‘Dark Knight Rises’: Bane’s Backstory & Maskless Face Revealed

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Dark Knight Rises Trailer Discussion Dark Knight Rises: Banes Backstory & Maskless Face Revealed

You can usually gauge how well a movie has crafted its central villain by the length of time that discussion of, and fascination with, said villain lasts after the movie has been released. Despite all the claims that Tom Hardy’s Bane in Dark Knight Rises wasn’t going to be able to hold a candle to Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, we’ve been seeing and hearing about Bane quite extensively lately – most notably in the sheer flood of Internet memes that have been created in half-celebration, half-mockery, of the whimsically-voiced terrorist.

Today we add to our “Banemania” with news of a Dark Knight Rises deleted scene that reveals more story behind Bane’s life-changing injury, with a few photos from the TDKR set of Hardy without his Bane mask on, and his (cosmetically applied) scars showing.

Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming (Dark Knight Trilogy, Casino Royale) was doing an interview with GQ about the wardrobe she designed for Bane in Dark Knight Rises, and in the course of that discussion, let slip about a scene that didn’t actually make it into the theatrical cut of the film. At this point it would be kind of silly to call the following a SPOILER – but all the same, for those who like to stay uninformed about their deleted scenes until they see them: MILD DELETED SCENE SPOILER BELOW.

Said Lindy, about the scene:

[The Movie is] not out in England yet, but the other thing that you should have seen during that sequence is [Bane] being injured in his youth. So one of the fundamental things about his costume is that he has this scar from the back injury. Even if he hasn’t got the bulletproof vest on, he still has to wear the waist belt and the braces. In that scene in the prison, where he’s learning to fight the same way Batman learned to fight, he’s wearing an early version of his waist belt. It’s showing support, but it’s not the finished one he eventually wears. He’s also wearing an early version of his gas mask, all glued together.

Well, if you look at the film, unless they’ve cut it—and I’m sure they haven’t—there’s a whole early section for Tom Hardy where he’s fighting and being taunted by people. He’s got chains on him, and he’s standing on a wooden thing while people are attacking him. And in that scene, he’s wearing a much more ragged, primitive version of the mask…I suppose you have to cut things. I won’t elaborate on it too much, because it isn’t in the film, but there was another section that showed you why he had the mask and where it came from.

From that description, it seems like there was a fair amount of “Bane Begins” included in the film. Our controversial Dark Knight Rises podcast features a large segment with me nitpicking the development of the antagonists in the film, but given the final shape of the theatrical cut, I’m not sure that there was much room for more Bane backstory. Besides: seeing the evolution of Bane wouldn’t have been nearly as fun as hearing his “I became a man in the darkness” speech. Classic Bane.

Just for fun, check out these old set photos of Tom Hardy without his Bane mask, hanging out on the set of Dark Knight Rises:


You can clearly see the scar that resulted from the injuries Hemming described.

For all the mockery, the controversy over his voice, and the comparisons to Ledger’s Joker, it is clear that Nolan, Hardy and Co. scored a pretty solid victory in terms of making their version of Bane not only memorable, but also a mainstream name. Eat your hearts out, Riddler and Penguin…

For more Banely goodness, check out the following:

The Dark Knight Rises is now in theaters.

Sources: GQ (via Collider), Screen Crush

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  1. That picture of Tom Hardy with the Bane mask tan line is Photoshopped. Here’s the original image: http://twitpic.com/afxv2k

    • Batman-News commenting on Screenrant?? Worlds colliding!

  2. Bane was a great villain, his unrelenting jawing at Batman while he lays a beat down was oh so memorable.

  3. Knowing how Nolan feels about deleted scenes it is certain they will never be seen.
    Christopher has the mindset of a director who personally burns every unused frame.

    • yeah as much as i love him as a director. I don’t like that he never uses directors cuts or deleted scenes.

      • I have a dream, where Nolan & Co release the TDK Trilogy Extended Cut with all the included deleted scenes. I have a dream.

        • I agree. we can only hope

        • Indeed!

      • The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises WERE his Director’s Cuts.

        • I asked for an EXTENDED CUT

    • Nolan is one of my favorite directors, but it would be extremely arrogant from him not to release an Extended-cut.

      Even Stevie Wonder could see there is a lot of problems with the TDKR.

      • While I’m also hopeful for a three-hour-plus Extended Cut that lets the movie breathe better, why on earth would it be ‘arrogant’ for Nolan to not want to do so? He probably just feels that he should show moviegoers everything he wants them to see at the cinema, so what exactly makes that arrogant?

        • Maybe he thinks that the version he shows people in theaters is perfect.

          When obviously it isn’t. If he doesn’t release an extended-cut he doesn’t admit the movie is heavily flawed.

          Everything he does is perfect, then. Get it?

  4. keeping my fingered crossed it will be on the blu ray!

  5. Check these out. 3-D rendering of Bane’s back.


  6. I loved how he portrayed BANE he`s without a doubt very Evil. I was hoping to see more of his back story I guess I`ll find out on DVD. Epic scene when he beats down BATMAN and mentions the “LEAGUE OF SHADOWS” remind me of Darth Vader`s creepy voice

    • Actually, I disagree. I think that the movie portrayed him as more of a created evil. He protected Natalia in the prison and tried to protect her mom. He also helped her leave. Helping and protecting a little kid is ccertainly not evil. He is much more complex.

  7. No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.

    • That’s where you are wrong, Bane.

  8. I still think he sounds like the Sean Connery from SNL’s Jeopardy Parody. “Not a fan of the ladies…Are we Tribek?” I loved the movie, but that kinda killed it for me. “That’s not what your mother said, Tribek!!”

    • yeah i didnt like banes voice

  9. Possible Spoilers

    I loved this film very much. It was a great and awesome experience. While it may or may not be the best of the trilogy, the film( along with its predeccesors) are leagues above other films in the genre.

