‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Casts Three More

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We’ve gotten to the point now where all future casting news for The Dark Knight Rises look to concern small name stars signing on for Christopher Nolan’s final cinematic outing with Batman in unspecified supporting roles – at least, until we learn exactly what roles Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard are up for.

Case in point: Three more actors have signed on for Batman 3, which now includes Rescue Me star Daniel Sunjata, Burn Gorman of Torchwood fame, and Diego Klattenhoff (Mercy, Men in Trees).

Variety writer Jeff Sneider tweeted that all three of these gentlemen will help fill out the cast of Dark Knight Rises, which recently added Josh Pence in a significant role that has strong implications for what part Cotillard may be up for in the film (hint: it’s the one everyone keeps suspecting she’ll play).

Additional newcomers to Nolan’s Caped Crusader franchise include Juno Temple as “a street-smart Gotham gal,” Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle (a.k.a. Catwoman), and Tom Hardy as Bane, an intelligent thug who looks to give Batman (Christian Bale) a run for his money in the physical-strength department.

There’s been no official word on how Dark Knight Rises will bring Nolan’s Batman trilogy full circle, but we’ve heard a number of rumors about – among other things – how the villains will fit into the picture. Whether said ideas are all just bits of misinformation that’ve been spread by Camp Nolan has yet to be revealed, but I’ll be more surprised if that doesn’t turn out to be the case, by and large.

batman 3 the dark knight rises 3d The Dark Knight Rises Casts Three More

Nolan’s attempt to fill out the Dark Knight Rises supporting cast with thespians that often play main or central characters in other movies and television shows doesn’t surprise me. I doubt anyone is seriously uninterested in signing on for the new Batman pic, seeing as it’s in a position to be not only a monster at the box office but a critical darling as well. So Nolan basically has his pick of the crop, when it comes to signing actors and actresses.

A number of the pieces to the Dark Knight Rises puzzle have been laid out, but it’s still very much anyone’s guess as to how they all fit together. Production will begin soon in Pittsburgh, which it seems, will “play” Gotham this time around – taking over from Chicago in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. That doesn’t mean the threequel won’t include aerial footage or establishing shots of the Windy City’s skyline, but the street footage will apparently consist primarily of material shot in Pennsylvania.

The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th, 2012. How do you think it’ll all play out?

Source: Jeff Sneider

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  1. can not wait for the first trailer ans set footage. the stakes are set so high for this movie.

    • me too! While i’m sure it will be amazing, i’m worried that all the hype may lead to disappointment

      • You know, I kinda worry about it being over hyped too. But after Nolan delivered bigtime on TDK(one of the most hyped movies ever) I can’t help but have faith this will deliver too.

    • yeah cant wait for the trailer pumped for it

  2. Woot! I love casting news for TDKR. My guess, they will probably be playing some new or old character in the Batman universe

  3. ENOUGH talk, Start FILMING already. lol.

  4. Is it just me, or is this movie as crowded as a rock concert? There´s already 85.000 people in that movie…

    • There’s also a lack of females other than the two main ones.

      • Well, if Bane´s boobs aren´t (at least) as big as Hathaway´s boobs, I´m disappointed…

    • Wow, do you really believe that? Batman Begins and TDK had a crapload of characters.

      • Yes but minor characters that had one maybe two lines if they weren’t just background characters, they also didn’t announce them as if they were “special”. That is all.

  5. Its said that these three characters will be playing gotham policeman

  6. I wonder who they will play as?
    Daniel Sunjata looks like the guard with the messed up eye from Batman: Arkham Asylum.

  7. I’m getting a little burned out on comic book movie casting news.

    • Eric,

      Yeah… I hear you, but folks are interested. I’d be happy if they’d lock this down and start shooting the film.


      • I think they’re supposed to begin filming this month or next, so hopefully we’ll stop hearing a whole lot from production until pictures and a trailer are released.

  8. Cannot wait for the first trailer.

  9. I find it a little crazy that minor castings are generating this type of interest. As far as “overhyped” i feel we as in “individuals who come to this site and others for the latest news etc feel as though all you hear about is batman this batman that (the same could be said for superman lately” but to the general public I beleive they may be aware a new movie is coming out at some point bu thats about it. None of my friends new about thr bane/catwoman casting and unless there checking out these sites why would they? Anyways, back to my original point, if these guys are playing cops thats great but did anybody care when they cast the guy that played the cop in the van in Dark Knight (referring to the scene where the joker asks the public to kill thr batman whisttle blower… bruce wayne crashes his lambo)? Or any other cop in the joker interogation/cell phone bomb escape? If this movie feels overhyped within our circles then we only have ourselves to blame for it for dissecting every scrap of information. Dont get me wrong It can certainly be fun of course to do so and it has made for lively discussions in the comments sections, i just hope people dont get too carried away with their personal visions of what this movie could and should be because in the end nothing will ever be as good as how you envision it. Ive certainly been like that at istead of having an open mind it came loaded with expectations and as a result felt cheated by perfectly good movies. Just food for thought.

    • Word.

  10. Sounds like they are going with the Arkham breakout idea. Maybe all these people will play various villains who’ve escaped from Arkham.

