‘Dark Knight Rises’ Promo Images; Tom Hardy Compares Bane & The Joker [Updated]

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batman vs bane Dark Knight Rises Promo Images; Tom Hardy Compares Bane & The Joker [Updated]

[UPDATE: Scroll down to read Tom Hardy’s comparison of Bane and The Joker.]

Things have been relatively quiet on the Dark Knight Rises front, as director Chris Nolan completes post-production work on the film. Of course we expect that silence to soon be shattered, as there are already rumors circulating that a final Dark Knight Rises trailer could debut early next month in front of Marvel’s The Avengers.

One thing that has been feeding Batman movie fans during this lull in marketing and promotion for TDKR are the promo images for the film, which have slowly but surely looked online in the last few weeks, giving us detailed looks at the costumes of Christian Bale as Batman and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, respectively. Today we add Tom Hardy’s Bane to that list.

We’ve learned through trailers and the prologue footage shown last winter that Tom Hardy’s version of Bane is a ruthless and cunning international terrorist, who will be coming to Gotham to not only bring down the Batman (“break him,” some might even say) – he will also be hatching some master plot to destabilize the entire city through fear, intimidation and anarchy disguised as social revolution.

Of course, one thing Batman fans have been concerned about since Bane was announced for Dark Knight Rises is the physicality of the character. In the comics, Bane’s primary weapon is “venom,” a radical steroid compound that transforms the hardened criminal into hulking beast of a man. In the film, Bane’s venom is represented by the “face-hugger” mask he wears, which reportedly pumps him full of an anesthetic compound meant to provide relief from some terrible injury he suffered.

As for the physicality? Well, if Hardy indeed looks like the promo pictures below suggest, then physicality won’t be a problem at all:

[Images removed at the request of Warner Bros.]

It’s been stated that these Dark Knight Rises promo images are a combination of real and digital photo work. The Bane images above almost look like molds for an action figure or collectible – and while that would mean that Hardy is potentially less jacked in the film than these photos would suggest, he will probably still be a close approximation (read: still pretty jacked). As far as we see it, fans should be more concerned about Bane’s garbled vocals and less so about his workout routine.

UPDATE: When speaking to EW, Hardy took some time out to compare how Bane (a more obscure name for those who haven’t read Batman comics) compares to The Joker (a villain everybody knows) as portrayed by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight:

“The Joker didn’t care – He just wanted to see the world burn, and he was a master of chaos and destruction, unscrupulous and crazy. Bane is not that guy. There is a very meticulous and calculated way about Bane. There is a huge orchestration of organization to his ambition. He is also a physical threat to Batman. There is nothing vague about Bane. No jokes. He’s a very clean, clear villain.”

In case you missed them, here are the promo pics for Bale as Batman and Hathaway as Catwoman:

The Dark Knight Rises will be in theaters on July 20, 2012. What do you think of the characters and their costumes?

Source: Warner Bros (via DCU Movie Page) & EW

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  1. I’m not liking these, they seem like those “Fathead” wall poster things. The coloring makes it look really cgi (especially catwoman).

    I’d much rather stills from the set or a magazine shoot over these images.

    Still excited for the movie though

    • Why people hate cgi

      • because it’s FAKE and it looks FAKE and it isn’t REAL and it doesn’t look REAL. Want to understand the difference??? Go watch Short Circuit and then go watch I-Robot.

        • i,Robot was AWESOME!!!

    • I think that’s the actually the point of these. They look like they’re made for cardboard cutouts and character pics for merchandise.

  2. I was excited about this movie before, but now, holy crap!!!

    I only hope Bane looks that way in the movie and they didn’t add those veins just to build hype.

  3. Tom Hardy must be lifting weights like a madman if he’s going to end up looking like this.

    • prosthetics.

  4. Bane looks insanely scary, especially the look in his eyes in the 2nd picture. Of course, he’s probably not gonna be that ripped in the movie, but still.

    I love the picture of Batman. That look in his eyes is just incredible.

    Catwoman picture is all right. Her costume still seems to be a lot of eye candy and not so much practicality, but I’m sure that I’ll be proven wrong come July 20th. CANT WAIT!!

  5. Also, did anybody notice when reading the article, that we already seem to know Bane’s whole ideology and at least elements of his master plan? It seems that these days, you already know so much about a movie months before it comes out! Of course, the irony of this statement, is the fact that I visit movie news websites pretty much everyday, looking for new movie news, especially for TDKR.

    • Nope because those are pathetic arguments. Why can’t everyone just trust Nolan already, I mean Jesus, he hasn’t made a single bad film plus he gave us Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, and Inception.

      • His worse film is insomnia which is better than most directors 3 or 4th best film

        • Yeah, Insomnia is nowhere near his worst film. Just because it doesn’t have large special effects, Batman, or a backward script.

