‘Dark Knight Rises’ Will NOT Get Extended Director’s Cut

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Chris Nolan Dark Knight Rises Directors Cut Dark Knight Rises Will NOT Get Extended Directors CutFans of Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy have been listening intently to talk about extra material that was cut from the The Dark Knight Rises – for example, an extended sequence of Bane’s origin story – and naturally there sprung a small hope that the DVD/Blu-ray home video release of TDKR would feature all the extra bits audiences didn’t get with the theatrical release.

Last week, in answer to fans’ hopes, a rumor surfaced that Dark Knight Rises was going to get a Blu-ray extended director’s cut. Today, we get contrarian confirmation that this is NOT in fact the case.

The Playlist spoke with the Nolan camp, who (in no uncertain terms) crushed the initial report from Nuke The Fridge that the extended director’s cut of TDKR was coming next summer ahead of the Nolan-produced Superman reboot, Man of Steel.

This really should come as little surprise, since anyone who’s spent time reading Christopher Nolan interviews (we admit, we’ve stalked him a bit ourselves) will know that the director believes in meticulous planning, efficiency and cost-saving when it comes to his films (despite their now-standard $150 million+ price tags). That’s all to say: Nolan usually plans what to cut and what to save at the pre-production stage – i.e., revising things in the script and storyboarding phases – and what he leaves on the cutting room floor in terms of footage (presumably less than a lot of directors), he wholeheartedly wants to leave on the floor.

Dark Knight Rises Extended Directors Cut Dark Knight Rises Will NOT Get Extended Directors Cut

On the other hand, Oscar-winning TDKR costume designer Lindy Hemming spoke at length about the Bane origin sequence in the context of them filming it – including mention of the early-version costume and mask Bane wore in that sequence. So we know that there are definitely “deleted scenes” from the film that exist – we’re just not going to get to see them.

Chris Nolan, as stated, is very meticulous (controlling?) about the craftsmanship of his films. While his singular driving vision has often resulted in some great films, this is a case where I’m genuinely wondering if he isn’t adhering a bit too strictly to his own rules. Throughout the run of The Dark Knight Trilogy Nolan has amassed legions of fans who have translated their adoration into (literally) billions of dollars for Warner Bros. – and a nice paycheck for the filmmaker himself. Not to mention, the same fans and their dollars fosters new career opportunities for Nolan to make his own original films like Inception.

 Dark Knight Rises Will NOT Get Extended Directors Cut Even if the Bane origin sequence or other cut scenes like it aren’t perfect, Nolan and his team of collaborators could almost certainly put together something that would let fans further enjoy his Batman movie universe. If not just deleted scenes from one film – which Nolan has pointed out are too scant to really excite – then a featurette of deleted scenes from all three films. The point is: it’s possible to do this, it’s just not being done.

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The Dark Knight Rises will presumably be on DVD/Blu-ray  sometime this fall – you know, in time for the holiday shopping season.

Source: The Playlist 

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  1. Holy hell dudes, the Bane sequence was like a five-second scene (at best) that was part of the flashback montage by Talia at the end. It’s not a deleted scene.

    Read the f****** script. It’s available online. All the supposedly “deleted” scenes are just one-liners or sentence fragments that were cut due to redundancy.

  2. Not the deleted scenes we need, but the deleted scenes we deserve.

  3. I seriously doubt the scenes are that important..

    Also please someone explain to me these ‘gaping plot holes’? I really dont think there are any, honestly most of the film is perfectly easy to understand for anyone with a brain.

    Simple point. Anybody seen a little film called Prometheus?!

    You want plot holes…that film shows you how thats done. TDKR doesnt have any!

    • your lack of objectiveness amuses me. while i wouldn’t call them “gaping plot holes” (a term that has, imo, turned into a generic blanket statement covering ANY problems with a film) i would say that the script suffered due to some poor writing choices…i.e. sending EVERY cop in gotham into the sewers. at no time would that ever happen. all the cops coming out looking like they only spent 1 day in there, when it was stated it was 3 months. bruce and his magic leg brace, & bane letting him keep the brace while in prison. the magic punch to the back. hanging by a rope for a couple days and doing some sit ups and he’s cured. the 1st 2 attempts at climbing out of the pit, he falls, and comes to a jarring halt while tied to a regular rope. that should have snapped his spine in 2, especially that soon after his magical rehabilitation. blake deducing bruce was batman just from a look. going back to the magic leg/knee brace, he shatterred some bricks after he put it on, why didnt he do a roundhouse kick to bane and shatter some of his bones?
      why wouldnt bane just tell gotham who batman was? that would have put some monkeys in his wrench. why did batman take the time to cover a building with some flamable gel? is that enough or shall i go on?
      i didn’t make any of this up, it’s all in the film, and if you just choose to overlook these things and just write it off as “cause he’s f’ing batman!!” well, that’s your choice. i choose to like intelligent writing, and this script proves that there were some questionable choices made. i really liked the 1st 2, but this one was a crappy end to the trilogy, imo. feel free to disagree.

