‘Dark Knight Rises’ Character Posters: Batman vs. Bane vs. Catwoman [Updated]

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[Update: Check out a total of 6 New Dark Knight Rises Posters!]

Yesterday fans were somewhat underwhelmed by a new poster for The Dark Knight Rises, which admittedly looked like some fan-made poster, more so than an actual official one-sheet for Chris Nolan’s conclusion to his Batman trilogy.

As if having heard the collective cry of disapproval from Batman movie fans everywhere, Warner Bros. has released this new set of Dark Knight Rises posters, this time highlighting each of the principal characters: Batman (Christian Bale), Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway).

The new posters are certainly better than the ‘Batman on Fire’ image of the previously-release one-sheet – but in terms of highlighting the characters’ looks and costumes, I’m still partial to the unofficial Dark Knight Rises promotional artwork released not too long ago (before being swiftly removed by the studio); it really accentuated both the look and function of each character’s costume (albeit in hyper-realistic, airbrushed fashion). These latest posters mostly beg the question: does any costumed hero/villain in Gotham City have eyes?

‘Dark Knight Rises’ picks up eight years after ‘The Dark Knight’ and finds Bruce Wayne trying to enjoy his retirement from crime fighting, settling down with love interest Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard). Things go bad when Bane shows up and hatches a terrorist plot, essentially cutting off Gotham City from the outside world, while ousting an out of practice Batman from his pedestal. Down and broken, Bruce Wayne must find a way to reclaim his mantle and win back his city. In the meantime, Gothamites like Catwoman and GCPD officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) try to survive Bane’s new world order until Batman can rise again.

If you missed them before, check out all three Dark Knight Rises trailers:

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros. UK

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  1. Even though the marketing for this movie has been to me disappointing, I cannot wait for this movie to be out. This will be the movie of the summer and the year.

  2. You forgot to include the 3 international posters:

  3. I think these posters are incredibly bamf.

    My excitement for TKDR is only continuing to rise.

  4. Oh wow, the posters finally clicked.

    “There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne.”


  5. Biggest disappointments…Another different Batsuit, Bane’s breathing mask, and another DIFFERENT Batsuit.

  6. And Bane STILL looks like a BAD joke. Other a LAME Bane, the movie looks good.

  7. Yeah, Bane is not looking to hot lol. Everyone else is cool though.

  8. Much better than the ones yesterday, but I’m still skeptical about this promotional stuff by WB. They are much better than this.

  9. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur,
    happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

    • :) ^^^

  10. lol the trailers are so boring. Who’s Idea was it to go for suck a lack luster promotion?

    • I’ve said this before, the movie has a melancholic theme, so you are not supposed to be hyped up about it watching the trailer, rather you should feel down, lose faith in the Batman. So if you feel bored by it, Nolan has done his job well.

      • Trailers are supposed to get a person “hyped” to see a movie – that’s it’s main goal – to get people’s attention and attract/convince them to go see the movie…

        Never in my entire life have I heard of a trailer that makes you “feel down” and “lose faith” (except for a few dramas maybe – but those aren’t summer blockbusters though, whereas TDKR IS a summer blockbuster).

        “So if you feel bored by it, Nolan has done his job well.” ;)

        • I don’t think “hype” is the appropriate word. More like interested, just my thought.

        • While I usually agree with you Avenger, not all trailers are supposed to get people hyped. Look at Contagion trailer (for example); that does not get people hyped. Trailers are supposed to get people interested, for sure. But I think hyped is the wrong word. With the DKR, I don’t think this movie with be very hype inducing. I think that this movie with be melancholic, with periods of triumph. With the Avengers, many people watched it with a smile, because they knew they would win. With DKR, many people are feeling deflated or sad throughout because of the amount of drama. It’s not meant to get you hyped. However, I don’t think that takes anything away with the movie. Of course, we could have a difference in opinion.

          • Okay, “hype” was the wrong word (but I did go on to say: “to get people’s attention and attract/convince them to go see the movie”)

            Still, you can’t deny the fact that this is still a BATMAN movie and a HUGE summer blockbuster – the trailers however, haven’t done much to bring that message across IMO.

