‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spoilers: David S. Goyer Talks Movie Ending

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David Goyer Dark Knight Rises Ending Dark Knight Rises Spoilers: David S. Goyer Talks Movie Ending


[We originally published this in May 2012 but have re-published it as a place for fans to discuss spoilers freely after having seen the film. Be sure to also read our Dark Knight Rises Review.]

Considering how seriously director Christopher Nolan has taken these films, many fans have pondered whether or not Batman will (gulp) bite the bullet in the closing moments of The Dark Knight Rises. On the topic of endings, Batman trilogy writer David S. Goyer recently talked about the final scene of TDKR and the profound emotional effect it had on him.





Courtesy of Empire Magazine:

“The final scene of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is exactly [the] scene we talked about [when Christopher Nolan and I started the trilogy with 'Batman Begins']. It remained completely unchanged. We both knew in our hearts that we were onto something special. I have to tell you, having finally seen everything strung together a little while ago and seeing that scene, I got a complete lump in my throat.”

Now, you might assume Goyer got a lump in his throat because he was witnessing his nearly decade-long dream realized (or something similarly sentimental).

However, Empire pressed the issue further and got a different response. After they inferred that Nolan was committing “commercial sacrilege,” Goyer said:

“Yup! That’s why it’s ****ing exciting!”

So what could this possibly mean, Screen Ranters? Is there something tragic about the ending of The Dark Knight Rises that might lead to lumps being formed in throats? To commercial sacrilege being performed? Will Batman – as fans have hypothesized all throughout the Internet – be kicking the bucket by way of Bane’s steroid-fueled fist?

Frankly, there are plenty of other possible scenarios for what David Goyer is hinting at. Perhaps Batman is just hanging up his cowl, and the poignancy of that moment alone was enough to put a lump in Goyer’s throat. Or perhaps another character dies – Alfred, Lucius, or Gordon. Heck, every time I see Michael Caine die in a movie (Children of Men, for example) my throat becomes practically ridden with lumps.

Batman Death Dark Knight Rises Dark Knight Rises Spoilers: David S. Goyer Talks Movie Ending

And if Batman were truly to die in Nolan’s final Batman film, would David Goyer dare broach the subject in an interview? Would someone so close to the project – one of the creative minds behind the various screenplays – discuss the key piece of this seven-year-old puzzle? Possibly the most important scene? Before it can be experienced by audiences firsthand?

Maybe. Hopefully not, though. If Batman/Bruce Wayne’s death is indeed in the cards for The Dark Knight Rises, one would hope that Goyer would have the willpower to keep mum until the film opens.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant team check out our Dark Knight Rises episode of the SR Underground podcast.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.


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Source: Empire Magazine [via Comic Book Movie]

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    • Nolan did not mean anything figurative by his exceedingly clear scene featuring Bruce and Selina at the cafe. There was no plot hole. There WAS a cluster of scenes of misdirection shown for dramatic effect. Bruce LIVED. Calling others stupid to cover up whatever inadequacies you may possess is just sad.

      Your arrogance isn’t even insulting anymore…it is merely a cause for pity.


      • Oh, and you put your comment in the wrong place in the thread…CLEARLY, you are quite the observant one…ahem.

    • To add to what Archaeon has said, just because you said Batman i the cockpit does not mean he was in The Bat. Nearly, if not all, of Batman’s vehicles have an escape. Also, Bale has stated that he would return as Batman if Nolan returned as director; which means Bruce Wayne survived.

      • Ugh!

        EDIT** just because you saw Batman in the cockpit does not mean he was in The Bat

  1. Why is everyone comparing this movie to Inception?!? Just because Nolan last movie was about dreams and illusion it doesn’t mean that this one is either. Batman Begins had a very definite ending and so did TDK, so why that hell is everyone all of a sudden assuming that Nolan made a Inception “wanna-be” with TDKR!???? BRUCE IS ALIVE. Plain and simple. BLAKE IS BECOMING THE NEW BATMAN. Bruce tells Blake early in the movie that “Batman is a symbol, anybody can become The Batman.” So Wayne’s intention with leaving the location of The Batcave to Blake is for Blake himself to become The Batman. The whole “Robin” thing was just a nod to the character. You guys are reading waaay too much into the ending of this film.

    • If Batman were to be alive, Nolan probably would have an explanation since you do clearly see him in the cockpit with 5 seconds left to go.

