‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer #4: Bane’s War On Gotham City

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Many fans have been waiting to see a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises which effectively encapsulates the epic thematic nature of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy finale, showcases its majestic action sequences and set pieces – and, even throws in some light-hearted moments, meant to offer viewers a chance to catch their breath (without feeling forced or out of place). Suffice it to say: that day has come.

Nokia has released a trailer for Dark Knight Rises, and it really is the best of both worlds. Everything fans loved about the third theatrical promo and the first TV spots for the film, are mixed together here. Put frankly: if this preview doesn’t get you pumped to see Nolan’s last Batman movie, nothing will.

The latest promo for Dark Knight Rises offer the most alluring taste of Bane’s (Tom Hardy) blitzkrieg campaign against the citizens of Gotham City – including, its shadowy guardian, Batman (Christian Bale), who’s been semi-retired for nearly eight years, following his defeat of The Joker. Under-prepared and overwhelmed by the sheer might of Bane and his forces, our hero finds himself exiled from his homeland.

With the assistance of old comrades like Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) – plus, a shaky alliance struck with the mysterious crook Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) – Bruce Wayne attempts to fully resurrect his identity as the Caped Crusader… and stage a last-ditch effort to take Bane down, once and for all.

dark knight rises nokia trailer Dark Knight Rises Trailer #4: Banes War On Gotham City

Batman returns in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Avengers proved to offer loads of unmitigated fun, while next month’s Amazing Spider-Man has potential to also be a great addition to the superhero pantheon. However, there’s a weightiness to everything in Dark Knight Rises that its comic book peers simply do not possess. Perhaps that’s due to the unmatched grittiness of the street battles staged in Nolan’s film – or the emotional-resonance inherent to a climactic chapter in the grim legend of Bruce Wayne. Either way, TDKR is poised to pack quite the emotional punch, while delivering all the awe-inspiring spectacle we’ve been anticipating for several months (years?) now.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Marion Cotillard. It is of course directed by Christopher Nolan, based on a screenplay he co-penned with Jonathan Nolan (working from a story co-conceived by Davis S. Goyer).

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.


Source: Nokia

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with many of the comments above. These trailers are not doing any justice to the movie or getting me excited. I am sure it will be awesome but I was so pumped to see ‘The Dark Knight’. Also, I am way more excited to The Amazing Spider-Man. . . I thought there was something wrong with me as well.

    • something is severely WRONG WITH YOU

  2. Yea these trailers have been meh. I am extremely excited for this movie, but every time I see a trailer I feel strange about the movie. I’m not sure. I do appreciate that they don’t reveal the specifics of the story in the trailers though.

    • If it serves as consolation, trailers to Nolan´s movies have proven to be extremely deceptive. Take “Inception” for example; nothing, and I mean, NOTHING could´ve prepared the audiences to what they were going to see and the trailers pathetically tried to convey the inner workings of the movie. That´s why I´m not too worried of the TDKR´s trailers making me jump (and they HAVE made me jump, especially the soundtrack!)

  3. Even when I watch BB or TDK I feel the same emptiness. I call it the Schumacher disease. Everytime I see Batman I re-live the dissapointment. Those movies were that emotionally scarring . . .

    • @ Schumacher disease

      Huh? I enjoyed Batman Begins more than i did TDK but they weren’t as bad as Batman & Robin. Batman Forever i found the last decent Batman film of that franchise outing. Though Schumacher ruined the franchise, i partly blame Warner Bros. aswell.

  4. Yes, trailers have been very light on story. However this one had a lot of action! Now I can only picture all of this in IMAX and for sure it will be incredible!!!

    And about the trailers being low, it seems like a smart move on Warner’s behalf. Show as little of the story and greatness of this movie. They already know the expectations for this movie are off the charts.

    This way we will get to see a non spoiled movie! And I have to say I miss this experiences with big blockbusters that tell you too much beforehand. ;)

  5. Bane destroys Wall Street and hurts a bunch of rich people after outsmarting the CIA. Basically the images we’ve been shown so far. So, Batman returns in order to maintain the status quo.

    • Ha, yes, Bane does look like he is leading a bunch of Ocuppy protester thugs in this movie. Hopefully, that entitlement mentality will be put on display for all to see how subversive and dangerous it can be.

      • Meant “Occupy” protester thugs.

    • I think Bane and what he does to Gotham is a good fictional example of what can happen if the corrupt elements within Wall Street and corporate America keep stepping on the poor and middle class to make themselves richer. U can only step on people for so long. Folks in Wall Street, corporate America, better pay close attention to what their corruption can lead to.

