‘Dark Knight Rises’ Crosses $300 Million Mark at Domestic Box Office

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 Dark Knight Rises Crosses $300 Million Mark at Domestic Box Office

No matter how you feel about it, The Dark Knight Rises‘ box office performance has solidified Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy as the most critically acclaimed and financially successful comic book movie trilogy of all time. According to weekday totals, the film has now officially crossed the $300 million mark at the U.S. box office, putting it in line with The Hunger Games and The Avengers as one of the only films in 2012 to earn that distinction.

Exhibitor Relations made the official announcement via Twitter; Dark Knight Rises had an impressive early week take, earning about $8 million and $8.7 million on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. For overall comparison with the previous films:Batman Begins culminated with a $205 million domestic take, while The Dark Knight took in $533 million at the U.S. box office. For Marvel fans with a rival streak to feed: Avengers currently sits at $615 million in domestic earnings.

There is, of course, no real way to determine just how much the Colorado massacre and/or lack of 3D ticket price affected Dark Knight Rises‘ earnings – and really, it’s not something that should even be a major topic of debate. A shorter runtime and 3D premium certainly gave Avengers an edge, but The Dark Knight Rises is still going strong and even it finishes somewhere in the $300 – 400 million range, domestically, that will be a victory; the movie’s earnings have already covered its $250 million production budget (not even including future earnings in coming weeks and international profits).

 Dark Knight Rises Crosses $300 Million Mark at Domestic Box Office

Moreover, unlike its neighbors in the “big winners” category of 2012 films, TDKR has – as mentioned – locked up Nolan and the franchise’s legacy as one of the best (critically and in popular in opinion) and most profitable (nearly 2 billion and counting) movie trilogies of all time. You start adding in all the money that Batman films have taken in since Tim Burton’s 1989 feature, and the competition quickly gets left behind. As far as superheroes go, Batman rules the box office.

Of course, there is a tricky future ahead for the franchise. With Nolan officially gone, and WB/DC possibly planning their own shared movie universe (possibly headed by this guy named Superman you may have heard of), it’s going to be interesting to see how the studio builds the Batman brand from here.

We’ll be sure to keep you informed of the latest.

Dark Knight Rises is currently playing in theaters.

Source: ERC

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  1. Best trilogy ever, hands down!

    • Not for me. LotR still reigns as the best trilogy for me, but this is an impressive saga.

      • I guess I would say the best original trilogy. These were pretty original stories from Nolan and his brother. Of course they borrowed from the comics, but they weren’t following a preset path as LotR was. Awesome trilogy too though.

        • actually if were really looking at original then the best original trilogy is the toy story trilogy

      • Agreed

      • I agree that The Lord of the Rings is, to date, and by far, the best trilogy. I’d have to give second place to the original Star Wars, although Lucas later stained that brand with his three prequels. I’m looking forward now to The Hobbit trilogy. As concerns Nolan’s Batman trilogy…good, but not great. For me, The Dark Knight Rises was a real disappointment.

        • And by the way, my major problem with The Dark Knight Rises was that the story just felt convoluted and lackluster, and the movie felt too long. If the atomic bomb was going to go off anyway, then why the months-long delay? It was reminiscent of the old Batman TV show, where the villain captures Batman and puts him in some long, drawn-out deathtrap, thus allowing him the opportunity to escape. Honestly, I thought it was the worst of the trilogy.

          • Well, you could say the same about the LOTR trilogy. It was incredibly long and Frodo’s journey took MONTHS to complete. Same with Bruce Wayne’s while he was stuck in the pit. It’s the journey that the character goes through that counts. I for one enjoyed both trilogies and I consider them both fantastic.

          • The delay was all part of banes plan. He said in his speech to bruce that hope is what he wanted to citizens to gotham have. Give them hope then destroy them at a random time. though i agree the story did need tightened up.

      • The lord of the rings are the most overrated movies of all-time…they are okay but really? best of all time? no way they beat the batman movies.

        • I respectfully disagree. I still love watching the LoTR movies over and over again. They’re not for everybody, I recognize that, though.

        • I don’t need to debate the issue, as the LOTR trilogy has a legion of fans, massive box office revenies, and 17 Oscars. Now, how many Oscars does Nolan’s Batman trilogy have? I hear a cricket chirping…

      • Yeah, I gotta give props to the original Star Wars & Indiana Jones trilogies and LotR as well, but Nolan’s TDK trilogy is definitely in my top 5 favorite trilogies of all time…

    • Best trilogies (in no particular order):

      1. Star Wars

      2. Lord of the Rings

      3. The Dark Knight

      4. Toy Story

      5. Indiana Jones

      Honorable mention goes to the Bourne series because I found all three to be really entertaining.