        • Aren’t the shadows sometimes visible mistakes that are left in the film? There are films where you can sometimes see the equipment laying around. The shadows could have come from anywhere.

          • By the way, I never saw any shadows.

            • I saw them very well. You can clearly see that they’re deliberate. Plus, there as said, is no timestamp between the two shots (B-Man and the Timer).

              Read my other post: Damn it, man. YES, we DID see Batman as the pilot 5 seconds before the bomb went off but did you, Mr. Smarty, also see the passing shadows on his face? Does water create that in the middle of the bay where there are no buildings etc. whatsoever? Of course not. The last Batman shot was taken when he was still flying past the buildings (that’s where the shadows on his face came from). And the reason why they showed that shot together with the 5 second timer shot was to tell us that Batman as a Symbol was dead. Bruce Wayne was still alive and very probably ejected when he made the clime over a high building. Tough you think you are very mature you can’t analyze it on a little higher level then just obvious. This film was NOT Inception and even if Alfred imagined the cafe thing then explain how the Bat-Signal was magically repaired, Blake got his “gadget” bag (you really think that BW assembled it in the middle of the Gotham battle?) and why was the damn autopilot shown repaired BY BRUCE WAYNE? He didn’t have anything against dieing but he was not a suicidal mainiac. It’s all not just on the obvious level. And about Inception: Nolan told that the ending was how YOU wanted it to be. There was no clear ending that was right.

              • How would there be a second bat?

                • What second Bat? As I told you, these scenes are not connected with like 1 second. There’s at least a 10 second gap between them.

                  • To me, Bruce Wayne is dead. The answer can be whatever your opinion is but to me, there’s no use in trying to figure out ways bruce could have survived since we do still see him in the cockpit. Unless this was an editing trick from Nolan, I believe that Bruce Wayne died and that the scene in the cafeteria is Alfred’s Imagination.

                    • So, umm in your opinion Alfred’s cafe scene, Lucius Fox’s autopilot scene, new Bat-Signal and the Batcave thing is all a dream? I think that you are the one who’s trying to figure out a way that Bruce COULD have died. That’s b******* dude.

                    • @ Cleaner: Cut it with the profanity. The autopilot was fixed beforehand to allow batman more space to think about his impending death, the bat-signal could have been rebuilt by anyone to have a yearly commeration of batman or it could be used to show Blake as Nightwing. As for the batcave, Bruce Wayne probably told Alfred the cordinates to tell to Blake. It can be anyone’s opinion or interperation so Im not saying yours is wrong or mines is right but cut it with the profanity, even if its covered.

                    • Oh, and about that accidental shadow thing? When there’s a shot of only Batmans face then why would’ve there been continuous shadows passing? He was just sitting in the non-moving Bat for gods sake, it wasn’t actually flying. That was 100% deliberate. And I was not talking about the Caves coordinates, I was talking about that bag of gear that was given to Blake.

                    • For the gears, same thing. Batman could have instructed Alfred or Luicius Fox to give to Blake. As for the shadows, if it was non moving, the shadows would be consistent and stationary rather than passing.

                    • If he didn’t know that he was going to die then when on earth would’ve he given the instructions? He hadn’t talked to Alfred for 6 months. I was talking that when they were filming the Bat wasn’t actually moving. But with CGI they added the passing shadows for excactly the purpose that I was talking about. To show the audience that in the last Batman shot he was still in the city passing buildings with the Bat.

                    • WHAT THE FUDGE? I didn’t say that there was a second Bat in the film. There was one moving Bat in the film. I told that when they filmed the inside shots of the Bat it wasn’t moving in the studio. So to tell us that the scene before the timer scene was in the city they had to add the moving shadows with CGI.

                    • He did not die bro.. got to IGN and read their review…. he clearly lives.. get over it.

                  • Umm, can’t clouds make shadows? The only time he could’ve ejected was during the explosion of the building and they show him in the cockpit after that. Shadows could be created by things on The Bat and the sun. Maybe this is what Nolan wanted and why it’s like Inception. It’s what YOU want it to be. You can either choose to believe Bruce Wayne died, Batman died, Batman lived, whatever. No need to get angry about it. What’re the odds Bruce Wayne goes to the exact cafe Alfred was talking about at the exact same time Alfred is there? It’s not impossible but it is highly improbable. Bruce Wayne could’ve made the decision when he came back that he was going to die for the city. If you remember in the first movie he tells Alfred that as a man he can’t spark the rich to action like his parent’s death did but as a symbol he could change things. Well as a symbol and hero who dies for the city, it would forever spark the entire city to change. And Nolan made a point to tie up the story. When he came back and got back into the Bat Cave (the one from The Dark Knight) he could’ve made the gadget bag and left all of the things behind. Maybe him fixing the auto-pilot was his finishing touch so that Blake/ the new Batman needed The Bat with an effective auto-pilot, he would have it.

