‘Dark Knight Rises’ Fan Posters; Multiple Prologue Descriptions Surface

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Nothing official to report on the Dark Knight Rises front today, but if you’re the type who likes to indulge in some Batman movie rumors, then we do have a few things worth your spare minutes of time.

First up there are some fan-made Dark Knight Rises posters we have to share. While you may have seen our own Screen Rant original Batman vs. Bane image floating around the Interwebs, the guys behind the posters featured in today’s gallery clearly have more photoshopping skills than we do.

In addition to the fan posters, we have multiple, conflicting, possible (and I stress the word “POSSIBLE”) descriptions of the six-minute Dark Knight Rises prologue, which will be attached to the IMAX prints of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol later this month.

Dark Knight Rises Fan Posters

Below you’ll find the gallery of Dark Knight Rises fan posters. Tom Hardy’s Bane is clearly the favorite focus of these posters, which were put together by “Dogan Can Gundodu,” as well as DeviantART users “agustin09” and “visuasys.” The gallery includes a Bane vs. Batman poster, individual Bane and Batman posters, as well as some Bane wallpapers. A lot of the posters also sport quotes like “take control of Gotham,” or “Every Legend Has Its End,” with one sporting a fitting line: “We Fall to Learn to Pick Ourselves Up” – the famous words Dr. Thomas Wayne spoke to young Bruce after the boy fell down the well in the beginning of Batman Begins.

Check out the gallery of fan-made posters and see what you think:


Dark Knight Rises IMAX prologue Descriptions…

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  1. The last poster is awesome! This is why I love this site, always keeping us informed!! Great job screenrant!

    • that was my favorite too!

    • Yupp

  2. the good poster says “michael Claine”…fail. also does anyone have any tips for starting DKR rumors? i’d like to get decent at it

    • Bane is actually Bruce Wayne’s son sent back from the future. That weird “earthquake” device, a time machine. Bane’s scar, a result of time travel. The strange inhaler device, the future is more polluted and Bane needs an air filtration.

      Or…Bane is actually Alfred’s estranged son and is not happy with Bruce because Alfred wasn’t there for him as a child.

      Take either of my rumors (they must be true they are on the internet) and run with them!

      • None of that would surprise me.

      • lol? maybe thats just some timeline or interpretation i havent heard but from my understanding thats not even close…

    • You didn’t capitalize the first word in any of your sentences.



      • HAHAHAHAHA. Epic.

      • Internet sarcasm. The best form of sarcasm around. Brilliant. More please.

  3. wait, if he is not raised in spanish prison why are they cheering in spanish bane kill him?

    • Im not sure if its been confirmed what the chanting really is or even what language its in, but in my opinion it’s still unclear. Looking forward to finding out though!

        • Cool! Thanks for the info Mike!

        • @Mike
          I herd about the Hanz Zimmer chant but where did you get youtnp translation and in what language.

          There has been a general consensus that it was Spanish. Bane Bane Matalo Matalo. Translation: Bane Bane Kill hiim kill him.

          • just go to google translate and enter matalo matalo and set languange to auto detect it translate into beat him beat him..

            • but its filipino…

              • Hans Zimmer translated it on the Chant website where you can record your voice…it isn’t spanish that they are speaking. I forget the dialect.

  4. The plane thing sounds more logical to me – the first description is a bit forced and stupd, quite frankly.

    The Plane prologue sounds aweosme though if its true!

    • My bad lol didnt know it was gonna be so big in full view (thats what she said)

      • I think this prologue is cool, but i doubt that’s what actually happens. I really doubt that Nolan would cram batman’s escape, an epic car chase, and what is possibly the most pivotal point of the film into six short minutes. It would be crammed and ridiculously paced, plus a waste of his resources.

    • I like this rumor better than the two in the article…and it makes more sense especially since Nolan didn’t have an origin story for the Joker. He just existed. And it fits with the Bane mythos.
      Also, your “that’s what she said” comment caught me off guard. I actually did laugh out loud…all by my lonesome in front of a computer. I believe that is a sign of insanity…thanks Ignur Rant!

      • Exactly guys. I believe this is the real prologue. 8 years to recover from a back injury.

      • Nolan didnt give Joker an origin? Joker never had an origin in the comics to begin with.

        • Agree ! … Nolan knows what he`s doing, his visualization is to give the audience the essence of BATMAN`s story. Joker never had an Origin

      • @B List

        ahhaha “thats what she said” and “D’z Nuts” are my all time favorite immature jokes.

    • I read this a couple of weeks ago too and was blown away! I read it and felt like I could see it on the big screen. It picks up right where TDK leaves off, but leaves room for an 8 year gap (a la broken Batman recovering).

      It shows the interconnectedness of the other movies (connection to league of shadows and Joker being a part of a larger plot).

      Speaking of that… it’s like KnightFall but a million times more BA. All of knightfall part one was Bane wearing out the Batman, ultimately leading to him breaking his back. What if TDK was essentially KnightFall part one???? Everything that happened there was indirectly/directly orchestrated by Bane bringing them to that moment. Batman is tired. Batman is discouraged. Batman is injured.

      And then Batman is broken.

      BOOM. 8 years later. Where are we?