    • …seems more and more likely as more news (and/or rumor) comes out. :D

  11. Robin will be introduced as a young woman. Tara will make an appearance and be revealed to be the one who set up the Falcones. Selina won’t trust her from the start and she also hired Hugo Strange

  12. Trogg, Zombie
    and BIrd????? What do u think people?

    • Lord Leopld that was my thought exactly glad someone else beat me to it.

    • I think you called it. :)
      That was my first thought too.

  13. I think Nolan is just feeding us a steady diet of casting announcements so that we can keep on guessing on who is who, I imagine, in reality most of these are nobody characters. I think we’ve gotten the meaty casting stuff already.

  14. Daniel Sunjata, and Burn Gorman in a Batman film. That’s cool,,,!

  15. If it tops TDK, amazing. If it’s as good as BB, win. I’m nervous, but I have faith in Nolan.

  16. Hopefully Bale will keep using that ridiculuos deep scratchy voice that will ruin this one too.

    • Ruin ? Really, it bothered u that much ?

      • Yep. Honestly, I can’t beleive the guy who was in the Machinist and American Psycho has fallen this far. If you took Heath Ledger out of TDK, it would have sucked.

        • I disagree vehemently. The only movie I didn’t like him in was Public Enemies, but that was more because I hated that movie.

          • Ummm, you liked Terminator 4? First time I have ever heard that.

            • Didn’t love it didn’t hate it. He was good in it tho.

        • Yeah cause Bale winning an oscar this year was a real fall from grace!!

          • @ Beno, I thought he was excellent in it. But u will see people piss on that performance on here. He won that Oscar in the first 10 minutes of The Fighter.

            • rightly said

  17. FYI, Batman Begins was filmed in NYC

    • Umm….all city scenes were CGI and Chicago. While NYC may have come into play somewhere, I know the Windy City was the bread and butter. I used to live there and I can tell you many of the Tumbler chase scenes were from Lower Wacker Drive. Trust me! Very unique and cannot be anything else. I believe they used Chicago because it has some of the most unique architecture in the country. It has also had a major Hollywood role over the years.

  18. On early interviews, Nolan told that they were trying to do on this film something never accomplished before on any movie… now we know he wasn’t talking in terms of story or tech only.

    The cast they’re putting together is something never seen before.

    Can someone prove me wrong?

    • yeah cannon ball run had more stars in it

  19. I have a feeling Nolan’s going for an Arkham Asylum Graphic novel feel, with so many actors being cast it makes sense to have the setting of the movie be inside arkham asylum or at least a good portion of it, a psychological thriller type of movie maybe?

  20. They’re all probably playing police officers or detectives.

  21. I love Batman films and wish they were not so far apart. At least this set is not as crazy as the Tim Burton ones were. Will be interesting to see how Anne does as Cat Woman going from princess to princess of thieves. :)

  22. I just found out Juno Temple IS playing HOLLY ROBINSON! LOOK!!! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1345836/

    • You realize that IMDB can be updated by almost anyone.. right?

  23. IMDB is a site that anyone can update. It shouldn’t be taken as an end all resource for casting choices. I’ve seen casts to animations be put up and then after a few weeks, an official one comes out and its totally different. Is she Holly Robinson? She might be. But I don’t think IMDB is a credible source when I could update IMDB to say that Hugh Jackman will be playing Wolverine in the Dark Knight Rises :P

  24. I’m more consernd about the studio rebooting the batman after this movie and not letting them continue on with this darker batman which is really good. besides i want to see if this version can at lest get the boy wonders symbols right. like robin and nightwing and what side story of batwoman would he go with in this darker more realistic batman?

  25. Would it be easier to announce who ISN’T in the next Batman movie! seems like just about every actor in Hollywood has got a part in this movie!

    Nolan should have bowed out after TDK, this’ll be a hyped up bloated mess like Spidey 3, studio’s will go on a product placement frenzy & cram in as much story as they can – god I hope we don’t get a Robin, but i’m beginning to suspect we will for a younger audience – juno I should think.

    Bored of men in tights now anyway & i suspect by next summer after a glut of lame superhero movie’s a lot of film goers will be too.

    If Nolan had gone with the original plan for Batman 3 which was Joker busting out of Arkham, a la Hannibal Lecter style & Hugo Strange finding out Wayne’s identity i’d be excited (rumour has it Daniel Day Lewis was fav’ to take over the Joker role for the 3rd movie, now that would have been awesome!) but this Catwoman-Bane-Rhas-Falcone’s son-Robin- storyline is just going to be a mess.

  26. I can’t wait Nolan is a genius the riddler would have been a good villain but cat woman is a good choice I think Anne Hathaway can surpass Michelle pfeifers cat woman

  27. Personally, I think that Bane will be more a part of the film than Catwoman. If this is Nolan’s final Dark Knight ( and he says it is) I’d put a bet on the storyline from the comics. Let’s not forget that Bane was the one who broke batman’s back.

  28. I think the film will be epic. guranteed though that Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    will play the replacement of heath ledger, so obvious, when you compare the two they do look alike.
    I can’t wait!!!!!!