Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale On Whether ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Is Truly the End

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The Dark Knight Rises Trailer 31 Christopher Nolan & Christian Bale On Whether Dark Knight Rises Is Truly the End

Let’s look past the playboy lifestyle, intelligence, and cool gadgets for just one second. Many would argue that a lot of the appeal that draws fans to the Bruce Wayne/Batman character has always been the secretive world in which he lives. How many of us (male or female) wouldn’t want to double as a millionaire business tycoon during the day, and a kick ass superhero during the evening – all while having only a handful of people know of our nightly activities?

The allure of being able to keep such secrets from so many has gone a long way toward making Batman into such a mainstream attraction – so how fitting is it that the conclusion to the Christopher Nolan directed Dark Knight Rises is being kept about as secretive as a board meeting at Area 51?

Fans of The Dark Knight have already begun concocting their own ideas of what they think will happen at the end of The Dark Knight Rises. Ideas ranging from the demise of Batman to Bruce Wayne simply walking away and letting another superhero of the DC universe (known simply as the Man of Steel) fight the good fight. In a recent interview with Empire magazine (due out May 31st) three key components in the Dark Knight franchise (Nolan, co-writer Jonathan Nolan and actor Christian Bale) helped to add fuel to the already burning rumor mill.


WARNING: The following quotes (and analysis) may be viewed as SPOILERS for anyone looking to avoid information on The Dark Knight Rises (as well as the possibility of future installments).


Christopher Nolan, who has made no secrets about this being his last go around with the Batman franchise, certainly sounds like a director who is done with this phase of his professional life – and the character story he set-out to tell. He is quoted as saying:

“What drew me to Batman in the first place was Bruce Wayne’s story, and that he’s a real character whose story begins in childhood. He’s not a fully formed character like James Bond, so what we’re doing is following the journey of this guy from a child who goes through this horrible experience of becoming this extraordinary character. That, for me, became a three-part story. And obviously the third part becomes the ending of the guy’s story.”

Christopher’s brother and co-writer of The Dark Knight Rises chimed in with the following:

“It’s the right way to end it – to blow the whole thing up!”

While reading these quotes may sadden fans of Nolan’s Batman work, actor Christian Bale (Terminator Salvation), who plays both Wayne and Batman, added a ray of sunshine to the mix and left the door very much open to a return – That is, only if Nolan is involved. He states:

“My understanding is that this is the last one. I think it’s appropriate, I think it’s going out at the right time. But…if Chris came to me with a script and said, ‘You know what? There is another story’ then I would love the challenge of making a fourth one work.”

The very fact that Bale is even talking of a possible return to play Batman may throw a little dirt on the idea that the caped crusader could be killed off in The Dark Knight Rises. Then again, the actor may just be throwing us all a curveball. That’s the beauty of secrets. They always keep us coming back. Wanting to know more.

Dark Knight Rises hits regular and IMAX theaters everywhere on July 20th.

Source: Empire

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  1. The fact that nolan is done, and bale will only come back if nolan does pretty much negates the possibility of a future installment of THIS specific franchise. But it wouldn’t surprise me at all if DC were to “reboot” or simply continue the franchise in some form.

    • Just do a soft reboot. Everyone knows Batman’s origin. Like Batman ”89 you can just jump into the next Batman film in medias res

      • I agree that I do not want to see a complete orgin story. However, I think a little more is needed than a soft reboot. I believe that the next Batman movie will move away from the gritty realism of the current franchise so that villians that have less real orgins can appear and bring the less “real” superheroes into the mix (Superman, Green Lantern, etc) for the inevitable justice league movie. Plus to it would avoid confusion in the masses who can never keep movie timelines straight.

        • Your right. When i said soft reboot i was talking in terms of films like Punisher & Punisher:War Zone. Both tonally different (for bettter or worse lol) and the second did the origin thru a flashbak and side conversations..

          • How can we expect you to have an intelligent comment when you can’t even get “you’re” and “your” correct?

            • Grammar Nazi.

            • IamJustMe,

              So spelling errors completely invalidate the intelligence of the commenter or the worth of the comment, regardless of what is stated within said comment?

              Or are you just being obnoxious?


              • I vote the 2nd thing.

              • +1 @ obnoxious

      • The good thing about Batman is he doesn’t really have an origin story so much as he has a single event that defines him. You can re-tell Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive Spider 40 times but with Batman, his paren’ts dying isn’t a story itself. So no matter what we get a new Batman storyline everytime, reboot or not.

