‘Dark Knight Rises’ IMAX Tickets Already Selling Out

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The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Advanced Ticket Sales Dark Knight Rises IMAX Tickets Already Selling Out

Fun fact: Movie theaters have a lot of input into when they want to sell tickets to films showing in their theaters.

After the success of The Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue, which previewed before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, some theaters apparently thought that they could continue the momentum of the high ticket sales motivated by Dark Knight Rises fandom, by selling advance tickets to the actual premiere of the film this upcoming summer. As it turns out, they were right.

With still half a year to go until its official July 20th release date, The Dark Knight Rises has already sold out the IMAX midnight premieres in both the AMC Loews Lincoln Square theater in NYC, and all but two handicap slots at the AMC CityWalk  theater in LA, according to Fandango. Both locations have 70mm IMAX theaters – the preferred “true IMAX” screens that Christopher Nolan insisted be given exclusive rights to the TDKR prologue – as opposed to the newer digital IMAX screens, which don’t make full use of film shot on IMAX cameras.

No doubt many Batman fans are already making advanced plans to see Nolan’s third (and final) chapter in his Batman movie trilogy; but based on this latest news, you Batfans out there may need to plan WAY ahead and start looking into advanced ticket sales at your local theater…right NOW. Round up your friends (preferably the die-hards, they’re more reliable) and start collecting that ticket money; to front the cash – you don’t want to be stuck in a six-month wait (and deal with potential dropouts) before you’re able to recoup your investment.

If you’re the type of moviegoer who isn’t rigid about what kind of screen you see your movies on, digital IMAX or regular prints of Dark Knight Rises should be sufficient to meet your needs. But be advised: to get the full scope and grandeur of this film, you will need that 70mm IMAX screen – and those technically savvy moviegoers out there are already striking first to secure themselves a seat in those specific theaters.

As a matter of convenience, we’ve compiled a U.S. nationwide list of theaters that have 70mm IMAX screens, which you can view below. Check with the theater closest to you about when Dark Knight Rises advanced tickets will be available for sale:

70mm IMAX Screens in U.S., Canada and UK Cities

Austin, TX – IMAX Theater Austin – Austin
Boston, MA – Jordan’s IMAX – Natick
Boston, MA – IMAX 3D Theatre in Reading – Reading
Calgary, AB – Scotiabank Theatre Chinook 16 – Calgary
Chantilly, VA/Washington, DC – Udvar-Hazy Center IMAX – Chantilly
Chicago, IL – Navy Pier IMAX Theatre – Chicago
Des Moines, IA – SCI IMAX Dome Theater – Des Moines
Detroit, MI – Henry Ford IMAX – Dearborn
Edmonton, AB – Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton – Edmonton
Harrisburg, PA – Whitaker Center for Science & the Arts – Harrisburg
Houston, TX – Houston Marq*e Stadium 22 + IMAX – Houston
Indianapolis – White River IMAX – Indianapolis
Los Angeles, CA – Irvine Spectrum 20 + IMAX – Irvine
Los Angeles, CA – RAVE 18 + IMAX – Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA – Ontario Palace Stadium 22 + IMAX – Ontario
Los Angeles, CA – Citywalk Stadium 19 with IMAX – Universal City
Madison, WI – Star 18 Fitchburg with IMAX – Fitchburg
Miami, FL – AutoNation IMAX – Fort Lauderdale
Minneapolis, MN – Great Clips IMAX – Apple Valley
Montreal, QC – Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal – Montreal
Nashville,TN – Opry Mills Stadium 20 + IMAX – Nashville
New York, NY – Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX – New York
New York, NY – Palisades IMAX – West Nyack
Omaha, NE – Star Cinema 16 with IMAX – Council Bluffs
Orlando, FL – Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 + IMAX – Orlando
Ottawa, ON – Silvercity Gloucester + IMAX – Gloucester
Palm Springs – Desert IMAX Theatre – Cathedral City
Philadelphia, PA – IMAX & the Tropicana – Atlantic City
Philadelphia, PA – Tuttleman IMAX–Franklin Institute – Philadelphia
Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Mills 25 with IMAX – Tempe
Providence, RI – Providence Place 16 with IMAX – Providence
Quebec City, QC – IMAX Le Theatre At Quebec – Quebec City
Sacramento, CA – Esquire IMAX – Sacramento
San Antonio, TX – IMAX at RiverCenter – San Antonio
San Francisco, CA – Metreon 16 with IMAX & ETX – San Francisco
Seattle, WA – Boeing IMAX–Pacific Science Center – Seattle
Tampa, FL – Museum of Science and Industry – Tampa
Toronto, ON – Coliseum 12 Mississauga + IMAX – Mississauga
Toronto, ON – Scotiabank Theatre Toronto + IMAX – Toronto
Toronto, ON – Colossus 18 Woodbridge + IMAX – Woodbridge-Vaughan
Vancouver, BC – Colossus Langley + IMAX – Langley
Vancouver, BC – Silvercity Riverport 18 + IMAX – Richmond
UK – BFI London – London
UK – National Media Museum IMAX – Bradford
UK – Glasgow Science Centre IMAX Cinema – Glasgow
UK – Odeon Manchester IMAX @ The Printworks – Manchester


