‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer #4: Bane’s War On Gotham City

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Many fans have been waiting to see a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises which effectively encapsulates the epic thematic nature of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy finale, showcases its majestic action sequences and set pieces – and, even throws in some light-hearted moments, meant to offer viewers a chance to catch their breath (without feeling forced or out of place). Suffice it to say: that day has come.

Nokia has released a trailer for Dark Knight Rises, and it really is the best of both worlds. Everything fans loved about the third theatrical promo and the first TV spots for the film, are mixed together here. Put frankly: if this preview doesn’t get you pumped to see Nolan’s last Batman movie, nothing will.

The latest promo for Dark Knight Rises offer the most alluring taste of Bane’s (Tom Hardy) blitzkrieg campaign against the citizens of Gotham City – including, its shadowy guardian, Batman (Christian Bale), who’s been semi-retired for nearly eight years, following his defeat of The Joker. Under-prepared and overwhelmed by the sheer might of Bane and his forces, our hero finds himself exiled from his homeland.

With the assistance of old comrades like Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) – plus, a shaky alliance struck with the mysterious crook Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) – Bruce Wayne attempts to fully resurrect his identity as the Caped Crusader… and stage a last-ditch effort to take Bane down, once and for all.

dark knight rises nokia trailer Dark Knight Rises Trailer #4: Banes War On Gotham City

Batman returns in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Avengers proved to offer loads of unmitigated fun, while next month’s Amazing Spider-Man has potential to also be a great addition to the superhero pantheon. However, there’s a weightiness to everything in Dark Knight Rises that its comic book peers simply do not possess. Perhaps that’s due to the unmatched grittiness of the street battles staged in Nolan’s film – or the emotional-resonance inherent to a climactic chapter in the grim legend of Bruce Wayne. Either way, TDKR is poised to pack quite the emotional punch, while delivering all the awe-inspiring spectacle we’ve been anticipating for several months (years?) now.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Marion Cotillard. It is of course directed by Christopher Nolan, based on a screenplay he co-penned with Jonathan Nolan (working from a story co-conceived by Davis S. Goyer).

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

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    • Best comment ever.

    • i believe so and I am male

    • i have to agree with MDPerkins, greatest thing I’ve ever read in the comments section.

    • I have to agree, greatest thing I’ve ever read in the comments section.

    • well done sir!

    • That was fairly witty.

    • Haha! Nice one!

  1. Best trailer yet.

    I think I actually saw Batman!

  2. YES! YES! YES! YES!

  3. Epic.

  4. I got chills when I saw Bane stop Batman’s punch, that was epic. The whole trailer was epic

    • I think he was talking to Batman. Plus we have seen the scene of Bane holding Batman’s broken mask before. Surely he knows early on that Wayne is Bats.

    • This isn’t a spoiler forum guys…. Some people here may not have read to comics.

  5. The Batman War

  6. “Mr. Wayne”
    That part gave me chills!!
    I wasn’t expecting another trailer so this is a nice surprise.

  7. 0_0…….. that is all.

  8. I must be the only person not excited for this movie. The trailer was very epic though, but I just have this meh feeling about TDKR that I can’t shake. I remember being so excited and impatient about the release of TDK. Anybody know what I’m talking about ha? I just can’t get excited for this film

    • hahah idk i actually feel different, back when the the dark knight was mentioned i was one of a little who actually knew that movie was going to amazing, and im getting the feeling this movie, is going to be Phenomenal.

    • You are the only one. Bask in your oneness. NO TICKET FOR YOU.

    • Voodoo,

      It’s not just you. I’m sure the film will end up being intense, but the trailers are leaving me strangely… cold. And the attempted bit at humor in the very last scene of the trailer felt completely out of place.


      • Agree with that completely; the end of the trailer was incredibly out of place.

      • Honestly, I think it’s the lack of a big time, A-list villain. I know, I know, Bane broke the bat. But last time it THE JOKER. Batman vs. The Joker – Ali vs. Frazier – Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant – an irresistible force meeting an immovable object. It was the main event.