        • i have to disagree. in ’89, jack napier (the joker) killed bruces parents. in BB Ras al gul was indirectly responsible. in the comics it was just a random thug.
          with raimi’s spidey it was a genetically enhanced spider, i think in TAS it’s back to being a radio-active spider, with the rumor of some parental gene-altering goings on- we’ll have to see- but after re-reading your post several times, i’m not sure what you were trying to convey

          • @ Jeffro


    • I heard that they want to reboot batman for a Justice League film since Nolan’s films are pretty much grounded to reality as it can be and DC doesn’t want to mess with Nolan’s franchise

  2. Michael Bay also said he was done with Transformers, but was talked into doing a fourth one. I think if the paycheck, budget, cast, and most importantly, the story were all right, Nolan would come back.

    • Christopher Nolan aint no Michael Bay.

      • And by that, I mean Nolan is WAY better than Bay on most accounts – IMO.

        • good thing you cleared that up avenger…lol!

      • I’m just saying that there is precedent for a big name director to return to a big name franchise they previously stated were done with.

    • Don’t even bring Michael Bay into an article about Christopher Nolan.

  3. If Nolan says he has another story he wants to do, im willing to watch it. I doubt it tho.

  4. At this point I would like to formally apologize to Dr Sam Becket: DSB, I’m sorry [slowly extracting foot from mouth] ;)

    THEN again, Bale might just be saying that to throw us off the scent of Bats dying in TDKR.
    Either way, I don’t think Nolan will make more batman movies.

  5. if Nolan makes another than the 4th Batman would probably be a Batman/Superman team-up. And you could thank the Avengers for that :)

  6. Am I the only one who finds Nolan’s Batman series overrated? The idea of trying to ground Batman (and his villians) in a realistic universe just seems so lead-headed to me. It’s missing the point of why some people love comic book movies. They create a world of bizarre fantasy and over the top action.

    Also, Nolan’s films are too sick and intense to be much fun. Heath Ledger’s Joker always annoyed me. He never scared me. I never thought I would say this but I’ll take “Batman and Robin” over “The Dark Knight” any day.

    • “I never thought I would say this but I’ll take “Batman and Robin” over “The Dark Knight” any day.”


      B&R = Cartoony, over the top, over acting, bad script, one-note villians,…

      Yeah, I can kind of see your point. (sarcasm)

      • *You’re

        • So you want it to read: “Yeah, I can kind of see you are point. (sarcasm)” YOU’RE actually wrong. September used the right form in his statement.

          • I think he was being sarcastic.

    • Your now alone. I find his films overrated. I will say they are good, but are not as good as most people say. I liked Ledgers Joker but when it became Mai stream media it became anoying. Plus Batmans voince annoys me!

    • While I get your point and agree to a degree I think you might have gone just a tad too far with the B&R reference.

      I really liked Batman Begins and I appreciated The Dark Knight, but I found it a little too dour and morose. I think, as a part of a trilogy, it can be awesome if Rises has the right tone. If Nolan goes out on an emotionally satisfying, triumphant note it makes the first two movies better as a part of the arc. If he ends on a downer, then maybe you have a point ( still not about B&R though :-) )

      • I think everyone is missing the point. Nolans films are pretty good and a different take lets not forget they lean heavily on the Dark Night moniker in which it is more influenced on the more realistic darker more realistic series in the comic franchise.

        Batman forever and Batman and Robin were ok films and were playing off the more over the top comic reel type Batman comics. They’re all different takes.

        I just hope to see a more meld of the two in the reboot and then the Justice League movies not to comical and zanny and not too realistic and dark something in between.

        I actually like the take on Batman in the video game Arkham City even the look of the bat suit in that game.

        • …just as long as we all agree that any justice league movie MUST include The Wonder Twins!!!

          • Oh Lord, please NO!

            (Wonder Twins…activate! Turn me into, uh….snow cone!) :-P

          • PLEASE tell me you’re joking!!!

    • I don’t particularly care for some elements of Nolan’s Batman. The pacing seems off, and for a movie “grounded in realism”, there’s a lot of fantastical and convenient coincidences (e.g., Wayne’s training in prisons, his wandering through the snow to a “castle” filled with ninjas who’re really eager to train him even more, etc.). I honestly feel like someone should have worked the scripts a lot more. Fire away.