    But I think another rewrite of the script would have done wonders for this film, as it just stopped short of being a masterpiece. More elaboration on Bane and his philosophy would have been effective and Talia should have been introduced earlier as well. If Talia/Miranda was already in a relationship with Bruce prior to the film beginning it would have also set things in motion faster and we could have scenes like the one described above and maybe elabortation on how exactly Batman returned to Gotham, being a stealthy and badass. Oh if Talia was shown with Bruce already in the beginning and Bane studying Gotham(maybe an implied but directly said connection to the Joker) all the years before- and thus knowing the lie circa Dent- the script would have moved better and present both as much more effective and evil villians that are complicated and cunning. Bane was shown complex but his philosophy should have gotten more screen time to fully figure him about. He wants to destroy Gotham but also use Gotham as an example to the rest of world and accomplish the omens that the Joker promised in TDK with “Gotham eating each other when the chips are down-because in the end people show you who they really are”.

    Bane’s back story and motivations and philosophy was there on screen and subtle and complex but more fleshing out could have defintely improve character relations making them deeper such as in the previous films. Again I loved this film so much and cant wait to see it again and I loved Bane but some tweaks would have made it absolutely perfect and the best in the trilogy, and maybe the best of genre as a whole.

  10. Sorry my bad for the redundunt statements and any grammer problem. Hard to focus where I am at lol

  11. Nolan’s version of Bane didn’t impress me that much but was better than Schumacher’s.

  12. bane is lame

  13. Bane is dope….would love to see him have his own origin movie

  14. Bane is dope….would love to see him have his own origin movie.

  15. Bane is dope. would love to see him have his own origin movie.

  16. would love to see him have his own origin movie.

  17. The Cash Grab Rises, Plot Hole Summary

    A James Bond-esque plane hijacking which is our first introduction to Bane, the main antagonist (?) of the film. We also get to hear Bane’s voice for the first time, which sounds like a fruity Sean Connery over a bad High School public address system, evincing some laughter in the showing I attended. The sequence is this: Bane allows himself to be captured by the CIA. Gets put on a plane. Then while in the air, Bane’s henchmen in another larger plane, drops Bane’s team on to the outside of the CIA plane. They attach the smaller CIA prop plane to their bigger cargo jet, then disable the CIA plane, cut off it’s wings, cut it open, rescue Bane, and kidnap a scientist. During this escapade, Bane is shown laboriously inserting an IV needle into the scientist’s arm, while hanging in mid air, the other end of the IV tube is a bag to collect his blood. The container of blood is then shoved into a body bag with a corpse. The pay-off for this is much later in the film.

    Flash forward to Wayne Manor and it is Harvey Dent Day. Everyone is celebrating Gotham’s hero and the founder of the “no parole for scumbags act.” Commissioner Gordon wants to tell everyone the truth about Batman eight years later, but just can’t get it out.

    Introduce pointless character #1: Foley (Matthew Modine). He is there to tell us that Gordon’s family left him and since the city is a crime free paradise we are gonna have to fire you. Pointless information that never ends up meaning anything through the rest of the movie, except to inject some pathos for Gordon.

    Then introducing Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard). She wants to talk to Bruce Wayne about some big project. She is a well known green energy proponent and has a long established reputation in environmental circles. But Alfred will have none of that and tells her to pretty much piss off.

    Finally we get to see Bruce Wayne, but he is a crippled recluse with a cane who no one has seen in years (Howard Hughes Jr.) Why hasn’t he been fighting crime for eight years as Batman? We find out later he’s got no cartilage left in his knees and elbows. Why? At the end of TDK he is shot by Two-Face and falls. But then he gets up and runs away from the police and police dogs. The last we see of Batman in TDK, he is running. Gunshot wound and all. What happened to him since then? He wasn’t doing Batman stuff right?

    Now Catwoman’s introduction, aka Selina Kyle. She is dressed as part of the help, catering a party, and steals some pearls from Bruce Wayne (his mother’s) but she also needs to get his fingerprints off a mysterious safe (that she conveniently finds right away.) Bruce and her have a little flirty chat, and then she sweeps the leg, Karate Kid style, and jumps out the window with the pearls and fingerprints.

    Bruce of course wants to know who she is, so hits the new looking (not dusty and out of date after eight years) batcave, and we finally see Bruce do some detective work. Enter Alfred and his regurgitated monologue ”Blah, blah, stop being Batman, blah blah, find a family.” Which tells you right there what scene will be at the end of the movie (blunt foreshadowing). Subtlety may not be Nolan’s strong suit.

    Back to Selina and the fingerprints. She takes them to Daggett (pointless character #2) who happens to be working with Bane and they want to make Bruce Wayne lose all his money. Selina is double crossed and doesn’t get her character wipe device, or whatever it was called, but she does trick Daggett into calling the cops who show up instantly at the bar. First time and last time the cops actually do anything right in the Batman Trilogy.

    At some point veteran Commissioner Gordon decides to go into the sewer to pursue rumors of a problem down below? He heads the search, which is hard to swallow. Shouldn’t he be behind a desk at this point? He doesn’t look any older but he’s eight years older than the last time we saw him in TDK. Then Gordon is caught and taken to Bane who hates that they brought a cop and starts snapping necks. Bane magically pulls Gordon’s speech out of his coat pocket, though he doesn’t search anywhere else. Then the injured Gordon rolls off into the sewer to escape and luckily the omnipotent John Blake (Joseph Gordon Levitt) runs to the exact tunnel where the Commissioner comes out!

    Amazing!!! HE IS CLAIRVOYANT! He also reveals later that he knows Bruce Wayne is Batman because they are both orphans and he can read his face. WTF?

