New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Hi-Res Images: Bane, Batman & Harvey Dent

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The Dark Knight Rises Bane vs. Batman header New Dark Knight Rises Hi Res Images: Bane, Batman & Harvey Dent

In today’s Dark Knight Rises news, we have some new hi-res images from the film to share with fans – who are still buzzing about the recent Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue, as well as the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer, which revealed such goodies as a Robin Easter-egg.

But more than anything else, the one aspect of TDKR that has been causing the most debate is the character of Bane (played by Tom Hardy). From his costume to his muscle size to his hard-to-decipher voice, Bane is the name on the tip of every Bat-fan’s tongue right now.

Nolan’s version of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, is that of a terrorist leader who arrives on Gotham City’s doorstep to hatch a nefarious plot of mass destruction and socio-political upheaval. When Batman tries to stop him, he finds that in Bane he has truly met a villain who is his equal, both physically and mentally.

The photos below aren’t “new,” per se: They were actually featured in a recent issue of Empire and scans of the photos have been making their way around the Internet for weeks now. Of course, magazine pics and scanned images can’t hold a candle to the true beauty you’ll see in these official hi-res photos. Check them out below:


The Dark Knight Rises Bane Harvey Dent Photo 280x181 New Dark Knight Rises Hi Res Images: Bane, Batman & Harvey Dent

The Dark Knight Rises Bane vs. Batman 277x430 New Dark Knight Rises Hi Res Images: Bane, Batman & Harvey Dent

That “Bane vs. Batman” image is destined to become a classic, no doubt about that. A brief hint of this scene in The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer was enough to give many fans goosebumps. Hopefully, the fight sequence in the actual film lives up to the anticipation; even the most ardent Bat-fan has to admit that filming close-quarter combat hasn’t been Nolan’s greatest strength throughout this series.

As for the Harvey Dent photograph in the other pic: We’ve known for some time that “The Harvey Dent Act” will be a pivotal plot point in TDKR, helping to tie the threequel to the previous film, The Dark Knight. While details of this ‘Harvey Dent Act’ are sketchy, it’s known that the piece of legislation helped Commissioner Gordon and Batman bring order to Gotham in the 8-year span between TDK and TDKR. How Bane plans to use the law to his advantage (or tear it down) remains to be seen – but still, it’s nice to see that Harvey Dent actor Aaron Eckhart made it into the film in some form or fashion…

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros. via Batman News

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  1. Batman looks like a midget in that pic :( (and before people start bashing me, I’m not trying to offend little people and I know it’s obviously the angle of the photo that makes him look tiny) — it’s just bad photography is all…

    But if you look really close, you’ll see Batman’s standing very strangely as well: not an attack or defensive stance nor even an exhausted stance (like he’s just been fighting Bane for instance). I really don’t know what’s going on in that photo…

    The other pic (with Bane standing on a Tumbler) looks okay. I’ve already expressed my dislike towards Bane’s height, mass, clothes, etc. so at this point I’m trying to imagine the Bane from the comics (kinda like I’m cutting Nolan’s Bane out and pasting in the comicbook version, in my mind ;)), but that aside… i’m intrigued to know WHY EXACTLY Bane is holding a picture of Harvey Dent…

    • About Harvey Dent’s photo, I had the same thoughts as you. I dunno if you’ve seen it yet, but trust me, when you see the movie, it’ll make sense :) I just don’t wanna give you spoilers.

  2. Its annoying how some people are complaining that bane isn’t a steroid monster. First of all Tom hardy is a huge guy watch the warrior and you’ll see and he is a great actor. I rather bane be a great actor then some roided out goon that can’t even remember a line

    • i couldnt agree with you more…its not like he is a skinny guy, the man is jacked! Id much rather have tom hardy than the dude from conan

      • Anyone can see Bane is Massive and Tom Hardy’s frame doesn’t fit this one. I agree that they’ll make a new approach to bane the way they did to Scarecrow and Joker. Even though he is jacked, realistically speaking, he can’t BEAT Batman in hand to hand combat. I mean Batman has an Armor suit, So how can Bane that small break through that with BARE HAND?

        My guess is that they’ll make this Bane the Antithesis of the 90′s Bane, More Brains than Brawn.
        So far The plot looks like a mash up of the 2 previous Nolan Batman flicks.

