New ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Catwoman Image Shows Full Costume & Weapon

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anne hathaway catwoman dark knight rises New Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Image Shows Full Costume & Weapon

[UPDATE: Check out Catwoman alongside Batman in a new EW cover.]

As Marvel’s The Avengers comes down the final stretch to its theatrical debut, attention will slowly but surely start turning back toward DC/Warner Bros. Dark Knight Rises, the final to Chris Nolan’s Batman movie trilogy, which is also one of the most highly-anticipated films of 2012.

We won’t get your hopes up with promises of anything truly spectacular, but today we do have a piece of promotional art that is certainly fodder from some good discussion: a new hi-resolution look at Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle / Catwoman.

Hathaway being cast as Catwoman has arguably been the most divisive aspect of The Dark Knight Rises so far. Most fans are pumped about seeing Inception star Tom Hardy play Batman’s nemesis, Bane (provided they can actually understand what the heck he’s saying behind that mask), but Hathaway has not received the same level of support. In short: there are many who believe that Nolan has (for a third time) miscast one of the major female roles in his Batman film (following the much-derided castings of Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, respectively).

Take a look at Hathaway as Catwoman, below:



Aside from having Hathaway play the part, the actual Catwoman costume has come under a lot of scrutiny since it was first revealed. From the headpiece – which we can now see is a mask with high-tech goggles that flip up to become “cat ears” – to the booty-tight spandex and sharpened high-heel stripper boots, both guys and gals alike have been critical of Nolan’s vision of this femme-fatale. Throw in the gun featured in this pic (instead of Catwoman’s traditional S&M-style bullwhip) and we’re likely about to see a whole new round of complaints…

UPDATE: Check out Catwoman and Batman on the cover of Entertainment Weekly:


EW Dark Knight Rises Summer Movie Preview 2012 Cover 280x170 New Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Image Shows Full Costume & Weapon


What do you think of Catwoman’s new outfit and gunplay?

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20, 2012.

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  1. I like Hathaway as Catwoman. I’m really looking forward to seeing her take on the character. Plus, she’s hot.

    • hell yea me too

  2. idk. the costume seems a bit cheesy but i’ll reserve judgement until i see her in action

    • Cheesy? The man standing next to her is dressed as a bat. Who cares? They’re both going to kick ass! On a side note, my first thought was ‘Pancake ass!’

      • haha her trainer needs to stop making her jog and start making her do sprints and deadlifts.

      • Sometimes tall & lanky people have nice shaped asses without it being big & round. Anne Hathaway is tall & lanky.

      • I eat pancakes…so yum yum haha

  3. I don’t see a problem with the costume or the usage of a gun… I think she looks pretty dang good

    • Whoa! She’s holding a gun?

  4. I don’t like it much. Ain’t no way you’re going to be running around in those heels. Unless you’re Earth Kitt. :P

    • Cats have tremendous balance remember that. She obviously can run in them cause she is wearing them during the movie

  5. The ears are cheesy.
    Wait and see.

  6. Honestly, as great as it would be I can’t see a whip fitting into Nolan’s realistic Batman universe. I mean really, who is going to let Catwoman within ten feet of them. Definitely not Bane or Batman (depending where he loyalties end up lying). I think that when we see this in action we are going to understand why she looks the way she does a lot better than we do know. Maybe, just maybe, she is supposed to look a little “cheesy”? Let’s give the man the benefit of the doubt, he has given us two consecutive entries in the Batman franchise that are arguably among the best of the best of comic book movies in general and Batman screen adaptations.

  7. give us another trailer already!

  8. I’ve always thought she was a very sexy lady, and this picture only confirms it. But I still have a problem with the spiked boots.

  9. I’ve been happy with the choice of Hathaway as Catwoman and look forward to seeing whether or not she’ll meet my expectations. As for the suit, I like it and think it fits in quite well with the various portrayals of the character. I’m wondering also if those oft-maligned heels will in fact be used as weapons while causing an acrobatic thief who frequently balances and moves/jumps on tip-toe relatively little trouble. As for the presence of the gun, a cat burglar making her debut in the cesspool that is Gotham City might very logically carry a gun. Who is say that we won’t see her switching to other garb and perhaps even her iconic whip by the end of the film? So far, I’m still excited by the approaching release of this film. :)

  10. The ears just don’t look right to me. Makes it look like a Halloween costume.

    • You were looking at the ears?! :0

      • She has ears?? :-D

        • They aren’t “Ears” – They’re the high-tech googles we’ve seen before. They just flip up and down over the mask in this photo to create the APPEARANCE of ears. You can see the connecting rods for the googles if you look closely.

