Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 22, 2012

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The Dark Knight Rises tops the box office Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 22, 2012

It’s not a particularly pleasant time to be running through box office numbers, in light of what happened in Colorado, but it’s probably best to look on the positive side of these matters; as movie fans, we can’t let the act of one lunatic spoil enjoyment of our favorite art form. It’s now a shame that The Dark Knight Rises will always be associated with such a tragic event, but the film speaks for itself and it is a fitting end to Christopher Nolan’s trilogy (read our review).

Warner Bros. delayed releasing their weekend box office numbers as a mark of respect,  however, it is fair to say that that the film probably didn’t reach the high grosses that it should have over the weekend. Having said that, the TDKR has taken the record for the highest-grossing weekend for a non-3D movie, scoring $160.3 million over three days – besting The Dark Knight’s $158 million, a film which went on to gross over $533 million domestically and more than $1 billion worldwide. It remains to be seen if TDKR will reach such a figure, but it is pretty much a certainty that it won’t beat the $614 million that The Avengers has accumulated domestically (it launched with a record-breaking $207 million).

The weekend take for The Dark Knight Rises also set a new record for the opening of a Batman film. 1989’s Batman, 1992’s Batman Returns, 1995’s Batman Forever and The Dark Knight all broke weekend box office records on their launch, with only Batman and Robin and Batman Begins failing to enter the record books.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift was in second place, grossing another $20.4 million, which raised its cume to $88.8 million. It looks like this instalment in the franchise is going to fall short of the $196 million series best of 2009’s Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Spider Man drops to three Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 22, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man upped its domestic total to $228.6 million after capturing another $10.8 million in its web. It’s a great number – but not amazing!

Ted banked a further $10 million for a highly impressive $180 million total. A total north of $200 million looks to be on the cards for this R-rated comedy.

Disney/Pixar’s Brave crossed $200 million. Another $6 million raises the Celtic ‘toon’s total to just under $208 million. Bullseye.

Magic Mike finally hit the century mark after banking $4.3 million for an impressive $101.9 million total. It is star Channing Tatum’s third $100 million hit this year.

Taylor Kitsch film Savages grossed $3.3 million for a $40 million total cume. It’s Kitsch’s lowest grossing film of the year – behind Battleship and John Carter - yet it is the only one that doesn’t have the stink of box office failure.

Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection brought its total to $60 million, grossing $2.2 million over the weekend.

Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom grossed $1.8 million for a $36. million total cume. The quirky comedy has now grossed more than $50 million worldwide.

Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love rounded out the top ten, grossing $1.4 million for a $11 million total.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted dropped out of the top ten, grossing $1.3 million for a $207 million total – a franchise high.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

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  1. Only reason that the TDKR will not top Avengers is because of the 3D. If TDkR was in 3D it would have easily added aanother 20-30 mill during opening weekend. For me, totally glad that the film was not in 3D as I am sick of teh whole 3D experience and am tiring of going into films and having to wear thsoe ridiculous glasses..

    TDKR will likely not top Avengeers tho, doesnt mean that it wasnt better

    • Yeah, apples and oranges in my mind. I know they’re both “superhero” movies, but they went at the genre is such radically different ways. Avengers was the popcorn-blockbuster product of melding 4 already established film series’. It was meant to be fantastical and fun and epic in scope. TDKR was meant to be more dramatic, visceral, and grounded in reality (as realistic as, say, a Die Hard movies is anyways).

      It’s not about who wins or who is better to me. I’m just impressed that two superhero movies, released relatively close together, can combine for $370 mil opening weekends. It’s a great time for the superhero genre and looking forward to what’s coming.

      • Unfortunately we will never know the true box office of Dark Knight Rises. With all due respect to the people involved in the tragedy there is another victim going unmentioned – Dark Knight Rises the movie / WB studios.

        Now that I’ve seen the movie & grasped the general public favor for this movie it should have already made a boatload more money than it did this past weekend. Looking ahead, WB has canceled all advertisements (which are huge for the second weekend run) and canceled many foreign premiers. When all is said & done this event is going to cost Dark Knight Rises between 300 – 400 million dollars in ticket sales.