            • Yeah, I noticed that after my comment. I should read more thoroughly next time; my apologies. & you’re absolutely right. But maybe, this is going off on a limb, that they believe that they do not have to make a great trailer to make people convinced. They might feel they already have a huge following & people will go see it without over the top trailers. Just a thought. But you’re absolutely right, this is a summer blockbuster & it needs to have trailers that back it up.

              • Oh no doubt, TDK has a HUGE fanbase (me included) and it’s very, very popular amongst the regular movie goers as well, but still, that isn’t an excuse for a rather lackluster marketing campaign. Plus, TDK was 4 years ago… most people need to be “reminded” of that movie – and an epic trailer that shows Batman (for more than a few seconds) would really help in doing that.

                Still, the movie is 2 months away so I’m sure things will start to pick up sooner or later (but seeing as we just got 7 posters in less than two days, I’m thinking it’ll be pretty soon ;))

                • Oh I definitely agree that there isn’t an excuse for it’s mediocre marketing. For being an epic final, many people were expecting epic trailers. But you’re right, with still 2 months left, I fully expect it to kick up sometime soon.

  11. It looks great but People keep saying that John Blake who is a character in the movie will be the new batman at the end of the movie. So if it turns out that this is true then The movie will not do that well because Bruce Wayne is batman not some dude that could be Dick Grayson or some other character in the Nolan universe. But back to the posters they do look great and I like the rain aspect of the posters. The only thing that does not look good is bane. He does not look mush bigger than batman.

    • Bane is going to be AWESOME!!! Already IS, and everybody is going to STFU after this movie hits theaters. Just like theHeath Ledger Joker all over again.

      • He may very well be a bada$$ but he will never look like one.

    • Those who think John Blake will replace the Batman doesn’t know a thing about Nolan’s batman movies. This trilogy is about Bruce Wayne/Batman alone. No one is replacing him. I repeat, no one is replacing the Batman in this movie. Bruce Wayne is Batman and Batman is Bruce Wayne. End of rant.

      • Really? In BB Wayne states that a person can be ignored, therefore he needed a “symbol” that, I beleve he said could be “everlasting”. So, if the man behind the mask dies the “symbol”, “legend”, or whatever you may call it lives on.

  12. “The Legend Ends”

    The quality of these posters
    make a convincing argument.

  13. I really don’t understand why everyone is complaining and “nit-picking”.. these posters look amazing! Let the movie stand for itself once you watch it (yes i am assuming you will watch it, because lets be honest.. you will) Let me also digress into The trailer….yes it is different from ones that I have seen before but is Christopher Nolan your run of the mill director? no…

    • It’s the internet people complain about everything. This movie could get critical acclaim and make billions of dollars, people would still say idiotic stuff.

      • I would disagree with the idea that it is necessarily idiotic to lambast something that professional critics acclaim, whether it makes billions of dollars or no. It depends on the film in question. Critics like some bad films. Some bad movies make money. At the end of the day those aren’t great qualifiers for artistic success.

    • According to folks on Screenrant he is nigh equal to Bay but better than Uwe Boll =P lol

    • Judging books by their covers. Poster art… Christopher Nolan didn’t direct three hours of poster art.

  14. once people see how awfult his movie is… then they will notice how OVERRATED THE DARK KNIGHT IS. (PS the ending is really bad)

    • so enlighten us on what films you find great, since you are so keen on identifying an overrated film.

    • How would you know the ending?
      Why cant people just wait for the movie to come out then they cant talk about the movie being good or bad.

      • I’m pretty sure he was referring to TDK, not the upcoming film.

        • true but he/she should not be so negative about a film series that will be remembered for a long time.

        • His postscript indicates he was hinting at the new film and counting on it to show us how bad the previous one was…I think he believes he is being clever…and maybe funny. He is being neither.

    • Right, because you can tell a movies awful from a total of 2 minutes trailer footage you’ve seen. From what I’ve seen from the prologue is nothing short of amazing filmmaking and a well directed and choreographed action set piece. The Dark Knight as a movie has flaws, but as a summer blockbuster it’s easily one of the best movies of 2008, and easily one of the best comic book movies ever made.