      • Their “corruption”…or your “envy” and “greed”? You sound like our esteemed president, who seeks to punish and scandalize success.

        • Jeff…just because you’re unhappy with the current Administration does NOT mean you have to bring politics into the discussion every thread. This is the second thread I’ve seen you make some snarky (or downright silly) comments. It’s wholly unnecessary and is irritating. If you enjoy complaining about Obama so much, make sure you go vote in November and/or complain on some political or daily new/opinion site…NOT constantly on a movie/TV site. WE DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOUR CONSTANT BLATHERING.

          Simple enough, I think…

          • BTW, yes, Wallace needs to stop too, BUT this the only time I’ve seen him comment politically (or at all? Is he new to the site?), and I figured he was just trying to respond to you.

            • If you’ve noticed, Archaeon, then you should have also noticed that, with the possible exception of once or twice, my comments have always been in response to someone else. Silence them, and you will silence me.

              • I said the other side needs to stop as well, but you don’t have to keep it going. Plus, as I pointed out for Wallace, one comment versus two or three in succession IS a bit different.

                • This is the exact problem with this website. Let people comment without telling them how to comment. There are some arrogant “moderators/want to be moderators” which keep this site from being as good as it ultimately should be. I see Vic and the others constantly stomping on guys for not meeting the “criteria” as they see it.
                  Too bad, because this site has a good user interface and will written articles.
                  If you guys want to have a “unspoiled” experience then create a members only comment thread where you can pretend to have your intellegent conversations. The bullying that happens on this site is ridiculous and the dozen or so regular commentors on this site are the epitome of arrogance.
                  You are going to say “why are you here then?” and I will reply “exactly”.
                  Goodbye Screenrant.

                  • Screenrant’s dictatorship…AKA HYPOCRITE…

                    I never said he and others SHOULDN’T comment on politics; I said they should not turn the threads on a movie/TV website into their own soapboxes.

                    Problem with that? Toodles, sweetums.

                    P.S. You just told me how to comment.

                    Ain’t hypocrisy grand?

                    • Archaeon, if you don’t care for my comments, might I suggest that you simply roll your eyes and move on. If I read something with which I disagree, I may or may not respond to it. As I have said before, I have rarely, if ever, actually initiated a political conversation here. “Michael”, in fact, initiated the present discussion. As for your frustration in reading my responses, well, I’m sorry, but master that as you may…

                    • Jeff…

                      Michael’s comments did not seem particularly politically motivated (financially, perhaps, but not politically). He said nothing about corporations but just talked about Wall Street rich people (with the offhand about the CIA).

                      As I recall, conservatives, Republicans, liberals, AND Democrats all reacted in anger at the high salaries and perks of executives who were blamed (whether overtly or not by BOTH sides and BOTH parties) for the economy coming close to bottoming out. BOTH sides got mad that they were the only people who seemed unaffected by the mess…and often not particularly concerned about it either.

                      Thus, I found your response to Michael’s comment to be the unnecessary initiator of the political tangent.

                      As for just moving on, I (and I’m sure many others) have done so on a number of different occasions, regarding a number of different responders.

                      This is not a political site. While it’s perfectly fine (in fact, EXPECTED) that most of us here have our beliefs and our opinions, THIS is not the forum for the political ones. If we simply turn a blind eye every time, soon we WILL attract some idiot who will assume abrasivesness is perfectly fine, because people are clearly allowed to say whatever they feel whenever they feel it (I’m not saying that IS the site; I’m saying that’s what they’ll assume).

                      Now, of course, Vic and the SR staff keep up fairly well with the abnormalities that pop up on the site (a LOT of responses on a LOT of threads, so impossible to keep track of EVERY comment), and THAT is why all of us continue to come back to the site. If we bring politics into a site that has nothing to do with politics–usually–we risk degrading that natural buffer of quality that keeps most of the dunderheads out most of the time.

                      You may have noticed I was pretty silent during that whole released-clips-of-TDKR-filming-hey-don’t-those-look-like-Occupy-protestors mad rush of rumor-mongering months ago. THAT had to do directly with the images that were finding their way to us, so there was really no reason to get up in arms about those discussions, even though the topic was not my cup of tea (you remember…the whole “Are they filming on Wall Street, or not?”).

                      A couple of days ago, Ink made some comment about how the current Administration’s time is coming to an end in response to another person (I think it may have you, in fact!). I said nothing…Apologies to Ink BTW (I really never would have even mentioned it, but I’m trying to provide clear evidence that I do simply follow people around to attack them).

