‘Dark Knight Rises’ Will NOT Get Extended Director’s Cut

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Chris Nolan Dark Knight Rises Directors Cut Dark Knight Rises Will NOT Get Extended Directors CutFans of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy have been listening intently to talk about extra material that was cut from the The Dark Knight Rises – for example, an extended sequence of Bane’s origin story – and naturally there sprung a small hope that the DVD/Blu-ray home video release of TDKR would feature all the extra bits audiences didn’t get with the theatrical release.

Last week, in answer to fans’ hopes, a rumor surfaced that Dark Knight Rises was going to get a Blu-ray extended director’s cut. Today, we get contrarian confirmation that this is NOT in fact the case.

The Playlist spoke with the Nolan camp, who (in no uncertain terms) crushed the initial report from Nuke The Fridge that the extended director’s cut of TDKR was coming next summer ahead of the Nolan-produced Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

This really should come as little surprise, since anyone who’s spent time reading Christopher Nolan interviews (we admit, we’ve stalked him a bit ourselves) will know that the director believes in meticulous planning, efficiency and cost-saving when it comes to his films (despite their now-standard $150 million+ price tags). That’s all to say: Nolan usually plans what to cut and what to save at the pre-production stage – i.e., revising things in the script and storyboarding phases – and what he leaves on the cutting room floor in terms of footage (presumably less than a lot of directors), he wholeheartedly wants to leave on the floor.

Dark Knight Rises Extended Directors Cut Dark Knight Rises Will NOT Get Extended Directors Cut

On the other hand, Oscar-winning TDKR costume designer Lindy Hemming spoke at length about the Bane origin sequence in the context of them filming it – including mention of the early-version costume and mask Bane wore in that sequence. So we know that there are definitely “deleted scenes” from the film that exist – we’re just not going to get to see them.

Chris Nolan, as stated, is very meticulous (controlling?) about the craftsmanship of his films. While his singular driving vision has often resulted in some great films, this is a case where I’m genuinely wondering if he isn’t adhering a bit too strictly to his own rules. Throughout the run of The Dark Knight Trilogy Nolan has amassed legions of fans who have translated their adoration into (literally) billions of dollars for Warner Bros. – and a nice paycheck for the filmmaker himself. Not to mention, the same fans and their dollars fosters new career opportunities for Nolan to make his own original films like Inception.

 Dark Knight Rises Will NOT Get Extended Directors Cut Even if the Bane origin sequence or other cut scenes like it aren’t perfect, Nolan and his team of collaborators could almost certainly put together something that would let fans further enjoy his Batman movie universe. If not just deleted scenes from one film – which Nolan has pointed out are too scant to really excite – then a featurette of deleted scenes from all three films. The point is: it’s possible to do this, it’s just not being done.

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The Dark Knight Rises will presumably be on DVD/Blu-ray  sometime this fall – you know, in time for the holiday shopping season.

Source: The Playlist 

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  1. Thank god for that! It’s long enough!

    • …not nearly. I wish it had been a FULL three hours.

      • Haha, i do also. but from other articles i have read they can now only put movies 2 hours 45 minutes into IMAX. I don’t see the point in this. But they really need to have the extra scenes. Or on a special edition 2 disc set put all cut scenes onto the disc from all three movies

        • Yea, that is why I want to see the Director’s Cut.

  2. As Vader would say ..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO …We want all those pieces of film footage that were left out!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    • Yeah, there are definitely some disappointed fans (myself included), no doubt about it…
      But I guess it’s all down to Nolan. I know a lot of filmmakers are very specific about their art so if he doesn’t want to release a different version, I think it should be his decision and his alone.

      Still, can’t say I wouldn’t have liked to see more of Bane’s back-story and of course, more Raj Al Ghul among some other scenes.

  3. b*******, it is not some pointless action scenes it is plot points that we need…

  4. Dont care… unless those extended parts were Bane or about Bane.

    • Which they were.

  5. It was an ok movie, but do we really need more? It wasn’t so spectacular that we need 30 more minutes..

    • I disagree with practically everything you just said.

      • I agree with everything EGRM just said.

        • I like EGRM’s name.

    • I disagree with everything EGRM said too

    • I agree with everything EGRM said.

      I actually want 30 minutes less of TDKR…….. or even less.

      • TDKR is an epic like LotR: Return of the King or The Odyssey. An extra 30 minutes would have added to an already great story.

