Josh Pence Joins ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Cast

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Christopher Nolan’s third and last Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises is close to beginning production and while the story remains under tight security, rumors and speculation have covered seemingly every plot possibility, many of which involve the film tying back into Batman Begins.

While we’re still unclear of whether or not Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing the widely speculated Alberto Falcone (I called it!)- reports say yay and nay on this – such casting would allow Nolan’s franchise to go full circle, so to speak. Whether or not Levitt is Falcone, the latest Dark Knight Rises casting sure does confirm that idea.

Who the character Josh Pence is playing and how he’s involved with the story of The Dark Knight Rises is a mild plot spoiler so be warned before proceeding…

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog, Pence (The Social Network) has been cast the younger Ra’s Al Ghul and will show up in flashback sequences in the film. This news would seemingly confirm rampant speculation and words from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight actor Gary Oldman who plays Commissioner Jim Gordan in the series, that the film ties up loose ands and brings the trilogy back around to where it all began. Oldman revealed in an interview two weeks ago that he knows how the film ends:

“The story’s fabulous. He (Nolan) sort of brings it around. I can’t say anymore.”

Ra’s Al Ghul was played previously by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins and if you look at the image above, you can certainly see the resemblance. Pence is a 28 year-old California native so he may find himself having to pull off Neeson’s accent.

The news essential confirms Talia Al Ghul’s involvement in the film and we can make the not-so-crazy prediction that Inception star Marion Cotillard will play her. It’s just a guess.

Pence joins returning cast members Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine along with franchise newcomers Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy and Juno Temple.

Does this change your assumptions about the story of Batman 3?

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20, 2012.

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Source: THR

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  1. …and here we go!

    • excuse me but Liam Neesam played Henry Dukard!!! Ken Watanabe only assumed his identity at the end of Batman Begins…so please get it right and refer to it as ‘Pence cast as a young Henry Dukard’!!!

      and you call this a movie site!

      • Henry Ducard and Ken Watanabe were “cheap parlor trick” (as Wayne put it) to conceal Ras’ true identity. Neeson was Ras the whole time.

      • You should maybe wath the movie AGAIN so that you could “get it right”. “Henry Dukard” was a false identity assumed by Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson). Ken Watanabe’s portrayal of Ra’s Al Ghul was a fake to conceal his true identity.

        • In the comics, ras al ghul was basicly immortal because of his lazaras pit, but in BB, the identity was handed down from person to person when that ras al ghul died… and when bruce wayne killed that raz al ghul instead of killing that guy who they told him to (i think he was a thief, and bruce said he needed a fair trial) then liam was given that title…

          So a young liam? only if the lazarus pit is in it, and its not, he just assumed the title, that is if he does play ras al ghul…

          • Liam Neeson was Ras al Ghul the entire time. It’s not a title that was handed down, it was simply Liam Neeson. He just had decoys that kept his identity secret. Remember the scene at Wayne’s party where the woman refers to one of his henchmen as Ras?

            • Anyone who is a fan of the comic knows that Ras isn’t even dead. He is immortal thanks to the lazarus pits. So in the movie when he talks about the league of shadows being around throughout history, they were… he established the league of shadows hundreds of years ago.

              • Yeah, the Lazarus Pit wouldn’t fit in Nolan’s “realistic” take on the franchise. So, I doubt he’s still alive.

      • For a “movie news” site, they sure throw a lot of assumptions into the mix. Nolan hasn’t even said who Gordon Joseph-Levitte’s playing yet. It’s this site that is claiming he’s playing Alberto Falcone.

        The problem with Screen Rant is they try to hard to be “experts” and fail to actually come off as anything but needy blowhards.

        The only confirmed new characters that Nolan has given are Tom Hardy as Bane and Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

        Everything else is Screen Rant desperately trying to “outscoop” all of the other film news sites.

        • What’s the matter “Ben” – can’t man up and post as your old name, Gary? Are you this much of an ass outside the internet?


  2. You make several wild assumptions. Your spoiler doesn’t confirm what you purport in any way. Quite the reverse. It’s also widely speculated that Oldman may not know as much as he thinks, or may be laying a trail of red herrings a la Newhart finale.

    • We will see… won’t we?

    • I’ve said the same thing on here before, about other articles, that some writers throw out the word “confirm” without actually realizing what it means. There should be a caveat that “if true, this news would confirm” or something like that. Right now it really is inferences upon inferences.