                      I only responded now because of that coupled with this…a cumulative effect.

                      You’ll continue to make comments of a certain type…fine. Just know that so will I.

                      It’s nothing personal (as I really know nothing about you), of course. I’m responding as I feel is appropriate just as you are.

                      NOW, back to TDKR (at least, for me, since everyone else seems to have already returned to the thread)…


                    • BTW…That should be(well down into my unintentionally ridiculously long comment…YIKES!): “to provide clear evidence that I do NOT simply…”

                      Sheesh…that is one looooong response.

                      Apologies to all…

                  • Archeaon is One of the more reasonalbe and nicer commenters on here. I think you went a little over the top on the beaver

                    • Thank you, Ignur…That’s very kind of you.

                    • As I’ve said repeatedly now, Avenger, with the exception of possibly once or twice, my comments have ALWAYS been in response to someone else’s comment. If you and/or Archaeon believe otherwise, you have selective reading skills, in that, you apparently don’t mind what they say, but you obviously mind what I say. Too bad, so sad.

                    • Well you could just leave it and focus on the movie.

                      So, yippy a new TDKR trailer.

                    • Agree with you “Tiim”. Archaeon and Avenger, back to the movie, but one last thought…next time you notice a political comment from me, please also note the comment that precedes it, and if care to criticize anyone for getting off topic, blame the original poster first and foremost, whether you agree with him or not.

                    • I meant “if you care”.

                      Now, back to the movie…

                    • Wow. This is the first time I have seen such a ruckus on Screenrant. I agree with Archaeon, this is no place for political discussion.

                      Today is a sad day. Is no site safe from trolls and rude, confrontational users anymore?

        • Their corruption. FIRE RISES.

  6. trailer 3 was far better than this one and also didnt include the very same tune playing in the background as the Inception final scenes. I kinda get the feeling that the creative team behind marketing this film is running on empty. cutting corners on score and movie posters isnt the end of the world but sure can be the difference between 500 mil and 1 billion at the box office.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! The background score in this trailer sounds VERY similar to the track “Time” by Hans Zimmer from Inception (It’s the song that played during the last scene.)

      Hmm, maybe the people who said on the Superman thread yesterday that Zimmer rehashes the same sounds were on to something…

      • Not trying to be argumentative, but I don’t hear this at all. Time is my favorite track from the Inception soundtrack, and I feel like the score in the trailer is significantly different.

      • What are you smoking? The trailer music sounds nothing like Time.

  7. WOW! I had NO idea a 4th trailer was coming! Didn’t hear anything about this. Very nice surprise, and I believe it’s the best trailer yet!

  8. I’ve been anticipating this film since the wonderfully dramatic ending of TDK. I have thoroughly enjoyed the teaser, trailers, and TV spots I’ve seen, and this one definitely heightened my desire to see the film. I admit to feeling a bit confused by the idea that some people have been left cold by the trailers or have thought any apparent emotional content seems contrived. I have felt plenty of emotion, including the slow-burn increase of exciting tension, but I suppose to each his own. I, for one, am extremely excited and confident that TDKR will be an excellent film AND and a superb trilogy ending.
    July 20th cannot come quickly enough…

  9. To be honest, there wasn’t a lot more revealed that we haven’t seen before in previous trailers. It could be that they don’t want to show every action set piece or they don’t want to show too much of what’s already there.

    I with many others, that this trailer just didn’t get me too excited. The 3rd one was actually better in giving that more ‘epic conclusion’ feeling to it. I think it does say something after four trailers , there’s still feels like there’s something missing. Maybe that’s the whole point.

    I think also whether you’re Marvel or DC or impartial, you can’t deny the impact made by The Avengers. I think part of the reason that some are still underwhelmed by TDKR is because of the comparison to Avengers. However if you were to dismiss Avengers completely, then TDKR would look very promising, but not mindblowing.

    And Bane still doesn’t look or sound right.

  10. Batman dodging bullet in a darkened alley….: MOST AWESOME!!! Can’t wait.

  11. “When Gotham is Ashes, You have my permission to die”
    BANE Brings the Pain on the 20th of July.

    • We all know Ledger’s performance as Joker was outstanding but Hardy’s performance as Bane may have equaled or topped that.

  12. Lamborghini Aventador

  13. \The Amazing Spiderman>dark knight rises. The Lizard is a much cooler Boss fight than Bane.

    • Not really.

      • Well said.