      • i dont think you watched batman begins carefully. bruce wayne was in prison, where ra’s al ghul discovered him as a potential soldier for the league of shadows, and told him to come to the castle with the blue flower if he wants to train with ninjas. and THEN all the training happened.

        the only “coincidence” there was was ra’s discoring bruce. the rest was bruce’s choice.

        furthermore, later it was explained that ra’s didn’t just stumble upon him by accident, he was looking for bruce wayne. because he wanted a native of gotham to be the one to destroy it.

        • I might be vague on some of the details of Begins, but if I am, it’s because Nolan’s movie just wasn’t impressive enough to be memorable. Ra wanted to find someone from Gotham to destroy Gotham…and he pick’s Bruce…and finds him in a prison fighting a bunch of miscreants for sport. If the movie’s grounded in realism, why go to all that trouble when you could go to Gotham directly and hand-select someone to champion your cause? And the thing with the blue flower, that stunt nearly killed him. Why put your champion through that test and risk losing fingers and toes and limbs to frostbite? It’s kinda hard to train to be a ninja when you’re missing digits or limbs. It still doesn’t make sense to me. Nor does it make sense for Bruce to trust Ra so completely. I’ll watch the movie again before seeing the next one in the theater and see if my mind is changed.

    • Either you are King of the Trolls or the worst human being alive.

    • I thought TDK was very good when I saw it, but I can’t seem to watch it again; it just seems boring.

      • I think it has a bit to do with knowing who lives, dies, etc. Loses its intensity after the first watch.

        I think setting up a new franchise for a future JL crossover should be the way they go from here.

    • i sort of agree with you. i like the films, but i am ready for a more grounded in comic book reality batman film, and a possible justice league film. at least something like what was hinted at in “I am legend” with the bat and “s” superimposed over each other. i want to see that film.

    • You must be joking…

      • why must i be joking? i think any comic book movie fan would love to see batman & superman in the same live action film

        • I would love to see batman beat the s**t out of superman, as per a few of the comics. I find the concept that batman, a human could possibly kill the most powerful super hero in the DC universe very appealing.
          I’m not very big on the JL thing though…

  7. Drop me squarely in the overrated camp. Excellent films, but not great super hero films. There’s no sense of fun to the Nolan Batman, which super heroes certainly need.
    Batman: The Brave and the Bold is much more my preference for Bats stories.

  8. Isn’t it great that in a time when scripts are leaked, spoilers pop up months before hand and it’s so hard to keep plots secret that there’s still so much that’s unknown about TDKR?
    Credit to Nolan and company for keeping us guessing. I know were still over a month away from the films release and that once screenings start it will be easier to find spoilers but I sure don’t want to know everything.
    Now that The Avengers has come and rocked the world it’s exciting to think that the fun isn’t over yet. I’m a huge fan of Nolan’s Batman films and I can’t wait to see how it wraps up. Is there a chance we can be let down? Sure, there always is (Spidey 3) but based off what we’ve seen in the 1st 2 films I’d be pretty shocked.
    To quote Bart Scott “Can’t Wait!!!” ;)

  9. Bruce Wayne: “Why Don’t You Just Kill Me ?”
    BANE: “Your punishment must be more severe”
    There you go. as simple as that. It clearly means He wouldnt be killed. presumably some form of “break the bat” shall happen…followed by the inevitable RISE.
    And again if you check back to TDK, Wayne says to Rachel “That day when Gotham would no longer need Batman ? thats coming.”
    So the ideal way to end this all (and what I think will happen) is eventually the people of Gotham RISE – the ones who are left after BANE’s carnage – they take on & BANE’s army – and eventually they defeat bane. Bruce wayne will no longer need to be batman.
    Lump in the throat moment at the end – probably one amongst Alfred/ Gordon/ Fox (in order of probability) dies.

    • uhh ok.
      “when gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die.”

      so bane doesn’t exactly intend to let bruce live on after he’s done.

  10. I dont want a reboot so soon. They should make Batman Beyond series next.

    • That would be amazing to see.

      Still would like to see a Batman/Superman flick

      • Before nolan made batman begins warner brothers was gona make a batman/superman movie but they scrapped it for begins, but warner brothers went as far as to put a poster with a release date for the movie to tease people in the movie i am legend in the scen where will smith is hunting the deer in time square after he encounters the lions, check it out!

