‘Dark Knight Rises’ Star Christian Bale Visits Colorado Shooting Victims

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Christian Bale Hospital Visit Dark Knight Rises Star Christian Bale Visits Colorado Shooting Victims

After the horrific mass shooting at a Friday night screening of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado, Warner Bros. opted to cancel the film’s Paris premiere, as well as several other events around the world.

That was fine for actor Christian Bale though, who spent his time away from the red carpet doing something more constructive: visiting the hospital where seven victims of the tragedy were recovering from their injuries.

According to a report in the Denver Post, the Batman star visited with victims for two and a half hours on Tuesday afternoon and also spent time with several doctors, nursing staff, police officers, and emergency medical technicians.

While a cynic might try and dismiss Bale’s visit as an act of vanity, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Bale specifically requested that the media not be notified of his visit so that he could spend his time talking with the injured.

Over the weekend, Bale released an official statement about the shooting, saying, “I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.” With his visit, Bale put actions behind his words, hopefully providing a moment of enjoyment for seven people who sorely needed it.

Christian Bale Batman Hospital Visit Dark Knight Rises Star Christian Bale Visits Colorado Shooting Victims

Christian Bale visits with shooting victim Carey Rottman

The perpetrator of the theater massacre – 24-year-old James Holmes – made his first appearance in court yesterday and is expected to be formally charged next Monday. While there is no doubt that Holmes is guilty of the crimes, the case will still likely take some time to make its way through the court system.

However, that is nothing compared to the time it will take many of the victims to recover from their wounds – both mentally and physically. Perhaps Bale’s visit, while modest in its scope, can help some of the victims accelerate that process.

Source: Denver Post

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  1. No bad humor intended, but is it bad that I see him as Jim Gordon in Batman Begins, consoling a young Bruce Wayne (The victims), after Joe Chill (The 24 year old Shooter) shoots people.

    PS Good show Mr Bale.

  2. Looking at the joy on the guy recovering taking his picture with Bale
    I could only think this was probably the first genuine joy he has
    experienced since he sat down that midnight in anticipation
    of seeing Christian up on the silver screen in front of him.

    And for that, Mr. Christian Bale, I thank you.

    Your selfless act on your own to comfort victims in hospital
    is a manifestation of all that is good and in perfect
    contrast to the evil that placed them there.

    I have admired your acting as an actor.
    Today, I admire your act as a man.

    You are a Batman for all seasons.

    • Mr. Palmar,
      I usually chime in to say your posts are the funniest I’ll read in a certain day but today I applaud your post for it’s sincerity and grace.
      Well said my friend. I agree with every word…

      • Very kind of you to say, Kevin7. Thank you.

  3. A hero on the silver screen as well as off camera a true dark knight. An actor with true heart that isn’t all about Hollywood very well done Mr. Bale.

  4. Nicely done. And respectfully done. Kudos, Mr. Bale. Kudos.

  5. A fine example.

  6. What a stand up guy

  7. I’ve said earlier what a wonderful thing he did here. Another thought: Back in December 2011, he did something much more in the vein of the Batman. Remember? articles dot cnn dot com forward slash 2011-12-15 forward slash asia forward slash world_asia_china-bale-activist_1_bale-chen-guangcheng-batman-star?_s=PM:ASIA

    And now Chen Guangcheng and his wife are in America. Coincidence? Perhaps. But then again, perhaps not. Christian Bale’s approach to acting is well known. Perhaps something a bit superheroic was to be expected.

    Whether or not that’s the case, this week’s visit to Aurora by Christian Bale and his wife was a very good and human thing to do. He was the only one who could do it, too – it wouldn’t have been the same with anyone else, even though we all call these films “Nolan’s ‘Batman’,” Gary Oldman got that wonderful line in TDK (“This time I saved Batman”), and so forth.

    It had to be the man behind the “Batman” figure that we saw on screen and identified with.

    Thanks, Mr. Bale. What you did there has helped us all.

  8. Good job Christian Bale!

    Is there a fund or something that is taking care of the shooting victims?

    I’ll have to do an internet search. I’d like to help too.