                    • Yes they Showed him in a cockpit after the blast of building , but did they also show it was the same cockpit as the BAT taking the bomb ? or some other vehicle ?

                      The shot was a diversion to make you believe he died, then they slowly start showing clues that he is alive. The end cafe scene is confirmation of those clues.

                      Why do people keep thinking Nolan will only make Inception dream stuff in all of his other movies from this point forward ?

              • @ Cleaner: You don’t get what im saying don’t you. If there was a second nonmoving bat, which there wasn’t, there wouldn’t be any passing shadows because it wouldn’t be flying. Also, if the gotham citizens passed by the second bat, someone would have noticed him. Do you remember why when he returned he waited a day before the fight? To draw up a will in case of death. Look at the film or better yet look at yourself before you call me dumb

                • @ Cleaner: I told you to cut it with the profanity. You could get banned from posting from screen rant if they catch you. Look at what my comments are before you start your verbal tirade against me. I never said there was a second bat, this is what would have happened if there was a second bat. The second bat theory would be if there was one hidden in the building, not about how they put in passing shadows in post cgi. If you want to believe in a different theory, that’s fine but don’t attack mine if it COULD be right. Yours may be right too but CUT it with the Profanity.

                • Seriously, I don’t care if I get banned but what you are saying here is a load of crap. You don’t listen to me and you don’t check what you said in your previous comment. i don’t even wanna argue with you.

                  • Clearer: Im not saying: My theory’s right and anyone who doesn’t believe in it is a total idiot and has an IQ of 0. Im not saying your theory’s wrong and makes no sense. I just have, in my OPINION (look it up in the dictionary) a better theory. Believe me, Im not the only one that agrees with this theory. You might as well diss them to.

                    • we all understand your opinion but let me be the first to say that your opinion is 100% wrong lol
                      google dark knight rises ending and you’ll find your answer

                    • Excactly. It’s funny how everyone attacked Clearer tough he’s right. It’s the best and the clearest theory so far. Leave him alone.

                  • And BTW, I didn’t want to “attack” you but seriously, you didn’t listen to a single thing I said or misinterpreted all of them.

                    • @ Cleaner: That’s what you did, and honestly, you felt like you wanted to attack me. The statement on how you didn’t want to attack is bull. Go attack the others with the same OPINION I have if that’s what you want to do. Like I said many times, I did not say your opinion is right or wrong or that my opinion is right or wrong. IT’S JUST AN OPINION!!

                    • Yes, I did it. And the s*** about that I should now go and attack others… The OTHERS have at least understood what I’ve said. You just blindly crapped on my arguements without even reading them and answered something completeley different.

                    • @Chris, Clearer – This has gone far enough. If you can’t discuss a movie without it escalating into an argument then I suggest you move along.

                      Thank you for your cooperation.

                      Paul Young – Moderator

                    • OMG! You aren’t reading my side of the story. I did not say that your opinion is wrong. I JUST SAID THIS WAS MY OPINION! Of course I understand your theory but it doesn’t mean that I can’t follow my theory. If you want to vigoursly defend your theory and namecall others and risk getting banned, that’s fine by me.

                    • Oh, I read it fine. And it didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t an opinion. It was just babble because on one instance you said one thing and a few posts later your “theory” changed. I didn’t defend my theory. I just wanted you to understand what I was saying. And clearly you didn’t. Namecall others? How old are you? 12?

                    • @ Cleaner: There’s no use in trying to get you to see my point of view isn’t it. Just agree to disagree and everyone will go happy.

                      @ Paul Young: The rules just say no profanity or personal attacks. It doesn’t say anything about arguing. Change the rules if that’s what you care about. That’s what the comments section is about.

                    • @Chris – You really want to test my abilities to moderate? I’ve let this go on all morning and could have put a stop to it anytime but I let you both say and defend your view points.

                      Now I’ve kindly asked you simmer down and you come back at me?

                      Please choose your next response to me carefully.


                      Paul Young – Moderator

                    • @Chris – I went back through your entire conversation with Clearer this morning. I apologize for missing him calling you a dumba**. My comment should have not been directed at you.