  11. Batman beyond anyone? I think a good majority of people are tired of reboots and such and this would be a cool way for different villains to come into play and bale could still technically be batman…with a new guy.

    • you cant really say “majority of people are tired of reboots” when they continue to make money.

      for example, people were tired of dumbass batman. proof: batman and robin bombed critically and commercially.

      not to mention, this nolan batman series that you sworship itself is a reboot…

      • worship*

    • Een wanting beyond for a while, there was talk about makin a beyond movie……until nolan showed upbwith his batman begins script lol true story

  12. I kinda dislike the idea of wrapped-up trilogies altogether. It may work for Star Wars or a literary adaptation like LOTR, but for comic book movies, three movies is simply not enough given the incredibly rich background of each superhero in comics, cartoons and previous TV adaptations.
    You simply can’t say: “Ras Al Guhl – Joker – Catwoman / Bane … Ughh…I’m done now. Let’s called it the trilogy.”
    For it is not complete. No Penguine yet, no Riddler yet, no Justice League, no nothing… No, you are NOT done, Mr Nolan! You simply are not! To flesh out a convincing legacy, you need far more than just three movies, as good as they may be. It’s totally fragmentary, even worse than the original four movies in that respect.

    • If Nolan is done, that does not mean that nobody will take his spot.

      I do agree with you about a rich background with the comics, but I have a feeling that someone is gonna take his spot and continue Nolan’s vision of the character.

      It’s just a feeling, mostly due to how good the previous two have done, and how good this one will do.

      Just my opinion.

    • Consider the trilogy a one-shot or even a stand alone series that is put into a graphic novel.

  13. You need one more movie with Penguin and Riddler. It’s for selfish reasons as I have a Reboot of The Penguin done in the Christopher Nolan Style registered with the WGAwest. Would love to show it to him. That’s why I’d like one more.

    • I don’t really care about Penguin, but if Nolan DOES make another Batman movie (which I really doubt), he HAS to include the Riddler… he just has to.

      • Agreed after seeing the way memento was put together and the prestige he could have a lot of fun writing riddles and such

      • My basic storyline with the rebooted Penguin also involves The Riddler, Catwoman and the Falcone Crime Family, with each character having at least having some interaction with another in the past. (In the Penguin’s case, all three on some level.) I’ll go see the new one and revise whatever I need to revise. Probably have R’as Al Guhl in this too.

        BTW: My Penguin is a Mobster type Criminal who does not wear “The Penguin Costume” all the time. It isn’t anything like the way Burgess Meredith or Danny DeVito portrayed him.

        I won’t give away more than that.

  14. Kinda wish Nolan would have done The Riddler simply because of his writing and scripts. I thought TDK had a great script, and kept you on your seat the whole movie. Imagine, what he could have done with The Riddler?? Anyways, I thought Batman Begins was a tad overrated, but TDK is one of my favorite comic book movie/Batman stories. Looking forward to seeing Bane and how hes done.

    • People were debunking the usefulness of the Riddler because it would be so similar to The Joker. Which is why a lot of us may be looking for the Riddler next time out, but that attraction would be the death of us cuz it would be like a whole new movie…with all the same things – a repeat.

  15. If Nolan wont be making any more Batman films, that does not mean no one else will take Nolan’s spot as the director for the fourth (and beyond) installments.

    Love to see a realistic version of Dead Shot, Black Mask, Penguin, Riddler, Mr Freeze (A guy with a sick wife that needs money for her medical bills and was fired from work and makes a protective suit and a gun that shoots liquid nitrogen, I think that version of Mr. Freeze would work)…

    The thing I like about this is that Batman has no end to villains. I barely scratched the surface with the villains I mentioned.

    • I think Christian Bale stated that he won’t play Batman if Nolan isn’t directing.

    • This series is ended. They’ve already said that they will reboot after this. Nolan will produce and help script, but it will be a different Batman with no connection to this trilogy.

      • That’s what I’m thinking (and hoping for) as well.

      • I meant that they could, not they would. I am still kinda hoping however.

