‘Dark Knight Rises’ Heinz Field Shoot Details and Images

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Dark Knight Rises Batman vs. Bane Header Dark Knight Rises Heinz Field Shoot Details and Images

As we previously reported, Christopher Nolan headed to Heinz Field, the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, to film a scene for The Dark Knight Rises. Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger mentioned the shoot on Friday but, as to what would actually be filmed, very few details were out in the open.

While many speculated that the shoot would merely be a backdrop for a Dark Knight Rises character scene with Bruce Wayne, for those in attendance (as Gotham Rogue fans), it quickly became obvious something more substantial was about to happen.

As we’ve previously warned, on-set shooting details can provide MILD to MEDIUM SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises. If you are attempting to avoid spoilers altogether, please be advised to turn away now – you have been WARNED.

Still here? Here we go…

There was a lot of inaccurate information coming out of Heinz Field yesterday – most notably, some onlookers claimed that a scene would involve three camouflage tumblers. While the tumblers did appear on the field to entertain the crowd (one was even ridden by Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward) – the vehicles were NOT used for the actual shoot (at least not when the crowd was present).

Check out a video of the tumblers NOT being used for filming below:

Instead, it sounds as though the Heinz Field scene will depict a CGI-heavy interruption of a game between the Gotham Rogues and the Rapid City Monuments – with Bane and his mercenaries arriving at the stadium to set-off a “bomb.” According to an on-scene report, before the set devolved into total mayhem, Bane delivers the line: “Take control of your city… behold the object of your liberation.”

We’ve put together some other highlights below (check out CBM for the full report – though a few of the on-site details have since been debunked) – followed by a gallery of Heinz Field shoot images (thanks again to CBM as well as the Batburgh Facebook page):

– The bane scene was him walking out of the tunnel after the field was blown up. He spoke into a mic he took off a dead referee. He literally sounds like an old man on a respirator. It was hard to make out what he said. Something along the lines of “your city is being liberated…” he had a big object about 5 feet tall, it was a sphere, probably a bomb. Think about the one in the batman movie with two-face at the circus.

– The explosions just happened, couldn’t get a picture bc our section had to run away from it. They just said that the “field will be totally destroyed” and the only part left is the one picture I sent you with the field elevated.

– They are filming the football scene now where the players are running & the field is blowing up. There are holes in that plateau the players disappear into.

Given the dramatic nature of the attack – where Bane suddenly interrupts a life-as-usual football game, it stands to reason that Heinz Field disaster could be used to introduce the villain to the audience (similar to the bank robbery scene in The Dark Knight) – or, at least, introduce the character to Gotham City residents (which could happen a bit later).

The “bomb” was on-set (pictured on the far left in the fifth gallery image) and looked like a five-foot tall globe. That said, it’s unclear whether or not the “bomb” is actually an explosive device or something more advanced (and interesting) – similar to the microwave emitter from Batman Begins. Considering the crumbling Gotham skyline in the Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer and poster – could Bane be harnessing a different element of nature with a Tesla-like electro-mechanical oscillator (earthquake machine)?

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The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

Source: Comic Book Movie & Batburgh

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  1. Aww, why couldn’t the Gotham Rogues have been playing against the Metropolis Sharks, or something? :(

    • oh yeah, that would have been cool to see that. where did rogues come from? i thought they were the knights

  2. Ben,

    Quarterback is one word btw :D.

    • Whoops. Thanks Sully.

    • Not always Sulls, hey, I want my damn quater back!! 😛

      • LOL, I know Ants, but with the space it becomes something entirely different ;).

  3. Not to be hater but this entire scene just sounds awful. Football? Really? It sounds way too cheesy and just out of place. I’m honestly really starting to have my doubts for this film, it seems the more information we get the less appealing it becomes…only time will tell. This had definitely moved down my list of “most anticipated films of 2012″ just because as much as I love Nolan and MOST of his films (I still don’t think “The Dark Knight” was all the good really) this just has disaster written all over it. Maybe he’s finally lost his mojo. Here’s my list for those that are interested…

    1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
    2. The Avengers
    3. The Amazing Spider-Man
    4. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
    5. The Dark Knight Rises

    Good luck Nolan. I think you’ll need it this time

    • sherlock holmes comes out this year in december

      i agree with hobbit and avengers above batman though… although not spider man. not at all

    • Are you seriously bashing a movie because it has a football scene in it? How is that sound out of place? Football is pretty popular among people so its actually realistic. Many people gather at football arenas so if a villain like Bane planned an attack that’d be a good place to start. I don’t see how you go conclude that Nolan lost his mojo because there is a football game in the movie.

      Did you try out for your high school football team a few times and get rejected? I think so.

    • Really? Sherlock holmes over the dark knight?? that is just ridiculous. Everybody is making a big deal and saying how bad this movie is gonna be when they dont even know anything about it. Wait for the movie to come out, watch it, and then tell us how bad you think it is. but dont judge it based on crappy pictures and videos taken by fans.