                      Paul Young – Moderator

                    • Don’t get me wrong, this is nothing personal. I just think that you missed my point. And Mr. Admin change your rules then as said.

                    • Moderator, please don’t threaten me. And all morning? That’s a bit over the top. Anyway, it would be good if you wouldn’t ban me but if you want it so badly…

                    • @ Paul Young: Let Chris and Clearer finish what they have to say. If I was moderator, I would have let them continue their arguement as long as they didn’t shout out threats. Your rules does say no profanity or personal attacks. It never said anything about no arguements. To me, that’s biasing it a bit. It could also help your website as well.

                    • Haha, nice touch Justice League and thank you!
                      Dude, I understood that it’s an opinion but perhaps you should read mine too, huh?

                    • If you want to believe in Clearer’s theory, that’s fine. But understand that my theory could be right as well. It all depends on theory.

                    • @ Clearer: I do understand where you’re coming from. I said that about a million times but I just believe in my theory. It’s kind of like who would be the better president.

                    • @ Chris: I love your point. I think people should stop adhering to the rule that Batman always lives and start embracing outside the box.

                  • @Clearer – If you don’t care if you get banned then I’m happy to oblige you, though I usually only do that as a last resort.

                    You and Chris aren’t going to agree on the ending of this movie. Probably best to move along before the conversation turns ugly and I have to intervene.


                    Paul Young – Moderator

                    • Move along? Fine by me. But what’s wrong with a good old fashioned arguement? I didn’t even use my potty mouth.

                    • @Clearer – You’re conversation started at 8:08 EST and has been going on for 3 hours…8-11 is my definition of all morning. I have no problem with arguments but you guys were starting to veer off course. This isn’t the first conversation about movies on the website I’ve watched start off as a debate then quickly breakdown into potshots.

                      Clearer @ 7:16 “And are you dumb? ”
                      Clearer @ 7:24 “…it wasn’t moving in the studio you dumba**.”
                      Clearer @ 7:32 “Seriously, I don’t care if I get banned…” & “Perhaps someone a little bit more intelligent will take over your side.”

                      All name calling and I didn’t really see those before ,so I’m just going to add you to auto-moderation and approve your comments before they post.


                      Paul Young – Moderator

                    • @ Clearer: All im trying to do is just get an opinion across. It doesnt’ mean you have to agree.

                      @ Paul Young: Read Justice League’s comment. He totally has a good point.

                    • @ Paul Young, Clearer My opinion is that I would have allowed the arguement to continue.

                    • @ Justice League Thank you so much for your opinion.

                      @ Clearer: Its just an opinion like i said many times.

                    • I like how I used third person in the comment towards Paul Young.

                    • @Justice League – LOL at your use of third person. I appreciate your opinion on the matter but I’ve got it under control.

                      My job is to keep things from escalating to the point that people are no longer discussing the movie or holding a civil conversation.


                      Paul Young – Moderator

                    • @ Clearer I did indeed read your comments and I can respect your position on this issue but what you want me to do is follow your opinion. Please respect my position as well.

                      @ Paul Young: Justice League actually has a good point. Let us continue to debate. Your website may actually benefit in the medium to long term by having new fans like Justice League over there.

                    • @ Paul Young Thank you for keeping Clearer under control.

                    • @ Chris Etrata LOL, that’s one of the funniest things I’ve heard today. Thanks for making my day :D

                    • @ Paul Young: In my opinion they are discussing about the movie. At least Chris said that his opinion of what happened at the end of TDKR was his opinion. It still relates to the movie. It didn’t go to any personal attacks from him, unlike Clearer.

              • uhm, am I the only one that saw the scene where they figured out the autopilot patch? What about when Aflred goes to the restaurant and he sees Bruce there. A lot of you all are acting like the story is finished but Nolan did leave it open ended enough for someone to pick up where he left off… (all they would have to do James Bond the Batman franchise)

                Blake is better off becoming Nightwing and Batman can still be used for JLA movies. The palettes of Superman and Batman weren’t that much different based on the Man of Steel trailer so I think that they are building the universe but in secret.