        Not to mention will not be able finish in its rightful place in box-office history. Had the event not occurred this movie had a legitimate chance to finish anywhere between 1st – 3rd all time. Now it probably finishes somewhere along the lines of 10th to 15th all time.

    • It also doesn’t mean that some people didn’t enjoy The Avengers more than TDKR. I liked both films, but TA was more fun to watch. Also, the IMAX showings sure aren’t hurting TDKR box office, either. By me, 3D prices are about $14, but the IMAX shows are $17.50. I’m just glad that these comic book films are doing so well because that means we’ll keep getting them made AND they’ll keep getting top notch actors like RDJ, Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson, etc., to make the films. It’s a GREAT time to be a fan of this genre of films.

      • Non 3D IMAX here in the DC Metro area is only $14 for us. Eighteen dollars if it’s 3D.

    • Why does no one include the boost TDKR got from debuting on the most IMAX screens ever. My local theater charges $3 extra for 3D and $3 extra for IMAX. Can someone explain to me where the advantage is?

      • there are way more 3d theaters than imax. . many cities in the world dont even have imax. but every city has 3d

    • Even if you add 20-30 mill as you suggest, it would still fall way short of 207 Million awesome dollars that The Avengers made…

      TDKR was a pretty good movie and wrapped things up nicely but it wasn’t as good as the 2 previous Batmans.

      • Yeah you’re right it would still fall short. But if the shooting had not happened it would be along the Avengers gross if not more.

  2. Just beware of “Gun Free Zone” Theaters, those are where the nuts head to.

    • What does this even mean??

      • gun free zones decline any gun ability to the public, concealed carriers or not. they see that no one in there has a gun, boom! target.

  3. Why is it when Amazing Spidey is mentioned here it’s always with a backhanded comment? The film was good and did well considering the hate it had going against it from the moment it went into production.

  4. John Carter didn’t do well domestically, but it was not a failure over seas. The same goes for Battleship. Americans seem to think the world revolves around their audience alone.

    • As big as I am, I think the world revolves around me. :-D

  5. I know I’ll get alot of flak for saying this but…TDKR wasn’t as good as the previous films in the trilogy. Avengers was a far better movie. It could’ve been better but it seems that Nolan didnt put as much thought in this movie as he did in the others.

    • You say tha because you didn’t understand and you like fun movies with a bunch of CGI effects and flying superheroes tryng to save the world with a cheap and childish plot

      • How come anytime someone says they don’t like a Nolan film you people always say it’s because they don’t understand it? How do you know what he or she does or does not understand? For all you know they might be a nuclear physicist or top notch psychologist with a perfect understanding of what Nolan was trying to convey. Understanding does not automatically lead to enjoyment.

        And belittling Avengers when it has shown itself as a quality, entertaining movie to the tune of a billion and change, just makes you come across as petty.

        • TDKR is still to release in my region. But the reaction to it has got me deflated. No one seems to like it that much. But I’ll go see it anyway, just to finish the story, but I’m disappointed.

          • SFlare…

            I was looking forward to TDKR more than any other film this year OR last year…I was excited. THEN, I started paying too much attention to the negative babbling. I showed up to see it when it opened up last Friday morning and was nervous…NERVOUS! I had loved the first two and had heard so relatively many complaints about TDKR that I was actually worried maybe I had let my hopes get too high for this film.

            Then, I saw it.

            IMO, TDKR blows any other CBM out of the water…and that includes TDK, which had previously been my all-time favorite CBM. I saw “The Avengers” once in the theater, enjoyed it, and moved on. I saw “The Amazing Spider-Man” once in the theater, enjoyed it, and moved on. Both were entertaining distractions, and I am happy I saw them…and satisfied with the single theater ticket I bought for each. I saw TDKR in the theater, enjoyed it, thought about its themes and implications, and…saw it a SECOND time on Sunday.

            It was even better the second time.

            I enjoyed it so much that I will be going AGAIN this coming weekend.

            In short, do not let the nega-babblers discourage you…SEE TDKR.


  6. I think it’s fair to say that even without recent events, TDKR still would’ve fallen short of Avengers record. I just don’t think the incident was enough to account for over $40 million deficit. It will now be interesting to see how well TDKR sustains its box office over the next couple of weeks. It of course wont go anywhere near Avengers domestic haul of $614 milion and still counting.

