Cillian Murphy Remains Tight-Lipped on Possible ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Appearance

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Scarecrow in batman 3 Cillian Murphy Remains Tight Lipped on Possible ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Appearance

Ever since the credits began to roll on The Dark Knight, fans have pondered which villains director Christopher Nolan would include in the inevitable follow-up. We have long known that Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) will play central roles in The Dark Knight Risesthe grand finale to Nolan’s Batman trilogy, but rumors continue to swirl regarding whether or not Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow would make a return appearance.

Murphy previously stated he was open to reprising the character he played in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Now, in an interview with IFC, Murphy remains mum on the possibility that his character would face Batman one last time.

Said Murphy:

“My thing is always like, it’s out very shortly. Let’s not be impatient. People are so impatient. Some things [spoilers are] great for, but other things… isn’t it so great to go and see a film that you haven’t seen a script for, that you haven’t seen on set videos, that you haven’t read spoilers for, that you just go in and you just are in it? That’s what it should be. That’s what it was in the old days, and in many ways Chris is a very sort of old fashioned filmmaker in the methods that he employs and his belief in cinema, and I think that’s a good thing.”

Notice that Murphy doesn’t explicitly confirm or deny that he’s involved in Nolan’s third Batman production. Rather, he chooses to comment on how Nolan’s efforts have affected how audiences and studios view the superhero genre:

“I think that that franchise has just been totally reinvigorated and he’s set the bar for all sorts of superhero franchises in terms of making something that’s hugely entertaining but also really intelligent and moving. They’re phenomenal films and I think that he’s just — not just in the Batman franchise, but with all superhero franchises — that’s the level they have to live up to.”

Murphy’s comments have arguably already been proven true, with the release of Marvel’s The Avengers. Both Nolan’s films and the establishment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have raised the bar for the genre, putting additional pressure on upcoming releases like The Amazing Spider-man and next year’s Man of Steel. Furthermore, Murphy thinks that the success of more high-minded superhero films indicates that audiences are looking for more than just another popcorn flick.

“The most important thing is, like a film like Inception, for example, which wasn’t a franchise, it was a standalone movie but it was very challenging and you had to really work. But millions and millions of people went to see it and I think that really changed things in that people wanted a clever movie, wanted a movie that challenged them, and I think it’s foolish always for studios — or any filmmakers — to underestimate how smart their audiences are.”

Dark Knight Rises Advanced Ticket Sales Cillian Murphy Remains Tight Lipped on Possible ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Appearance

While he wouldn’t reveal his potential involvement in the new Batman film, Murphy did say that he would love to work with Nolan again; as it stands though, this writer remains skeptical that Nolan would call on Murphy for The Dark Knight Rises.

His chilling portrayal of Scarecrow brought great life into what many considered a tough character to translate into a realistic context, but his appearance in Dark Knight Rises might feel like overkill in a film with two principal villains and a lot of story to get through. In addition, Scarecrow’s story was wrapped up quite neatly early on in the previous film, making another cameo somewhat superfluous.

Still, it’s long been rumored that the storyline of The Dark Knight Rises will heavily involve The League of Shadows, the organization Scarecrow worked for in Batman Begins. Couple that with the involvement of a certain former cast member and reports that  the trilogy will come full circle, and suddenly, a possible cameo by Murphy could actually fit quite easily into the narrative of The Dark Knight Rises.

With this third film confirmed to be Nolan’s final entry in the Batman series, anything can happen. As far as fans are concerned, the film’s release can’t come soon enough.

As if you didn’t know, The Dark Knight Rises soars into theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: IFC

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  1. Not that I have anything against his character, but I don’t see why he would be in this film…

  2. He was pointless in both films tbh

  3. I’m sure there were set pictures of him.

  4. I agree. I think his cameo in Dark Knight wrapped up his story arc neatly, showing that he was a glorified pawn and that without a criminal mastermind to work with, he basically relegated himself to being a regular drug dealer. There’s really no need to do anything more with his storyline.