      But the rumor / news is intriguing nonetheless

      • You guys do realize the article reads “essentially confirms”, “not-so-crazy prediction” and “it’s just a guess” right?

        Nothing is official, but our thoughts and facts are all clear.

        • A young Ra’s in TDKR (if true) means that Talia is in TDKR? Ok.

          It’s still an interesting theory and plausible rumor.

          • “Josh Pence Joins ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Cast” is a misleading headline?

            Re-read, bud.

            • You got me there….
              I meant the by line…which is misleading

            • Rob, obviously you didn’t read your own article as you wrote it. They aren’t talking about Josh Pence being cast, they are talking about you writing, and remember, this is an exact quote about what YOU wrote.

              “Josh Pence (The Social Network) signs on for Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ confirming prior speculation that the film ties into ‘Batman Begins.’

              That is what they are calling misleading. You wrote in the article that it is confirmed that Pence is playing a young Ra’s, and it’s not something confirmed by the studio or any of the writers or actors, it’s something you guys read on “The Heat Vision” blog. That’s not a fact, that is someone blogging what they think they know, as opposed to blogging what is confirmed by the studio.

        • “Facts are clear?”

          Right after you say that it’s just a guess, and “essentially confirms” that Pence will play a young Ra’s Al Ghul, you say that your facts are clear?

          Obviously it’s not a fact if you are making an assumption. It’s not even a fact that Gordon Joseph-Levitte will play Alberto Falcone. So how can Pence being cast in the film automatically make you assume that he’s playing Ra’s Al Ghul?

  3. I hope this is REALLY true!

  4. looks like Im winning a bet, lol. totally called Talia being in the movie, and if this guy is playing a young Ra’s then Im about to collect ten dollars, cuz why have flashbacks without Talia… unless they tweeked Ban to make him Ra’s apprentice or something.

    • Haha I vote with you dude

  5. Talia AND Catwoman? Sounds a bit crowded up in here…

  6. theres no way in hell this movie will be better than or even as good as tdk. if u ask me it might be as good as bb, and thats a big freaking might.

    • So sure of yourself are you?

  7. This movie is going to be BETTER than BB and The Dark Knight.

    • I hope!

  8. it dont matter becuz daredevil is the best superhero movie of all time :)

      • Daredevil is the best ever. its just a matter of opinion. TDK was overrated. Daredevil was the shizzznit!!!

        • Daredevil was AWESOME!!!! And, you know, Jennifer Garner should have been cast as Catwoman. Anne Hathaway is more of a Harley Quinn type. But, Jen garner as Catwoman….. that would have been AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Don’t donw talk the playground fight….. it blows me away every time I watch it. Daredevil was Fantastic.

        • Are you serious? Most people I know think the seesaw fight stands out as one of superhero movies worst moments.

          • People have their opinions, I have mine.

  9. Perfect match if this is true.

  10. this is the last BATMAN movie snif snif

    • until its rebooted next year and then the character gets two reboots one in the new franchise and in JL , woohoo, said with much sarcasm

  11. What is does confirm is that there’s a truckload of main characters in that movie!

  12. You guys forget one thing… this movie might be three hours, maybe even try to exceed that. Batman Begins was a success, TDK was an even bigger success – and now, TDKR is the most anticipated movie of 2012.

    Nolan might make a three hour long movie, considering he’s tying everything together. Therefore, i think it includes so bloody damn many characters. He’s getting ’em all in there, cuz it’s his last Batman movie!

    • Ohh, I too want so much that the movie hit the 3 hours…!!! It deserves it!

      • I don’t think it will be # hours long it will be in imax and it has a running time limit.

        • 3 hours*

  13. At this point, I’m hoping this movie pushes the 3 hour mark. Might as well go big and make the last one as epic as possible, right?

  14. jeez… tough crowd

  15. This movie is gonna be epic! No doubt. Nolan wouldn’t do all this for a flop.

  16. am i the only one that reads all this batman stuff and think of x men 3 or spider man 3? to many villians and characters to flesh out…

    xmen 3, spiderman 3… OMG!!! batman 3!!! its the third film!!!!! does obama know about this?!

      • Obviously you haven’t seen Inception. Nolan has proven that he can handle any amount of crazy that might come his way on a project.

