‘Dark Knight Rises’ Set Video: Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

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The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler Dark Knight Rises Set Video: Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle

Principal photography is currently underway on The Dark Knight Rises overseas in Nottingham, England, where Screen Rant‘s Niall Browne snapped up a handful of photos that reveal the new Wayne Manor (as “played” by Wollaton Hall).

Now a fan-shot set video has surfaced online, revealing a blurry look at the filming of a scene that takes place at the new Wayne estate – with Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) meeting one another, sans their costumes.

This is the first bit of confirmation we’ve had that the two characters will encounter one another in plainclothes in Dark Knight Rises. It’s not exactly a *huge* revelation, but an interesting one that suggests the two may be fully aware of their crime-fighting (or committing) alter-egos well before the end credits roll on this flick.

Devoted Caped Crusader fans will remember that in the last live-action Batman feature that included Kyle (Tim Burton’s Batman Returns), she and Bruce Wayne had a brief romance prior to their joint realization of one another’s secret identity. Batman and Catwoman generally have a “complicated” relationship in the comic books as well – and Christopher Nolan looks to follow suit by making the (romantic?) dynamic between the two just as difficult as ever in The Dark Knight Rises.

Check out that Dark Knight Rises set video (via BatmanManor) below:

Catwoman traditionally switches between being a true anti-heroine and more of a flat-out villain in Batman stories, so the ambiguous nature of the character makes her an excellent fit for Nolan’s “realistic” comic book world. Previous rumors about how the battle between Batman and Bane leaves the costumed hero unable to perform his vigilante duties seemed to indicate that Selina Kyle’s cat burglar could step in to aid Bruce Wayne in his battle against crime at some point in The Dark Knight Rises.

Of course, there have also been rumors about Hatheway’s incarnation of Catwoman acting like a human/cat creature in a fashion that’s perhaps even more over-the-top than Michelle Pfeiffer’s act in Batman Returns – so, as always, don’t believe everything you read or hear.

The Dark Knight Rises in theaters on July 20th, 2012.

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  1. I do not think there is a single film I am looking forward to more in 2012 than The Dark Knight Rises.

    • +1

    • i dont think theres a movie im looking forward to more then anything not only for 2012 but quite possibly the next few years as well.

  2. django unchained > tdkr
    bond 23 > tdkr
    the avengers > tdkr
    man of steel > tdkr
    the expendables 2 > tdkr

    • expendables 2 over The Dark Knight Rises is laughable

    • I have to agree with scannato on The Expendables 2. While I’m looking forward to it, no way is it more anticipated than TDKR. Also, I wouldn’t say MoS is more anticipated either. I totally agree with Avengers and Bond though.

    • The only one that comes close is the avengers.

    • officially the dumbest thing you’ll read on the web.

    • don’t think so. avengers will be a clusterfck of superheroes. man of steel might be good, but i still don’t see a flying weightlifter with kevin costner in it making a better movie than batman. django though would be the closest competitor to tdkr.

      • @ THAT guy

        Don’t be so sure. There’s some people liek myself that are lookin more forward to The Avengers than TDKR. I know already what things to expect from Nolan in his last Batman film. But as for The Avengers, first live-action team-up film? I dunno. If you feel like that about The Avengers, i can’t imagine how you’d feel about Justice League, even with Nolan’s name attached as producer.Im not too optimistic about Man Of Steel honestly that will be out next year or the Spider-Man reboot.

        • Spiderman and The Avengers are the only other two Im anticipating alot. But nothing tops TDKR anticipation for 2012.

    • don’t forget the hobbit.

  3. i understand django and even for most people avengers..but expendables?? i mean every movie you mentioned i’m excited for but not MORE than tdkr

  4. there has been debate from other sources if that is in fact Anne, some believe it is actually Colliard who also Marion.

    I really can’t tell myself the video is to poor.

    • I was about to post the same thing. A number of other sites have posted this video, all saying that it’s Selina Kyle or Catwoman. But there are moments in the vid where it does look like Marion Cotillard. Near the end, it looks like it could be Hathaway.

      But the guy shooting the video zooms out when he should zoom in, and sometimes his hold on his camera is very shaky.