    Ok, so Bruce then runs into the sexy Selina Kyle at Miranda Tate’s little soiree. Bruce dances with Selina and gets his pearls back, “Even thought they look better on you than on my mother.” That’s ok because Selina steals his Lamborghini on the way out.

    Bruce (aka James Bond) visits Wayne Enterprises to talk to Lucius Fox (aka Q) and run through the 50 year old formula of show me what weapons you have today. We get a look at “The Hover-Bat” which has auto pilot and anyone can drive because Fox takes it out for a spin when traffic is heavy. He also needs to talk to Lucius about the McGuffin (otherwise known as “the ticking time bomb nuclear reactor” cliche) which we will see later in the movie.

    Bruce goes back to the Batcave to do a little more detective work but Alfred already looked up Bane on wikipedia and spoon-feeds Bruce (and the audience), Bane’s entire backstory in a monologue. Nice! Alfred knows Bane’s info and his motivations like he related to him.

    Moving along. Bane and his minions attack the Gotham Stock Exchange and bankrupt Bruce Wayne with his fingerprints. And it works! And no one can put 2+2 together to see hmmm… Stock exchanged robbed…Wayne is broke that same day. Surely this wouldn’t be a coincidence? Let’s just instantly bankrupt him with no investigation.

    Then the chase scene. Bane and his followers grab hostages from the Stock Exchange, jump on the back of motorcycles, and ride off with the police in hot pursuit. They’re juggling money (electronically on laptops), and guns while riding the motorcycles, with the hostages passively clinging to their kidnappers, and not trying to jump off the back of the motorcycles or anything …….. errrrr…… ok.

    And finally we get to see BATMAN! FINALLY!
    Enter Bats on his Batpod. He doesn’t do anything (except maybe break the speed limit), and the police, who was chasing the armed Bane with hostages, now say, “Screw it lets get the Batman!” Then the whole city converges on Batman and chases him into a dark alley. “Batman you are surrounded!” Nope not quite. He has “The Hover-Bat” and flies off scott free. As do Bane and his Banites.

    Head back to Wayne Manor and Alfred tries one more time to stop Bruce and tells him “I destroyed the letter, she (Rachel) didn’t want you Bruce.” That’s harsh and Alfred has another monologue and cries again. Bruce stands there with a sour look on his face, then Alfred and BW call it quits.

    Back to Bruce’s fortunes. Lucius tells Bruce he is broke since the Stock Exchange debacle, and he should make plans for Miranda Tate (wha?) to take over his company. Why couldn’t Lucius take it over? Why just hand it over to some chick you don’t even know? Oh, and while you’re at it, show her the McGuffin Device in the basement and tell her it can be easily turned from a reactor into a nuclear bomb.

    Miranda loves the McGuffin and she heads to Wayne Manor with the flat broke, but still handsome, Bruce Wayne where they have sex.

    Finally getting some action after eight years, he then decides to search out Catwoman get her help to track down Bane. Why her? How does he connect Catwoman to Bane? Doesn’t make sense but still…. somehow it works. Batman meets Catwoman and she conveniently takes him right to Bane (is she a clairvoyant also?) in the sewers. Bats kicks henchmen ass in the dark on the way down but the fight choreography is poorly shot, so you can’t see what he’s doing. More on this because now……

    TADA! Time for the first Big Battle Between Bane and Batman!

    Very underwhelming. I was expecting some hair raising martial arts moves from these two highly trained League of Shadows veterans. I was not awed by their ass-kicking prowess….. or by any high tech bat belt gizmos during the fight scenes. No bat shurikens, none of those blades from his forearms….. nothing. Except the useless poppers he scattered. What was Batman’s opening attack on Bane? Can you say what it was. No? You can’t see it, that’s why. The camera angle was bad.

    Eventually, after the sleepy-time fight scene, Bane curb-stomps Batman and breaks his back.

    I think Nolen should have got the fight choreographers from the Jason Bourne movies or the Bond movies, or those Indonesian guys from The Raid: Redemption and let them loose on it.

    Meanwhile the city decides to send the entire police force (over 3000 cops) into the sewers to look for Bane and his crew. Sound stupid? Well that is because it is stupid. Bane (The clairvoyant #03) knew this would happen and booby traps the entire city sewer system to trap all the cops, and blows every bridge but one in or out of Pittsburgh, I mean Gotham City. Then blows up the Steelers football stadium.

    Bane then tells everyone over the PA at the football stadium, that there is an atomic bomb in the city, and it will blow up if anyone enters or leaves Gotham.

    Next Bane trots out the “scientist.” And this is the convoluted pay-off for the wacky blood drawing bit from the plane hijack scene in the beginning of this POS movie. Scientist says, “Yes this is me. I’m the only one who can disarm the bomb.” Then there is a brief scene of “the authorities” being confused because they though this guy was dead. Then Bane breaks his neck. I’ve never seen anything so stupid in a big budget movie. EVER.

    Ok, so this should make everyone hate Bane’s guts. But no. Bane makes a speech that is very hard to understand. Since I read the Nolen interview where he tells everyone that TDKR is based on A Tale of Two Cities, I eventually figure out that he’s selling the poor and downtrodden masses of the football stadium, a revolution. Kill the rich! Yay Bane! Stupid, but it does work. Everyone does what he says. They stay in their homes, no one goes to work, the streets are empty, with not even a bum or cab driver to be seen. Somehow Bane’s small ragtag group of thugs can keep tabs on the entire city.
    This is the second stupidest plot point ever conceived in a big budget movie.

    In the meantime Bane takes the time to drop off broke-back Bruce in the Lazarus Pit. Somewhere in a mysterious unknown country (other than the US.) He makes a little speech to Bruce/Batman. He can’t just kill him, “He wants to give Gotham’s people a little hope before he nukes them.” So he leaves Bruce in a cell with a bunch of super nice, super philosophical guys, including a Doctor who can fix Bruce’s back.