        And with the topic of Spider-man 3, blame the studio, not Raimi. Sam Raimi said the studio wanted Venom because it’s what the fans wanted. So Raimi had to rush Venom into the movie, essentially screwing it up.

        Nolan has everything planned and mapped-out, so I’m confident that this movie will top even “The Dark Knight” on the awesome meter.

        • i believe it could top tdk story-wise, but probably not finacially. still stoked.

      • Nolan’s Bat-movies had TOO MUCH EXCELLENCE/QUALITY for the Bat-3 to be a letdown. Even though I agree that ‘TDK Rises’ just perhaps …just perhaps may not be able to top TDK financially but MAY equal it in terms of excellence. But even then it’s hard to say that any villain can top Nolan’s Joker. But even then considering Tom Hardy’s performance in Bronson (2009), he may be the guy to top Ledger. There again…I am back to square one regarding speculating success of ‘TDK Rises’. May be, May be not, May be, May be not…

    • true man, but consider this. spiderman 3’s entire cast had said they were looking forward to it ending, weren’t excited about it at all, and fanboys pushed for venom so hard, ignoring what was originally planned, and which is why he wasn’t introduced merely at the end as a cliffhanger, supposedly. x-men 3 went from bryan singer to the douche that did rush hour!!! and halle berry demanded that she be more of a focus point in the movie, she also sucks as an actress, and who gives a f@ck about storm. how could it not suck. not one instance is any of these factors relevent with tdkr. but, there has never been a successful comic trilogy, or at least not a good one. so….

      • my bad on the grammar at the end…and possibly the spelling of grammar.

    • I hope this is bs

      • I think it’s gone now…. good.

  17. This most likely get to the 3 hour mark its nolans style to tell a story thats not convoluted and clutterd. It will probably one of the most well put together films hes done, I mean look at inception, bb, and tdk. He knows how to make a film.

    Calm down spidey 3 xmen 3 kids, those movies arent even in the same league as nolans movies and im sure the flash back for Ras will have somthing to do with bane or bane and talia will be there for batman together, theyll probably be in alot of scenes together. Ras will probably find bane in a prison like he found bruce. So im guessing alot of these characters will come together nicely

  18. This Will*

  19. I have a question about spidey 3, why does everyone say the director didnt have any intention of venom in spidey 3? doesnt having the story of the Venom Symbiote and Eddie Brock in the film pretty much guarantee you going to have VENOM in it?

    Thats so much BS on its not the directors fault and its the studios fault… the whole story had venom written all over it and they screwed it up plane and simple

    • venom was not planned at the beginning. it was even reported that the venom story was amped and beefed up after fanboys demanded it at comic con, blogs, etc. was supposed to be sandman, only introducing venom. raimi even said early on the enemy was sandman, then later venom was to be introduced.

      • point taken…I just dont understand how you can have symbiote and brock and write the script with out venom…so he was intended for spidey 4 but they scrapped it cause spidey 3 was terrible?

    • I think Venom was chosen based on an online poll.

  20. How does a young Ras at all imply Talia is in this movie? Look, I’ll admit that I’d prefer Talia over Catwoman a hundred times over, but this is really grasping at straws. For starters, Cat is confirmed. We really don’t need a love triangle, especially not between Bats and two villainous femme fatales.

    I’ll admit the only way to justify a Ras flashback is if its told from Talia’s pov, but then, Pence is pretty young, so flashback Talia would only be a kid. An adult Talia flashback with Liam Neeson would have more dramatic weight. Its easier to justify a revenge-based plot if Talia knew her father as an adult.

    • It’s not grasping at straws. What would be the point of having a flashback to a young Ra’s if Talia wasn’t in the movie? Who else would have them? I’m sure if they wanted to, they could get Liam Neeson to do a cameo. Judging by the kinds of projects he’s been doing the last few years (The A-Team, Clash of the Titans, The Hangover 2), he’s obviously not picky. Pence is in his 20s so it would make perfect sense for Talia to remember her father the way he was when she was a little girl. The flashback scene would be just like the ones from Batman Begins where Bruce remembers his father. I think is the clearest sign that not only will Talia be in the movie, but that she’ll be looking to get revenge on Bruce, a nice inverse of what happened to Bruce. He’ll understand Talia’s anger, but now she has to deal with someone like him.