        • Bane never had to punch through Batmans suit. There is a reason why he is the man who broke the bat, it’s one of the most iconic Batman images, Bane snapping Batmans spine over his knee.

          • See the Trailer again and watch Bane vs Batman as they have HAND TO HAND COMBAT. He is punching Batman’s suit.
            Also, realistically speaking, He can’t lift Batman because even though he’s jacked, His mass just doesn’t seem enough to lift a Guy almost his size, unless Bane has some superhuman strength, which I doubt with Nolan being realistic and all.
            My guess is that Bane’s real strength will be strategy, as was shown in the prologue as he lets himself get captured and all the strategic movements he made.

            • b3n… yes… in real life a man of Tom Hardy’s size could absolutely lift a man his own size. It’s a combination of technique and stregth, more than just size alone. Professional wrestlers lift men their own size for a living – in real life. Power lifters (even some very small men – but very strong) lift hundereds and hundreds of lbs. It’s not always about size… stregth and technique is the key. Think if Bane place Batman at his feet and positioned himself to preform a deadlift or a clean and jerk… he could (and definitely in the movies) preform this motion on Batman and lift him high enough and bring him back down with enough force to break his back.

              At very least he could suplex him… or do a simple back breaker that they preform in wrestling… prop the body on the shoulder and swing them down onto the knee… it can be done.

              • Furthermore, Bane does not have to use his knee to break The Bat. He can always lift him up to have him propely landed on some rock or any hard material available on the floor… Just my humble thought and speculation. :)

                • Remember, Batman is a MASTER MARTIAL ARTIST, I doubt Bane could outdo Batman in HAND TO HAND COMBAT. (As seen in the trailer). For Bane to be able to suplex Batman, he would have to make Batman groggy, he would need an adequate timing to do this on Batman, but Batman is a tactical and martial arts expert. As I guessed, he would use strategy to wear down the Batman and then break him by other means. If Nolan really intends to show this Bane rather than make him bulk up, then it shows that this Bane is the opposite of the 90′s Bane (More brawn than muscle), Strategy would be his strength.
                  I’m not doubting a good performance from Hardy Bane, I am merely pointing out the realism in this scenario.

                  • Scratch (More brawn than muscle), It should be more brawn than brains DUH.

                  • Well doesn’t name have martial arts training too since he grew up with rahs al guhl daughter? Idk just a thought. Ad I think your right tho he would have to break that batman while he is groggy that’s why he breaks out all the prisoners so batman has to fight a lot of them. Then bane will come and finish him off. I’m excited to see this movie I can’t wait!

                  • Well doesn’t bane have martial arts training too since he grew up with rahs al guhl daughter? Idk just a thought. And I think your right tho he would have to break that batman while he is groggy that’s why he breaks out all the prisoners so batman has to fight a lot of them. Then bane will come and finish him off. I’m excited to see this movie I can’t wait!

                    • Batman should have the better training since he did beat Ra’s in combat,I don’t know about Bane but judging by the prologue and the trailers, he is associated with the League of shadows. I don’t see Bane Breaking Batman the way he did in Knightfall, He is not that massive and Batman is not that weak. Nolan isn’t a fan of 80′s style action as you have seen in his previous flicks. He could do it to Gordon cause in the teaser trailer, he looks like he has a back Injury while lying in a hospital bed.

              • Travis, the problem is he can’t lift him with the ease of an 8ft. tall 500+ lbs Bane would like when he broke Batman’s back.
                Also pro-wrestlers don’t lift men their size or larger to perform the moves you stated. Actually the guy getting suplexed, slammed or “having a back breaker” done to them is doing most of the work. Doing things like jumping into slam or suplex. Or pushing off the shoulders of their opponent when they did the over head press to a slam. It’s all choreographed, so he is right about it being unrealistic. And deadlifting, dead weight is completely different from doing it to a 6ft 200+ guy wearing armor. Plus slamming him on his knee, would injure it. Which is why pro-wrestling is choreographed to “prevent” this even though you have some actual strong men in wrestling.

