‘Dark Knight Rises’ Blu-ray Release Date Announced

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With the amount of controversy and fan debate that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises has engendered since its release, it’s safe to assume that plenty of fans will be planning second, third or even fourth viewings once it releases on Blu-ray and DVD. Thanks to a trailer released by Warner Bros., a specific date can now be set.

There will still be speculation over exactly what extra features will be included along with the theatrical cut of the film, but according to Warner Bros., The Dark Knight Rises will be available on Blu-ray and for digital download on December 3, 2012.

The synopsis accompanying the video promises the release “on Blu-ray Combo Pack or Digital Download 12/3,” so while Warner Bros. has yet to make an official statement, those hoping to plan parties centered around a group viewing can start making invitations. After all, the film does have somewhat of a ‘holiday’ vibe to it: there’s snow! (that counts, right?).

Dark Knight Rises Bluray Release Date Dark Knight Rises Blu ray Release Date Announced

Unfortunately, the new trailer fails to shed any light on just how much extra content is being planned for the release. We now know that a director’s cut of The Dark Knight Rises isn’t likely to be released at any time, but that doesn’t mean other nagging questions couldn’t be answered. Both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight included hours of interviews with the cast and crew, footage from pre-production, and insight into stunt work, costume and gadget design, but the far more secretive approach that director Christopher Nolan took to the final chapter of his Batman trilogy could have an impact on what content is available. The added secrecy was understandable, considering just how many surprises were in store for Bruce Wayne and friends, but now would be a good time to open up to the masses.

The film’s final scenes have been hotly debated among fans, from the actual nuts and bolts of its feasibility to the possibility of some sort of Inception-like twist that went largely unnoticed, so having a chance to hear more from Nolan could help sway the discussion. It certainly won’t be ending it, since the director has made it clear that definitive statements or lengthy explanations of his films will not be forthcoming. And considering how Nolan has now distanced himself from any other DC properties, it is too much to hope for some new insight into what happens next for this version of Batman.

Good stories are the ones that keep us thinking and imaging, so a lack of closure is fine by us. If nothing else, it would be nice to hear from Nolan on how he arrived at that particular ending to the trilogy, and some firsthand thoughts from Joseph Gordon-Levitt on having his pivotal role as Detective John Blake placed directly alongside that of the caped crusader. Most of the cast was tight-lipped prior to the film’s release (and have largely remained so, since) so it seems a bit harsh to bring such a series to a close without a nod to the fans that supported it in droves.

Dark Knight Rises Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Rises Blu ray Release Date Announced

Deleted scenes showing off the apparently-cut Bane origin story and training may be a bit too much to hope for, and at this point Nolan probably won’t be justifying his decision to re-dub Tom Hardy’s dialogue after it left viewers confused during initial showings. At the very least, fans can look forward to possible discussion with the effects team about the high-flying, urban pacification vehicle known as ‘The Bat,’ and some location footage of the hellish prison-pit that sent the events of the entire trilogy into motion.

What do you think? Should The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray blow the doors off the entire production, or respect Nolan’s belief that what’s on film speaks for itself? Either way the filmmakers have a few months left to decide, so we’ll keep you up to date when more details are released – including price.

The Dark Knight Rises will hit DVD/Blu-ray on December 3, 2012.

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Source: Warner Bros (via Engadget)

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  1. Not that I mind, but isn’t December 3rd a Monday? I’m hoping to get the collected trilogy, but in any case, I will DEFINITELY be getting TDKR on blu-ray. I’m not particularly worried about the extras; the features on the blu-rays for the other two films were excellent (I especially enjoyed the “Batman Tech” feature I first saw on the (History? Discovery?) Channel). I can’t wait…

    • Not all new releases come out on Tuesday. While that is the regular day for new music/movie releases, I’ve seen more than a handful of highly anticipated releases come out on Mondays or Fridays.

      Sometimes it’s done to give the release another day in stores before a big holiday comes up.

      • Yes, I know about Friday (and even Saturday) releases; I’ve just never heard of a Monday release.