You’d have to be living in the most remote place on Earth not to know that Dark Knight Rises is going to be THE most anticipated film event of 2012 - but I don’t think a lot of us figured on it being THIS big. Unless you live in a very small town, and/or are content with a standard print of the film, and/or don’t need to see Dark Knight Rises immediately upon its release, don’t wait until July (or even June for that matter) to go “Hmmm, maybe I should by my tickets…” Because if things continue in the same vein as this current time, by summer you’ll already be waiting a week (or more) before you’ll find a seat in the theater.

The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters starting at midnight on July 20, 2012. Hopefully there will be a spot left for you on opening night.

Source: Fandango

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  1. sadly there are none in DFW anymore because the one we had was converted to digital? why in the world would they do something like that

  2. I made the call long ago and I’ll make it again; my guess for “Batman 4″ is… Zack Snyder, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’, 2014 – 2016. And here are my reasons why…

    - Snyder directed ’300′, another graphic novel based off of works by Frank Miller and as far as I know, Miller was happy with how Snyder handled the material.

    - Snyder proved with ‘Watchmen’ that he is able to make a very, very entertaining superhero story and still ground it in reality.

    - He is handling DC’s other bug property, Superman (crossover maybe?)

    - After ‘Man of Steel’ he currently has nothing else scheduled.

    So… am I right?

    • No. The studio already said they’re rebooting the franchise after TDKR. Granted, I do expect them to try and convince Nolan to make another instalment, but if they can’t (which is the most likely scenario), they’ll go along with plans to reboot the franchise.

    • @”Snyder proved with ‘Watchmen’ that he is able to make a very, very entertaining superhero story and still ground it in reality”

      The problem is that he didn’t make Watchmen, he just copied the comic pretty much page for page. That’s not an adaptation. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Watchmen, but Snyder has proved that he can’t handle an original script. We all know how much Sucker Punch flopped.

      • Eh. Not fair to judge a man off one flick but i think its safe to say he is better director than writer (He co-wrote Sucker Punch). I wld say he is a solid director with great eye for visual detail. I thought Dawn of the Dead was a solid flick although its missing some charm (writer’s arrea) and it was remake.

        PS. Im not advocating Snyder for a Batman film. Especially if its TDKReturns.

        • Snyder has shown that he can only make films if the plot has already been laid out: Dawn of the Dead (remake), Watchmen (page for page copy of the copy), Man of Steel (more or less a remake of Superman and Superman 2), 300 (copy of the comic).

          • Guardians and Sucker Punch are the only films that aren’t a remake or reboot. And both of them flopped.

            • All of you are completely missing the original point. No one is arguing whether or not Snyder is a good directer but the likelihood of him being given the ‘Batman’ franchise. And being so loyal to both WB and DC I’d say his chances are high.

              • I seriously doubt WB would continue his story w/o him. Like I said, I expect the studio to ask him to return, but if he doesn’t, then they’ll follow through their plans to reboot the franchise.

                • Well if the rumors I hear from my little birds are true. Then they will Have to reboot after this last movie. As much as I hate it. the original poster is correct. The Studio is in love with Snyder. Mainly because he is fully controllable( the opposite of Aronofsky)Snyder is a visual master but other than that he aint that great of a film maker. Give Snyder things like Mortal Kombat, Gears of War or even Spawn to adapt into a movie. Dont give him anything the requires thought process cause it will not work.

      • Actually, he didn’t copy the book page for page. Most of it is pretty spot on but some changes were made, especially the end. Matter of fact, fans and fanboys are constantly complaining about directors who don’t follow source material to a tee. Zack Snyder has proved that he can make a quality and entertaining movie while being extremely faithful to source material. I wouldn’t mind him directing something like The Dark Knight Returns or even All Star Batman and Robin, but a continuation of Nolan’s series is another story.

        • Agreed. Didn’t ‘Watchmen’ have a reputation for being too complicated to be adapted to film? Watchmen, at least for me, is still one of my favorite movies.

    • i am also for snyder,he is my favourite director! every movie of him is in my top 20,saw sucker punch last night,at first i tought to much female power,but i really liked the film.

  3. as soon as imax london tickets go on sale i’m buying them! can not wait for this film!

  4. Wow already selling? Dam

  5. Gonna watch it in digital IMAX than check it out in true IMAX form before it leaves theatres.

    • Same here. The closest true IMAX from me is 2 hours away. I have a digital IMAX in my town so I’ll check that one out for the midnight premiere.