        • I’m sorry did you just compare TDKR to Return of the King?Are you freakin kidding me?You can’t compare LOTR to the heavily flawed Nolan trilogy.LOTR is best and most epic trilogy ever made next to Star Wars the original trilogy.Nolan is not quite there yet.

          • Lotr is extremely long winded and the only reason its not flawed. oh wait and its taken from a classic peice of literature so its hard to make a mistake. the dkr is an original idea taking some elements from graphic novels

            • You guys need to remember that different things mean different things to different people. Art and Entertainment will always be highly subjective. At least until we all become identical robots.

            • @Trey – Did you just say TDKR is an original idea? That’s a ridiculous statement.

              Inception is an original idea. Memento is an orignal idea. TDKR? Not so much.

              • you know, seinfeld did their “backwards” episode in 1997. memento came out in 2000, so really, it wasn’t that much of an original idea.

            • Yeah,because movie adaptations of books NEVER goes wrong.LOTR for a long time was deemed unfilmable.Peter Jackson managed to translate the books without pissing off the fans.He made some changes but ones that fans could live with.And longwinded?None of the movies in LOTR are boring.All the characters and events got the attention they deserved.You get to known them real well which makes the viewer care for them.Nolan has yet to achieve that.None of his characters have such an emotional impact.To take an idea and make it your own or new is hardly difficult.It’s much harder to use elements you are forced to use because of the continuity and such.

            • Sounds like excuses for TDKR to me.

          • Heavily flawed?

    • I think it’s precisely because it was just ‘OK’ for some that it needs more screentime. A lot of the character development and story arcs were rushed and could use some space to breathe.

      • I’m with you, Nick. My main problem with the movie revolves around those rushed storylines and rather clunky treatment of some supporting characters. The movie didn’t need either Foley or Holly. They needed more development to have the right sort of impact. We didn’t get to know either of them, and Foley was treated rather comically and Holly was just there and then she wasn’t. The Miranda Tate character’s storyline was also rushed, and she plays a much bigger role than either Foley or Holly. I didn’t get the idea that Wayne knew Tate much at all, and all of a sudden, they have sex? It felt like they had to have sex because the script demanded it. Her story arc most of all needed room to breathe.

  6. 30 more minutes of Bane back story could really do alot for the film. Why wouldn’t you add more intruige to an already intruiging blu ray/ dvd release?

  7. This makes me sad. :(

  8. Lame lame lame Nolan

  9. Love Nolan, but hes being a prick when it comes this….I lost some respect for him why on earth would you be so strong about not letting people seeing deleted footage…hes being stubborn and its ridiculous film could have been better to start and now he wont give us the elements that may have made it better? What a shame

    • He does this cause he does the final cut of his movies. he knows what he wants in or out ans he stays with that. if I was a director I’d want my vision to be shown the way I intend it to be

      • Yeah, it’s pretty crappy to expect the DVD/Blu-ray to have the “good” version of the film. A films final cut should stand by itself without being meddled with for the sake of it. Extended cuts should only be warranted if a studio has interfered at the result of a poorer final result.

        Way too many films have had extended cuts that actually added nothing of value to the original cut of a film. if a director can’t fit it all in in a compelling way then they aren’t doing their job properly.

        I’d rather have bonus footage in the DVD extras.

        • Terminator 2 extended cut was very well done and a lot of the added context really enriched the characters. Sometimes it works better as an extended version than just having deleted scenes stuck in the special features. I think TDKR is one of those.

  10. Giving Bane more to his back story doesn’t defer from the fact that he was a mere puppet for the league of shadows, the final reveal shows that he was a mindless thug and was just following orders! Lame oh so lame!

    Awful movie, if it has to be improved then it should be recut and have its time reduced!

    • As I said to someone above, I disagree with everything you’ve just said.

      • It wasn’t an awful movie by any means. But It really isn’t the masterpiece people are making it out to be.

        • Ah, but you see, I (and I think MANY others) DO think it was a masterpiece.

          • What can I say, It’s a good film. Far from Nolan’s best, but (IMO) not really anything special. And Bane’s voice was flippin’ funny. In fact his voice was probably my favourite part apart from Selina Kyle.

    • How was he only taking orders? If anything talks was more of a partner. I really doubt talks was like hey blow up the city, hijack the plane with Dr label, then break his neck at the field. though bane accepted orders to make batman feel the fire he didn’t listen. so calling him a henchman is off base when there was no indication of talia giving ordets

      • Thank you.

