‘Dark Knight Rises’ Rumor: Who is Playing Barbara Gordon? [Updated]

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barbara gordon dark knight rises Dark Knight Rises Rumor: Who is Playing Barbara Gordon? [Updated]

There’s even more buzz (than usual) circling The Dark Knight Rises right now, thanks to the combination of newly-released official plot details, images of Batman and Bane, and word that both the film’s prologue and a full theatrical trailer are slated to arrive in theaters during the 2011 holiday movie season.

Yet another Dark Knight Rises rumor has popped up online – and it concerns the character Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon’s daughter, who, in the original comic books, eventually grew up to become Batgirl (and, later, Oracle). However, perhaps more interesting than that is the actress who is said to be portraying the heroine.

It should go without saying that any discussion of what well-known actress could not-so-secretly be playing that role (and just how feasible this rumor actually is) definitely treads on mild SPOILER territory. So, only read ahead if you don’t mind finding out a bit more information about The Dark Knight Rises.







The Dark Knight Rises Rumors claims to have received a tip-off from one of their readers, who was passing by the Dark Knight Rises set a few weeks back (when principal photography on the film was underway in New York) when they noticed a trailer, as marked in the photo below:

[UPDATE: Multiple sources (including Batman News) are now reporting that the following image is in fact a fake.]

Christopher Nolan’s Inception starlet, Ellen Page, immediately comes to mind as the “E. Page” in question. However, seeing how the Juno actress was (according to IMDB) shooting The East around that same time, and that Jim Gordon’s daughter was still very young during the conclusion of The Dark Knight, it seemed (at the time when the above photo was taken) more than a bit ridiculous to presume that Dark Knight Rises would feature a grown-up version of Barbara Gordon, as portrayed by a familiar face from the Nolan movie universe.

Now that Nolan has revealed that Dark Knight Rises takes place some eight years after The Dark Knight, the idea of Ellen Page playing a youthful B. Gordon suddenly seems (relatively) less absurd. Plus, what with fellow Inception stars like Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine, and (purportedly) Cillian Murphy being onboard, it’s not a huge stretch to say that Nolan would be inclined to bring back another thespian he has worked with before for his Batman trilogy finale.

While the Ellen Page news could easily turn out to be pure rumor mongering and nothing more, it is safe to say that Barbara will appear in The Dark Knight Rises, in some capacity – though, the chances that she’ll become Batgirl in the film seem (frankly) very poor, to say the least. However, if Ellen Page is playing the part, then it stands to reason that Barbara could play an important, albeit brief, role in the movie (though, again, almost certainly not that of Batgirl – Super jokes aside).

On a purely speculative note: it could be that Barbara Gordon will essentially become a (non-disabled? Hardy has mentioned that his incarnation of Bane has a thing for causing spinal damage to others…) version of Oracle in The Dark Knight Rises and provide information to both her father and Batman. In that case, the casting of Page (who played a similar young techno whiz in Inception) would make all the more sense.

Inception Leonardo DiCaprio Ellen Page Michael Caine Dark Knight Rises Rumor: Who is Playing Barbara Gordon? [Updated]

Will Ellen Page appear in 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

If nothing else, the mere possibility that Nolan has brought on a quality name actress to play Barbara Gordon, combined with Anne Hathaway portraying Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Marion Cotillard playing the (mysterious) Miranda Tate, is another good sign that The Dark Knight Rises will feature more interesting and fully-developed female characters than (essentially) any Nolan film to date. Considering that one of the few widespread and enduring criticisms of Nolan is that he tends to produce flat female characters, it’s good to hear that he will (seemingly) tackle that artistic weakness head on in his last Batman flick.


The Dark Knight Rises arrives in theaters around the U.S. on July 20th, 2012.

Source: The Dark Knight Rises Rumors 

“Oracle” Header Image Artwork by Rahzzah on deviantART

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  1. A line from The Dark Knight has stuck with me and since then I’ve wondered why nothing has been said about her. I’m glad it wasn’t one of those looked over things.

  2. I’m surprised anybody is even remotely buying this as a possibility. I could have posted that tape on any door. It’s a clever approach though.

    • I’m surprised too. I received the image last night and showed it to a few people who were on the NYC set. The 1st red flag was the fact that the trailer in this image is not the same as the ones used in NYC.