      • Actually I live in DC 15 min away from an IMAX and @Kahless just informed there is another theatre out 30 min away from me. Im just lazy/busy lol I rarely see a movie the first week comes out even if its something im really anticipating.

        Knowing im most likely gonna watch the flick twice I prefer to see it in digital format than IMAX. Sorta upgrading my experience my second time around rather than downgrading.

  6. you knew that would happen,
    i hope someone else will keep
    the batman going on,i think
    that del toro guy would make
    an excellent actor as batman
    or even a new actor we don’t
    know about ……………with
    the word rises at the end,batman
    does die,but does he come back?
    can’t wait to see the film …..

  7. I think americans overreacted things…this is just a movie, yes the end of the trilogy, yes the sequel to the dark knight(a really good movie)but thats all. I like Batman and Nolan series as well but people are promoting like it will be the best movie in history. I am expecting this too but some people are crazy about it.

    • Overreacting is a human trait, not just something Americans experience.

    • Its not just Americans as shown above tickets are going on sale in both Canada and Britain as well so don’t be ignorant.

  8. Not surprised. And you forgot Lowes Rio Cinemas in Gaithersburg, MD..

    • Kahless

      You live in Montgomery County?

      • And is that a true IMAX screen out there or a digital one?

        • Yep, I live in Germantown. I called the theater and they said it is 70mm.

          • Nice. The land if big houses & renegade wives.

            • And crazy politicians. :-D

  9. Wow! only four IMAX cinemas in the UK and none within 100 miles. This is why I hate IMAX!

  10. So glad to hear I’m not the only bat-nerd thinking this way. Although I’m to late for opening weekend I was floating the idea of going to the city on the 2nd week to see it on “True IMAX”. I live in Ct. but NYC is only a 45min train ride away. And I have family in the city so it can become a couple day trip. Looks like I better get planning..

  11. I cannot wait to see this. I can’t even explain how excited I am. Really.

  12. I wonder if the casual movie go’er can tell the difference between “real IMAX” and digital IMAX. I’d love to see for myself, but I can’t afford to see it twice in IMAX. I’ll probably see it in digital IMAX for location reasons, & if I can muster up enough money I’ll see it again in a regular movie theater.

  13. Eh… I could wait. Pretty sure they’ll be playing this for quite a while.

      • is this true? okay 4 months is normal todays of dvd-realeses,but 2!but,if you´ve heard that ,i am happy if it´s so. watching at home makes me more fun,of course i´ll watch them in cinema,but homeviewing is good too,on a todays standard big-slim led-hd tv,or an a blue-ray-player.

        • The more the movie makes, the longer it stays at the boxoffice. 4 months is probably more accurate than 2 months; usually good movies are gone after about 5 – 6 weeks.

          • Agree, this film will be in theaters for 4 month and DVD perhaps next year

  14. One word: epic. IMAX will be a great format to watch this in.

  15. This is more than a movie, it’s an event, not going to happen for a while at the theater. Harry Potter was good and all but this is imo is more hyped than Deathly Hallows and more anticipated. The Hobbit is coming out but i don’t think it is as anticipated as much as TDKR. So the ticket sales make sense, my theater in Madison is already selling them, haven’t bought yet though.

    • No, its still just a movie.

  16. Sadly, the closest IMAX screen to me is in Seattle, WA. and I live in Montana. So I wont be seeing it in IMAX although the city i live by has a BigD screen which is pretty awesome, and they say its the closest you can get to an IMAX screen. I went to it for HP 7.2 and SH:AGoS and M:I-4 so ill probably go to the BigD for TDKR

  17. Austin and Houston are the nearest to me.. lets try my best :P

  18. I think this one can break The Dark Knight`s $533,345,358 all time box-office record. maybe reach AVATAR

    • It will surely past TDK’s box-office, but there’s no way this film will make over $2 billion and surpass Avatar.

      • i’ll be suprised if it gets close to TDK. the only reason (imo) that TDK made that much was a morbid curiosity over heath ledgers death. look at the gross for BB. and with charging all the extra $$$ for imax, is it even a fair comparison? they really need to stop with the dollar amounts and just look at the number of tickets sold. in new york city ticket prices are $20. here in louisville ky it’s 11 (these are imax & 3D prices)not sure about LA. i’m sure it’s just as crazy.

        what are prices in your area?

        • Im from NYC and your right, $16 for 3D and IMAX about $20…f**king expensive city !

    • Oh and i didn’t think this film would be as hyped up without the joker’s return,obviously i was wrong.