      • While my order would be different I agree with the films you’ve listed.
        I’d put a * next to Indiana Jones though because of that terd of a 4th film. ;)

        • Fourth film? They made a fourth film?? ;)

          • I think it’s time to use a neuralizer. :-D

            • [crawls into the fetal position] Make me forget, make me forget, make me forget!

              • I still can’t believe that lame story! Blame Lucas for it, as Spielberg admitted that he reluctantly acquiesced to Lucas’ insistence on the alien theme.

  2. i’m calling it here…if man of steel sucks…they will convince nolan and the gang to make a fourth one! the dark knight returns…however it will be nothing like that comic just the name. However i think man of steel is going to be good, so they are probably gonna just cast a new batman for their shared universe. However if no justice leauge WB still has that in their pocket.

  3. Awesome!
    Maybe this movie will end up beating TDK’s US gross…

  4. Movie was excellent. Golden. The best kind of conclusion they could’ve had for this trilogy. Looking forward to Snyder and Nolan’s Man of Steel hope its good. Who do you guys want to play batman now for the next reboot, I say Collin Farell.

    • Collin Farell? Hell no lol

    • Lets just leave BATMAN take his vacation for the next decade or so and concentrate on MOS and the JUSTICE LEAGUE film, we need to see DC characters on the big screen

  5. bane was bad ass but what was the point of him drawing blood from the nuclear scientist 2-what did catwoman do with the cellphone and why she bring the congressman to the bar, was it part of her plan to escape banes henchman 3-how exactly did bruce finger prints help in making bruce bankrupt

    • Movystar,

      SPOILERS for anyone who hasn’t seen yet!

      The blood transfusion was to make it appear that Dr. Pavol had died in the plane crash (they put his blood into the dead body).
      Selina Kyle had her friend waiting with Bruce’s last print outside just in case she was set up, and used to congressman’s cellphone to send the message because she knew the cops would trace it and create a diversion so she could get away.
      The finger prints were used by Bane’s men to make it look like Bruce himself participated in all the reckless trading that lost him all of his money, so he would lose his Wayne Enterprises majority and Dagget could take control.
      Hope that helped :)

      And yes, Bane was the epitome of BAD ASS!
      Loved the movie, my personal favorite of the trilogy.

    • the blood exchange was for law enforcement to get a blood sample from a no doubt burnt mangled corpse (plan crashes are usually a nasty affair) and have be the scientist’s. So as to avoid any suspicion that he may still be alive. So dead guy was the standin for the scientist, his own blood ensured a positive match. Far fetched but kinda cool.

      She brought the congressman to the bar so that in the event she was double crossed, by using the congressman’s phone the cops would immediately storm the bar, which they did, which allowed her to escape with her life. It was an insurance policy.

      Obtaining bruce’s fingerprint allowed the programmer at the stock exchange to complete all the bad trades on the options market that made him broke. They needed the prints as its needed to confirm his identity when running the trades. So its fraudulent and could ventually prove it as such but they made it aeem as though bruce wayne was present and personally authorize all the trades as his print was his access code so to speak.

  6. I’m guessing it will top out at 400ish million domestically and 800ish world wide. Surely a victory for WB by any measure.

  7. While I don’t think it will catch TDK it’s still an impressive run. Especially when you consider that in the years after Batman & Robin and before Batman Begins most people weren’t sure what to do with the franchise or what direction to take it in.
    But then BB came along and changed everything. A great origin story and a launching pad that made people believe that a Superhero Movie doesn’t have to be all flash and no substance. Then came TDK and TDRK to weave it all together into a true trilogy and a new benchmark for SHM and Blockbusters a like.
    Congrats to Nolan and Company on a truly terrific saga.
    I kind of feel bad for whoever is put in charge of rebooting the franchise next. They have quite the task in front of them.

    • Yeah. And can you imagine the next actor that has to play the Joker! Good luck to whoever it might be.

      • Now that you mention The Joker I have to say I’ve been thinking about that a little bit and to be honest I don’t think we will see him on screen again for a while for a couple reasons…
        1. It’s been done twice already.
        2. Both versions are iconic in their own way. Ledger won an Oscar and even though he didn’t get a nomination Nicholson’s performance was getting alot of awards talk.
        3. The comparisons alone to the other interpretations could make or break a new film. However crazy that would be.
        4. And like you said, who would want to follow what Ledger did?
        That’s why my hopes are that in a reboot they go with The Riddler. The character deserves more than what Jim Carrey brought to the role…

        • Paul bettany for the riddler

          • Or David Tennant… he’d be awesome.

