New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Promo Images: Batman, Bane & ‘The Bat’

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The Dark Knight Rises has started to make headlines on an almost daily basis over the past couple of weeks. We can probably read that as a harbinger that Warner Bros. is about to emulate what Marvel did with The Avengers during the two months (or so) leading up to that comic book blockbuster’s release: begin a marketing blitzkrieg for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman flick that’ll leave moviegoers both hyped to see it – and worn out by the promo overload.

For the time being, though, Bat-fever is just starting to spread. Along with early descriptions of the film’s CinemaCon sizzle reel that leaked out yesterday, today we have some promotional imagery for Dark Knight Rises that premiered at the event.

Among the reasons why people are psyched to see Dark Knight Rises (beyond the obvious) is that this marks the first of Nolan’s Batman movies where the Caped Crusader (Christian Bale) will go up against a foe in Bane (Tom Hardy), who possesses both brains and brawn that match – and exceed – his own. As cunning and skilled an opponent as Batman’s mentor, Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) was in Batman Begins – and Heath Ledger’s Joker was sheer, unbridled chaos in physical form in Dark KnightBane is another sort of monster altogether.

Besides that, Dark Knight Rises brings the promise of new Bat-gadgetry and “toys,” including useful trinkets like a “Bat-Pad” for detective work. Obviously, though, the big new piece of technological hardware that Bats will have at his disposal this time is an aerial vehicle simply called … “The Bat.” Between the brief glimpse offered of “The Bat” in the Dark Knight Rises trailer – and descriptions of its maneuverability, as teased in the CinemaCon preview – it’s a pretty sick ride indeed.

Just the glimpse of Batman duking it out with Bane – and juxtaposed next to “The Bat” – in these promo images is enough to get us excited to find out how all that looks in motion:


While attending CinemaCon 2012, Nolan expressed his desire to complete his Batman trilogy “in the biggest way possible” – which also accounts for why a massive chunk of Dark Knight Rises was shot in IMAX. As the filmmaker put it, “What defines cinema, and what gets people out of the house to watch it, is spectacle.”

Passing over whether or not you agree with Nolan 100% on that matter, there’s no denying that everything from Dark Knight Rises set photos and videos teasing the (literal) war between Gotham City and Bane’s army, to the film’s prologue where Bane – whose infamously garbled vocals reportedly have been improved, according to CinemaCon attendees – establishes himself as a massive storm in human form – all points to Dark Knight Rises being crazy big.

Bear in mind, crazy big and crazy good aren’t necessarily synonymous descriptions. Still, even Nolan’s attention-demanding detractors (who, to be fair, have raised valid criticisms of his Batman movies) have to admit: the minds behind Dark Knight Rises are aiming so high that, even if they slightly miss their mark, the final product still stands to be a pretty damn good movie.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros. [via Coming Soon], The Washington Post

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  1. Probably best if I don’t say anything.

    • Say it Dr. 😉

      • Ok. I really hope these don’t represent the final product in any way because they look god damn awful!

        • Wow you think so? I think they look cool. I mean every single aspect of this film doesn’t have to be “realistic”. It is based on a comic after all. I like these promos cause it does give this film a sense of fantasy, which the other films didn’t have.

        • Agrees with Dr. Beckett on this one 😉

        • Let it go man, you’ve been complaning for a year now and I’m sure it’s going to continue long after July 20, 2012.

          Enjoy The Avengers and Spider-Man because it is obvious you’re not going to enjoy The Dark Knight Rises.

          Also, Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 are on the horizon.

        • I think these posters look great. I’m happy to see some more dramatic presentations than in the past for the trilogy’s characters and features. Also, I finally can see a clearer picture of “The Bat” (I love the name).

          I know you are doubtful about how this film will turn out, but these pictures just encourage me all the more. I can’t wait for next week…and then, for July 20th!

        • A lot of the Avengers’ promo images looked even worse than these… just sayin 😉
          And so far, Avengers has proven that the promotional material (as cartoon-y and corny as they were) didn’t reflect how the final product turned out.