    Bane then jets back to Gotham, grabs a megaphone and starts preaching to the people of Gotham. Pulls out the letter from Gordon earlier in the film. And tells the people that Dent was a bad bad man. Yes, you can trust Bane, the man who is gonna blow up your city, destroyed 2 professional football teams, trapped all the police in the sewers and then released every hardened criminal in the city to roam the streets!!!!

    John Blake is made to understand that Gordon didn’t come clean on Dent (maybe Blake isn’t a clairvoyant after all) and that’s that. It’s John Blake Begins now and he will save the city. Well. He almost saves the one bus with orphans.

    Back in the pit Bruce gets his back fixed by prison doctor, tying him up with some rope and punching him in the back. Three minutes later (or Three Months in Batman time) Bruce is back to working out. Bruce tries to escape the pit with the nice pit prisoners cheering him on, and of course the third time is always the charm. Bruce gets out and “What the hell, where am I? I am broke in the middle of BFE and I gotta get back home.”

    Ok, so he gets back to Gotham in double quick Bat-time, and guess what? He shows up at exactly the precise place where Selina Kyle is and asks the person that robbed him, bankrupted him and pretty much helped destroy Gotham for help. REALLY? I know she is hot and all but come on you didn’t even hit it yet!

    Meanwhile the Scarecrow is judge, jury and executioner and send people to walk over the iced up river to their deaths. Well as Gordon and his men are walking to their deaths guess who shows up at the exact place? Batman! Luckily with his heavy armor he knows where all the spots are to walk on the ice so no problem. Batman tosses Gordon a hot flare for some reason and tells him to light it. Don’t worry it won’t melt any of the ice and it starts a trail of fire to a huge Batman logo (ala the Crow or Daredevil), and cue the loud music. When did he have time to do that? And why? So much for surprising the bad guys.

    Batman conveniently finds Blake right away now, and tells him to wear a mask. Nice way to tell us the ending already.

    So the cops get free and no one has a beard after 3+ months and everyone is in perfect health ready to fight. Foley now is a good guy and leads the charge Braveheart style. The barely armed cops (why are they so under gunned, didn’t they take their guns in the sewer with them?) charges the machine gun wielding bad guys and of course just like Star Wars stormtroopers, they can’t hit s***. They run out of bullets and it turns into a fist fight.

    Queue the next big disappointing Batman-Bane-Battle. An interminable amount of slow punches later. Batman knocks loose some of the hoses from Bane’s respirator. He drops. Batman at this time, chooses to interrogate the wheezing, semi-concious Bane. “Where is the trigger!?”
    “Where is the trigger!?”

    But wait! TWIST! Miranda sneaks up and stabs Batman in the back and reveals her true identity Talia al Ghul, and the plan, and the history of Bane, (who turns out to be her butt-boy) to the stunned Batman who just lies there (mind you a bomb is about to go off somewhere but hey, continue Miranda, we love lengthy exposition). Miranda has the trigger to set off the bomb, which is going to go off anyway. But! Never fear the aged and recently hospitalized Gordon finds the moving convoy, mounts the rolling truck and plants the EMP device or whatever, and stops the transmission of the trigger. But again. The bomb is going to go off anyway. Tick, tick, tick.

    Miranda (aka Talia) leaves Bane to finish off Batman to try to find the bomb (why?) BUT with perfect timing, Catwoman finds Batman and YAAAHAH! blasts Bane with the Batpod’s cannons. Which is his destiny anyway because he’s not the real mastermind behind all this. Talia/Miranda is really the main antagonist. Bane was cannon-fodder all along.

    Now Batman with a severe knife wound shrugs it off and tracks down Talia, who’s now driving the McGuffen bomb truck, with “The Hover-Bat” along with Catwoman on the Bat Pod. What follows is a big vehicle battle set piece. Catwoman takes out a bunch of heavily armed and armored Tumblers like they’re made of balsa wood, and then they knock out Talia in the bomb truck, which she crashes dramatically and starts the standard boilerplate death monologue. Meanwhile, Commissioner Gordon falls out of the back of the bomb truck completely unharmed after the crash. But hey, what about the bomb? Hold on hold on ..let Talia finish her death scene dammit, the bomb can wait!

    Batman looks at his watch. Oh s*** I got less than 2 minutes to get this bomb outta here. So let’s chain the bomb to the Hover-Bat. Batman and Catwoman then kiss. Batman gets into the Hover-Bat cockpit….. but wait…..this is when Batman decides to make a little speech. It’s a squirmingly bad and corny monologue. Plus he uses his ridiculous, gruff, bat-voice to spout this noble sacrifice b******* to Catwoman, even though she knows he’s really Bruce Wayne.

    Then Bats flys away, taking the bomb out to sea.

    Boom! The city is saved, Batman is the hero…albeit dead (well not really.)

    Back to Wayne Manor for some more Alfred crying and a monologue.

    Oh, let’s turn Wayne Manor into an orphanage, give Batman a Rocky type statue, and then find out John Blake’s real first name is Robin, which some secretary really likes, and next we get to see Alfred run into the still alive Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle having a nice lunch in a cafe in Marseilles.

    Lastly Blake finds the Batcave, signaling he is the new Batman(?) with no training, no money, no nothing.

    The End

    • Do you really think anyone is going to read all that? You dislike the movie, we get itttttt.

      • I read all of it. I thought it was hilarious.

      • To be fair to him, smugness (and obvious anti-Nolaness) aside, he NAILED IT. Enough plot holes to drive a FLEET of Batmobiles through. And this from the team that crafted Inception. For the record, I loved the film (especially the improbable ending- seeing “Robin” find the Batcave was ace)but it’s no masterpiece and I am afraid repeated viewings are only going to tarnish it in my eyes…..

