Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 29, 2012

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Dark Knight Rises retains number 1 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 29, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises retained its grip at the top of the box office over the weekend, grossing another $64 million for a $289 million total (soon it’ll be the third fastest film to $300 million). A 60% dip is a good hold for a sequel – especially one that opened so high. The film is running behind The Dark Knight, which at this stage had grossed $313 million. However, it is beginning to stabilize following the tragedy in Colorado (which saw a dip in box office takings), so it should reach a high gross, but it likely won’t best The Avengers’ mighty $615 million gross, or The Dark Knight’s $533 million domestic take.

The Dark Knight Rises has grossed $176 million on the international circuit, a great number and it could potentially beat the $468 million foreign gross of its 2008 predecessor.

Ice Age: Continental Drift bagged another $13.3 million, raising its cume to just under $115 million. It’s going to end its run as the lowest grossing film in the series at the domestic box office, but global ticket sales mean that its worldwide take is ahead of the original 2002 film.

The Watch opens in third Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: July 29, 2012

The Watch (read our review) should have been a $100 million domestic grosser, a box office sure thing considering that it stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. Instead, the comedy (once known as Neighborhood Watch) is a major underperformer, grossing a paltry $13 million during its first weekend. It won’t make back its $68 million budget during its domestic run, and it’s the second underperformer in a row for Stiller and Vaughn, who saw Tower Heist and The Dilemmarespectivelyfail to score at the box office. At least Jonah Hill had 21 Jump Street sandwiched between this and The Sitter. However, that film also starred man-of-the-moment Channing Tatum.

The fourth installment of the Step Up franchise looks like it’s going to be the least successful of the series. Step Up Revolution should dance away with $11.8 million over the weekend. That’s a far cry from the $20 million franchise best of the original Channing Tatum starrer in 2006. That film topped out at $65 million, but this effort won’t even hit the $42 million of 2010’s Step Up 3-D.

Speaking of Channing TatumMagic Mike will bring its total to $107 million after grossing another $9 million.

R-rated hit Ted will greet Monday morning with another $7.3 million, a figure which raises its total gross to $193.6 million. It’s so close to $200 million.

The Amazing Spider-Man will catch another $6.8 million in its web, for a $242 million total. The film is still trailing all previous Spider-Man films, but it has scored almost $650 million worldwide.

An additional $4.2 million will see Disney/Pixar’s Brave raise its gross to over $217 million.

Oliver Stone’s Savages should bank another $1.7 million for a $43.8 million total – it probably won’t hit $50 million during this domestic run.

Moonrise Kingdom grossed $1.3 million, a number which brings its total to over $38 million.

Madea’s Witness Protection dropped out the top ten, grossing $1.3 million for a $62 million total. It will soon become the second highest grossing Madea movie behind 2009’s Madea Goes to Jail, which grossed more than $90 million.

That’s it for now. See you at the movies.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Shame. We need a 2D movie to show hollywood that you do not need a 3D movie to do what The avengers did.


    • Or the Olympics is hurting the box office

      • Four years ago, TDK also ran against the Olympics. And that film broke all kinds of records. So, stop using this moronic excuse for this film’s underperformance. The shooting and the film being of lesser quality than TDK has more to do with it.

      • Four years ago, TDK also ran against the Olympics. And that film broke all kinds of records. So, stop using this mo.ro.nic excuse for this film’s underperformance. The shooting and the film being of lesser quality than TDK has more to do with it.

        • (“The film being of lesser quality than TDK has more to do with it.”)

          By your standard, LA. Confidential should have topped the All-time charts. But…err…It has NOT. So who’s being mo.ro.nic here ???
          The fact is …the Quality movie has nothing to do with the Box Office. People can watch at the theaters whatever pleases them.

          • OOPS!!
            It should have been…”..the Quality **OF A** movie…”

        • In 2008, the Olympics started on August 8, one week later than this year.

          Also, back in 2008, there was no easy way for normal people to stream the Olympics so you were screwed if you didn’t have a TV.

          This year, there is an official, just-works, live stream of every event and backstage videos.

          Now that it is so easy to watch the Olympics, people will, and skip the movie theater.

          So yes, the Olympics are affecting TDKR’s box office.