          Inception is his worst film. A great film, but not the masterpiece everyone keeps calling it.

          Insomnia, on the other hand, is a stunningly well made film.

      • Contrary to all the hype, Nolan is not the greatest director to ever have lived. while Inception and memento and the batman films (so far) have been good movies, i just don’t feel they live up to the silly disproportionate levels people like to elevate them to. i guess people have their own opinion, but i don’t feel like nolan has risen, or surpassed the level of someone like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, or Stanley Kubrick. I do agree that Insomnia is his worst film that i’ve seen of his. i haven’t watched following yet, but it is in my que on netflix. just my opinion, let the hating begin (closes eyes like
        Ra’s Al Ghul did on the train)

        • your aloud your opinion I don’t put him on the level of scorcese or spielberg yet but its possible. He has a great track record and is a go to director right now. Were spielbergs last couple films were meh to me.

        • Steven Spielberg is to movie directors what Hulk Hogan is to professional wrestling.

          • crusty?

          • “Steven Spielberg is to movie directors what Hulk Hogan is to professional wrestling.”

            Really? You do remember the last Indiana Jones movie, right? And I am aware that that is ONE bad movie Spielberg did, but you must be aware that Nolan has NEVER done a bad movie (Insomnia was Nolan’s worst film, but better then “The Crystal Skull” by miles)

            Not saying “Nolan is God”, just saying he is the go to director today, and for good reason.

            • Not to pick who’s my favorite director is but i have to say imo i favor James Cameron over Chris Nolan.

              • Cameron does movies that appeal to people more. Avatar us a visual masterpeiece. Titanic is a sappy masterpeice

                • @ trey

                  Cameron also gave us two great Terminator films, Aliens, & True Lies aswell. Nolan is just really known for his Bat-films & Inception film.

            • @Big Baby Jesus

              Of course not every Spielberg film is perfect – and I’ve just about forgiven him for Crystal Skull – well almost. And yes he’s had a few misfires over the recent years.

              But maybe that’s because he’s a director who takes greater risks and takes on far more challenging material.

              I’ve seen most of Nolan’s movies , they are of at least a good standard and yes , he is the director of the moment – like Tarantino was in the early to mid 90s.

              But when you look at Spielberg’s body of work – remember were talking a good 30-40 years worth of amazingly high calibre films – then to even compare Nolan to him – well it just doesn’t deserve any merit at all.

              • @ Lebsta

                I think i agree with ya there.

              • “Of course not every Spielberg film is perfect – and I’ve just about forgiven him for Crystal Skull – well almost. And yes he’s had a few misfires over the recent years.”

                Let’s not forget “1941”…I mean, you had Dan Aykroyd, Ned Beatty, John Belushi, John Candy, Christopher Lee, AND the legendary Toshiro Mifune, who was/is to Japanese cinema what John Wayne was to American cinema.

            • i disagree. i liked crystal skull much better than insomnia, but i am a big indiana jones fan. i just didn’t find insomnia all that enjoyable. regardless, what makes a movie considered bad? it’s all a matter of opinion. if you like a movie, it’s good. if you don’t, it’s bad.

              • @Jeffro, you liked crystal skull? Then stop talking before you admit something else embarassing.

                @lebsa, you have a point there, but Nolan average movie is at least an 8 out of 10, Spielberg? Not as much.

        • @Jethro

          “but i don’t feel like nolan has risen, or surpassed the level of someone like Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, or Stanley Kubrick.”

          100% agree and comment is absolutely spot on.

          So good to finally hear a common sense perspective on Nolan’s ability and status when compared to truly legendary directors, Just wish everyone else would follow suit on this site.

          • i just don’t consider nolan to be the greatest director ever who can do no wrong. insomnia wasn’t all that good, imo. TDK isn’t the greatest film ever made, imo. it has some weak points, but still gets repeat viewing in my bluray player. i’m not hating on nolan at all, i’m just not putting him on the pedestal that a lot of people on these type sites do.

    • Isn’t Tom Hardy like 5’6 or something in real life?

      • He is 5’11 like bale. Give the man credit for working his ass off cause he is a mammoth

    • Enough with the voice argument. That was months ago. It’s the only thing people are clinging to to find a fault in Bane. Hardy’s an amazing actor and Nolan’s a great director. If they’re spitting out millions to make this movie I’m sure they’ll make his speech understandable.

    • nope Hardy is quite the size I`d expected when Nolan announced he was going to be BANE. I think your stuck with the 90`s I wouldn’t want to see Batman & Robin(film) all over again with (Swansons) BANE it was not going to work on this film. Now as far as physicality your concern there are a few actors out there tall and buffed but the question is can they bring there acting abilities in an Oscar level ? …thats what your not observing. Nolan and the sound crew alter BANES voice so this issue is solved.

