‘Dark Knight Rises’ Character Posters: Batman vs. Bane vs. Catwoman [Updated]

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[Update: Check out a total of 6 New Dark Knight Rises Posters!]

Yesterday fans were somewhat underwhelmed by a new poster for The Dark Knight Rises, which admittedly looked like some fan-made poster, more so than an actual official one-sheet for Chris Nolan’s conclusion to his Batman trilogy.

As if having heard the collective cry of disapproval from Batman movie fans everywhere, Warner Bros. has released this new set of Dark Knight Rises posters, this time highlighting each of the principal characters: Batman (Christian Bale), Bane (Tom Hardy) and Catwoman (Anne Hathaway).

The new posters are certainly better than the ‘Batman on Fire’ image of the previously-release one-sheet – but in terms of highlighting the characters’ looks and costumes, I’m still partial to the unofficial Dark Knight Rises promotional artwork released not too long ago (before being swiftly removed by the studio); it really accentuated both the look and function of each character’s costume (albeit in hyper-realistic, airbrushed fashion). These latest posters mostly beg the question: does any costumed hero/villain in Gotham City have eyes?

‘Dark Knight Rises’ picks up eight years after ‘The Dark Knight’ and finds Bruce Wayne trying to enjoy his retirement from crime fighting, settling down with love interest Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard). Things go bad when Bane shows up and hatches a terrorist plot, essentially cutting off Gotham City from the outside world, while ousting an out of practice Batman from his pedestal. Down and broken, Bruce Wayne must find a way to reclaim his mantle and win back his city. In the meantime, Gothamites like Catwoman and GCPD officer John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) try to survive Bane’s new world order until Batman can rise again.

If you missed them before, check out all three Dark Knight Rises trailers:

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

Source: Warner Bros. UK

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  1. I don’t care what anyone says about the suit, but damn Anne Hathaway is so fine

  2. dear screenrant,

    can you guys please do a story which compares the marketing materials between all three of nolan’s batman movies!!!???

    that would be really cool to see how the campaign has evolved since batman begins.

    i have my doubts about this movie being “better” than the dark knight (read: i will like it more), but i have complete faith in nolan that it will be an awesome movie regardless.

  3. Who likes my Gravitar? 8-)

    • niiiiiice

    • ME! :)

    • coooool… :)

    • That’s pretty cool, but check this one out, gangstas.

  4. batman poster is boss! anne hathawahhhhey look’s like a horse in leather and makeup bane is puny horrible D:

    • Anne Hathaway is horrible and Bane is a midget. LOLOLOLOL

  5. Batman looks awesome in those two posters…
    In fact, even Bane doesn’t look that stupid here (dare I say, he kinda looks INTIMIDATING for once!).
    As for Catwoman, the poster where she’s standing in the rain looks pretty cool, but I don’t know what’s going on with the other one where she’s standing behind the motorcycle (I forget the name of the thing) – are we supposed to be looking at Hathaway, or the vehicle?

    Anyway, these are a lot better (still, IMO not as good as the first two posters though: the teaser poster and the poster with Bane and the broken Bat-mask)

  6. Better than yesterday’s total lack of effort, but there still something ‘off’ about the whole thing.

  7. I got to say I was so amped for this movie. After being completely caught off hearted and actually liking the Avengers, and then this fail of a marketing campaign by WB, less and less am I looking forward to this movie. I loved TDK but so far I’m not at all impressed. Batman looks anorexic.

    • Have you ever seen someone anorexic? Watch the mahcinist that is an anorexic xhristian bale. This man is easily 215 pounds..

      • I didn’t say Christian bale, I said Batman.

        • Well christian bale is playing batman therefore he doesn’t look anorexic

          • Does to me

      • 180 tops

        • 180? No. At least, not IMO. But maybe there is a reason for him being, as you state, anorexic. There are rumors he has his back broken. He is also coming out of retirement, after 8 years. He may’ve not worked out or kept in shape in that time, who knows? But, he’s getting older, & settling down with Miranda’s character. Lastly, the shots of him being skinnier could be when he “rises” or just came back from being badly hurt. He could bulk up & return to stature suitable enough for you (doing sit-ups/push-ups, etc).

      • The movie takes place 8 years after TDK and batman has been inactive. So yes he looks skinnier.

  8. Awesome posters, better than the other poster with Batman in flames.

  9. *watches third trailer*

    Did they hire Tom Clancy to make this trilogy? Lol…

    I see hints of “Knighfall” and “No Man’s Land”.

    • I got the No Man’s Land vibe from the bridges blowing.

      • Check out “Gates of Gotham”

  10. I for one love these posters. If this wasn’t the sequel the the DARK KNIGHT! People wouldn’t quite be so nitpicky. They would still complain, but the movie wouldn’t have so much to live up too. Not to mention these posters are far better than some of the individual Avengers posters, which were corny. I also LOVE the third trailer. It gave me goosebumps and i am still looking forward to this (far more than the transformers 3 rip off Avengers)

  11. I still can’t believe it took the lady 2 years to design that fleecy jacket. And she has the worst excuse too!

  12. NICE!! Love these posters! I personally prefer the US ones with the characters standing out in the “storm.” Those look epic and the word RISE just makes it so simple yet effective. The international ones are great too, with each of the characters standing on his/her vehicle. Batman with The Bat, Catwoman with the Batpod, Bane with the Tumbler.

    Only nitpick: I’m not such a fan of Bane in the trenchcoat. It just looks weird. I much prefer the costume in the international poster, the one we’ve seen so many times already. And the lack of eyes looks kinda strange for catwoman.

    And Kofi, where is that plot summary from? Is that released by the studio or Nolan or is it just something you/the site wrote up? I mean, everything there I already knew, I just have never really heard a plot summary yet like that, specifically with Bruce settling with Miranda, and John Blake and Catwoman working together.

  13. Vic (or whoever)…

    I have no problem with the fact that you removed my comment to Avatar, but I think it only fair that you also remove his (just the one to which I was responding) in which he calls me both a “retard” AND a “dumbass”. The attack restriction applies to EVERYONE…right?

    • Archaeon,

      I missed that. There were so many exchanges that I just decided to step in. I will address your issue.


      • Thank you, Vic, for your prompt response. I appreciate how many e-mails you and your staff must go through daily and know it is hard to catch every off-color response immediately…especially since my comment had a tagged word and Avatar’s did not. I am happy that your site strives to maintain its high level of quality and enjoy visiting it…even when I am the source of (or a contributor to) whatever problem(s) might arise.


    • (claps hands) u done wiping ur tears? u need a hug? give em a hug Vicki!

      • You are now on auto-moderation for ignoring the rules and the spirit in which we expect commenters to conduct themselves. Valid, non-inflammatory comments will be approved. Raging, abusive comments will cause you to be banned.

        You can’t say you weren’t warned.


  14. i’m really surprised that two strangers (and i’m guessing you might be guys) would stoop low and banter over a pair of boots……c’mon guys……no one would ever steal or save the world in heels. i know you’re both trying to be reasonable about it, and you’re both right and wrong at the same time. but just let it go……:D

    • Yvonne…

      You are right that the subject, itself, is negligible in the grand scheme of things…however, it is FUN to consider different possibilities for the various details of these films…just an interesting exercise in trying to figure out Nolan’s thought processes in making the film the way he is.

      The insults and below-the-belt attacks, on the other hand, are ALWAYS inexcusable.