      The timing is also off. The guy said he took this photo on November 10th… so why did he wait 2 weeks to release it? Oh, because yesterday the “8 years later” news was released!

  3. Now that Nolan has revealed that Dark Knight Rises takes place some eight years after The Dark Knight,clears the way for Robin, Knight Wing,Bat Girl, possibly The Huntress, and lets not forget Azrael. A fanboy can dream so don’t tear me a new one LOL

  4. E. Page? I mean Ellen Page seems to to make sense being that almost the whole cast of Inception is in this film. I am very curious to see how this film plays out and, to me, this is the most anticipated movie of 2012.

    Ultimately, I feel that I will enjoy this film but I do not know if it will be able to live up to its predecessor.

  5. In some storylines, Barbara Gordon isn’t Jim’s daughter. Even if it does take place 10 years after TDK, that would still put Jim’s Daughter at 12-15, still way to young.

    In some story lines, Barbara is Jim’s neice or illegitimate daughter from an affair, those could also work.

    But i do think this whole story is bull. We already have plenty of new characters. All i want to see is Marion Cotillard turn out to really be Talia Al Ghul.

    • I think that Ellen Page will turn out to be Barbara Gordon as a niece or illegitimate daughter – They seem to be setting up Robin, Batgirl and Azreal

  6. Ellen Page… maybea a new ‘Robin’ later? ~ Stark

  7. Why in the f*** would you put the rumor itself on the main page? Now I know there’s Barbara in the movie, and I didn’t want to.

    • Dude, relax. The character appeared (very briefly) in The Dark Knight, so it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that she’d be “in” The Dark Knight Rises as well.

      The actual (now, disproved) rumor had to do with the actress who might be playing her.

      • If I remember correctly, in TDK Gordon’s wife was named Barbara while their kid-daughter wasn’t mentioned, even though we see her.

        I’m relaxed, but many would consider the sole information of her being in Rises a spoiler, not to mention if somebody (maybe such a person exists) hasn’t watched TDK. Simply changing the title of the article to ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Character Rumor or something would suffice…

        • If you look at the credits of TDK, the young girl is also Barbara. Just like the boy is James, Jr. Must be confusing to be friends with the Gordon family.

      • What, exactly, has been disproven?

  8. For my money Ellen Page was the weakest link in
    Inception closely followed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
    The Dark Knight Rises would better off without them.

    • Exactly. Both sentiments.

  9. Who cares about weak female characters when his movies are never about them specifically? I dont get why people complain about that, maybe if his movies were about them but they’re not. Im a girl and I seriously dont care. Focus on those amazing male characters Mr. Nolan!!!

    • Because they’re an intrical part of the story. Bad acting takes you out of movie and it’s especially noticeable when he casts powerhouses as male actors (except for incredibly overrated JGL). You need a strong female counterpart, especially in this movie.

    • yes everyone knows that James Gordon wife is name Barbara Gordon. if u know about the comics both James and Barbara has a son and daughter also named James Jr and Barabara.

  10. Wow another meh looking broad in the Batverse

    Bat’s likes em a little fugly

    • LOL! I know it’s Gotham city, but give us a little eye candy Nolan.

      • lol

      • haha

  11. If The Dark Knight Rises is set 8 years later then Robin should be involed.

    Thanks to Christain Bale, Robin isn’t going to be in any Batman movie as long as he is the guy playing Batman.

  12. Well this could just be another misdirection by Nolan himself. After all he wasn’t ever going to use Bane.. I consider this a very mild possibility at most.

  13. So the pic is a fake?
    Well… this was a waste of time :(

    Anyway, let’s just do some math (yay! ;)): Barbara Gordon DID appear in TDK (she looked between the age or 3 and 5), so if TDKR is set 8 years after TDK, then Barbara should be about 11 or 13? (at that age, I doubt she’d be do anything except homework and listening to Justin Biever)
    And Ellen Page as Barbara Gordon? — C’mon, you guys didn’t actually buy that did you?! ;)

    -These Nolan fanboys are quite something…

    • I looked it up and the actress who played Gordon’s daughter in The Dark Knight was about 7 years old – though, honestly, when I saw her in the film, I would’ve bought her being 8, *maybe* even 9 (just going by my rusty memory, of course). Thus, in The Dark Knight Rises, she could’ve been about 15-17 years old, which, honestly, I think Ellen Page can still pass for.

