The Dark Knight Rises: Updated Shortlist of Actresses

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the dark knight rises script The Dark Knight Rises: Updated Shortlist of Actresses

[One of the actresses on the list has been officially cast. Find out who HERE.]

Yesterday we posted up a series of details regarding The Dark Knight Rises, information that indicated director Christopher Nolan had chosen the two female leads to be introduced in his third Batman installment.

While nothing was official, the sources of this info hinted that Eva Green (Casino Royale) and Naomi Watts (King Kong) would be playing Talia al Ghul and Vicki Vale, respectively. For the next edition of rumor vs. rumor or “sources” vs. “sources,” the latest Batman 3 news contradicts that information, revealing that neither of these two have been cast and that Nolan is still testing for the two roles.

The new shortlist, provided by Heat Vision, places the following candidates in the running for the key roles in Warner Bros. next comic book epic:

  • Anne Hathaway
  • Charlotte Riley
  • Gemma Arterton
  • Jessica Biel
  • Kate Mara
  • Keira Knightley

All of the actresses are reportedly scheduled to screentest for the parts over the next few weeks.

Arterton is the hottest up and comer of the bunch, coming off of lead roles in last year’s Prince of Persia and Clash of the Titans (another Warner Bros. film). She’s been landing jobs left, right and center ever since and may be too busy to meet the schedule demands of The Dark Knight Rises.

That leaves Hathaway, Biel and Knightley as the most well-known candidates and of these three I personally find Knightley the only one right for one of the rumored roles (Talia al Ghul). I had previously heard Knightley was almost locked so seeing her name back in contention, makes me think she’s the most likely of the group to be selected for a part.

talia al ghul eva green The Dark Knight Rises: Updated Shortlist of Actresses

If Eva Green was Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises

Of the two newcomers, Charlotte Riley is engaged to Tom Hardy, so whether or not that helps her land a gig in her first major film is an interesting discussion point. Kate Mara on the other hand, is coming off of roles in 127 Hours and Iron Man 2 and has nabbed the lead female parts in the smaller productions of Ironclad and Ten Year.

Heat Vision confirms that Eva Green and Naomi Watts have not been cast, and that Green is filming another project near when The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to begin in May. Watts hasn’t tested for the part as she’s currently filming another movie, but production on that does end before the next Batman begins.

Thankfully, these rumors will be cleared up soon, then we’ll know who’s sources are providing false information.

The Dark Knight Rises begins production in May and is scheduled for theatrical release on July 20th, 2012.

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Source: THR

Eva Green image edited from art by romero1718.

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  1. I want Keira Knightley as Talia or the whoever the villain will be (PLEASE not Catwoman).

    • i think hathaway coulda done harley had joker been in the next one

    • Hell No to casting Keira Knightley. She blows. She and Bloom nearly wrecked the Pirate movies. And I just dont see her pulling of a good Talia. Eva Green IS the better choice. Eva can do Talia and/or Catwoman easily.

      • I agree that Keira Knightley isn’t right for Dark Knight. I don’t want to see her or Hathaway in it. Same goes for Jessica Biel. Those are the types of names that would make me skip out on seeing it altogether.Maggie Gyllenhaal ruins Dark Knight for me. It’s hard for me to watch it because of her. She makes Katie Holmes seem like an incredible choice in Batman Begins.

    • Agreed Keira would be a good Talia.

      • shes not sexy enough to be talia in the comics she is always really sexy knightly is average imo

        • I think Keira’s sexy as hell.

          • and she is way too white , sorry but talia needs to be more exotic

          • I think Knightely is sexy, but that’s completely ambiguos. Everyone is gonna have differnt opinions on who’s sexy or not.

    • Um’ Keira Knightley is sexy and cute but the problem is that she is too short and frail. Plus there is nothing mysterious about her. Certain other actresses like Arterton have a certain natural mystique about them. I don’t see Knighltry pulling that off at all. Would I like Knighltey to be in my own personal movie though. Oh Hell Yes!

  2. like the pic of green youve used i think she would be a good talia not sure of any of the ones listed.

    really not a big fan of knightly, mara is hot she could do talia i guess i like arterton but she is linked with so many films i dont no if she could do it, hathaway im on the fence with

    until we no who the characters are its gonna be hard to guess =)

  3. Kate Mara or Gemma <3

  4. I’ve always thought of Talia being somewhat exotic looking so some of these actresses wouldn’t fit that category. Jessica Biel and Arterton look the most “exotic”. But we want an actress who has the best talent so let it be whoever is the best actress not best looking or most “exotic”. I gotta say I don’t want to see Catwoman either but I got a feeling that being this is Nolan’s last Batman movie, that Talia AND Catwoman may be in it. I gotta admit though a Nolized Catwoman just might take the bad taste out of our mouths from her last incarnation on film.