      • And yet people are also already saying this film will be amazing based upon the same info. How is that any different than those who think it will suck? Me, I’ll wait. I have high hopes, but Nolan is fallible just as any director, and this could very well end up being bad.

        • You make a good point. It is not a sure thing that it will be good but if I were a betting man I’d bet on it being amazing just based on the fact that the first two were amazing. And even outside of the Batman films Nolan has directed a lot of great movies.

          On the other hand I think Sherlock Holmes 2 will not be so great because the first wasn’t too great. The director, Guy Ritchie hasn’t really directed a good movie in quite a while (probably since Snatch) so I think it’s pretty absurd to think it could be better than Dark Knight Rises.

        • Hmm…quite the conundrum……I’ve got it! How about a “wait and see” approach to the movie?

    • Sherlock Holmes above The Dark Knight Rises? Really? The Dark Knight was a much much much better movie than the first Sherlock Holmes so I think the chances of Sherlock Holmes 2 being better than Dark Knight Rises is not bloody likely.

      I kinda agree on The Avengers right now but only time will tell if the The Avengers movie will live up to the hype that’s been behind it ever since the after credits scene from the original Iron Man back in 2008.

      I’m sure I’ll change my mind once we get a proper The Dark Knight Rises trailer hopefully at the end of the year or very beginning of next.

    • really? sherklock holmes isnt even gonna be that good
      dark knight rises is gonna be the best other then the avengers

  4. They’re are the Gotham Knights, jeez, how hard is that to make happen? Also, as it was stated earlier, why couldn’t they be playing Metropolis, that would have been awesome! Plus I wish they would have shot in a better staduim, I’ve been to Hienz field and it’s a dump and even actually looks it on tv, just reminds me of a little cheap college staduim.

    Btw, @That Guy, seen the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man? It looks awful. Terrible CGI with a Twilight looking Peter Parker…no thanks. Also The Dark Knight was amazing, with only few minor flaws IMO. Nolan hasn’t made a bad and even just ok movie, every single one has been close to amazing IMO.

    My only gripe with TDKR as of right now is the Catwoman pic, if thats her look I’m not happy with it at all, other than that not a single worry, Nolan will make a good film, even if it’s not as amazing aS TDK or Batman Begins.

    • Because if you have a Metropolis you than assume there is a Superman. If you know anything about Nolan there is no Superman in ‘his’ universe.

      Peter is not a shiny vampire. I would like to know what is so twilight about Peter? I see gang bangers wearing hoodies like that maybe his is in a gang.

      You complain about a trailer for an unfinished movie saying it is junk yet complain about a major character (Catwoman) in another and say it will be good….

      • I was about to say the same thing about them playing Metropolis. That would imply that Superman would be present in that universe, and Nolan has dismissed that several times.

        • Not necessarily. It can be simply a nod to the DC Universe, it doesnt have to be so overthought and so seriously deliberated about.

          • While people here are in the know the general populace believes Batman and Superman coexist in Nolans Universe. I mean they have since their beginnings why not now?

            So to mention Metropolis in any shape or form would indicate there is a Superman. It is only logical especially for the people that do not know.

  5. I see some people doubting, my solution is dont read it :)
    People doubted TDK and that turned out great. This is my MOST anticipated movie.

    • idk I think the avengers and TDKR are neck and neck for most anticipated…

  6. The original?? I think Julie Newmar might have a thing or two to say about that…..

  7. Awh man! I signed up to be an extra JUST for this scene and they never called me :( That would’ve been awesome to be at. BTW, I’m a Steelers fan…

    • Black & Yellow all the way baby! Another Steelers fan here!

      • you mean green and yellow…..

        • Low blow, dude….

  8. As long as they don’t show much of the game that’s being played I’m not worried about how the scene will play out. As a huge football fan (Hail To The Redskins) I have to say I have never seen a movie that showed game footage that wasn’t terrible. So keep it in the background.

  9. Yea this scene sounds like its abit pointless.. there are so many characters in this movie i think they could have found a better way to show how bad bane is without using a football game.. save the money from this scene.. and do a better catwoman mask.. not a party city-ish one..

    • How is the scene pointless do you know how the scene exactly plays out do you know how it’s written or how its going to be acted no? Your just making a guess from a few set photos and a barely passible camera phone footage. I think us as fans should have every right to be critical towards a film its our money thats funding these films and we should be as critical as possible. But this is getting ridiculous the movie hasn’t even been shooting for 3 months and now people are critiquing the characters customs before the film even hits post production? I think we need to chill out wait to the first trailer that should be around either december or February. Also i think i read here that some guy said he could direct a better batman film than nolan if he was given a 200 million dollar budget. But no offense you either are very delusional, or you dont know what goes into directing a movie on that kind of scale.

  10. I was an extra in the stands at Heinz field yesterday (didn’t do anything special as there were about 15,000 of us). Let me tell you, this scene is anything but a waste of time and you will be extremely impressed with the events that transpire from this “cheesy” football game.