        This time? Bane. He’s okay, and I’m sure Tom Hardy will crush it. But it’ll never live up to the hype of the last film. Maybe if they were doing Ra’s al Ghul (and he hadn’t been in Batman Begins).

        Also, I actually think having another member of the Bat family may have helped. Maybe not Robin, but Dick Grayson as Nightwing.

        Just my opinion. And in full disclosure, I’m pretty upset that I’m skipping a midnight showing because I have work at 8am. I’m still as excited as anyone for this film.

    • Voodoo,

      While I will be seeing this on opening night, I do agree with you and Vic. I’m having a hard time getting overly excited about this movie. I hope it is a great film, but there is something nagging at me that says it will leave me somewhat disappointed. I hope I’m wrong.


      • Voodoo, Matt,

        Yes – to be clear, I’ve already bought my tickets to a 9AM showing on opening day for both myself and my daughter. :)


          • For me the excitement comes and goes :/ I was super excited again with the MTV trailer. This is a another one of those ‘Ah, okay’ type trailers :/

          • Just remember though, this is only the trailers… the final product will likely be different.
            Look at the humor used in BB and TDK: I think it fit perfectly with the overall tone of the film and Nolan knew exactly when to use it.
            I’m sure the same can be said for the more lighthearted moments in TDKR (like the bit with Alfred at the end of this one) – it’ll all FIT IN when we see the movie from beginning to end.

            At least… that’s what I’m hoping 😉

    • I’m right with you… I’ll see it but I think that I’ve grown tired of the Batman.

    • I agree, the trailer was ok. It didnt get me as hype as the Avengers trailer or the ASM trailer. The movie looks like it will be good but Im not clawing my eyes out waiting to go see it.

  9. Awesome beyond awesome. I really…really hope this makes up for my disappointment after watching Prometheus.

  10. I wet myself. Been excited for this but it actually went up a notch after this trailer. Can’t wait for 7/20/12

  11. No ticket for you either. You minions of Bane make me sick.

    • Take it easy there, son or you’ll find yourself out the door.


  12. it will be better than the dark knight. looks like it will have a really good story with good action. it looks like a great way to end a great trilogy. for all the people who dont like the trailers, go see it anyway. we all know that nolan doesnt like to show to much in the trailers. he also likes a little misdirection. this may be the best movie of this summer

  13. I am still excited about this. It’s the final act. I think Nolan is aware of the weight of this one and the expectations of the movie goers.

    I am pretty confident he will not disappoint.

  14. Initially the trailers and images put me off a bit, but I was trying not to get too invested because I didn’t want to see too much. Honestly this was a movie I was hyped for without anyone saying a word because after TDK I knew another was coming. This last trailer is pretty amazing and I think the final product will speak for itself, so far Nolan has not let us down…he won’t now either…

  15. ive been excited to see spiderman more than this but when bane said mr. wayne… i dont know now hahaha. that line may have just but me over the TDKR side, i got goosebumbs. I still think this film is way over hyped but i do understand why and i cannot wait to seee it.

    All i hope is they dont show too many clips like they have done with spiderman because there are just too many and ive only watched 2 because i feel like they are showing to much of the movie including that 4 minute (really 2:30 minutes) teaser of the bridge scene.

    • I was expecting goosebumps, waiting for them, but it never happened. There is just something about this that is turning me off. I know aesthetically that I’m not impressed, but I’ve read Knightfall, if this story is borrowing from it ,like it appears, it should be greatness. I just hope it turns out as good as I know it can be. So far though… nothing.