  21. i just hope nolan doesnt use the same role with catwoman again, making her bad then sorta turning good at the end… make her good with attitude or bad period…

    • shes an anti-hero. she does what she wants when she wants to. shes not good, but shes not bad. she steals things she wants and saves people who she feels deserve saving. so yeah, all good catwoman = fail. all bad catwoman = fail. your suggesion = fail

  22. I hope Catwoman don’t get too much screentime. I’ve never been a fan of her, and i think that will be the upcoming movie’s only weakness.

    • Mr. Nolan will make you eat your words. FOOLS TO QUESTION THIS CINEMATIC MASTER, YOU ARE.

      • Haha, i do not doubt Mr. Nolan, my big-equipped friend. I’m just not a fan of Catwoman. But who knows… maybe she’ll become so damn sexy that i won’t mind.

  23. I dont know. Batman Begins was a great movie but it The Drak Knight that was amazing. They need to expand on the sequel. Personally if u are using Bane Iw ould love to see the Knightfall storyline with Azrael being used as the somewhat hero turned villain

  24. I believe in Christopher Nolan.

    • No, it should be:

      In Harv…oops…sorry.

      In Nolan, we trust.

  25. dunno, the guy looks to me like a Liam/Ra’s that’s spent TOO much time in a lazarus pit :-)

  26. Liam Neeson plays Henri Decard not Ra’s Al Ghul. Ken Watanabe played Ra’s Al Ghul in the film.

    Where Josh Pense is position in the film is anyone’s guess. All the characters in the film from what we assume and (I guess) know are going to be spectacular.

    Nolan is a cinematic genius. But or all of those…again…Liam Neeson DID NOT play Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins, his character’s name was Henri Ducard. Ra’s was Ken Watanabe’s role.

    So what ever they have in store for our friend Josh Pense…we all know it should and WILL be… spectacular.

    • I suggest you watch the movie again. Watanabe ACTED as Ra’s as a grand misdirection. You’ll see that when Liam’s character confronted Bruce at the manor, this revelation was clearly spelt out. Hence, to borrow a leaf from you, Liam Neeson DID play Ra’s Al Ghul.
      No need to get into any sort of pointless argument, just watch it again.

    • Dude, what movie did you watch. Liam Neeson plays Ra’s Al Ghul. Pay attention, lol.

    • Technically Liam Neeson played both Ra’s al Ghul AND Henri Ducard because its the same person.

    • @Michael
      I thought the same thing the first time I watched it: Ra’s was more like a title that was passed down when the last one died (sorta like the real-world approach ot immotality). But I watched it again and paid special attention to the dialog between Neeson and Bale in the mansion, Neeson imply that Bale is correct that Wantabe was more like a decoy to mask Neeson’s identity as the the true Ra’s

      • Panda,

        Thank you for the helpful correction, I may have easily missed it as I was watching it. Thank you for the help.

  27. In Batman Begins, Liam Neeson played Ras al Ghul. You dont have to pay special attention to anything, just watch the movie. Next subject, whats with all the busting chops on SR writers? Next subject, I dont get why people are saying TDKR ” ties in to BB” or “it ties up loose ends”. Of course it ties to BB, the movies are part of the same franchise. And what loose ends? Totally looking forward to the movie.

    • “In Batman Begins, Liam Neeson played Ras al Ghul. You dont have to pay special attention to anything, just watch the movie.”

      Actually, that’s the scene where his identity is revealed so that is the scene to pay attention to.

      don’t be a d1ck

      • Panda, I apologize. I was not trying to attack or offend anyone. It’s just that BB came out in 2005, and I’ve never seen any mystery about the fact that Liam Neeson played Ras al Ghul. It’s been obvious to me from the first viewing. Nevertheless, I do apologize.

        • No – I was the wrong one. Sorry I flew off the handle, but I thought your implying someone was stupid if they didn’t get that from the movie. You actually didn’t say anything bad, I just took it the wrong way with no basis. Sorry

  28. As much as I want to, it’s really hard to stay away from these Dark Knight threads. I was really good staying away during the filming of The Dark Knight, but right now, I’m like a moth drawn to a flame.

    I’d like it to come full circle, back to Begins because I personally like that movie more than The Dark Knight.

    I’m also hoping that Marion Cotillard is cast in a sizeable role, because I didn’t like Katie Holmes, hated Maggie Gyllenhaal and I’m not sure about Anne Hathaway.