  11. i love sports, but not in a comic book movie!! because all sports depicted in movies end up looking non-authentic/ terrible.
    i swear Nolan never takes anything out from his original scripts, he just tries to jam everything he came up with into 1 movie. (like TDK), and it ends up being one giant mess. u cant even watch TDK over again because the sub plots mixed w/ his awful dialogue just become boring.

    camo bat pods, bane dressed as Indiana jones,a FB game at Pitt (ahahaha, i mean the villains for his ‘epic finale’ are freakin catwoman and Bane – enough said nice choices Nolan!, ton of scenes w/ too many Extras again (thats why i hated TDK), the prison break scene … wow, good luck Nolan with trying to make all these scenes look good in a batman universe!

    • Actually, I’ve watched and enjoyed “The Dark Knight” MANY times. Your statement is false.

      • How is it false? Every time I try to watch TDK I end up turning it off cause of how long and dragging it is. I also agree that some of the dialog is corny as well. But these are just opinions, so therefore they cannot be false :)

        • He made a definite statement. I gave a definite response. Ultimately, we both simply provided our respective opinions.

    • Don’t worry, the football game lasts for literally 12 seconds (they kept having to reset the clock for from 14:48 back to 15:00 for every take!)so hopefully there isn’t enough time to make the game look inauthentic.

  12. Nolan’s Batmans are going to end up like Raimi’s Spider-Mans. A good first one, a better second one, and a sucky third one.

    • Mr. Freeze or Riddler would have been better than Clunky Bane. Mr. Freeze could ignore Ahnuld’s camp and make him more like he was in Batman:TAS. Riddler would have just been a good idea.

      • If you actually did research on Bane you’d realize he has potential to be as good as Joker. Mr. Freeze? lol

    • And how do you know this?

  13. SPOILER: Bane pics up the mic and says: “GREETINGS FROM THE HUMONGOUS”

    • “SPOILER: Bane pics up the mic and says: “GREETINGS FROM THE HUMONGOUS””

      That’s not true at all. That is not what he says.

  14. I just find it incredibly disrespectful to the nice film people who chose our city to film in, all the people who sweated it out under very trying conditions and followed the rules set out long beforehand and that everybody signed off on and agreed to — that NO cameras were permitted and that there should be no photos or video taken inside Heinz Field — and yet you have selfish, unethical and immoral people who ruin it for everyone else by breaking the rules and doing just the opposite of what they were asked to do. It was a privilege to take part in the filming and this shows a complete lack of respect, ethics and class.
    Can you image if all 10,000 plus people whipped out their cameras, phones and video recorders to film?
    These people really ruined it for the poor suckers who ended up next to them because when their selfish actions are caught on film — it’ll all be cut — and the people around them who did NOT cheat or conduct themselves poorly and LIE about following the rules — will be cut as well — even though they suffered 12 hours in extreme heat.
    You’re not really a fan of Nolan, the film industry, the actors, extras, the movie or anything else if you choose to go this route. The only thing you are a fan of is yourself – so that you can say someone is showing your pics. And that makes you nothing but a big loser. What a shame.

    • I agree with you, the amount of footage is starting to put transformers 3 to shame. I know its nearly impossible to lock down a open set, but the constant footage is ridiculous. I scrolled down just to post, and I refuse to look at any footage at this point. Last, how can you enjoy a film when you have a check list of scenes you watch on you tube, or get mad because the footage you are watching is cut from the film because its been posted on the web and now lost its impact.

  15. I agree about most football looking corny in movies but I was there saturday and the football action was only 1 play before bane busted in. There was also a major event that I don’t want to spoil but bane drags another major character from the movie onto the field and does some damage.

  16. I was an extra at Heinz field for this incredible special effect driven scene. Heck, you even have my girlfriends back in one of the pictures up there, lol. Crazy.

    At any rate, we signed an NDA so I am not going reveal anything that hasn’t already been talked about via the news channels, and media.. but here is what has been revealed.

    There is one scene where the football player (ward), number 86 catches a football at the kickoff of the game and begins to run the ball back for a touchdown, then big explosions go off, the field is a big gaping hole where all of the players fell down it.

    Bane then comes out on the only part of the field left, which is sort like a platform/ledge by the end zone and takes the microphone off a dead referee and limps as he walks and in a very painful (you can tell he’s hurting) voice, with coughs and barely able to speak the sentence tells the city of Gotham that he has the object of its liberation, which seems to be some sort of 5 foot ball (rumor is that it’s an earth quake machine). The militants of Bane storm the stadium and take all of the fans hostage.

    I believe this is going to be the opening of the movie where we meet Bane.

    It all is within Nolans design to be more realistic and less cartoonish with his series, and he looks to have done it here too.

    I can’t wait for this movie personally. :)

  17. i think all you ppl who have no life has to put a bad comment about this movie i mean really i dont see you out there making a damn good movie!!!!!

  18. Batman Begins was a pretty good film. TDK was okay but Nolan seemed to devolve a bit as a film maker. This one seems to have ‘disappointment’ written all over it but I’ll wait and see. Maybe he’ll surprise me. I hope so.

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