    • So using your logic, Darth Vader was also some mindless thug? Look, Talia could have very well been orchestrating the scheme, but do you honestly think she could have executed it without Bane? Would she have had the charisma to lead Bane’s men, broken Batman physically, take over the stock exchange, and used Daggett’s resources against him… all while still maintaining her identity within Wayne Enterprises?

      Think about that before you make such a sweeping generalization

      • +1

      • Actually – yes, Darth Vader is nothing more than the Emperor’s thug. For all the power, menace, and imagery Vader projects at the end of the day he is a servant to the Emperor and he used solely to intmidate by any means necessary people into fulfilling the Emperor’s wishes. The very definition of a thug.

        Bane is the same. No Talia could not do without him (or at least not pull it off the same way) but at this end of the day a hammer is still just a tool.

        • Actually, no, Vader was not a thug, BUT he (as the Emperor’s enforcer) was closer to being one than Bane in TDKR…by a LONG shot. Bane was clearly a trusted associate of Talia. He cared for her, but Hardy’s characterization of Bane throughout the film deftly confirmed that had his feelings for her soured, he easily could have proven very dangerous to her as well as Bruce.

          He was NEVER (even after Talia’s reveal) a mere toadie.

          I’m wondering why so many people seemed so confused by this; it was quite clear through the course of the film.

          • +10

          • “but Hardy’s characterization of Bane throughout the film deftly confirmed that had his feelings for her soured, he easily could have proven very dangerous to her as well as Bruce.”

            yes, he could prove dangerous to talia, just like a pit-bull can prove to be dangerous to it’s owner, but it’s still a dog, and bane was still just hired muscle.

            …and another silly plot point in TDKR, why didn’t bane just tell gotham that bruce was batman? that would have destroyed him more than the cozy prison with free HD cable. I mean, all of Gotham apparently believed bane when he pulled out gordon’s speech and told the truth about dent, so why not make his punishment even more severe by revealing his identity?

            …and the Mona Lisa is a masterpiece, TDKR is not even close. way too many flaws, but thats just my (and i think MANY other’s) opinion. and before someone quotes the latest box office returns, i don’t care how much $$$ it made, it is not the perfect film that so many claim it to be. thats all i’m sayin

            • Money holds no power over him so he can’t just be “hired” muscle. Lawyered.

              How would revealing Bruce is Batman punish Bruce or Gotham? Bruce has already shown he is willing to let the secret out to save people (Mr Reese) and it would not have done anything to upset the establish order. Slowly letting Gotham deteriorate with doom of an impending nuke is much more devastating. Think before you type.

        • @fdbryant3

          Well I actually think you might have proven my point when you said, “No Talia could not do without him.” Without Bane, it doesn’t matter who’s plan it is if there’s no way of executing it. If you want to go even further back, Talia would not have existed without Bane’s protection to begin with.

          You can call him a “tool” as much as you want, but there is no movie without Bane (he’s replaceable in “Batman & Robin” but not TDKR). Furthermore, the word tool assumes that it lacks any sort of agency, existing solely for it’s master’s bidding. But at the end of the movie, Bane goes directly against Talia’s order for his OWN personal pride. Therefore, “tool”, “thug” or whatever term you want to use, does not apply in this instance

        • yep!

          • the “yep” was for fdbryant3′s post

        • And the fact he was a Jedi Master!

      • I think the problem for some isn’t that he was just ‘some thug’, which I don’t think he is. I think the problem is that all the buildup surrounding the character was cheapened by the Talia reveal.

        Prior to that, he was the Ra’s Al Ghul’s legacy and the antithesis to Batman. He was born in hell rather than into comfort and he was Ra’s supposed child and successor. And he had the innate strength to escape the prison.

        And then it turns out that other than perhaps the born in hell part, he was none of those. I still wouldn’t say he’s just a thug, but all the supposed backstory we got was reduced to just him fighting off the prisoners and getting his face disfigured.

        • Deception and Theatricality are the League of Shadows favored weapons. Talia and Bane created the story of “Bane” and Miranda Tate. It was all part of the plan.

  11. I don’t like people choosing what I should or should not experience. I saw Nolan’s “vision” in the theater, I want to see what could have been now. Booooo!

  12. Giving Bane more to his back story doesn’t defer from the fact that he was a mere puppet for the league of shadows, the final reveal shows that he was a mindless thug and was just following orders! Lame oh so lame!

    Awful movie, if it has to be improved then it should be recut and have its time reduced! They should have left it with the dark knight

    • Wow. Copying and pasting a past comment that no one liked and adding slight changes at the end just to piss off other people? Lazy display of troling, my friend.