              • How did fox check the out piolet if the bat blew up with the bomb

  2. Why is everyone comparing this movie to Inception?!? Just because Nolan’s last movie was about dreams and illusion it doesn’t mean that this one is too. Batman Begins had a very definite ending and so did TDK, so why the hell is everyone all of a sudden assuming that Nolan made a Inception “wanna-be” with TDKR!???? BRUCE IS ALIVE. Plain and simple. BLAKE IS BECOMING THE NEW BATMAN. Bruce tells Blake early in the movie that “Batman is a symbol, anybody can become The Batman.” So Wayne’s intention with leaving the location of The Batcave to Blake is for Blake himself to become The Batman. The whole “Robin” thing was just a nod to the character. You guys are reading waaay too much into the ending of this film.

  3. After seeing the Amazing Spiderman…umm…I mean the Amazing Peter Parker, TDKR had Batman appear 3 times, oh crap I’m dying to see some superheroes here. The difference with TDKR was Batman didn’t take as long to show up as Spiderman(reboot,I know) did, but he was rarely in TDKR as well, maybe even less than Spiderman, oh well…nice way to wrap up a trilogy, I would watch this over The Avengers and ASM any time soon. I liked those but TDKR was my pick…

    On to the John Blake character, I predicted he was some form of Robin from the trailers, I think it would have been cool to call him Terry Mcguiness, if they were not planning on going the Dick, Jason, etc route. TM would have been a great way to go leading into a BATMAN BEYOND movie.

    I must say those early internet predictions were spot on, I mean even Talia was there….

  4. Can someone please give me a background on Nightwing? I’m not getting how JGL would fit my understanding if that role.

    • Nighwing is the original Robin, Richard Greyson. This character, John Blake, will probably be the new Batman, after some extensive training of course.

  5. In response to the latest podcast, where you guys talk about how Talia dies in the truck at the end… while I agree that it was lame, I think it was done to reflect Ra’s death at the end of Batman Begins. Both were at the head of a vehicle carrying a device that will destroy Gotham while Batman fights them in a chase style, then the Bat-vehicle in each case blasts the road/track that causes the villain’s vehicle to fall a great deal, killing the villain. The soundtrack is even the same. I think that was the point.

  6. Can someone explain Night wing to me? I don’t get how JGL would go on to portray him in any follow ups according to my understanding of THAT character.

  7. Also, am I correct in thinking the Banhammer must have been activated on this thread already, lol, I recognize the reply system malfunctioning in its aftermath ==> kinda sucks for a thread that could be potentially heavy on replies though, oh well… (jeez Vic, you gotta be careful when you’re swinging that thing!)

  8. @ Chris Etrata No, I just wanted you to understand my opinion, not follow it. That’s what you got wrong.
    @ Justice League Haha, bud, you really deserve your name ;D.

  9. lets get this clear once and for all.

    • To me, even if he jumped into the river, he would die from the radiation.

      • [Removed for harrassment] – Moderator

  10. I wonder if Nolan was being unselfish not to include too much Batman in TDKR for the next guy who comes along to do a Batman movie…I definitely want another Batman movie.

  11. I think it’s not a co-incidence that the trailer for “Man of Steel” comes out round bout same time as Dark Knight Rises goes into movies. Christopher Nolan as a producer in “Man of Steel” surly suggest there might be a connection between both movies.

    After all, if Bruce Wayne / Batman are to survive the nuclear blast, then the only man who can save him is Superman.

    And who knows, maybe it’s a sign of Justice League in formation.

    Those are just my thoughts.

    • Nolan said his Batman is seperate from the rest of the DC films. Snyder’s superman could be included in the Justice League movie since Nolan only produced it but Superman does not exist in Nolan’s Batman.

  12. I just saw the movie less than an hour ago and I cannot believe you people are arguing about something that was so plainly presented. You talk about Batman as if he was real but the fact that he had an escape plan is not real enough for you? I don’t care that you people think that he died cause he was in the cockpit with 5 seconds on the timer (by the way there is a gap) . I am sure the Batman had an escape plan.. as explained when Fox discovered the autopilot was fixed. An no Alfred did not have a vision.. that was in fact Bruce alive and well with Selina.. Get Over it! Bruce Wayne lives… and Blake becomes the Batman, if you can believe that, specially, since no Robin or Batman has ever being named Blake, I don’t know why is is so hard to comprehend that Batman escaped. Didn’t Superman died by the hands of Doomsday? and came back ? The Batmobile had an escape pod, the mortorcycle… I am sure the “bat plane” or “batwing” had one too…Batman is not suicidal. Again .. get over it.. Bruce lives!