  16. bad trailer

  17. I might be one of the only ones who thought this was the worst trailer for it so far. Doesn’t mean it was bad but i thought the first ones were more epic. The teaser trailer is my personal favorite. But I did get chills when he said, “Mr. Wayne”

  18. 😮 Wow… just… WOW!
    This is most definitely the best trailer so far IMO and out of all four trailers and the tv spots, this one reminded me the most of an actual, full-on BATMAN movie.
    The hype and expectations has just gone up by a considerable amount…

    I cannot wait! 😀

  19. I seriously don’t understand the people who say they are not excited for this film.. but then in the same sentence say they will be there on opening night? doesnt make sense to me!.

    Me on the other hand I am excited, already purchased my ticket for opening night!!!!!! :)

    • I coudent agree with you more, people say the trailers dont do it for them as if they arent excitted yet the buy tickets… hmmm

    • I’m one of those people who will probably go opening weekend but I’m not stoked for it. I’ll support all comic book movies as I love them in general but these trailers aren’t getting my psyched up as much as I was for Avengers.

    • “but then in the same sentence say they will be there on opening night? doesnt make sense to me!.”

      Thank You! Its refreshing to see I wasn’t the only one to notice this. I find it odd and strangely contradictory how those that claim to not be excited about the film the first to have their tickets!

  20. this was epic

    to bad WB/DC dont give the same respect to their other comic book characters.

  21. Awesome just awesome and i would say a lot of curse words in my excitement but i’m not allowed

  22. it will be a good movie but it won’t be all of that. DA POWER called the MIGHTY AVENGERS is muscling its towards TITANIC’S original 600.9 million dollar run. thats the MIGHTY NEWS of the SUMMER. DA AVENGERS! SMOKING its way into box office history, YES NOLAN lovers and WARNER BROTHERS, you have have my leftovers! LOL!

    • For the record, Dark Knight has made more adjusted for inflation…That’ll change in a couple of days but The Avengers isn’t an all time BEAST.

      28 The Dark Knight WB $588,314,100
      29 Marvel’s The Avengers BV $586,794,371

      • @Kyle: There’s no reasoning with ‘rod22′, he’s been trolling on SR’s TDKR comment sections for a while now…

      • Keep in mind, The Avengers also cost $35 million MORE than TDK and has the benefit of the 3D upcharges.

  23. That sold it for me. It is going to be ridiculously fantastic.

  24. Alright the avengers was a great movie. But I truthfully think it lacked a good story. It was just a bunch of cgi really and Loki isn’t as great a villian as bane is I’m sorry. Dont get me wrong i loved The avengers too but They needed to put 6 superheroes in one movie just to compete with the Bat! Haha I’m just a huge batman fan tho so just to see my favorite character on screen is going to make me happy. And I’m not a Nolan lover by all means I just love what he did to my hero. This trailer was amazing and I will probably see this movie at least 3 times in my batman costume!

    • Wait… 6 heros to compete with The Bat? How do you figure? Please share what you are on because I want some.

    • And what does that have to do with this article or the subject matter?

      You can’t compare the two films mate… in reality, they are of different genres.

    • “Loki isn’t as great a villain as bane”

      I assume you’re talking about the comic book character versions, not their cinematic counterparts, seeing that very little has actually been seen of Tom Hardy’s Bane.

  25. The avengers was a great movie. But I truthfully think it lacked a good story. It was just a bunch of cgi really and Loki isn’t as great a villian as bane is I’m sorry. Dont get me wrong i loved The avengers too but They needed to put 6 heroes in one movie just to compete with the Bat! Haha I’m just a huge batman fan tho so just to see my favorite character on screen is going to make me happy. And I’m not a Nolan lover by all means I just love what he did to my hero. This trailer was amazing and I will probably see this movie at least 3 times in my batman costume!

  26. This trailer was spectacular. I am glad we can finally put so many things to rest.

    Can we understand Bane? Yes
    Does Ann Hathaway kick ass as Selina Kyle/Catwoman? Yes
    Is Batman fighting in the daytime a bad thing? No
    Is this final part of the trilogy going to excede its predecessors? Looks like it!

    Thank you Mr Nolan for letting fans rant and proving us wrong.