      • I read and regretted.

    • You forgot to mention that the faking of his death is spitting in the face of the theme of the entire movie up to that point.

      Oh and how it’s completely cool for this supposed hero to run off with a villian/thief/killer and live off her stolen fortune( which was vaguely alluded to in the scene at her crappy apartment).

      You should do another summary on all the incredibly out of character moments ole Bats has in this movie.

      • i read it all to and i have to say that this is one nice and non-biased summary of a terrible and overrated/hyped load of bs that only kids will call ‘epic finale’. throw logic and professionalism out the window and you get a ‘movie’ with unrealistic and boring dialogue, pathetic fight/action sequences with a boring score and half baked characters.

        nolan is highly overrated and has yet to do a movie with realistic characters that i can relate to.

        • i agree with you to an extent that this is movie is overrated if you look at RT numbers (don’t care about IDMb), but not terrible.

          And if you base it off of his Batman movies that he is overrated, then you should watch other movies like Memento, The prestige. I guess those characters will be realistic for you.

          • saw memento and didn’t really like it that much, not only did i find the reverse over of the movie at times to be confusing, but it was highly unnecessary and felt really short. the only reason memento gets praise is b/c viewers have to juggle a hundred different thoughts as well as keep track of what is currently happening, there is nothing ‘smart’ about a movie that makes you think b/c it cant evoke emotions out of you.

            if the movie was played in the right order then i might have had the free head space to feel some sympathy for the main character, but i couldn’t b/c i was busy piecing everything together.

            • I didn’t like it for the first time either.

              But the second time everything made perfect sense to me.

              Lenny ultimately is bad guy. He lies to himself to stay happy and doesn’t care how many people he kills in order to “have his revenge” for his wife.

              Confusing movies are not bad you just have to pay attention. At least they make us think. And that’s what every movie is supposed to do.

              You should watch it again then. Just my opinion.

      • sigh. And what about all the elsewhere titles and Alternate realities where Batman settles down with Catwoman, a known thief. It quite in the character the 2 previous films built upon. Bruce himself lived as a thief, and knows the differences between wants and needs. Batman & Selina are kindred spirits in the film.

    • I am glad you have an opinion. and I respectfully disagree. I feel anyone who has this much time to write this A. has nothing better to do or B. wants attention. and feel free to call me a “nolanite” but I didn’t spend 10 minutes writing a biased 100 percent negative synopsis of a movie o didn’t enjoy. cause no movie is that bad. all movies have positive points, making your synopsis irrelevant. and I recommend you rewatch the movie cause I found atleast a handle full of things that you pretend to be “magical” very plausible aka how he find a note in gordans jacket.

    • Holy waste of eyeball usage!!! That’s no ordinary comment my good sir. That’s a full blown job audition to be a writer for Screen Rant slipped right into a heavily commented article for the world to see. Good show I say, very good show!

      And I bet you have a lovely, lovely voice as well to go along with such testicular fortitude.

      • i mean in the movie

    • I read it, even though I’m a fan of Nolan, there are lot of dumb things in it.

    • While I’m on here, can any of my fellow “Ranters” answer me this? After repeated viewings of TDK (It’s on 24/7 repeat at the moment here in Colombia on the Warner HD channel), I am stumped as to the reason it appears Batman/Bruce jumps from the top of the SAME skyscraper in HK (at the beginning of his “liberation” of Lau) that he then eventually crashes into/through the window of to begin his assault. Was it the same building or part of a HK “Twin Toweres” type-deal? I am confused as if it was the same building why all the elaborate planning to get in?

    • Just a few things (actually a lot of things, sorry for any grammar or spelling erros):

      Batman was clearly hurt at the end of TDK, he was holding his side and limping. Also Alfred clearly explained what he was doing, waiting for things to go bad again.

      Selina was a master thief; as such they usually research what they are going to steal for weeks, months and maybe years.

      Daggett was not pointless, he was a needed character to get the board to give the company to Tate. He was a pawn but not pointless.

      Gordon has shown a number of times he’s a leader by example. One of his character qualities, so seeing him lead a search wasn’t uncommon for me.

      I also think you need to re-watch the movie. There was an earlier scene where Blake is investigating a kid that washed out of the sewers. It was in the same location he found Gordon, in my book, a good detective. And come on!! Somebody had to connect the dots, rather if it was via his facial expressions or the fact batman came on scene during the same time Bruce did.

      I don’t know if you ever read the comics but Bruce and Fox share a Bond and Q relationship. I’m glad the introduced Fox in this series, he was an outstanding addition.

      Again, re-watch the movie, the auto pilot was not working when he gave it to Bruce.

      Really, Wikipedia, no Bruce hacks every known database to find information. Something I felt didn’t need to be explained.

      Again, re-watch the movie, Fox tells him that they can correct his bankruptcy but it but it will take time.

      Would you jump off a motorcycle going over 40mph? I know I wouldn’t, especially with my hands tied, sounds like a good way to break your back.

      That Batman scene was pretty powerful in IMAX, the sound just made his entrance grand.

      Can you tell me where Alfred cries before they split?

      Also you should read the viral material. There was a history with Tate and Bruce that goes beyond what was shown on screen.

      I also don’t think they told her how to turn it into a nuclear bomb, just showed her so she could keep it under control as its power could destroy Gotham.

      They filmed the first fight in IMAX format. A good reason for the angle you saw. Also come on dude, I haven’t seen a better fight scene in any Batman film. Keep in mind that all the fight scenes in those movies did not have one character in a 40 to 80 pound suit. It was slowing him down, even though it was made not to. I don’t see how Nolan could have made those scenes any better.