    • and by the way… Talia and Batman have a LOONG history as enemies and lovers in the comics, they even have a son together… the new robin….. but here you can accept she died… again it just a movie and Bruce Lives :)

    • Neither do I dude. Clarer guy was just attacked for being right. All his/her arguements make sense and are right. The other guy just doesn’t want to be “mainstream” and [Removed for harassment. - Moderator].

  13. So they show him in the Bat.
    They show 5 seconds on the bomb clock.
    Who says he was still carrying the bomb with the Bat at that point?

    Nuclear bombs have been accidently dropped by bombers in the past without exploding. They are designed for it. You can’t simply tap on it with a hammer to make it explode. Just because this wasn’t designed to be a bomb doesn’t mean its any less safe.

    I don’t buy he ejected at the building or into the river.
    No, he wouldn’t die from radiation if he did eject into the river. At least no more than anyone else in the city would.

    Lets say he flew out over the ocean with it. Once he reached 6 miles he dropped it and kept on flying. No one ever said how fast the Bat can fly. Its designed for military use. It would have to easily fly over 200 mph and likely in excess of 300-400 to be a Batman toy. If you can’t believe he could far enough from the bomb before it blew you need to read up on nuclear technology. Its not simply “Flash” and everything within 6 mile radius is instantly dead. Doesn’t work that way. Read up on it.

    • Finally some other guys are coming to their senses aswell. Thank you Clearer and everyone else. [Removed for harrassment - Moderator]. And unblock the guy! He/she did nothing wrong.

      • @Gwiz – How about instead of unblocking him I just block you?

        Have a great day.

        Paul Young – Moderator

  14. I just want to know, was that catwoman with bruce in the cafe during the final scene when alfred saw him?

    • yes it was

  15. Just for those who may still have their doubts, here’s the full recap of auto-pilot references -

    1. Lucius tells Bruce he will need to fix the auto-pilot upon unveiling the Bat to him.

    2. Before going up against Bane for the final time, Lucius asks Bruce how the Bat flies and Bruce responds that it flies fine even without the auto-pilot still not working (which is a lie as we later find out).

    3. Upon attaching the bomb to the Bat, Selina asks Batman if he intends to fly and eject over the ocean, but he replies that the auto-pilot is still not fixed (imo, Selina probably knows he is lying here, and due to her previous joyride, has probably already witnessed the auto-pilot in use, and figures out what he is up to, which is why she plants one on him, as if to say ‘oh, no you don’t, i’m coming with you’.

    4. Finally a technician working on the Bat tells Lucius at the end that the auto-pilot was fixed six months ago, by Bruce Wayne, which finally reveals Bruce’s hand (reminiscent of the scene where he retakes his company at the end of BB) ==> that he had planned to fake his death, hence his deceit regarding the auto-pilot. Lucius smirks as he gets the ruse, did you?

    Finally Bruce and Selina show up to see Alfred, confirming what we are already able to deduce.

  16. For no good reason at all, here’s my top 10 TDK Trilogy moments -

    1.(BB) Bruce assembles the Batsuit.

    2.(BB) Scarecrow, and the effects of his compound, brought to life.

    3.(TDK) The Joker blows up Rachel, destroys Harvey Dent, creates Two-Face, and crushes Bruce Wayne all in one fell swoop, from a prison cell he planned to be in and now he wants his phone call!

    4.(TDK) Two-Face flipping his coin while pointing the revolver, liquor still leaking from his missing mouth.

    5.(TDK) This dialogue – “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object…”.

    6.(TDKR) The Talia-Bane-Ra’s plot bought to life with a nice twist, and a hard knee.

    7.(BB/TDKR) Bruce descends the old well and continues into the cave to be swarmed by bats/ later, Robin swings through the waterfall into the cave to be swarmed by bats.

    8.(TDKR) Alfred finds out that Bruce Wayne lives! and has runaway with Catwoman!

    9.(BB) Gordon plays the Joker card.

    10.(TDK) Every scene containing the Joker.

    honorable mentions – (BB) Ra’s/Ducard identity ploy, the Tumbler, Bruce’s training and early family scenes. (TDK) Jokers magic trick and body bag ruse, the Sonar, the Batpod, flipping the semi, the bank heist, the Hong Kong sequence. (TDKR) The Bat in action, Bruce escaping the pit, Selina Kyle, Bane crashes the plane.

  17. So does anyone else think Blake is gonna develop his own alter ego instead of just taking up the Batman mantle since he is now a legend.

    • Yes, I too think Blake will figure out his own identity…

  18. Just going to throw this out there. Tom Conti, a well respected British actor, plays Bruce’s aide whilst in prison. If I were to give him a name – Wilfred Pennyworth?