    If we think about it, there was as much anticipation for Deathly Hallows 2, which had a bigger midnight opening, arguably a bigger fan base and that still couldn’t get past $400 million in the US.

    I actually felt that TDKR was someway superior to TDK but it just didn’t have the same appeal of a 2nd viewing that Avengers did. As impressive as TDKR was – I was pretty exhausted by it near the end and was satisfied enough when it ended.

    Amazing Spiderman didn’t appeal to me to watch , but you have to admit it’s gross is far better than expected. It’ll probably end up with $600 – $700 million worldwide which is great considering it hasn’t been that long since the Raimi movies were released.

    • I agree that the Aurora incident while tragic, had little effect on the box office numbers. Even if some people didn’t go, they still paid for their tickets and those numbers are still a part of the final tally.

      I’m just glad TDKR didn’t beat Avengers or we would have never heard the last of it from the DC fans “Nolan”ites. One last hurdle though before we can officially declare the war to be over.

      • the war is far from over. there’s still time

        • It is over buddy. The movie may bring in probally 80 million next weekend…but it won’t top The Avengers domestically or globally. There’s some kleenex nearby. It’ll be ok. LOL.

      • Don’t worry…there is no war. Whatever the Box Office ends up indicating financially, TDKR quite handily obliterates TA in terms of entertainment value, rewatchabilty, character development, thematic development, and closure. This last point, of course, is a divisive one, because TA is starting a trilogy, while TDKR is ending one. My answer to that is simply that I found “Batman Begins” to be a much tighter, more interesting film than “The Avengers”. “The Dark Knight” raised the bar on its predecessor. In my opinion, “The Dark Knight Rises” has done so, yet again.

        Do you think “Avengers 2″ will be better (much OR a little) than ITS predecessor? I think it’s possible but have my doubts…and I actually liked TA. It was great; then, I went to lunch. I was done with the film and already moving on. That was NOT my experience after TDKR.

        …but everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion, right?

    • Box Office Mojo predicted a 214 million gross. So a 200 million gross really could of happened.

    • Really, guys? The events in Aurora had little effect? How did you come to that conclusion?

      I know so many people that didn’t go, because of the shooting. Our entire family skipped it, for that reason. And, it was widely reported that families were staying away, out of fear for their children’s safety.

      The tragedy had a huge impact. Some people were scared. Some people didn’t feel like watching such brutally simulated violence, when they had just seen the effects of the real thing.

      This man’s actions destroyed so many lives – the victims, their families and friends; regular people just looking for a break; the studio, etc.

      If it didn’t keep you away, ok. But, your reaction and opinion are definitely not shared by a large part of the population.

      • I’m not saying what happened wasn’t horrible and had no effect on anyone but you have to look at the facts dispassionately.

        You may not have gone but did you pay for your tickets ahead of time? and did you get a refund or are you expecting to get your tickets exchanged? If you didn’t get a refund (which I don’t think most would have) then that sale IS counted. And considering almost all tickets opening weekend would have been pre-purchased because of the huge anticipation, I don’t think it had much of an impact.

        You can then look at total sales and it STILL made 161 million. Seems that even taking the overly optomistic projection of 214 million, only 25% at best stayed away (if each and every person got a refund).

      • The opening in Paris was actually cancelled because of the shooting. HOW did that tragedy not affect the opening weekend numbers?


  7. I believe that you have left out the “Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2,” with an opening weekend of 283.5 million… Not to mention another of” The Twilight Saga New Moon.”

    • My Mistake “The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 1,” oops!

      • Twilight Breaking Dawn did 138.2 Mil on it’s opening weekend domestically. It didn’t even make 283.5 in it’;s whole run

  8. SO many puns! Would you also say Magic Mike is stripping any money away from Ted, and Madagascar 3 was more wanted than the previous films?