      • I agree with all the issues you bring up and doubt any will be answered in extra footage. Most likely the extra film is same scenes with slightly different lines. I would guess there is less then 5 mins of actual film changeing scenes left out. So if you loved orginal then you should have no complaints, if you hated or were disappointed then you shouldn’t have been counting on a new movie with bluray.

      • True, but is there a movie, book, or comic book that does not have these issues? Why didn’t Gandolf just fly some eagles in with Frodo and toss the ring into the fires of Mordor, why was Thor, a demigod, stuck in a can, etc, etc….

        It’s a movie, so many things will fall together whether they make sense or not, whether we like them or not. Magic punch, essentially the same that happened to me, but obviously the doctors were not going punch my back. Sit ups and push ups were all I could do, and you know what, it worked.

        Why and how long to make a big logo on a bridge? I’m shrugging my shoulders on that because I don’t know, but I thought it represented hope for the citizens of Gotham. I’m sure it would have been much easier to flip a switch and have a bat logo appear, but it was really sweet to see that logo burning bright.

        Bane telling Gotham who Batman was, I don’t see how that matters except eneryone will know who Bats is and think he is dead possibly putting them into more despair, also it can be applied to Reese from the TDK.

        Help me on this one because I don’t recall seeing Wayne with the brace any other time in the film. Do we just assume that he was wearing it or did it aid in healing his leg?

        I loved the movie, I thought it was an excellent and compelling way to end a great trilogy.

        • thimmy,

          there are PLENTY of movies, books, comic books that don’t have these kind of issues.
          i think the giant eye in front of mt doom would have prevented frodo & co from just flying in to mordor
          thor was stuck in a can because loki tricked him into it…did u miss that part? that was really a bad example you brought up i must say.
          things don’t fall together when they don’t make sense.
          what does reese have to do with this movie?
          the dr clearly stated bruse had no ligaments left in his knee. did that brace make some grow? is that possible? i doubt it. either way, he either had it on, or it magically made ligaments grow.
          i was not trying to turn this into a debate, so we can go on & on, but you won’t convince me this movie was any better than i think it was, anymore than i will convince you it was any worse than you think it was

          • Yes, but many do, I would like some examples of this excellent writing in that you refer to.

            Giant eye, fly fast and be gone.

            As for Thor, bad example? Tricked or not, I’m pretty sure he would be able to get out that fairly easily.

            It is possible to move and jump without ligaments. Not the best idea, may not even seem plausible, but it is possible.

        • Just FYI, while off topic, the issue with the eagles in LOTR is explained in chapter 6 of the Hobbit. The eagles are very interested in self preservation and tend not to risk themselves for others. This explains why they couldn’t take the group in The Hobbit all the way East to the mountain and why they would never have risked flying to Mordor in LOTR until the danger to themselves was minimal.

        • Very nice. Good sir, I thank you.

          • Thank you sir.

        • yes metal, i do enjoy films…GOOD films, unfortunately for me, this one did not qualify.
          the police suddenly suck at their jobs? then being trapped in a sewer for 8 months made them better?
          and no, i don’t want to watch a movie about the chilean miners, i did want to see a batman movie, but thats not what we got.
          you say the brace was not important, fine. it was a silly plot point, and like i mentioned above to thimmy, leg braces dont regrow your ligaments.
          i never said he recovered in a few days, yes clearly he was in the prison just as long as the cops were in the sewer, about 3 months, an extremely short time to convalesce from a severe back injury, with only a rope and some sit ups.
          bane said his punishment must be more severe. telling gotham he was batman would have been more severe, but instead he choose to tell gotham about dent, showing dent was the bad-guy and that batman saved gordons son, making batman a hero again…kind of counter productive to his master plan don’t you think?
          but like i said above to thimmy, “i was not trying to turn this into a debate, so we can go on & on, but you won’t convince me this movie was any better than i think it was, anymore than i will convince you it was any worse than you think it was”

          • * oops! not 8 months, 3.

