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In a year heaped with highly-anticipated, high0-profile franchise tentpoles, The Dark Knight Rises stood out near the top of the pile. Though the film’s release was marred by an act of tragic violence, the finale to Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight Trilogy” went on to gross over $1 billion worldwide – placing it only behind The Avengers in terms of the largest box office return (so far) for 2012.

Today, The Dark Knight Rises will be available for purchase on both DVD and Blu-ray. Loaded with behind-the-scenes footage, special effects featurettes, and other glimpses into the production of the sprawling Bat-epic, the home video release of the film is a required purchase for any fan of the trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises DVD is currently priced at $28.98; its Blu-ray/DVD combo version lists at $35.99. As ever, intrepid bargain hunters should be able to find both versions of the film at a much lower price: Amazon currently offers the DVD for $12.96 and the Blu-ray for $17.96.

Of course, the home release of any effects-heavy, large-scale production like The Dark Knight Rises is all but guaranteed to arrive with an arsenal of special features. These consist mostly of featurettes that provide behind-the-scenes explorations of the movie’s intense filming with the cast and crew. The gallery below offers a glimpse of production images revealed in these short documentaries:


New Images



These particular featurettes focus on the process of Tom Hardy stepping into the hulking swagger of Bane, the effects that went into the destruction of Gotham City (specifically the infamous collapsing football field), and the rigors of Anne Hathaway’s physical performance as Selina Kyle.

Of particular interest to gear-heads (and really, anyone fascinated by Nolan’s unique take on Batman’s trademark vehicles) is a 13-minute documentary chronicling the creation of the now-iconic Tumbler:

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray also includes art galleries, and two additional featurettes about Nolan’s efforts to wrap up the Dark Knight Trilogy: “Ending the Knight” and “The Journey of Bruce Wayne.”

While The Dark Knight Rises was generally treated well by critics (we here at Screen Rant liked it, with some reservations), the movie is the vital conclusion to the most stylistically cohesive superhero series ever made. For all of its flaws, it remains a fun and rousing adventure film. Whether you’re a diehard fan or simply a completest, now is the time to pick up the tale of Bruce Wayne’s final odyssey.

The Dark Knight Rises is available on DVD and Blu-Ray starting today.


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  1. hopefully we’ll finally get features for dark knight….(not rises)
    in the 3-pack.

  2. Deleted scenes? I thought that wasnt happening.

    • It isn’t – that was a typo that’s since been removed.

      • Thats dissappointing. Haha.

  3. It’s a shame the DVD doesn’t have many bonus features but since I refuse to buy blu ray, that’s all I’m gonna get unfortunately.

    Picked this and Amazing Spider-Man up an hour ago for £10 each. Bargain.

    • I refused blurayfor a long time (I have 500 dvd’s) but finally for the Avengers I broke down and got a refurbished one for $40 from best buy.. WOW the quality is A HUGE DIFFERENCE, I did not think it could be THAT MUCH BETTER!! but they are SOOO much better! I wish i had gone to the dark side a LNG TIME AGO!!! LOL

    • Refusing the new standard is f****** stupid. There’s no two ways about it.

  4. Already got my copy and waiting to get off work!!!

  5. got my copy. not big on bluray that much but Im happy with the DVD that I have. time to watch all three movies in order finally. SO EXCITED!!!

  6. I wanted to like this movie, but near the end prevented me from doing so. Bane was being controlled by Talia. They should have called it Batman & Robin2.

    • Wait, so Nolan having Talia take over from her father like she was always lined up to do/did briefly in the comics and being revealed as the true main villain left you disappointed?

      Did you hate the twist endings in The Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects too?

      • I gotta agree with Agent 0 as well. I found Talia a very bland character and the payoff for that twist was very dull. Bane (to me) was way more interesting, and I found it annoying that the only way they incorporated Talia in the story was to give her BANE’S origin. If Nolan simply didn’t include her arc I think the story would have been better off. Beyond that I loved this movie.
        Also, I don’t think Bane was her henchman. I think Talia respected him too much for that. After all, she forsook her father for excommunicating Bane, plus Bane ignored her order to not kill Batman right before his (disappointing) death.

        • Bane was probably given the simpliest of orders from talia… everything bane did was from his own mind and brute force talia is just a league figurehead.

      • @Dazz

        Great point!

        Anyways, I just got a blu ray player (and already have TDKR ordered on Amazon) so now I have to return that when I get it so I can get the Blu ray combo pack to save money and get more special features! :D

        Oh, and was I the only one who noticed that the DVD pic of TDKR on the Bane featurette was fake? It’s that stupid fan made looking one that they showed us like a month ago.

