Will There Be a Director’s Cut of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on Blu-ray?

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TDKR directors cut Will There Be a Director’s Cut of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu ray?

A rumor has begun circulating that the Blu-ray release of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises will contain “about thirty minutes” of additional footage, expanding the origin of Bane and adding more detail to other scenes.

Please be aware that this article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the film.

Nuke The Fridge is the originator of the report, and even they say state that it is a rumor; however, they do seem quite certain that Christopher Nolan’s Batman film will be extended for its home release – a Nolan first.

Last month we reported that the film’s costume designer, Lindy Hemming had said that there was more footage of Bane’s origin set to be featured in the film, but it appeared to be cut at the last minute. Hemming is quoted as saying:

“There’s a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he’s fighting and being taunted by people. He’s got chains on him, and he’s standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he’s wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask.”

Nuke The Fridge also states that Liam Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul will get more screen time in this extended version as well – although the context is unknown.

Christopher Nolan isn’t a director to compromise on his vision, at least not at this stage in his career, so if he was forced to cut anything then it may have been solely for technical reasons. The Dark Knight Rises is 165 minutes long, the maximum length that a film can be shown on IMAX, so it is possible that the director had to remove certain sequences to meet this limit – or possibly studio pressure (as longer movies can be intimidating for some viewers). The Blu-ray release would therefore be the perfect opportunity to show this additional footage.

Nolans TDKR directors cut Will There Be a Director’s Cut of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu ray?

The Dark Knight Rises is a long movie, even though it moves at a rapid pace, and certainly the second half of the film (where these scenes would be placed) does appear to have been tightened in the editing room. It’s safe to assume that if (and it’s a big if) thirty minutes of footage is integrated back into the film then it will feature more than just scenes of Bane and Ra’s Al Ghul. There could potentially be more footage of an isolated Gotham City, and more scenes featuring Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) recuperating under Tom Conti’s watchful eye. This is pure speculation on my part, but many viewers felt as if the second half of The Dark Knight Rises needed a bit more room to breathe.

Thirty minutes leaves a lot of room for what Nolan can add to the film, but I don’t think that it can be called a “director’s cut.” Nolan has final cut on his movies, and anything that was edited out was more than likely his decision. If a new version of The Dark Knight Rises is released on Blu-ray, then it’ll fall more in the “extended edition” category.

The Dark Knight Rises has currently grossed over $1 billion at the global box office (out grossing The Dark Knight), and while some saw it as the perfect conclusion to Nolan’s Batman trilogy (myself included), others were left disappointed by Tom Hardy’s Bane, and certain plot inconsistencies. Could thirty minutes of extra footage solve these problems?

Time will tell – if this rumor is indeed true.

Keep reading Screen Rant for more details on the Blu-ray release of The Dark Knight Rises.

Source: Nuke The Fridge [via Badass Digest]

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  1. I hope the extra half-hour is all of Bruce in the cave, Bane taking over Gotham and Gotham being all Anarchist. That Six month skip in 30 seconds, I felt was the weakest part of the movie, and kind of left the third act a little stranded in the middle of an ocean.

  2. That movie hardly moves at a frantic pace.

  3. Maybe show how in the heck people get back and forth between wherever the mysterious prison is and Gotham city. Also, how Bruce Wayne ends up strolling down the street and bumping into Selina Kyle.

    • like many people, you are very fixated on “how did bruce get back to gotham?” when like most people, you forget that all these answers have been shown to you in the previous films. In Begins, he travels the world as a criminal making things work without his money, showing the audience that Bruce can get around. In Rises, he also had twenty three days or so to do it. Lucius gives the audience the exposition of the time frame a few times in the movie. If Bruce could survive the streets prior to league of shadows training, i’m fairly confident he can make it back to gotham in almost a freaking month’s time after having been Batman for a while at that point.

  4. Is there an estimated BD release date yet?

    • its says possible the first week of December

    • My local online-retailers has an “Expected Release Date” of the end of November (and I’m pretty sure BluRay.com has the same info).

      But looking at long it usually takes for a movie to hit DVD/BD, I can say with certainty that it’ll be available near the holiday season (November/December).

      • Geez, looks like my brain forgot how what grammar is… let’s rephrase:
        “All my local, online-retailers have an “Expected Release Date” for the end of November…”

        • *Sigh*
          “looks like my brain forgot WHAT grammar is”
          … looks like my brain isn’t working at all today :(

    • I’ve always got my Batman DVDs as a Christmas present. So I’m pretty sure it’s December. It’s always been December with Nolan’s films.