  4. I didn’t vote, as I do think it’s the film makers choice to release an extended cut or not, but I hate them not including the deleted scenes. I love re-editing the films I own, and re-including deleted scenes is half the point.

    At least Avengers will be delivering the goods. I’ve already edited the Phase One films including post credit scenes into a 3.5 hour behemoth of a lead in film, so can’t wait to make my own extended version of The Avengers!

    Just had really been hoping to get a chance to do the same thing with TDKR, though I had remained highly skeptical. Dammit Nolan!

  5. TDKR was already 2.45 hours long and it always felt (to me) that scenes had been cut, which put the pacing off a bit. Anyway, if they had to insert half an hour of deleted scenes, would rather Nolan included how Bruce Wayne got back to Gotham if he was in the middle of nowhere with no money, friends or transport.

    • Unless it is incredibly boring… definitely don’t need 10 mins of Bruce travelling/hitching his way home at that point in the film. But if the story of him getting back was compelling enough, maybe juxtaposed with Bane doing some more nasty stuff in Gotham, than i’d definitely be keen.

      • It makes me wonder why so many seem to need that part of the story.

        After all, in Batman Begins, Bruce goes OTG after giving his coat to a homeless guy, and disappears into the night with just the clothes on his back, but then shows up overseas. Scandalous, show me how he got there!

        • Yeah, that was one of the reasons I didn’t like Batman Begins either, but we were discussing TDKR, where stuff like that probably stood out more for me.

          Anyway, agree with you that even 10 minutes of Bruce Wayne hitchhiking his way back to Gotham wouldn’t have made very good cinema, as it would have made an already overlong film even more bloated. Perhaps have some throwaway dialogue (a line even) which explains not only how he was able to get back to Gotham but actually enter it considering Bane’s blockade of the city.

          Going back to the idea of the director’s / extended cut, I think the film needs to be trimmed down imho.

  6. Wow, this article is pretty bitter!

    • As are many of the comments.

  7. Bummer! I was really looking forward to that emergency room scene where he got patched up enough to fly the bomb out of Gotham before he bleed to death from that stab wound.

  8. Now that Nolan has seemingly wrapped up his Batman trilogy, how about a tv series – “Gotham”. Start out with a 14 year old Bruce Wayne, obsessed with avenging his parents death, but unsure of how to go about it. At 14 he is studying criminology, advanced chemistry and taking seriously his physical skills. In his state(New York?) school is mandatory untill 16, and untill the third season Bruce and Alfred(his legal guardian) have a running debate over home schooling versus a more structured school environment in pursuit of ‘social skills, reading people and anti-isolation to temper his maturing obsession. One great episode could be Alfred dragging Bruce to a circus only to find one of the ‘Amazing Graysons’ is in the hospital delivering her first child. An assassination is attempted on the male elder Grayson, with Bruce witnessing the event, and, of course, is instrumental in solving the case. In the course of the episode Bruce and the elder Grayson bond. At the end, Mrs. Grayson is introduced to Bruce and in her arms is their newborn son Richard. As the series progresses, Bruce talks Alfred into letting him study with martial arts masters around the world, but Alfred insists on bringing him home to Gotham from time to time to maintain the friends he made while still in a structured school environment. (This will provide a strong recurring supporting cast and the soap opera elements that helped make Smallville so popular.) This leaves room for the 7th season, as Bruce turns 21, for Bruce to once again come to the Grayson’s aid, of course failing, and taking Richard as his ward. A nice touch would be for Bruce to use the adoption agency set up by Lionel for Clark’s and his son’s adoption, possibly with a cameo by the actor that played Lionel in Smallville. The possibilities are endless!

  9. Sometimes we just have to respect a filmmaker’s vision about his films. This is Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, not Fanboy101/9999′s The Dark Knight Rises. Just because others believe that an extended origin sequence with Bane could improve the film, one could argue that an extended sequence would make the film unfocused, and overlong.

  10. I wonder if the director’s cut explains exactly how Bruce Wayne was able to sneak back into Gotham after escaping from the prison in god-knows-where… doubt it.

    • No, Joel, it does not. It also does not show him using the bathroom. Maybe, he held it in for 8+ years…?