  13. There is nothing new to Nolan’s process and thinking . It is old school Hollywood.
    Hitchcock, Ford, Huston, etc. would all say unused footage is unused for a reason.

    • Plus there was no home video market to push alternate versions on the public.

      Lucas has proved what meddling can do to a good film.

  14. Good. The poll should have an option for “No! It was s***, it doesn’t need to be even shitter!”

    • Even the ghost in your own pic is surprised at how daft you sound…look at his eyes.

  15. I’m not a troll, I posted by mistake without finishing what I was saying, a person can give an opinion without being a troll, jeez anything against Nolan on this site is blasphemy! Nolan for Justice league, Nolan for Bond, Nolan Nolan Nolan that’s all people go on about!

    • Nolan for Dr. Kenneth Noisewater! A better choice! Viva la Nolan Noisewater!


      • Suck my juicy fat one you cheap dime store hood lol

        • Ummm…?

          • that was a reference to “Stand by me”, one of the best Stephen King adaptions ever made.

            • Nice pick up Jeffro.

              Seen the film 3 or 4 times, but was totally scratching my head there. Still can’t recall it though, lol (if i only I could upgrade my memory!).

              • it was near the end, it’s what wil wheaton said to keifer sutherland

    • Don’t worry.You are not alone in this.Nolan is heavily overrated.Most of his movies are very clinical.He has some good ideas.But is nearly not as clever as people claim.Nolan creates these rules for his universes.But breaks these rules whenever it becomes too complicated to give a solution within these rules.

  16. Come on Nolan. I can understand not recutting the film to add the missing footage, but you could at least incorporate the footage by adding it as deleted scenes. The movie was significantly lacking story wise in some areas, and the footage that he’s refusing to add and/or reveal would strengthen the story. Will it be longer, yes. Will some people B**ch about it? Yes. But I’d rather watch a 3 hour cut that’s more complete than be left with the uneven, but still great, theatrical cut to watch forever.

    • Agreed – I could do without a “Director’s Cut” or “extended edition” – but I sure would like me some deleted scenes on the Blue-ray.

    • You don’t know WHAT he would add…it might NOT help. Nolan, so far, seems to have fairly good instincts about what works in his films.

      While it would fun to see the cut material purely to get a bit inside his thought processes, it’s not particularly necessary.

  17. Id like to see the footage on a bonus DVD just out of curiosity. However does no one have imagination these days? I dont need every single plot point being explained to me, I dont think Bruce Wayne getting back to Gotham is a plot hole…hes a bloody billionaire, I imagine he didnt walk.

    Also the time periods in the film are mentioned enough times to get the gist that it was a fair few months before the final showdown and if you need to have it spoon fed to you what it would be like to live in a city under Banes rule….it was pretty much a case of it was cold and everyone was shitting themselves cos they thought they would set off a bomb, except Gordon!

    Bane had an origin, it was clearly explained…you just didnt see him get battered in the prison. Talia explained herself as well..Revenge for her fathers death.

    As I said…a bonus DVD would be interesting but its hardly essential.

    • Agreed. Anyone that remembers VHS(which should be everybody or almost everybody) knows those things never had deleted scenes. At least the ones I owned never did. No one complained back then about wanting to see extra stuff or maybe they did. I don’t know. I was still a kid then so it really didn’t matter to me. My point is though a lot of people now a days are spoiled and will cry over almost everything. Would I like to see the cut footage? Yeah but I am not going to cry over it either or lose sleep just because Nolan wants to do his thing. Use some imagination people. Not bashing anyone. Just sayin’

  18. So – question, how do we go from not having a directors’ cut, to not getting to see deleted scenes? Yes I get that Nolan has no intent on going back and trying to stitch these scenes into the movie, but I don’t think that precludes them from being released on the DVD’s. If anything that sounds like Warner Bros call than Nolans.

    I guess the real indicator would be if there were deleted scenes on the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight DVD releases (I honestly don’t know one way or the other).

    • Its not a call from WB..its Nolans. Remember that Nolan has made so much money for them he gets what he wants more or less. I think WB would rather have the scenes on a disk, its an obvious marketing and selling point.

      Nolan just has this artistic licence and freedom to make his films how he wants so if he doesnt think he needs to cut material its irrelevant. This probably applies to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight as well. Just Nolan doing it his way im afraid!

