‘Dark Knight Rises’ Images Feature Bat-Pads, New Bane Costume, & More

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A slew of new promotional stills from The Dark Knight Rises are featured in this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly, along with cast interviews that provide additional insight into the mindset of the villains in Christopher Nolan’s Caped Crusader trilogy concluder.

Those pics have now been officially released online, revealing such memorable imagery as Batman (Christian Bale) conducting some detective work by use of an iPad-like device (Bat-Pad?), Bane (Tom Hardy) wearing a different costume while he literally occupies Wall Street the Gotham stock exchange, Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) showing off her cat-burglar skills – and more.

Check all that out in the Dark Knight Rises gallery below:


The idea that Bane’s plot to destroy Gotham involves more than just physically destroying the city’s foundation and population was alluded to in a previous Dark Knight Rises plot synopsis, which would explain just what the muscular brute is doing in the image featured above. As Hardy told EW, “there is a very meticulous and calculated way about Bane. There is a huge orchestration of organization to his ambition.” Intriguing, to say the least.

Similarly, it’s cool to see that Bruce Wayne’s personal “Q,” Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), will be providing Batman with some nifty new technology in Dark Knight Rises, in addition to that glowing weapon briefly glimpsed in the full-length DKR trailer. Plus, this is the first look we’ve gotten at Catwoman preparing to use those “cat ear” goggles of hers for practical purposes – which is in keeping with the nature of costume accessories in Nolan’s Bat-verse.

For more DKR-related goodness, check out our recent post with Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway talking about their roles in Nolan’s climactic Batman blockbuster.

The Dark Knight Rises in U.S. theaters on July 20th, 2012.


Source: EW

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  1. And Batman’s new gadget for TDKR is…..an iPad (crickets chirp).

    • An ipad 4. Im two versions behind!!

  2. man, look at morgan freeman! i cant believe he is still acting at his age. and he doesnt seem to be slowing down yet!

    • He and Sam Jackson will keep doing this forever…
      And I ain’t complaining. They’re both awesome at what they do.

    • He still flies his own planes, so I don’t see why he can’t still act. I think his voice is mesmerizing.

  3. Is Bane dancing or what? :-D

    • Walking “SMH”

    • i thought so too… bane is all like “unh son, watch my moves son. b-boy status for real son. unh son.”

    • Every comic geek knows Bane can never decline a dance off.

    • Looks like he’s letting one rip… *pinches nose*

  4. I am so disappointed with the costume for this last film. I dealt with it in TDK but I was sure the design would have evolved to something better than the 500 pc jigsaw puzzle body suit. And Cat Woman doesn’t provide any hope in me liking her as the choice actress for the job…but it won’t be Halle Berry bad that is for sure.

    • Are you finish yet? Who cares just look at the picture and move on.

      • He’s allowed to say what he thinks.
        I happen to agree about Batman’s costume, but (unfortunately) it’s VERY difficult to translate Batman’s costume from comic book to movie screen, therefore, I’m not complaining about it (because it could have been much worse).

        • Batman-retired-8-years-no-need-for-batman-suit makes sense?

          • Who said he “retired”?
            All we know is, this movie takes place 8 years after TDK…
            I haven’t heard anything about him retiring for that time (and if it is so, then that’s pretty lame IMO)

          • clap clap clap…..

      • STFU Terrarts. Anyways the only thing I dont like about the Bat suit are the legs. Fortunately Nolan is not going Batman Forever, etc wit hthe Bat suit…lol. More tactical looking legs would be better. As for Cat woman I am sure Hathaway will do a good job.

        Aside from that I cant wait to watch the flick!

    • How can you be dissapointed with batmans costume? Like they said in the dark knight it helps with felxability. Its not just r andom segments for no reason it serves its purpose

      • Well actually it is just useless segments in many places. There are certain points that do help with flexion but to segment say the individual abdominal muscles is overly silly and just creates multiple weak points (in an area that tends to get hit a lot). At the very least there should be no bilateral segmenting because the torso doesn’t tend bend down the middle. ;)

        Honestly I agree with Agent O and this outfit feels closer to the grandstanding Val Kilmer/George Clooney versions than it does to any of the comic book looks. And no, I’m not asking for them to go back to the all cloth TV Batman outfit but some sort of outer sheath to hide the hard lines might match better. Batman is about understated and this look kind of flies in the face of that.

        The Mortal Kombat reject and the supposed thief in the hooker outfit (maybe that’s why no whip?) aren’t much better.

        • Batman said he wanted to scare criminals. If he walked toward you in that suit, you would crap. Just saying. I think the suit looks awesome!

        • lol @ mortal combat reject. this is about the most unimpressive looking bane i’ve seen, but we will see in a few months

    • In TDK, it was clear that the suit had problems with knives n sharp objects. Im sure 8 years on, the extra padding was meant to deal with that. Having said tat with Bane blowing things up in this one, I hope its blast resistant too.

  5. I’m only putting this on here because there’s no open discussion today but WHY HAVEN’T THEY RELEASED THE LOOPER TEASER????