        • It’s rather amusing when I go into a store, on a Monday, for a new release, and an employee I’m talking to starts telling me about how new releases come out on Tuesdays. I would think that a store employee should be familiar with their store’s own advertisement, particularly during a holiday week.

  2. To bad the transformers franchise owns the batman franchise!!i will go far as saying tf4 will be reloaded with all new bots and bay with a direction that nolan can ever dream of!

    • what the hell does the transformers have anything to do with the dark knight rises blu-ray?

      • everything… tf4 is the benchmark for movies.

        • *Facepalm*

          • facepunch*

            • How can Transformers 4 be a benchmark. It doesn’t yet exist.

              • Obvious troll is trollin.

                • No, he’s a kid.

        • is this really michael bay? are you trolling the net for people to like your new stoopid robot movie?

    • I HAVE to hope and assume you are joking…the first TF film was the only one that MIGHT be considered good (two was crap; three was better than two, mainly in the fact that its fights were clearer than one). The Dark Knight trilogy is far superior quality-wise and (I think) entertainment-wise.

    • “Some people need a high five… to the face… with a chair.”

    • batman begins is actually my favorite. why isnt it on there?

    • Im a huge Batman fan and Rises was my least favorite of the trilogy. Im not saying it was horrible, but I didnt really care for it either. It will make its way into my collection of course, I hope it has something that makes it worth getting to help take the sting of that crappy un Batman like ending.

      • Yeah, Begins was my fave. As for being best superhero movie of all time….well I assume they mean comic book movie of all time, and I can think of a few better.

      • Un-Batman like ending? You should check out Batman R.I.P. and of course The Dark Knight Returns.

      • +1!

    • I voted in the poll (’cause I like polls ;)), but in a lot of the categories, my vote would have gone to Batman Begins… kinda sad to see that that movie got snubbed.

      • I voted the dark knight. I find rises just a notch below begins. for me the script for the dark knight has been unmatched. the things the joker says are clever, insightful and deep

        • I liked TDKR the most actually. My review on the comment section of SR’s TDKR review pretty much sheds light on that opinion, but the “jist” of it is that TDKR is just so epic and so emotional that it hits all the movie’s flaws out the window for me.

          I can agree that TDK is technically brilliant (and I still love that movie as well, along with BB), and if you compare all the elements of the three Batman films (like acting, direction, story line, themes, dialogue, etc.), TDK will come out on top in most of those departments, but I dunno… I just loved TDKR more than the others. It was the first Batman movie where I felt the urge to stand up and cheer Batman on – to applaud and do other things that usually annoy me when other movie goers do them 😉 so yeah, it was really just a more emotional film for me and for that reason (among a few other reasons as well), I found TDKR to be the best… but it’s certainly a close battle. I really like BB, TDK and TDKR almost equally the same… ALMOST.

          • The dark knight rises is far more epic and the scale is huge. along with the amount of emotion I can see how its more entertaining than the dark knight I think for most rises is an easier film to get through multiple times

          • The thing about this trilogy is that each of the films are so different from one another in not so subtle ways. Which is why for me it is so hard to compare them a a whole. I have to watch TDKR again a few more times. I loved the film ( I agree I was on verge of clapping and shouting during a particular scene), but I also recognize why some may find it less enjoyable. I think it was a great honorary ending to the series and an enjoyable film in its own right.

            While for the moment I may say TDK as the superior film in technicalities I will say each film has their own pros and cons and each are great in their own right.

            • I love the Joker. Period. All three films feature Batman but only one has him face off with the Joker, which in my opinion will always be the absolute epitome of Batman’s mythology.

              The film that features the Joker is the best film because it features the Joker. Period.