      I don’t think that the cops would have thought explosive concrete was placed at all the entrances. Recently we had a police officer that was shot on duty in our city. All the officers in the city were a part of a motorcade. I don’t see how it is not uncommon for the Police to mobilize in certain situations.

      I can think of a lot of more stupid scenes in movies, in recent time, the ending to the third Transformers film. That was the ending of a film that left me laughing that a one armed Optimus could kill Megatron when he couldn’t even do it with two arms hundreds of times before. Trust me dude, there are far worst scenes in movies these days.

      I’ve also been saying for the longest time our next civil war will be between the rich and poor. Just takes a push like what Bane provided.

      Why can’t people just suspend belief? We don’t need to know everything about a movie such as where they took Bruce. Its not like Gotham exists in the USA.

      At this point I would like to point out my only issue with the film, the fact that it was just a slap in the back that fixed Bruce. I know he is batman but still difficult to overcome.

      Again, watch the film again. Bane took Bruce to the pit prior to blowing up the city.

      He saw potential in Selina which in the end paid off.

      I would assume Batman wanted the people of Gotham know he was back to save them. To give them hope. Once again, why so serious about this scene? Can’t we just suspend reality for a bit?

      Really?!?!?! You knew the ending from Batman telling him to wear a mask. I have a ton of coworkers that didn’t even see the Talia twist coming. Even myself being a huge Batman fan didn’t see the ending at this point in the film.

      They had pistols in that fight, what cops carry. And some cops and thugs did go down during this scene.

      Again, Really!?!!?! Tell me a better Batman fight scene, then I might change my mind that these scenes were not the best Batman fight scenes ever shown on the silver screen.

      Ok, I did laugh at the “Where is it” part, reminded me of TDK.

      Comic book movies 1 on 1, every villain has a lengthy monologue. It happens in every CBM.

      A Ras always has the last laugh or attempts to. Everybody is pawns in their plans.

      And its Batman, it would take blowing off his legs, arms and then head to stop him. A knife wound won’t stop that guy.

      I felt the last dialog between Batman and Gordon was the best of the film. Not as great as the ending speech Gordon gave at the end of TDK but still great.

      Alfred is a badass, quit painting him as a pansy. The Statue was also awesome, another never done in Batman films.

      And the final scene, epic!!! Sure plenty of questions about whats next but I find that to be a classic film story. With all the Hollywood endings spoon feeding you these days it was a nice switch in gears to be left with questions.

      Overall I do know that this film has flaws but what film these days doesn’t have flaws. Then when you start to compare the trilogy with others its in the top 10 trilogy’s of all time, if not the top 5.

      • I agree with everything you’ve said almost. It definitely for me is in the Top 10 Trilogies of film. The only thing I never get about this and TDK is people flat out mocking the “where are they” and “where is it” lines. They do have the ability to be funny but I put myself in those situations. Would I be mad with rage and flipping out on the other party to try and intimidate them? Yes, more then likely. People yell sometimes when they are angry. Otherwise your counter rant is spot on.

        • I probably wouldn’t have given it much thought if it wasn’t for the parodies. But I agree, it’s a simple saying that can be used in a variety of situations as proven though the two movies.

          • Thank you for explaining everything I didn’t have the time to write. this man obviously didn’t like the movie. wether it was pre decided or not I do not know. but with a re watch of the movie 90 percent of his comments can be cleared up

            • Your welcome, I also felt the same way and a rebuttal was needed.

          • They are funny. My friends all seem to think that they’re the worst parts of the trilogy. I saw DKR for the second time the other day after again watching BB and TDK. It’s fun to chuckle about it after the fact but Batman’s voice seems to be just fine in the context it is being used in. It didn’t at all ruin my movie going experience. Thanks again for your comments.

      • Thank you Shiny for explaining these “plot holes.” You took words out of my mouth.

        I admit that there were many flaws and plot holes in this film, but not nearly as many as Heustis seems to think there are. Like you said, just watch the movie and most problems are resolved.

        Heustis, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but come on, your “review” is completely biased. Most of the time, you were just describing the scenes with a negative and condescending tone. Again, you’re totally entitled to do that, but don’t try to pass this off as an impartial review.

    • Man ! … were you bored

    • That is the longest comment I have ever seen and the only part of that I read was “The End”

    • LOL!!! I haven’t seen the money but now I don’t want to after reading your review of it. Hilarious!

  18. he seems so under developed and just a generic ‘i want to kill everyone’ kinda villain, which is different to the joker and to a lesser degree ras al ghul. not only that but they dont explain how he can shatter a concert support pillar with a single punch (right before he gets axed at the end). plus batman doesn’t even beat him, which was the whole point of him training again no – to get strong enough to beat his worst nightmare…

    i admit, i have only skimmed through a blurry cam, but that was enough for me to know that bane is terrible, and what’s sad is that people know it but dont admit it and never mention it in reviews…

    • The same way people punch through concrete blocks.

  19. Bane was so complex, interesting and compelling. Then the screenplay ruined it all by taking the focus off him right at the dramatic climax, and jarringly shifting to a new villain. Then Bane gets killed suddenly and they are onto the next mission—to stop the bomb.

    I can’t believe other people don’t see this plot twist and villain change as an anticlimactic weakness.

    I can’t believe people weren’t let down by the sudden dismissal of arguably the most bad-ass villain in the trilogy.

    I can’t believe people were accepting of Talia stealing the show at the end.

    I still loved the movie, but this ruined things.

    • to me this is how i look at it .. i loved the movie while i was watching it .. but the more i think about the movie i dont like alot of things about it .. maybe we all just expect so much after tdk .. but like i said while i was watching i was happy with it .. but the more time that passes i feel so pissed things were diffrent .. i.e. robin john blake i really didnt like that and how he is suppose to be the next batman .. not robin or nightwing … argh .