  7. I was hoping for a feature length documentary on the whole trilogy. Maybe we will get that with the box set…

  8. I picked up the steelbook at best buy to complete the trilogy. I now have all three steelbook editions, the ultimate box set releases in the fall of 2013.

  9. The last pic seems funny. Kinda reminded me this funny cartoon from Batman poking Cat-woman’s behind. http://bit.ly/QFBguv

  10. I pre-ordered the trilogy bluray and am hoping the extra features are included. Guess I can look it up easily enough. Also fretting the Best Buy RISES bluray has an exclusive documentary. I want it all. Oh well.


  11. This movie was a pile of trash. While watching it I kept thinking to myself how much I miss the Joker.

    “This town deserves a better class of criminal.”

    I agree.

    • You and your family are a pile of trash.

      • Calm down. No need to bring another person’s family in this. Besides the movie was overrated, TDK was the high point of this trilogy. Not just saying this to get a rise out of people…heyyyyyooo!

        • Nonono, The Avengers WAS the very definition of overrated. Now don’t assemble a hateful comeback… heyyooo!

          Also Blu-ray doesn’t make or break a movie like most seem to think. All it does is slightly improve picture quality; better resolution =/= better movie. Does watching the SW prequels in HD make it better? No. Does watching The Wizard of Oz in HD make it more magical than it already is? No.

          I’m happy with DVD format and look forward to watching TDKR again, it was my favorite movie of the year.

          • No offense, but it sounds like you either need a new HDTV or prescription glasses if you can’t see the difference between HD and low definition. I have my old DVDs but it’s hard to want to watch them anymore. The grain and low resolution hurts my brain.

  12. I got the blu-ray trilogy the other day, im in oz and it came out last week down here, its awesome! heaps of bonus material to watch on each film, and after watching “Rises” again a couple of times on blu-ray I take back a lot of things I said about the film, I loved it!!! Bane sounds so much clearer than at the cinemas, I could understand everything he said, his voice sounds frightening! TDKR is a real grower imo, and its so friken epic! Its weird I didnt really like it when I seen it in the theatre, but once I seen it on blu-ray I loved it! Best superhero films of all time..

  13. Agent 0..I also thought TDKR was overated till id seen it a couple of times on blu-ray, its really grown on me, now I love it, Catwomen is hot!..Bane scared me much more than Joker, I thought if I had to locked in a room with one of these charactors, I can say %200 it would never be Bane! Tom Hardy is insane in this, what an awesome performance, his eyes are pure rage and his voice (which now I can understand) sounds pure evil, the Joker is still the best villian, but Bane is the scariest..”Batman Begins” was a better all round film than “The Dark Knight” as well imo, it doesnt matter though their all quality..

    • Hey fair enough…I would be willing to check it out again and give it another go since you brought out those points. Blueray does make a difference.

  14. I hate it when they release a combo pack. I am buying Blu-ray for more than four year now, can’t even watch dvd anymore. So why the heck would I want one? Anyway I gave my copy of Begins and Dark Knight; I am waiting for the trilogy combo.

  15. Here is how I ranked my re-watching experience;

    3. Avengers – Just not as fun as the first time.
    2. Prometheus – Better after watching the deleted scenes and visually stimulating.
    3. The Dark Knight Rises – Gave me that special feeling at the end which is what watching movies is all about.

  16. I am disappointed that the iTunes Extra has just a measly 4 so-called bonus videos. Nolan should be ashamed. I love his work but the studio and his bonus material decisions both suck major a$s. Im gonna watch them all in order this weekend.

  17. Jobs set it best the day’s of DVD and Blue-Ray are over.

    • Really…Hmmm. Then, all of those MANY, MANY people buying Blu-rays (and, in fact, DVDs) are going to be mighty disappointed…except that your statement is simply wrong. Jobs (believe it or not) got lots of things wrong, as well. It’s okay.

  18. I am one happy camper I was at walmart at 12 am and got one of the only two special limited edition dark knight rises sculptured bluray cases IT IS SWEET LOOKING.

    • Sculptured? What does THAT case look like? I know the “Broken Cowl” edition will be coming out later…Which one are YOU describing?

  19. Extremely disappointed with the lack of in-depth or indeed – special – features with this release!

    Want to know some interesting facts about the making of the film? Well you won’t learn anything from the extra disc!

    Would have been nice to have some actually behind the scenes footage, rather than set photos and post cinema release interviews.