    • let me rephrase that you meant BANE is more dominant than LIZARD…maybe I`m confused over here. LIZARD = CGI

  14. Bane>>>>>>

    • I definitely think Joker was a physical challenge for Batman – just watch that final “battle” between the two of them… Joker pretty much owned Batman until he used those spike-thingies on his forearms.

      • “spike thingies” against a crazy man, two mean dogs, a net, and a steel pole.

        • lol, I can’t remember what those spike things are called!! ;)
          Gonna have to go look it up at some point I guess…

  15. I like the TV Spots more than the trailers.
    This one is basically all the TV Spots put in one with some new footage.
    Pretty awesome.
    Hyped either way

  16. “Perhaps that’s due to the unmatched grittiness of the street battles staged in Nolan’s film”

    could you elaborate for those of us that have actual taste in action b/c this guy doesn’t know how to film action or how to use dynamic camera effects for his action sequences, i recently watched inception again (to see why its a ‘phenomenon’ and i noticed that he never uses any creative camera effects, but instead relies on slow motion to create the ‘wow’ factor in viewers.

    • i’m sorry but the line ‘i’m gotham’s reckoning’ makes me laugh every time, the way he says it is so damn weird and out of character. heres hoping that the action is bearable and natural looking instead of the stiff almost cartoony mess it was in the last movie (somehow i doubt that).

      also why would a bunch of cops just charge at a massive mob of criminals, does that make any sense to anyone at all, i mean they should have their hand guns with them no, unless bane magically made them disappear so the only thing they could do is charge head on into a bunch of killers and rapists :P

      and please if you’re (i mean everyone) gonna reply to my posts try to debate without emotion – fanboyism otherwise you just look all the more like a fool when i prove you wrong ;)

      • “also why would a bunch of cops just charge at a massive mob of criminals, does that make any sense to anyone at all, i mean they should have their hand guns with them no, unless bane magically made them disappear so the only thing they could do is charge head on into a bunch of killers and rapists”

        Yeah, I was thinking this too. This isn’t LOTR. I guess there will be a pretty good reason for it.

        “and please if you’re (i mean everyone) gonna reply to my posts try to debate without emotion – fanboyism otherwise you just look all the more like a fool when i prove you wrong”

        *facepalm* No need for that at all. I can’t stand people who think they are right all of the time. Too much of that going around on the internet as it is.

        • i never said i was right all the time, it’s just that nolan fans dont think before attaching so i put them in their place :P

          and from what i’ve seen thus far i think he’s trying to show us how crazy things are in gotham… but again it doesn’t explain why a bunch of cops will go medieval on some criminals :P

          • jwalka…

            Actually, that’s ALL fanboys…I know you like cut down those of us who appreciate Nolan’s works, but really, it’s not just HIS extreme fans; it’s the Avengers fanboys, the Burton fanboys, the Whedon fanboys, the Star Trek fanboys, the Star Wars fanboys, etc. Any people that froth at the mouth when defending their respective loves are just as guilty of not thinking before posting/attacking.

      • Challenge accepted.

        First of all, you’re in the minority when you say the action in TDK is a stiff, cartoony, mess. You’re not “proving” anything with that statement, rather you display the same type of bias against Nolan that you accuse others of having in his favor.

        To your second point about the cops charging the mass of people, and Bane magically making the guns disappear. A few thoughts:

        1) We don’t know who they are charging against for sure. You are making an assumption that they are rapists and criminals, but they could very well be citizen’s of gotham responding to the situation. There seems to be an “occupy” theme to this film, which suggests that Bane is not only getting criminals to do the fighting, but is also turning classes of Gotham’s citizens against each other.

        2) Your interpretation (and mine above for that matter) is extremely speculative, in the sense that we don’t know the context of that scene. We’ve been given a few trailers, some TV spots, a sizzle reel with the Prologue, and a clip at the MTV movie awards. And still we don’t really have a lot of details about what will happen in the movie, or exactly how it will roll out. Without the context for this scene, it’s hasty to jump to any conclusions about the plausibility of what’s happening.

        3) Finally, even if we take the clip at face value, I believe it still makes sense. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a riot, or something like it, on the news, but it typically is not police procedure to take out their weapons and just start shooting people. When you’re dealing with a large crowd, it makes sense to me that even if they have guns, they aren’t going to just start shooting people. They go for a more controlled approach, trying to minimize the death count, and also minimize the risk of harming other police officers, or perhaps innocent bystanders. So even without proper context, I still don’t think your point valid.

        Now, I’m looking forward to you putting me in my place and proving me wrong.