  16. It wouldn’t surprise me if Nolan did another one, even thought I am willing to bet that he won’t. But if Nolan were to make more films, that means NO JOKER…and to think of several films without Joker in the works would be kind of depressing, especially Nolan’s/Ledger’s Joker. Without Joker, the Batman universe (I don’t want to say is boring…), but not quite what it should be. I think three films is where he should leave it. Besides, Bane is a villain you end the saga with. But the big mystery is, HOW IS THIS MOVIE GOING TO END AND WHAT WILL BE THE LAST SCENE?! How many of you would s*** yourselves, if the last scene of the movie was a shot of someone sitting in an arkham cell (from the backside) with long green hair… or if Ledger (alive and well) came out into the picture and gave a one-liner, and BOOM cut to credits.

    • Dude you just made my nipples hard, but I do agree about the lack of Joker. They need a reboot with a different director and cast just so they can bring back the joker as a regular villain. That’s where Tim Burton F’d up with his take (by killing the Joker).

  17. You have to remember that a film series and a comic book/TV series are totally different media and work in different ways. Idk how a Batman series done like James Bond could work with a singular story, maybe or maybe not. I say depending on the story of the Man of Steel (that the Nolan brothers helped cook up with Goyer), if the story works maybe a connection can be forged leading into a cinematic universe. Nolan may return for a sequel to the Man of Steel if successful so DC/WB should aqcuire him as a godfather of sorts for these movies with Batman returning as a veteran crimefighter and a man obsessed of finding the truth of these new metahumans/aliens in the world in a future DC film, as the new 52 has it and the DCAU to some extent. His realistic tone mashing up the tone of the Superman film (and others) can be nice narrative to follow for the audience and Nolan may be interested to follow as well.

    • “You have to remember that a film series and a comic book/TV series are totally different media”
      Two words: The Avengers ;)
      While watching that movie, it felt like I was watching a comic book coming to life… It is possible to make a movie with comic book-esque themes.
      (Scott Pilfrem vs the World comes to mind as well)

      Anyway, most of what you said probably won’t happen. Nolan’s Batman movies are standalones… there’s almost no chance that it’ll tie in with future DC movies (like Man of Steel). I mean, Nolan has already said this people! There’s no room for superheroes in his Nolanuniverse. Why people continue to speculate this is beyond me… just look at the tones and themes of Nolan’s Batman movies: can you honestly say that Green Lantern and Wonder Woman could just walk into Batman’s world and it WOULDN’T look completely awkward and weird?

      I love Nolan’s take on Batman, but they ARE rebooting Batman after this (DC/WB has already said this) and I think it’ll be awesome to see another version. WB also said that if they do a JL movie, they wouldn’t use the stories or actors from the previous films (Bale & Cavill). Sure, they might have changed their minds after the success of TA, but I doubt it.

      We will eventually get a JL movie, but it certainly won’t feature Nolan’s Batman or Snyder’s Superman (and I’m sure Nolan won’t be directing or writing it either).

      • Thanks for the response to my post Avenger. I have seen your posts here while reading screenrant for awhile and I enjoy this site a lot and posters like you. Well back to the comment. I totally agree with all that you said and I am afriad I didn’t explain myself well before- being limited with time and all. My comment of the different media aspects of the comic books and a film series didn’t necassarily mean the tone or the story and characters can be protrayed cannot be protrayed in film like the comic books. The Avengers is a perfect example, quality of the film aside, of how a film with very few changes can faithfully recreate and merge the worlds and themes of all these comic book characters and the themes of their books/movies. I think Marvel has done this succesfully with most of their films, to variant extents of course.

        My comment about different media was a response mainly directed to some other poster’s opinions of a superhero trilogy like this Dark Knight trilogy ending a story with so many other stories to be told. Now although I am not totally won over by the inevitable rebooting of this story (which I will address shortly), I also cannot see any story even the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuing on without any sort of beginning middle end and rebooting/reconning of any kind of some point. And especially how Nolan’s saga is designed I think it works best as an epic trilogy detailing the life of Bruce Wayne and his development of the Batman psyche, his trials, and his “rise”. Its like a one shot novel in three parts on the big screen. Again, I don’t know how or what is possible in the cinematic universe Marvel has going and how long it can last but I cannot see it going for forty years. I think Nolan adressed it as he chose to rather end a story than infintely inflate a balloon until implosion- which may happen if mainstream get tired of a saturation superhero films.So hopefully I cleared that up somewhat for you and others.

        Now while I am bittersweet that this trilogy would now end, I am glad that Nolan has chosen to end the story before it implodes. What I was trying to say before is how maybe a new Batman can be forged in future movies (DC Cinematic Universe?) on the basis of this trilogy. Nolan’s movies should be standalone as they are telling a standalone story with a beginning middle and end. Nolan has stated this and that Man of Steel is also in his own standalone universe (as reported presently) and has denied any “godfather role” in DC movies as many have speculated. I understand all of this, and I want to make clear.