  6. Maybe he was doing weights right before the shoot.

    • No, I thought that he ate McDonalds 24/7 and gained 100 pounds of fat, but never lifted any weights?

      Thanks for the insight, I never would have guessed.

  7. I hope Bane is ripped as that promo image and also turn out to be a scary villain.

  8. LOVE that Bat-Suit

    • It’s actually the same suit as the last film. I just don’t think they’ve ever provided such a detailed and well lit picture with him standing up straight.

  9. If anyone has doubts about hardy as bane or just doesn’t know much about them go rent bronson. He is amazing and truely twisted and scary.

    • Thats the reason why Hardy was cast because of BRONSON (film)

      • I didn’t know that but it makes sense lol

        • I read on imdb trivia for the movie that he wasn’t cast for Bane because of Bronso, when Tom Hardy met with Nolan that’s what he thought but Nolan admitted to never even seening his Bronson film and said he cast him because of his performance as a gay gangster in Rock N Rolla

      • I read that on imdb trivia for the film that Tom Hardy wasn’t cast for Bane because of his Bronson film, thats what Hardy thought when he met with Nolan but Nolan even admitted to never even seeing his Bronson film. It was said that a big reason for cast him was beacuse of his performance as a gay gangster in Rock-N-Rolla.

      • Actually, Nolan’s never seen Bronson. He was cast because of RocknRolla.

  10. haha, face hugger mask. Yeah it does kinda remind me of that. Still gonna go with a reject from MK though. 😉

  11. i am very much looking forward to TDKR, The cinephile in me wants to reserve judgment on Bane’s face gear until I see it in the final film, The Artist in me can’t help but see it as a design Fail.

  12. I’m starting to like the look of this film less and less. But I will save all judgement for after i watched it :)

  13. THe pictures waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay exagerate his true build. He will have about the same exact build as he had in Warrior the rest will be trick photography

  14. Shouldn’t Catwoman have a whip in her hand instead of a gun?

  15. i love how there is little or no emphasis on the batman, the focuse is mostly on the other characters, even in the dark knight.

    • That’s what I’m afraid of for this movie…
      The trailer for TDKR didn’t seem like a Batman trailer (mostly because we only saw Batman for like 4 seconds).
      So I’m just hoping Batman/Bruce Wayne will be the main character in TDKR (so far it seems like all the focus is on Bane).

      • @ The Avenger

        I know what you mean there. TDK seemed more focused on the Joker than Batman. Deja vu.

        • Who cares we have seen millions of batman movies let him mix it up

  16. To people that dont read comics or dont know who Bane is should know that he is a very dangerous villian to Batman. The differance with Bane then the Joker is Bane is very smart, cunning, and can actually beat the hell out of Batman in a fight. Joker isnt a fighter hes just crazy. I hope people go watch this movie knowing there may not be a happy ending seeing as im hoping Bane will break Batmans back!! To end the trilogy.

  17. Bane didn’t look that THAT in the trailer…
    If he looked the way he does in those (kinda fake looking) promo-pics, then I wouldn’t be so against the idea of Nolan’s version of Bane.

    • He doesn’t look like that at all. From everything I’ve seen, the prologue, and having actually stood about 30 feet away from Hardy while they were filming in London.
      He’s pretty big, I wouldn’t want to fight him, but that picture is all CGI.

  18. Anyone that’s seen the movie Bronson shouldn’t be concerned with Hardy’s ability to get huge fast. While I suspect he is juiced out of his mind, to get to this point, he was massive in Bronson and with clever camera work, can probably easily be depicted as much larger than Bale.

  19. I think it looks like a product of SIdeshow Collectibles to me.

  20. If they ever cast Dwayne Johnson (the rock), he wouldve looked just like that action figure…imagine !

  21. I doubt Bane will look that bulk in the film. If something looks too good to be true, it usually is. I could be wrong though as it would be nice if Bane does actually turn out physically lookin like that. Still not a fan of the face-mask.

  22. Hate that my comment wont show

  23. I have to say Bane or Catwoman still don’t completely convince and I think that this could actually hurt TDKR’s box office especially in it’s 2nd, 3rd of 4th weekend of box office.

    As other comments have said – everyone has an instant recognition with the Joker – and Legder looked a slimmer ‘cooler’ version of the character.

    Now I think Bane is an excellent screen villain choice if done correctly. Whilst Tom Hardy is a decent actor – I just think a more physically intimidating actor was required. Although not a lot of footage has been seen, this Bane version certainly doesn’t look like he can contend with Batman in a one – on – one fight.

    There were initial doubts on Legder as the Joker, so I’ll still give this a chance, but no one can deny that the build up to TDKR is certainly lacking a wow factor at the moment.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more…
      Seriously, it’s like you’ve read my mind and written my thoughts more clearly as I would have been able to
      Well done sir.

    • seconded!