        • i’m in the minority in regards to my comment on nolan’s inability to film action and fight scenes b/c i dont allow the literal appearance of something to get the better of me and my emotions, most people see big explosions and see people throwing crazy punches and kicks and immediately get hit by adrenaline, where as i sit there thinking ‘wtf is all this over the top and unrealistic bs’.
          most people let the music, ‘tone’ of the movie, humour etc get the better of them thus not allowing them to judge the movie for what it is b/c of pure immediate reaction, instead of letting things sink in and judging it with a level mind.

          a lot of people let their emotions judge something without properly assessing the situation. this is the problem with modern cinema and games – everyone gets excited over big set pieces, catchy music etc and dont think about all the flaws they’re presented with, someone like myself will sit in the cinema and pick the movie apart as it is being presented thus revealing it as the mess it really is.

          there was a really good documentary which professionally dissected TDK for its flaws. it furthers my point on nolan being an amateur when it comes to said directing capabilities and elaborates on some of my points using proper cinematographic terms. i just wish i could find it so that i wouldn’t have to repeat myself all the time and could just link it to everyone that gives high praise to him for no apparent reason.

          as for the medieval scene, lets just leave it at pure speculation b/c that’s what it is at this stage (and i honesty cbb arguing about multiple different things all at once).

          • on the topic of riot control, it is to by belief that armed forced are told to shoot above crowds to instil fear and not actually shoot at them. i would of at least expected them to have their guns drawn or something…

          • Soo, you mean like the Avengers?

            • lol :)

          • “a lot of people let their emotions judge something without properly assessing the situation. this is the problem with modern cinema and games – everyone gets excited over big set pieces, catchy music etc and dont think about all the flaws they’re presented with, someone like myself will sit in the cinema and pick the movie apart as it is being presented thus revealing it as the mess it really is.”

            But i thought you liked The Avengers? Yes? No? Guess not.

          • If this is how you are in real life, you and I would probably not be friends. It sounds like you are a terrible person to watch a movie with. And I’m not saying this to attack you, or to give offense.

            Movies are about emotion. It is supposed to be an emotional experience. A movie should also be more than the sum of its parts, something that, holistically, delivers an experience to the audience. I don’t know if anyone told you this, but movies are also not real. If you are sitting in a movie trying to pick apart technical errors, or looking for plot holes/inconsistencies, in my opinion you are missing out on what makes a movie fun, and special.

            You can argue that The Dark Knight was a mess. And in some ways you would be absolutely justified. It is not a perfect movie (although I probably don’t see a lot of the flaws that your critical mind is able to). But still, it takes the audience on a journey! It’s the freaking BATMAN and the Joker! The car chases are exciting. The score is emotional. And the movie, ultimately makes you think, because of the situations and choices the characters are faced with. It provides the audience with an experience.

            And honestly, I feel sorry for anyone who watches movies the way you do, because I think you’re missing out on a lot of movies that provide a rich experience, while still falling short of technical perfection.

            The ironic side of this, is that you’ve obviously watched The Dark Knight enough to think about all of this. And you’re interested enough in Nolan’s movies to comment about them on a site like this. If I really didn’t like something as much as you say you do, I probably wouldn’t give it any thought.

            • Well said, MDPerkins. I completely agree with everything you said here. But it is a bit extreme to say that you won’t be his friend. I might very well be his friend, I just certainly won’t go the movies with him.

              @jwalka: You can’t properly judge a movie without also taking its set pieces, score, and other aspects into account. It’s not just the guy behind the camera shooting some scenes, It’s an immersive experience, an emotional journey.

              Sure, The Dark Knight has some plotholes (2 that come to mind are Batman not going back up to fight the Joker after he jumps out the window, and the fact that Batman could’ve easily pinned the crimes on the Joker rather than taking the fall himself). And there are some technical errors, that you probably don’t even notice until someone tells you it’s there. But come on, every movie has plotholes and errors. As long as they don’t detract too much from the experience, there’s nothing wrong with them. No filmmaker is perfect, not even Chris Nolan (don’t kill me Nolanites! ;))

              Also, I think that it’s possible that the reason why there are so many movie mistakes noticed in The Dark Knight might be because it’s watched so much and people just notice these minor details. I’m sure if you’d watch any movie enough times you’d find just as many mistakes. But maybe I’m wrong.

          • @Jwalka

            Congratulations, you’ve officially turned going to the movies into a job.