      • I completely agree with you both ^. Batman-News.com speculated that it’s either Marion OR Anne, since (as you can see) there isn’t any real proof.

        Did a source tell Screen Rant that it’s Hathaway? Or is it just an educated guess? I feel like it could very easily be Cotillard…

      • The guy who filmed the video didn´t know to say if it´s Anne or Marion,because he was a little far.
        I think it´s Cotillard,because Anne lost weight and her face is more skinny now,more stretched, and the woman in the video seems to have a rounder face.
        And Anne´s hair is with some lights…her hair it´s more clear at the moment.
        She is a little different now than was before.
        I´m not confident that´s Anne but i´m also not so sure if it´s Cotillard.
        But I think more that it´s her,not Hathaway.

  5. its 2011. who still has a crappy camera?

    • Somebody who is working for Christopher Nolan.

      • HAHHAHAHA zing!

    • ever tried filming in full zoom? move the camera a millimeter and it will look like you dropped it.

  6. and there it is. my skepticism is fully blown. Nothing against Anne Hathaway, yes she’s a great actress, yeah she’s kinda good looking, but I still feel she’s the wrong choice to play someone as iconic & sexual as Selina Kyle, seems they might as well have cast someone the likes of Zoe Decheanelle (sp?) to play this role. I mean yeah, she’s super cute, and yes, I would absolutely bed her if given the chance, but do I really want to see her as the main source of almost all my childhood sexual fantasies? Not really. It’s like waking up one day and realizing Princess Leia’s a fat old Wiccan…oh wait, that really happened.

    • Luckily, Catwoman has more to accomplish in Gotham City than supplying fanboys with stroke material… (Note: did not say “greater things” as that would be a value based comment ;D )

      Maybe Hathaway can pull off burglar/antihero a bit better than sexpot and you’ll call it even? If the movie focused on her sex appeal rather than on her character, story, etc., well, *groan* haven’t we seen that movie?

      • Good effort mate lol

    • I had been hoping ever since seeing The Dark Knight that Marion Cotillard would be Catwoman. But then I heard back in January or so that she was pregnant, and I figured that would keep her from being Cat. Seeing her performance in Inception only confirmed that she’d be the best. I still do hope that Hathaway pulls it off, but I have my doubts.

    • I have to agree. While I like Hathaway, I never felt that she was the right choice to play a sensual character like Catwoman. If they wanted true sensuality + excellent acting, go with Angelina Jolie. Lol Just joking. I was actually hoping Nolan would have gone with Eva Green. She is the best Bond girl imo because she is classy beautiful yet sexy, and she could hold her own against Daniel Craig. I felt she could have done the same or better had she been cast in TDKR.

      • I agree with you about Eva Green. She also would have been a better choice than Anne Hathaway. So far, Nolan and crew have erred in casting Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal. So, I don’t have high hopes here.

    • That’s what I thought about Heath Ledger before. A pretty boy playing the joker? C’mon. But he did prove me wrong.

  7. It´s not Anne in the video with Bale,for me.

  8. It´s Cotillard.

  9. its jean claude van damme with bale

  10. no, that would be one of the wayans brothers in drag with bale. nolan set this ‘by-stander’ thing up to throw you off.
    … also, margaret cho is playing batgirl and lisa lampanelli is harley quinn.

  11. never mind all that i live 20 mile away from nottingham where abouts are they filming notts is a big place and id love to scoot over to see if i can see anything lol

  12. I swear, if Batman gets crippled & Catwoman takes his place near the end i wont be happy. That would have to be one of the dumbest things Nolan would do in his last film. Im sure it won’t come to that, atleast hope not.

  13. dude this camera guy sucks ballz
    dude points camera at grass, taxi, taxi tires, the tree on the right n stared at them two dudes for a while LMFAO
    it was 2 funny

  14. Can’t wait for TDKR & The Avengers!! Can’t quite say the same for Man of Steel & The Amazing Spider-Man though.

  15. I just want to say that the camera work was awful. You were just about to get a good shot of their faces when you shook like Michael J Fox. Get a tripod.