  5. Keira Knightley would be awesome in dark knight rises

  6. I think Gemma Arterton is great.

  7. Who said that Talia was the official femal villain? It could be catwomen still. My pick for “the female villain roll” Charlotte, (even though I hate this actress) Gemma, (maybe) Jessica & Kate.

    • Whoops, looks like you got her (J.B.) in there while I was typing.

  8. Hmm… no one here mentioning Biel yet — maybe it’s because you all feel the same way I do? She should stick with MOR Rom Coms and schlocky horror. Besides, she and her man-shoulders/man-voice already did Catwoman in Chuck and Larry (excuse enough for me).

    On second thought, I’m sure many of you find her quite beautiful. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

    • @Greg, Yeah I mentioned Jessica Biel already. She has a mixed racial background so she has a more exotic look to her, has done some convincing action before and has a nice boot/cough* I mean body. Her acting isn’t great though. Whoever is chosen will be pushed to the apex of their acting ability with this movie.

      • Ah, you’re right… I remember reading yours but it didn’t register. I agree her acting is really just not up to the task for a Nolan film. As I said, I think she’s best suited for RomComs and bad horror. I suppose in my mind, she’ll never break free from that 7th heaven tomboy thing.

      • I like Biel’s looks, but even with a mixed racial background, she still looks white and nothing but.
        I don’t see her looking too “exotic.”
        With all these new names, I still think Naomi Watts and Eva Green are the better choices.
        At one point, I was thinking of perhaps an Asian woman to play Catwoman, but that would feed into the yellow fever too many white guys have, and an Asian Catwoman would be based strictly on lame stereotypes that have been around for decades — the exotic, dangerous, sexy, sultry Dragon Lady stereotypes, or even the geisha, or the submissive Asian woman, as Bruce Wayne and other white guys drool all over her, and envision her serving them sushi while naked and such.

  9. Kate Mara is a pleasant surprise on that shortlist. I’ve always enjoyed her even though she’s never really been “main stream”. For those unfamiliar with her work, along with the films mentioned in the article she was also in Shooter (not a bad flick but she’s not a major player in it), We Are Marshall, and I can’t think of the name of it but it was a Tim Allen superhero school movie.

    • I like Kate Mara a lot too.

    • I think Kate Mara may have been good as a Rachel Dawes, but not as Vicki Vale, or Talia.

  10. Zoom is the film that you are thinking of .

    • That’s what it was, thanks Gary S.

  11. I completely disagree that Knightley would make a good Talia, Green or Arterton are the only two mentioned that i think would be acceptable as Talia, as for Vicky Vale , if thats who the character is, I think Knightley or Beil would make a great imbeded photo journalist. Beil more so cause she has that tough air about her

    • Biel’s not pretty enough. She’s quite mannish.

      • your out of your mind, DR., If I want Skeletor then id go for Knightley and Hathaway, I like a little meat on my steak and Beil has it in all the right places. Hathaway is hot at times but she needs to eat alittle, Mara is hot too, and again she has some meat on the bone and I cant resist a red head , yum.

        • loco we have the same taste in women =)

      • jb is manish but knlghtly (looks like a young boy at times imo) is sexy ??? ok we have different taste in women lol

  12. if its catwoman, id say Anne Hathaway/kate beckinsale

    vicky vale – gemma/kate mara

    but talia should be Monica Bellucci IMO (but i guess she’s too old for it)
    eva green is a grrr8 choice for talia though

  13. @Deadpooldeahthstroke, Huh? If any of these actresses are good for Vicky Vale then it would be more of a “passable” homegrown all American type of actress. Aterton is not that type of actress at all. BUT Kate Mara could work. Beckinsale could work as Catwoman, she’s already proven herself in the “Underworld” films and we know she’ll look good in a tight black cat suit already. Hathaway hmmm.. I don’t know I haven’t seen her in anything showing her shape just yet, she’s got a nice shelf but how’s her night table?

    • agree about vicky vale

  14. Riddle me this….. riddle me that….. who’s up next to play Talia or Selina Kyle, the woman dressed as a CAT???? The action heroine… who starred in Daredevil, Elektra, The Kingdom, and Alias…… who won a Golden Globe her first year on Alias…….. who has more experience with action than any other actress in history…….. Jennifer Garner in The Dark Knight Rises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jennifer Gardner,Meh. Her and Fox destroyed one of my favorite Marvel heroines. If she’s Catwoman that might work. As Talia I say NOT good.