    • If you really want to see a great role of Hardy watch Bronson EPIC (WARNING he is nude in Bronson be careful ladies LOL)

    • well really it’s more about sticking to the image of bane, and as for the image that was created time and time again through comic books,movies and tv shows bane was more of a bigger steroid super charged super human, now yes tom is a good actor but it kinda goes more in depth then just ur acting skills, remember u as a directer have a job to do and one of those jobs is make ur fan’s happy, one way of doing so is to get the fan’s imagery right, tom really doesn’t do the character “bane” any justice , i could understand them using tom if the character bane wasn’t already designed, like if there was never a bane from the comic’s and so on, and they desided to make up a character, that i could understand cause then it would be more about what the directer image of bane would be and look like u know, something new, he would be a new character, but the comic’s from years ago already have this character and how everyone thinks of bane’s look,…a steroid monster,…it’s like if u were to change sonic the hedgehog, made him purple or green and made him look like he’s on crack,…would u still think of him as sonic,… or would his psychical appearance take away from the character u know and respect, so i think they did bane’s character wrong in this movie, unless he has something on him that lets him transform into super bane, i just don’t know if acting well is gonna save the character it’s self or destroyed the image

    • I could not agree with you more Tom Hardy is a phenomenal actor!!

      He’s 5’10 200 or so pounds of muscle thats pretty freakin big

  3. I have seen and heard about something from the entire cast but my question is will Morgan Freeman be in the movie? I mean, he’s not in the trailer or in any images and I have not heard one blurb about the movie from the actor. Furthermore, the movie takes place 8 years after the Dark Knight, where Mr. Fox was an old man, so would he still be working for Wayne? Or did he throw in the towel, retire, and will not be seen in this third installment?

    • Freeman is in it. There’s a set photo somewhere on this site that shows Fox sitting on a balcony with another person, Tate I think it is.

  4. you know reading all these comments about brain over brawn and how this bane cant break the bat that hardy is too small and that bane cant hang in a hand to hand fight with batman being a master hand to hand combatant. its makes me wonder if these people have read the comics and i know most people leaving these comments read the comics and watch the movies and have never lifted a weight in their lives and have no idea what it takes to lift someone. arm chair critics. tom hardy is jacked and even tho he is shorter than bale he could lift him no problem for one. and i know all you arm chair critics have heard of force perspective they can easily make bane look bigger than batman. for two the character of bane is as much brain as he is brawn. he is the smartest strategist and tactition in comics. he has photographic memory and spent his entire life in prison. if you think that he survived life inprison from the time he was a child and didnt learn to fight against the most brutal onslaught you dont know anything. bruce learned it through training and then application to make him good. its all bane knows. he is so smart he developed his own fighting style to deal with anything that can come his way. and being a personal trainer myself and a fighter. i can tell you bane can break the bat the way you have seen him in these photos.

    • I Have read the comics, I don’t see why you’re having a problem with my analysis. You think fighting a guy who can counter suplexes and analyze martial arts move would be easy to break? Bane is smart, Bane is strong, but his real strength is strategy as I have said. Ok, so if this Bane was really as strong as you say, then why does he need Venom to beat Batman as in the comics, Also in every incarnation of Bane in the comics, he is MASSIVE? Tell me have you ever fought a Master Martial Artist with ARMOR? Do you think Batman would just stand and not take Bane punches and let himself be broken like you said? Bane will wear down the Bat and Beat Batman at his own game. Learn your combat science more. Batman is SMARTER and more resilient than Bane, that’s a fact. Read the comics again. The reason Bane was able to break Batman in the comics was that Batman was unprepared and did not know of Bane before that, meaning Batman, with proper preparation can outwit, outplay and outlast his opponents, look up at Detective comics # 701.