          • +1

    • nope, sorry the Dark knight Rises barely had Batman in it. it wasn’t too bad but is you’re a Batman fan you know that this movie could off and should off been much more. you got to give Nolan credit, he gave the fans the opposite of what we all wanted, by making us believe that he was bringing the Knight Fall saga to the big screen, he even went as far as saying that this was taking place seven to eight years after the Dark Knight. So you would expect that within that time frame he would have trained other individuals that make up the Bat family, even an appearance of Azrael. The movie was good but not perfect. As a result, I think they should give Batman A break on the big screen and give us a series instead on Stars, FX, HBO, ect. that way they can get a chance to use the whole deck of bad guys. just imagine 12 to 15 hours a year vs 2:30 to 3:00 hours every two to three years.

      • Actually, it had quite a bit of Batman in it…his physical presence, his legend, constant references to and about him…

        • I could actually go for a Batman series. I would be anxious of it maintaining quality though.

        • the movie was more of a story of the struggle of Bruce Wayne and the Gotham police, you are missing the point, just compare the screen time of Batman in the other movies to this one that’s all.

          • No, I really did get what you were saying. I simply disagreed.

            • there was more batman in BB, and it was over an hour into the film before batman showed up. in TDKR, there was probably 20 minutes of batman screentime total. maybe 30 minutes, but i think that would be stretching it. someone saying the words “batman” in the film dont count.

              • Over 40 minutes.

                • that means batman was missing for 75% of the movie. probably more since 40 minutes really seems unlikely, but i trust you looked it up somewhere. so how do you disagree there was very little batman in this batman film? you just proved Luis Molina’s point.

                  • Out of a 2h 44m film, if over 40 minutes has Batman in it (and I’m guessing Ignur meant the physically present Batman) and then his mythical/legendary status is referenced (and I mean actually considered, not simply someone mentioning the word “Batman”) at least another twenty or thirty minutes of the film (spread out, yes, but there), HOW do you figure that Batman is only in 25% of the film?

                    His legend drives quite a bit of the emotion (and even some of the action…even when it doesn’t directly involve him) of the film, so Batman DOES, in fact, have a significant presence in the film.

                    In point of fact, I’d say you have it backwards: TDKR is much, MUCH more about Batman, whereas “Batman Begins” is primarily about Bruce Wayne.

                    Not only did I not prove Luis Molina’s point, I’ve clarified why he (and, by extension, YOU) is “missing the point”.

                    • again i respectfully disagree. batman’s legend is not referenced in 20 or 30 minutes of the film. the film is either showing bane doing some terroristic deeds, or bruce doing some sit-ups in the pit, or not re-injuring himself trying to escape the pit, or the “worlds greatest detective” looking for info in selina kyle, while alfred does the important background check on bane. after bane seizes the stock exchange (yet another failed plot device in an ever increasing list…i.e, bane takes over the stock exchange, kills a few people, holds everyone hostage, so all trading is stopped, yet suddenly bruce wayne makes a bad trade costing him billions, and as that is the only trade that happens in that time frame, there is no way for him to prove fraud? THEN, that’s when batman makes his 1st appearance in 8 years, the only mention of his legend is a cop telling his rookie partner “you’re gonna see something special”, THEN, after the crazy chase with the stock brokers being dangled on the back of the motorcycles, the front page headline in the paper the next day is how bruce is broke…um, what?) and after alfred gets all the dirt on bane, he acts like a whiny baby and leaves bruce on his own, after destroying his perception of rachel. where are the examples of the legend of batman driving this film? nowhere, or maybe it’s in some of those deleted scenes we wont ever get to see. there was no mention of batman by the cops in the sewer. the only batman reference was by blake, confronting bruce that he is batman.

                    • jeffro…

                      I guess, then, that we shall simply respectfully have to disagree with each other. All of the things you listed as weaknesses and the points you use to contradict me are things I saw drastically differently from you.

                      You hated the film; I loved the film. C’est la vie.

                    • Oh, as just one example of the legend driving the film (at least a part of it): Blake, as the character he is, exists, in great part, because of the inspiration he took from his realization of Bruce’s other identity. There are quite a few others, of course.

              • No way it was 20 minutes. “Batman” was suited for almost 20 minutes alone at the end of the film.

                • Oops, I don’t know why I was talking about TDK.