          • Do you enjoy watching movies? I’m not trying to be sarcastic,but it is an entertainment business and thats what I go for watching. When I get home or if I am out with some people I watched a film with, I then begin to dissect what I saw. What do you go to the cinema for if not to be entertained?

            Nolan is a great storyteller and I believe that adds to his action sequences beacause they have more weight to them. Isn’t that the fine art of film as well, the magic of tricking the audience into believing what they are seeing. I guess we just have different opinions on why we love movies, and if you don’t love movies then I don’t know why you are on this site.

        • “you’re in the minority when you say the action in TDK is a stiff, cartoony, mess.”
          How do you know he’s in the minority? Has a study been done? Because I’d love to see those numbers…

          Other than that, I agree with your three points: cops don’t shoot civilians (or rioters) and the footage we’ve seen can’t really be pieced together into context – trailers can be deceiving (especially the trailers for most of Nolan’s movies).

          • I don’t know of any studies that have been done about that specifically. I do know that The Dark Knight has a 94% approval rating for critics, and 96% approval rating for audiences on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s one way you could measure it. And action being such a huge element of the movie, if it really was a “stiff, cartoony, mess” then I doubt such a high percentage of people would have been able to give the movie such high marks.

            A majority is also only 51%. I know on a forum like this, or other movie sites, you have a lot of people who like to hate on Nolan, so it seems like a lot of people might be in that camp. But I would argue that most regular people don’t have that reaction to him. It’s an interesting phenomenon, how when someone becomes universally praised, there are people who want to separate themselves from the “mainstream” and just tear their work apart.

            So again. Haven’t done a study, but if I was a betting man, I would put it all on me being right about this. And I do believe a properly conducted scientific study would validate that fact.

            • Well stated, I wholly agree with you. Once loved, now nit-picked about every possible sequence, music note, design, crease in suit, etc.

            • I wouldn’t be able to speak for all movie goers, but most of the people I spoke to about Nolan’s Batman movies (off the top of my head I think it was about 26 people – friends, family and acquaintances – can’t remember the EXACT number for sure) also said the action wasn’t that good (a few of them disagreed, but of those few, most were hardcore Nolanites, sooooo ;))
              Still, most of them, including myself, still loved the movies though (i.e. just because the film is overall very, very well received, doesn’t mean the action or fight choreography was well done – necessarily).

              That said, Inception’s action was pretty great (IMO), so I’m thinking that Nolan learned from his mistakes in those two years after shooting TDK, and before shooting Inception…
              I’m hoping so because that would mean great action sequences for the final chapter in his Batman trilogy!

              • I guess my point is, thinking the action is “not that good” or admitting that it’s not the best action in the world is NOT the same as saying it’s a stiff, cartoony, mess.

                If you were to conduct a study using a five point scale, trying to see what people thought of the action, I could see it being something like:

                5 – The action was fantastic, better than most other movies of its kind.
                4 – The action was great, above average.
                3 – Quality of action was about the same as other movies of its kind
                2 – Quality of action was a little bit below average
                1 – The action was a stiff, cartoony, mess.

                So here’s my point: even the 26 friends and family that you talked to probably wouldn’t rank the action a 1. I bet even those who weren’t impressed with the action, probably would still put it at a 3 (admitting that even if it’s nothing special, it’s just as good as other stuff that’s out there).

                I would be willing to bet if someone did this kind of study on a large scale, you DEFINITELY would not have a majority of people ranking the action in TDK at a 1! Honestly, the more I think about the more ridiculous to me it seems that anyone would think that those people are not in the minority. Anyway, I could go on and on about this, I just think it’s almost silly how high of a standard the movie is held to, and where people choose to find fault.

            • You’re evidence to the contrary is faulty, RottenTomatoes rates the overall movie enjoyment, not specific parts. Jwalka is expressing his displeasure of the fight choreography, not Nolan’s film making style in general.

              I, for one, agree that the fight scenes are stilted and poorly shot. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the movie overall, or that I take issue with other aspects of Nolan’s filming style. I do like most of Nolan’s work. Memento, the Prestige, and both Batman movies thus far ,I find very enjoyabe( Inception not so much).

              I personally think that for a character that has travelled the world learning dozens of different martial arts, the fighting should be better.

              • “That’s one way you could measure it. And action being such a huge element of the movie, if it really was a ‘stiff, cartoony, mess’ then I doubt such a high percentage of people would have been able to give the movie such high marks.”

                Also look at what I wrote to The Avenger. Not thinking the action (or fights) take it to the next level, is not the same as saying they are terrible.