    • Just watch The Dark Knight on Sunday… yup, it’s still a great movie.

      • Wholly agree :)

    • So what was the ending?

    • Why don’t you just go watch Batman And Robin instead then.

    • So you think you can tell how bad TDKR is by watching a few trailers and some posters but the rest of the world couldn’t do the same for TDK even after watching the movie (more than once)?

  15. This is not a ‘knock’ against Avengers and the other ‘comic book’ movies, they are comic books and excellent. The Dark Knight trilogy is literature, with deep character and a complex narrative. The first set up the concept of the Batman, the second added the concept of “what does the sane man do, when the confronting insanity dressed up as anarchy”. The final chapter looks to bring it all together. It all comes down to the fact that “One man with courage is a majority”
    I am ready for July.

    • It depends on what a person wants out of a comic book movie. If someone wants a pop corn flick with tons of action and comic book homages then a movie like the Avengers is best for them. If someone wants a deep taut, action crime adventure then a movie like The Dark Knight Rises is best for them. Me personally I like to see a comic movie that differentiates itself and actually stands up on its own from the source material. Thats the one thing I loved about Ang Lees hulk. Everyone expected a action blockbuster masher instead he did a character study with very little action set pieces, and like it or not that movie stood out on its on.

      • …….

      • You know, you had me completely agreeing with you up until you mentioned Ang Lee’s Hulk ;)

    • anything in print is literature.
      in what way is the narrative complex? i find it very straight forward.

      • Many of the ideas conveyed ARE quite complex and thought-provoking, but yes, the storylines, themselves, are fairly straightforward.

  16. I like these posters a lot

  17. Btw I give the edge to the international posters they are sweet

  18. These look great. Really looking forward to this. Loving Bane. Love that goosebump inducing 3rd trailer. It ought to be an amazing trilogy from an excellent filmmaker.

  19. Ok now thats a poster … awesome !

  20. I hope this movie rises above these ridiculous costumes. Bane and Catwoman are completely unrecognizable and Batman barely so.

  21. i must be going mad but just looked art posters quickly and thought in the bane with leather jacket on had a superman S underneath it ??

    • now that would be twist!

      • *a twist

  22. It gets really annoying hearing people complain about the costumes. I see nothing wrong with them. Did you expect bane to have giant tubes running from his back like batman and robin?

    • Word. Although Bane looks nothing like he did in the comic, I think the luchador mask would not look pretty well in this movie (with tubes stickin outa it) lol just imagine if they actually threw on a Ray Mysterio mask on him omg! as for Catwoman…So many ppl have a problem with her look and say she needs a cowl. I don’t find the cowl necessary. some ppl just wanna really dork out.. I can’t believe how many freakin ppl said Captain america’s suit was ruined cause the star was silver….complaining about a star…that was silveer. say whatever ya want about the rest of the suit lol but ppl bitchin about the star being silver???

      • Like anne hathaway has said everyones costume serves a purpose and her’s has a lot of specialties to it. And about the heels…. anne hathaway did a ton of stunts with heels in get smart. And I’m sure there not just regular heels

        • Exactly! Notice that the heels are spiked. If she moves around on her toes and pads of her feet (cat-like and quiet, in other words), those spikes might very logical serve as difficult-to-avoid weapons…NOT mere transport.

          • …sigh…logicalLY*

            • I agree with you completely. As for bane I like the tactical military look. And the shot of him falling down the plane but grabbing on the seat to me is bad ass. Plus the short glimpse of him and batman fighting in the last trailer with a superman punch shows me that he is a great fighter.

              • Totally agree on that shot of Bane in the plane. He’s gonna rock.

          • There is NOTHING stealthy about 6 inch heels. They are, however, a damn fine way to break an ankle. Tell ANY woman about how practical they are and they will laugh in your face.