      • i didnt say i had a problem with any one analysis. and tell me to read my comics again haha. knightfall is my favorite batman story. and bane is my favorite villian. so i know exactly what im talking about. and if you have seen the latest trailer you know that they are doing knightfall in someway. bane orchestrates a mass prison breakout, and he tells batman he can die when gotham is in ashes. not kill him like knightfall but to watch gotham fall apart at banes hands. yes his greatest strength is strategy but so is his intellegence. no one else discovered batmans identity just from sheer intellect knowing how he carried himself and seeing wayne and thats it. i know batman is the master martial artist and can dissect your every move. but knowing that they are doing knightfall somehow you know that this bane will weaken batman before he breaks him. and their fighting styles are pro wrestling here. its designed to be brutal and to be able engage multiple opponents. fighting is an art and the styles they used for these movies are all real and have weaknesses of their own that can be exploited even when batman is uses them. and in the comics bane is drawn that way cause batman in the comics is also a large man and in pictures for someone to be that physically overbearing they must be steroid monsters which bane is cause thats what venom is a super steroid. they can still make hardy look larger than batman like i said before. but its more realistic for his intellect and strategy to wear down the batman before he can break him. you guys just make it sound like bale is actually a real life batman and hardy is a real life bane and they will be fighting each other and they will be both fresh in a ufc cage or something. it is a story and will play out how it should. lol. come on guys it is fiction. i dont know about you guys but i like to see things differently interpreted by different people. movies and comics are two different universes. especially with nolans verse. as long as things are true to source material if they go that route i just want to see something entertaining. its just like the comics mutliverse. worlds can have the same destination but in another verse the road is different. its like x-men 3 the last stand. it was a great movie by all means, a little cluttered with multiple plot points that could have been broken into other movies but i digress, but its not the movie that bryan singer set up. they broke away from the source material that singer was using for his movies. it was good but not what people wanted to see cause its not what it was supposed to be. bane has never been utilized like he should be and the way that nolan has made him looks great to me. im excited to see it. in the comics bane was drawn as a white guy. just cause he is from south america doesnt mean his ancestors are native. hardy does have the south american accent like anyone who was born and grew up there would. and i like the idea so far thrown around that banes physical advantage instead of venom is a pain killer he inhales thru his mask that he cant feel what batman throws at him. andit should make it so he can punch batmans armor without pain as well. and this batman armor is not the 15 layer nomex suit he has in the comics. it protects his vitals but is very vulnerable to hand to hand attack because of it design just like freeman said in the dark knight. he said more vulnerable to knives and gun fire but with the flexibility of the armored plates i would think that it would still hurt like hell when a big strong guy like bane hits those plate into you or hits the joints and open areas.

        • That is why Bane will not be breaking Batman as was portrayed in the comics, Nolan is a realist, he will find another way for Bane to beat down Batman. Strategy is the same as intelligence, and this Bane is that, he will match Batman’s best attributes. If you saw the leaked footage of the gotham battle, Bane was doing Martial Arts moves to fight Batman, NO LIFTING. As I stated before, I AM NOT doubting a good performance from Hardy, It is just that it is not the Bane as we are used in the Comics.

          • i have no doubt that it might be different from that iconic image from knightfall but im saying that he can do it that way. if someone is beat down and that dazed you can pick them up like you can break their back just like that. i can lift a 200 lb person over my head if its allowed or the person is that beat. so there is no doubt that hardy himself could do it but the way the movie will be bane could do it no problem. and yes nolan has a lot of reality but he also has science fiction in it as well. so there really is no limit to what he can do. and i dont like to think of his movies as realistic i prefer to think that everything he uses or changes is for the sake of the movies being more real because everything is about function. if its there or changed its because it has a real function.

            • Nolan is not a fan of 80′s style action, he will not let the choreography of the fight tell the story, that is one of his weak points, he does not show good fight choreography. Bane in this flick is really the antithesis of the 90′s Bane in the Batman and Robin. Someone mentioned that he worked for that scene and said that the tumbler will play a role in Batman’s breakdown. I am not sure but it is not far fetched.

        • Hey, All this argument about Bane vs Batman is too much. Remember, Bane’s not the only character that Batman has to deal with in this film. Obviously, Nolan will borrow elements from comics as was done in the 1st 2 Batman flicks. Also, This version of Bane will not have the same physical attributes as the one in the comics ( Based on the trailers and prologue, it seems unlikely they’ll include the venom). Also, even if Bane does know how to fight, he still needs his lackeys to wear down Batman. A lot of hype of Hardy being jacked has misled people into thinking he’ll do a wrestler move to lift Batman, Nolan is not a fan of machismo action. Batman will be broken by other ways but not exactly like in Knightfall.