  5. I never knew that there was a 165 minute max for IMAX. Knowing that makes me think about a lot of the last 1/3 of the movie because there was a few moments that felt rushed and at times unearned. I’m not making excuses, understand that please. Every film has flaws but if Nolan was constrained to that time frame it sort of makes sense why certain moments felt off.
    Now, do I think this extended cut will actually happen? I really don’t know. Nolan has never done this before so I’d be surprised if it happened.
    Regardless, I’m just waiting for the trilogy box set. I can’t wait to add it to my collection…

    • IMAX used to have a 2 hour max, that’s why everyone I knew who saw Star Wars Episode 2 thought it was good, all the bad romance stuff was cut to make the run time

  6. Sometimes more is not better, but it did feel like the movie was missing some stuff from when Bane’s forces take over and to when stuff starts happening, ie, Batman/Bruce Wayne returns to GC etc. I felt it was hard to tell the passage of time. Also, it seemed like people seemed to move around a supposedly enemy occupied city fairly easily. Also, they all seem pretty healthy and all for a city under siege. If anything, that was the weakest part of the movie, showing what it would really be like if a Bane-type character was able to “take over” a city the size of Gotham. It didn’t seem very realistic. I suppose Nolan himself may have realized this was a weak concept to sell, so he kind of rushed through it. It seems part of his style. When he has a segment that is a bit “plothole-ish” he rushes through it, not giving you time to really think about it. Much like the whole shooting the bullet into the wall thing in Dark Knight.

    • I agree, with it feeling rushed. It was like, his back is broken, he does two push ups, and then he nearly makes it out of the pit on the first attempt. The he walks through a doorway, asks about some chanting, gets the advice to lose the rope, and he’s free.

      I was expecting a montage to put Rocky to shame. I think Batman’s whole ‘pit’ experience probably clocks in at a shorter run time than your average Rocky montage, lol. Great idea, poor execution, imo.

      • btw, it is only the upper class of GC that Bane imprisons. He turns over the city to the lower class who raise up in Anarchy under threat of destruction. Bane wants them to walk around the city, rioting if they so please, but his men are obviously in charge.

  7. Basically as a hero I have to ask: does it come in black? -wink-

  8. I want to see more BANE especially during his training with ras al ghul and talia, plus a bit of focus on their love. Many people didnt like the movie but still there was plenty of good that went with the bad

  9. I enjoyed it but I felt it was rushed. I thought it easily could have been an hour longer to explain things. Bruce Wayne getting back to Gotham could have been interesting. But I’m
    not a hue fan of having different versions of a movie.

  10. I enjoyed it but I felt it was rushed. I thought it easily could have been an hour longer to explain things. Bruce Wayne getting back to Gotham could have been interesting. But I’m
    not a huge fan of having different versions of a movie.

  11. Just when you thought it was done, we find that there may be additional footage added to TDKR. I hope this is true and an extended version will be in The Dark Knight trilogy set improving the concluding chapter of the dark knight legend.

  12. Sold!

    • To the man in the cold sweat!

  13. Hopefully an option to re-edit the movie also. The structure is awful and came very close to killing the movie for me. Which is ironic in itself when you consider Nolan’s main strength is usually the structure.

  14. The minutes limit for IMAX is a function of the platter size for
    IMAX film and the limitation pertains to IMAX film projection only.

    The Dark Knight Rises was converted to IMAX DMR where there
    is no such limitation and DMR prints can be up to 3 hours long.

    Therefore, Nolan had no such restriction to cut any film length
    and the premise of the rumor is false undermining its credibility.

    • But then there is the limitation that DMR prints can be up to three hours long. If they were to return an extra 30 minutes from the cutting room floor, then the movie would have been longer than 3 hours.
      Unless you’re saying that they can load in a bunch of those prints into the projector, Nolan had to chop his movie down.
      Anyway, I’ve heard that he cut his movie down to the length it was released in. Whatever the reason — studio executives, trying to appease movie theater chain owners — the movie felt rushed at numerous points, and numerous characters felt shortchanged.

      • You can run a crossover with a DMR SR setup
        which employs the two projectors which are normally
        used for 3D enabling a seamless six hour total presentation.

        • Do you believe that they expended THIS much and this particular effort on the film? They were already going through the extra effort of using the IMAX cameras…all of this extra work seems like it would have been overkill.

          • My point had to do with the premise of
            Nolan being forced to cut the film because
            of IMAX and the point is that cannot be true.
            I have no idea what point you are making here.

            • My point is that you seem to think they could have gotten around the limitations of the equipment they used, so they probably did, thus negating any real possibility of the extra footage rumor being true. I simply do not think they went through all of that EXTRA effort; thus, the limitation remained; thus, the rumor’s possible viability remains.

              I’m not saying I DO believe the rumor…just that your technical skewering of it might not be accurate (at least in terms of what DID happen versus what MIGHT’VE happened).

              • I was not saying they went through any extra effort.
                Nolan did not as was not forced to cut any frame of film.
                There is no technical limitation for the premise of the rumor.