      • Jennifer Garner ruined Elektra? She acted perfectly fine in a poorly written movie.

  15. dont really care whose cast, the actress playing leads in the last 2 movies were unimpressive (not bad but nothing to marvel at)

    as long as they have Talia Al Ghul as a major character, i’m happy

  16. Is it gonna be soft porno movie right? Because everyone talks about who is pretty & sexy or who is not. So acting not a factor?

  17. I agree that Keira Knightley isn’t right for Dark Knight. I don’t want to see her or Hathaway in it. Same goes for Jessica Biel. Those are the types of names that would make me skip out on seeing it altogether.
    Maggie Gyllenhaal ruins Dark Knight for me. It’s hard for me to watch it because of her. She makes Katie Holmes seem like an incredible choice in Batman Begins.

    • Michael, I feel the same, it is damn near gut-wrenching for me to watch any scenes with her in TDK. Damn near killed the movie for me.

      • Thank you!
        At last, someone agrees with me on Maggie G.
        I think I said it elsewhere, but it’s just repulsive to see how Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne are basically fighting over her. That’s ridiculous — men of their stature would be aiming much higher.
        And then the Joker calls her beautiful? I hope he was being sarcastic. Too bad they couldn’t have inserted a moment where Joker gags after saying it. That would have been hilarious.
        Another part that really bothers me is when she’s calling out over the “microphone/speaker” in the warehouse. I was thinking, “Shut up!” Even the way she yells is annoying. Please, no one like her for the next movie, please!

        • @Michael, LOL I just imagined The Joker doing what you said. I can’t stop laughing, that would have been truly evil too. LOL! Yeah, Jessica Biel yeah she’s gotta nice arse but everything else is meh,. I like Arterton for Talia the most but she might not be able to do it because of her schedule.

          • @Ulik, hat would be cool if there were a deleted scene like that. :)
            I haven’t seen Gemma Arterton in anything (I stayed away from the Prince of Persia movie) so I don’t know about her acting skills, but looks-wise, she might work as Talia.

  18. Eva Green?! Great choice, excited about her being in the movie, way to go!(Not being sarcastic)

  19. I’ve never been a Hathaway fan, Kiera Knightley is another actress I don’t care for. If I were to choose an actress for Talia I would pick Jennifer Connelly and as for Vicki Vale, Amy Adams, for sure.

  20. Arterton for Talia. In this list she’s the only one who fits the part.

  21. I mainly wanna kno who Tom Hardy is playing, and if Cillain Murphy will return again (at least in a cameo again)

    • Hardy has been spotted recently with a shaved head and goatee which of course suggests Hugo Strange, but he does have at least one film to finish before working on TDKR.

      • I think that’s just for another film he’s shooting. From what I’ve heard, Hugo Strange won’t be in the film. At least not with Hardy playing him.

  22. Eva Green and Gemma Arteron are the only actresses on that list that could possibly capture the same gravitas as Liam Neeson’s Ras Al Ghul.

    • Gravitas…nice. I agree Biel doesn’t seem like she would be Nolan “material”, but I would have said the same thing about Katie Holmes had Begins not worked out the way it had. Tough call at this point, but Nolan’s a genius, it’ll all work out.

  23. Obviously no one on here saw knightley in King Arthur..or in Domino…She can kick ass better than that whole list put together..I would definitly have her as Talia or Catwoman..

    • I did! I said she would be great as Talia, I can picture her as Liam Neeson’s daughter. I hope they get him back for at least a flashback sequence.

  24. I have a pretty strong feeling that Talia isn’t going to be the leading female villain. In my honest opinion I feel that Nolan will either pick Catwoman or Poison Ivy. I think it could be Catwoman because in TDK there was a hint at here being in the next movie. I also think that it could be Poison Ivy because I had heard that Nolan had expressed interest in doing a realistic Poison Ive where she is a bio terrorist that uses poisons to from plants to kill people. I trust Nolan knows what he’s doing and what he want’s for his movies… so whoever he chooses I feel will be the right choice.

    Talia would be nice, but I have a feeling that if Nolan is doing Blackmask as a villain he’ll want another villain who is more popular like Catwoman or Poison Ivy.

  25. Anybody else think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt should be the Joker in a cameo type role (like Scarecrow in TDK)? He looks darn similar to Heath Ledger, and with make-up it would be uncanny!

  26. Kira is only good in very specific roles, she needs to be a background-ish character and not try to be ‘strong’. I’m sorry but every time she tries to play it tough her acting plummets. She is not right for the these type of roles. And she’s way too thin, like unhealthy thin. Her body looks more like a boy’s than a woman’s, not attractive at all, except in posters when she’s gets an airbrush makeover.