        What I meant to say in the other post was an alternative to rather just continuing this series or this version of Batman(and his realtistic take) versus a complete reboot. Other posters, you may have noticed, have suggested Nolan remaining as a producer and perhaps a story consultant on the new series but the series will not be directed by him and have no connection to his movies. DC and WB can hold of not making the new series of Batman so soon and focus on creating a universe or something for their other characters, so people would complain of rebooting so fast after a trilogy (read: Amazing Spider-Man). Even if Nolan decides to not remain as producer or something, which is the more probable as of this moment, the new Batman can be introduced in this new universe as a veteran of sorts (which was an idea DC/WB had before) and thus these cureent films can act as semi-backstory explaining the psyche and character before the arrival of other heroes. The new Batman of course will have more ties to his comic book counterpart like how everyone wants (supernatural/superhuman fantasy-comic book themes etc) but there will not be a rehash of his origins and will not be too grounded so that it would be weird as you said when he encounters other heroes. The relationship between the two series can be said such as like the Ang Lee’s Hulk followed by the Incredible Hulk, or the GI Joe Series.

        Now this may or may not happen, I am just saying it can be a nice resolution maybe. If Nolan stays as a producer and consultant in the new series to smooth the transition from one Batman to a new (improved?) Batman, and if Man of Steel is successful, DC may want another shot of Nolan to consult on connecting the two series (Man of Steel and the New Batman) if they decide to change their plans and use Henry Cavill’s Superman. Of course most likely Nolan would not want to do this, but DC/WB can still do this without him: create a new series with more comic book influence/ style semi-rebooting the Nolan’s films and connecting to the Man of Steel if it becomes a success to build a universe. Or at least a World’s Finest film.

        I know I did not explain well the last post- I know the Nolanverse for either Batman and Superman are seperate and that Nolan is not returning in any significant way- hopefully this post can better explain what I mean to say

  18. I fail to see why theres so much intrigue by the fans. The plot is ridiculously easy to predict.

    1. Batman is cocky and underestimates Bane. He starts to neglect his role as Batman having found a love interest for Bruce Wayne.

    2. Bane arrives and proceeds to own everything.

    3. Batman comes out of semi-retirement to stop Bane and gets his arse handed to him and he gets enslaved by Bane.

    4. Batman gets help from Raz Al Ghul in the form of his Lazarus Pits which restore Ras Al Ghul, restoring Batman

    5. Batman retrains gets back his resolve and returns to fight Bane

    6. Movie will end with a finale that involves both characters apparently dying leaving it up in the air.

    This is what I say will happen.

    • Rhas is in the credits on IMDB. I feel like theres a chance he shows up in this…and NOT in a flashback. Remember when like 2 weeks before TDK came out and that photo was leaked of two face? I got a feelin something like that happens with Rhas. If you have the Lazurus Pit, you have to bring Rhas back

  19. So I have a few thoughts:

    1. I do wish there were more Nolan films to be made. I’m still incredulous at the 8-year gap between TDK and TDKR. It seems like it was all spent on the DL or just not being Batman, but I’m sure they could throw in a few sporadic stories for us.

    2. If they wanted to continue Batman franchise, even separately, I would definitely be down with the Batman Beyond ideas you all are throwing around out here. I think it would be a great stylistic match for D.C. to put up against Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man, and maybe even Ironman; Sleeker, good chances for fun special effects, and the intrigue and fascination of futuristic technology. I would just hope that they do do a slim kind of look like Man of Steel or T.A.S.M. instead of armor like Nolan’s Batman.

    3. If they did reboot/soft reboot Batman for Justice League, would you guys want them to keep the suit style? I think that would be pretty cool. If anyone’s seen that video of Justice League (look up “Justice League (DC Universe) 2012 Trailer [HD].” on Youtube), Batman could act as a major/brains of the operations, which could let them keep his realistic aspect, and have more use for the armor. I think I would be down for that. Just different actor for Batman and with a different director, unfortunately (much like Ironman/Avengers).