                Also, compared to what? What would be a movie that has good action, or fights?

                • Several movies come to mind, but that is secondary. I don’t see how “action” was a huge element of TDK. I don’t know anyone who classifies it an action movie. There weren’t that many fight scenes, and the ones we do see use minimal martial arts. There is no real hand to hand shown. Most of the fight scenes are rushed through, the camera angles are not placed to concentrate on the movements, we get extreme close-ups that block the action, very few wide angles to show him fighting. He relies on his gadgets too much and there is no diversity of martial arts style, Batman is supposed to be a master of dozens of different styles, but you’d never guess watching the abbreviated choreography used.

                  • 1. The opening bank robbery
                    2. Batman taking out scarecrow and company
                    3. Hong Kong kidnapping
                    4. Harvey Dent fundraiser party
                    5. Chase scene with flipped semi
                    6. Interrogation
                    7. Racing to Rachel/Dent
                    8. Hospital Explosion
                    9. And then the final sequence ending with Joker upside down

                    All have major action components. Basically plots out the whole movie.

                    And I don’t see how my question was secondary. I would like to know what movies you people actually think are good, since you’re holding the dark knight up to the standard of perfection.

                    • I was not refering to every action scene. I was speaking specifically of the scenes involving hand to hand combat. The way they were shot and the choreography are not well done and I find them sub-par at best, and MOST people I know agree.

                    • Batman fighting in the club was really good. Actually, really, really good.

                  • Since Batman is a “master” then his fights are right on cue, that is short and effective.

                    • ^exactly. Most people complaining have a) never been in a real fight and b) watch too many “hollywood” fights.

                    • i have trained in taekwondo for over twelve years and I served in the military, I’ve seen and been in my share of fights.

                    • @ il princerino. Cool, a fellow martial artist. What style of TKD? ( if you don’t mind me asking)

                    • Started wtf, but switched to ata/songham when I moved. My son is in kenpo and I’ve been thinking of taking that up with him, something we can do together kinda thing since I’m not into sports. What about you

                    • Moo Duk Kwon TKD. Then Kenpo, boxing, kickboxing, and jiu jitsu. Kenpo is really fun and very helpful. Give it shot, I’m sure you’ll like it.

    • Jwalka..

      . “i recently watched inception again (to see why its a ‘phenomenon’ and i noticed that he never uses any creative camera effects”

      Did you miss the zero gravity Joseph Gordon Levit Fight?

      “also why would a bunch of cops just charge at a massive mob of criminals, does that make any sense to anyone at all, i mean they should have their hand guns with them no, unless bane magically made them disappear so the only thing they could do is charge head on into a bunch of killers and rapists”

      Maybe, just maybe it is a key part of the plot. Not all movies spell the entire plot out in the trailer, sometimes you have to watch the movie to figure out the story (gasp) Oh No!

  17. BANE: “Mr. Waayne !”

  18. I dont know why but Ive been a big fan of Nolans Batman trilogy until now, all the trailers they have revealed for this film doesnt catch my interest not even the batwing trailer. Is it me or do others feel the same way? when I saw TDK trailers with the Joker that was freaken awesome they really advertised that movie really well expecially with the Joker and Batman Scene I really hope that this movie doesnt turn out like a Spiderman 3 Im serious

    • i think it might be b/c there is no narrative being explained and bane was revealed well before any trailer came out (as in we saw him early), you probably haven’t seen anything that will catch you by surprise yet b/c iirc the joker was only shown for like 3 seconds in the original TDK trailer.

      imo there is to much ‘action’ (for a lack of better word) going on in these trailers for me to ‘get into it’, it’s almost as if he is just catering this to kids who just want to see stuff blow up (which isn’t like the egotist at all).

      • “it’s almost as if he is just catering this to kids who just want to see stuff blow up (which isn’t like the egotist at all).”
        You’ve gone a bit too far with that comment IMO.
        I don’t get how you can blame Nolanites for “attacking” you when you’re attacking something that you know they love and will defend.

        Also, correct me if I’m wrong (I might be confusing you with another commenter), but first (in the comment sections of the previous trailers) you said the trailers were boring and not epic enough, and now you’re saying there’s too much action?

        With all due respect: Tone it down man… tone it down…

  19. I am so very much looking forward to the various battles we’ll be seeing. The snippets look immensely exciting…I cannot wait. :)

    Also, I believe even more that my faith in Anne Hathaway’s acting and her presentation of Selina Kyle has been well rewarded.

    …and the BAT…oh, the Bat…YES.

    • Absolutely, I cannot wait.