  9. Mr. Bale is a class act. That was very kind of him to do that, and I’m sure it gave the survivors a big morale boost. Kudos!

  10. A truly Class Act move on Bale’s part! Hats off to the man!

  11. Christian Bale continues to prove himself as a real life hero. He’s the real Mccoy! Taking the time off the red carpet? Not informing the media of his visit? I knew his tears for Heath Ledger were genuine during the 2012 MTV movie awards. A true humanitarian!

  12. So cool that he did this. I am glad that he did not show up in a batman outfit… that would be over doing it.

  13. Now that’s really like a true batman, he not only a batman on screen but carries same persona off screen too .

  14. Thank you for showing that in reality just as in the movies that the world has genuine good in it and not just evil.

  15. To all those who saw the message going around facebook that Bale should come dressed as Batman: I think that would have been an awful idea. Never mind the fact that it might be traumatic for the patients having a guy come in a dark scary costume, most of the patients were adults, so I think it would’ve been kinda strange and awkward.

    But this, this is how you do it, Mr. Bale. Show up as yourself, with your true face. He’s not looking for publicity. He just wants to spend some time with regular moviegoers who enjoy his movies, and had the unfortunate fate of being in the same theater a madman decided to attack. Well done, sir. This is truly being a hero.

  16. but he’s the Batman we need. (Slow clap for Mr. Bale.) I think being Batman affected Christian in a good way.

  17. Says the guy who’s online name is Charlie Sheen.

    Paul – Moderator

  18. Throw away that Terminator Salvation tantrum…Christian Bale is just a CLASS ACT Human Being for doing what he did. Kudos!

    • In defense of that tantrum, the whole crew was stressed out and Bale included, so he started to yell.

      Other then that, he is a great guy, great actor, and (if he made ONE of the victims smile that day) a real life hero.

  19. Class act. I don’t care what the rumors from coworkers or tabloids might have been because if you follow anyone long enough you find something to exploit. This was a definite class act.

  20. It is very good of Bale to spend time with those injured from this horrible awful event, I sure he really does care and it’s so friendly of him. I hope these injured people get well as quickly as they can and I give my love and prayers to those who lost their lives in this tragic event.

  21. A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as visiting some men and women in a hospital, to let him know the world hadn’t ended.

    • Batman (a hero) can be anyone.

  22. In all honesty I had forgotten about the Terminator tantrum from a few years back. Everyone has bad days every now and then. His wasn’t as worse as it could have been with someone else. That said I have always liked Christian dating back to his early days as an actor. This right here made me smile and has my heart filled with pride that he done this without making it more a media circus than it already is. Low key was the way to go and my hat goes off to you Mr. Bale. Lots of respect as an actor and a man. Well done sir!!!

  23. Fair play to Christian Bale, God bless Him that was a merciful,kind and loving act to do such a thing, It shows that that God is alive in us all and acts of kindness and goodness and thinking of others in their time of real need helps and inspires all through difficulties.

    The picture of this young man and Christian Bale summons up some of the lerics of the Leonard Cohen song anthem where he sings there is a crack in everything and thats how the light gets in, and the look in the face of the young man is a moment of that light getting through.

  24. I expected the whole crew to show up tbh (Anne, Nolan, Hardy) but you can tell that Christian is a good man and I truly respect him. That’s showing some calss and values. Well done, Mr. Bale, well done.

  25. Christian Bale and his wife are first class all the way.

  26. It’s nice to see he can be a symbol of hope and strength in real life as well as on-screen. Class act move, Mr. Bale, makes me happy to see that.

  27. I applaud you Christian Bale for showing up to cheer up and lend support and encouragement to these people who are 99.9% your fans. You are an extraordinary human being , Mr. Bale..

  28. Bale showed basic humanity by doing this and he is just supporting people who were just at a movie supporting his work. You can still see that he is bothered about Heath Ledgers death and he mentioned in the past how that put being in a movie into perspective. I’m sure this is just another unwanted sobering reminder of what is important, as it should for everyone.

    All of that overblown stuff about his on set rant is just more of people not having anything else to do with their lives and forgetting that even an actor is human. Imagine if everyone had their bad days recorded for everyone to see and hear, it would not be pretty.