                  • Batman’s legend carrying the film: How about Wayne and Blake’s interactions.

      • Im quite the Batman fan. TDKR translated the themes and major arcs of Batman’s entire career in one film quite well.

        • i’m also a batman fan, and this film sucked almost as bad as batman & robin.

          • I am ALSO a Batman fan, and this film was an excellent showcase for WHY Batman is such a cool, fantastically intriguing character and has endured for so many decades.

          • I love Batman comics, vgs, etc. and this was a beautiful version that has done justice to great character, not just the Bats, but the man himself, Bruce Wayne.

            Comparing this to Batman and Robin is very extreme. Your disdain for this film is noted and if you believe it “sucks” so much maybe it’s time to move onto something you hold in a high regard.

            • Well said.

      • If somebody just judges the quality of a movie only based on one and one factor alone: the screen-time of Batman…then the best Bat-movie for him/her, would be shooting a film of a length of three hours using a handy-cam pointing towards, directed at a poster or portrait of Batman on our home-walls. That’s max-time for Batman and Batman alone 😀

  3. Your articles get very repetitive Screen Rant. I’ve been using your site for a few years now, and it’s really starting to annoy me how often you rehash the same information. This is about the third article I’ve seen on ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Blu-ray, granted, this time you actually have an official release date, but still, you could have just waited until this article to talk about the Blu-ray. I wonder, what was the point of the other two?

  4. Since I’m getting the (unconfirmed, but inevitable) trilogy box set, I’d like to know when that’s coming out – hopefully before Christmas as well!

    … and I’m also just crossing fingers that WB won’t screw us foreigners out of cool special features like Disney did… still so mad about that.

    • I just wish they’d stop screwing over the DVD with lack of bonus anything. Big movie DVD’s now just come with “Interactive menus”, “commentary” etc…. It sucks for those without Blu-ay.

      • Yeah, but to be fair, BDs aren’t that expensive anymore (it’s pretty much the same price as you would have payed for DVDs a few years ago) and you can get a BD player for dirt cheap as well.

        But I agree, what’s happening to DVDs is outrageous. I’m not always near my BD player when watching movies (at a friend’s house, camping, on the go, etc.) so then DVD players/portable DVD players/laptop DVD ROMS are the only options and in those circumstances, I feel the burn too…

        I really don’t understand WHY they do it though. Special features are one of the few things stopping some people from pirating movies, and now we see DVDs getting almost nothing, and a lot of BDs getting very, very little.
        As a consumer and a movie lover, I’m seriously starting to ask myself “why bother paying if you’re not gonna get your money’s worth?” – and seeing as I’m against piracy, asking myself that question really hurts…

      • yes, i 100% agree. it will be a good couple years at least before i get a bluray play (by then bluray will probably be almost gone to) so im stuck with the stupid dvds that have 5 minutes of special features. ive debated on whether or not to start buying the dvd/bluray combos so i can watch the dvds now and once i get a bluray player i will already own a couple blurays.

        • I watch my films on my laptop and to make a Blu-ray player worth it I’d have to shell out a few hundred £’s on a TV big enough to make the high definition worth it. Often the bonus features are what draws me into buying a film. Not at the moment though.

      • Get with the times, DVD is a dead format and its only for poor people. I bet you still have a VCR and an iphone 4

        • I bet you were sitting at Romney’s conference talking sh*t about poor people

        • I was waiting for someone to post something idiotic and crass like that. Thanks for not disappointing me.

        • dude, half my movies are still on vhs, and thats a couple hundred at least, do the math on how many dvds i have to.

        • Ummm, bubbs…you DO realize how dumb that comment is, right? I’ve happily adopted blu-rays, but for t.v. series and older (non-reformatted) films DVDs are still great and perfectly legitimate.

          Get some sense…sheesh.

  5. Batman Begins> The Dark Knight Rises > The Dark Knight

    • I’d agree with that. Despite TDK’s performance from Ledger and great scripting of the Joker, it’s not as much fun as Begins. Close though. (IMO)

      • oops, I thought it read… BB> TDK> TDKR. That’s ho i’d rate them anyway.