      Prometheus kept me cool for a week and hopefully Abe, Spiderman, Ted, and Ice Age will provide a distraction over the next few weeks.

  20. As I said in a previous post, the structure here is obvious:

    Act 1: Bane announces his presence, finds out who Batman is (“Mr Wayne…”, breaks him into bits and holds him prisoner.
    Act 2: Bane moves forward with his Occupy Gotham plan, occasionally going back to taunt Mr Wayne (“When Gotham is ash, you have my permission to die”). The police and publice of Gotham realise how much they need Batman (instead of chasing him).
    Act 3: Bruce escapes the prison (the climbing up the well clip), get’s his mojo back and sacrifices his all to bring Bane down.

    Of course, as for the little beats (Catwoman, the cop etc), who knows. One thing that is certain is in my opinion, this movie will set the bar in the same way The Dark Knight set the bar and boy oh boy, it is going to be something very special.

    • Im still not sure exactly when Bane breaks Batman. You see Bruce walking around with a cane going to parties but im positive thats before Bane breaks him.

      • Don’t quote me, but I think that is a result from his fall with Two-Face in TDK…

        • But isn’t the movie supposed to take place 8 years after the events of TDK? — I’m sure he would’ve healed from the fall after about a year or so…

          • I don’t know. That fall was pretty damn high. That night he had the crap beaten out of him by The Joker, had to fight a few SWAT teams, got shot by Dent, fell 1 or 2 stories (estimating from looking at the stairs), and then had to run from the cops. It’s possible that even all of that will not have healed 100% in 8 years.

            Also, he definitely was going through a lot of emotional distress. Rachel had just died the previous night, and now he finds that his friend and hero Dent has become a twisted, grieving, revenge-bent monster, and then Dent dies for real. It’s possible that his grief hindered his physical healing.

            • @ ezra

              At the end of TDK, Batman was standing up just fine by Gordon, running away from the cops, & riding the Batpod. So i don’t see how he could have taken 8 years to heal if he managed to do that after his fall with Dent & still be walkin with a cane. Still unless Nolan has included the Razurus Pits somehow in his film, im not convinced Bane really breaks the bat. But mostly maybe injures him badly. Who knows.

                • I’m sure we will soon find out either way?

                  I don’t know if it has even been made clear if Batman is retired or not from the beginning of TDKR. If so, when did he retire?

                  For all we know, the night of Dent’s death was the last time Bat’s even suited up. Pure speculation though until July 20th…

                  • also some injuries, never fully heal.

  21. Good music though.

    • these tv spots are good ^

  22. what is the name of the score in this trailer? Or is this mos likely some trailer music mixed with Bane’s chant, or maybe on the soundtrack?

  23. How are so many people not excited for this? My favorite trailer was the 3rd one, the calm build up gave me chills.

    And the talk about Nolan not being able to direct action and there even being a documentary about him being an amateur? Wtf?? Lol

    Nolan’s work is amazing so far but it’s not his action scenes that people flock to see, it is his story telling and direction. I love the mystery surrounding his films and I love that they are going all out this time around. Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, all the same yet different films.

    • Exactly.

    • “Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, all the same yet different films.” Definitely.

      BB – filmed like an Adventure
      TDK – filmed like a Crime thriller
      TDKR- filmed like a War?

  24. @everyone’s negativity towards Catwoman or Anne Hathaway as her

    1) she isn’t meant to fulfill some sexual fantasy, stop naming other actresses

    2) I believe you all are subconsciously sexist

    3) we don’t know what purpose she, or anyone in this film for that matter, serves. So stop acting like she doesn’t belong. You already have a bias built up against her and will probably feel the same way you do now after the movie because of that.

    You guys are not producers, directors, or writers (if you are, there’s a reason you haven’t made it big) so quit talking like you could do better.

  25. The stark divide among movie fans concerning this film is, admittedly, quite confusing to me. We haven’t been given NEARLY enough to go on and already people are jumping to negative conclusions? Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were both commercial and critical successes in their own right- Nolan clearly knows how to navigate Batman’s world while making it his own. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I’m not begrudging anyone that, but let’s all wait until we have some more concrete evidence to base our opinions ON. As far as the subject of the trailers leaving people feeling “cold” (again, respecting opinions, here), I have loved every one of them. I’m a huge Batman fan, and, like many others, we kind of have an idea where this is all heading, but I like being left in the dark as to just how much is actually going to happen as we know it.

    I say chill out, people. Let’s hold off on the coronations/witch hunt until July 20.