          • i never thought it would be some wrestling move that would break his back i just wanted to let it be known that he could when others said that hardy was to small to make it believable. this movie has already been said to push batman to his furthest limits mentally and physically this much we all know. the debate seems to be that hardy is not like the comic book version of bane and cant do the things he did. im sure if nolan wants it to happen that way it will. and b3n has said a number of times that he will be the antithesis of batman and robin bane which we all knew from the anouncement of bane being the villian. nolan couldnt do a character so one dimensional. and we that action is secondary in a nolan film even batman. but the action in this is sure to ramped up i think quite a bit but at least some. so i am just totally excited cause bane is my favorite villian and needs justice done to the character who hasnt been used properly in any media since knightfall. and hardy is an incredible character actor so i think him and nolan will bring bane back in a big way. maybe even change the way the character is used in all other media like legder did with the joker. the joker has changed and the character is now more sadistic like in arkham asylum and city because of the portrayal in the dark knight. i hope that is how bane will be seen.

            • Meaning that Batman will not get broken down by conventional fighting methods, Bane will break Batman’s will by destroying Gotham. A suplex or any back breaking technique may not be far fetched, but is not a proper way of breaking Batman if you’re going by Nolan Standards, Nolan will see how the psyche of Bruce Wayne will be pushed to the limits. In Batman Begins remember, Bruce got hit by a pillar and still he was in top physical shape when he fought the League of Shadows.

              Bruce Timm’s Joker was the best interpretation of Joker I have seen, evidenced by Mask of the Phantasm, and Batman Beyond Return of the Joker.

    • The thing is that although Bane is jacked and obviously will be portrayed as a skilled warrior, he can’t outmuscle Batman, even with the physics as you say. Batman is not dumb enough to fall prey to a suplex or whatever, he is a Master of combat. As was seen in the trailers and Prologue, Bane will pull all the stops just to beat Batman, meaning this Bane is more of a thinker than a Brawler. Bane is naturally a genius, able to grasp different languages with mastery, coming up with his own fighting style and having a photographic memory really proves that. But remember, Batman is the World’s Greatest Detective, he will break down your strengths and will turn it against you given the right preparation. Remember in Batman Begins, he was able to overcome fear through his own analysis, and beat Ra’s at his own game. In The Dark knight, he was outsmarted by the Joker in the interrogation scene, and made sure he did not make the same mistake again. Bane and Batman will try to match the other’s strengths, obviously Batman has the better cognitive thinking and he will be the one to break Bane in the end.

  5. You guys need to watch the tailor again… Batman gets broken… not only is he shown bloodied and bruised, HE’S WALKING AROUND WITH A CANE!!! Come on people… Bane will best the Bat in this film that’s for certain. Batman can get beat-up people… and he will, then he will rise… um, hence the title of the film. Anyone who doesn’t think Bane is going to tear Batman apart is in for a rude awakening. Elite martial artists can be bested by others (it’s proven in real life every Saturday in the octagon. Especially when fighters have different styles. If you get a puncher on the ground a submissions expert is likely to win that fight. It’s just an example. And Batman won’t be ready for Bane… that’s for certain as well. Bane will be ready for the Bat. Hell, who’s Batman been fighting since his last real competition? The Joker? Cause he’ll really get you combat ready. This will be Rocky 4 all over again.

    Bane is going to pound the Bat into the ground. Batman will obviously rise up to the challenge and defeat Bane but not before he goes through failure first.

    • Of course Batman will get broken, The argument is whether it will be Bane exactly breaking Batman’s back or by other means. This is not MMA, Batman has other gadgets at his arsenal and Bane also has other resources to wear down the BAT. Batman will get get beat up, but not exactly as Bane did it in Knightfall, I suggest you read the previous comments better.

  6. besides i think that we got another batman and robin people would be too pissed off. lol. i like it and i hate it. lol.

  7. Anybody else thing that the picture with bane holding his arms open looks like he just finished a big tap dancing performance?