            • Or Crispin Glover…

              • Any one read Batman: No Man’s Land (novel).

                Would make for one hell of a film, although after ‘Rises’ and ‘Arkham City’ (game), the originality of the premise may be a little diluted.

        • good point I think we wont see the Joker again maybe in 15 years

  8. Hell yeah :D I’ve seen it twice in IMAX and it was awesome!!! The best comic book trilogy of all time imo. I can’t wait for The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray.

  9. Congratulations to Christopher Nolan and team. The Dark Knight Rises is a real triumph. Fantastic trilogy.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  10. I’m sorry but whilst Nolan’s Batman films are a fine trilogy, but in no way shape or form do they even begin to come close to the achievement and standard set by the Rings trilogy. Those films truly were and still are the greatest cinematic trilogy of all time.

    I can’t see TDKR matching TDK’S US gross and I also feel it will just fall short of a billion dollars worldwide. We have to remember that TDK was on release for a near six months and it only just managed to scrape to the billion dollar total. In perspective it makes what Avengers achieved even more remarkable – and it’s still due to be released in Japan later this month.

    I agree with earlier comments that if Man Of Steel flops (and thats a fair possibility) then Warner Bros will be offering Nolan a likely billion dollars to make a fourth Batman film. Just a shame that Warner Bros / DC wont take a chance on one of their other comic bool properties , like Marvel did with Iron Man.

    • Well they did with Green lantern but completely screwed the pooch with it. Too bad because it did have the potential to be epic.

  11. TDK total numbers reflect a second theater release.
    I imagine there will be a second theater release for TDKR
    as well and far removed from whatever impact Aurora has had.
    TDKR has a chance to end with numbers very comparable to TDK.

  12. Itis hust me or this trilogy is like the godfather trilogy and the dollars trilogy?
    the godfather movies are (like Coppola said) two parts and an epiloge, I believe the dark knight trilogy is the same.

    And the leone movies although are technically a trilogy they are stand alone movies.

  13. I just saw tdkr for the second time, and it grows on me! I thought it was fantastic the first time, now i think its even better!
    all the dialogue seemed to make sense, everything that is said can be reflected to bb and tdk, really genius script, all those little hints. I can really say that a second viewing is worth it. And bane is menacing, i really cant get enough of him. Awesome!

  14. I think its a very great trilogy. I don’t wanna say its better than LOTR and GF but I think it is.

  15. Don’t forget the theatre takes 50% of the box office. So to say that 300m has covered the budget is way off. Even at $552m world wide they won’t have broken even yet considering the marketing budget

  16. Some good trilogies:

    The Dark Knight
    Toy Story
    Back to the Future
    Lord of the Rings
    Austin Powers
    The Chronicles of Narnia
    Honey, I shrunk the kids
    Jurassic Park
    The Mummy
    The Naked Gun
    Rush Hour
    Santa Clause

    • I liked the first Jurrasic Park and the third was pretty good, but I thought the second one was pretty bad. I just recently watched Back to the Future 2 and haven’t seen the third yet. And Spiderman is awesome! :-)

    • I still can’t stand the second Transformers movie and I was such a fan of the first movie, too :(

    • What about Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Godfather or even Superman?

  17. It was an entertaining trilogy, no doubt. Props to Nolan for doing such an imaginative and smart take on the Batman mythos. But I am ready for a new Batman.

  18. I’m going to commit the unpardonable sin and suggest that one reason The Dark Knight Rises won’t rival the Avengers box-office is that TDKR, while ambitious, visually arresting, beautiful at times, was a moderately disatisfying film. For me, at least, it certainly did not live up to its hype. (Most or all of the guys who joined me for our viewing of TDKR agreed: entertaining but not astonishing). A number of glaring plot holes which became more ridiculous the more I contemplated them. At times, a draggy plot (buddy sitting next to me almost fell asleep at one point.) As with ALL Nolan’s Batman films, lame, lame, lame fight sequences. This is Batman, for crying out loud – DC’s version of Marvel’s super-soldier Captain America. Sorry, but I can only get so excited about extended shots of the Caped Crusader ducking haymakers, throwing lackluster, martial-artsy kicks and punches and flipping opponents over his hip, etc. (Of course, at least I was able to follow the uninspired fist-to-cuffs in this installment of the trilogy; in the first flick it was so hectic and oblique it was nearly inscrutable; and in the second, from what I remember, the “mano a mano”s bluntly seemed to be bewilderingly scarce.) Most fatal of all, despite it’s 2-1/2 hour running time (which I normally enjoy for my $10), there was simply wayyyyyyy to much story in TDKR for one sitting. The three acts of this film easily could have been more fully developed and satisfied the demands of an entire movie, in their own right. For instance ***(mild spoiler alert)*** …

    … the potentially spellbinding dungeon/prison sequence came off as a rushed, sloppy, nearly throw-away element of the film.