      As far as this being real… who knows?? This seems cooler to me than the others in this article. I’m not really feeling the plane thing. Bane growing up with Talia is slightly more interesting, but none of that struck me like this did.

      Also there is a script floating around that has Bane escaping from prison and Bruce Wayne in some hearing about some kind of pharmaceutical stuff. Most likely fake, not as cool.

      Bane in the tunnel breaking backs… that’s what I’m talking about.

      • I just read it again and it looks like I made up the league of shadows stuff. I must be mixing up rumors.

        Either way… getting tackled in mid-air. Crazy.

      • @MDPerkins

        I never thought of it like that but it certainly makes for a very compelling story if TDK was also sorta a KnightFall intro. Batman physically & emmotionally drained and than Bane appears out of nowhere to finish job.

        I dont know if these true but its my favorite rumor. There is a tunnel scene with 18 wheeler trucks filmed in the movie so there is a slight, if not miniscule, chance of this being a possibility. Always fun to specilate doe.

      • Setting this movies 8 years after tdk is brilliant of the nolan bros

    • Source: Comicbookmovie. That should say it all.

      • This one was actually via a SuperHero Hype forum before deletion.

    • that woudn’t explain why did bane blow up prison door.

  5. haaa you have to be crazy if you think his preview will show him breaking batman’s back. it’s actually about bane hijacking a plane and showing how he got injured. he has his surgeries then gets his mask.

    • Im tired of Fan Made posters, cant wait for the real deal !

  6. LOL to the people who actually think that the prologue with Bane breaking Batman’s back. That is horrible writing!!! That description with him hijacking the plane is by far the most legit description, seeing as Tom Hardy filmed those scenes in Cardington and it a involved military jet and Hardy looked different.

    • *Bane breaking Batman’s back is real.

  7. i don’t have an IMAX around here, but you can bet i’ll try and find one abroad and sit through Tom Cruz just to see the TDKR footage!

    • Except that the kid wasn’t the bandit. And that’s just f*cked up burning a kid.

  8. idk i mean i know hes trying to be realistic and all but bane is quite small.. this film is going to kinda remind me of batman begins.. not too good or bad.. all i have to say is we want JOKER BACK!!! r.i.p heath.

  9. Whatever the prologue ends up being I am just excited to see it and then movie itself.

  10. here, here

  11. Awesome fan posters for The Dark Knight Rises. I’m so anxiously waiting for The Dark Knight Rises. 8 months seems like a long time. It is 8 months right?

  12. @Ignur Rant:
    that description was craaaaaazy……..
    This is THE movie to beat in 2012

  13. Im pretty sure that none of above ‘fan descriptions’ will turn out to be truee…

  14. Will screenrant post the prologue scene as soon as it’s released? England are only showing it at 5 cinemas so no doubt I’ll miss it

  15. I do not think any of this will be the actual footage. We will see soon enough!

  16. the last one looks just awesome

  17. Cool I love these posters, cant waitfor the official ones. Oh that opening sounds really good (the first one) I hope thats legit!

  18. Here is how Chris Nolan should end this movie without making it suck in such a way that it has to be rebooted(even though the reboot is inevitable)

    Towards the end of the movie after the Bane and Batman showdown the movie goes black and the Batman is broken, however after a couple of credits roll down the screen the movie shows a brief timeline of batman’s recovery and stand for crime and getting back out in the streets of Gotham taking down many familiar faces with a more logical rational to there character. At this point, the credits roll then SUDDENLY, whatever music that was playing through out the end of the film’s score while the credits were rolling stops, as well as the credits. The movie turns to a dark object of some sort and slowly reveals it self to be eyelid filled with eyelashes, then the screen backs out from a closed eye of an old man, whom is seemingly white, in his mid 50′s early sixties (lets just say Clint east wood looking) he is in a dark mansion with a TV playing in the background, on the TV is the news and on the news is an unknown news anchorwomen optimistically saying that it has been 20 years since the last sitting of the mysterious Batman, she then extends her microphone out in to the crowd for comments from the public, extending it to a mere seemingly regular Gotham innocent bystander who is in fact Frank Miller, making an astonishing cameo appearance as a regular guy in the streets of Gotham sharing his thoughts on where the Batman has been and why he hasn’t been seen in the past 20years (and the movie goer crowd goes wild) Then the movie slowly zooms out of the news and the TV completely and out to the old man in this dark mansion. The old man opens his eyes and Christian Bale begins to Narrate his thoughts as though he was thinking out loud (This scene should look like a spectacle of the first couple pages of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns” in reality)

  19. I like the posters they’re pretty badass. But they continue solidifying the fact that Tom Hardy looks more like Reptile from Mortal Kombat than Bane from Batman

  20. Now how cool is that. The fans are the ultimate best.

  21. Am I being an idiot here, did Bruce Wayne not burn up the League of Shadows temple in BB? And perhaps Bane was in there hence the disfigured face and mask etc because of the fire. And also it makes sence on the vendetta between them as it was Bruce that started the fire.

  22. These are pretty cool… but not the best work I have seen. The one with Bane encompasses with red/orange fiery smoke is the best. The others need some better Photoshop lessons.