  19. There are people on here Defending Zack Snyder???? shocking…….. Zack only has one thing going for him. His Visuals are amazing. That is it. He simply was not suited for Watchmen. People were saying that almost two years before the film was released. and they were Right. Snyder is suited for particular kind of films that have little to no depth in their stories. You dont give snyder a piece of Literature to adapt. It WILL NOT WORK. Most video game adaptations you give to directors like him. Its not really an insult to the man, its just this is what you’re suited for.

    • What???! Snyder was perfect for Watchmen. He did an incredible job. I don’t think any director I can think of would have done as good and respectful screen version of Watchmen. People didn’t go to see it not because it was a bad movie, but because most movie goers had never heard of Watchmen. Also it was an 18 certificate (UK) and not a U or PG-13.

      Even though the comic is highly regarded, it’s a fraction of the popularity of Batman, Superman, X-Men, Spider-man, Avengers etc… Watchmen just isn’t in the same league. The Watchmen movie was great. It’s not Snyder’s fault you don’t see kids with Watchmen happy meal toys.

    • well, i don’t think you can say “You dont give snyder a piece of Literature to adapt. It WILL NOT WORK” until it actually happens. you don’t know that any adaption will suck just because he’s attached to it. wait until he actually fails before calling him a failure. i don’t know who said “He simply was not suited for Watchmen. ” when apparently watchmen has been pretty well received. if you didn’t like it, thats fine, but the movie was successful. lets see how MOS turns out.

      • Well, I think everyone would agree with this statement: “You don’t give Uwe Bol a draft of any movie to direct. IT WILL NOT WORK”. 8-)

  20. “You’d have to be living in the most remote place on Earth not to know that Dark Knight Rises is going to be THE most anticipated film event of 2012″

    Nah. I’m looking forward to The Avengers and Spider-Man more.

      • I’m sorry… I’m not one hundred percent sure I understand what point you are trying to make. So because Joss Whedon and Marvel were able to actually keep some secrets, The Avengers isn’t as exciting as The Dark Knight Rises, which has had the worst security of any movie in history…

        • Did you watch the video??

          Yes set pictures were taken but Nolan likes the use of practical effects unlike Marvel productions. A real and breathing villain will always supersede a guy in a black suit with white balls attached.

          Also I don’t think they are keeping secrets but rather they don’t have the completed product to share yet, which scares me at this point.

          Story details that we know from both camps point to epic battles. However The Dark Knight Rises is going to show us a Batman story we have never seen before. On the other hand the Avengers will be showing us a team of superheroes which is also cool. But just the concept of seeing Batman lose then come back to beat Bane at the end is where its at.

          For however much you want to hate on Nolan or this current Batman franchise you have to admit seeing a completed Batman trilogy is epic. Let the Avengers make two successful movies and I will say the same about the third.

          • Actually, the Avengers have had 5 successful movies (IM, IM2, IH, Thor, CA), culminating in the big teamup.

            • I liked IM but not IM2 as its hugest set back was setting up for the Avengers.

              I don’t even think it is right to include IH as they are doing something new with him. This is also another character from the Avengers we have very little knowledge on. But I did like Edward Norton as the Hulk just not Marvels fiscal policies.

              Thor and CA while entertaining they didn’t make me leave the theater wishing I was one of them.

              So if I was basing the Avengers on these setup movies then that really takes down my excitement level a few notches. Wow, that really sucks, thanks for helping me with that realization.

              • Wishing you were one of them? I liked Batman Begins but I didn’t leave the theater wanting to be him.

                • Wait a minute, let me think a bout this. Ok, after watching IM2, I wanted to be the black suit Black Widow was wearing. 8-)

                  • lmao!

                  • I’m glad you can fantasize.

                    • Not as well as Ignur Rant but I have my moments. 8-)

                    • @Kahless

                      Heh heh. Its was Just My Imagination x The Temptations

              • well thanks for all the spoilers for TDKR. now i can save my $12, since apparently batman loses, then comes back and wins…well that is just awesome.

                • Seeing how I’m saving you money heres another way.

                  Call Geico, 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance.

  21. That’s cool that the tickets are on sale, but I have to be honest, I am not that excited about this movie as I was with The Dark Knight. I am more excited for The Hobbit than anything. Hurry up December!!

    • If the world ends on the 21st then we’ve watched a lot of great movies this year

      • Actually we’re going to be changed from carbon-12 to carbon-7 based life-forms, but we may still be able to see movies through our mind’s eye.

        (crikets chirping)



  22. An IMAX theatre just opened on DEC 14 just a 15 minute drive away from where I live. Will definitely watch this in IMAX. Man I’m really glad that Nolan is not jumping on the ridiculous 3D bandwagon

  23. This legitimately gave me anxiety…

  24. Oh, crap! I just thought about something; I have 4 sons and a daughter who would all get the Menendez Virus if I didn’t take them with me. I may have to get a second mortgage to pay for all this. :-D

    @Ignur Rant
    If you decide to go to the Rio in Gaithersburg, please let me know and when.