          Same can be said for X-Men First Class: worst posters I’ve ever seen, but I really enjoyed the movie.

  2. Nah this looks cartoony or very cg enhanced. Not the actual stuff from the movie. Dont understand why they’d go that direction for the promo material. It’s like taking a page from the avengers posters. Doesnt seem to fit with nolan’s version of batman. Taken simply as is however, it does look cool but feels like i comes from a video game cinematic.

  3. ..*it* comes..

  4. @DrSam with you on that one. However I don’t think we should be worried. It is only promo work.

  5. So Nolan is the guy who defines cinema? Batman is my favorite franchise alongside X-Men but that’s mainly due to the comics and Burton/Animated Series/Arkham City. Why would people work with the Joker if he kills his own crew? Why was Batman saving only political figures? Why do I laugh out loud every time Christian Bale goes “He must have friends…”. Nolan sounds like a pretentious d-bag. I would hang out with Joss Whedon or Matthew Vaughn, but not C. Nolan. And, dude, “The Dark Knight Rises”? That is one sellout title right there. Speaking of selling out, it would’ve made more sense to put the new trailer with Dark Shadows because of the aesthetic and paying a homage to Burton. I like Nolan’s films, actually, they’re professionally done. But so are Bryan Singer’s movies and he’s a pretentious d-bag, too.

    • Poor thing…have a lolli pop.

    • “Why would people work with the Joker if he kills his own crew?”

      I tried to keep myself from commenting, but if you actually watched the film, the other clowns didn’t know Joker. Nobody really knows Joker before he introduced himself to the mob. All they know is he planned a robbery and told each one who to kill to have “one less share” but the first clown wised up and got the pattern. So one would imagine they worked for him cos they didn’t know he kills his own crew. And those other men who worked for him after that were probably anarchist too, as evidenced by the fact that they helped him burn the mob money.

      And Batman saved those hostages from the building and those ones on the two boats as well. Also, the whole of Gotham and the kid from the first movie and so on. The needs of the many over the needs of the few. He can’t save them all right?

      All your other statements just shout Marvel Fanboy.

      • I’m not anyone’s fanboy. DC’s has better animation movies, better comics right now(due to Jim Lee) but I am not on either side. But thanks. While I’m still stereotyped, I would like to point out that while alot of people criticize the television aspect of most of the marvel studios films, Nolan’s Batman seems to borrow quite alot from Law and Order. And that show be lame. Dark Horse forever!

        • Really? Not anybody’s fanboy, yet you exclaim “Dark Horse forever!”.

          • i was kidding, c’mon. I’m being neutral in any DC/Marvel stuff. I’m a fanboy, I guess. But I’m not on anyone’s side. I just consider my Batman to be Arkham City not Nolan’s. Nolan’s batsuit looks like a friggin’ jigsaw.

            • @ robby

              I agree that TDKR seems like a sellout name of a title. Others have thought the same so you’re alone there. Im a fan of both DC/Marvel & i agree DC has had better success in animation series & dvd movies. But imo, it’s the other way around for Marvel when it comes to live-action films. What I mean is DC’s most success films have been Batman/Superman films over the years. And DC/WB are able to have a unified universe right now unlike Marvel which is off to a head start. I never played Arkham City or the previous game but loved & imagine there could of great Batman/Catwoman costumes made simliar that game’s that would be better’s Nolan’s films. Im also a fan of Burton’s films. But imo, the best adaption on screen of Batman ive seen would be Batman:TAS. I especially loved Mask Of The Phantasm & Subzero imo was a much better improvement over Batman & Robin despite being a animated feature film. That’s my opinions.

              • Can you all explain how it is a “sellout” title. I’ve that term used before, not for this movie though, and when I ask what makes it a sellout I never get a straight answer.

                If sellout you mean the movie will sellout every seat in the theater you are correct sirs.

                • I always thought The Caped Crusader would have been a better title given the plot details.