  6. Great films individually, but as a trilogy, a masterpiece.

    • Beautifully stated.

      • I concur.

    • Yes, the triology died a hero

    • Precisely.

  7. If you are pontificating on this forum, you probably aren’t poor. And if you are, you need o get off this site and work harder.

    • Cars and phones and diamond rings.
      Those are only the removable things.

  8. I cannot wait to own the film. This film and the Avengers are the two films making me consider buying a blu-ray. One these films just look incredible and deserve to be enjoyed as such but also for features.

    I really wished there was something special in the features for the Dark Knight Rises to really make the conversion worth it and ruin my whole Batman Trilogy on DVD collection. (Yeah I am nitpicky on that, dont know why.) I was not expecting an extended cut or scenes but something. Maybe commentary or nice insightful documentary on the film or process of scripting. anythng.

    Overall, despite some flaws- my gripes with the film are fewer and somewhat different to the usual criticsm most have with the film- but it is a great honorary ending and a satisfying epic visually and emotionally. As others have stated, each film is great in own- very different from one another but great films- but when all of them are together is when you get something else entirely, something more. Something everlasting. And that is what truly makes this and the other films great: a great solid epic tale of one man and his city. Though with flaws these films build on one another and create a truly satisfying story.

    Are they together or individual masterpieces? Probably not in all cases, but they are pretty damn close to it.

    • Well said. Very nice.

      I think the trilogy definitely works well as one film. Each film correlating to the requirements of each ‘act’ it represents in the trilogy.

      And I think this is where each film really shines. Begins is the perfect first act for a giant film. Rises is the perfect final act. And TDK was just a romp of a good time and an awesome second act.

      Conversely, independently each film suffers from the very thing which makes them work so well when put together.

      Imagine each film as though it was the only film ever created in the trilogy.

      Begins could be said to feel like a prelude to a much bigger story, if the other two had not been made.

      TDK would have felt ungrounded and less emotionally engaging without Begins, and it’s ending would have been sour, knowing that Bats was to be left as the ‘villain’ forever, without the redemption afforded him in Rises.

      And Rises would have seemed overly dramatic, and too ‘romantic’, without the baggage of the first two films weighing Bruce down.

      Nolan said he didn’t write the films with a trilogy in mind, but I really do wonder if he was just defensively posturing, because in my opinion this is one of the two most ‘complete’ film trilogies ever created. The other being LOTR (at least until it gets bumped into the dual-trilogy category with Star Wars! – or, god forbid, they rape Nolan’s trilogy and make a 4th film, in which case Nolan’s Bats gets bumped into franchise territory with Harry Potter, lol).

      • Honorable mention for most ‘complete’ film trilogy – Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (although technically it was shot for TV I believe, or simultaneous TV/Theatrical release perhaps? something like that).

  9. “Watchmen” is still the best comic book movie ever made, TDKR was a pathetic Batman film, Bane gets killed by Catwomen???? say no more, Rises was a complete mess, it was rushed and highly edited, it has nothing on the first two, Begins is by far the best, and Nolan is a tosser for not showing the additional 30 mins footage, it might actually save the film you moron! Thank God he is done with Batman, hopefully now someone can come in a do a proper job and give us all a real Batman.

    • Oh, someone DID do a proper job and give us a real Batman. His name is Christopher Nolan.

      I suppose, however, you are as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine…even if I believe you to be absolutely, ridiculously wrong. 😉

      I DO, on the other hand, agree that “Watchmen” was/is an excellent (certainly one of the best, if not THE best) comic book films in the vein of “The Avengers”, “Hellboy”, “Kick-Ass”, etc.

  10. Since the movie itself was cludgy and underwhelming, I hope they load this Blueray set up with big-time extra features..

    • Ummm, WHY would buy this film if you really didn’t like it? I disagree with you btw, but that just means I’ll have very good reasons for getting the blu-ray.

  11. oh,it’s so cool.I like the film Dark Knight~~