  15. I am SO down for this!

  16. The more Tom Hardy/Bane the better.

  17. Awesome news!
    If this is rumor is true and there IS an extended version, then I’m definitely getting it (not that I wasn’t going to get the movie anyway ;))

    IMO there were some story threads that could have benefited from a longer run time and some more scenes to flesh everything out, and with the run-time already being so long (2hrs45min), I’m not sure how well that would have worked out for most movie goers…
    Needless to say, I’m glad the home release might come with an extended cut – if this is true, then I’ll get to watch over three hours of BATMAN on my comfy couch, with the pause button at my disposal!

  18. I really want one but Im not going to get excited until it is officially announced… oops too late ;)

  19. i want to see bruce get the knee brace technology on his BACK when he returns…makes more sense to show him using this tech to recover and be mobile again.

  20. If anything, the director’s cut needs to be 20-25 minutes ‘SHORTER; than the theatrical version not longer

  21. I work in Retail Sales. Right now, we’re showing the Blu-Ray release on Friday, December 7th.

    • How odd…TDKR comes out on the anniversary of the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. The comic book hero war movie is released on the day commemorating America’s entrance into the War.

      • Nolan and/or Warner Bros. seems to like that day for releasing his movies. Going off my memory, Inception also came out that day.

      • I think you’re reading into the date too much, Archaeon.

        • I really was not…I just found the coincidence funny.

  22. Hopefully there will be scenes fleshing out Miranda Tate because the big reveal just felt flat to me

  23. I thought the same thing when I saw the release date. I’m not sure why Warner Bros. chose that release date, unless they figured it would be a good time to get into stores for Christmas Sales. Looking at the release date calendar, though, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of movies..Big or Small currently booked for Blu-Ray release after Dec 7th, though.

  24. The source and the news is crap, and BOF says the director’s cut is in theaters.

    We can stop wasting our lives speculating about it now. Nolan doesn’t even do a commentary for his movies

  25. i hope this is true as i would love to see more Bane.and any problems people had with the film all spawn from the it being too short- not enough developement or the miranda tate love story, more bane/catwoman back story, the rushed healing in the prison and unshown return to gotham(which is unnecessary imo but wouldnt mind seeing if something interesting actually happened).


    I actually believe this movie should have been a two part epic. part 1 introducing all the characters and have batman return. then another villan working for bane for batman to battle with like killer croc, and after defeating him have to face bane and be defeated. end on a total down note with bruce being left in the prison and bane starting his take over of the city but last minute a little hope introducing blake as robin/ nightwing whatever.. part 2 just kick off from there showing bruce getting out of the prison and “rising” teaming with robin and catwoman then expanding on the last half of TDKR in more detail with banes back story and what not…

    I dont know. could have been kinda cool. loved the movie how it is but had room for alot more in the story

    • That would have been EPIC! You sir have some really genius ideas.

      • Well thank you sir!

        • I agree.

  26. ka-ching!

  27. Everyone knows about this but NO one is talking! The shot of India is CGI!!! Nolan shot the REAL version that got removed before the premiere.
    My friend downloaded the original script so it obviously must be true and Totally makes sense, and it goes like this: Bruce takes another 4 minutes to crawl up out of the tunnel (with more fake-choral underscore)… and emerges in… the Meadowlands, just a bit southeast of the stadium. He hitches a ride with a chick and 2 dudes (who sparked a number and are chilling to Yes/Fragile) on Rt. 1-9, on their way to “Gotham”(adding 3 minutes), through the Holland Tunnel (a 6 min. sequence, with percussive carhorn-sounding underscore), catches the uptown E train at Canal St (waits for the train 11 minutes, grabs the first local train that comes in, with industrial subway-sounding underscore)), and surfaces in full batsuit (which he had stashed at NY Sports & Racket on the east side), that he retreived within the remaining 7 minutes of the 30 total. And has more thunderous yet oddly uninteresting underscore.
    The big question remains- how did he get into NY Sports & Racket without his club ID??? Nolan has done nothing toward explaining critical LAPSES like this!!! ALSO this movie is coming out only on BETA-DISC according to that same website. so get ready to lay down your cash and RAWK at xmas!!!

    • You know, it took me a lot longer than I’d like to admit to figure out that you were joking ;)

  28. bane was awesome,the only thing that i disliked was that they´ve showed nearly nothing about the function of his mask and his injuries,just a small scene would had satisfied me , but it wasn´t so. so, i hope that the deleted scenes have an important connection to the story. but, i love the the movie,it packed me totally in the seats at all 4 screenings that i´ve watched. i can´t say it often enough the -td.k.r- and the – the aven.- movies were both masterpieces,that´s why i don´t understand the conversation about the thing which of the movies were better.

  29. Christopher Nolan already said he was working on the directors cut long before the Dark Knight Rises even came out in theaters in a interview with the directors guild Nolan said quote “On The Dark Knight Rises, to make that 10-week director’s cut I’ve basically got one day to cut three days of shooting—which comes to an hour or an hour and a half of footage.”

    • Indeed, I read on a different site this rumor has been debunked anyways. So very disappointed.