‘Dark Knight Rises’ Trailer #4: Bane’s War On Gotham City

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Many fans have been waiting to see a trailer for The Dark Knight Rises which effectively encapsulates the epic thematic nature of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy finale, showcases its majestic action sequences and set pieces – and, even throws in some light-hearted moments, meant to offer viewers a chance to catch their breath (without feeling forced or out of place). Suffice it to say: that day has come.

Nokia has released a trailer for Dark Knight Rises, and it really is the best of both worlds. Everything fans loved about the third theatrical promo and the first TV spots for the film, are mixed together here. Put frankly: if this preview doesn’t get you pumped to see Nolan’s last Batman movie, nothing will.

The latest promo for Dark Knight Rises offer the most alluring taste of Bane’s (Tom Hardy) blitzkrieg campaign against the citizens of Gotham City – including, its shadowy guardian, Batman (Christian Bale), who’s been semi-retired for nearly eight years, following his defeat of The Joker. Under-prepared and overwhelmed by the sheer might of Bane and his forces, our hero finds himself exiled from his homeland.

With the assistance of old comrades like Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine) – plus, a shaky alliance struck with the mysterious crook Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) – Bruce Wayne attempts to fully resurrect his identity as the Caped Crusader… and stage a last-ditch effort to take Bane down, once and for all.

dark knight rises nokia trailer Dark Knight Rises Trailer #4: Banes War On Gotham City

Batman returns in 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Avengers proved to offer loads of unmitigated fun, while next month’s Amazing Spider-Man has potential to also be a great addition to the superhero pantheon. However, there’s a weightiness to everything in Dark Knight Rises that its comic book peers simply do not possess. Perhaps that’s due to the unmatched grittiness of the street battles staged in Nolan’s film – or the emotional-resonance inherent to a climactic chapter in the grim legend of Bruce Wayne. Either way, TDKR is poised to pack quite the emotional punch, while delivering all the awe-inspiring spectacle we’ve been anticipating for several months (years?) now.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Marion Cotillard. It is of course directed by Christopher Nolan, based on a screenplay he co-penned with Jonathan Nolan (working from a story co-conceived by Davis S. Goyer).

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.


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  1. Here is a list of some of my movie-related pet peeves:

    1.) People who claim that their favorite movie is one that has not been released. This happened a lot in middle school for some reason. Kids would get selected for a star student of the week award, and then list “Rush Hour” or something as their favorite movie. Only problem was that said movie wasn’t out yet at the time.

    2.) People who claim to not like a film that they have not yet seen. This makes even less since. I wish that this was something that mostly happened in middle school. I say, “Oh! Have you seen ________?!” and someone replies, “Meh.” I then say, “Well have you seen it?” To which that someone says, “It didn’t look good.” That excuse works if you’re ordering food from a Captains D’s menu, but doens’t fly with me here.

    3.) People who compare tonally different films. Notice I said “tonally” different, not “totally” different. Are The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises similar? I suppose. If you count the fact that they’re both CBMs and feature masked vigilantes seeking to protect innocents. Are they tonally similar? Doesn’t seem that way. This type of behavior reminds me of that woman who sued because she thought Drive was going to be like Fast Five. Well, there were some fast cars… Apples and orangutans, folks.

    • Very well said.

    • Nick, you cant be more right.

    • You spelled sense in correctly there……..just fyi

      • You spelled incorrectly….incorrectly….just an fyi

    • But you are absolutely correct……

  2. Anyone know the score that was playing throughout the trailer??

    • a fire will rise

  3. The trailer looks cool, but I have my reservations. It’s a classic “wait and see” for me. I was blown away by the first two (Nolan) Batman films, and Bane certainly looks like a worthy villain. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like the fact that they’re not going to mention the Joker at all. Are they pretending he never existed? We need some closure to his character.
    I understand this isn’t about the Joker. But even a little shout out would be nice.
    Either way, I will end up seeing this. As long as it doesn’t have a Mass Effect 3 ending, it will be a perfect close to the trilogy.

  4. I loved every trailer that have released. Its going to be one hell of a ride.

  5. I loved every trailer that has been released. Its going to be one hell of a ride.

  6. I like joss wheldon and what he did with Avengers. Bit this…

    This looks like a “batman movie” by god

    we’ve come a long way from the 97 debacle and this thing looks like a sweeping epic in the vein of GONE WITH THE WIND. Just saying that caused me to pause.

    his movie looks like everything is at stake. It’s like Nolan delved deep into the Batman mythos. And whipped up a tale of betrayal, revenge, sacrifice. all of the ingredients for a so-called epic.

    The music(which isn’t borrowed from other movies) is captures the expected scale and perhaps dwarfs it with an aweenspiring display.

    The villain sounds perfect. Some will complain about the voice but Nolan is following the concept TO-A-TEE.

    Wow…that is very impressive.

    My only question is. Since it has become abundently clear that Nolan isn’t coming back…. How is a replacement director going to reboot the franchise after this beast?

    I mean seriously.

    Cause it looks like Nolan positioned this scenerio perfertcly. With Batman begins being the orign tale. then a scary second story. Now a war movie. which most directors would have tackled first running out of ideas for sequels because resorting to action to tell the story is easy (wheldon) leaving no where to go unless they blow up the universe in the later iterations.

    Nolan said were going out BIG. It certainly looks that way.

    • btw Sorry about the run-ons and miss spells…

    • The Batman series Knightfall about mid way through looks like this;


      Thats shortly after Bane has broken Batmans back over his knee. The following panels he throws Batman off the roof of the building he’s on to the street below.

      I predict Bane does break Batman except he holds him prisoner while he proceeds to break Gotham. Much the same as the Joker wanted to make the populace go crazy on each other and failed. Bane will follow suit and wants to make Batman watch.

      It will conclude with Bane appearing the victor and Batman will show up for the grand finale. After having trained with Apollo Creed whilst listening to eye of the tiger.

  7. Hopefully they give Bane some development not just have him show up out of the blue as the menacing incomprehensible bad guy. I can see all kinds of meme’s in the future with Bane trying to threaten Batman and he’s saying “pardon me I don’t understand you?”

    In the comics Bane grew up very similar to Bruce Wayne, orphaned, had to fend for himself main difference being he didn’t have a golden spoon up his arse and grew up in a prison.

    To conclude, this movie will be the same as Rocky 3.

    • which means I will still watch it, lol.

  8. Looks epic. I am curious about one point in the plot. Wouldn’t the federal government get involved if a terrorist tried to destroy a major American city?

    • Gotham City is turned into a military state later on in the movie I believe.

  9. Cool. I really can’t wait to see this movie!

  10. you can tell by the trailers that military jets are circling gotham.

    i think the military has an issue with combating bane because bane breaks into wayne entrprise specifically the R&D department and uses all of the special advanced weapons they manufacture for the military.

    So in a sense he has better weapons than the military. Although he only has the prototypes and not enough to arm an army he is well equiped…