        • @Kahless…you can’t make that joke. Earlier you mentioned her footwear. 8-)

          • That was Kahless, not me. :-D

    • agreed. everything else is fine.

    • The ears come down over her eyes like goggles.

  11. For all the hubbub about realism the whole heels and lack of a hood to hide her hair like in the comics doesn’t seem to make sense. Gun needs a silencer as well.

  12. Uuum….Damn…

    I thought she supposedly had to diet in order to fit into this costume? It ain’t like she has any curves. At all. Oh well..The costume design looks alright I guess(Agree on ears) but I see what is meant by the heels. Not very stealth-like IMO. Still think it should’ve been someone else cast for this. No big names necessesary. At least someone with a Butt(Where is hers? No offense meant to anybody but damn) or a frame to complement the source material. She’s really lacking in the sex appeal dept…

    Hopefully with her talents she could pull it off…

    • Love and Other Drugs … “nuff said.

      • Lacky in sex appeal? Not everyone can be scarlett johansson. Anne hathaway looks great in the costume.

        • Jennifer Garner in Daredevil… Sorry i just had to say that:)

  13. …giggaty

    • Buuuutt, I’m STILL not sold…
      They could have gotten someone better (someone with some curves, someone a bit younger perhaps?) and the costume could have used a few more tweaks.
      Anywho, she’ll probably be great – only time will tell.

      • Love and Other Drugs … “nuff said.

        • Haven’t seen that one yet…

        • Haha ink

        • I don’t get how people are saying she isn’t curvy enough… she is hot. I think she fits for of the average looking celebrities. She isn’t scarlett johansson or a super model but she is a very good looking women

  14. She has a nice dumper.

  15. Not to complain about her showing off her “assets,” but why does every female comic book character have to pose showcasing her butt and then utilizing the over-the-shoulder look? Seriously, the Black Widow and now Catwoman have mastered that pose. Please do not remove my “MAN” card for saying that (both actresses are very attractive and in my younger, single days would be instantly added to my spank bank). Just understand that I am the father of a little girl who I don’t want to start posing like that…ever!

    • @ B-List
      Your post made me think of the rule I have with my daughter. No clothing that has words or phrases written on the butt.
      It drives me batty when I see what some parents let their kids leave the house in.

      As far as Hathaway as Catwoman and the outfit. I’m fine with both her and the outfit.
      Like INK has said a few times in this thread if you have any question about her being sexy or attractive watch Love and Other Drugs. I guarantee your mind will change.

  16. Im mostly fine with the costume, I’m not digging the actual mask though (goggle ears are kinda cool). I would have preferred the Arkham City/Comics Aviator hood style with goggles instead of the old school eye mask style. I also dig the shorter hairstyle the character sports with the aviator hood; the rather long hair Anne is sporting just doesn’t work with the outfit for me for some reason I can’t define and seems rather unrealistic as well, itd always be getting in the way especially while cat burglaring

  17. I’m more interested to learn how Hathaway will alter her voice to match Christian Bale’s lozenge-seeking sore throat Batman voice. This is the big time, Annie!

  18. She looks ok. She doesn’t have a rear bumper but she looks alright. Her best asset is her lips, she has very nice kiss an bite worthy juicy lips.

  19. I like the costume. I’ll bet the heels have purpose to the costume. And it would make since for Catwoman to have a different voice than Selina Kyle.

  20. Wow! She looks very Julie Newmar-esque in that photo. The material looks spot on.

    Can’t wait for this!

  21. Meh…

  22. Definitely definitely going to need to CGI her butt………looks like Julie Newmar…….and really interested to see how she’s going to climb and run in those heels……

  23. Looks like a Halloween costume… especially with those heels…

  24. Anne Hathaway looks great as Catwoman.

  25. Anne looked very thin in some stills.
    For that reason I do not trust her
    costume pic in the Photoshop era.

  26. She could always pick up a whip later in the movie

  27. That’s it? Nolan, I am disappoint.

  28. I think she looks great! Like people said, the goggle ears could have been better, but overall, I like the costume. Hopefully somewhere along the lines, she uses/picks up her iconic whip but if not, I understand the logic. I’m so excited for this movie! Can’t wait for this summer!

  29. Catwoman needs a whip, or at least a whip-like weapon. Maybe an electrically charged stun-gun whip(which she can use since she is wearing an insulated suit, I would say).


    • I could see that gun being whip like

      • Maybe she does some pistol whipping

        • Heyy!!! That was honestly funny lmao