    • Maybe it’s on the Apple website

      • It is not. JGL and Rian Johnson keep telling me to check back tomorrow but thats what they said YESTERDAY!

      • It’s not online yet, but don’t worry – we’ll let you know when the Looper teaser’s been released, for sure. ;-)

  6. Look of dread in Batman’s face:
    “Damn it! Touch sensitive gloves! If I told Fox once I told him twice… you can’t work these $%#@!* pads with REGULAR gloves! I’ve got a scheduling conflict with two super models and a cat…. now I have to phone one of these B%^$#S!”

    • as I read that, I actually heard that in my head as Bale’s grumbly Batman voice.


  7. There is nothing wrong with batman’s suit, If a man was going to fight crime in this age he would have to wear armor of some type.

    The only problem that I’m going to have with the movie is Catwoman’s costume.
    It’s not what you expect to see catwoman in. It should make her more sexy as a potential love interest of Batman. but this is just my opinion

    • The relationship between Cat Woman and Batman that you perhaps hoped for has already been touched upon by Tim Burton.
      Nolan’s take on their relationship in TDKR seems to be much more bare bones and utilitarian, in keeping with the “real world” tone of Nolan’s Batman

      Look up some clips of Michelle Pfeiffer’s Cat Woman on You Tube and you’ll see a much different Cat Woman than that of Hathaway’s.

      Hathaway can be sexy BUT 20 years ago Michelle Pfeiffer was sexier than a cat in heat. And her costume was designed to literally give the impression of a feline.

      • I agree but Burton’s catwoman was 20 years ago. times have really changed and Nolan gets that in a way.
        Lets just hope it is as good as the dark knight

      • Sexier than a cat in heat?

    • True, Catwoman’s costume doesn’t seem to be very practical. But I feel that there are a lot of surprises in store for us, and it ends up being very practical. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure there was an interview a few months back, where Hathaway was saying that everything in the suit has a purpose and function and there are a lot of cool gadgets and surprises. That said, even when it seems somewhat impractical, I think we might be suprised.

  8. Lucius Fox = Batman’s “Q”

  9. The Batsuit is a touch over-the-top.
    Batman practically looks like RoboCop.
    It was a legitimate style choice even if
    I would have preferred something simpler.

  10. and there is nothing new about the bane costume. Its pretty much the same thing we’ve seen of him, pre the final batman confrontation when it is all black like the real bane…negative the big fur coat…he might be wearing some extra body armor in that jacket thing he is wearing…but not much more than that.

  11. Take note of the grey hair in Bruce´s sideburns, his face looks so tired…

  12. why couldn’t you just edit my post instead of deleting it… oh that’s right it was the truth my bad.

  13. Sweet

  14. batman

  15. I just cannot take Joseph Gordon-Levitt seriously in a police uniform! He’s so baby-faced and I will always think of him as Tommy from 3rd Rock.

    • @lil

      I can’t take him seriously when he’s holding that gun all wrong… Noob… lol. No research done for the role, tsk tsk…

      • I still don’t see why Nolan got a high-paying actor to play the role of… a cop.
        Unless there’s more to the character (which Nolan has dismissed so far), then it’s a waste of money. They could have gotten someone much cheaper that can can hold a gun even better.

        Aw well, I’m sure he has his reasons.

        • Maybe JGL’s character is more than it seems. Or, maybe Nolan has anticipated us thinking that JGL’s character is more than it seems, so he’s playing with us and JGL is actually just a regular cop. AHHH, Nolan, stop messing with my mind!!

          Seriously though, whether he’s just a cop or something more, his character will hopefully be complex.

  16. Is it just me or does Christian Bale look like Tom Cruise in that “gown” pic?

  17. Did anyone else notice the initials on Bruce’s robe???……TW = Thomas Wayne, dude is wearing his dad’s robe, har har har!

    also, the front page of the paper is a full pic of Batman, he must be getting old if he’s letting reporters get shots of him like that

    • Nice Catch. Just go es to show u how unhinged he is. Major daddy issues.

  18. The NewspaperBruce is reading has a picture of Batman on it BTW

    vant read the title tho.

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    I’ve spoken to Vic about this already, and this is actually me, Ken J, not some spambot, so don’t worry. :-P

  20. Bane looks meaner den b4 & more diabolical….

  21. Wow, awesome pics! Loving Bruce, Bane, JGL, Catwoman, and I’m glad to finally see Morgan. Bane’s new costume is pretty much the same theme as the one we have seen, and it seems to fit with how Nolan is looking to portray him. Bruce looks old and tired in the pic with Morgan, but I guess that’s what 8 years, with physical and emotional distress does to you. I also love the BatPad!

    Seeing Bane in the Stock Exchange place got me thinking. Maybe he’s going to be doing something similar to Project Mayhem in Fight Club, where…


    Tyler blows up the credit card buildings so everyone goes back down to zero. The trailer seemed to elude to the social and financial inequality and the gap between the rich and poor. Maybe Bane will be doing something to bring the rich and poor onto the same level. Any thoughts?