    • Or the Shooting in Colorado has hurt people view of going to the movie (I know of several friends who are still worried about copy cat shootings and refuse to see TDKR until its on Bluray) Batman should reach 500 million once americas move onto another “story of the moment” and forget about the shooting

    • Most people did like the film , as did I, the reason that the film is not selling tickets like The Dark Knight is that the film besides being a great movie, I can say with pain in my heart because we lost a talented actor is that the Heath Ledger death and the publicity that came with it help sell more tickets as casual fans were more aware of the film and it make it become more than just a comic book film it became an event , WB focus the marketing on the joker character and people for curiosity or hype went to see what all the media talking about. But I hope that The Dark Knight Rises make close to a billion dollar mark. Because is a great film, and Bale ,Hathaway and Hardy acted very well. And it bring closure to the franchise in a spectacular fashion and with heart , most movies fail to do this…

  3. Why are people making excuses for this movie. I say it is going to make around 400 million by the end of its run. It was never going to make the money The dark knight made because The Dark Knight was a cineatic phenomenom kind of like what Avatar was. The Olympics and the Shooting have little to do with the box-office.

    • I someone who liked the Avengers better but I do think that the shooting had a lot to do with it not making as much money as expected. People are still freaked. I know I thought about it while going to the movie, even though I’m more likely to win the lottery twice in my lifetime than to go through something like that.

    • Take a deep breath, calm down. No ones making excuses, just being honest. But there’s no need to fret if you’re worried about money. It got the biggest opening weekend for a non-3D film. Soon to be third fastest film to reach 300 mil in US history. Just visited box office mojo, and over half a billion dollars in 10 days is actually not too shabby. So relax. No ones losing money on this. Just enjoy the film.

      • Saying the Olympics. wasn’t an excuse.. its an extremely popular world wide event

        • TDK also ran against the Olympics. Stop using the f****** Olympics excuse.

          • Olympics Summer 2008 – August 8 to August 24
            TDK Opening 18 Jul

            London Olympics 2012 — July 27 to August 12
            TDKR Opening 20 Jul

            So not making excuses but TDK had 20 days before Olympic, TDKR had 10.

            • 10?

  4. i also love the 3rd batmovie. it was as exciting to watch it like the 1st and 2nd part. and i found that a.hathaway has made a good job as catwoman.

  5. Hathaway sucked as Catwoman…Phifer is Queen!!!

    • pfeiffer wasn’t catwoman. She was Tim Burtan’s Cat mutant zombie lady

      • lol…second time I’ve heard that today… :)

      • Still better than Hathaway. No meat on that woman in this film.

      • DCfan1

        On the “Tim Burton’s Cat mutant zombie lady” part…

        …I agree 101%.

    • @ ali

      I have to admit Hathaway surprised me as Catwoman but Phieffer is still the best when it came to the a$$ kickin scenes. Hathway’s performance was better than Hardy as Bane i hate to say. I couldn’t make out what Bane was saying throughout the film in some of the scenes. I found Talia underused? I thought she should of been seen doin more like her father towards the end. I was little disappointed with how Bane was in the film. Just alittle,especially during his fight with Batman. Felt it was little too short.

  6. Instead of Dark Knight Rises (which I saw last week), I actually watched The Amazing Spider-Man again this weekend. I’m really surprised that I wanted to do that, but I think it was just a more rewatchable movie.

    • Funny…that’s how I feel about TDKR. I am going to see it a third time on Tuesday (and maybe a fourth on Thursday, with friends). TASM and TA have each remained fine at just the one viewing.

      • Agreed, I’ve already seen it twice too. This movie deserves a second take at a true IMAX theater. The sound and visuals were amazing, the best I’ve seen at the IMAX.

      • I saw. TAS once avenger 3 times and next week ill be driving 2 hours for another IMAX viewing of the dkr, making it my 4th

  7. its becomin a fact that heath ledgers death not only sold millions more in tickets…but also blinded the people into thinking the movie was good, just based on heaths performance.

    • Heath Ledger’s performance did make the movie good. I don’t think it blinded anyone. He played a perfect crazy villain just like Jack Nicholson played a great crazy person in The Shining. If Jack would have brought it like that to his Joker, that would be the standard. Now Heath’s Joker is.

      You’ve got to give Nolan and the casting directors credit. They had a vision of what the Joker could be and nailed it.