    • and Maybe Kitch’s latest isn’t as Savage as Battleship and Carter

  9. TDKR is not a movie to take your kids to. on the other hand, The Avengers is. this movie wont have kids begging their parents to go see it 3 or 4 times. thats one of the reasons it wont beat The Avengers

    • That’s been my argument all along. It’s not that TDKR is inferior, it’s that parents will be taking their kids multiple times. I know for me, I saw the Avengers about 3 times but my kids wanted to see it more, so I took them an additional 3 times, for a total of 6. My oldest son saw Avengers 7 times. That’s saying a lot about that film.

      • And yet someone brought their 6 year old AND infant to the Aurora midnight showing. What are parents thinking?

        • I also took my boys to see TDKR, but they have no want to see it again. This was my point. I’d say TDKR is superior on a technical standpoint but when it comes to pure entertainment, I’d say TA wins.

      • That only says that: Avengers is targeted MORE towards kiddies while TDKR is a lot mature in theme and most children would not want to see it thrice. May be twice…sometimes. But mostly once only. Box Office gross has nothing to do with the quality of the movie.

        Any character who was borne out of the tragedy of witnessing his own parents getting murdered in front of his won eyes will always have his movies made as serious and mature in theme and NEVER children oriented…EXCEPT FOR THE BIG BUDGET ACTION SCENES to rope the children in. Otherwise it’s for the non-Batman heroes to follow the FUN way… definitely NOT Batman’s.

        …And that’s the reason why I did not like Burton’s campy Batman at all.

        • OOPS!


          “own” NOT “won”.

    • eltimigre…

      Exactly. Thank you.

  10. After the haul it made this weekend; I say that the incident in colorado had nothing to do with it. If anything; it made people rush out to see it even more. 2) No 3d made the studio loose about 20-35 million tops. 3) You have to account for the runtime of the movie. 4) Eventhough it opened on the most screens ever, the runtime plays a huge factor. 5) Both the avengers and RISES were good movies; but The Avengers gets my vote because it was pure fun; whereas, many people had high expectations for RISES; and for some…including Nolanites; it fell short in some areas.
    6)All the bickering about both movies…the way I see it; it’s compietion and fun…like two states rooting for their football team.
    We all should be grateful we are getting as much superhero films as we are getting…good or bad. There was a time when all we had was constant disaster movies, action movies headlined by certain stars. Hey…let the good times roll.

  11. Its sad people are boycotting the film over this incident. I know what happen is a tragedy but how is it the films fault…

    • People boycotting the film because of the incident weren’t going to see it anyway.

  12. The shooting likely cost the film 20 to 30 million this weekend but on a positve note, TDKR should have legs as people quickly forget about the shooting and get back to going to the movies again

    • I really don’t think it did. It lost about that much due to lack of 3-D that boosted Avengers

  13. People it’s not rocket science. TDKR is made for mature audience, but the avengers is made for mainly teenagers. Yes yes I know many of you are ganna reply telling me I went to watch it n I’m a middle aged person. Yes you might but the majority of its audience are kids and teenagers. that’s why TDKR fell short.

  14. i had the darknight at 140 to 145 million before those tragic events happened so its no surprise and i called it here on screen rant that the batman would not even get close to avengers. here is 5 reasons why nolan fans need to take a break and accept defeat.
    5. even if darknight was in 3d, its not going to play in that format
    in 4,350 theaters so throw that stupid argument out because then avengers
    would have made 300 million at box office on opening weekend.
    4. the last harry potter in 3d was a warner brothers movie and yet it did not come close to avengers opening weekend.
    3. Warner Brothers overhyped batman once the Avengers kicked serious arse
    at the box office.
    2. at 615 million Avengers ranks 2nd on alltime list as far as its first
    run, to beat titanic’s original run by 15 million and climbing is downright impressive.
    1. i said it here on screen rant beforehand that the darknight rises would not beat the opening weekend of the avengers nor its entire run.
    200 million plus on opening weekend was unprecendented and so was making over 600 million. for darknight fans to think this would happen twice in the same year is downright ridiculous. NUFF SAID!

    • rod22…

      When you speak, there is NEVER enough to say…

  15. for atleast 2 of them you didn`t mention domestically or globally like spidey.

  16. oh wait spidey is the only one that you mentioned domestically or globally. what`s the global earnings for each film? next time i`d mention both domestic and global.

    BY THE WAY how much did the films cost to make?