      • @ Milo

        In Batman(89) Joker shot Bob just because Batman foiled his killing spree in Gotham as he like any of his men didn’t expect Batman to having a flying aircraft. He just got ticked off & decided to shoot someone dead as Bob was the closest that had a gun on him. Samething with New Batman Adventures episode ” Joker’s Millions” when Joker was tricked & got so ticked off that Harley’s replacement’s annoying laugh made him more angry that he almost shot her dead. And in I don’t think its Batman’s style to be blowing up cars stuck in traffic w/ the Bat-Pod. It’s a movie yes, but how can that many people escape their cars without a scratch? Not to mention the tumbler flipping police cars or smashing them to save one life in Batman Begins. Even Alfred asked him about that.

        In reality, i really wonder what the outcome would be like if people were put in that situation on the boats. Because i didn’t understand why a warden goes down with the detonator in his hand with a bunch of inmates that could overpower him & the guards. Another was Mr. Fox reluctly want to use sonar tech. to help Batman find the Joker when he had no problem about using it Hong Kong when Batman went apprehand Cheng.

        • Maybe showing a dynamic that a person makes a hasty decision and everything is not going to play out perfectly like a comic book or especially a cartoon.

          • lmao

    • You really think nolan chose when the trailer will be rleeased?

      • no but he had a hand in on the title, don’t ya think? That is a SELLOUT title. “Well, I think it’s pretty appropiate seeing how he has to RISE out of his chair or whatever.” Shut up. Listen to Black Flag

        • Your a bitter man

        • WHY is it a sellout title? It’s not giving in to society’s expectations. It’s not giving in to potentially increased profits (those that use the tired reason of “name recognition” KNOW that anybody who is interested in Nolan’s closure to his Batman trilogy will come no matter the title; those NOT interested will not).

          I think it is a reasonable, sensible title that reflects what will happen (provided positive expectations are indeed met) when Batman FINALLY evolves from simple “urban legend” or “bogeyman” or even “superhero” (for those Gothamites who would use such a term) to true LEGEND.

          In short, it makes perfect sense.

    • (“Why would people work with the Joker if he kills his own crew?”)

      Because people have no idea Joker kills his own crew before they actually get killed. Simple.

      (“Why was Batman saving only political figures?”)

      …and I thought Batman was saving TWO boat-loads of common people in TDK.

      (“Why do I laugh out loud every time Christian Bale goes “He must have friends…”. Nolan sounds like a pretentious d-bag.”)

      That’s your personal problem.

      …And speaking of sell-out titles, Burton’s ‘Batman Returns’ too is a sellout title. It sounds much like ‘Batman’.

      (“…paying a homage to Burton”)

      What’s the need? Does Burton have a monopoly rights over Batman ???
      I would say WB themselves, weren’t satisfied with what they had in their hands till date, about anything related to Batman, so they allowed Nolan to resurrect.

      …as far as abusing individuals is concerned, it only helps in reducing the credibility of one’s arguments.

  6. They all look like comic splash pages. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.

    • Did you get all of it off your chest? What do you think of the promo images?

      • why you gotta make me feel like a madman? The images look like video game promos.

    • It’s not like the artwork for the promo images is going to ruin the movie. So it’s kind of a moot point to even whine about it.

  7. Actually, this looks pretty damn cool. It looks like it was heavily inspired by the many covers from the comics. It’s like watching a comic cover come to life. Looks very good to me…

    It actually reminds me of Wolverines vs Hulk …

    • I was thinking the same thing. The first picture caught my attention so I right clicked and set as my background.

  8. I dont know why Marvel and DC released cgi-type promo images this year,(avengers did the same thing with their photoshopped pics of TA in “blue steel” poses). But lets not single out Nolan or DC as the ONLY culprits. I guess they figure… they would be giving less away/saving money?

    • lmfao @ blue steel poses!!!

  9. Not a fan of the promo images… Not sure how much Nolan is to blame for the marketing aspect if the film, I’m guessing that’s more of WB’s handy work… Either way this will be an epic movie.. Don’t let a poster judge that for you

  10. Not knocking the movie at all but these really look like the type of images they would use to get kids attention for the toys on the shelf.