    • That Scarecrow stuff was the worst part of TDK. Really ruined the character, cheapened it.

      • That scene served only one purpose: to explain a new Batsuit. It cheapened not just Scarecrow but the intro of Batman and made it obvious that The Joker would own the film.

      • Scarecrow in TDK was great. His inclusion didnt cheapen the character. Just like his comicbook counterpart, he has fallen from his prestigous position into the slums. It tied BB & TDK together, and showed the immediate effects that Batman was having on his city. Something most comicbook sequels fail to do — show progression.

        As far as his inclusion in TDKR, maybe he was sittin in a cell until Bane freed him. Dont see how his inclusion is a bad thing. If anything it gives the movie a sense of continuity.

        • @ Ignur
          Well said Sir…

          • @Ignur
            You typed it before I could….

        • A bad thing? no. Largely irrelevant to the movie and the greater story arc, yes.

        • Well, Bane does set loose a bunch of prisoners, it’s possible he could come back.

          • im praying they show a few other characters during the break, that could leave everything wide open to speculation

  5. I like the idea of a cameo. It shows continuity of the rogues gallery in Gotham. He could easily represent a loose end.

    As for Mr. Murphy’s statements, I couldn’t agree more. Part of the magic of cinema is in the not knowing. To have it all spelled out beforehand makes it less entertaining.

  6. They should do a small introduction with Batgirl or Robin………..

  7. Or have Batgirl in a cameo or just to back up batman doing a final battle or something like that

  8. Maybe he helps create the Pain healing gas that bane uses??

    • +100 points!

    • Thedarkknightofcups: A+ !

  9. For all you folks that thought his character was pointless are crazy, the scarecrow was behind the league of shadows and working for Ross Al Gul it would have to be a disapointment not to bring him back since this whole Era of the movie involves back with the league of shadows which include Ross al gul and his league of shadow minions. Dr. Krane was part of weaponizing the drug for the destruction of gothem city to not bring him back would be a disapointment to all.

  10. I think that a cameo would be cool, his second appearance was so short that it worked very well. It reminds me of the comics and the cartoon in which Batman has fought (insert villain name here) numerous times because they always escape or get broken out. The movies work well as stand alone films so having the Scarecrow cameo is like the string that attaches them all together!

  11. I think we might see him again. I mean, there is a confirmed prison break in the film, so why not a few cameos of villains we have or haven’t seen in the trilogy? Maybe Mr. Zsasz will appear too. Not that I want a ton of cameos shoehorned into the movie, but I think Nolan could make it work.

    • Mr Zsasz wld be cool to see

      • Zsasz was in Begins. Unless you mean it would be cool to see him again.

  12. Wow, TDK has officially been nitpicked clean to the bone. Scarecrow cameo complaints? Really?

    • So, less ranting on ScreenRant than? ;)

    • lol rocks thrown at the thrown. tis all.

  13. Your right, the whole prison breaks lose and Dr. Krane escapes I wouldnt doubt, Bane could use Dr. Krane to weaponize his drug to make him bigger and stronger than Batman that would be freaken cool

  14. I’m pretty sure he’ll be back for a cameo…

    It’s only a rumor but apparently when Bane takes over the city, he lets criminals judge people (like the politicians of Gotham) and gives them sentences — guess who’s (again, RUMORED) to be one of the “judges”… yup, it’s Scarecrow.
    Considering the trailers showed that the big riot/protest scene takes place near a building that looks an awful lot like a courthouse, I wouldn’t be surprised if this rumor is true.


    Here, it says that Scarecrow returns.

  16. Scarecrow like the one from arkham asylum..n im dwn for an appearance!

  17. Isn’t that called a non-denial-denial? Which means yes? :-)

  18. why he needs to be in TDKR? in Batman Begins he was a pawn, not a central character or main villain, in The Dark Knight was a simple cameo and in this new film he will be nothing compared to Bane.