    • That’s like saying The Beatles are only good because they have John Lennon.

      You could say the same for The Avengers. “The Avengers was basically Iron Man & Friends, aka Iron Man 3.”

      • Um, I have a few problems with that. The Beatles were great because of the trio that worked together. McCartney and Harrison were also geniuses. So, you can compare them to the Avengers. Most people said Hulk stole the show. I happen to think everyone worked together in harmony. Of course you are going to have the better actors shine, but they didn’t MAKE the movie like Ledger did.

        We are fans so we are going to like most decent Super hero movies. I even like the bad ones. I’m talking about Ledger making the movie special because main stream audiences fell in love with his genius acting in that movie. Comic book fans need to realize that it is main streamers who make the movies successful. We are just a gimme.

  8. For the record, what happend in Colorado wouldn’t keep me away from seeing the movie. I can only speak for me as i wouldn’t live in fear because of some whacko got the thrill to kill because of movie he seen or whatever reasons. I never go to midnight showings because i have to work that night, theres people in costumes & or make-up who tend to get rowdy during the show, i don’t feel like standing outside in line when i probly won’t get a good seat,etc. It was something with The Avengers. I even tried going on the first Saturday matinee, but it was sold out.

  9. I think TDKR will do much better than TDK internationally (not to sound narcissistic, but so far this year I haven’t been wrong about international grosses), but at the rate it’s going now, I’m not sure if it’ll beat TDK’s US gross :(

    Still, it’s doing incredibly well (especially with no 3D and the long run-time) – surely no one can argue with that. It’s already covered it’s budget, so it’s just pure profit from now on!

    As for the Olympics having an influence on the film, that’s just grasping at straws lol (I seriously doubt the people who were going to see this movie, won’t be doing so now because of an event that shows repeats and highlight everyday anyway – and don’t we live in an age where people just record/tevo whatever they miss on TV?), but I can see how the shooting has affected the movie (on the international front though, I doubt that’s a real problem either – it certainly hasn’t been affecting buts-in-seats over here).

  10. lol did you mention both domestically and globally for all of them?

  11. when`s there going to be another post about the amazing spiderman 2 and on what`s happening with batman?

    And maybe action is not always what it takes to make the story better, it`s realism and how extraordinary it is. Throughout TDKR, the characters were not nearly as developed as i would`ve liked them to be. Usually Whenever a bad guy tried to hurt/kill someone i couldn`t hear and feel it like a real hurting or killing. The 1st scene with the airplanes introducing bane is one major scene with this factor, so it was very weak.
    Also because in this world good is more tolerated over evil, they must show evidence of how any bad guy managed to become a criminal and how they managed to do everything they did villainous. THis was a thing that seemed to be missing throughout both TDK and TDKR.

    A good theme with TDKR was that you have to feel anger and pain to be able to do something you couldn`t do before. That`s a great way to factor how batman got out of bane`s underground trap and how he got stabbed at the end before bringing the bomb over the bays.

    one major theme i recognized in TDKR was about how he had to give up being BAtman. he was such an icon to people but was an outlaw so he couldn`t hide himself under his mask anymore. he risked himself to save millions, and now his final vehicle is gone. after all that`s happened he has a life to live. he can`t attempt to become a secret vigilante again just to clean up the mess of others, who, like all human beings, are supposed to do good for the human race, not cheat their way to take over it.

    I indicate these things as factors to make a good film other than action.
    People could`ve said that the action in all 3 films was weak, and if they did i don`t blame them, but there`s more than just that to say that these films didn`t do it for them. It`s how real and righteous it feels

  12. so as the trailer said, BATMAN ends but at the end there was a scene of Jnohn Blake rising into the secret batcave. that doesn`t setup for robin, does it? That`s just to show him discovering the secrets of how batman did what he did. That scene had no explanation and movies are in their own world so i thought it was supposed to treat it like it`s real with an explanation. there`s no possibility of anything that happened unless the thing happens.

  13. finally someone who said something tha actually made sense, ledger’s death sent this franchise into overdrive and rises is living off last movie. the darknight pretty much has hit its peak in TDKR unless warner’s
    has the stomach enough to not reboot this franchise and allow another director to handle joseph levitt’s possible nightwing trilogy, etc.