    On the big issue. JGL was superb, but that name was unnecessary, some things are best left unsaid.

  19. It would be cool to see JGL in a Nightwing movie, and then maybe a Teen Titans movie.

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed TDKR, better than amazing spidey certainly.

  20. guys!!hw can u be so certain about bruce wayne living!the last scene showing bruce with a family ws metaphorical!i think bruce died!or did he!!dats the whole thing about nolan!he just mind**** u in every god*** movie of his!!

    • It wouldnt make sense. BB and TDK are clear and straightforward. Just because on other Nolans movies you get an unclear ending doesnt mean it should be in this one, its not the tone of the whole saga. It would be like thinking that there are aliens on aving the private brian because its a steven spielberg movie. Inception is set in a wolrd of dreaming, the prestige is set on a world of deceit, Batman universe, from Nolans vision, its clear and its as grounded as possible.

  21. Just going to throw this out there. Tom Conti, a well respected British actor, who is Bruce’s aide whilst in prison. If I were to give the character a name – Wilfred Pennyworth?

    On the big issue. JGL was superb, but that name was unwelcome. It should have been open-ended, some things are best left unsaid.

  22. I’m not sure why people think that Christopher Nolan always makes open-ended movies? They always have twists at the end, but rarely are any of them constructed to be open to multiple interpretations. Inception is the only one that is really like that. Following, Memento, The Prestige all have twists but at the end of the movie you are able to contruct what has happened. People are just reading WAY too much into this…

  23. After watching TDKR for the second time, I remain convinced that Bruce Wayne is indeed dead. I can’t come up with any good reason why he would fake his death. Bruce could easily have passed on the Batman persona to John Blake and moved on to the next phase of his life without faking his demise. BW had plenty of time over the course of the movie’s timeline to do all the things revealed at the very end. Alfred definitely did not see him at the cafe in Italy. No way BW would expose himself in such a public manner after cleverly faking his death. LOVED the movie! Best of the trilogy.

    • So why did Batman lie about the Auto-pilot not being fixed? First to Lucius, and then again to Selina and Gordon?

      And why do we find out just before seeing Bruce alive with Selina, that the Auto-Pilot has been fixed on the Bat for the last six months, and that out of all of Wayne’s possessions left behind, the only thing missing from the manifest is his Mother’s pearl necklace? Bruce got the necklace back from Selina before she stole his car, so…

      • Here are the very last lines of the entire film, verbatim – they are obviously meant to be significant.

        Lawyer – ‘Mr. Wayne’s will was not amended to reflect his rather modest estate, but alas, there are considerable assets to dispose of.’

        ‘The contents of the house are to be sold to settle the states accounts. The remainder is left in its entirety to Alfred J Pennyworth.’

        ‘The house and grounds are left to the city of Gotham, on condition they never be demolished, altered, or otherwise interfered with, and they shall be used for one purpose, and one purpose only – the housing and care of the cities at-risk and orphaned children.’

        ‘Now my clerk can help anyone with their smaller correspondences and instructions.’

        John Blake – ‘Blake, John.’

        Clerk – ‘Nothing here.’

        John Blake – ‘Ah, try under my real name.’

        Clerk – ‘You should use your full name, I like that name… Robin.’

        Technician (working on The Bat) – ‘Why are we even worrying about stabilization software, this entire auto-pilot system’s completely obsolete…’

        Lucius Fox – ‘Please, I just need to know what I could have done to fix it.’

        Technician – ‘But Mr. Fox, it’s already been fixed, software patch, six months ago.’

        Lucius Fox – ‘Check the I.D on the patch?’

        Technician – ‘Bruce Wayne.’

        Lawyer – ‘Any news on the missing item?’

        Clerk – ‘Not yet.’

        Lawyer – ‘Well, leave no stone unturned, we can’t leave a string of pearls on the manifest as lost.’

        The End

        • @Sambo. Thanks for taking the time to post the last lines. Very revealing and it provides proof that Bruce Wayne lived. Also see TG’s comments below.

          But Bruce was planning to leave with Selina. I think for him it was love at first fight. That’s why he kept close the Identity software. It was as much for him as it was for her. Nolan gave us the ending right in plain sight when he published the Gotham City newspaper in the viral ads. Prominent was the Rykin identity software. We were tricked in the film into thinking that only Selina needed it for a fresh start when it was Bruce’s plan to disappear.