      Yeah, you’re right, this rumor was really a long shot but, eh, it was still fun speculating about all the same. ;-)

      • Oh… I’ll have to watch TDK again.
        I could’ve sworn she looked younger (about 4 or 5), but yeah, I haven’t watched TDK in quite a while, so it’s very likely that I was wrong.

  14. Ok- I’ve been a Batgirl fan since I can remember, so I’m going to be picky about the whole storyline. However, if Nolan does the whole Barbara Gordon thing, it’d better be done right. I’m tired of movies completely screwing up origin stories.(*clears throat* Wolverine Origins) I can handle a “re-imagining” but the whole crappiness of Batman and Robin where they had a- Alicia Silverstone b- who was playing a redhead and they didnt bother even changing her blondeness to red and c- her being Alfred’s neice. All totally annoyed me the ever-loving crap outta me. Now- as long as we dont have some utter disaster like that, I think I can deal. Nolan thus far has done pretty well. Hopefully, he’ll keep it up.

    • So, to be clear, you can handle a “re-imagining” of a character so long as they don’t “re-imagine” her hair color?
      Don’t get me wrong: I’m not defending Batman and Robin, the movie that ruined my childhood, but am only saying that I think the significant changes to beloved characters that Christopher Nolan has instituted are a huge part of what makes his Batman movies the fan favorites that they are. The changes certainly aren’t Nolan’s weakness. So I say don’t worry about it. Even if you hear a rumor that Harley Quinn is in the movie and they’ve given her a mustache and big sideburns. To echo Tom Hardy – and the man’s voice has been echoing fiercely around here lately – trust Nolan.

      • Ok I realize it may be completely ridiculous to some ppl, but I think hair colour’s one of those important characteristics of Barbara. They used to write her like a red head(a little hot headed, etc). To me, that’s keeping part of her character. That’s HER. You get what I’m saying?

        I mean, I still think it’s REALLY weird to have Amy Adams being Lois Lane and they’re keeping her a red head. Wow- i kinda feel like I’m betraying the other gingers.

        And if Harley Quinn has sideburns and a stache, I’m gonna have one pissed of 10 yr old.

  15. ok so does know one else remember that in the dark knight, gordon’s wife was also named Barbara. could be they just replaced the actress. after all they did that with Rachel.

  16. Chloe Moretz would be my choice for Barbara Gordon. She would be in the right age group (according to the movie’s timeframe) and we all know she can kick some ass. Pun intended. :)

  17. Come on! Ellen Page? I love her, but she’s so short. Much respect to you Nolan, but stop using the same people you work with so much. Sometimes that is just the wrong way to go. I love the fact that Liam Neeson is back because we all know he never died, but who’s playing his daughter Talia?

  18. Cillian Murphy is returning? Well slap me twice. How diminished is his Scarecrow character going to be this time? Will he be working at the gas station spraying fear gas at any punk who tries to shoplift granola bars?

    Sometimes I shut my eyes and wish there was no Catwoman in this film. Especially Anne Hathaway. Especially with that costume. Gee. Eight years? What has Brucie boy done all this time? That interests me immensely.

  19. Probably beating the crap out of thugs, goons, and all sorts of the criminal element. He’s just being hunted by the police full force now instead of being tolerated. That’s my opinion anyways.

    • With Joker & Two Face gone and the criminals / mobsters money burnt by Joker I am thinking that Batman has not been really needed for this whole time – perhaps he has spent the 8 years re building Wayne Manor. Plus, did anyone realise that Bruce was ‘missing’ for 7 years in Batman Begins? Seems a bit of a coincidence does it not? 8 years for the League of Shadows to train Bane? This whole Barbara Gordon / Batgirl roumour is a massive fake – dont be taken in by it.

  20. wait isn’t that kid Joey King supposed to be in this. she’s around 12 so it’s pretty clear she’s playing barbara gordon?

  21. Chloe Moretz be a younger Jessica Biel in future movies just saying.

  22. I hope to hell it aint that Miley Cyrus playing Batgirl , or I will be so disgusted. She will not be good for that part and I cant stand her. I wont even go see it. Miley Cyrus cant touch Yvonne Craig in the decency and class department let alone looks. Id rather Avril Lavigne try and wing it..