  8. Instead of conspiriating about Bane’s physical appearance, turn to Hardy himself. He says (about Bane), and I quote: ‘He’s brutal, brutal. He’s expedient delivery of brutality. He’s a big dude who’s incredibly clinical, in the fact that he has a result-based and orientated fighting style. The result is clear: Anything from small joint manipulation to crushing skulls, crushing rib cages, stamping on shins and knees and necks and collarbones and snapping heads off and tearing his fists through chests, ripping out spinal columns. It’s anything he can get away with.’
    This is something that makes Batmans beatdowns look like childplay. Batman is incredible skilled and has of couse hugh self control when he uses his Keysi fight style. But if you don’t think that Hardy’s desribtion of Bane’s brutality can destroy Batman, you’re WRONG. The point of Batman is that he’s human like you and I. He can be broken, and will be when he meets Bane. As Travis said, he’s walking with a cane and looks pretty damn beat up when Bane comes with his first awesome line. I actually have a sad idea, that this will be the end of Batman and Bruce Wayne.

    • It is really far fetched for this to be the END of Bruce Wayne/ Batman, WB will never let Nolan end Bruce Wayne/ Batman, that messes up the entire history or continuity. The title says RISES. The comics did a DEUS EX MACHINA by sending BATMAN to the past. Batman will get beat up, but he will be broken by the chaos happening in Gotham that is too much for Batman alone to handle. In Batman Begins, he got hit by a pillar and he fought thugs and the league of shadows and Ra’s himself, not broken. In the Dark knight, he was beaten up by Joker’s dogs, had to deal with Gordon’s squad, had to deal with Joker’s assault and HE GOT SHOT, not broken. Batman’s breakdown will be the fall of Gotham and the physical beatdown will be the insult to injury. Look at the trailer, look at the chaos Bane brought to Gotham and compare it to Ra’s and The Joker.

      • Well Nolan and Bale has said that this will be the end of the trilogy so it dosn’t have to mess up the continuity. And it’s true that it says “rises”, but it also says “the legend ends” which could either indicate that it’s just this particular Batman era that ends OR (this is my guess) that either Batman/Bruce dies or retires for good for another to take over. Remember in TDK he’s looking for Dent to take his place as Gotham’s protecter and though Dent died, the TDKR will take place 8 years after. So it’s a weaker and more vulnerable Batman we will be seing taking on his biggest challenge ever, Bane.

        • It may be a possibility, but Bane’s physical beatdown won’t be the main breakdown of Batman, but the chaos he will bring. Batman dying is OUT OF THE QUESTION, why would you end Batman with him literally dying? Batman is the hero Gotham deserves, someone might take the mantle if he dies, but that would mess the continuity. Imagine if Batman died before Dick Grayson met him, this is a comic book movie, you have to take the continuation of the comics, as Nolan had with borrowing elements from certain arcs. WB won’t let Nolan kill Bruce Wayne. The legend ends might mean that this is the end of Nolan’s story. If Bruce Wayne dies, who can replace him as Batman? Who has the same tenacity, trauma, talent and RESOURCES to replace him? I hope this won’t end up with Batman dying and the people of Gotham band together to beat Chaos. It may be just a theory, but looking as Bruce Wayne is walking with a cane, it might be the cumulative effects of his crime fighting, that perhaps affected him during his match with Bane.

        • DatGuy

          Bruce wayne will not die, he is not a Nolan original character, he is an established and defining pop cultural character. For Nolan to do the unthinkable would be way far fetched. The comics are aware of the repurcusions of making a story with Batman/ Bruce Wayne Actually dying, No movie studio kills their main comic book hero without a proper replacement. The story of the Dark knight Rises will be easier to understand than Inception, because this is a character that has been probed in its history and Knightfall follows the story of Batman re discovering being Batman.

  9. Get off the fan wagon.

    … in all possibilities Batman dying is absolutely, possible. This is the final installment for Nolan’s Batman, that means anything goes – it doesn’t matter if he is an original character or not. Maggie bit the dust… so did Two Face… last time I checked they weren’t original Nolan characters either. Anything goes. This is Nolan’s story and Batman can absolutely meet his maker. There are no rules… this isn’t a comic book where there will be another issue coming out next month. This is the end of a story. I don’t think Batman will die, but it is absolutely a possibility. There is no valid argument that makes it so Bruce Wayne has to live.

    Continuity doesn’t apply here. This version of the Bat is ending with Batman living through it or not. It’s over… there will be more Batman films in the future but they’ll have nothing to do with these movies. The next Batman film we see will be a reboot like “The Amazing Spider-man”. Yes, Nolan’s films will be hard to follow and nearly impossible to top… but if there is no Nolan and no Christan Bale there is no continuation thus no need for continuity. Nolan will complete his story and that’s it. Finito.