          • there is absolutely nothing tactical about prancing around on tippy toes with spiked heel boots. I don’t even think she can tippy toes since the toe part of the boots are not flexilbe ( like all girls stupid heel shoes) To think its realistic to have “spiked heels” that “serve a purpose” is freakin retarded! Even if Nolan does have her use them as a “difficult-to-avoid weapon” its still retarded! How come that asian girl in Expendables 2 doesn’t wear heels in battle? Cause the ppl makin that movie probably looked at these other movies who throw heels on a girl and they’re like “lol how stupid r these ppl?

            • I never said tactical…I said catlike. You’re not showing yourself in the brightest light by calling others “retarded”.

              You don’t actually know HOW her boots flex or function, but I point to the particular reason for my train of thought: The spikes look different from the rest of the boots…substantially different. The boots, in other words, are not merely fetish/clubbing boots; the silvery heels look as if they are added on–auxilliary components. I thought that perhaps she locks the spikes in to the soles of her Catwoman boots to assist her in her particular fighting style…or climbing…or whatever purpose Nolan, et al, may have thought up. We haven’t really SEEN her doing anything besides talking and riding (and the martial arts KICK in one of the trailers).

              Of course, none of us KNOW for sure, but to be so insulting and closed-minded when Nolan has shown in the past (and rather consistently) that he has purposes for just about everything in his films is pointless and silly.

              BTW, yes, high heels DO indeed seem counter to fast, stable movements…yet women daily move quickly and effectively in them. Most efficient way to design a thieves’ boot? Hell no. Possible? Clearly.

              • …sigh: a thieF’s boots (singular)…SHEESH!

              • Can we please tone down the name calling? This site is used for ranting, yes, but to be mature about it. & about the heels, either one of you could be right. Archaeon could be wrong, but has it ever occurred to you that you can be just as wrong? The fact is, you’re bringing up regular heels that girl’s wear to clubs or to look “glamorous”. Catwoman’s heels are not designed or meant to go to clubs. Yes, she may like glamour, but that’s not the main point. She is meant to be a thief & stealthy. Could it be possible that her heels are not made out of the same material as regular heels? I think the clear answer is yes. That’s what Archaeon means when you’re being close-minded. You’re looking at heels that woman wear in real life & not realizing this is a movie with super gadget, etc. Not saying you’re complety wrong, just that it can be plausible that they serve a purpose.

                • Thank you, Mathew, and I apologize to all for my vehemence.

                • I am not comparing them to real life club heels. I’m simply saying heels have no function, Not for any scenario. Even if she uses them as a weapon, its like wtf seriously, that is such B.S. The heels is just for femininity. and its stupid. wonder woman would wear heels in the show, but when she runs, she is clearly no longer wearing heels, she wore something similiar to what scarlet johanson wore in the avengers. this is an example of how stupid it is. Yet Nolan chose to have heels ( and probably give them some B.S gadget function)

                  • even the shoes scarlet johanson wore in the avengers was a joke. so why did they put them on her? to make her look taller. Thats all. Just sayin.

              • Vic (or whoever decides, ultimately, to allow or discard my response:

                Please, read Avatar’s extremely insulting post BEFORE you make your decision. I think I was fair in my response to him.

            • “This is my Avatar saying”

              You’d better watch the name calling or you’re going to find your self at the very least on auto-moderation.


      • i read alot of posts on here about caps mask, but never about the star, but it doesnt surprise me

      • Nolan does nothing without reason, purpose, and backstory behind it. Have faith. In Nolan We Trust!


    • Actually, yes, that would be preferable to the stupid, Mortal Kombat reject looking garbage we are being subjected to now. That movie might have been stupid, but at least I knew who I was looking at.

      • The mask may be preferable to you, however, Nolan & everyone working on the film & WB prefer him the way he is. It also would look very silly in this universe. & you mean to say you won’t know who Bane is based on his new mask? I will say however, the only gripe I have so far (albeit, a small one) is that Bane doesn’t sound Latino so far.

        • You say that like it’s a good thing. How many pre-established properties has WB ruined now. Saying that’s the version they like means squat.

          • you forget, they approved the Bat-nipples in Batman & Robin.

        • That’s because in Nolan’s universe Bane is from Eastern Europe. Not South America.