      • You never know where it could go. I loved that part either way but I’ve been a Gordon-Levitt fan since 3rd Rock. I went to the movie twice and really enjoyed it both times. I figure it was making him out to be Batman but my wife said there is no clear path for his character.

    • I agree. I suppose it gives him even more complexity for those who hadn’t already figured it out. I have no problem with him being taken out so quickly as he had a sawed off to Batmans head but the shift from him to Talia kinda sucked. Otherwise I completely enjoyed the movie.

      • More complexity? It reduced him to second-tier. All it did was give more complexity (and attention) to Talia.

        Imagine if, in DKR, they had suddenly dismissed Joker when he is delivering his final speech while hanging upside down.

        Or imagine if—in Avengers—it turned out Loki was only the second in command and actually Natashia had been organizing the invasion.

        I seriously think this plot twist reduced the drama and possibly—at least subconsciously—is a reason the movie didn’t smash records at the box office like it should have.

        Okay that is a stretch of a hypothesis, but whatever.

        • Yeah but I knew she was up to know good the second scene she was in. Ninety percent of the people I went to the movie with didn’t think she would end up as a bad guy. Now I was a tad surprised about her being Ras daughter but when the movie hit a certain point and her evil intentions had not been revealed I had an idea of what was going to happen. It raises questions for the unsuspecting.

        • Also in Avengers you know Loki is getting his orders from somewhere else. He’s a pawn.

          I read a poll that people are not going to the movies right now because of the shootings and the Olympics. No joke. One older fellow I know said he would never go to the theatre again. Weird, I know. I wouldn’t/didn’t let that come between me and my movies.

          • “Also in Avengers you know Loki is getting his orders from somewhere else. He’s a pawn.”

            Fine. But that somebody else (whoever it is) doesn’t come out in the last ten minutes (not before the credits role), steal the spotlight, and then preclude Loki completely. Loki doesn’t get tossed aside—his name not mentioned for the rest of the movie.

            They beat Loki, Ironman closes the gate to outer-space or whatever, and then the movie ends.

            • Ummm Did you miss the Avengers button scene? Thanos reveal? Even before that, the Chitauri Commander put Loki in his place. Loki was a pawn from beginging to end. He doesnt even know what the true end goal is. Thanos and Co are using him for whatever endsand when finish will toss him away. Even with the most powerful army in the universe, Loki could not suceeed against an inferior and smaller force.

              Bane on the other hand knew the end goal and came up with several sub-plans in order to make that happen. Talia and Bane’s goal was to fufill Ra’s al Ghul’s master stroke. Talia had a personal mission of killing Bruce as well but in no way can you say he was a Bane was ever a pawn. At worst, Talia’s lieutenant

        • People are over examing the the Talia reveal. Bane is still the smart and conniving man, you thought he was up until the reveal.

          Talia and Bane conspired together for the end goal but the means (atleast partial) were up to Bane. It was Bane who discovered Gordon’s letter about Havey and peversed it to his use. Talia may have told him to abduct Pavel, but it was Bane’s plan that executed it.

          Bane and Talia both represent to fundamentals of the League of Shadows. Theatricality and Deception. Bane was the theatrics and Talia the deception.

          • I like that. In the end it was one of only three very minor complaints I had about the movie. The lack of blood made for some akward moments. I understand though they needed a Pg-13 to not alienate and reach a broader audience. The last is Bane’s seemingly endless supply of morphine in his mask. My wife points out that when Gordon is taken to their HQ in the sewers that he is crouched down and possibly replenishing then as well as doing it behind the scenes in th rest of the movie. My gripes really did nothing to diminish the quality of the movie for me and are all just after thoughts. I also thought Talia’s death scene was kind of corny for Cotillard. Again I’ve been to theaters twice now for the movie and will by whatever collector’s edition Blu-ray day one of it’s release.

            • LOL…agree on Talias death scene it was corny

              • Talia’s death was very.. off

          • Well said, Ignur

  20. Paet of wat made bane awesome in tdkr was dat we didnt rlly kno too much about him. He was my fave part of the movie, then catwoman, then john blake, then batman!

  21. @Heustis

    Holy waste of eyeball usage!!! That’s no ordinary comment my good sir. That’s a full blown job audition to be a writer for Screen Rant slipped right into a heavily commented article for the world to see. Good show I say, very good show!

    And I bet you have a lovely, lovely voice as well to go along with such testicular fortitude.

    Death by exile for the one who committed such a shenanigan!

  22. t.d.k.r was a perfect movie. that´s it. and nolan is the best director and not overrated. and there were so many cool scenes,especially with j.blake.

    • No movie is perfect. Not even TDKR, which I personally LOVED and consider to be one of my favorite comic book movies of all time. But I admit it has flaws.

      Nolan is a great director. BEST seems a little much.

      Overrated? I actually agree with you there. If anything he’s underrated, at least with general audiences, who don’t know who he is.

  23. heustis don´t take too much christal meth or 4 ltr coffee. you write about the scenes(without a spoilerwarning) just to give them at the end a thumb comment.

  24. thank you – shine-. that was the best comment about the movie and his brilliant scenes and dialogues.

  25. Here’s hoping they release all three movies in extended cut. I would pay over $100 for that because i’m sad, mostly because i want to see the extended training sequence in Batman Begins where Ras teaches Bruce the art of interrogation:
    “Shout ‘Where are they/it’ and drive your fists into their teeth. Repeat as necessary. Then throw them aside or get stabbed.”

  26. i mean – shiny-

    • No problem, happens all the time, lol.