    Will Bruce Wayne die… probably not… would there need to be a replacement if he did??? NO… this version of the tale is complete. It doesn’t matter if Batman is a cultural icon or not… that actually makes his death more powerful if it happened. And if it happened it would have NO affect on his character or cultural relevance. This isn’t an overarching story line that effects him or his character in any other reality other than Nolan’s. If this version dies their not going to stop making comic books or movies… that’s just silly.

    • You get off your Nolan verse, The way you see this film is like saying you are WB, which you are not. Why would you end Batman with him dying, what would it resolve? Batman is needed by Gotham whether he likes it or not. Of course continuity applies here because for all the realism and suspense Nolan’s movies has shown us, Batman should have died in the previous 2 flicks, so what makes you think he should die in the 3rd? A reboot is simply a continuity with a different starting point, have you seen Superman die in the movies? Spiderman? Hulk? Punisher? If Batman dies, then it is a staple in cinema continuity and it will affect the franchise greatly. The examples you mentioned aren’t comic book heroes, in the villain’s case you can make an exception to the killing rule, OK simple question, If Batman Dies, who will protect Gotham? It’s easier to have a villain staring chaos, but who will take the mantle after Batman dies. Listen to the teaser trailer Gordon saying that Batman must come back and a voice asked “What if he doesn’t exist anymore” and Gordon said “He must”.

    • Travis

      What makes you think Warner Bros. will just let Nolan Kill Bruce Wayne? The more logical approach is for Bruce to accept that he must continue being Batman. Look at the trailer, it is set 8 years and it is peace time, Bruce thought he was in the clear and Gotham doesn’t need a Batman, then you know the rest.

  10. In one of the comics Nolan has based this film on Batman faked his own death. I can only assume that what we’ve heard about in from the director and actors, what we’ve seen in the trailers, and from what is in the few comics this movie is based on is that Bane shows up. Batman is out of shape, Bnae releases the crimnals in Gotham, Batman hunts them down, tires himself out. Bane and his henchmen attack – you can see one of them in the photo just behind the water – just to the left of the lights. Bane breaks his back, Batman heads to the Lazarus Pit and heals himself. In the meantime Joseph Gordon Levitt rallies the cops in Commish Gordon’s absence and just when the big fight starts and it looks like the cops will lose cause Bane is a badass, Batman shows up and kicks his ass in the rematch. Now that Batman has seen that the police have finally stood up for themselves and it’s not just Commish Gordon by himself – he fakes his own death so there is no need for Batman anymore. This way Nolan leaves it open for WB for future sequels.

    • Faking a death is good for a while, but very simple for Nolan to take. I think he will outwit the audience once again since he wants to make a lasting impression with his first trilogy.

  11. I just have to say that no one knows enough yet to say for sure whether or not Bane grows. Christopher Nolan has exceeded anyone’s expectations on Dark Knight Rises and I believe he will do the same here. Not everyone will like the movie or fall in love with it, but I do believe that everyone will walk out of the theater shocked. Nolan loves to surprise the audience. Everyone was expecting the main villain to be the Riddler. Out of no where, and only maybe a few people guessed it correctly, Nolan chose Bane. I think he will do a great job, and to any Batman fans out there, I am sure the larger percentage of the crowd will walk out of the theater shocked, which is what I think Nolan wants.

  12. BANE SUCKS!!! If you love comics you want the movie to be as close as possible to them, But have a real feel.. An Bane pure an simple was a weak, weak, small, evil man that found a drug that made him huge!!!!! what part of this is even along the story line of Bane and Batman?

    • Do you have any idea how stupid you sound? Do you even know the history of Bane?
      He was experimented on by the scientists of Pena Dura against his will when the people who ran the prison found that Bane was gaining control of the prison. He survived the experiments with Venom while other inmates died. He found that the Venom enhanced his strength. He was by no means “weak” or “small” before Venom. The Venom made an incredibly strong man even stronger. Get your comic history right before you go bashing characters you know nothing about.

  13. The Bane character is right out of Tiny Town, by way of Munchkin Land.

  14. For the entire film, Bane was the character i liked and Tom Hardy was really good.

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