    • Well, seeing as these are PROMOTIONAL images meant to be used with PROMOTIONAL material/products (like toys) for the movie… you’d be right in saying that 😉

      • hahahaha

  11. CGI or not , Bane still doesn’t look like he can convincingly beat Batman down to a few inches of his life. Hopefully I’ll know more if they show the trailer this weekend when i finally see Avengers.

    • Looks won’t “beat down” a person.

      • Unless you’re Michael Jai White. 😎

  12. it better outdo the dark knight as far as I’ve seen only the Lord of the Rings movies has succeeded in accomplishing a successful trilogy and excellently done
    although I did enjoy Superman 1,ll,and lll, unlike other fans I thought Superman lll showed a side of the man of Steel we never saw before .good luck with The Dark Knight Rises

    • What about the Godfather trilogy? Or Back to the Future Trilogy?

      • There is no Godfather trilogy….

        • Or toy story trilogy!

          • Or The Bourne Series. Even Star Wars too…

    • @ Richard Kallao

      Lol, it pains me to say this. I dunno why but i liked Superman 4 little more than i did Superman 3 despite the films lousy effects. I enjoyed it as a kid for sure but now it’s hard to pick between 3 & 4,lol. When i watch Superman 3 nowadays, i wonder if it was to be taken seriously? I mean Richard Pryor for one, the villains being mainly like Lex Luthor, Otis & Ms.Tessmacher, Kryptonite involved in the film again. Superman 4 i thought looked more serious but lacked the special effects, goofs, wasn’t long enough of a film, etc. I mind the plot or the villains. I didn’t mind Nuclear Man as he was original & it’s shown clearly he wasn’t exact clone of Superman as people & fans expected him to be perhaps Bizarro. Back to Superman 3, i never understood that scene Clark strangling Superman. I mean how could someone solid disappear? Anyways, like most people i enjoyed the first two films the best.

  13. These look like old-school comic art. But the film should be good, though. And with one hour of IMAX cameras.

  14. I like the general dynamic look of the battle scene between Bane and Bats but his armor just looks……silly. Reminds more of the Clooney version than it does the original look from BB.

  15. There are promo art for toys, bedroom posters, bed sheets, and pretty much anything else no one this site probably even cares about. Get over it! All of Nolan’s movies are lit and shot pretty much the same way. The Dark Knight Rises won’t be any different. Calm down.

  16. Question ranters! What’s your opinion about the yellow emblem as seen Burton’s Batman films,Batman:TAS, etc.? And if DC/WB & different director opted for that design again to be on film again, would go for it?

    • I dunno, it was what he had in the comics back then, it even served a purpose( to draw gunfire to his armored chest piece) but I like the plain black emblem better personally. I don’t care for Nolan’s bisected bat emblem though, can’t really see it like that.

      • @ il princerino

        I like the plain black emblem, just not as much as the yellow as back then. I too don’t care for Nolan’s bisected bat emblem in both TDK & TDKR when i can’t really notice it. But if they were to go back with the yellow emblem again, id think they could atleast somehow have the cape cover it if they can just like Batman:TAS whenever Batman would be standing still. One thing i liked about that was you never knew what he’d pull out from under his cape that came outta his utility belt.

        • Honestly I never liked the black and yellow emblem, from a 4 year old until now. I prefer the black emblem, it’s alot “cleaner” and simple. Also it just looks cool.

      • Why draw gunfire at all, on any part of the body by illuminating it, when one can be in total complete stealth mode ??? That yellow logo in fact, was camp personified for me.

  17. meh. “the bat” looks like something from transformers

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  19. These images are for kids colouring books and stationary etc they did the same thing for TDK some of the images are also for the new statues and figures that are coming out.

  20. The first one is pure art! Anyone notice it was made to resemble the Gods? The ones painted on ceilings that are battling. Idk what its called and too lazy to google on my phone.

    The 2nd one is cool, the third sucks.

  21. I do enjoy the wit and snarky replies of a TDKR thread.

    • +1