    So his appearance will be pointless.-

    • Jose

      Why would Nolan create a new character when he could just use Scarecrow. It gives a sense of continuity. Before Nolan-Bashing became en vouge (lol) everyone loved Scarecrow’s quick cameo. The first recurring villian in a comicbookmovie (i think)c

    • Scarecrow in TDK was much more than a cameo. He is part of the bigger story of the trilogy. I fully expect him to be in TDKR because his character is essential to the entire Nolan trilogy. Just my thoughts…

      • Maybe Not the first, lex luthor in original superman series, or Loki in Thor than Avengers

        • Also think about the X-men trilogy as well as the second fantastic four movie.

  19. But what if when Bane releases all the prisoners, you just happen to see a quick glimse of Scarecrow…

    -”I’d buy that for a dollar!!!”-

  20. Called it!

    Just to refresh, hoping scarecrow developed the device and fluid that helps bane breathe

  21. If Scarecrow does not appear, it won’t kill me, BUT I did enjoy his character in both BB and TDK. I’m surprised at how are saying he was “just a pawn” and his appearances were “useless”. Murphy played the role quite a bit like the character in the comics has always been: a fear-monger who is more scared than anyone he infects…a “player” who constantly gets played (yes, I realize those descriptions sound cliched, but they accurately illustrate a Batman rogue who is more desperately dangerous to Batman because of self-loathing and terror, given and gotten, than many other more obvious villains).

    Murphy played him as arrogant, intelligent, sinister, and (ultimately)naive…THAT is how Scarecrow has been in many of his most interesting and memorable appearances…including the various stories centered around him.

    If Murphy’s Scarecrow IS in TDKR, I will be happy. It will, I think, only add to the closure of the trilogy.

    • UGH…

      “at how PEOPLE are saying…”


    • ^ Agreed

  22. If this is Nolan’s final Bats film, they should go out with a bang. I was hoping for a Killer Croc or Clayface cameo (just to see how Nolan would do it) yet this, Scarecrow’s inclusion, is good news. He is a true citizen of Gotham now, having been in Begins, Dark Knight, now hopefully Rises.
    IMO, Nolan should just go wild with this, add charecters and cameos galore, it’s in no way Spiderman 3, so I say the more the merrier.

  23. I really dont care. The more Villans the better. Now a Oswald Cobblepot cameo would make day.

  24. Maybe Bane’s painkiller is derived from Scarecrow’s fear toxin.

  25. I’ll echo many of the “breaking people out of Arkham” that you see here, but I’d like to see some substance if we’re going to see him again. His accidental inclusion in the previous film didn’t do much for me. It would have been someone else doing something else and the level of “I care” wouldn’t have gone up or down, frankly.

    • You gotta remember, Scarecrow was still loose after he’d been tasered in Begins so TDK showed ihm finally being caught and arrested.

  26. He was seen on set last summer and around September or October, he acted awkwardly when a BBC movie critic had him on his radio show and repeatedly asked questions about it trying to get something from Cillian.

    Safe to say, Scarecrow will be back.

  27. I think there’s supposed to be some courtroom scene with him that was in the MTV trailer. And what are those character posters with him in? Tell me those are fake, because they’re are spoilers on those.

  28. Why should Scarecrow be in the movie? Because he’s awesome….because Cillian Murphy is awesome and Nolan thinks he’s the best actor of his generation? I don’t know, why? :)
    I loved the cameo in TDK, though of course it was very small. Actually one of the reasons I was so thrilled about Batman Begins back in 2004 was also because a certain very talented young actor was playing Scarecrow. Let’s remember he was one of the final choices to play Batman, he was discarded because he’s too small, but Nolan liked him so much he gave him another role. And he was brilliant as Scarecrow. Since TDKR is wrapping up the trilogy, it’s rather safe to believe Nolan wanted Cillian in his last Batman film. Since there is someone else from BB coming back, well, why not Scarecrow?
    I just wish people stopped pestering the poor boy to make him admit he’s in the film. He’s not telling, let’s wait and see, but I vote for yes.

  29. I like this idea.