      • Its not like nolan is making this movie for only comic book fans… every non fan will know who bane is after the intro to his character in the beginning of the movie only comic book fans co/plain about costumesl

      • u freakin kidding? u prefer that Bane look from Batman and Robin? lol…omg! yea that would look soooo great in The Dark Knight Rises… To bad Nolan didn’t grab the same SHITTYY costume ;)

    • Well Trey, this is the internet – people complain all the time. And this site (Screen RANT) is mostly for the fans, and fans tend to complain/make their voices heard. It’s all part of discussion.

      I remember a time, not so long ago, when people were outright bashing Cap’s costume in The Avengers (mostly because of the stills), but when the movie was released, no one was really that bothered about it anymore (because, the cinematography didn’t make Cap look as bad as he did in the stills, and the rest of the movie was so epic that people didn’t even notice it that much…)

      I’m hoping the same will happen with TDKR – Bane doesn’t look good in the stills and the trailers IMO, but for all we know, he might look fantastic (or at least not that bad) in the actual movie. I mean, they don’t call it “movie magic” for nothing ;)

      There are so many elements involved when making a movie that in the end, it could end up looking/being completely different than the trailers let on, but that will never stop people from complaining.
      It’s all part of human nature: to complain about EVERYTHING: “I hate Banes’ muffled voice. I can’t understand a thing he’s saying” — “Aw, what happened to Bane’s old voice, I hate this new fake voice over. There was nothing wrong with the old one”

      • Loved The Avengers, still think Cap looked like a Smurf.

        Really – Smurf blue? Has anyone looked at an American Flag? EVER?

      • Before anyone says it, I know he has that color in the comics, but his WWII costume in the Cap movie was a great color, navy blue looked great and is more flag accurate.

      • Now that you mention it, I did note on the close-ups of Cap’s face that the ear coverings looked like something that was hurriedly stuck on there to hide his ears. They didn’t look or feel like part of the original costume. I agree though that in the grand scheme it wasn’t much more than a thought.

        Still want a scale-mail upper body though! ;)

  23. i am slowly adjusting Nolan’s concept of TDKR, and people have to accept that Hollywood will not please everyone. they can only project what i think will be acceptable to a majority, which is more than enough for them. Another director will remake Batman within the next 10 years and it will be different and we will have the same argument about whether or not everyone is o.k with the concept, its impossible for everyone to be pleased with it and i personally think that Hollywood is doing this on purpose so that there will be another reason to remake it………as for Bane, this is the best he’s ever going to be unless of course you want Nolan to resurrect Andre the Giant from the dead (for those of you that don’t know him, he was three times the size of the Big Show on WWF, now WWE) and it will be unrealistic for Bruce wayne/Batman to defeat Bane.

    • Hollywood doing what on purpose, exactly? Are you implying that Hollywood is making Nolan put elements in that will stir controversy? That’s not smart at all. The fact is, whether people like to admit it, Nolan is one of the better directors in Hollywood right now. Sure, there are some that are better, but he is one of the best at his job. This is Nolan’s vision of Batman; he is allowed to implement what he wants, for better or for worse.

  24. These look great. I for one love the look of bane, very tactical for obvious reasons.. I think his look is the perfect blend for Nolan’s universe.. And from what I’m hearing every other week the guy is a monster in this film. I’m very excited for this.

  25. So, correct me if I’m wrong, based on the story excerpt above, this movie will draw from Knightfall, No Man’s Land, and The Dark Knight Returns storyline? Just want to make sure before I go read the comic/visual novel/whatever-you-call-it sources.

    • You are correct. I started reading batman graphic novels a couple months ago. And I decided to stop when I got to knightfall. I don’t wanna have any clue what this movie will be like.

    • I think Batman : The Cult will be an influence, along with A Tale Of Two Cities and Full Metal Jacket.

      • Full medal jacket is influencing the way he is filming it. Not the story atleast from what I think I understand.

  26. These posters look fantastic and have me EVEN more excited for TDKR…

  27. I want the Batman Rise poster for my office.

  28. Awesome!!

  29. The Avengers posters were pretty bad, and nobody complained.