comic book robin described bruce’s batman voice as hoarse and grating.

        • so you want batman to whisper at criminals and say. . now stop doing that guys. im batman. . listen to yourself

          • Batman’s voice is often described as a whisper, especially when in reference to the way his voice has been performed in the cartoons for the last 20 or so years.

            It may not be a whisper in the literal sense, but it’s certainly not a roar either.

      • Sign language, you know just so you don’t have a sore throat everyday after donning the cape :)

        • Bat-sign language! (^-^)

          Besides, there’s “hoarse an grating” and then there is just “sounds silly”. I find it funny when he’s Batman and he’s is talking to people who know his identity and he still uses the voice. When Alfred or Lucius Fox calmly speaks to him he’s kinda croaking back like he’s interrogating a criminal.

          It’s pretty much my only complaint and is a very small niggle, but I’m allowed that. I’m not gonna deny a silly voice for Nolan.

          • Maybe it helps him stay in character.

            • I agree. He just always sounds so severe.

              • BB was his best interpretation of the Batman voice yet, I heard a mix of that in the trailers. Well the severeness helps the whole demon bat thing he has going on.

                • Yes he did the voice fine in B Begins. I can’t explain why it changed for TDK and this new one!!?? It’s a puzzler.

          • what the heck is a niggle

            • Niggle = a minor complaint, slight irritation etc…

  9. I like the voice. I’m not wearing hockey pads… Quit complaining. He is supposed to sound menacing as Batman…

    • Insulting people when you’re trying to reason with them doesn’t work mate.
      I do agree that Robin isn’t as lame as everybody keeps repeating, but insulting those who think that, ain’t right either.

      Still, it isn’t happening. Nolan said the movie won’t feature or hint at Robin/Nightwing (the letter ‘R’ in the trailer was apparently made by extras who had to make their own signs) and Bale doesn’t want anything to do with Robin either.

  10. Ann Hathaway…BIG MISCAST !!! She is flat ! She isn’t even trying to be seductive or sultry like Michelle Pheiffer’s Catwoman. Even Halle berry tried… much to the disaster of that movie. Well, I will wait until dvd for this one.

    • I think she’ll be great. I’m not worried about her performance.

      • Agreed.

        I dunno what Alec Grimes has been looking at but Anne just oozes sultriness in the trailers and tv spots that have been released. Even in the masquerade ball scene when she says “there’s a storm coming, Mr Wayne”, she says it like she’s giving him phone sex.

        Anne’s a great actress, it’s just that people are still kinda hung up on her Disney roles early in her career. That’s my reasoning. Like when everyone said Heath Ledger was just another pretty boy actor in horrible movies then shocked everyone with performances in Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight.

    • agreed. i cannot take anything she says as catwoman seriously.

    • Dude! You are judging her take on Catwoman based on a few TRAILERS? People like you are why comic book fans are ridiculed. Go ahead and miss out on what will be the GREATEST comic book movie EVER!! Batman will single-handlely kick some Avengers a$$.

  11. Anne got a booty:)

  12. has anyone else researched this dr. leonid pavel? he has posted some interesting stuff on facebook, recently mentioning robin and bale’s lack of wanting to work in a movie with robin. he also posted some behind the scenes pics, one of bane practicing or posing with a stuntman, almost like breaking his back over his knee.

    • Got images to share, especially for those of us who don’t have Facebook?

      • The stuntman over the knee was confirmed by Hardy as just a gag during down time, the shot was taken in a dressing room, not while they were actually practicing stunts.

  13. Rumour has it that “John Blake” is actually Dick Grayson in disguise as a cop. Because the police force know that Batman and Gordon have an established relationship, Bruce needed someone else in the police force he could trust. Blake came in as a new cop and so nobody has any reason to suspect he’s actually working with the Batman. Again, it’s just a rumour, but I thought it was pretty interesting. It also kind of makes sense given his concern over Bruce/Batman when he says “did they kill him?”. When and if Bruce is killed or has his back broken, Blake might take up the cape and cowl 0.o

    I guess we’ll find out in 14 days…


    • Doesn’t really sound like John Blake is trained up enough to take on the cowl imo, he’d have have to go a thousand miles to meet someone who doesn’t know his name!

  14. JGL is gonna end up being Nightwing
    I feel it in my bones; yeah, that one too

    • I think he could, but we probably wouldn’t see it till the next film if it happens. Nightwing Begins?

  15. I am calling it. The masked terrorist, Bane is Ra’s Al Ghul.

    • Did he take a shrinking potion then?

    • Could Be.

    • Doubtful.

  16. The new TV spot absolutely sucks. It makes me incredibly frightened of having Anne Hathaway in the movie. All of the Catwoman delivers I’ve heard thus far have been very annoying.

  17. No offense but all you people who think nolan made a mistake casting Anne is wrong. I have loved Nolans batman movies and I trust any actors or actresses he chooses to cast in this movie. I hate to say it but lately the only good big budget movies coming from DC has been Nolan’s films. I mean take Green lantern and Superman returns. Both huge disappointments, while Nolans films have honestly been some of the best superhero movies i have seen. So i think if he chose Anne to play catwoman then she is probably going to do a pretty amazing job because i have yet to see a leading actor in one of Nolan’s batman films that i thought was crap. I also wish JGL turns out to be nightwing or something like that but honestly if he does I will be suprised because I dont see it, I dont know why but with Nolan’s Batman i dont see him having a partner. But I could be wrong and i honestly hope i am

  18. The Big Rumor IS John Blake will be the NEW Batman. Batman Lives but Bruce Wayne dies courtesy of BANE and Friends. But then again it’s just a rumor. Either Way The Dark Knight Rises will one LONG KILLER Ride. I think they mentioned that there was over 100 minutes plus of action sequences. Thats good. “When Gotham Is Ashes, you have my permission to Die” BANE brings the Pain on the 20th of July.