  20. I had a dream around the time the IMAX extended preview was shown in December. In my dream I watched the Dark Knight Rises in a theater and the movie abruptly ended with Bane breaking the Bat. The screen went black and the following message faded into view: This concludes Part I…Witness the conclusion December 2012.
    So maybe this saga will not be quite over come July. I seriously doubt it, but wouldn’t it be cool?

  21. as much as i love nolans batmans i am just as excited to see what he is going to direct after this.

    • totally agree curious for the next project

  22. Looking forward to the next movie version of Batman.

  23. Nolan is the kind of guy that prepares for the task at hand only and keeps the rest close to his chest. Who knows if some day he gets some sort of itch and writes a small story arc. If he would like to do more, go for it. IMAX tech is going to get more efficient and effective so he might have an incentive in the future to push the envelope further.

  24. The way i see it warner bros is still gona try to make money off of batman, i would think they would try to continue…. If batman dosent die and bale is done, i could either see them re casting, or what i would like to see more is an live action adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, in which batman is old(despite their making and animated film) or id like to see the go ahead with batman beyond, to where bruce in his eighties mentors and he passes the cowl down to a younger man named terry mginnis and

    • With the Avengers movie doing so well, WB will be desperate to launch their own DC movie universe that will eventually lead to a Justice League movie. If that being the case, we can expect a much different next Batman movie where realism isn’t that grounded. The Nolan-version of Batman won’t incorporate well with the DC universe. Unless Nolan is willing to abandon his gritty, realism-heavy Batman for one more fantasy, he probably won’t return for a fourth.

      • I agree. There needs to be a happy middle between Nolan’s Batman and DC’s Batman for it to work well within a Justice League universe. I think even Nolan knows that. His Batman was never really intended to work with other superheroes.

        I think you’re right, too, WB is going to start trying to copy Avengers’ success soon.

        And I’m sure we’ll be seeing a Green Lantern reboot much as we did a Hulk reboot. But what WB is going to need the most right now is to copy Iron Man’s success. They need a RDJr of their own. And ideally he would be either Superman or Batman.

  25. First off id doubt i could be Batman even if i had everything he had, especially the knowlege know-how. What i mean by that is i don’t see myself having the energy to having a normal life-style as Bruce Wayne during the day & being Batman at night daily. It would be even hard if i was Clark Kent/Superman as even he can’t be everywhere at once & can’t be expected to help out everyone where theres help to be needed.

    Back to Batman. The one thing about Batman Begins was his parent’s murder. Like in Batman 89 film it was done in flashbacks. Only thing was Nolan did right with Joe Chill & we seen Bruce in training which itself wasn’t completely accurate. It doesn’t seem like Nolan’s done with this phase of his career if he had part of involvement in Snyder’s Man Of Steel. Wouldn’t surprise me if WB tried to get another director to take after Nolan & recast Bruce Wayne/Batman or simply wait for both Nolan & Bale to come back when they’re ready to do a 4th film aslong as they get a script that looks like WB would get big bucks.

    Im still hoping for a Batman film series that would extend more of the Bat-family, more of Batman’s rogue’s gallery & supporting characters from the comics. Best example of what im saying would be what Bruce Timm & Co. shown throughout Batman:TAS imo.

  26. I think Nolan’s done, even if Bale’s not.

    Christian Bale probably knows he will never have another experience like this again if Nolan doesn’t make any more Batman movies, and he has obviously enjoyed it so far. That’s a credit to Nolan and pretty strong praise considering just how hard Bale is to please.

  27. I LOVE NOLAN’S BATMAN FILMS. Unreservedly. I think I’m what’s commonly referred to as a Nolanite! But i trully hope he doesn’t make a fourth. He has is wonderful Dark Knight trilogy, now let it go. Let the reigns go to someone else. Let the Batman films continue to evolve with another director and another approach. Make other non-superhero films. I’m really excited about where Nolan goes after this. What films he’ll tackle.

  28. Dark Knight Rises will leave it open for more films, but not necessarily Nolan or Bale returning.

  29. Personally, I’m wondering if Batman’s spine being broken comes into play. In the trailer, it shows him lying wide-eyed on the ground… to me, he just looked paralyzed. I can’t see the movie ending without Bane’s demise. I’m also wondering how the Dark Knight will tie in. We’ve seen Bane holding up pictures of Dent, but what about Joker? Maybe they’ll reference him being locked up in Arkham– but if it were me, Batman would VISIT Arkham, and we’d hear Heath’s trademark cackle echo down a hallway.