  27. I really want to see these scenes. Seriously doubt Nolan would release them, but ya never know!

  28. Okay that long post summarizing a film that the majority reading this article has already seen with such a negative clearly biased tone was not neccessary. You really, really (cannot stress this enough) did not like it. As other’s previously stated you are entitled to your opinion but do not try and make everyone else converge to your opinion. Your opinion is an opinion, not fact. Notice how I am not stating that you are wrong with your opinion. I disagree with the “majority” of what you have stated, yes, but I will not call you wrong and force you to accept my views.

    This is a place of discussion and sharing our thoughts and opinions in a civilised mannner. You have stated your opinion but please offer up a discussion rather just agreeing with those supporting your “thesis” and trying to force everyone’s minds to follow yours. For example I enjoyed the film overall and I acknowledge that its not perfect and there is a few flaws.

    A few things in the movie however that you deemed magic and such actually have very subtle answers/explanations. For example a very common gripe about the film:

    How did Bruce get back to Gotham under siege?

    I will admit this caught me off guard the first time and I was confused for a second but I think I found a subtle explanation. I could be overanalyzing but until the director/writer(s) speak, this is my take on it.

    In Batman Begins, Bruce left Gotham to travel the world, live among the criminals and study them, and ultimately search for purpose in his angry life. When he left he did not use his name, fortune, and conventional methods to travel. He only had the clothes on his back. Yet he managed to travel far and wide until found by Ra’s Al Ghul. So imagining through that experience(7 years worth if I remember correctly) Bruce could have connections or methods that were never shown in either film to travel even without fortune, id, or etc. Plus, he still had time ( a month I believe) to actually travel to Gotham even not directly.

    Now actually getting into Gotham under siege. Well the People’s Court presided by Scarecrow was allowing people to sentence themselves. People either choose death or exile. Part of Bane’s and Talia’s plot was allow Gotham to tear itself apart due to their own decadent nature by strecthing out their final moments. Like the Joker suggested in the previous film “In their final moments, people show you who they really are. When the chips are down, they’ll eat each other.” Bane replaced the system in power by giving it to the people causing anarchy and despair. But to Bane, despair is not as nearly effective without hope. So Bane set up this Court(although only working as executioner/enforcer) so people end their despair by killing themselves intentionally or dying by choosing exile and travelling across the ice with hope of escaping.

    Bane, Scarecrow, all knew (or thought) that none can successfully cross the ice and escape Gotham. They were most likely to die. By choosing hope over giving up(death), Bane’s philosophy comes to full effect albeit very subtle as people’s own hope was an instrument of their own destruction. Now even in theory a common citizen were to escape by crossing the ice, he may be caught by the government and out of retalliation the military would either stop blockading that exit as well to prevent Bane destorying Gotham or create a plan to use the ice to no avail. Again hope will be a weapon either way.

    Now Bruce Wayne suddenly surpises Selina, and the audience to have snuck in Gotham. We are surpised and think its a plot hole but we specifically see Batman on the ice coming from the opposite direction of Gordon when Gordon is sentence to “death by exile”. The ice was shown to be a way in and out of Gotham, but due the extremely dangerous conditions the ice is not a viable way of entering or escape. But in Batman Begins, there is full training sequence in which Bruce learns to “mind his surroundings” by sparring on ice. We specifically see Batman in full armor able to travel across the ice. Bruce maybe remembering his training and such, manages to cross the ice into the city and maybe during night where he can easily blend in–since Batman does love the darkness lol.

    Though it could be a stretch I put these two together and it makes some sense. No one ever said he did it in twenty minutes. When he got out of the hole that no one else could, its the point of the film where Bruce is fully Batman, mentally and somewhat physically but mainly in will. Bruce could have done what no else could have. And this relates to the dichotomy of the characters Bane and Batman. While Bane use the hope of escape from despair as a weapon in which people sentence themselves to die, Batman proves that he could survive crossing the ice(even in suit) and reinforces that hope is strength and not a weakness as Bane believes it to be. With Batman crossing the ice from the darkness is a symbol of hope coming from the darkness, hence leading to Gordon lighting up the Batman symbol, a new/returning symbol of hope.

    So there is an explanation. It may have not been said or shown, but the implication and subtle signs are there. And its more than him just sneaking past the guards. He beats Bane in his philosophy with hope, training and will. Just like he escape the Pit, he crossed the ice, to return to save his city.

  29. Nolan’s Batman is far and away the greatest “superhero” adaptation in the history of film.

    Now that we got that out of the way, the 3rd film was incredible, but it did have some major flaws.

    Bane should have been better developed as a character. They never really revealed his “big picture” plan. Was he just a suicide bomber that wanted to nuke Gotham to please his dead Father-in-law? A Marxist class-warrior that wanted the the proletariat and bourgeoisie to battle one another? Also, why not just attack Bruce Wayne at his mansion with his large Army if you knew Batman’s identity? Wouldn’t that be the very first thing you rather than an elaborate bankruptcy plan?

    The stock exchange break in was absolutely retarded. Obviously, an SEC-type body would instantly reverse trades that were (obviously) fraudulently made at gunpoint. It would be like a thief saying they own someone’s house after they made the person sign the deed over by gunpoint.
    Also, if Wayne lost his fortune by leveraging his shares and losing them, why does that mean he gets to pick where his voting rights go to? Why pick Dalia and not Lucius Fox if that’s the case.

    How did Bane and Dalia know for certain Wayne had actually developed the fusion reactor/bomb? Dalia was upset her “investment” hadn’t paid off, how did they know that Wayne had actually succeeded in creating a working prototype, or that is simply wasn’t just a bunch of research that went nowhere? Their entire mission hinged on a perfectly working fusion reactor. And if Dalia and the League of Shadows have billions to throw around, there’s probably easier ways to wipe out a city than trying risking all of it on a theoretical technology that might turn into a bomb.

    I still enjoyed it immensely, but I’m guessing the studios weren’t about to let Nolan make a 3-1/2 hour movie to tie all of these holes up.