    Again, I enjoyed all three of these movies; but not a one of them was, what I would consider, a great film. Fun, interesting, in some ways quite profound, yes. Great, no.

    • absolutely right… The fight sequence looked sloppy in TDKR although there were mistakes on some scenes.
      “the potentially spellbinding dungeon/prison sequence came off as a rushed, sloppy, nearly throw-away element of the film.” I also found that scene rushed and out of place for some reason but we understand is a Nolan film.

  19. Only300$ mil?you know what this means guys?dark of the moon is a better movie than. Tdkr tf3 is more epic prime is better than batman and megatron is a better villain than bane hands down.as a matter of fact i will say mbay is a better director than c nolan.nolans movies are far overrated and you guys need to face the facts

    • troller alert.

  20. I loved this movie until the jarring villain change at the end. Didn’t ruin Bane for any of you? I felt it was the major weakness of the movie.

    • Meant to say: Didn’t this ruin Bane for anyone?

      • are you smoking? …that was the surprising part that we all was waiting for (I knew it was Talia since they started filming)


  22. I think that Bane didn’t get his big finale in the end. But overall, I loved Hardy’s performance and of course how Bane is introduced in such a James Bond type of intro. Loved it! Personally, I am glad that Christopher Nolan was the director in charge of this trilogy. I have a large amount of respect for him and he did a fantastic job with the franchise. Now there are two things that I am looking forward to…One is Man of Steel, I’m not much of a Superman fan as much as I am of Batman. But when I heard that Nolan was involved I got excited!! The other thing I’m looking forward to is Nolan doing a Bond film. I don’t know if he’ll do it anytime soon, but I know for a fact that he can make probably one of the best Bond films ever! So I hope he does.

  23. ben affleck for next batman director, his crime thrillers GBG and Town could be templates for a superhero crime thriller like Batman

  24. Back to the Future….enough said…

  25. I think Bane got shoved aside at the end. Right when the drama was climaxing the focus suddenly shifted to Talia. It was so frustrating. I can’t believe this aspect hasn’t been criticized more.

  26. I would even rank Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy above this.
    Despite all his protesting to the contrary, Nolan certainly fell victim to what he said he didn’t: excessive social critiquing. The message had impact in The Dark Knight, but in the third installment it seemed like it was an exercise in pandering since it was utilized to the detriment of good storytelling. His mindset is so transparent, yet at the same time convoluted to the likes of me.

    When I saw the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and saw what Londoners exalt, it gelled and made sense. He’s not some original wunderkind, he’s just typically British, using another country’s beloved icon to criticize said country. I expected more. Funny though, the thin-skinned ones across the pond can’t seem to take a dab of constructive criticism themselves.

    Another thing about this supposed great director that illustrates who he is:in the wake of the Aurora Massacre he issued a statement. While it was suitable enough (after being reviewed by 15 lawyers, I’m sure)it sounded completely detached and arrogant. Read it, or re-read it with what I am saying in mind. His statement was all about him, not the victims. Don’t we see a pattern with our imports?

    Everyone who was feverish over the second installment of Batman lauded it’s bold believability (something I always questioned), but I must agree with many commentators who feel this played off a bit like an old Adam West Batman plot whose mental economics are only plausible on a tiny island nation.

  27. I know I’ll have some haters for this especially from die-hard TDK fans and Nolanites, but I think the TDKR story was over-drawn with little or no memorable dialogue. ‘You have my permission to die’ is, to say the least, lame. “You came back to die with your city!” “No, I’m back to stop you.” Corny. And the speech about every man having the potential to be a hero even a man that puts a coat over the shoulder of a kid- spurring a flashback by Gordon of an insignificant incident that happened over 25 years ago? What’s up with that? Some of the lines were just unoriginal and my wife kept turning to me with a look like: “Come on. Really?”

    The end made up for a lot of the time spent though. Nice cryptic ending. But I felt the movie was much less centered on Batman than on the entire Gotham itself. Bruce/Batman seemed to have shared as much (if not less) screen time as John Blake (Robin) or Alfred or Gordon. Maybe it’s just me but I also thought TDK was overdrawn. In other words, the movies could have been easily summarised in an hour without missing much. TDK had more memorable dialogue IMO.

    Yes, TDKR was gloomy and serious, but in the end I’d have preferred to see more memorable combat with Batman than The Bat flying over Gotham and better dialogue. I know I’m soo in the minority here but that’s my impression of the movie.