  19. Of the three Batman movies Nolan has made this seems to be the only part of the trilogy that has a good amount of deleted scenes(maybe over 30 minutes worth). In the first two there is almost nothing about deleted scenes and if there are any they aren’t that long. The most probably comes from Health Ledger as the Joker.

    But I’m wondering if Warner Brothers has a say in this or if it is all up to Nolan about the deleted scenes. I’m sure Warner Brothers would override him in order to sell a trilogy box set next year.

  20. The movie was just a let down after 2 great films. The main issues I had with this film are the parts where it went astray from the the real Batman story. Iv’e been told that this is an “original” Nolan version. If thats the case then no thanks leave as is, It was to long with so little actual batman and I don’t need anymore Bane story parts.

    • I couldn’t agree more, there was no need for an 8 year absence after the events of the dark knight, i wanted the adventures of batman, not the retirement of Bruce Wayne!

      • There is an 8 year gap b/c it is one of the few film sequels and comicbook movie that takes in account the consequences of actions taken.

        • +12.5 ;)

  21. Whats the 8 year gap got to do with the deleted scenes? Nothing.

    • you are right, but that was not his point. he was commenting on the story itself, saying the 8 year absence was a weak point in the story.

  22. Bah, I’m really disappointed in this. As someone who didn’t like the original cut, I was hoping the Directors Cut would help expand the film and maybe help me like it more. That being said, TDKR already felt too long, even though, strangely enough IMO, nothing really happens in the film. I’m not sure why it was so damn long to begin with. I REALLY wanted to see Banes back story.

  23. I always felt like i was missing something watching this film.

  24. Well at least Nolan knows what to do to not destroy his career like Lucas did.

  25. not surprising. all of nolan’s DVD’s suck, he doesn’t put anything on them

    • true

  26. The movie was a pointless mess anyway don’t care never would. I couldn’t believe I wasted my money on this movie I was even excited. What I got was a plot hole heaven, dumb character storyline chaos, Alfred being a whiny sob, Batman once again doing his stupid growl voice even in the most dramatic parts in the end he still continues with the voice, dumb idiotic villian deaths, Bane sounding like a retard on helium gas, forced in puns and lines (Oh i’m Robin oh whatever), cheap laughs, Anne Hathaway nothing like Catwoman at all…more like a commonly dumb thief, The Catwoman and Batman kiss at the end infront of Gordon while he watched the whole thing happen, Gordon saying Bruce at the end…take him over 8 years to find out you kidding me, the cheesy bomb, Bruce Wayne crossing bridge into Gotham how the hell did he get back suddenly appearing no explaining, going back now THE OPEN ENDING! Your ending a damn trilogy end it right! I never ever want to see this movie again or I’ll puke rainbows!

    • Amazing rant!! Couldn’t agree more!!

  27. Why do I feel like I got shafted out of an even BETTER batman film? so what happens to the extra footage? Does it go into WB’s archive? Does Nolan and Co. burn it? does he keep it on his mantle while he fiendishly laughs and rolls around naked in his millions of dollara strewn about his living room? Why not just release the footage? The world s an unfair place. Oh well, at least we have the Bat trilogy.

    • You do realize the for every movie there are hours and hours of extra footage. If they only shot exactly what footage they would need and nothing more, movies would cost a fraction of what they do. Film making is not an exact science though and when they get into the editing stage many variables come into play to shape and form the final piece.

      • The Shining! Now with 10000000000 hours of extra footage! (Mostly of Shelley Duvall crying).

        • Some people just want to see the footage burn…

  28. I personally wish for an EXTENDED run instead, cause despite how good the movie was… it does, undeniably have jarring plotholes, which were probably the results of final editing, and they really bugged me a lot.
    If they’re releasing the same version like the one in theatres, then count me out from getting the bluray, cause I’ve seen it once and it’s more than enough for me. I really don’t have any urge to re-watch it again (unlike its prequels – but please, I’m not tempting a discussion to compare them one to another, just saying what I had in mind). If they’d release a box-set on the other hand, I might consider getting one…

  29. Good. I’m personally sick of studios using the “extended cut” ploy to sell it’s movies to the people who saw the movie in the theater. If you want to include material, put it in the damn theatrical version! It makes me feel as if I have to pay twice to get the entire movie (and for those who would suggest to just wait for the DVD…..well then I would have missed out on the full theater experience which is infinitely more rewarding that watching it on a TV)

    Its also irritating that you cannot even rent an extended cut DVD now a days so they are forcing you to buy it (or worse pirate it) to see the extra footage.