          And, as for the pearls, we know the significance of them. So when they turn up missing and then around Selina’s neck there is no need to speculate as to Bruce’s fate.

          • correction – Technician(working on ‘a’ Bat)

    • Alfred didn’t even know of the budding romance between Batman and Catwoman, he left Bruce before that was even clearly established, so why would he imagine the two together? If you break down Alfred’s dialogue, he said he always hoped Bruce would never come back to Gotham, that he would have started a family and that perhaps he’d just catch a glimpse of him happy with his new life. The league of shadows (still not destroyed) knew Bruce Wayne’s identify, he had to fake his death just to get a clean slate. He also knew that subtly revealing he was alive to his closest friends wouldn’t expose him because they would all understand why he did it. This is why all Alfred does is give a quick nod, and Fox just smirks about the auto-pilot and doesn’t look any further into it.

  24. For all the people who think Bruce Wayne is dead, you should read what JGL said in an interview. The end is not an open ending, it is not up for interpretation, it is what it is and just because Nolan made Inception an open ending doesn’t mean all of his films are.

  25. I can’t believe you all are still talking about whether Batman died or not. It is one of Batman’s signatures to misdirect. Christian Bale, in an interview, said he would consider coming back if Nolan directed another Batman movie; how can he do that if his character is dead? Is it so hard to believe The Bat’s cockpit was ejected and Batman remote controlled The Bat into the sea?

  26. This is why people think comic book fans are dorks. Stop overthinking about the last 5 seconds before the bomb goes off. Just because you saw him in the cockpit doesn’t mean he was there exactly with 5 seconds to go.

    5 seconds is a eternity for the audience so it stands to reason Nolan have you a shot of Batman’s facial expression just before the bomb explodes. Artistic license always gets misinterpreted as something else or something more complicated than it needs to be.

  27. If he was alive at the end, Alfred would be sitting with them at the damn table. There would be no reason why he would be observing them from afar, like a weirdo. And don’t tell me a butler doesn’t sit with the boss. Alfred is not just a butler at this point. There’s also the matter of the funeral! Do you think Alfred would approve of a sham funeral with Wayne’s grave stone next to his parents, then after the sham funeral be just fine with Wayne dining in a tourist destination like Florence without a disguise? And why Italy? It is FULL of tourists, it’s barely a real country anymore. If he really wanted to disappear he would go to Alaska. This nonsense story with characters behaving abnormally is typical of current crap Hollywood tripe with a real hack Hollywood director.

    • Did you actually WATCH any of the three films? Bruce (ALIVE and sitting with Selina near Alfred) and Alfred kept perfectly to their characters by simply acknowledging each other without running sappily TO each other. It is precisely because of both their familial closeness AND who they are as men that this was enough and appropriate…anything with more gushing emotion would have looked forced and silly. Also, Bruce, whether reported as deceased or simply forgotten as a former (eccletically weird) billionaire could easily stay out in the open in another country…if anyone came up to him with a leading question, he would very simply be able to indicate that “…no, I just look like him” (and, likely, even be able to pull out whatever forged identification he carried with him).

      The story was not nonsense by any stretch of the imagination, and the characters remained beautifully consistent (other than their natural filmic development/evolution, of course).

      Normally, I say “nice try” at this point, but your attempt at analysis was just so piss-poor…

      • If Bruce was really alive, Alfred would have been shocked.

    • @getchris. Alfred did not know about the faked death. And I think that, despite the love he has for Bruce, his strict British upbringing would not have allowed him the full emotional reunion one might expect, especially since this was a public venue. Also, to sync with Alfred’s vacation scenario that was discussed earlier in the film, the end scene had to be played exactly the same. That’s the dramatic effects of good writing — foreshadowing in the vernacular of film studies.

      But for those who want Bruce to be dead, there is really nothing any of the rest of us can offer as evidence to prove otherwise. The 5 seconds on the clock is the perfect example. How many times in countless other films has the hero survived ridiculous situations? I mean, come on, if you bought the idea that Batman could fly around town using a cape made of “memory cloth” then why all the nitpicking now? If folks were that disappointed, don’t see the film again. Warner Bros will be fine. Nolan will survive. And Batman will live on in the comics.

  28. It seems that a lot of people are forgetting the detail at the end where the auto pilot feature of “The Bat” was worked on by Bruce Wayne last? Doesn’t that kind of give you a hint that the auto pilot setting carried the bomb out to sea?